How to Cure a White Zombie: Ants, Crabbs and Societal Control

If grovelling ever becomes an Olympic sport, Britain has a potential world-beater ready and waiting. He’s called Stephen Crabb, and he was a minister in David Cameron’s Tory government. Here he is displaying his skills before an appreciative audience at Finchley Synagogue in London:

Israeli Independence Day: Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb leads UK celebrations

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions addressed over 1000 people at the service at Finchley Synagogue, organised by youth organisation Bnei Akiva, as Israel’s Remembrance Day (Yom Hazikaron) led into Israeli Independence Day (Yom Haatzmaut). Mr Crabb began: “The remarkable sense of fellowship and unity felt in Israel, and in Jewish communities all around the world, as we remember those who have given their lives in the defence of Israel, is something truly beautiful and inspirational.”

He went on to describe Israel on Remembrance Day as “a country united as one to remember their fallen.” The former Wales Secretary said that “the need for a Jewish state remains as crucial now as it was in 1948”, and that the British Government “does not take the safety of the Jewish people for granted.” He said that on Israel’s 68th birthday, “we recall that this relatively young country – young but with deep ancient roots – has endured so much. It has also achieved so much.” …

The Minister, who visited Israel for the first time in 2007 with CFI, said that, as a Christian, he has “always felt a very close affinity with the Holy Land”. “At a time when the Christian population of the Middle East is in steep decline due to systematic and sustained persecution, Israel continues to be a place where Christians are welcomed and feel safe,” he said. …

Mr Crabb referred to the “repugnant rise in anti-Semitism both in Europe and here in the UK”, describing it as representing “a stain on our nation”. He said: “I want to reassure you that this government has an unequivocal zero-tolerance approach to this racist ideology. We need to make it clear that anti-Semitism, whether it is expressed through the pernicious illiberal boycotts and sanctions bandwagon; through pouring out hate on twitter; or through any other means, is totally unacceptable.”

He emphasised that “we should in particular hold those in public life to the highest standards on this.” The UK’s Jewish community, Mr Crabb said, “is, unquestionably, part of the fabric of our society and the contribution of Jewish people in business, in media, in politics, in culture, in all parts of our national life, has been truly immense.”  (Israeli Independence Day: Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb leads UK celebrations, Conservative Friends of Israel website, 12th May 2016)

Is that not world-class grovelling? I think so. According to Stephen Crabb, Israel is a paragon among nations, being not just the embodiment of that “remarkable sense of fellowship and unity” felt by the Jewish community [— a feeling on the wane among White Brits due to massive non-White immigration strongly promoted by the Jewish community], but also somewhere Christians such as himself “are welcomed and feel safe.” However, they’re not “welcomed” in all senses of the word. If any Christian victims of “systematic and sustained persecution” ask Israel for asylum, they won’t get it. Nor do exiled Christian Palestinians have any right of return to the land they occupied for so many centuries.

Inspirational Israel, Toxic Trump

That’s because Israel keeps strict control of its borders, determined to preserve itself as a Jewish nation that puts the welfare of Jews before everything else. As we can see from his grovelling at CFI, the Christian Stephen Crabb thinks that this Jewish ethnocentrism is a “truly beautiful and inspirational” thing. But don’t think that he spends all his time grovelling. His tone changes completely when he addresses a different nation and a different group of people:

Brexiters face rude awakening on immigration, says ex-minister

Stephen Crabb urges PM to rework system as there is nothing to suggest a reduction of migrants is achievable  or desirable.

People who backed Brexit in the belief it would lead to a cut in immigration into the UK were voting for something that is in effect impossible , a former member of David Cameron’s cabinet has said.

You see, attempting to reduce immigration is like King Canute commanding the sea to recede. Absolutely impossible. Immigration is a force of nature, utterly uncontrollable by humans.

Stephen Crabb, a former work and pension secretary, said that Theresa May urgently needed to outline a new set of values for a post-Brexit immigration system, or the public may face a rude awakening.

“For many, a vote for Brexit was indeed a vote to take back control and return to Westminster the full tools to cut immigration,” Crabb said in an article for the Guardian.

“The problem is that, set against the popular expectation that Brexit means cutting immigration, there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that achieving any significant reduction is achievable or even desirable.”

Crabb argued that the “fallout from President Trump’s toxic immigration decree has underlined the importance of the values that lie behind any immigration system. Several ministers have rightly condemned the decree as being inconsistent with British values.” … “By recognising their value to our economy and society, and the sheer inhumanity and impracticality of ever thinking that these families and individuals could be required to leave the place they call home, we can take the issue off the table altogether. Now that would be a powerful and positive statement of our Brexit values,” he said. “It should also serve as a demonstration of our values: openness, tolerance and fairness.” …

“There could be another rude awakening for the public when they realise that Brexit will not mean a cut in immigration after all,” he said. “It would be far better for the government to be upfront with the British public now and begin explaining current labour market and demographic realities. The previous pledge to cut immigration to the tens of thousands is, in truth, increasingly irrelevant.” (Brexiters face rude awakening on immigration, says ex-minister, The Guardian, 4th February 2017 and As a Tory MP, I urge Theresa May to guarantee the status of EU nationals, The Guardian, 3rd February 2017)

Isn’t that remarkable? The self-professed Christian Stephen Crabb, while defending Israel as a “Jewish state,” doesn’t see any need to defend Britain as a Christian state or as the homeland of the White British. Instead, he praises mass immigration and talks, in typical Guardianista fashion, about the “British values” of “openness, tolerance and fairness.”

Double Trouble

Are those not Israeli values too? If they are, why does Israel not also open its borders to the world? If they aren’t, why did Crabb not call for Israel to adopt them in his speech at Conservative Friends of Israel? And why did he speak of “President Trump’s toxic immigration decree,” when Israel blocks Muslim immigration entirely, not selectively?

The answers are obvious. Crabb believes in a double standard: one rule for Jewish Israel, another rule for Christian Britain, the nation of which he is supposedly a loyal citizen.

That double standard is, of course, widespread among Jews living in the diaspora. Open borders are good for goyim, bad for Jews — according to Jews. In fact they’re not good for goyim at all. Mass immigration by clannish, low-IQ groups from the Third World is seriously harming Western nations. Stephen Crabb is a warm and loyal servant of the alien nation of Israel while simultaneously betraying his own nation, race and religion.

He’s not alone in that. The Conservative party is full of similar shabbos goyim (literally, “Sabbath gentiles,” or gentiles who will do work forbidden to Jews on their holy day). Conservative Friends of Israel became the most powerful group in British politics when the shabbos goy David Cameron took office in 2010. Before that, the most powerful group was Labour Friends of Israel, which funded Labour and dictated policy under the shabbos goyim Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Jewish influence

At first glance, the influence wielded by Jews in British politics and culture is an astonishing phenomenon. Jews are a tiny minority of the population, far outnumbered by Anglicans and Catholics, and many people scoff at the idea that Jewish influence can be so vast. How can so few out-compete so many? But suppose those same sceptics were asked if they would be happy to be injected with a gram of plutonium or gram of Ebola virus.

After all, a gram is tiny by comparison with the weight of a human body. How could such a small amount of plutonium or Ebola possibly harm a human body? Indeed, how could Ebola or any other micro-organism have harmful effects under any circumstances? You can’t even see them with the naked eye. Surely doctors should dismiss the “germ theory” of disease as irrational and superstitious nonsense.

Biochemical subversion

But it isn’t nonsense, of course. Micro-organisms can kill and otherwise harm animals, like human beings or elephants, that are millions of times bigger. The question is not one of relative size, but of whether micro-organisms can influence the biochemistry of their host (which also operates at a microscopic level). Plainly, they can. And behaviour isn’t exempt. The brain is a biochemical engine that can be subverted by parasites, even very simple ones. For example, tropical ants infected with the fungus Ophiocordyceps unilateralis turn into zombies:

The fungus … affects the ant’s central nervous system. [S]cientists observed that, while normal worker ants rarely left the trail, zombie ants walked in a random manner, unable to find their way home. The ants also suffered convulsions, which caused them to fall to the ground. Once on the ground, the ants were unable to find their way back to the canopy and remained at the lower, leafy understory area which, at about 9 or 10 inches (25 cm) above the soil, was cooler and moister than the canopy, provided ideal conditions for the fungus to thrive.

The scientists found that at solar noon, when the Sun is at its strongest, the fungus synchronised ant behavior, forcing infected ants to bite the main vein on the underside of a leaf. The multiplying fungal cells in the ant’s head cause fibres within the muscles that open and close the ant’s mandibles to become detached, causing “lock jaw,” which makes an infected ant unable to release the leaf, even after death. A few days later, the fungus grows through the ant’s head a fruiting body, a stroma, which releases spores to be picked up by another wandering ant. (Zombie ants have fungus on the brain, new research reveals, ScienceDaily, 9th May 2011)

Zombie Ant

How can a brainless fungus exercise such control over an ant with a complex nervous system? Scientists are still trying to find out, but neuroparasitology, or the study of how parasites manipulate the brains of their hosts, isn’t confined to ants and fungi. Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoan whose life-cycle obliges it to move back and forth between cats and rats. Normal rats avoid cats, so Toxoplasma has evolved to interfere with their neurochemistry: “Toxoplasma-infected rats become less neophobic, leading to the diminution of their natural aversion to the odor of cats. These behavioral changes increase the chances that the rat will be eaten by a cat, thus enabling Toxoplasma to complete its life cycle.”

Toxoplasma also infects humans and is believed to raise levels of neuroticism and schizophrenia in infected populations. Does this explain the crazy behaviour of cat-ladies, whether real or metaphorical? It certainly makes evolutionary sense for micro-organisms to manipulate the behaviour of their human hosts. Influenza may make us more gregarious, syphilis more promiscuous, and so on. The human brain is the most complex object in the known universe, but its biochemistry can be subverted by very small and simple organisms.

Mechanisms of control

In short: size doesn’t matter. Whether the contrast is between a tiny micro-organism and the human body or a small racial minority and a society, the important question is that of mechanism, not of relative size. Does the tiny Jewish community have a mechanism for influencing disproportionate control over Western politics and culture? Yes, it does. Not only are Jews hugely over-represented in politics, media ownership, journalism, academia and law, particularly at the highest levels, they are also disproportionately successful in business, which allows them to exercise huge influence in politics via financial contributions. Tony Blair rose to power on the funds supplied by Lord Levy. David Cameron rose to power on the funds supplied by Lord Feldman.

Lord Feldman

Wealth is a variable that doesn’t behave like height or intelligence. A Jewish billionaire like Mark Zuckerberg isn’t thousands of times taller or more intelligent than the average person, but he is thousands of times richer. He and his fellow plutocrats are also millions of times more influential than the average person. As Kevin MacDonald has remarked: “America is now an oligarchy, not a democracy,” although the oligarchy is getting a run for its money with the Donald Trump presidency. Somehow the Jewish community has found mechanisms for turning a significant, but not overwhelming, advantage in average intelligence and ethnocentrism into much bigger advantages in wealth and political power.

Moving the world

I’m reminded of the concept of the lever. By choosing a suitable fulcrum, a single human being can move enormous weights. As Archimedes famously remarked: Dos moi pou stō kai tēn gēn kinēsō — “Give me a place to stand and I will move the world.” That was hyperbole, but metaphorically speaking Jews are over-represented among those who have found a place to stand and moved the world: St Paul, Marx, Freud, Boas and so on. Ethnic networking acts as an effective lever. In the contemporary world, it means access to prestigious publishing houses, glowing reviews in prestigious publications, and appointments at elite universities.

Lord Feldman’s Conservative colleague Lord Finkelstein recently contributed an interesting article to the Jewish Chronicle illustrating Jewish ethnic networking across the mainstream UK political spectrum. Note his approving reference to Jonathan Freedland, a Labour-supporting Guardianista who is supposedly at the opposite end of the political spectrum:

Judaism is a great place to belong

When my father died, my mother looked at him and said to me: “Where do you think he has gone?” She didn’t expect me to provide an answer. She asked because she didn’t think that there was one.. …

So perhaps what I am now about to say may seem odd: one of the most precious things that my parents left to their children is religion. It’s not absolutely the most precious thing. That would be my incredible siblings and their lovely families. In that sense, I suppose that Mum and Dad are indeed eternally joined together. But high among the gifts (to use Jonathan Freedland’s word) is Judaism.…

Belonging is the heart of Judaism.

Last week, the rabbis of the different communities we belong to … each officiated at one night of prayers, and we were joined by many of the members of these congregations. How wonderful to be able to share our loss and our memories with so many people who felt a sense of kinship with us through our common belonging. How wonderful to be led in prayer by remarkable community leaders who feel a sense of attachment to our families. …

As in death, so it was in life. What binds our family together is love, but what brings us all together physically, so often, is religious observance. Shabbat (most importantly), Passover, Rosh Hashanah, breaking the fast, or the more scarce but special bar- and batmitzvahs. On these occasions. Judaism doesn’t require of us that we share a view of God, or indeed even that we have one. It requires only that we belong, that we practice, that we reflect on the meaning of the practice, and that we pass the precious tradition to our children so that they, too, can enjoy the gift. (Judaism is a great place to belong, The Jewish Chronicle, 10th February 2017)

Lord Finkelstein

At the same time as he celebrates Jewish solidarity, Finkelstein is working to destroy White solidarity: he wants the Tory party to “Fink Pink,” chasing more ethnic votes and becoming ever more diverse. His article in the Jewish Chronicle is also dated “14 Shevat 5777” by the Judaic calendar. That dating reminds Chronicle readers of the length of Jewish history, which has taken place almost entirely outside Britain. After all, Jews were expelled by Edward I in 1290 and weren’t granted official permission to return until Oliver Cromwell took control after the execution of Charles I in 1649.

In 1948, Israel came into being and Jewish history entered a new era. It’s unsurprising that, as a strongly identified Jew, Lord Finkelstein is a passionate supporter of Israel, but not of Britain, whose White Christian history and traditions he is happy to see attacked by mass immigration. But how can a strongly identified Christian like Stephen Crabb have exactly the same attachment to Jewish Israel and hostility to Christian Britain?

The cure for Zombie Whites

I think it’s rather like asking how a tropical ant can turn into a zombie, walking in a random manner and biting “the main vein on the underside of a leaf” at solar noon. In both cases, maladaptive behaviour can be explained by the influence of an alien entity with its own aims and preferences. Relative size doesn’t matter: the important question is whether the alien entity can subvert biochemical or social mechanisms in its host. Stephen Crabb is a Zombie Christian and a Zombie White, someone who works for the benefit of an alien culture and race, not for the benefit of his own.

A message from Jewish Action

There are many more like him, but human societies have advantages over ant-colonies when they are under alien attack. Animals and plants compete with each other at evolutionary speed; human beings compete at ideological speed. Unlike zombie ants, Zombie Whites can rid themselves of alien control simply by recognizing its existence. I’ve gone through that process myself, learning the Jewish roots of open borders, multi-culturalism and minority worship. To recognize our sickness is to be cured of it. As that world-mover Jesus Christ once said: “The truth shall make you free.”

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