Politicus Hibernicus and the lesson for President Trump

Irish politicians must be among the most useless in the world. Their exemplar is our current Maximum Leader Enda Kenny. Having spent a few years teaching ten year-olds he followed his father into politics, spending the next 40 years on the rubber chicken circuit, never displaying an original thought, conviction or principle of any kind, ever poised to leap onto any passing bandwagon –  and dismount as soon as it was opportune. This lifetime of non-achievement eventually won him the highest position in the land. Delicate nostrils quivering as he sniffs the political winds he nudges, winks, glad-hands and quips, ducking every unpopular decision while promoting worthless cronies to key positions.

Enda is the quintessential Politicus Hibernicus.

An almost polar opposite of the driven super-achieving Donald Trump, Politicus Hibernicus can nonetheless be of tremendous and immediate value to him. You see a Deep State guerrilla war is underway against President Trump. His winning the Presidency was – like BREXIT – never meant nor expected to happen and represented a shocking setback to the NWO globalists. They’re regrouping now to emasculate his Administration by taking down key members one by one, distracting Trump and undermining both his credibility and legitimacy.

Having taken out Mike Flynn they’re now targeting Jeff Sessions. And there will be many more. Already many Republicans are calling for him to recuse himself while a Special Prosecutor investigates. They think that Sessions won’t be found guilty of anything meaningful and that the investigation can be used to highlight the tsunami of Democratic corruption, especially that of the Clinton Crime Family. Big mistake! Because the Deep State has no interest in the truth or justice of this case. They just want to neutralise Sessions and wound Trump. As soon as Sessions stands aside they’ll target someone else and then someone else again until Trump is eventually driven from office.

So how can the worthless time servers in Ireland’s parliament possibly be of assistance here? Well they instinctively possess one priceless weapon. A brass neck. Or more colloquially, a neck like a jockey’s balls. Irish politicians and senior public administrators just do not resign. No matter how incompetent or conflicted, no matter the hue and cry throughout the land, they will not resign unless they’re legally forced to. And that hardly ever happens*. Their hind brains inform them that the public attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, that within a little while attention will drift off to some other distraction as demands for resignation fade away.

And that’s what Trump should do. Tell everyone that his Administration is under existential attack by the Deep State, corrupt Democrats (a tautology) and the Fake News media and that they won’t succeed in preventing him implement the programme for which he was elected. Jeff Sessions is going back to his job in the morning and you can stick your investigation. Sure there’ll be a hullabaloo but that will pass. As any Irish public figure would explain. Of course he’ll need the Republican Congresscritters to back him up. If they don’t he should go over their heads to the people.

There’s a real war on. President Trump should learn from the masters.

Reposted from The Irish Savant, with permission.
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