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British police: A mixed bag

Sometimes the British Police Force can perform like a well-oiled machine, operating with smooth efficiency and at lightning speed. Like this case when a supporter in a crowd of 75,000 make a monkey gesture towards a black footballer. Within minutes the cops arrived, sirens wailing, blue lights flashing. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology a […]

The new Red Guards

Just finished Wild Swans, over 700 pages of densely-packed print but a real page-turner nonetheless. It traces the experiences of a Chinese family spanning three generations up to the late nineties. The author’s description of life during Mao’s Cultural Revolution was particularly harrowing. And instructive because of the similarities between what happened then under the Red […]

Another innocent black child brutally murdered

Well judging by the media and political reaction this was the crime of the century. The headlines said it all, even those from “conservative” sites like Drudge which lead for days with “Brutal Murder Shocks The Nation”. (The presumption of innocence  has become another casualty of the new woke culture).  Even Donald Trump got his spoke […]

Shock & horror: Anti-Semitism spreads to China

Reposted with Permission from IrishSavant.com All right-minded people will be saddened to learn that the growing scourge of anti-Semitism has now spread to China. One Jewish writer says ‘I live in China, and in the last few weeks I’ve been alarmed at the amount of antisemitic propaganda being published by Baidu News. Baidu is China’s equivalent […]

A cri de coeur from a nation-wrecker

Originally published: June 2, 2016. Before I get to the cri de coeur read this: ‘If you occupied what was considered the ideological / moral centre ground in 1965, and went to sleep for 50 years and woke up in 2015 you’d find yourself occupying the ideological /moral ‘far right’. You didn’t have to budge one inch […]

The blessed life of a Moral Crusader

Originally posted October 3, 2016 Being a Moral Crusader is a great gig in that you get the best of all worlds, public acclaim and a luxurious lifestyle just for self-righteously calling on others to meet the moral standards that you define. Enter Noam Chomsky who according to Wikipedia “in his youth developed a dislike of capitalism (a “grotesque catastrophe”) and […]