Hypergamy, Affirmative Action and Today’s “Diverse” Workplace: The Replacement of White Males

Going through boxes of old family records I came across a picture (see below), which was part of a Sunday supplement to the March 22, 1964 edition of Memphis’s local newspaper. The purpose of the supplement was to celebrate the grand opening of First Tennessee Bank’s new skyscraper headquarters on Madison Avenue in downtown Memphis.

The picture is the assembled managerial staff of the entire bank, including all of its branches. Note the lack of “minorities” and women. The photograph, taken at the main banking lobby of the new facility, looks like a casting call for the iconic 1950s era movie starring Gregory Peck, The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit. What struck me most about the picture was how times have changed. I currently bank at three different banks and out of the three there is only one White male working in a position visible to the public. All the rest are women and minorities — predominantly Black women, then Black men, and an occasional White woman. Back then, almost all the bank managers were White males. Today, almost none are.

What to make of this? Some might regard this as poetic justice, but the so-called Civil Rights Movement was sold to the American public on the premise that it was to eliminate discrimination and prejudice based on race. Are we to believe that no White males are better qualified for managerial positions than the current diverse managerial staff, or that no White males want those jobs? Obviously diversity doesn’t mean diversity at all, but rather the elimination of White males from the workplace.

To my mind this is emblematic of the transparent falsehood upon which all liberal equality movements are based. Pursuing the rubric that “Diversity is our Greatest Strength,” White males have been systematically purged from positions of leadership and prominence in large institutions and businesses throughout America, and replaced by “Affirmative Action” hires. White males are no longer wanted or welcome at select colleges and universities, professional schools, or large business enterprises like First Tennessee Bank.

Every enterprise and initiative launched by the Left since the Brown v. Board decision in 1954 has had the effect of reducing White birthrates. With Brown and public school integration, Whites reacted by sending their children to private schools and limited the number of children they had to the number they could afford to send to private school, which almost always meant fewer White children born in such diverse locales. The Sexual Revolution, Drug Culture and the No-fault Divorce initiative were as much a part of liberal agenda as the so-called Civil Rights, feminism and “Gay Rights” movements, and all not only caused but were designed to reduce White birthrates and displace Whites, particularly White men, from positions of power, prominence and authority.

How is this displacement linked to the picture featured below? F. Roger Devlin, in his excellent book Sexual Utopia in Power  (see Red Ice interview) makes the point that women are sexually attracted to alpha males which, at least in advanced first world societies such as modern day America, mean men who are socially dominant and wealthy and therefore better able to provide the resources needed to sustain the prosperity required to live well and support the successful raising of children. In 1964 the men in this bank lobby photograph would have represented a happy hunting ground for White women seeking an alpha male husband. Such White men are now becoming an endangered species, thanks to liberal policies like workplace and educational affirmative action. Women who out-earn and out-prestige their husbands due to affirmative action in the workplace often come to feel that they’ve “outgrown” their husbands, who then find themselves in divorce court despite living blameless lives. Women simply don’t respect men who earn less than they do. Any man who is a so-called “house-husband” is destined for a quick divorce based on my observations. Meanwhile, the White children of such marriages often become what Dr. Andrew Fraser of Occidental Observer calls, “the collateral damage of the divorce industry,” and as such are denied the high-investment parenting which is necessary for high achievement in a First World economy such as ours. This is the Left’s way of evening the scales of child rearing which they feel unfairly favors Whites. Our current opioid epidemic is filled with such children. The newly “liberated” wife, now free to pursue her heart’s desire, sets her cap for an alpha male who is willing to have sex with her but balks at marriage. Net result? Fewer White children and those who do survive being denied their birthright of high investment parenting and thereby leading diminished lives.

A photograph of the White male managerial staff at First Tennessee Bank today would be an almost empty page. Affirmative action has drastically diminished the supply of White men with good jobs and promising careers, as has the outsourcing of middle class sustaining manufacturing jobs, thereby making White men less attractive to White women. Love may be a many splendored thing, but in today’s America, a long term “til death do you part” marriage is becoming rarer and rarer by the day. Affirmative action leads to higher divorce rates and lower White birthrates.

Some of the men pictured in the photograph below were personally known to me. They were, to a man, good providers – straight and strong men, faithful to their wives and attentive to their children. Many were church elders and community leaders – social lions, so to speak, and leaders in every good way. They typically had large families of three or more children and stable marriages. Divorce was unusual and a career buster back in those better days. The changes in family life since then aren’t the result of coincidence, but are part of the Left’s planned program and assault on the nuclear family and, ultimately, the White race. The relentless reduction in White birthrates continues apace, and on the very moment that Whites become a minority in this country I predict that minority rights from that moment forward will be a thing of the past.

We need to stop mouthing platitudes about equal opportunity and start thinking about our multicultural mess. I have done all the thinking that I care to do on the subject and I don’t care a fig about how Blacks react to the well deserved outlawing of affirmative action. Unless they are the most qualified candidate for any given position, they don’t deserve the places and privileges obtained through affirmative action. Why should anyone care if a thief regrets returning his ill-gotten gains? If you’re one of us, where’s your sympathy for the lives and careers of White men who have been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness? It is a widely known propensity for White elites to lavish beneficence on those at the bottom of society, while regarding with thinly veiled contempt fellow Whites one rung down the social ladder from themselves. This, as Marc Anthony observed in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, is “the unkindest cut of all.” This lack of empathy and racial solidarity is at the heart of everything that ails us as a race. Affirmative action is wrong for many reasons, not the least of which being because it violates the explicit language of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, upon which it is supposedly based. It was largely done through executive (presidential) orders and it can be undone the same way.

What about the White men and women whose careers and livelihoods have been lost to affirmative action? Affirmative action gained real traction around 1969 under the first Nixon term (so much for relying on Republicans to protect the interests of White people). This would have been the same year that an early baby boomer, born in 1951 and aged 18, would have graduated high school and entered college. His college admission prospects would undoubtedly have been diminished by affirmative action admission policies then in place unless he was extremely well-connected. In other words, if his daddy had been an extremely wealthy liberal alum of the college of his choice. Four years later, in 1973, his graduate or professional school admission prospects would have been similarly diminished. He likely would have to attend a lesser law school or shut out of medical school entirely (like Alan Bakke in the famous early 70s U.S. Supreme Court case) due to affirmative action. Later, in the mid to late 70s, after graduation, his job prospects would have been similarly diminished due to affirmative action hiring policies. That hypothetical baby boomer is now 66 years old. We’re not talking about a lost weekend here. We’re talking about a lost life with negative intergenerational consequences. He and his families upward social mobility has been sacrificed so our elites can feel better about themselves, while the children of White elites, like the Bushes or the Kennedys or the Gores, still manage to go to Harvard or Yale.

Meanwhile, as American Whites continue to suffer officially sanctioned, legal racial discrimination called affirmative action at the hands of a regime nominally run by Whites, more American Blacks live in poverty today than in 1955. Apparently liberalism was tougher on Blacks than segregation. Working class and middle class Whites are the primary victims of racially discriminatory laws and a regime that hates them, while Blacks are the collateral damage of Leftist policies. Whites need advocates as dedicated to the advancement of our interests as Blacks and Jews have. We deserve them and we will no longer accept half-hearted, pastel leadership. Whites, particularly working class and lower middle class Whites are fed up with being sold out by our elites. We need strong advocates and we reject all other. The good news is that all it takes to reverse this miscarriage of justice is leadership with the courage to beard the lion. Those men will rise. Until then, the future of our race hangs in the balance. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Brent Mason is a longtime fan of The Political Cesspool Radio Program.

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