If Elected Party Leader, Zionist Anne Marie Waters Will Sound UKIP’s Death Knell, Part 1

Within the next few months, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) members will be asked to elect a leader to replace Paul Nuttall, the Catholic conservative, mildly pro-Zionist Member of European Parliament for North West England, who resigned after leading the party off a cliff at the last General Election.

It’s fair to say that Nuttall was neither intellectually equipped, nor politically astute enough to lead a defanged UKIP into the Brexit negotiation period, as evidenced by his inability to achieve the slightest electoral success in 2017.

UKIP’s share of the vote, which reached a staggering 4 million when I stood as a prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire in 2015, collapsed at this year’s General Election — with both the Labour Party, from whom UKIP had previously siphoned off hundreds of thousands of voters from disenfranchised White working class communities in the north, and fiercely patriotic English Conservatives, whom UKIP had targeted down south, hacking large swathes of support back from Nuttall’s party.

In fact, Nuttall’s inability to put his personal stamp on the populist party resulted in UKIP losing over 80% of its vote (from 12.6% in 2015 to 2% in 2017), its membership rumored to have dropped by more than half, and the party Farage had built from scratch all but relegated to a footnote in the annals of British history and dustbin of British politics.

Most UKIP supporters I know who blame Nuttall for the Party’s cataclysmic implosion fault the MEP’s incoherent, often schizophrenic message.

Would Nuttall’s UKIP be genuinely anti-Islam or simply happy to carry on pandering to the litany of extremist religious groups Farage pandered to?

Farage campaigning in Mosques as well as with Lubavitcher Rabbi

Was Nuttall going to utilize his working-class roots to target the dispossessed White working class northern vote – Nuttall is in fact conspicuously working class in his manner and speech patterns – or was he going to dress up like the aspiringly aristocratic Farage to try to attract the same sorts of landowning libertarians and disenfranchised Eurosceptic Tory voters, Farage had successfully courted?

Unlike Farage, who was successfully able to market himself as a man for all people, Nuttall couldn’t successfully court both.

Two peas in a Tweed pod

Was Nuttall the Catholic conservative who stood for traditional values — the platform on which he campaigned, or the moderate that sold out to the likes of Pink News the moment he was grilled over his stance on homosexuality.

Paul Nuttall with UKIP Deputy, and former London Mayoral Candidate, Peter Whittle

No one really knew where Farage’s replacement stood on anything. In all fairness, I am not convinced Nuttall himself knew where he stood.

Nuttall’s political positions compatible with traditional nationalist values
– Nuttall has called for the establishment of an independent English (as opposed to British) Parliament — a position taken by the English Democrats and other English Nationalist groups.
– He is seen as anti-abortion and has shown support for the reintroduction of the death penalty, both unpopular positions in Britain.

– He’s been an outspoken critic of political correctness and laws that stifle free speech.
– He opposed the Labour Party’s 2015 plans to mandate the teaching of LGBT-inclusive sex education in schools. This education requires that schools discuss homosexuality and alternative lifestyle choices, with primary/elementary school children.
– He is an outspoken critic of mass immigration and against the free movement of people within the EU.

– He opposes global warming legislation, due to the fact it stifles GDP and imposes an unfair burden on British business. Nuttall contends that such legistlation enables Brussels to sink their regulatory fangs into British commerce.

– He is in favour of a ban on burqas in public places, and has been a far more vocal opponent of Islam than Farage.

Although Nuttall once penned an article on the devastating impact of Cultural Marxism for a major British newspaper — that has since been deleted from their official site — it is fair to say that Nuttall failed to present a cogent ideological position on anything, nor did he offer the British electorate anything in the way of political substance. In fact, the failed leader appeared as if he was hoping to ride Farage’s name, their association, as well as the former commodities trader’s cheeky-chap style all the way to Westminster.

Unfortunately it’s been his decision to amplify the rhetoric on the genuine threat to Western civilization Islam poses that has enabled a far more insidious danger to slip into UKIP’s sphere. This is a strategy he adopted after visiting Israel and one he assumed would slow down the Party’s death spiral and attract genuine nationalist voters. Nevertheless, this decision has enabled a far more insidious danger to slip into UKIP’s sphere.

Enter Anne Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson and their North American Zionist backers

Although UKIP has had Jewish supporters in the past and punished candidates who dared to critique organized Jewry’s impact on the West (see here), I’ve come to the conclusion that Farage is more of a political opportunist when it comes to supporting Jewish issues than anything more sinister. Despite paying lip service to UKIP’s support for Israel (the party does in fact have a Friends of Israel Society), Farage has always been about maintaining power, generating fame and fortune, “chasing skirts,” remaining in the public eye, and seeing Britain sever relations with the autocratic European Union. Farage is, at the end of the day, the consummate showman.

There’s no doubt that Farage benefited from deals he cut with Zionist media magnate Rupert Murdoch, and Jewish smut king turned newspaper and tabloid owner, Richard Desmond, as well as the disproportionately Jewish state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), with which he conspired to harm the anti-Zionist British National Party, which had two MEPs elected in 2009 — Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons.

However, it is fair to say that Farage’s relationships with Zionist organizations and organized Jewry have been driven by the opportunities they afforded him, rather than anything ideological in nature. I doubt the former UKIP leader has even heard of the Yinon Plan or has the faintest idea that the Neoconservatives he serves when he appears on American Fox News are even Jewish.

Although Farage is as slick as British politicians get politically, colleagues of mine who know him personally, claim that his grasp of geopolitics is weak due to his lack of formal education, and is further attenuated by his self-deceptive political thinking, which enables him to selectively block out truths that interfere with his political aspirations.

In fact, Farage found himself in hot water in the mainstream Zionist Press due to his expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin and — more importantly — his open hostility to the idea of Britain interfering in Syria. If Farage thoroughly understood what his Zionist masters thought about Messrs Putin and Assad, I doubt he would have been so bold. Predictably though, these topics were never broached during his appearances on Fox News or the BBC.

Therefore, it is fair to say that UKIP has been run by sycophants that pander to the wealthy Jewish elite but who nevertheless are not entirely on board with a Zionist foreign policy. To claim the party’s raison d’être is the advancement of the same Zionist and globalist agenda that the American Democratic and Republican Parties unashamedly advance, as some Nationalists claim, would be unfair and untrue.

However, All That Is About To Change…

Over the past few years an Irish-Lesbian identitarian by the name of Anne Marie Waters has advanced upon the British political scene.

Waters first entered the fold as the spokesperson for the National Secular Society. It was during her stint with this far left organization, linked to several British Marxist groups, that she campaigned against the Pope being invited to Britain — acting as a co-signatory of a letter drafted by left wing extremists opposing the Pope’s State Visit.

Along with Waters, the letter was signed by Jewish homosexual extremist, Stephen Fry, Zoe Margolis, and a troop of other left wing anti-Christian atheist zealots and deviants whose hatred of Western civilization rivals that of the Bolsheviks.

Unlike the vast majority of her Leftist comrades, Waters also aligned herself with organizations that were openly hostile to Islam, while simultaneously promoting Israeli interests and defending its appalling record on human rights. (For American readers, think Pamela Geller.) Ms. Waters:

Support of, or sympathy to Israel can make you an immediate enemy to many (on the Left). Israel is the untouchable issue; the consensus from which you can not veer.

I was approached recently by a trade union group which is supportive of Israel (such things do exist but are widely maligned) and asked my opinion on what is labelled on the left as the “Pinkwashing Campaign”. This is a campaign which is represented at ‘Pride’ parades, has vast numbers of supporters among trade unionists, and which aims to highlight what it calls a “PR tactic used by Israel which cynically exploits support for LGBT people.”

The fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East in which gay people enjoy anything resembling freedom or human rights is apparently a fraud — because the anti-Israel left demands that it be so.

The “No Pinkwashing” campaign explains that “Israeli groups have adopted a strategy which aims to defend Israel by presenting it as modern, democratic and LGBT-friendly, and by demonising surrounding countries.” The truth, it claims, is that Israel is in fact a vicious human rights abuser and of course, an “apartheid state”.

The “No Pinkwashing” campaign essentially wants us to disregard Israel’s human rights record when examining its human rights record. None of it matters anyway because Israel is an “apartheid state” and anything good or democratic in Israel is simply a rouse (quite an elaborate one at that).

Waters’ blind and egregiously hypocritical support of the Jewish ethnostate, as well as what can only be defined as a sheer hatred of Islam (and Christianity for that matter), didn’t sit well with Waters hard-lined Leftist Brighton comrades. So it was at this juncture that Waters launched her foray into mainstream British politics.

But the media-described right winger didn’t join the BNP, the National Front, even the Tory Party or centrist Lib Dems. The Marxist atheist LGBT advocate joined Britain’s traitorous Labour Party, where she immediately began criticizing it for Antisemitism.

Although Waters is now the female face of Britain’s far right, she originally opted for the Labour Party as they were simply the best fit. After all, it’s Ann Marie’s Lesbianism, strident atheism and adherence to Marxist feminist ideology that underpins her identity.

It was while representing the Labour Party that Waters made two failed attempts to be selected as a parliamentary candidate: first in South Swindon for which she gave a member of the Central Committee of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran as her personal reference, and then more recently in 2013, when she attempted to be selected as a Labour prospective Member of Parliament for Brighton.

There are literally dozens of examples of Ms Waters’ support of hard-line left wing causes, ranging from her demand that the Labour party support work strikes, even when they damage the country, to her pathological pursuit of egalitarianism. She’s an ardent supporter of Gay marriage legislation — which she utilized when marrying her (female) partner — has shown extreme hostility towards organised Christianity, taken part in pro-abortion activism in her native Ireland (where it is still illegal to have an abortion), etc.

Bearing all this in mind it’s fair to say that Waters is not the ‘neo fascist’ flag-waving Joan of Arc type, she’s been ludicrously described as in the mainstream media.

In fact the accusation that UKIP is about to be taken over by right wing extremists, has resulted in widespread panic within the party, which was undoubtedly part of the plan.* Things have gotten so bad that 18 of the party’s 20 MEPs, including Farage, have threatened to resign and create a new party if Waters is victorious.

Guardian writer, Danny Cohen, who has about as much grasp of what it means to be a traditional nationalist as Waters, had this to say:

It sounds like the start of a bad stand-up routine. An Irish lesbian feminist walks into Ukip’s HQ and… And the Kippers walk out. Or at least three-quarters of Ukip’s members of the European parliament say they will walk out if Anne Marie Waters becomes their new leader.

Ukip’s politicians are not threatening to resign because Waters is Irish or a lesbian or even a feminist. Despite Nigel Farage’s cloying friendship with Trump and admiration for Putin, despite Ukip’s naked use of racist scaremongering in the Brexit campaign, Ukip politicians are not objecting to Waters because she is left wing, but because she is not nearly left wing enough. Waters has managed a feat many thought impossible — she is too reactionary for Ukip’s leaders to stomach.

When Cohen refers to Waters as left wing as opposed to right wing or nationalistic, he is conflating Zionist-funded single issue nationalism (opposition to Muslim immigration) with genuine nationalism.

Anne Marie is not anti-immigration; she is anti-Muslim immigration. She is not anti-society-destroying social and sexual reengineering. In fact, she supports it! She just dislikes Muslims. She has no issue with the ideological Leftists and Globalists moving other non-Western people into the West, such as non-Muslim Africans. Nor is she opposed to the wars propagated by the same Zionists now funding her, which result in the conditions many Muslims are in fact leaving their homelands.

Waters has in fact said as much: “There is one issue on which Ukip really should now step up to the plate — Islam and Muslim immigration,” Waters’ manifesto, which was launched on Ezra Isaac Levant’s Rebel Media, explains. “The party must publicly acknowledge that Islamic culture is simply not compatible with our own.”

Neither is yours, Ms. Waters. Neither is yours.

Although there are many supporters of the Alt-Right who also unfortunately adhere to left-wing positions on abortion, the EU, and homosexuality — there has always been a homosexual element on the far right — Anne-Marie Waters has about as much in common with genuine European nationalism as the notorious Barbara Spectre. On every last issue — abortion, non-Islamic immigration, gay rights, mandated teaching of homosexuality in schools, etc. — Ms Waters is a dogmatic Bolshevik to the core.

True nationalists, as well as the sorts of people that vote UKIP, have one thing in common with Ms. Waters — a healthy aversion to Islam. Anne Marie Waters has ridden concerns over the dangers posed by the religion of peace—concerns shared with PEGIDA and Tommy Robinson’s English Defense League (EDL)—right to the very top of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Tommy Robinson taunting Syrians with Israeli military

Unlike genuine nationalists, Waters is in bed with an array of suspicious characters and organizations. From dissident Iranian Marxists who I have reason to believe are funded by hardline Wahhabi backers in the Gulf and Israel, to homosexual action groups based in Britain.

And unlike her political opponents within UKIP, whom I will discuss in Part Two of this essay, Waters is cozy with well-known British Zionist, Tommy Robinson, who has championed her cause on social media, as well as lesser known British based Zionists linked to US Jewish organisations, Paul Weston, Jack Buckby; and most alarmingly, it appears Waters has successfully enlisted the help of Ezra Isaac Levant’s, Rebel Media, the online propaganda outlet from which she launched her UKIP campaign and Manifesto.

I’ll conclude part one by proposing that if Anne Marie Waters had abandoned the relativist left because of its complicity in terrorism, the grooming-gang rapes, Islamic oppression of women, its refusal to oppose misogyny unless blame can be pinned on a White heterosexual capitalist boogeyman, I’d understand her position, perhaps even support her work.

The fact that she literally resigned from the Labour Party due to her unflinching support of Israel — a state with an egregious record on human rights — should tell us all we need to know about Ms. Waters and the hypocrisy rife in her brand of pseudo-nationalism.

End of Part 1

Jack Sen is the cofounder of Resistance Radio. His on-air discussion with former Member of European Parliament, Nick Griffin, on Anne Marie Waters and the Zionist attempted takeover of British politics can be found here.

* There is a belief that UKIP has served its purpose and therefore needs to go. Without a genuinely Eurosceptic party in the fold, there’s literally no one left to fight for a hard Brexit — i.e.,  a Brexit that ends the free movement of people within Europe — is successfully negotiated. If an extremist like Waters is elected leader, the mainstream media will have an excuse not to involve UKIP in its coverage of Brexit negotiations. Without UKIP there would never have been Brexit. Without UKIP remaining relevant, there might not be a proper hard Brexit.

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