Agobard of Lyon and The Origins of the Hostile Elite

As part of the introduction to my forthcoming volume of essays, Talmud and Taboo, I’ve included an overview of key developments in the historical relationship between Jews and Europeans. During the course of this overview I emphasize the historical suppression of European responses to Jewish group behavior, an important and perennial aspect of Jewish-European interactions. This suppression/taboo, as a thing in itself, tends to be less explored and understood when compared to the attention devoted to more obvious manifestations of Jewish influence (e.g. assertive action in influencing immigration control), but consideration of it is crucial to a complete understanding of Jews as a hostile elite. A working theoretical definition of what is meant by “Jews as a hostile elite” is of course also necessary, and is taken here as the implication not only that Jews have historically been opposed/hostile to the interests of the European masses, but also that Jews have had direct access to political power, or significant levels of influence over European elites in possession of it. While writing the introduction to Talmud and Taboo I was primarily concerned with the origins of the Jewish acquisition of this power or influence in Europe, the mode of its expression, and its evolution over the course of centuries. Due to restrictions of space in the introduction to Talmud and Taboo, I want to take the opportunity here to expand on one such example.

To date, our best understanding of modern Jewish political strategies in the context of the “taboo” can be found in Chapter 6 of Kevin MacDonald’s Separation and Its Discontent: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism, titled “Jewish Strategies for Combatting Anti-Semitism.” One section deals with “Political Strategies for Minimizing Anti-Semitism.” MacDonald notes that Jews have been flexible strategizers in the political arena, buttressed by an IQ substantially above the Caucasian mean, and argues that the foundations for Jewish influence are wealth, education, and social status.[1] Today, Jews apply this influence in order to stifle negative discussion of their group, and at times to stifle any discussion of Jews at all. MacDonald points out that this is normally done via extensive communal support for “self-defense committees,” which are a feature of every Diaspora population. These committees invariably lobby governments, utilize and influence legal systems, produce pro-Jewish and pro-multicultural propaganda, and fund pro-Jewish candidates or initiatives. Another of their vital functions has been to monitor and expose “anti-Semites,” and to use legal systems in order to exact individual punishments, thereby making an example of individuals and thereby imposing a deterrent atmosphere on the rest of the population.

It almost goes without saying that in the modern era Jews have been very successful in making anti-Semitism a disreputable and unsavory enterprise. Perhaps more than any other shaming device, accusations of anti-Semitism can be socially and professionally devastating. Academic studies which argue that anti-Semitism has a rational and understandable basis, such as MacDonald’s work, are monitored and excluded from scholarly discourse in an unceasing effort to maintain Jewish control over narratives concerning their group and deflecting antagonism to it. A foundational idea underpinning the creation of this most modern taboo is that anti-Semitism is a personal flaw indicative of psychiatric disorder and a social aberration, epitomized by the writing of the Frankfurt School of Social Research. Despite achieving an almost monolithic position in the public mind of most European populations, it is particularly noteworthy that such conceptualizations of anti-Semitism as an irrational and inexplicable form of psychosocial illness are extremely recent, having been developed only in the last sixty years by a cast of Jewish intellectuals—particularly those at the nexus of psychoanalysis and the Frankfurt School.

This reframing of European understandings of anti-Semitism has been due not only to Jewish influence in academia, the media, and the development of social policy, but also to a general ignorance among Europeans of the historical experiences of their ancestors. Europeans cannot come to terms with the issue of Jewish influence purely by confronting its contemporary manifestations – they must engage with the experiences of their forebears, and understand how and why they viewed Jews as a hostile elite.

All of these considerations led me to one question: when and how did this “hostile elite” begin? Although Jewish influence was noted during the life of the Roman Empire, I excluded this period from my deliberations for a number of reasons. The first was that I wanted a close contextual proximity to present conditions; in other words, as a bare minimum I felt it necessary that I should find an early example of Jewish influence that still mirrored enough features of the modern experience to be broadly valid in comparison. Despite a proliferation of expatriate communities, during the Roman Empire, or at least until the sack of Jerusalem by Titus in AD 70, Jews could be considered as predominantly a national people rather than a Diaspora. It could thus be argued that relations between the Roman Empire and Jewish populations could on some level be understood within the framework of traditional diplomacy and power relations.

It was only after Rome’s demolition of the Second Jewish Commonwealth in the first century that the Exilic period ushered in significantly novel forms of Jewish political activity. These political activities also became uniform, with Amichai Cohen and Stuart Cohen noting of the new Diaspora: “Notwithstanding variations dictated by vast differences of location and situation, all Jewish communities developed and refined a remarkably similar set of broad [political] strategies.”[2] The second reason is related to the first in the sense that this set of Jewish political strategies had to be present in a broad geographical area of Europe. This breadth of geographical dispersion, and the subsequent extension of Jewish interactions with European populations, only occurred after the fall of the Roman Empire. A third and final reason for omitting the period of the Roman Empire was that my precondition of close contextual proximity required that the nation states of today, at least in their prototypical form, should be broadly recognizable. Finally, the Jews of Visigothic Spain, although wealthy, powerful, and incredibly hostile, have been discounted due to their failure to establish a relationship with Visigothic elites. This failure most notably resulted in the Jews providing assistance to a replacement elite — Muslim invaders.[3]

The set of “broad political strategies” referred to above requires further elaboration. Lacking a state, and insistent on remaining apart from their host nations, Diaspora Jewish populations developed an indirect and at times highly abstract style of politics in order to advance their interests. In Jewish sources it became known as shtadtlanut (“intercession” or “petitioning”), and represented a personal and highly involved form of diplomacy or statecraft that, in the words of the Cohens, “prioritized persuasion.”[4] In the modern era we are familiar with such shtadlans as the Anti-Defamation League, and AIPAC. These bodies claim to represent all Jews, and the interests of all Jews, and do so when interacting with, interceding with, or “persuading” host nation governments or other arms of the White elite. However, the shtadlan as a large formal body or committee is a relatively modern development, and was a necessary response to the end of absolute monarchy at the beginning of the nineteenth century (and the corresponding rise of parliamentary democracy and the modern state). Prior to c.1815, Jews often pursued their interests via a small number of very wealthy and “persuasive” individual shtadlans who would form personal relationships with a king, prince, or other powerful members of the European elite. This was most pronounced during the Early Modern period when Hofjuden, or Court Jews, negotiated privileges and protections for Jews with European monarchs. An excellent example is that of Daniel Itzig (1723–1799), the Court Jew of Kings Frederick II the Great and Frederick William II of Prussia, who used his wealth and influence to persuade these monarchs to abolish many restrictions on Prussian Jews and grant them a succession of privileges. Put simply, the concentration of power in individuals meant that Jewish interests could also be negotiated by individuals.

However, although we may still see echoes of the old shtadlans in individuals like George Soros or Sheldon Adelson, the dispersal of political power following the collapse of the absolute monarchies required a greater number of Jewish “persuaders,” thus necessitating the development of the modern Jewish “diplomatic” organization. Of course, the majority of these modern bodies vigorously deny their “diplomatic” or political function, preferring to style themselves as “self-defense” bodies or similar abstractions. Writing on the subject of shtadtlanut Samuel Freedman has argued that Jews have “become wedded to a “crisis model” in community-building, in which either Holocaust commemoration or opposition to anti-Semitism are the raison d’etre for the largest communal organizations, from the Simon Wiesenthal Center to the American Jewish Committee.” This masking of deeper political interests should be seen as combining deception (of Europeans) and self-deception (among some Jews) in the broader Jewish strategy, or at least as a device designed to boost the recruitment of “persuaders.” Jews (at least those not consciously engaged in deception) and Europeans are thus led to believe that such bodies are necessary to defend and protect a vulnerable community in crisis, when in fact their primary function is to advance the interests of an extremely wealthy, culturally invulnerable, and politically powerful community — a hostile elite.

In searching for the origins of the hostile elite I was therefore looking for the earliest possible example of a Diaspora Jewish community in which shtadtlanut was in evidence — the obtaining of privileges and protections from a European elite, contrary to the interests of the masses of a given European population. Although I would very much welcome further suggestions from readers, the earliest convincing case that I have come upon concerns that of the Carolingian dynasty during the lifetime of Archbishop Agobard (c. 779–840).[5] Agobard was a Spanish-born priest and archbishop of Lyon during the Carolingian Renaissance. A fearless controversialist, Agobard gained fame and notoriety during his lifetime — and a place in posterity — by expressing his opposition to Jewish political influence in the Frankish kingdom.  Agobard’s Spanish origins are important. Bernard Bachrach notes that Agobard would have been very much aware of the scale and impact of Jewish influence, writing that “Agobard was born and raised in the Spanish March and Septimania where the Jews were extremely powerful. … He was aware of the power that the Jews of the Narbonnaise had exercised for centuries.”[6]

The Frankish context in which Agobard found himself also contributed to an inevitable clash at Lyon. Although some of the early Carolingians had passively tolerated the steady expansion of Jewish economic activity in the Frankish kingdom, Emperor Louis the Pious (778–840) “systematized” a “pro-Jewish policy” by eliminating or disregarding earlier restrictions on Jews, and issuing a charter granting them a number of privileges and protections.[7] Kenneth Stow remarks that “the charters of privilege that Louis the Pious granted to Jewish merchants were the forerunners of all others the Jews in medieval Europe would receive.”[8] Essentially, what we see here is the birth of the formal, symbiotic relationship between Jews and self-interested European elites. The charter of Louis the Pious enacted laws that protected Jews and also developed an administrative apparatus to enforce his policies — mainly via the office of the magister Judaeorum. Louis encouraged Jewish economic activity in the belief that he would be personally enriched by doing so.

This “encouragement” involved some very dark aspects. In particular, it involved turning a blind eye to the incredibly hostile and often illegal behavior of the Jews in his realm. Bachrach describes the Jews of Lyon as “militant, aggressive, and powerful,” and notes that Louis and his officials “apparently ignored gross violations of the law by Jewish slave traders who bought and sold Christian slaves and kidnapped and castrated Christian youths for the Muslim markets in Spain.”[9] Jewish slave trading was of course nothing new, nor was it unusual for European elites to permit Jews to trade in slaves. Pope Gelasius (reigned 492–496) had formally allowed Jews to bring slaves into Italy from Gaul, and Charlemagne had also allowed Jews to engage in slave trafficking during the middle of the eighth century.[10] The Spanish Jews of the tenth century made most of their wealth selling Slavonian slaves to the Caliphs of Andalusia.[11] William Phillips argues that by the time of Louis the Pious, Jews “predominated” among the slave traders supplying Muslim Spain.[12] What truly set this period apart from earlier tolerances, however, was the fact that it had become common knowledge that Jews under Louis were actively kidnapping, castrating, and selling Christians with impunity — something that was not only nominally illegal in Frankish lands, but throughout Christendom. And it is here that Agobard enters the stage.

According to Jeffrey Cohen, around the year 822 Agobard began a campaign in Lyon against the Jews based on his “horror over indications that Jews enjoyed a social status superior to that of Christians.”[13] His primary focus from the start was the issue of Jewish trading in Christian slaves. In a letter titled “On the Insolence of the Jews,” sent to Louis the Pious in 826/7, Agobard explained:

A certain man from Cordoba arrived, fleeing from Spain. He said that he had been stolen as a little boy by a certain Jew of Lyon 24 years before and sold, and that he had fled this year with another boy from Arles who had been likewise stolen by a Jew six years earlier. When we sought out those known to the man who was from Lyon and found them, some said that others had been stolen by this same Jew, others bought and sold, and that this year another boy was stolen and sold by a Jew. At that moment it was discovered that many Christians are sold by Christians and bought by Jews and that many unspeakable things are perpetrated by them which are too foul to write.

Agobard goes on to stress that his campaign involved preaching “to Christians that they should not sell Christian slaves to [Jews]; that they should not allow these Jews to sell Christians to Spain nor to possess them as paid domestics.”

Agobard and his associates apparently also began to purposefully seek out and baptize Jewish slaves in order that they may come under the nominal protection of the law and be freed from Jewish slavery.[14] Agobard’s crucial error was in believing that the law would be enforced. Although aware of Jewish wealth and power, he was confronting something very new — the birth of the hostile Jewish elite. Jews had forged an alliance with Louis the Pious via a prototypical form of shtadtlanut, and their immediate response on hearing of the commencement of Agobard’s campaign (and in particular that Agobard had baptized and was protecting a slave belonging to a Jew) was to turn to their royal ally. Louis, fearing that the economic basis of his mutual arrangement with the Jews would be undermined by the renegade priest, readily obliged, and dispatched the magister Judaeorum to bring Agobard into line.

Agobard’s difficulty in coming to terms with the spiritual and ethnic treason of the emperor is evident in his letter, and for some time he seems to have sought multiple explanations for the failure of Louis to side with his own people. Reading this recently, I became quite emotional upon reflecting that we Europeans still struggle to come to terms with the scale of treason among our elites over a thousand years later — Agobard’s words read as both tragically naive and ominously prophetic. Beginning with his incomprehension that Louis would issue the Jews a formal charter, Agobard writes:

When the Jews first arrived, they gave me a message in your name and another one to the man who rules the district of Lyon in place of the court; [this message] ordered him to offer aid to the Jews against me. We absolutely did not believe that such messages as these issued from your judgment, although they were read out in your sacred name and sealed with your ring. The Jews began to rage with a certain odious insolence, threatening that we would be afflicted with every sort of injury by the agents whom they had obtained to take vengeance upon Christians. After them, Evrard [the magister Judaeorum] arrived and repeated the same thing and said that your majesty was truly angry with me because of the Jews. Then the aforementioned agents arrived, holding in their hands a tax code(?) (stipendialis tractoria) and a capitulary of sanctions which we do not believe exists by your command. [Emphasis added].

Unfortunately for Agobard, he was summoned to the Court at the instigation of the Jews. Bernard Bachrach comments that “The Jews…were forcefully represented by a powerful advocate. They also had influential friends at court. … The court not only found against Agobard, but the emperor added the personal humiliation of dismissing him from the palace in a preemptory manner. Louis provided the Jews with a diploma bearing the imperial seal that bore witness to their victory.”[15] Persisting in his conviction that the emperor couldn’t possibly side with the Jews over his own people, Agobard continued to deliver sermons against Jews and to write to Louis explaining himself (as seen in the above extracts from one such letter). He insisted that Louis had been misinformed or that the edicts bearing his seal were forgeries.[16] Bachrach writes that Agobard believed Louis and other elites at court “were either pawns of Jewish interests or acting from a misunderstanding of the situation.”[17] What he failed to consider was the possibility these figures were willing accomplices of the Jews, together comprising a hostile elite.

The patience of the hostile eventually wore thin. As the missi dominici [envoy of the ruler] set off for Lyon “with a plethora of pro-Jewish documents and a plentitude of power to enforce government policy, Agobard fled.”[18] Agobard noted from his exile “the Jews were made joyful beyond measure.” He added that many of his associates “fled or hid or were detained.” Priests loyal to him were threatened by Jews and royal agents, and, as a consequence, “did not dare to show their faces.” Subsequent efforts to confront Jewish influence in the Frankish lands were forced into more abstract and indirect forms rather than “opposing imperial policy overtly or by attacking the Jews directly.”[19] Jeffrey Cohen remarks that, in the end, Agobard utterly failed to alter Carolingian Jewish policy, or prevent its further evolution.[20] Despite this failing, Agobard entered the Jewish consciousness as an emblematic hate figure, with the nineteenth-century Jewish activist and historian Heinrich Graetz comparing him to the “villainous Haman” of the Book of Esther.[21] He was only dislodged from the bitter expanse of Jewish memory when the twentieth century provided Jews with a new “Haman,” and a new chapter in their lachrymose self-authored history.

The story outlined here is important in the history of the Jewish Question for a number of reasons. The first is that it is a very early Western European example of non-religious clashes of interest, by which I mean that although we see two religious communities in confrontation the basis for that confrontation is not rooted in the spiritual. As Jeffrey Cohen concedes, Agobard’s “well-known complaints regarding the Jews hardly amounted to a systematic theological exposition.” Rather than theology, his complaints “address an array of specific, practical issues.”[22] These “specific, practical issues” concerned Jewish hostility towards Europeans, the abuse of Europeans by Jews, and the extent of Jewish wealth, privilege, protections, and political influence in European societies.  These issues, more than the putative “prejudices,” “neuroses,” or “religious pathologies” posited by Jewish intellectuals, have been the perennial elements underpinning the Jewish Question for more than a thousand years. They provoked an entirely rational response — European efforts to fight back, or, as it would eventually come to be known, “anti-Semitism.”

Perhaps the most important aspect of Agobard’s tale is that it exposes the origins of one of the most uncomfortable aspects of Jewish influence — its reliance on cooperation with our own elites. Only by engaging in a symbiotic relationship with our own corrupt rulers can Jews gain full access to power and an impunity when wielding it. As such, we should grow in the understanding that answering the Jewish Question will by necessity involve a reckoning with the issue of how we govern ourselves and by what qualifications we select our elites. If Whites possess a weak sense of ethnocentrism and high sense of individualism (certainly when compared with Jews and other non-Whites), then this should provoke a discussion on how to tie the fate of our rulers or governments to our people. In ancient times, both Celtic and Nordic societies took this idea to an extreme, sacrificing their kings in times of famine or hardship (see for example, the Ynglinga Saga). The fate of the king was quite literally tied to the people — if the people suffered, the king would suffer more than anyone. As time progressed, kings became ensconced in their hierarchy, their palaces ever larger and ever more distant. Then came the parliaments and the politicians, they too ever more distant from the needs of the masses and the direction of their interests. Accountability in all instances was reduced to nothing.

To conclude, as I write this news arrives from Austria. The boy wonder Sebastian Kurz issues a statement: “The battle against anti-Semitism and our policy of zero tolerance against all anti-Semitic tendencies is very important to me. It is a clear pre-condition for the formation of any coalition under my leadership.”

Oh Agobard, my brother from centuries past, I would share your feelings of disbelief, had I not seen the same treachery played out for a thousand years and more.

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  1. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    I’m looking forward to buying Talmud and Taboo.

    As for the allegedly higher IQ of Jews, somewhere else I read that this is a sham, propaganda designed to further discourage whites. Thoughts?

      • T. J.
        T. J. says:

        159,090,909. Jews- only half would have IQs > 110, so 10 million.
        a 16:1 ratio

        Assume world IQ is 86. 110 less 86 is 24. Assume width of bell curve is closer to 12 than White width of 15. 24/12 is 2 standard deviations, or 1 in 44. Divide world population, 7B plus or minus, by 44. This is 159M.

        The figures I have seen for Israel IQ are around 94.

    • Ger Tzedek
      Ger Tzedek says:

      I don’t need to read, I see it in the field. One Jewish full professor told a story of how he was given an A when he was in BSc, because he did well in the final. For the rest of us it doesn’t work that way. He applies for grants, has gotten 0, despite being a favorite. I see all Jews around, who obtain positions without even having the legal requirements. My chief of department is a Jewish woman. Sucks at every regard. Idiot cretin as a scientist. There is another Jewish professor who became associate. Has published 0 papers in 1 lifetime. Have investigated the issue, found NOTHING. How can you become associate with 0 papers? Did they just measure his IQ and though that he will do fine? The secretary of the department? Jewish, hired 2 weeks after his BSc for a position that requires 10 years experience.

      And I know the mathematics of the issue. Just see the IQ distribution of Jews and Whites. At EVERY bracket we drown them by the numbers. That is not reflected in power or wealth distribution. This is due to the tribal connections, as well as Jews enjoying Borderline Personality Disorder, massively.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        A J Ayer [Jewish philosopher in Britain; achievements – nothing much] didn’t do well in his final exams. So his results were adjusted upwards – story in a book by an Oxford marker of exams – it’s out there somewhere.
        There’s a psychological difference between whites and Jews, reminiscent of Asians buying fake qualifications: Jews want the job, but not the work. In Britain since 1900, Jews were imported, smuggled in, given sob stories etc.

        • Ger Tzedek
          Ger Tzedek says:

          My experience is the same. Jews want the job but not the work. In 2007 I had my first academic job in the USA. A Jewess was my TA. She used to talk all the time about work — how to avoid it. This doesn’t end well with an evil White man like me. I pushed her to do her part. She framed me as a sex predator. I disentangled myself from a nasty situation without ceding an inch. She then used to walk around with her beautiful Jewish nose and face hanging in humiliation.

        • John Walton
          John Walton says:

          Jews have somehow made themselves off limits to criticism, with the recent exception of Israel vs Palestinians, and, to a slight degree, black anti-Semitism, though the latter is generally condemned. Long before Hitler and Hollywood this was true. Probably the key is their ability to apply pressure as a group. But this functions in coordination with their status as victims and their vulnerability as a small group. The current discussion of “identity politics” provides an opportunity to “clear the air” and ask for a general rule: Should certain groups be off limits to criticism, or should any group which puts forward grievances as a group and from a group viewpoint open itself to criticism of that viewpoint?

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          I recently read an interview of the actress Miriam Margolyes, where she revealed quite unapologetically that when she was quite unsure of her next step after finishing high school without achieving anything much academically, her parents simply called upon their friend Isiah Berlin to pull some strings and get her into Oxford University, from which point her future successes were substantially guaranteed.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            In fact she was gifted quite undeservedly by Berlin a pass to Cambridge University and thereby its famed ” Footlights” passage to un-deserved media prominence. My mistake.

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        Also, think back Einstein (not WEinstein). The Jewish lobby knew that he was an unworthy fellow with a murky past. What did they do? Endorsed it. They put it in the front page that his high school teacher had told Einstein that he wasn’t going anywhere in life. They bragged about it. Einstein actually WAS stupid. He invented nothing, he plagiarized everything. There is too much evidence for that.

        One way of progress of mankind is to generalize somebody’s else results. Einstein went the other way around, he specialized other people’s result. That’s why it’s called Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Remove “Special”, and you are left with nothing. Also, this is not the genial counterintuitive move. It’s plain stupid.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Given Jews’ legendary aversion to censuses of any type (for good reason, no doubt), I believe there is probably a deal of sampling error that buoys mean IQ. Orthodox Jews, afflicted to a greater extent by neurological problems from inbreeding, would not, I imagine, participate in psychometric studies.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Just so. A man’s estimation of Jewish intelligence is better guided by his interaction with Jews than by rigged, parti pris studies. Any complaints that such an attitude raises “anecdotalness” to a critical standard should be dismissed with the contempt they merit.

        • Trenchant
          Trenchant says:

          I imagine that mentally-retarded Jews are (strongly☺) encouraged not to procreate, so the community level of retardation is probably stable over time. But getting a feel for its incidence in such a closed society as that of Orthodox Jews isn’t easy.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Agreed in toto. As I’ve written in the past, my own feel for the incidence level came from living for many years in a pair of Bronx neighborhoods, Riverdale and Spuyten Duyvil, where the Orthodox presence was ample, to say the least.

            On Saturdays whole Orthodox families, characteristically garbed, promenaded ostentatiously along sidewalks and through local parks. There was hardly a family with three or more children that lacked at least one who exhibited plain signs of mental retardation, frequently in an advanced form.

            During the decades I observed this phenomenon, I was still unaware of the proclivity for Jews as a whole—above all for the Orthodox, where “proclivity” virtually yields to “preference”—to inbreed so closely as to border on incest. My reaction, thus, was to feel compassion for the travails of what seemed plainly primitive people caught up in a world where they looked lost and adrift. Fortunately for me, I lived and learned that they were anything but.

        • John Walton
          John Walton says:

          I grew up in NYC and it seemed obvious to me as a kid that Jews were brighter on average. Nearly everyone notices this. Likely explanation is that for thousands of years they have lived by intellectual skills and mate-selection has valued a big IQ over big muscles. I have noticed that Jewish women are more impressed by a man’s intelligence than gentile women. The good news is that any group can practice Jewish mate-selection principles and pull itself up over time.

    • Samuel Skinner
      Samuel Skinner says:

      You mean 115 IQ? Probably fake due to sampling high performing groups.

      I believe the most accurate (large, random samples) gives (splitting based on category)

      Verbal IQ 106
      Mathematical IQ 108
      Spatial IQ 90

      The scores don’t sound like much, but they produce significant differences.

      Compare the amount of Jews with math scores above 130/145/160 compared to Europeans.

      1 in 14/147/3795 versus 1 in 44/741/31560

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Thanks. But has anyone got figures on retardation with the Orthodox community? I suspect its incidence is relatively high. Omitting retards would shift the mean IQ upwards.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Excellent point, Alphonsus Jr! Jewish brilliance is simple propaganda that has, over many years of it, acquired a status rather like ‘fact’. But it is easily debunked. Try this: Among a group of your friends, invite each to note down the names of intellectualy elevated Jews they have known. This will produce a few moments of enlightenment for your friends, for very few, if any, names spring to their minds.

      And of course there is the Nobel Prize. Jews crowd it each year. Almost all are obscure, their names unknown before their receipt of the Prize (unless they are politicos already in the public eye). And they remain in oblivion, the Prize quietly pocketed. So it’s obvious: the bankers who fund the Prize stipulate the percentage of recipients that has to be Jewish. Indeed, without bankers’ sunstantial support, such an affluent prize would not exist. (Poor venerable Mr Nobel! He cannot have known how his Prize will be perverted.)

      • Arch Stanton
        Arch Stanton says:

        It’s not just the Nobel Prize, Pulitzer, American “freedom” medal, Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, you name it, all merely serve as tools for Jewish self aggrandizement.

        Perhaps the best known example of this trait for race inflation is the supposed “genius” of all times Albert Einstein whose name is now indelibly linked in the goyim mind as the “smartest man in the world who ever lived”. It’s all Jewish myth. Like the rest of Jewish history – all lies.

        Then there is Karl Marx.

        Yet again Karl Marx is portrayed as the father of Communism and the friend of the Working Class yet he was neither!

        The 1848 Communist Manifesto was nothing short of a direct copy of an earlier book written by the long-forgotten French Socialist Victor Considerant in 1843, and given a second edition in 1847 in Paris and entitled “Principles of Socialism: Manifesto of the Democracy of the Nineteenth Century”.

        Not only did Marx and Engels “discover” their “manifesto” in Mr. Considerant’s “manifesto” but they also copied the form and titles of the chapters as well. The only completely new part of “their” manifesto was found on the title page where they claimed to be the original authors!

        How many times have we heard, “Jews are just smarter than everyone else, that’s why they deserve all the money they earn.” When in fact Jews are really nothing more than very smart criminal thieves and liars.

        The stupidity of the gyoim never ceases to amaze.

      • Andy
        Andy says:

        Wilmot Robertson thus thinks that when one is comparing average Jewish IQ with average white IQ one is not comparing like with like since self-identified Jews, as a group, are a good bit wealthier than most whites.

        Of course, things are made more complicated by the fact that ‘white’ also includes mixed race people from South America. Another complication is that poorer and less successful Jews are more lightly to fall away from their Jewish heritage by intermarriage with gentiles.

        I think that the development of high Jewish IQ is helped by high-investment parenting, higher group wealth for tutoring, private education etc, and a culture which esteems learnedness and the status this brings. In short if you’re Jewish you are more likely to study hard and if you have a wealthy background you are more likely to value your Jewishness.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          There’s another issue, which is the plain desire to get a sinecure. In practice, it has to be somewhat disguised, as per Robert S Griffin here. So long as there’s no criticism, or it can be ignored, or technicalities mimicked, many Jewish academics live their lives with recycled or imitated material. It probably suits them genetically. They live a life analogous to Church of England vicars in the 18th century, doing nothing of much value, but leaping about when their myths are challenged and there may be financial problems.

        • John Walton
          John Walton says:

          Wishful thinking. DNA will out, or so thinks Charles Murray, and I agree with him. Take the twin brother of a Jewish mandarin’s child and raise him in a trailer park and he’ll still grow up to be smart. Not that upbringing isn’t a factor, but the genetic factor is the thing you can’t change unless given a few generations to work with.

    • Alicia
      Alicia says:

      From experience I know that Jews are more gifted only when it comes to creating intrigues. In y former homeland, Poland, it is rather common to claim that Jews, .i.e the people of the book, are better fit to prominent positions in the society, including within the Roman Catholic Church, than Poles of Slavic descent, as boors shouldn’t be entrusted with important missions/tasks. (I was the other day, for the umpteenth time, provided with this expression of Polish anti-Semitism – over the phone with a devote Catholic half-syster of mine who lives in Poland. And she actually is highly educated. (I no longer have any contact with my half-brother who is married to a chosenite that “came out from the closet” two years ago, as his wife and adult children simply cannot accept a Nazi in the family.

    • Goy Goddess
      Goy Goddess says:

      The (((IQ))) scam is interesting propaganda, as I believe its intention is to ‘scientifically prove’ to the gullible goyim that, SO SAD, their destiny IS to be a White Prole Slave on the Upcoming Chinese/Jew Global Domination Plantation.

      Unbelievable that supposedly intelligent White men of this ‘movement’ enthusiastically endorse their supposed Ashkenazim/East Asian intellectual ‘overlords’. Have you ever received an IQ test or read through one? It’s so obviously (((social science))) (((testing))) BS.

      Bottom line: it’s written by a neocon/shabbos goy/race-mixing cuck (Murray) and his forgettable Jew sidekick with dual degrees in psych/polisci.

      • John Walton
        John Walton says:

        Our lower IQ isn’t the problem as much as our refusal to act up. We need some of those feisty black and Latin genes to get us off our NFL-watching Miller-swilling butts. Hard to believe we are descended from pioneers and gunfighters!

  2. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Excellent research and interpretation, Andrew. Organized Jewry well understands the power and lure of lucre. That’s why they always try to control the money spigots; for it gives them the ability to buy and/or control their ‘host’ proxies. It also gives them the dangerous ability to stifle most genuine opposition to their intrigues in its incipience.
    In the modern age of mass media, financial domination has also given them the ability to control, and deviously warp, the unsuspecting public mindset. That’s why they have the ability to get away with such outrageous economic, political and social foul play, and furthermore, that’s also why virtually all White countries today are de facto Jewish colonies, or captive nations, if you will.

  3. Rehmat
    Rehmat says:

    Once upon a time in Europe, when someone hated Jews, he was labeled as “anti-Semite”. These days, when the organized Jewry hates someone (Gentile or Jew), he/she becomes “antisemite”.

    According to Israeli historian Israel Shahak, Babylonian Talmud is the most hateful religious literature even though it doesn’t have anti-Muslim Danish cartoons.

    Last year Arthur Topham, Canadian writer and blogger, got duct-tape put on his mouth by B’nai B’rith for saying truth about Talmud.

    In March 2014, Netanyahu during a speech he delivered at his ruling Likud party’s Yaakov Vider (religious branch) said that Talmud should become the Constitution of the State. He proposed to adopt Hebrew calendar (based on Moon-sighting like the Islamic calendar), and the Jewish Shari’ah (Gemara and Minsha), which is totally barbaric when it comes to women’s rights.

    “I’m going to personally be involved in the law defining the state of Israel as the nation-state for the Jewish people. It’s a very important law that will influence how Israel will look like in the future,” Netanyahu told his hareidi Jewish audience.

    “I want to anchor in this law, that it will be a Basic Law that the state of Israel arose and exists on the basis of Torah and the Jewish traditions,” Netanyahu explained – promising to define the Hebrew calendar as the official state calendar.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      Arthur and I were somewhat acquainted. We had several extensive emails back an forth before he was charged.

      It was a couple of days after an on line forum debate where he and I roundly decimated a Harvard U. Prof. of History,
      in plain view of many noted authors and publishers in the forum that the RCMP raided his house,
      confiscated the things he used to not only run his news website but also continue his mining activities,
      and then banned him from using the internet.

      He was then charged with Hate Crimes and told to defend himself accordingly!
      One needs to grasp the import of this.
      BEFORE there even being a trial, let alone being found guilty, he was stripped of his fund raising and employment tools, banned from the web and then told to defend himself against charges that he was at the time not even given knowledge of!
      This was also the time I stopped writing for almost two years while searching for a place to relocate to where I was free to express myself.
      Canada had by that time become a place that was so hostile towards me that I could no longer bare living there.
      After a lot of travel and research…, in May of 2013…, I landed in Iceland.

      Iceland is IMO not much different than Canada with respect to Jewish money and influence, however, unlike Canada, Iceland has a definite population composed of a majority of European-like Icelanders who know the law and
      where Jews will have a much tougher time implementing the insane legislation they use to silence and criminalize whistle-blowers like Arthur Topham.

      The sad part about all this for me,
      a second generation German Refugee and “…Holocaust Lie of the Jews…”-Whistle-blower,
      is that the Jews who control Germany are making it difficult for me to get a German Passport
      I am loath to renew my Canadian passport in light of the open hostility the government of Canada and its organized Jewry has for people who form part of my “…cohort…”.

      Moreover, although I would say that in general, I like Icelanders, I would much prefer to rid my “…country of genetic propensity [Germany]…” of its Hostile Jewish Establishment Mafia so that I could return to a FREE GERMANY.
      What a terrible situation it is to be an Honest German in the world today.
      No place to call home and no way to travel freely without succumbing to a nation [applying for a passport] that regards you as someone who needs to be imprisoned.
      To become an Icelandic citizen is like giving up the struggle to one day return to a FREE GERMANY.
      Going WITHOUT a passport is like being in exile in Iceland.

  4. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    Boy wonder Sebastian Kurz has already been called baby Hitler in the main printed (((press))) They already call for him to be killed. Let him say whatsoever he has to say. If pro-Semitism manifests itself as pro-Israel, that I don’t care about, and can be lip service anyway. What good is it to oppose Jews in the open and be destroyed? This is how bad thing are. The worst of all are those who oppose Jews just for lip service.

  5. ex South African
    ex South African says:

    Yes, indeed, sad for Sebastian Kurz. But is he a boy wonder, or has he been made into one, like Mandela. According to Wikipedia, he studied law without getting the degree – so must I now read in it that he saw himself confronted by the uncomfortable decision of being a highly salaried minister or entering the job market without a qualification? Ouch!

    • Rehmat
      Rehmat says:

      It’s wrong to compare Sebastian Kurz, a darling of the Europe’s organized Jewry with South Africa’s first president Nelson Mandela who allegedly hated Jews and Israel while calling Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenei MY LEADER.

      In 2013, America’s oldest Jewish newspaper, the “Jewish Weekly FORWARD” published several articles accusing Nelson Mandela for harboring anti-Jewish, anti-Israel activities.

          • John Walton
            John Walton says:

            However, not only does the Dem party absolutely require a total black vote to carry out its Marxist agenda, but black anti-Semitism is extremely embarrassing to them. Hence the temptation to drive a wedge between the ‘tool’ and the tool-user. Blacks were warming to free market rhetoric just before Murray and Herrnstein released The Bell Curve. I have often thought this was not an accident. The neocon wants to browbeat the GOP for being racist but fears most of all that the GOP may succeed at NOT being racist, breaking his grip over BOTH parties!

  6. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    That Jews knew about Agobard for centuries while Europreans largely forgot him is also quite an important part of this story. Thank you for bringing this slice of history to life, it is maddening to think that Europeans were kidnapped and sold into slavery and our own kings looked the other way. I’m confident the book will be quite a page-turner.

    As for Kurz, or any other politician in his region, is “zero-tolerance for anti-semitism” a betrayal of his people, or an expected platitude when running for office? Obviously it would be better if such statements weren’t necessary, but is it really any different than say, a US president currying favor with Evangelicals, for instance?

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I share your sentiments overall, but Agobard wasn’t completely forgotten, at least not till fifty years ago or so. He is logged as a saint in the standard register, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, and has a designated liturgical feast day, June 6. Unsurprisingly, he was especially venerated in the archdiocese of Lyons, where his feast day had rubrical priority on June 6 save when that day fell on a Sunday.

      I would be willing to bet a hundred bucks that official public veneration of him came to an abrupt end shortly after Vatican II, though in all candor I have no sure knowledge to that effect.

    • James Reinfeld
      James Reinfeld says:

      “That Jews knew about Agobard for centuries while Europreans largely forgot him is also quite an important part of this story.”

      An ample supply of Jews know their self-serving history of their race well. We don’t know our own heroes (in the context of the Jewish struggle against the white race).

      That is a big advantage for the Jews and a disadvantage to us. With heroes to cheer and emulate, and villains to boo, people are better equipped to build a culture that serves their collective interests. To be under the domination of a hostile people, such that they decide who your heroes and villains will be (and for what) makes you culturally helpless.

      The situation is bad when the only example that would jump to the mind of most white boys if they were asked to name a white man who opposed Jews would be Hitler, and he would be known for the black legend of the Holocaust, and for having launched bloody wars against white nations, and for having lost.

      It’s good that there are pro-whites who are building a new pro-white culture on the Internet, but there’s only so much you can do with online quips and Pepe the Frog memes. At some point, you need scholars to lend a hand.

      We need a new Tacitus, who wrote his history seriously and scrupulously, but with the moral purpose of making sure the good wouldn’t lose the glory of their deeds and the evil wouldn’t lose the ignominy they had earned.

      We also need to give white children un-problematic heroes to admire, who defended the interests of whites in a useful and intelligent manner, as Agobard of Lyon did, and who, if they did not altogether win, at least ended their days reasonably well.

  7. White Resistor
    White Resistor says:

    Fascinating article, no doubt Agobard – if he were around today, would be accused of disseminating Anti-Semitic tropes!

  8. Theodora
    Theodora says:

    ´Perhaps the most important aspect of Agobard’s tale is that it exposes the origins of one of the most uncomfortable aspects of Jewish influence — its reliance on cooperation with our own elites. Only by engaging in a symbiotic relationship with our own corrupt rulers can Jews gain full access to power and an impunity when wielding it.´

    Tertullian (160-220) said that the Catholic Faith and Jewish power are like the two pans of a pair of scales: as Catholic Faith goes up, so Jewish power goes down, and as Catholic Faith goes down, so Jewish power goes up. But the Faith overtops the power. That is why the primary problem is not the Jews, but the increase or decrease of the Faith amongst men.

    • Up from the rabbit hole
      Up from the rabbit hole says:

      That’s why they pushed for feminism birth control and small Catholic families. Off to Mass now!

  9. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    The name ‘Louis the Pious’ suggests yet again Jewish input into official history.
    I’d like to suggest you might contact Miles Mathis who has done impressive work on the Venetians, the Jagiellons (Jews in Poland) and the Medici (believed by him to be Jews) and others. And look at his researches into king makers who keep in the background, for example the Stanleys.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Mr. Mathis has a rather loosey goosey epistemology. He starts with speculation, tempered with conjecture. Two or three paragraphs later, the views are offered up as unassailable- carved in stone.

      • Hipster Racist
        Hipster Racist says:

        @T. J.

        Thank you.

        No one needs to “refute” anything that Matthis writes because Matthis hasn’t made any credible case on anything. His writings on mathematics, in fact, shows that Matthis is a performance artist, trying to see who he can sucker into taking his nonsense seriously. This is the “artist” that has claimed to revolutionize the very foundations of mathematics. It’s comedy, absurdist performance art.

        I actually wasted a few hours reading about 50 of his essays – it was entertaining at first but quickly grew boring once you understood the gimmick.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          Perhaps you’d enlighten me, and explain where he’s wrong in his claims re the Jagiellons, Venice, The Medici, the Stanleys in Britain, Cromwell, and Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, and Hitler. These are serious hypotheses, but in view of your remarkable grasp of world history, maybe you could show exactly where he’s wrong?

        • Tudor
          Tudor says:

          I found Miles Matthis not so long time ago. Can you point out where he’s wrong in order to not waste my time any more. Thank you!

      • Hipster Racist
        Hipster Racist says:

        The standard Jewish history tells us that the Catholic church has been “anti-semitic” since the beginning, yet time and time again throughout European history we see this tiny minority of Jews given privileged positions in Catholic Europe. We also see the institutional Church protect this minority from persecution by the masses.

        In order to explain the obvious, the usual suspects have had to resort to complex conspiracy theories. The reality is likely quite simple: the Roman Church has privileged this tiny Jewish minority time and time again, and has worked to contain the backlash from the masses when they object to Jewish privilege.

  10. James Reinfeld
    James Reinfeld says:

    When an article like this throws a bright, unexpected light on an aspect of our history and predicament, I feel especially convinced that money contributed to The Occidental Observer is a bargain, which will in time aid in the salvation of our endangered race.

  11. Floda
    Floda says:

    Yes, and yet for over a thousand years and more, in all Europe, wherever they were, virtually without exception, Jews were eventually banished when the Natives became wise to them and their behaviour, most recently in Hitler’s third Reich. Will History repeat?

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Floda, if this particular history does not repeat itself as it has across the centuries, then we really will have to consider how the cycle was broken. Has it been broken, do you think?

      • Pierre
        Pierre says:

        The cycle has possibly been broken by cultural marxism and the Shoah culture which has infected our school system for the past 50 years. Jewish domination of media and Hollywood is also something to take into account. All the weak spots in the Jewish power system have been strengthened. Before only the rich defended jews, but now it’s all those people who have been exposed to Jewish indoctrination over the years through the schools and the information and entertainment outlets. Many ordinary people will now defend Jews if you dare criticize them for any reason.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          NB: Just for the record, the comment above is from a new player calling himself Pierre, not yours truly.

        • Sophie Johnson
          Sophie Johnson says:

          Good point, Pierre, it seems to me. We have been rigorously ‘re-educated’. A measure of this (one I try often lately) is to tell quite uncomplicated people that the holocaust tale is a massive lie that has been comprehensively debunked. My audience is pretty inevitably shocked. ‘I wouldn’t have taken you for a holocaust denier!’ comes the castigating accusation. Occasionally though, in the same context, you do come upon one who ‘never believed that stuff’. We do so badly need Jez Turner, Alison Chabloz, and Monika Schaefer and her brother Alfred! They scintillate at rolling back all that disinfromation. We must look after them.

          • Pierre
            Pierre says:

            I know them all, Zündel, Faurisson, Schaefer, Bradberry, Rudolf, and many more courageous people. I have been following this extremely important, even vital, issue for a number of years. The holocaust is both a shield and a sword for Jews. Unless we manage to turn the tide on this issue, any criticism of Jews or any attempt to shatter their domination will fail. What Kevin MacDonald has done with his books and magazine and many other interventions go a long way in demystifying how Jewish domination works and what needs to be done to undo it. But until someone with authority such as a president or some other leader repudiates the holocaust narrative,Jewish power will be hard to overturn. Many people know, but only at the fringe of society. The general public will crucify you if you even dare doubt the holocaust narrative. I suppose that once Jews loose their stronghold on our society, it will be easier to bust the bubble and get it over with. This is like a cancer. It stops us from really advancing socially and culturally. It festers in our mind and creates a sense of doom in our soul.

            (Mod. Note: Please change your screen name, by adding a “last name” or otherwise, because your screen name is easily confused by readers with another long-time commenter at TOO. Otherwise, future posts by you will not be approved.)

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Pierre + ?. You stated above, that you knew Zundel and a number of other revisionists. NOT that you knew OF them. To establish your bona fides here please do tell us, EXACTLY under which circumstance[s] you met Zundel, EXACTLY where and approximately when.

            In other words a three-part Reply: and please do adhere to the Moderator’s directive, as I have often addressed Pierre de Craon merely as Pierre.

            Other than that: Welcome !

  12. Rich Faussette
    Rich Faussette says:

    “Despite a proliferation of expatriate communities, during the Roman Empire, or at least until the sack of Jerusalem by Titus in AD 70, Jews could be considered as predominantly a national people rather than a Diaspora.”

    Dr. Joyce, I thought you might be interested in the first diaspora as described in Genesis (including a hostile elite) and might appreciate seeing how perfectly balanced the presentation of Jewish diaspora and Jewish nation are in the Torah.

    Thank you for your articles…
    Torah dating is arguably post exilic/Hellenistic

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Do you really consider Malwarebytes, which flagged that one link on two articles to be a reliable source to look into your suspicion.

            The best approach is to ignore the many scaremongers on the net, out to discourage you from linking to articles critical of them.

            After all, the removal of actual malware costs little more than having one’s diapers laundered.

  13. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    We must support Catalan independence. It helps break European Union that at the top is committed to the extermination of European people. The more the White countries break down, the more accountable is the power to the people, the easier it will be to defend ourselves.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      This is, may I say, a shortsighted analysis. Catalan “independence” has full Jewish support for a reason. If you gave some thought to the history of reconquered Spain from the twelfth century on, especially from the time of Ferdinand and Isabella on, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out what that reason is.

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        Your analysis is shortsighted as well. Did Jews support Brexit? Now anything that gathers steam seems to have Jewish support. Why would Jews support Catalan independence? Or maybe they do, to their detraction. Supporting Catalan independence breaks European Union that is carrying forward full-steam with the Kalergi plan for White genocide. That’s why we should support Catalan independence.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          You waste both breath and time in repeating such canards. At this very site Francis Begbie was one of the first to explain the utter futility of believing that Brexit mattered materially, but he has by no means been the last.

          Sloganeering, whether about Catalan “independence,” Brexit, the Kalergi plan, the Overton Window, or similar unhelpful but hip, with-it distractions, may help relieve the taedium vitae you seem to suffer from but serves no purpose that is more useful.

          • Ger Tzedek
            Ger Tzedek says:

            Trust me, I don’t have taedium vitae. I have the candidacy exam on Wednesday, for my second PhD. Busy for real. I only am here because I am too worried about Whites and Jews.

            Prodi doctrine seems very finely formulated: who leaves EU, must reapply for entrance. Now, that also bears the seed of destruction of EU. If they change Prodi doctrine, that means that the independent states inside EU will count about 100. If they keep the Prodi doctrine, simply tensions will build up to civil wars and EU breakup.

            I really have a passion for Catalonia. They are paying for stupid southerners. They have a very elaborate plan how to gain independence, step-by-step. Now they have even come up with their own cryptocurrency, and I find that awesome.

            It is very hard to do anything with you guys. It’s true that Jews are everywhere, but I don’t think that all the moves of Jews have been wise. Besides, their position is untenable just because of the scientific progress of Whites, and the era of information.

          • Ger Tzedek
            Ger Tzedek says:

            Catalan leadership was very well aware that they were lying to the people when they said that after independence Catalonia would be part of the EU. Yet they wanted out.

            The most credible etymology of Catalonia is Gothaland. That’s what it was called in the time of Charlemagne.

        • Harry Covert
          Harry Covert says:

          The various claims to independence from various European areas like Catalonia or Scotland are always within the confines of the EU, they do not seek true independence out of the EU. The EU is a Marxist construct :

          “In the West, we were fooled into thinking that with the fall of the Berlin Wall came the fall of communism. Nothing is further from the truth. The face of communism changed but behind the scenes the cruel communist dream of “one world government, the abolition of the nation state and their replacement by regions, was to be accompanied by the destruction of the family and the crushing of Christianity. Let’s also not forget that environmental issues were also to be more important than man.”

          As this excerpt from this article explains, the aim is to dismantle and destroy the historical European nation-states and replace them with cross-border regions called euroregions.

          Here are examples of euroregions:

 which includes Catalonia.

          As for Brexit, it is certainly not wanted by the hostile elites and probably will not happen as one would wish, it will probably be used as a reset. This is because the UK army is being precipitated into a EU military unification, the British army is being dis-empowered with the selling off of its assets. Unbeknownst to the public, whilst the British government is pretending to Brexit, the UK army is being included in the ultimate goal of the EU, its Holy Grail so to speak, the control of EU defense including procurement and budget, this will open the way to direct taxation of EU citizens. All the funny going-ons with Russia are meant to give an impulse in that direction.

          And by the way, Puigdemont, the leader of Catalan Independence fled Spain and rushed to Brussels to ask for asylum.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            … Puigdemont, the leader of Catalan Independence, fled Spain and rushed to Brussels to ask for asylum.

            Thank you. I was unaware of this very revealing development, but I am hardly surprised to learn of it.

          • Rerevisionist
            Rerevisionist says:

            Looking at your EU regions list, I’m reminded that my collection of EU official books (which of course don’t mention Jews) seems to have provided employment to endless geographers, employed to play with maps.

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            The U.S. Canada and Europe must make an alliance with Russia if the White race and once powerful Northern Hemisphere aren’t to become insignificant third world countries, tread on by over 4 billion Asians who do not particularily like or respect us and with whom we have little in common, culturally, socially or economically. In order to get Treasury money for Israel and their never ending wars, pro-Israel lobbyists keep beating the drums to the tune of “the Russians are coming.”

      • Ger Tzedek
        Ger Tzedek says:

        I understand the hostility of Jews to Spain. How fun. Visigoths resisted Jewish tricks, Jews helped Moors conquer Spain, Spain freed itself in 500 years, and chased Jews away. But now Spain accepted Jews in, again. And it is admitted that Jesuits are basically secretive Jews. Can’t we come up with plans of our own what’s good and what’s bad? If it’s good for the Jews, fine. The most important thing is that it is good for us. Catalan independence is good for White man.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … it is admitted that Jesuits are basically secretive Jews

          “Admitted”? An interesting word choice coming from the guy with the echt-Jewish screen name.

          • T. J.
            T. J. says:

            A Ger Tzedek is a righteous convert to Judaism. All that’s missing is a Jewish mother. . .Did you get one?

          • Ger Tzedek
            Ger Tzedek says:

            Yes, I did. Your knowledge of Judaism is really poor. Those who get a Jewish mother are not gerim tzedekim. They are Jews by birth. Gerim tzedekim are those that have the divine inspiration to join G*d’s own wife, the Jewish people, like Ruth.

        • Sophie Johnson
          Sophie Johnson says:

          Ger Tsedek, what goes on, though, in the light of this sort of thing: ‘… support for Israel is seen as more prevalent in Catalonia than in many other regions of Spain’ ?

          This, added to what Harry Covert has said, must make one wonder whether it is White Man for whom Catalan independence is good.

          And Spain recognised Palestine very enthusiastically: .

          So one cannot but wonder whether the Catalan quest for independence is not one-in-the-neck for Spain, courtesy Israel.

          • Ger Tzedek
            Ger Tzedek says:

            I don’t care about Palestine and Israel. They are cousins, and they know it. They’re butchering each other just fine, like Middle Eastern cousins do. I don’t have a problem whether somebody is with Israel or Palestine. I want Israel to prosper, just not on my dime. Where would you put the 6 million Jews now living in Israel?

            Overall the Catalan independence is very good for White man. You are caught up in silly childish reasonings.

        • Harry Covert
          Harry Covert says:

          Balkanization is not good for anyone and I would say especially not for white people who seem to have the unfortunate propensity to turn against each other at the drop of a hat, whenever propaganda to that effect is applied.

          • Sophie Johnson
            Sophie Johnson says:

            ‘Overall the Catalan independence is very good for White man. You are caught up in silly childish reasonings.’

            Ger Tzedek, you are being very Jewish here: assert and insult to pretend superiority when you know you have lost ground. Sad, this, You can do better,

  14. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Dr. Joyce is a masterful writer. I’m always left angered by his research. There is a Charlie Brown-like dynamic to our history which is extremely galling.

  15. Marieinbethpage
    Marieinbethpage says:

    One needs a strong stomach to read this article. Why is it that most Whites have no idea about Jewish and Moslem slave practices let alone the history of our White elites? It’s unbelievably infuriating.

  16. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    The satirical singer Alison Chabloz and myself, and no doubt many others, are currently on the receiving end of this particular Jewish strategy so ably outlined here. I wonder what modern liberals would make of Abogard’s persecution & demonization at the hands of the Jews for his opposition to their slave trade? The answer of course is nothing, because they will never be allowed to hear about him. So, a very big thank you to Andrew Joyce for re-discovering for us another hero of our race – Archbishop Agobard of Lyon!

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      ‘I wonder what modern liberals would make of Abogard’s persecution & demonization at the hands of the Jews …’

      There are at least two possibilities, Jez:

      1. The less perceptive of the liberals will nod ‘Yes, well, it’s no good crossing the Jews’.

      2. The smarter ones will look beyond the Archbishop to the last Carolingian Emperor who was so keen to privilege the Jews and so ready to swat the Archbishop. They will find out that no Jews came to help when he and his empire bit the dust.

      More recent monarchs, the last two Kaisers (one German, the other Austrian), both great givers of privileges to Jews, were turfed out, their erstwhile Jewish beneficiaries and financial benefactors giggling into their palms. (Theresa May should think on that one. And we have yet to see how Cameron and Blair end up.)

      And please note: You and Alison are just too good and too bright for the CAA drips. They will NOT succeed to defeat you.

  17. LadyLiberty
    LadyLiberty says:

    As a recent Red Piller, I still try to argue myself out to the Jewish question that it can’t possibly be true. Thus, I’ve selected a few of your brilliant sentences that give absolute proof that we are dealing with a most EVIL ENTITY:

    “Lacking a state, and insistent on remaining apart from their host nations…

    Shtadtlanut was in evidence — the obtaining of privileges and protections from a European elite, contrary to the interests of the masses of a given European population.

    Persisting in his conviction that the emperor couldn’t possibly side with the Jews over his OWN PEOPLE (my caps), Agobard continued to deliver sermons against Jews and to write to Louis explaining himself (as seen in the above extracts from one such letter).

    What he failed to consider was the possibility these figures were willing accomplices of the Jews, together comprising a hostile elite.”

    Much obliged. Thank you Dr. Joyce.

  18. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    “Perhaps the most important aspect of Agobard’s tale is that it exposes the origins of one of the most uncomfortable aspects of Jewish influence — its reliance on cooperation with our own elites. Only by engaging in a symbiotic relationship with our own corrupt rulers can Jews gain full access to power and an impunity when wielding it. As such, we should grow in the understanding that answering the Jewish Question will by necessity involve a reckoning with the issue of how we govern ourselves and by what qualifications we select our elites.” This is an understatement. Chewish actions-guided by Chewish thought-is a constant analogous to salt water, which has a corrosive and oxidative effect on a ship’s metal components. We do not expect that will ever change; nor will actions and goals of Chews.

    Therefore, an improved milieu-and almost certainly survival-for Whites means the variable is, like the ocean vessel, a different selection of metal and or coatings. We, as Indo-Europeans (the collective “White” is practically useless without precision) have not adapted, changed or responded consistency, uniformly, and necessarily to the corrosive effect of the Chews.

    Since they are a Satanic people, knowing no limits of behavior, completely AMORAL, any movement or series of actions to assuage, reduce, or eliminate them while they live amongst us will prove a failure, save one. That is, to remove them from our communities and nation by force. Realistically and practically, this would mean physical force, which means a civil war of attrition. This is near impossible, for relatively few know of the true nature of the Chew.

    The only solution is partition, just like Israel separated from Muslim Palestine. And very similarly like Yugoslavia split into natural and organic republics, as did Czech and Slovakia, as does Catalan, and as should areas that are artificially glued to an incongruous and unnatural nation state. There are many, with Southern Brazil increasingly restive, having nothing in commons with the African like Northeast.

    This is the way for us, Indo-Europeans-defined as those with root in a common origin language and genetic commonality-to rebuild. We must remove ourselves from the predators and disease that is not only mortally wounding us, but morbidly extinguishing our absolute numbers. There are many “Whites” that are not worthy to live amongst us, as terminal disease carriers similar to the typical half rotted zombie in so many movies.

    Using the forms of the past, e.g., Neo-Naziism, National Socialism, has too much unnecessary and unproductive baggage. It is rearward looking and weak minded, as those who base future actions not on cogent and concrete considerations, but the nostalgia of those “Golden Years” or glory, conquest, riches, etc, etc. Most such people are well diggers, i.e., cloistered researchers in academic-like positions, or keyboard warriors. A few might have been men of action, but without executive decision making experience.

    Partition the Jewnited States of Murkia, cut away the adipose and gangrenous tissue of dead cells and tissue and form a separate autocephalous republic. We are in the same category as Whites in South Africa, who can only be preserved by sequestration. This article was a theme I was proposing to write on here.
    It is based on simple, ineluctable, immutable demographics. The Indo-European Peoples (which already includes Asian DNA) and Asians will discover that it will be Africans versus Everybody Else. Their onslaught and pressure on all nations will be profound and unstoppable unless “culling the herd” actions are deployed and physical barriers are erected.

    It is under these considerations that we must consider that we have more IN COMMON with similar high IQ (normative 100) cultures with a history of high cultural and intellectual achievement, than differences, as constantly yammered and stammered by The Nordic Beauty Contest Audience and the Aryan Peoples Nomenklatura and Apparatchiks, which is completely meaningless, abstract, and based on turbid assessments of fractional prismatic viewpoints. We, as non-Negroids, must move beyond wishful thinking, nostalgic fogginess, and think strategically and project to the coming tsunami of unprecedented proportions and consequences. It’s the vision thing.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Poupon Marx,

      First, European males will have to stop being hipsters, hennetasters and thralls and second we will need “genetic separatism” from all those who concern us!

      That said, we must keep in mind that all European people are our brothers and sisters – their pain is our pain.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Michael Adkins: Agree to a point, however with reservations and conditions. I do not regard any cuck, shabbas Goy, volition slave to the Chews, or any other weak minded, irrational, stupid-stubborn human to be of “My People”, much less my “Family”. We don’t have time or resources for these pitiable zombies and frail personas.

        I implore you and other serious men and women not to fall into abstractions, nostalgia, and magical thinking. Think concretely, empirically, and with analogy, which is precisely what the Chinese and Asians do. They look at the Natural World to find parallels, metaphors, and replications that are profoundly similar in substance and content, differing only by superficial appearances.

        We are too easily exploited by amoral (((Other))), and like my analogy above of metal exposed to marine salt water, must change. WE must change. In order for that to be realized, we need more introspective, expository dialogues and writing on what we need to do.

        Professor McDonald has given us the scholarly and profound template on the weakness and vulnerabilities of Indo-Europeans. We now must move to ACTION-correction, edification, restructuring, and renouncing. This will involve forcibly inserting ourselves in the public forums and mediums as legitimate stake holders and advocates.

    • stealth
      stealth says:

      ive been thinking along these lines recently.perhaps by likening the jew d’état to a cancer could give some clues.people are realising the medical system is not working in our interests and the conventional treatments of cutting,burning and poisoning are pretty crude at best and more likely a continuation of the eugenics which got scapegoated on to the nazis.
      removing the tumour has some effectiveness but expulsions can leave behind cryptojews.
      chemotherapy is perhaps like authoritarianism and border walls that hurt the host as much invader.
      maybe radiation is like skinhead marches that just boulster the victimhood
      what we need is strengthened immunity.for individuals to know what is right and how they are scammed and not to stand for it.this may be quite tricky.i’m not having huge success convincing people there is no need for interest.(mortgage holders provide the backing for the currency,why are they paying more when they are doing society a favour?and there is no ‘time preference’ which the austrian school economists talk about as the house is already built,no-risk for the bank as the house is collateral).we are taught to hate muslims but maybe their stance against usury is what we need, try telling a muslim his book is wrong about gold and silver though(who is going to lend gold interest free?).was this the real danger in germany?thinkers like rittershausen in 33 i think promoting the idea of ‘turnover credits’ for money which had to be diverted by hitlers greenback government is fashionable now to complain about banks creating money from thin air but a usury free system would need this kind of credit expansion. this is going off topic though.
      perhaps in this analogy the controlled media is like leukemia in the blood.taxes are like sugar that only go to feed the disease.gerson therapy/paleo diet in this metaphor might be the peer to peer economy,feeding the good cells and doing nothing for the corrupted ones

  19. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    I have been professor of mathematics and chemistry in USA since 2007. Completely unimpressed by Jewish students. Complete average. The most recent ones were seventh and twentieth in a class of 24 students. But they are good at licking ass and intriguing. Was utterly surprised to see a Jewish girl take the organic chemistry class thrice. I got an A with the first try, at 42 years old. On and on and on. Given the great number of genetic diseases, I expect Jews to be more stupid, not more intelligent. It is known that IQ and health are very strongly correlated. Jews are as intelligent as they are beautiful, tall, honest, healthy. Intelligence can be faked, and Jews do so generously.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Ahhhh! Thank you, Ger Tsedek! Yours is the sort of testimony that shatters the silliest of the philo-semitic tropes.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      A theory I read somewhere here, maybe by Dr. MacDonald?:

      Jews have adapted, developing higher IQ but have not completed the transition to that higher IQ. (Problems still exist with the adaptations.) They lived in a difficult environment, partly due to a high reproductive rate, and so were driven to advance. Those with the higher IQs, above all other traits, were selected.

      IQ is certainly related to health, especially as one ages. But those who focus on intellectual endeavours sometimes do so because they can do nothing else. Specialisation is a thing. A group-think mistake of this website is the tendency to assume excellence in one area suggests excellence in all areas. It does not. This is why engineers are often assumed to be more intelligent than their high-earning CEO bosses. The engineer might be very good at solving difficult problems, but some limiter prevents him from becoming a good CEO.

      So, contrary to your assumption, the smartest guy in a room might be the overweight toad, assuming the circulation in his brain is still good. Sam Francis, for whatever reason, was one of the greatest white minds, though he was overweight. Others might have greater potential, but that potential remains unrealised. (I am not overweight, btw.)

      Another factor is Jews had previously benefited from “immigrant vigor”, and their culture drives them. White protestants tend to just let their children raise themselves… Or we trust in the system, trust that schools and the media will raise our children. So, whites might start with high potential, but that potential is unrealised.

      I share your skepticism of currently accepted beliefs about Jewish IQ. But I’m skeptical about many of the accepted beliefs popular at this website.

      Unz (Jewish) has written on how Jewish immigrant vigour appears to be declining. He seems to believe a difficult environment is important for excellence.

  20. Harvey
    Harvey says:

    Pleasant reading!
    This Occidental Observer subscription is definitely making me smarter. Agobard is an excellent first contact historical observer with our cuckold-semite nexus.

    On ethnic leadership feedback, maybe our leaders could be provided locking anklets, somewhat like parolees, a device which is in constant contact with social and economic indexes of their ethnic demos. Similar in standard to the world radio broadcast time index. When these constantly monitored indicators exceed established tolerances, loud beeping and other possible automated consequences could execute according to code.

  21. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    You have forgotten another very important mathematical aspect. By definition, the smaller groups have a smaller standard deviation. This means that the tails of IQ distribution of Jews are by definition comparably thinner. I already made the point above that they are in absolute terms thinner at every bracket because of our numbers. Basically Jews are cut with the same cookie cutter.

  22. Rehmat
    Rehmat says:

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, and AIPAC has nothing to do with Judaism. Both groups only represent those who support the Zionist entity and believe in the new Jewish religion (Holocaust) – they could be Zionist Jews, Christian Zionists or Muslim Zionists such as London Mayor Sadiq Khan or Turkish president Erdogan.

    On June 10, 2005 – former ADL chief, Abraham Foxman, presented Erdogan with ADL’s “Courage to Care Award” for Turkish Ambassadors’ saving 100,000 Jews from the Nazi regime.

    The first person Sadiq Khan after election as Mayor of London was the Chief Rabbi of Britain. He also took his oath in London’s main Cathedral and not a mosque.

    In January 2016, speaking at the ‘Labour Friends of Israel’ meeting Sadiq Khan told his Zionist audience that most of Muslims he knows, were conspiracy theorists, because after over 14 years they still believe Israel and American Jews committed 9/11.

  23. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    (Mod. Note: Thanks Pierre. Your suggestions have been shipped upstairs for “the boss” to deal with.)

  24. Tim T.
    Tim T. says:

    I had been pondering this for a long time – how did the Jew successfully take over western European countries. I had theorized a while back that the non-Jewish elite SOLD OUT to the Jews on the altar of greed. This article in black and white explains it in a nutshell. It’s always the same, it’s about the $$ and nothing else. They sell out. When you don’t sell out you become the antisemite that they love to hate. Text book case – look at how the WASP’s in the US completely sold out to them going back to the Wilson administration, than continued under FDR till where we are now.

  25. Indo-Aryan
    Indo-Aryan says:

    I do believe that this is an important area to explore.
    At a general level, it cannot be emphasised enough that Jews would have virtually no power or influence in the world if it were not for Protestant Europe. From the Dutch to the English to the Americans, European Imperialism and global capitalism have been Jewish institutions using European muscle and European elite collaborators. No other people in the world would give the Jews so much power.
    My working hypothesis has to do with the extreme materialism and individualism of European Protestant elites and middle classes (today manifested in the lack of will to even reproduce themselves because of their greed: “children cost too much”, no other people think like this), combined with their version of Christianity which reveres the Jews as God’s first chosen people, and Jesus as a Jew.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Yes, also the Church had previously encouraged wider intermarriage, so I suspect it is partly the cause of the European individualism we see today.

      And when the Normans conquered England, they saw the English as somewhat foreign, which helped encourage the lack of ties we see today.

    • Rehmat
      Rehmat says:

      Martin Luther was as much a Christian as is Donald Trump. Luther was surrounded by Crypto Jew – and so does Trump.

      Luther founded the Evangelical church to destroy anti-Jew Catholicism. But with the passage of time – R.C. also got controlled by Masonic Jews.

      “We have already fulfilled part of our work, but we cannot yet claim that the whole of our work is done. We have still a long way to go before we can overthrow our main opponent; the Catholic Church….”, B’nai B’rith convention in Paris in February 1936.

      Now, as the organized Jewry shows its hatred toward Adolf Hitler to hide its collaboration with Nazis – it also claims that Martin Luther was an antisemite.

      Recently Marilyn Cooper wrote at Jewish Moment magazine: “During the first decade or so of his career, Martin Luther personally identified with the plight of Jews in Europe and declared that both he and the Jews had suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church. Luther broke with the then-prevalent view that the Jews had killed Christ and in his 1523 essay That Jesus Was Born a Jew condemned the harsh treatment of the Jews. “If I had been a Jew and had seen such dolts and blockheads govern and teach the Christian faith, I would sooner have become a hog than a Christian,” he wrote. “They have dealt with the Jews as if they were dogs rather than human beings; they have done little else than deride them and seize their property.” Luther’s motivations were not entirely altruistic, he hoped to persuade German Jews to join his anti-Catholic crusade and convert to Christianity.”

  26. Hbm
    Hbm says:

    That the Jewish diaspora begins with the cataclysmic destruction of the Temple in 70 is arguably another piece of Jewish ethnomythological propaganda. Jews had a history with the Greeks for a few hundred years in North Africa; and it’s the same old story of irritating and exploiting their host, encouraging the hosts external enemies, and bringing in immigrants to upset the ethnic balance, with a culmination in major civil disturbance followed by the host’s displacement by the external enemy. Not at all surprisingly, the Jews themselves, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, see in Alexandria “the birthplace of anti-Semitism”. The fact is that Jews were all over the Mediterranean world doing what they do long before 70, and had been expelled from Rome itself multiple times prior. It wasn’t evil goyim that forced them out among the Nations, but that does make a kosher woe-is-me tale.

    Also, this: “anti-Semitism as an irrational and inexplicable form of psychosocial illness are extremely recent”. I would direct anyone to a book called the Old Testament, where enemies of the Jews are all cartoon madmen. Pharoah and Herod and Nebuchadnezzar and Haman and Caesar are the blueprint, the script Jews follow when smearing goyim who upset their machinations and self-concept. I guess nowadays it’s not just reserved for those in power– if it ever was.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Impressive, Hbm! Thank you. Please suggest a reading list, especially for this point: ‘The fact is that Jews were all over the Mediterranean world doing what they do long before 70, and had been expelled from Rome itself multiple times prior.’

  27. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    I tried posting earlier, but my comment maybe didn’t go through.

    I very much look forward to your essay!

    However, I respectfully disagree that Europeans are more individualistic at a genetic level. Whites might be more religious or moralistic, however.

  28. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    I would like to thank Dr. Joyce for bringing this information to light, which casts new light on the Jew’s predation upon mankind.

    This article has brought about so many thoughts, I hardly know where to begin. Let’s begin with the term “anti-Semitism”. This false term created by Jews to deflect direct reference to their presence, is the effort to expunge the word “Jew” from our lexicon. For that reason, it should be rejected by all non-Jews. “Ashkenazi Khazars make up over 95% of Israel’s population and have NO SEMITE GENES!”

    When one is accused of being “anti-Semitic” they need to be immediately confronted with the truth. One should say, “I’m not “anti-Semitic”, I’m anti-Jewish! Jews are the anti-Semites. Jews are the ones murdering Semitic Arabs and Palestinians. Jews are the “anti-Semites” refusing Semitic Muslim refugees into their country. I’m not “anti-Semitic” because I fully support the true Semite’s opposition to global Jewry!”

    As for the “genius” of the Jew, as a group, the only region of “genius” at which they truly excel is verbal skills, where they demonstrate a full IQ mean deviation point above the white race. The rest is largely self-appointed aggrandizement for work stolen from other people.

    In short, Jews are best at running their mouths and lousy at actual productive labor. Nadzees knew this, that is why the sign over the gate stated, “Arbeit Macht Frei”. In their typical pragmatic form, the Germans were telling Jews, learn a trade, go to work and you can walk free from here. Fat lot of good that did.

    The Jew’s verbal acumen is due in part to a long history of memorizing and reciting Talmudic law. This explains their predominance in professions like media, law and politics, where running one’s mouth provides a substantial paycheck without any actual, sweat producing labor. Such individuals are called “luftmench” or “air-men” and are among the most respected class of Jews.

    Regarding the “Second Jewish Commonwealth”, the second Temple period is critical to understanding both Judaism and Christianity. The “second” (there is no evidence for Solomon’s “first” Temple) Temple was the first major collective economic model for Jews. The “second” Temple was the progenitor of the present day Federal Reserve and World Bank.

    Jesus’ attack on the Temple’s sacrificial system is what put him in the same category as Adolf Hitler who also attacked the Jew’s centralized banking system.

    My favorite Jew myth de jour is the idea the destruction of the temple was the unintended result of a Roman soldier setting the stone Temple afire. As legend goes, the gold accents of the Temple edifice melted and ran down between the cracks in the stones and a field day ensued whereby they took the Temple apart stone by stone to retrieve the gold – no doubt some Roman critic wrote that “a good time was had by all.”

    In any event, I suppose no one bothered to check the description that these stones weighed on average up to ten tons and some, weighing up to 200 tons, allegedly could not be moved by modern machinery. This rates right up there with the Jew’s sacred Hallowedhoax and Masada myths. Obviously, Jews never actually excelled at either physics or common sense. So much for Einstein the plagiarist.

    Agobard’s words read as both tragically naive and ominously prophetic. Beginning with his incomprehension that Louis would issue the Jews a formal charter . . .

    What is truly amazing is how this theme of, “I refuse to believe our leaders could actually be in league with Jews” commonly runs throughout goyim history right up to the present day. At this stage of the game, it is unimaginable people still argue whether or not Trump is a Jewish sycophant.

    I suppose hope springs eternal, which is no doubt why Jews are never short of filling us full of the stuff. Pay no attention to the reality behind the curtain!

    Put simply, the concentration of power in individuals meant that Jewish interests could also be negotiated by individuals.

    This is the way of the Jew, all wealth and power in the hands of an elect few. This was the way it was during the second Temple period and this is the way it is now with America and all of Western civilization.

    • Pierre
      Pierre says:

      The Khazar theory has been debunked by Kevin Macdonald for one. It acts as a straw man to shift responsibility from the Jews to a fictitious entity, that was created specifically for that purpose. I won’t give you any links but if you are interested in this subject you can search on this site, on Youtube or on David Dukes’ site for articles by K. Macdonald on the Khazar theory.
      (Mod. Note: Please change your screen name, by adding a “last name” or otherwise, because your screen name is easily confused by readers with another long-time commenter at TOO. Otherwise, future posts by you will not be approved.)

  29. Harry Covert
    Harry Covert says:

    One would have thought that the creation of money would have been the fundamental duty and prerogative of a king or prince, that he would let the jew take over this function has always seemed strange.

    • Up from the rabbit hole
      Up from the rabbit hole says:

      Well I’ve read that the Jews befriended young princes, corrupted them, lent them money….. forgave the debt and ingratiated themselves with Dad. Became Daddy’s consigliere. A standard MO. I watched The Founder recently, the story of Ray Kroc and McDonalds. It was when Ray met a Jewish business man at a bank that he became very aggressive and screwed the McDonald brothers.

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      Dealing with money was ungentlemanly. This attitude survived into the 19th century. For royalty, the court jew kept the royal coffers full. In medieval times, there was not much that the jew could do to trounce his noble patron. All that changed with the coming of the Rothschilds and the central banks. The European nobility was caught napping, waking only when financial ruin had set in.

  30. Rick
    Rick says:

    Chosenite “Super Intelligence” is a lie promoted mainly by kosher outfits like the American Enterprise Institute plus stupid clowns like Ron Howard??? who recently made the series “Genius” for National Geographic. They are just crooked.

    Israel is a failed country as Chosenites can only flourish off goyim.

    Germans, my people, are at the apex of human intelligence and achievements.

  31. voltaire1964
    voltaire1964 says:

    Sacred history (or history ‘sacralized’) has been always read with submissive reverence, and an imagination overawed and controlled.
    And when history is sacralized it is no longer doubted, opinion becomes heretical, and examining the evidence is akin to treason. See the Holocaust, suddenly born in 1972. Even the plain absurdity of the dates is irrelevant.

  32. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Then came the parliaments and the politicians, they too ever more distant from the needs of the masses and the direction of their interests. Accountability in all instances was reduced to nothing.”

    And yet the politicians are accountable in the sense that the people COULD stop voting for those who are openly acting against our interests (whilst they are still the majority that is).

    The French voters COULD have voted for Le Penn, but CHOSE not to. They CHOSE to vote for more muslim invasion in a free and fair vote in which the people were FULLY INFORMED of the consequences, as despite the bias of the MSM they were all aware of the changes happening eg to Paris. So despite the MSM narrative they were not voting out of ignorance or deception. That excuse might have applied a few decades ago, but now they are surrounded by the consequences we can no longer just say ‘they are being deceived and they have no idea what they vote for’. That excuse applied while we were some way from the cliff edge, but now France has left the edge and started the fall and STILL they vote for more. Inexplicable really. The only explanation must be that some aspect of the way humans behave means that they are slaves in their minds to follow the current culture even when it is OBVIOUSLY against their own interests.

    All our problems are caused by the people voting for the enemy within. As soon as they stop doing this, all the nonsense can be stopped and reversed. But we have to wait for a change of factors before this happens, so the people can follow a new culture and vote accordingly. For now the people are still rich and pampered and safe, so there is no change of factors at present. I thought the mass arrival of immigrants would be a new factor to change their voting habits, but I was mistaken.

  33. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    There is a way to look at the Jews intelligence and horrid behavior that logically sums out. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all but a much higher percentage than other populations. The ones that are most intelligent are the psychopaths. Think of the powerful emotions you have had when you see a child hurt or you empathize with others. How much brain power does that take? And it is mostly in the higher regions of the brain. What if you were a psychopath and didn’t have that? If all you had was extra brain power. Would it get you 10 IQ points? I don’t know the answer but it doesn’t seem unreasonable.

    The Jews ability to convince people to do things not in their interest, gas light people and control events is very much a defining characteristic of psychopaths. So is their almost complete absence of fear. Like special forces teams they are able to pull off great deeds because they dare to. If every time the Jews exploited our people some Whites started taking shots at them and poisoning them, as I believe they do to us, then it wouldn’t be long before they would move on or stop.

    And here’s another very far out idea that while it may be completely wrong seems to fit the facts. What if the Jews are the remnants of the Neanderthals? The stereotypical Jew looking person looks exactly like a Neanderthal. The head, even the long trunk and shorter legs. I think that a tribe having a vast number of psychopaths would have large societal effects. The Neanderthals were in Europe for hundreds of thousands of years and did…nothing. Of course if all the group are psychopaths they could never get together to do anything positive. They would be bashing each other. The Jews seem to do great when they are attached to other civilizations but when they are on their own they don’t do so well at all. Just something to think about.

  34. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Pierre, I have been thinking about your posts of the 3rd and 5th of Nov. Experience confirms your opinion that the cycle (Jewish domination subverted by the nation that turns on them) is now broken, and that is due to the success of the holocaust narrative.

    Yet I keep remembering a remark of Kissinger: ‘You make me rather fear the future of my son, a Jew in America’. The agent of his fear was the attitude of Israeli hawks to peace talks. (There is a reference to this remark on p. 360 in Alistair Horne’s *Kissinger 1973: the Crucial Year*.)

    The contemporary critical-of-Jews voice that is commonplace is condemnation of Israel for its hideous treatment of the Palestinians, its sporadic smashing of Lebanon, and its ceaseless efforts to force the USA and its allies to make war on its perceived enemies. (No wonder the Jews want criticism of Israel to be classified as antisemitism!)

    Now, might Israel’s behaviour and blatant Zionist Jewish support of it, and the behaviours that emanate from that and impact on nations, reassert the old cycle?

    I can see that working against that possibility is the oft-repeated all-but-truism ‘not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews’. But is that capable of working hard enough? After all, the whole world is emotionally engaged by the arrogance of Israeli cruelty in the Middle East. It’s not as if it were the case as of old, with one nation becoming fed up with the Jews and turfing them out.

    There is also the global money power, which is undoubtedly Jewish. That, too, engages the whole world, and particularly resentful of it is the part of the world that suffers most from it, i.e., White Man, whose European culture is being swamped by Third World invasion. And certainly, US White Man seems to be the most resentful of this.

    So: While one must concede that the ‘one nation rebels against Jews and throws them out’ cycle is broken, can one hope that globalism, seen to be Jewish promoted, will bite the hand that feeds it? (Now The Protocols are ringing in my ears, and I think I shall scream. But Perhaps Kissinger was onto something.)

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