A Forgotten Revolutionary: John Jacobs, Founder of Weatherman

John Jacobs. From Columbia College Today, “Six Weeks That Shook Morningside: A Special Report.” Spring 1968, p. 31


John Jacobs was the founding father of Weatherman, the late 1960s ultra-radical spinoff from Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). While Weatherman has enjoyed remarkably positive coverage in recent years, Jacobs has been virtually forgotten. One reason for that is that his rivals in the organization have been able to shape present-day perceptions of Weatherman; another is that he vanished after his expulsion from the group, relatively early in Weather’s history, never to reappear. His life is an interesting case study in Jewish revolutionary activism. (For a complementary view of Weatherman, see my previous article on Ted Gold.)

John Jacobs represents a vicious but relatively minor Jewish assault against Whites. This attack erupted out of the larger American Jewish body, at a time when the Jewish group as a whole was oriented in the same direction as Weatherman, but working with nonviolent means. The Jews in America had worked long and patiently to increase their power and to delegitimize American society in moral terms, but were not working to launch a direct attack.

Then a small group of youthful Jews formed Weatherman. At their head was John Jacobs, who led them in a frenzied attack on Whites. Although this first, premature, terroristic offensive came to a dead end, Weatherman foreshadowed a potentially far greater Jewish assault on White America.

Early Life

John Jacobs, often called “JJ,” was born in September 1947, one of two sons born to wealthy leftist Jews. His father, a former journalist, sent him to prep school in Vermont. There, Jacobs read deeply on the Russian Revolution, Marx, and Lenin in his spare time. He also became captivated by the revolutionary of the hour, Che Guevara. Jacobs’ interest in this area reveals a strong alienation from mainstream American culture — an entirely mainstream orientation among American Jews. The sources on Jacobs are sparse, but it is virtually certain he gained this cast of mind from his parents and perhaps other relatives, not from feelings of any real inequity in American society, especially since he came from an affluent background. Unlike many other 1960s radicals, he was a revolutionary from the beginning, not a reformer. In the fall of 1965 he entered Columbia University.[1]

Character of John Gregory Jacobs

Many who knew Jacobs describe him as brilliant. Mark Rudd, a fellow radical and prime source on Jacobs, said he “had brains, vision, and the ability to talk. When he was on, he was brilliant. Nobody else even came close.”[2] Rudd must be referring to tactical discussions, for Jacobs’ ideology sounds like simple Marxist boilerplate, if the following portrait is any indication:

[He was] an animated madman. He talked in breathless whole paragraphs about Lenin and Mao and Marx in [a] nasal “dese” and “dose” accent. . . . In high-volume monologues that often shifted to yelling, JJ would hold forth while guzzling a beer and smoking a skinny joint. “In order to abolish colonialism and imperialism, we need to abolish capitalism, the root cause of war, domination, class and race exploitation. When that happens, we can substitute a humane, rational economic system, socialism. The majority of the people of the world will benefit, war will be eradicated, and history can then begin, as Marx himself said somewhere. An end to exploitation! Human beings will be liberated. . . . for the first time in human history. What a wonderful era we’re in!”[3]

Jacobs affected a distinct style:

Tall and rangy, with hooded good looks and an intentionally menacing manner, Jacobs showed up for meetings . . . sporting a leather jacket and Levi’s, his shirt collar open to show a lion’s tooth on a gold chain, and his hair slicked back. . . . His style was street-corner stud . . . .[4]

Weatherwoman Susan Stern wrote that he was “pugnacious, arrogant, sneering.” Yet she also thought he was more sincere and “human” than the other Weatherman leaders.[5] Another writer claims Jacobs was “revered for his uninhibited frenzy in sexual encounters as well as in street fights with police,” that he “pushed through police lines at antiwar protests like an authentic street tough.”[6] A recent historian says some people “thought him a prophet, some a poseur, but either way he was surely the purest voice of the apocalyptic revolutionary.”[7] Jacobs would thus appear to be a good example of psychological intensity as a background trait for Jewish activism (see here, p. 24ff).

Columbia University

At Columbia, Jacobs circulated in the SDS crowd, but preserved his political independence. That fall Mark Rudd also entered Columbia; he was not a Red-Diaper Baby, so Jacobs introduced him to Marxist theory and the history of Jewish political activism.[8] Jacobs and Rudd would go on to lead the radical student takeover of Columbia in the spring of 1968.

Jews absolutely dominated Columbia SDS. Early leaders included John Fuerst, Michael Neumann, Harvey Bloom, Michael Klare, Howard Machtinger, and David Gilbert — all Jews. Mark Rudd remembers that these young men “passionately” discussed world events and they “all agreed on one solution, Marxist revolution.” Jacobs fit right in with this viewpoint, but unlike some of the others, he added a fiery commitment to revolutionary violence.[9]

In the course of 1967–68, the Columbia SDS chapter became more forceful, staging various protests over University ties with the CIA and the armed forces. However, the main thrust of the chapter leadership was organizing and educating to bolster membership. Pushing for direct confrontation with the authorities, Jacobs and Rudd formed a group called the “Action Faction.” They believed that provocative action would win converts far more quickly than simple organizing. Soon they seized upon two pretexts for an uprising.[10] Jewish SDS members (Bob Feldman among others) had discovered that Columbia was secretly doing research for the Pentagon (as part of the Institute for Defense Analyses or IDA). Columbia was also building a new gymnasium near Harlem, which gave the Action Faction an excuse to cry “racism.” Their immediate aim was to polarize the student body and radicalize as many as possible. Rudd later gloated, “We wanted to build the movement, and we succeeded.”[11]

In mid-March 1968, Rudd won election as chairman of Columbia SDS. The Action Faction was in. They were emboldened by portentous developments that suggested a nationwide or even worldwide crisis: massive inner-city riots, the rise of the Black Panthers, antiwar demonstrations that began to feature physical confrontations with the authorities, the first radical bombings, and the supposed defeat of the U.S. Army by the Vietnamese in the Tet Offensive.  Many believed revolution was plausible, even imminent. Jacobs in particular insisted that events were combining to make the U.S. political system vulnerable.

On March 27 Rudd and Jacobs led a noisy demonstration into Low Library to protest IDA, and Columbia subsequently placed six of the ringleaders, including Rudd and Jacobs, on probation (the others were Ed Hyman, Morris Grossner, Nick Freudenberg, and Ted Gold). In response, Rudd and SDS called a new demonstration for April 23, which led to the invasion and occupation of several university buildings. There followed a weeklong standoff with university officials, with a substantial number of (often Jewish) faculty sympathizing with the rebellious students. Mark Rudd instantly became a media celebrity, but “insiders knew it was . . . John Jacobs who was the crucial figure behind events.”[12] Jacobs constantly pushed for greater radicalism, and spearheaded the invasion of two of the buildings, including the first overtly violent act—smashing a big plate-glass window to allow access to Low Library and the office of President Grayson Kirk (where a certain David Shapiro was photographed sitting behind the desk, smoking one of Kirk’s cigars, a nice piece of Jewish triumphalism).

Jacobs spent the next week in “liberated” Mathematics Hall, which the student occupiers christened the “Math Commune,” and which others called the “Hall of Crazies.” Radicals flocked in to revel in this new “community,” including Abbie Hoffmann of the Yippies, Tom Hayden, and the Motherfuckers from the Lower East Side. A red flag appeared on the roof, and barricades at the entrances. One witness stated that Jacobs “has completely flipped out and wants to blow up America.”[13] This is a pretty good approximation of what a political innocent would think of Jacobs’ ideas.

It took a week for the university administration to decide to call in the police, who cleared the buildings efficiently, and not much more bloodily than clever SDS provocations demanded.[14] They arrested over 700 students and outsiders. The police bust—earnestly desired by the revolutionaries as a means of polarizing the campus—earned a great deal of sympathy and support for SDS. The campus was indeed polarized. Jacobs in good Marxist fashion called it “maximizing the contradictions.”[15]

Three weeks later the radicals seized Hamilton Hall again, in response to, well, who cares? The administration quickly called the police this time, but not before Jacobs told Rudd, “I want to set a fire upstairs. These motherfuckers have got to fall.” Rudd agreed.[16] Jacobs targeted the office of a professor who had criticized the radicals, and burned his research of ten years on seventeenth-century France. The radicals denied setting the fire, which shows that it was not a “revolutionary” action, but simply an atrocious and petty act. Only decades later did Rudd reveal the fact that Jacobs was responsible.

The Columbia organizing would lead to the formation of Weatherman. Jacobs and Rudd “emerged as stars in the SDS firmament.”[17] Jacobs linked up with a rising force in the radical movement, Bernardine Dohrn. The Action Faction felt confirmed in their belief that violent action could spark polarization and engender mass support. In Ann Arbor a similar group, led by Bill Ayers, Terry Robbins and Jim Mellen, took over the University of Michigan SDS chapter. The two groups would later make up the majority of the Weatherman leadership.

Bernardine Dohrn and Jacobs

Bernardine Dohrn, the new ally and lover of Jacobs, was a twenty-six-year-old, half-Jewish radical with a law degree. She was “brilliant, cool, focused, militant, and highly sexual.”[18] She had thrown herself into the antiwar movement and hit New York in the fall of 1967 in a miniskirt and high leather boots. In June 1968 she won election as one of three SDS national officers; during the election a suspicious member asked her, “Do you consider yourself a socialist?” She “eyed him evenly for a moment and then answered: “I consider myself a revolutionary communist.” She won in a landslide.”[19] Well, well, well: two Jewish communists suddenly spring up like dragon’s teeth out of the foam of the New Left. Together she and Jacobs began planning to take over SDS and lead a revolution.

Jacobs, Dohrn, and a few friends began to formulate ideas. They based themselves in the Chicago apartment of Jacobs and Dohrn, near the National Office of SDS. They hosted movement heavies, consumed acid and speed in raucous parties, and listened to Jacobs spout his revolutionary theories, which met with general acceptance. Dorhn’s family had not been political and she now got a “crash course” in anti-imperialist ideology from Jacobs.[20]

Weatherman Ideology

By the spring of 1969, Jacobs was hard at work on a manifesto, which was eventually entitled “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows” (by Terry Robbins, from a Bob Dylan song: Jews all around).  He was only twenty-one years old, and his ideology was half-baked at best. He drafted it with input from an informal committee, but it seems he did virtually all the writing. The committee, which represented the nascent leadership of Weatherman, consisted of five Jews (Jacobs, Dohrn, Rudd, Machtinger, Terry Robbins) and six non-Jews (Jim Mellen, Gerry Long, Bill Ayers, Karen Ashley, Jeff Jones, and Steve Tappis).[21] Ideologically, Mellen and Long were easily the most important gentiles. Yet, they and two more of the non-Jews soon opted out of Weatherman, leaving only Jones and Ayers. The Jews all remained true believers.

The manifesto was meant to distinguish them from the opposing faction in SDS, Progressive Labor (PL), a hardline Marxist party, a breakaway from the U.S. Communist Party (led by Milt Rosen), that strove to shape SDS policy. Perhaps the main point of difference between them was that PL did not support the struggle of the Black Panthers because they considered them “nationalist” and thus outside the all-important Marxist framework of class. The Weathermen would have to defeat PL if they were to control SDS.

Jacobs’ paper was a call for violent revolution: the “goal is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.”[22] Imperialism and racism—the most important pillars of “white power” in the minds of these Jews—were the two biggest bogeymen slated for destruction.

Jacobs’ main ideas are as follows:

  1. The main struggle in the world was that between America and Third World independence struggles (there was no reckoning with the Soviet bloc or the imperatives of the Cold War).
  2. The American imperialist system with its natural expansionist dynamic would become over-extended and ripe for a fall (Marxist dogma).
  3. The Black struggle was the most important revolutionary struggle inside America, and the Whites’ primary duty was to support the Blacks (the Weather leaders admired the Black Panthers passionately, a feeling which was not reciprocated).
  4. The adult White working class was happy with the benefits derived from imperialism, and was not suitable revolutionary material. They were racists enjoying their White privilege — an early harbinger of the rejection of the White working class by the mainstream left that is such a prominent feature of American politics today.
  5. Weatherman thus had to mobilize the working-class youth and the hippies (of which Weatherman had little understanding or sympathy).
  6. Armed struggle was necessary; incidents of “exemplary violence” would win converts and forge a revolutionary army. Reform efforts were rejected as simply tending to expand what they implicitly conceptualized as White privilege.[23]

Had this program succeeded, needless to say, the lives of Whites in America would have become nasty, brutish, and short. A small clique of fanatical anti-White Jews and philo-Semites would have had the fate of millions of Whites in their hands. Quite clearly, this program of anti-White hatred has made considerable progress in the 50 years since the origins of Weatherman; indeed, it is entirely mainstream on the left in contemporary America.

Jacobs’ paper, and Weatherman’s subsequent course of action, actually had the effect of cutting Weatherman off from the larger antiwar movement, including SDS. Few were prepared to follow them in making actual war on the U.S. government. However, the wider radical movement did not disagree with their ultimate aims, but only their tactic — an important point.

The Birth of Weatherman

The showdown with PL occurred at the June 1969 SDS National Convention in Chicago. After raucous debates, Bernardine Dohrn made a long speech reading PL out of the organization: “SDS can no longer live with people who are objectively racist, anticommunist, and reactionary. Progressive Labor Party members . . . and all others who do not accept our principles … are no longer members of SDS.”[24] The Weathermen marched out, fists raised, yelling “Power to the People.”

John Jacobs, who liked to operate behind the scenes, had no recorded role in these events; neither did he become one of the elected officers of the “new” SDS. However, he and Dohrn dominated the informal (and real) leadership group that began calling itself the “Weather Bureau.” His agenda was still their guiding template. First item of business: preparation of a “National Action” for Chicago that fall. This was intended as a full-scale attack on the city and its police force: the inaugural battle of the Weatherman “revolutionary army.”

They had no real plan at all, however, other than “tear the fucker down, smash the State!” (I often need to remind myself that these were just kids in their early twenties). The first evening they shivered in Lincoln Park, depressed that only five or six hundred people showed up. They nevertheless ran out of the park smashing windows and attacking police — not unlike the actions of contemporary antifa. The riot lasted less than an hour, terminating with efficient police work and seventy arrests. The leaders were quickly bailed out, but the Weathermen were traumatized at their obvious, humiliating failure. They cancelled much of their remaining schedule. (One day it rained, allowing the Chicago Sun Times to report, “The revolution was cancelled on account of rain.”) Jacobs did not participate the first night, holding himself in reserve for later events.

The Weathermen held another march a few days later. This time Jacobs rallied the troops. He could not help tying their action to the fight against Germany in World War II — a frequent theme with the Weathermen; Rudd would later say, “World War II and the holocaust were our fixed reference points”[25] — a good indication of their strong Jewish identification. “There is a war in Vietnam and we are a Vietnam within America . . . We are going to change this country. . . . The battle of Vietnam is one battle in the world revolution. It is the Stalingrad of American imperialism. We are part of that Stalingrad.”[26]

The resulting riot was even more violent than the first, but ended in like manner. Jacobs was in the front line, fought with the police, and was arrested.

Jacobs at the National Action (center) (http://jewishcurrents.org/october-8-days-of-rage/)

Weatherman spun the defeat as a victory. They boasted they had set a precedent of revolutionary violence in America, and established themselves as a serious force in the minds of the authorities. Both true, but only at some cost. Yet they did shift their strategy. Jacobs “urged the other Weatherman members . . . to take the movement underground. His argument won the day.”[27] Under Jacobs’ guidance they switched from open provocations to clandestine terror.

Soon after, four people took charge of Weatherman: Dohrn, Jacobs, Terry Robbins, and Jeff Jones. Genetically, two and a half Jews out of four; over sixty percent Jewish leadership of the only Communist group in America committed to revolutionary violence.[28] And this we are not supposed to notice. (Incidentally, Dohrn was in the process of moving on from Jacobs to Jeff Jones.)

Flint War Council

Weatherman’s new guerrilla strategy was meant “to force the disintegration of American society via a bombing campaign to create chaos.”[29] To prepare, they would hold a final national meeting in Flint, Michigan. There, general craziness combined with serious political discussions. One writer aptly called it the “pep rally from hell.”[30] A string of Weather leaders made inflammatory speeches between group discussions.

First Dohrn boasted of her and Jacobs’ revolutionary style, saying, “We were in an airplane, and we went up and down the aisle ‘borrowing’ food from people’s plates. They didn’t know we were Weathermen: they just knew we were crazy. That’s what we’re about, being crazy motherfuckers and scaring the shit out of honky America.”

Jacobs followed her speech with his latest contribution to revolutionary theory: “We’re against everything that’s ‘good and decent’ in honky America. We will loot and burn and destroy. We are the incubation of your mother’s nightmares!”[31] White, non-Jewish mothers, that is.

The anti-White hatred reflected in the remarks of Dohrn and Jacobs was a central theme of the council. The Weathermen debated whether killing White babies was a salutary revolutionary act, which one Weatherman affirmed in a rant before the assembly, “All white babies are pigs.” Mark Rudd said Weather doctrine was that “all white people are the enemy.”[32] A witness writing for the radical paper San Francisco Good Times commented: “The Weatherman position boiled down to inevitable race war in America, with very few ‘honkies’ . . . surviving the holocaust.”[33] Susan Stern described these bloody orations as “some of the most beautiful and moving speeches I have ever heard,” and that Jacobs’ speech (which met with much applause) “said exactly what I felt about white America.”[34]

Jacobs Expelled from Weatherman

After the Flint council, Weatherman went “underground” to wage guerrilla warfare. They formed cells in various cities. Jacobs, Rudd, Ted Gold, and Terry Robbins worked in New York. Dohrn decamped to the West Coast with Jeff Jones. The cells or “collectives” were to target police and military for attack, all subject to leadership approval. Jacobs and Terry Robbins, leaders of the New York region, were in their element. They began planning murderous bombings. Their efforts ended in spectacular failure, however, with three Weathermen killed by their own bomb in the townhouse explosion (see Ted Gold for further details).

It is very interesting how Weatherman responded to this setback. Dohrn and Jeff Jones, a couple now, plotted to take control of Weatherman and pull back from murderous terrorism. Jones, a gentile with a Quaker background, was central to this turnabout. They decided to switch to “armed propaganda,” bombing politically symbolic targets, after issuing warnings so no one would be killed. They cleverly pulled the other Weathermen to the West Coast and won them over, starting with Bill Ayers. Jacobs, however, at the following meeting, insisted on creating special “armed squads” to raise the level of struggle even higher. Yet he found little support. Even the Weathermen, in the traumatic aftermath of the townhouse disaster, thought his new plan was crazy. Finally Dohrn told Jacobs point-blank he was expelled from the organization.[35]

That night Rudd and Jacobs went out drinking:

“I’m accepting my expulsion for the good of the organization. . . . Someone has to take the blame . . . .” We talked about one of his favorite novels, Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon. “I always respected the fact that the old Bolshevik confessed for the sake of the revolution,” he told me, “there had to be a single unified revolutionary party . . . The individual doesn’t count; it’s only the party and its place in history that’s important. “At least they’re not going to liquidate me,” he said with a laugh.[36]

Jacobs then disappeared, living underground for the rest of his life.

Later Life

Jacobs wandered for several years, mostly alone, before settling in Vancouver. He took the name “Wayne Curry,” married, and had two children. However, his insistence on never surrendering to the authorities meant he chose not to re-enter politics or pursue an academic career. Hiding his real identity from everyone, he worked as a laborer, sold marijuana, dabbled in Buddhism, and even took university classes under assumed names.[37] This is a strange course of action for such a “brilliant” man. It seems he was useless without the thrill of living on the cusp of revolutionary power.

In exile he penned a revealing letter to Rudd, never mailed:

Life is admittedly lonely and sad. . . . But you can’t blame that on being a political fugitive. Life was already lonely and sad before we got involved in politics. . . . Part of what I wanted from the political movement was friends, family and community. Somehow I thought that among people who were working together for social change, the values of the better society they were fighting for would be manifest in better social relations among themselves. . . . So after I had lost, killed, alienated or driven away all my friends and comrades, I found it hard to be relevant or effective politically.[38]

He wasted his life in the “revolution.”

In 1997, just after turning fifty, he died of cancer. Some of his ashes were scattered at the gravesite of Che Guevara in Cuba. Jacobs was finally home in a Communist country.[39]


Where does the rage of Jewish radicals—intense, life-long, and directed overwhelmingly against Whites—come from? From “inequities” in White societies? No, for the answer to inequity would be reform, not apocalyptic destruction of the society. From the “racism” and “crimes” of Western Culture? No, for that would be to willfully ignore the soaring accomplishments of Western Man, and the sordid crimes of other cultures. The motivation of these radicals is naked hatred of Western Culture, Christianity, and Whites. Since the Jews who currently pursue the Revolution—now sitting in boardrooms and government offices—consider the religion and the culture conquered territory, they are now pressing on to their most cherished goal: a final reckoning with the Whites. This is the campaign we see unfolding in all the White lands around the world. Jacobs would be delighted to see the great progress his tribesmen have made.


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  1. JRM
    JRM says:

    An interesting read, well-written and informative.

    I wonder how much of the current day “antifa” are motivated by romantic nostalgia for the cultural moment of the late-’60’s through early-’70’s? Our occupying culture-makers invest these Jewish misfits and their uprisings with glamor and a moral authority they certainly do not merit. I suspect many of our current-day young Leftists are hoping to surround themselves with an aura of sexy-dangerous-radical chic. The identical simple-minded reverence for any “POC” is at least sincere, I assume.

    I agree that these people (Jacobs, et al) were fighting against so-called “White privilege”, there is no argument possible on that point, but what were they calling it then? The author allows an implication that they were using that very terminology, which I suspect is mildly anachronistic. When did “White privilege” as a catchphrase become current?

    Additionally, I would suggest that anyone who wants to dig deeper into the origins of the Jewish hatred of White America, which in retrospect fueled so much of the “Aquarian Age” revolutionary energy, must turn to Prof. MacDonald’s work, where the psychodynamics are laid bare.

    • inspector general
      inspector general says:

      I was actually involved with that crowd at that time. The phrase used then was “White Skin Privilege”. This was later shortened to “White Privilege”. I knew Dohrn, Rudd, Jeff Jones and JJ.

      • Lou
        Lou says:

        I knew or knew of the Motherfuckers [I believe they took over the Fillmore auditorium] and a few mad bombers. One was named Alex. I wont post his last name.

        • Lou
          Lou says:

          bingo–from yr link—1969?

          . In that regard we had a confrontation with Bill Graham, who was the entrepreneur who had started off with the San Francisco Mind Troupe, but then became a big rock promoter.
          He had – in San Francisco – a rock venue called the Fillmore, and then he opened one in the East Village called the Fillmore East, where he showed the bands of the time. And the ticket prices were beyond the reach of the dropouts who were living in the streets of the East Side, and we demanded that he turn over the theatre for at least one free night, which he denied. There was in fact violent rhetoric and then actual violence when he defended the door at one point. He was a man of some courage. He stood in the door and got his nose broken by one of the Puerto Rican kids who was with us. But we did eventually get our free night, which did not last very long.
          But it was total and wonderful chaos while it lasted. One night – I think the night when we took it over was the night with the Living Theatre. That is the theatre with Julian Beck and Judith Malina. They came and performed.

          /Graham was really woilfgang Garjonka and claimed his mom died in holocaust.

          • Fred Mertz
            Fred Mertz says:

            I remember ticket prices at the Fillmore East as rather reasonable considering the fame of the bands. They had a good sound system too. Bill Graham was kind of old school. I recall his being offended at the suggestion that Cream drummer Ginger Baker was fit to carry Buddy Rich’s drum stool. Up the block you could hear Thelonious Monk’s group for $5. I couldn’t be bothered. Had to go hear some hippie band and look for hot runaways. It’s odd to feel nostalgic about such a demonic period. I guess free flowing sex and drugs makes up for a lot. Say what you will about Jews; they have the world pinned and helpless. Once Christianity is gone they can hoist their flag in victory. Maybe they ARE the Chosen.

      • Karl Nemmersdorf
        Karl Nemmersdorf says:

        Any anecdotes or observations you wish to share? Your knowledge is potentially very valuable to a historian like me.

        • cronkitsche
          cronkitsche says:

          For what worth it might have: the central and northern NJ suburbs were, for middle- & upper-middle-class kids, without venues for heroic self-dramatization (except for erotic adventuring and school sports.) The workingclass kids had actual subsistence challenges-any job availible to help support their families. The Jewish kids had their synagogue life and/or their leftist-ethnic-“progressive” folkculture; some of them were junior members of the antidefamation league by 7th grade. Guys like Rudd and Jacobs (I lived a few townships over from them) already wore their Jewishness as a base upon which to add mass-media cultural layers (tough guys, rocknroll guys, hipster guys, civilrights guys). And their bar-mitzvahs gave them a somewhat precocious ethical earnestness which few of us non-Jews had. Anti-Jewish sentiment was a rarity in these milieus of the suburbs; but family stories–never mind the tv–of the Holocaust were frequent; alot of these families talked about relatives back in Europe who’d died in the 40’s. These kids were peers in public school experience and radio-tv culture; they were somewhat ….foreign, at home; I visited em’ alot because in the same advanced programs. When the radically age-segregated “youth movements” emerged, with of course media hyper-dramatization of it, the quest for heroism commenced with a fury, programmed and almost scheduled by the mass-media. By that point, I was long separated from them: for reasons idiosyncratic, I had abjured tv’ in early 1964. I felt an incomprehension of the rioters, speakers, et. al., from; the summer of 67′ on. What I’ve just written is the adult retrospective understanding. There are of course alot of anecdotes–and some striking, isolated incidents from that teeming, syncretizing post WW2 period in which I was born and came of age; they aren’t things I’d casually post on a blog. From talking with people over a wide swath of America over the last 60 years, I know there are millions of such strange, telling events.

    • Goy Goddess
      Goy Goddess says:

      I had Boomer teachers and professors – throughout my entire life – constantly wax nostalgic for the supposed utopia of the Sixties. This is sadly not an uncommon experience for inmates of our (((educational))) gulags.

      Furthermore, every single ‘history’ textbook I was exposed to during my formative years did NOTHING but whitewash and glorify degenerates like Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary, etc,, etc. History has been rewritten to exalt negro criminal gangs like the Black Panthers. It’s not surprising at all the brainwashed negroes of BLM just loooove Assata Shakur. THIS IS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        I don’t know what utopia their nostalgia waxed upon. I suggest that it is contextual. As a life long cynic, my take is that, generally speaking, there was more innocence and less cynicism. My parents, both born pre WWI used to comment on a number of the so-called 60s fads, such as drugs and premarital sex by asking: “Do you think you invented that?” and providing examples from the past.
        We were the first generation to grow up with the “idiot box”, and most were thoroughly brainwashed by it.

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          My father, an ashamed WW2 veteran, was so convinced of t.v.’s brainwashing capabilities that he would instantly leave the room whenever my mother turned it on.

    • Paul Shelton
      Paul Shelton says:

      The term current among radicals (including Weatherman) in the late 1960s was “white skin privilege,” which may have been coined by the leftist intellectual and activist Theodore W. Allen.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:


      “I would suggest that anyone who wants to dig deeper into the origins of the Jewish hatred of White America, must turn to Prof. MacDonald’s work, where the psychodynamics are laid bare.”

      What they are doing is ignoring (or burying) Mr. MacDonald”s work. Here’s an example from Damon T. Berry’s book Blood & Faith Christianity in American White Nationalism:

      MacDonald has been a significant contributor to the American racial nationalist milieu for some time. In particular, he has written several articles and books, the most significant of which is “A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples.” In his review of the book , Sander Gilman writes, “It is evident that MacDonald recasts all of the hoary old myths about Jewish psychological difference and its presumed link to Jewish superior intelligence in contemporary sociobiological garb.” Indeed, that same thing can be said of MacDonald’s subsequent books on the “Jewish Question” in America.*

      P. 177

      *Note author doesn’t mention the title, The Culture of Critique

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      White Privilege was a brand new theory at the time, developed by the Communist Theodore Allen and the Jewish radical Noel Ignatin. The concept caught on instantly with SDS and the Weathermen.

  2. conradcgaarder
    conradcgaarder says:

    Solschenizyn said the reason people don’t know that the Russian Revolution wasn’t Russian, but a vengeful, murderous rampage by people who hated Russia, was that the perpetrators are in control of the Western media.
    With that said, has there ever been any broadcast media discussion of the Jewishness of SDS and Weatherman?
    Also, I would like to know if these Jews, who obviously appreciated that their movement was largely Jewish, ever made public statements, a la Barbara Lerner Spectre, to the effect that “Jews will be resented for their leading role?”
    Or did they not feel as supremely confident in their coming victory, as Lerner Spectre evidently does?

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    Every time I read a story about useless, talentless, narcissistic college mamas’ boys – from the past or the present, I can’t help but think of the old saying: Idle hands do the devil’s work.

  4. Jay
    Jay says:

    The most plausible explanation for Ashkenazi Jews having the highest average IQ of any population is natural selection caused by the vocations of money lending, coin-clipping, tavern ownership and estate management for noble absentee landlords. See “The 10,000 year Explosion.” Inasmuch as all these occupations involve exploitation of the Christian Caucasian natives, it is also possible that those Ashkenazi individuals who were least empathic with their victims were also the most economically, and reproductively, successful.

    That is, Ashkenazi Jewish hostility to and contempt for Caucasians and their culture may well be an evolved and genetically encoded psychological state, i.e., a mental module in the parlance of evolutionary psychology. Even the possibility of such a genetic tendency must impact the ways by which Caucasians defend their culture.

    • Forever Guilty
      Forever Guilty says:

      “Ashkenazi Jews having the highest average IQ of any population”

      Could you please give some more explanation on that claim? Israel probably have biggest share of Ashkenazi Jews than any other country. However their students perform well below average for OECD countries.

      Israel PISA test

      • Jay
        Jay says:

        Ashkenazi Jews make up less than half of the Israeli population. The rest are Sephardic, North African, Yemeni, etc., who have much lower IQs on average.

        The book I already referenced in my comment discusses the evidence for high IQ in Ashkenazi and provides a hypothesis for explaining how the increase in IQ could have evolved in the economic context of Eastern Europe.

        My comment suggests that an additional trait, hostility to the host population, might have evolved in the same context.

      • Guilty Too
        Guilty Too says:

        Also, Israel is about 30% Arab still. Also, Israel Shamir tackles this question in an article, and he claims Israel is the riff raf of the world Jewish community. These are the Jews who do not fit in to their diaspora communities, are left solely with their “Jewishness” as virtues, imagine some persecution and hence immigrate to Israel. The economy is in fact bad their, so Jews who are able to compete in oh say wall street, would rather be abroad. Sounds convincing to me.

  5. Guilty Too
    Guilty Too says:

    I saw a little documentary on the Weathermen on Netflix. They had interviews with some of the ones in prison at the time, and they seemed really dim to me. You know how you can just tell by the way someone talks sometimes? Dim. I say that not out of hostility but more compassion.

  6. m
    m says:

    The motivation of these radicals is naked hatred of Western Culture, Christianity, and Whites.

    So it is. At least at this time, since it’s the land where this nomadic tribe is living. But on a deeper, metaphysical level, I think it is more accurate to say that Jews hate beauty, in its ideal sense. Just look at their art. Especially their H-word(TM) memorials. Completely soulless. Transcendence is not part of their language.

    Jews are degenerate, base materialists having no sense of quality, but only quantity, manifesting in the quest for unlimited shekels, and a drive to satisfy their insatiable physical desire. Consequently, their basic urge is to destroy whatever is beautiful and whatever seeks ascetic transcendence. The sad fact is that they have corrupted White Europeans, who have lost the ability to see farther than their own material needs, and have lost a sense of intrinsic beauty within their lives.

    Now that they have pretty much destroyed the extant West, I think these Jewish revolutionaries must have an end-game; one that will result in a more general destruction, specifically directed against those they cannot as easily corrupt. Here, I mean the world’s remaining traditional societies, such as China (in spite of their recent deviation into liberalism and Bolshevism they remain quite traditional in essential ways), Japan (in spite of their Western occupation they too remain traditional in integral ways), and now Russia, the latter which appears to be recovering their traditional Russian spirit. That is why Jews now blame everything that hinders their plans on the current Russian regime. I do not think this will end happily.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton says:

      “It worked. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” – Robert Oppenheimer.

      Nuclear weapons – The Jew’s “power of God” developed at the expense of very stupid, gullible goyim.

    • Chet
      Chet says:

      Interestingly, in my book Russia, China, and Japan form a ‘Boriental Axis’ of the World’s great nationalisms to stand against the globe grasping commercial empire under whose masters we are all equal. Together economically and militarily they rise and draw others to them as the degenerate population of the empire drags it down. Nuclear war? There’s rapidly advancing anti missile and anti air tech. plus the nuclear deterrent effect Russia, China, and soon Japan will have on the Empire’s war planners. Now I need an exciting ending where the good guys win. A supergun is just the ticket.

    • Flossie
      Flossie says:

      Speaking of ugly holocaust memorials . . . It’s no coincidence that fields of boulders — memorial boulders — sprouted at the former WWII labor and internment camps seemingly overnight. It was because of that revisionist historian, the one who hauled a ground-penetrating radar over the alleged mass burial grounds at one of the camps and discovered the earth hadn’t been disturbed in countless centuries. Oops! Can’t have that. So countless tons of boulders were hauled to other alleged mass burial sites to prevent similar threats to the legend.

  7. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    They should have obtained advice from the State Dept.
    One of my Great Uncles looked after Lenin and another uncle was valet to the top State Dept official in Europe. They used to meet at my uncles pub in Regent St. carrying messages between Lenin and the State Dept ( which really knew how to cause revolutions.)

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      What a tale—and talk about a cliffhanger!

      Mr. Harris, you have me channeling Oliver Twist: “Please, sir, I want some more.”

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      One is left to wonder whether both of your uncles were referred by one and the same ‘ employment agency ‘.

      I’m all in with Pierre on this one. Do please tell us more !!!
      Broad historical descriptions, of whatever value, can be had at any local library; but I’m more interested in the personal, corroborative or dissenting personal accounts : such as yours.

      I have rummaged through Trotsky’s arrest and inexplicably brief POW-camp file at the National Archives in Ottawa, more than once, in an effort to get a clearer picture of the connection between the liberal-democratic February revolution, supported by thousands of ” useful idiots ” which forced the Czar to abdicate, its Kerensky government and the October Bolshevik revolution. I always saw that sequence as having been planned from the beginning by some merchant mentality. Essentially no more sophisticated than raising the price, then announcing a tremendous ” Sale “.

      The duped Russian masses did the softening up while Trotsky in NYC and Lenin in Zurich were the reserve, so to speak, simultaneously unleashed to mop up.

      In particular, who were the party or parties on the side of the State Department in London ???

      ‘ Valet ‘ here or there, let’s remember it was a French maid in the employ of the Germans who triggered the Dreyfus Affair.

  8. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    No wonder that loudmouthed lonely little cook misfit was able to go underground in Vancouver, right under the noses of these dunderhead federal Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    When did Zundel, the known pacifist, even dream of any of these violent actions: yet he was expelled as a risk to Canada’s security, as a result of {{{ secret }}} charges.

    Where the hell were these red-coats in their spiffy uniforms and their two-thousand dollar suits higher-ups, when poor Igor Gouzenko, NOTHING LESS THAN THE CIPHER CLERK FOR GRU AT THE SOVIET EMBASSY IN OTTAWA defected with his wife, in September ’45: with over 100 pages of names of active Soviet spies in high places, encryption codes and teletypes between Moscow and Ottawa ???

    These idiots had no idea whom they had before them when he sought their safety and asylum. HE BLOODY WELL HAD TO SEEK SHELTER WITH A NEIGHBOUR AND WATCH THROUGH THE PEEP-HOLE HOW THE KGB BROKE INTO HIS APARTMENT OPPOSITE AND RANSACKED IT.

    Neither did these film-stars [ Brigadoon; Rosemarie; South of the Border; etc. ] have a clue about my erstwhile friend, an ethnic Czech national of the name Ludek Zemenek, who was sent to the East-German University of Halle, where he obtained a degree in biology and attained the rank of Colonel, along with his wife, not in the Stasi, but in the KGB.

    There he also received his new legend as the Sudeten-German, Rudolph Herman. After a stint with wealthy Stuttgart industrialists, he was transferred to Toronto, where he opened a German Delicatessen at 507 Yonge Street, across from one of my mother’s stores at 505.

    His mandate: to infiltrate the Head Office of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation nearby [ as if that hadn’t been started by our Montreal {{{ boys }}} ] by providing them with the [ then ] most up-to-date East-German cameras and recording equipment.

    John le Carre’s assessment of him, as an ideologically-sound communist, was pure nonsense. If so, he certainly was an adherent of their New Economic Policy which permitted a little privateering.

    After closing his shop, we walked across Yonge and he told me that he was making some money by producing pornographic films [ with his East-German-financed cameras ].

    He lamented the fact that his cameraman was ill; would I be kind enough to stand in for him ? While no prude, I declined.
    He also had a houseful of Soviet, southeastern Republics superb hand-woven carpets, brought in tariff-free through Soviet diplomatic pouches, permitting this.

    Several months later he was transferred to a hilltop house north of NYC, where the FBI found a transmitter reaching all the way to Moscow. He was not idle.

    Rudi and his wife, not his uninitiated son, were so highly regarded by his handler, that he was designated ILLEGAL RESIDENT, i.e. running the embedded networks if Canada were to expel the entire Embassy and Consulates’ staff.

    His KGB handler was Economics Professor Hugh Hambleton of McGill, who had advanced to the Economic Directorate of NATO in Paris. HH had been working for the KGB for 30 years, was indicted in London, denied the allegations, then confessed. He was never charged in Canada, for ” political [ i.e. protectionist ] reasons “, as one expert author would have it.

    Rudy spilled the entire beans, including the name of his handler to the FBI in return for their witness protection program and a federal stipend. He was never jailed.

    When I discussed him with the FBI in Winston-Salem, NC, en route to Sen. Helms, I asked whether he had told them of his attempted recruitment of me, because if he had omitted that, there could very well be other agents for them, still afoot. Rudi knew of my stint at United States Army in Europe, Intelligence HQ at Patton Barracks in Heidelberg.

    Alone the chance of returning to that line of work would have guaranteed my advancement from mere cameraman to starring fornicator. [ Like Jared Kushner’s father’s video of his married legal opponent having sex with a Kushner, Sr. -paid hooker, which sent him for a 14 months stint to jail in Judge Moore’s bailiwick; { visited by Jared weekly from Harvard} ].

    Please recall: A: A day after 9/11 Netanyahu stated elatedly, Today we are all Americans; and B: At all times the misnamed Patriot Act; and C: the misnamed Vaterland – I mean Homeland Security Act; and D: all our thousands of SHARED VALUES, making one of Israel and the US.

    I believe this left-over piece of fecal matter Jacobs, and his Superwoman-attired slut sidekick deliberately called his sewer outfit of political illiterates the Weathermen, thus deriding and {{{ smearing }}} the memory of the US War of Independence Minutemen. Diametrically opposed in purpose and goals. And of course, as written of here in essays, a self-satisfying Jewish smirking INSIDER ” joke “.

    I may have been too rough on the splendid MUSICAL RIDE horsemanship performers, who may well have lacked the time to surveille and deport Jacobs, since they were preoccupied with sexually harassing their female members and even more so with their cover-ups, reaching into Parliament.

    In my opinion, Jacobs was protected by the same earlier Montreal and Ottawa {{{ crowd }}} whose present main enabling leaders’ two photographs graced the front page of the four-page detailed analysis of the 3,300 behind Canada’s Paradise Papers, in Toronto’s STAR. [ff]


    Please remember that Canada has only about 10 % of the US population to make yourself an accurate picture of the dimensions of these prevailing thefts.

    The current Star readership was spared the reminder [ unlike here, months ago ] that the father of the also pictured Steven Bronfman, absconded as well, owing 800 million in taxes, so as to become the President of the World Jewish Congress, from where he put it to the Swiss in his missionary position while simultaneously defecating on Canadians.

    Real Talmud scholars and practitioners: one and all.

    At least we didn’t have to put up with that; even if it was only for twelve years instead of a thousand: leaving 1988 yet to be collected.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Amen, Karen. There is hardly anything Charles has written here at TOO from which I haven’t learned something of remarkable interest and insight.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I have known many RCMP officers (and former officers) over the years, mostly the officers out in the field. I can’t think of one who denied that “system” was highly politicized at every level above the local detachment. Almost all of the ones I knew/know left, long before retirement was in sight, because they were fed up with the morons running the show.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        KAREN AND CURMUDGEON; et al.

        Think of my ‘ brief ‘ comment as one of Hegel’s longer, compound sentences; and thanks for your approval and corroboration.

        Rudi was ca. 5 10, slender, fit and blessed with an open, intelligent, honest, humorous face, with eyes to match. In retrospect I take him to be a bon-vivant, rather than ideologically sound; prepared to burn his financial candle at both ends.

        The Ukrainian Gouzenko too was ideologically sound, though he could not possibly have grown up there without at least a smattering of the Holodomor. Two years in Ottawa sufficed to turn him around: as was the case with most defectors.

        I noticed during my 4-5 year periodically interrupted friendship with Rudi, that he unfailingly carried the same book by Kurt Tucholsky, with a piece of paper protruding from it, asking myself when he would finally finish it. Actually never, since it was his code book and the protruding paper was most likely filled with a series of numbers, played into his hands as telephone numbers to call, fake outstanding bills, etc. From back to front, the first number would be the chapter, the second the paragraph, the third the sentence, the fourth the word in the sentence. That word’s first, or indeed any letter, would have yet another pre-determined number added to it. Thus a series of uninterrupted letters would allow you to code any message without fear of deciphering. As good as any German, computer-like Enigma machine.

        Try it. As a matter of fact use this system when making your spouse’s next supper shopping list. So long as you still have an open pizza joint near by.

        Kurt Tucholsky was a Berlin Jew from the red, rough and ready district of Moabit. His father Alex had married his OWN COUSIN, giving birth to Kurt and two siblings. Alex worked as a mere CASHIER IN A BANK but was able to leave the family with a SIZEABLE ESTATE, sufficient to send Kurt to university, where he EARNED A DOCTOR OF LAW degree. An unsurprising pattern in all respects, wouldn’t you agree ?

        Yet Kurt opted to become a writer and SATIRIST. The same satire which I think motivated Rudi to choose his book as a code-book, considering his approach to life. This would also explain his merry beer parties in his establishment after hours, when German Wehrmacht songs were bellowed out.

        His deli was called ‘ Harold’s famous Delicatessen ‘ and was of course 508 Yonge Street [ not 507 ] three or four stores north of Grosvenor on the west side; itself two blocks north of College: should you ever wish to have a gander in passing.

        Cheers !

        • Richard Ong
          Richard Ong says:

          I’m no mathematician or cryptanalyst so I can’t compare the effectiveness of one-time pads with the encoding method you describe. The latter does seem to have the defect of introducing human choice in what target letter or number is selected and then to be identified as you describe. Similarly, using a “predetermined” number suffers from the same defect – non-random human choice. Anything that hints of a pattern can be an entry point for analysis. Humans just can’t generate randomness the way a random number generator can and I’ve heard whispers that even they are not completely random. Dunno.

          Book ciphers are well known to code breakers but I believe the weight of opinion is that it’s best to go with one-time pads.

          Nowadays I would think it child’s play for computers to be able to access the text of every book ever published and run the numbers to see if anything popped out.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Richard, as a ca. 11 year-old in Berlin, I heard a weird message on the radio, obviously on a program that must have been broadcast from East-Berlin: ” Attention Wolf, attention Wolf, grandmother is too old to eat “, after which the music resumed.

            In a worst-case scenario this could have been intended for Guenther Guillame, Chancellor Brandt’s intimate, family vacation-sharing friend and communist spy, who would have listened to this frequency at a specific, prearranged time.

            Messages are relayed through classified car adds, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, for specific makes, models, years, color, price and number to call. Any one of which could instruct you to go to a new set of numbers, from which to start henceforth.

            An uninterrupted set of numbers eliminated the cryptanalyst’s [ good professional, ‘ non-mathematician ‘ choice of term on your part ] advantage of presuming three letter words to indicate ‘ and ‘, ‘ for ‘, ‘ the ‘, etc, from which to continue.

            I did not imply that the paper protruding from Tucholsky’s book was a ” one-time pad “, BUT RATHER , that it could be INFINITELY altered by numbers to call, [ for liverwurst orders ? ! ] The very same applies to your ” predetermined numbers suffering from the same defect “.

            In any case, and I don’t mean this as a cop-out, our overpaid boys did not have their ears on the rail. Otherwise they would have nabbed Rudi before he escaped their jurisdiction, putting a huge feather in their cap; or he was merely reassigned to greener pastures by his handler.

            I intensely dislike one-upmanship, rarely raising its ugly head here. I do like mutually beneficial disputes and discussions, as you and I are having.

            Nor do I wish to claim any expertise on this or any matter here, except as acquired by reading between the lines; open to one and all.

            P.S. Tucholsky was among the first to have his books burned and to have his citizenship revoked. [ 1938 ? ] In addition to his ‘ unsurprising ‘ pattern, mentioned above, he was a kingpin in the theatre and its influential publications.

  9. rerevisionist
    rerevisionist says:

    This is just another gullible article. The Jew-run USA made a fortune from 20-years-or-so of bombs, prostitution, war crimes in Vietnam, presumably supported by Nemmersdorf, the simpleton author. Just as with the USSR, Jews knew perfectly well of the atrocities by the (((USA))), and controlled both sides of the issue, as usual. The tossers described were just more Jewish liars; and of course the US whites, Christians etc were so moronically stupid that they swallowed everything, including e.g. nuke lies, Castro as a ‘Communist’ rather than Marrano Jew, and largely still do. An outdated fatuous piece.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      A commenter with a bit of class would simply have declared the article either unsound or simply not to his taste and explained why, in terminology free of cliché and tired catchphrases. What we get instead is a spiteful slur on an observant chronicler, a careful thinker, and a writer of no little skill.

      Moreover, I note without further comment the intellectually discordant spectacle of a fan of Miles Mathis thinking he is in so secure a position that he can call another man a simpleton and that man’s work gullible and fatuous.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Pierre, with your kind permission I would like to join you precisely in your comment. I felt like writing my own reply earlier but decided to forego it for the moment, because I too would have spoken on a gutter level. [ Yet again ].

        Photos can be deceiving, but when I saw that of Miles Mathis, I immediately went to my next chore: that was enough.

        The Pulitzer Prize Committee may not have withdrawn its award from that ” journalist ” falsifier of then current history Walter Duranty. I, on the other hand, hereby withdraw that award from R, bestowed on him for the one-liner, brief but complete history of British colonialism and imperialism.

        I also strongly recommend he re-research the enormity of the multinational Manhattan Project and voluminous film footage of the Pacific A-bomb tests. If still unconvinced he may wish to get a pen-pal in Hiroshima and/or Nagasaki.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … I would like to join you precisely in your comment.

          Good to have you on board, Charles.

          I have a request for you in turn. Your lengthy comment about Rudolph Herman included this sentence:

          John le Carré’s assessment of him, as an ideologically-sound communist, was pure nonsense.

          Can you recall where you saw this assessment? Did it turn up as a comment by a character in one of his novels, or did le Carré express it in a newspaper or journal article or in some sort of public statement?

          I ask as an admirer of about half of le Carré’s novels—namely, those that preceded or otherwise escaped his sad decline into full-bore SJW’ism.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Pierre, [ with your again/still exclusive domain ]:

            01 It was not uttered by one of his characters.
            02 It did not come from an article.
            03 To the best of my recollection he stated that in a live interview soon after the shit hit the fan; either with a US or Canadian TV network. Of course with his fame/expertise in that milieu he was sought out to give his opinion on Rudi.
            04 I remember much clearer having discussed him with clued-in friends, and, as an aside, having questioned le Carre’s assessment of Rudi.
            05 My brother-in-law, whose father was a director with I.G. Farben, along with my sister, kindly relieved our mother and step-father for years from their store duties on extended store operation nights and weekends, to afford them the pleasure to come here to the place I developed for them by our river.

            W and C had even more uninterrupted contact with Rudi than I, due to my travels. W was one of several with whom I discussed R, after the fact, with respect to le Carre, and he concurred with me, even without having been apprised of my cameraman offer.

            Hope to have stilled at least part of your ravenous appetite.

            Stay well and have a Merry Christmas, if we don’t chat in between. Go down and enjoy the Christmas tree for me at Rockefeller Center. Charles.

            PS When I chatted with ‘your’ boys in Winston-Salem, they spoke of Rudi this, Rudi that, with a self-satisfied grin on their faces, connoting personal familiarity with him, as if Rudi were plowing a ‘tabacci’ field safely out of town and the two of them took his federal stipend checks to him, so as to avoid post-mistress regularity and particularly ‘ sender ‘ conjectures.

  10. Helen
    Helen says:

    From what I understand, the Jewish religion regards aestheticism as a rejection of the Creation and not a good thing. They also believe that unless you are married, you are only half of a person. Maybe this is why they are often so restless.

    • cronkitsche
      cronkitsche says:

      This reminds me that, just as Jacobs modeled himself on the famous Bolshevik revolutionaries, so–a generation later–does one of the Coen moviemakers. He showed up for an interview dressed like Lenin with Lenin facial hair and Lenin glasses. Jewishness for him meant making movies (of course the ultimate icons) and imitating the person of the Jewish revolutionary. Give up the religion, and what’s left over becomes the exemplary way of the “ancestors.”

  11. T
    T says:

    Apparently James Parton, the US writer whom wrote the excerpts below which appeared in the October, 1870, edition of the Boston based and then highly influential Atlantic Monthly magazine did not foresee personages such as John Jacobs, Ted Gold, the Weatherman, and the associated 1970 Greenwich Village townhouse explosion.

    The 1870 article was entitled ‘Our Israelitish Brethren’ which translated into more modern English would be ‘Our Jewish Brothers’.

    In conversing upon this subject with the enlightened and accomplished Israelites now to be found in all our [US] cities, I am amazed at the absence of everything like rancor and fury from their hearts when they dwell upon the wrongs of their race.

    ‘As Israelites are now looked upon and treated in Rome, so were they once regarded and treated in every capital of Europe; and their partial emancipation is a thing too recent to have more than begun to obliterate the effects of fifteen centuries of outrage and contempt. For the faults which we see in them, and which clearly result from the contracted Ghetto and the exclusion from the broadening employments, we should blame ourselves, not them; and when a Jew plays upon us a scurvy trick, let us go out straightway and kick a Christian for it.

    In conversing upon this subject with the enlightened and accomplished Israelites now to be found in all our cities, I am amazed at the absence of everything like rancor and fury from their hearts when they dwell upon the wrongs of their race. A decent Christian boils with anger as he reads of the indignities they have suffered; but they, the victims of our insensate aversion, speak of these indignities with such calmness and good temper, that I have been ready to exclaim: The Jews are the only Christians! And certainly, if the peculiar virtue of Christianity is the patient endurance of outrage, then we must admit that they have excelled all known people in practising the religion which Christians have preached. But of course the patient endurance of outrage is not the great Christian virtue, nor is it a virtue at all, unless the outrage is irredressable. But that has been precisely their case. Usually a small number in the midst of a hostile population, they have been obliged to endure or perish; they have had such a training in some portions of the Sermon on the Mount as no other race has ever had.’


  12. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Karl Nemmersdorf: Without exception, every time I encountered your name as a commenter, my mind immediately sprang to the town of Nemmersdorf, County of Gumbinnen in East-Prussia.

    Do you feel at liberty to tell us whether there is a connection, and if so, how ?

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      I chose the pen-name in honor of the Germans killed at Nemmersdorf. The Russian brutes incited, of course, by Ehrenburg. My ancestors come from Silesia, not East Prussia, but I have read WWII for many years, especially the German side. Thank you for all your comments. You really should submit essays to this site with your experiences. Would be fascinating.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Your first sentence proved my hunch in my first sentence correct. The only other possible variable was that Nemmersdorf grew out of your original ancestral estate from which you derived your name. This variable was less likely because one does not expect other than noms du guerre on this ADL etc. – monitored site; excepting those already previously known; eg KM and several others.

        My parents and ancestors come from Silesia as well, from Freiburg and the Waldenburg area, with Fuerst von Pless’ castle Fuerstenstein in between. The elder of my two sisters was born in Breslau.

        Am I asking too much If I were to enquire where your ancestors originated ? [ Weightier things tomorrow ].

        • Karl Nemmersdorf
          Karl Nemmersdorf says:

          My ancestors came from the area around Breslau. Two villages or districts mentioned in the little research I have done are Schoenfeld and Kreuzburg. My father’s parents came to this country from that area. Several “Karls” appeared in my ancestors. Thus the name.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            In 1993 I ventured over every foot of my parents’ homeland. I stayed an entire day in Breslau and of course visited the old Rathaus [ City Hall, to our friends here ] I had lunch in its Ratskeller restaurant and almost fell over backwards. The place was filled with hookers, pimped by its Syrian lessee. Your and my parents would have wept. That was 93, what about now ?

            In Freiburg, even en route, I noticed a preponderance of German license plates commencing with PD for Paderborn, near Hanover. My aunt later explained that this grouping was due to people fleeing in groups of villages, even small towns. For their protection en route and upon arrival in the Reich and later as expellees. Thought that might be of interest to you as a historian, though it merely reflects human behavior under these circumstances.

            In Freiburg I stayed in the hotel annex of Schloss Fuerstenstein belonging to the Kaiser’s friend, rumored to be much wealthier than him, Fuerst von Pless of old Czech nobility. He had married a very alluring English Lady, Daisy Cornwallis, of the Washington surrender Cornwallis family. A bar, in the main entrance tower is still named the Daisy Bar.

            She was immensely popular because she had introduced lace making to augment the peasants’ income. My own father, believe it or not, born on April 21, 1876, had been too much of a skirt chaser in his youth and was banished by my grandparents to New York. There he worked for the old Tiffany and played poker in the very game in which Tiffany bet his last share of his firm and lost. The other players had to hand the hat around to allow him to board with his aunt in Schenectady, where she ran a gentlemen’s house for the young Westinghouse execs.

            My father returned to Freiburg, fluent in English, and was soon invited to keep Daisy company, who spoke little or no German. When I went over every inch of the castle, I came across a grave outside of the family vault. The groundskeeper identified it as a grave apart, of a young boy who was allegedly born to Daisy out of wedlock.

            Occasionally I wonder whether the banishment investment paid off.

            Above you invited off the track anecdotes of interest to the historian. Hope to have obliged. This is not the weightier matter to which I alluded. It’s still in the works.

          • Karl Nemmersdorf
            Karl Nemmersdorf says:

            Thank you Mr. Frey. Very interesting. I’ve never made it to Germany, and I don’t think I want to go at this point. The sight of immigrants on German soil, I don’t think I could take that. I am anxious to hear of the “weightier matter.”

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    @Charles Frey
    Great Uncle Sidney ran the office of Keir Hardie.
    Lenin was being chased across Europe to Belgium.The British controlled Belgium. The King asked the LibLabCon. what they wanted to do about Lenin Two Labour MPs were at a miners’ Gala in Durham. When their postal votes arrived GUS entered the office of KH who told GUS that he was busy. GUS waved the votes and said they were against killng Lenin (a lie). GUS went into the outer office, tidied up, and burned the votes. When KH came through for a final count of all the votes they had been burned. KH thought Labour had voted by a majority of one to save Lenin but they had voted by a majority of three to kill him.
    KH made GUS go to Belgium to collect Lenin because nobody else wanted the job and Lenin was alone, a complete unknown ( until he worked for the Bank of England), without a home (except for the estate given to his family by the Romanoffs because his elder brother was an illegitimate Romanoff), like a rolling stone.
    Crossing to England disaster struck!

    to be continued

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Ed please don’t forget that Pierre asked you first. Looking forward to your announced continuation of things omitted from texts.

  14. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    Don’t forget Norman Mailer and Daniel Ellsberg, among others. Mailer made an anti-war speech as early as 1965 well before the accumulation of casualties that would cause many to question the war; Ellsberg of course released the pentagon papers in an effort to end the war. It is an undeniable fact that Jews were the major players in the anti-war movement; in an effort to subvert a war conducted by their host society and against communism. The recent Ken Burns “documentary” on the Vietnam war relied heavily on interviews with a Bill Schneider (anti-war organizer) and Leslie Gelb (state department official). One may question the wisdom of the war but there is no doubt the Jews agitated against it, something they did not do during world war II.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      One may question the wisdom of the [Vietnam] war but there is no doubt the Jews agitated against it, something they did not do during world war II.

      I’m afraid that this analysis fails to capture the complexity of that period and situation. Some Jews agitated against the war, yes; but other Jews, including LBJ (who was either an actual Jew or a total sellout to the Jews), not only agitated for it but first engineered it and then kept it going long past its sell-by date. And why not, after all? The war was one heck of a profitable racket for (((them))) in terms of both hard cash and dead goyim!

      Although there can be little doubt that most of our countrymen, whatever their stand on the war, were ignorant of what (((their masters))) were up to—whether from misinformation or brainwashing or both—even the repellent conduct of many activists did not seriously derogate from the good sense and moral legitimacy of the antiwar position.*

      Recall, too, that clamorously outspoken opposition to the war of a distinctively Jewish character did not emerge as a major force until after the 1968 election, when one of the Jews’ great devil figures, Richard Nixon, became president and war maker in chief.
      *I write this (1) as one who did not and would not side with them because so many of them were repellent to him and (2) as one who is less than a month away from the fiftieth anniversary of the day he boarded the plane from Sea-Tac airport that brought him to Cam Ranh Bay and thence up-country for twelve long months.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        One who profited from the ” heck of a profitable racket “, domiciled in Montreal, bought that little naked girl running from the napalm, a house in Ajax, east of Toronto, at a later date.

        My older sister, as a journalist, befriended ” Kim “, and her husband and father; brought over later. The donor remained anonymous but the real-estate agent told her he lived in Montreal. In all probability a guilt-ridden armaments profiteer. There was a Quebec supplier of components of napalm. Probably a connection.

        She was engaged in charity work and talks against war, but not in any East-West sense. I wanted to bring here up here, about a two and a half hours drive, one way, plus the talk, which would have taken her away from her family and aging father for a whole day. My endeavors ran into the sand.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          The closest I probably ever got to you was when we flew over Da Nang, from Tokyo to Djakarta, at 38,000 feet, which the pilots never failed to rub in. I recall crossing every available finger.

          My sister, on a job for East-Berlin, made a photo reportage on that East-German-sponsored hospital ship off the NV coast. Can’t recall its name. It was never violated.

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