Thoughts on Jews, Obscenity, and the Legal System

“Moral techniques are policies ‘to weaken the spiritual resistance of the national group.’ This technique of moral debasement entails diverting the ‘mental energy of the group’ from ‘moral and national thinking’ to ‘base instincts.’ The aim is that ‘the desire for cheap individual pleasure be substituted for the desire for collective feelings and ideals based upon a higher morality.’ [Raphael] Lemkin mentioned the encouragement of pornography and alcoholism in Poland as an example.
Dirk Moses, Empire, Colony, Genocide: Conquest, Occupation, and Subaltern Resistance in World History

I first encountered the above comment by Australian academic A. Dirk Moses several years ago, during the course of his discussion of Raphael Lemkin’s eight ‘techniques’ of genocide. Along with political, social, cultural, economic, biological, physical, and religious assaults, Lemkin argued that a targeted population can also come under moral siege, with the goal of destroying its sense of itself as a collective. I remember being struck by the last sentence of Moses’s summary of this technique, even though my reading of it involved a radically different interpretation than that offered by its author. Both Lemkin and Moses were referring specifically to policies enacted in post-invasion Poland by the National Socialist regime, with Lemkin remarking in his own enunciation of the eighth technique: “Therefore the [National Socialist] occupant made an effort in Poland to impose upon the Poles pornographic publications and movies. The consumption of alcohol was encouraged, for while food prices have soared, the Germans have kept down the price of alcohol, and the peasants are compelled by the authorities to take spirits in payment for agricultural produce. The curfew law, enforced very strictly against Poles, is relaxed if they can show the authorities a ticket to one of the gambling houses which the Germans have allowed to come into existence.”[1]

The pertinence or veracity of this claim that National Socialists enacted such policies as a means of exterminating the Poles was of only secondary concern to me. Much more pressing, in my reading, was the obvious fact that the National Socialists were merely copying and expanding upon what they understood to be the pre-existing tactics of cultural domination in that country (and others in Europe). Indeed, Jews were widely understood by both Poles and Germans as having been intimately involved in the alcohol industry of Poland prior to the invasion of 1939, with the Tablet even affirming in a 2014 article that Jews “ruled Poland’s liquor trade for centuries” in a system in which Polish peasants were compelled to purchase Jewish alcohol (also, see here for a podcast I recorded with Patrick Slattery last year on the nature of the Jewish tavern system in Eastern Europe). Jews have also long been associated with dominating the gambling industry (Israel is currently the global center for online gambling). In those areas of nineteenth century Poland where local nobles granted tax exemptions to Jewish communal institutions, Jews continued to sell liquor and run inns and taverns, in which they established gambling facilities to further squeeze the Poles. And in the sphere of obscenity, in 1913 a “filthy press” in Warsaw “belonging to a certain Zimmerman,” was confiscated by Polish police after it was discovered disseminating pornography throughout the Russian Empire — activities described by the newspaper Przegląd Katolicki as a “Jewish atrocity.”[2]

My question then, on considering the remarks of Moses and Lemkin, was both simple and stark: If, by promoting vice, the National Socialists were employing a genocidal technique against the Poles, what had the Jews been doing?

Along with discussions of Jewish influence in finance, and more recently Jewish ideologies or intellectual movements, the nature and meaning of Jewish involvement in, and promotion of, vice/obscenity/immorality may be considered one of the cornerstones of the Jewish Question. Jewish involvement in, or association with, the obscene is well-attested in the historical record, both in Jewish and European sources, and across wide geographical areas. In particular, Jews have often been regarded by host cultures as both inherently obscene and as promoters of the obscene — a corrosive force acting against group morality, and therefore group cohesion. In Unclean Lips: Obscenity, Jews, and American Culture (2014), Josh Lambert points out that in the ancient Mediterranean Jews were referred to as “an obscene people.”[3]

Such comments may have been as much observations as aspersions, since we know that in later centuries obscenity became an integral part of Jewish linguistic culture. For example, Bernard Dov Weinryb writes that in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Poland, “many erotic or obscene expressions and metaphors appear in Hassidic writings. …They reflect the way the average Jew in those times used obscene language, mainly of an erotic character, in his conversation.”[4] On more recent contexts, Jonas E. Alexis has written that,

Jewish actors tend to gravitate towards shows with sexual themes. …  Israeli-American Natalie Portman tells us in the movie No Strings Attached that “monogamy goes against our basic biology.” And [Jewish singer] Adam Lambert says, “When I’m on stage there’s definitely a sexual energy that goes into it.” In 2009 Lambert performed ‘For Your Entertainment’ at the American Music Awards. During the performance Lambert dragged a female dancer by her ankles and pushed “a male dancer’s head into his crotch and simulated oral sex.”[5]

As well as being represented, and self-representing, as having an intrinsic relationship to the obscene, the historical record is also replete with examples of Jews involving themselves heavily in the trade in obscenity. In his pseudonymously-published Letters from England (1808), the English Poet Laureate Robert Southey remarked on Jewish peddlers who wandered nineteenth-century England hawking “miserable and obscene prints.”[6] In 1886 Édouard Drumont warned of a “pornographic war” being waged on France by Jews.[7] Estonian police raided a building in 1909 belonging to the Jewish Benjamin Mikhailovsky, one of the richest merchants in Narva. One of Mikhailovsky’s side projects, apart from the trade in precious metals, was printing, and during their search police seized “11,119 cards they considered pornographic.”[8] And in Poland in 1910, three decades before the Jewish Raphael Lemkin would describe the German pushing of alcohol and pornography on the Poles as a “genocidal” tactic, the Polish Archbishop Pelczar would write, “I consider it my duty to warn Christian society against those Jews who intoxicate our people in the tavern and destroy them with usury; against those who maintain houses of debauchery in the towns; who trade in live goods [i.e. selling women into prostitution], who poison our young people with pornographic prints and periodicals.”[9] In the U.S, it is well established that Jews have had a prominent role in the porn industry since the late nineteenth century (see also “Research on pornography and the Sexualization of Culture”).

These are just a few of many thousands of available examples. The historical record contains a wealth of evidence suggesting that the combination of the perennial Jewish association with obscenity and more general Jewish social and political influence has led to very significant changes in the social mores of host populations.

Recently I’ve been devoting some time to the study of Jewish ethnic networking in legal cases involving obscenity. These legal cases may be regarded as acting as tactical ‘fulcrums’ upon which relatively small numbers of influential individuals can ‘tilt’ the social mores of a host population in directions perceived to benefit Jewish interests. In one remarkable but highly demonstrative example from Unclean Lips, Josh Lambert cites the 1961 seizing of Henry Miller’s notorious 1934 novel Tropic of Cancer, by a Chicago police chief:

A few weeks later, a Northwestern University professor named Franklyn Haiman, acting with the support of the American Civil Liberties Union, sued the local police for infringing on what he considered to be his right to read Miller’s novel. The book’s American publisher, Barney Rosset of Grove Press, described the resulting trial as ‘the most dramatic’ of sixty such legal cases nationwide that contested the suppression of Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. Edward de Grazia, a lawyer and legal historian, singles out that Chicago trial as “one of the best examples” of how lawyers and judges together transformed a few statements from a 1957 obscenity decision, Roth v. United States, into a widely applicable First Amendment defense of so-called dirty books, a defense that had profound consequences for the representation of sex in American culture and literature.

What goes unmentioned in accounts of this crucial trial is the prominence of Jews among the advocates for Miller’s novel. Haiman, the plaintiff who initiated the suit was Jewish, and so was his lawyer, the veteran First Amendment advocate Elmer Gertz. The book’s publisher, Rosset, considered himself half Jewish. The paperback of Miller’s book contained an introduction by the poet Karl Shapiro, whose most recent collection of verse was titled Poems of a Jew. Gertz called as the first expert witness to testify on behalf of the novel Northwestern University literary scholar and James Joyce biographer Richard Ellman, son of Jewish immigrants from Romania and Ukraine. The presiding judge, Samuel B. Epstein, was, like Ellman, a first generation American whose father had trained at the famed Slobodka yeshiva in Lithuania and had come to Chicago in 1911 to lead one of the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish communities.[10]

The Miller case is of course illustrative not only of a relationship between Jews and the defense or promotion of obscenity, but also of the nature and expression of Jewish influence more generally. It is often enquired by those skeptical of our arguments on Jewish influence how Jews are capable of altering or determining the social, cultural, or legal trajectories of host societies. Very often the alleged requirements for such transformations are presented by sceptics as being very large in scale, and the premise that Jews could be capable of undertaking such transformative actions is dismissed, or even ridiculed, on the grounds of apparent impossibility. However, the sceptic in such cases errs by misunderstanding the manner in which social trajectories are ‘plotted,’ and by subsequently over-estimating the level of Jewish activity required to affect change.

Just as Martin Heidegger pointed out that the individual spends much of his or her time in a state of preoccupied ‘everydayness’ or ‘inauthenticity,’ so societies (mirroring the nature of its largely ‘inauthentic’ components) also spend the majority of their time operating mechanistically, unconscious of their existence as a society.

Today, the everyday business of government and politics is replete with the same kinds of procrastinations and preoccupations that bog down the life of the individual. Congress and Parliament often give the appearance of ceaseless debate and activity. And yet, against the backdrop of this ceaseless noise, society stagnates or even regresses. It may be considered an axiom that singular occasions on which a society or culture acts decisively in a manner in which its course as a society or culture will progress or change course are relatively rare. These occasions can include matters of war, or social questions such as slavery, abortion, and myriad issues of morality. Jewish activists, who merely require a subtle and even unassuming understanding of their group identity and interests rather than a ‘master plan’ or grand conspiracy, need only act to acquire socially influential positions, and then act corporately and decisively in particular societal ‘moments’ in such manner as they deem in accordance with these interests. Such opportunistic patterns of activism correspond very closely with the periodic episodes of ‘refusal, protest, and subversion’ prescribed by Herbert Marcuse in his One-Dimensional Man: Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society, one of the key texts of Cultural Marxist theory.

Of course, it goes without saying that Jewish interests in many instances conflict with those of less ethnocentric host populations. In the case of the Miller trial outlined above, a relatively small number of Jews were demonstrably able to interrupt, obstruct, or “refuse” as Marcuse would put it, the host society’s ability to self-police an infringement of its group morality. Every society produces its share of perverts, renegades, and malcontents, but not all societies are inhibited in their policing of such anti-social elements by the presence of oppositional third parties masquerading as ‘concerned’ natives.

The key here is the crucial occupation of influential positions during influential ‘moments’, bolstered by high levels of ethnic cooperation. Such combinations of positioning, opportunity, and ethnic networking can of course be replicated by oppositional elements across a number of societal ‘moments,’ bringing equally profound consequences to national trajectories involving immigration, demographics, economics, communications, free speech, and even the way a society views itself. The courts, where decision-making is often narrowed to a handful of individuals or even a single individual, are a very significant arena in which such ‘moments’ are not only played out, but are also especially vulnerable to interference and networking (see also my article ‘Jews are Leading the Legal Fight Against Brexit’).

Jews also had a decisive influence on the law in several other areas. Church-state relations in the U.S. is an area where Jews saw a clear Jewish interest in eradicating public displays of Christianity: “The Jewish effort in this case was well funded and was the focus of well-organized, highly dedicated Jewish civil service organizations, including the AJCommittee, the AJCongress, and the ADL. It involved keen legal expertise both in the actual litigation but also in influencing legal opinion via articles in law journals and other forums of intellectual debate, including the popular media. It also involved a highly charismatic and effective leadership, particularly Leo Pfeffer of the AJCongress” (here, p. 254–255, 255). Another area of the law that was decisively influenced by Jews is litigation under the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1992 which was reinterpreted so that American Jews could sue foreign organizations that could be linked to terrorist acts in foreign countries, such as Israel. In this case a network of Jews in reshaping the law encompassed “a multifocal approach, involving not only the American judicial system but Congress, which enacts anti-terrorism laws and whose individual congresspersons advocate on behalf of Jewish ATA plaintiffs, and the Executive Branch, which enforces these laws and also promulgates politicized lists of countries and organizations that sponsor or engage in terrorism.”11

The question remains as to how and why the defense or promotion of obscenity would be seen by Jews as being in Jewish interests. What, in the actions of figures like Haiman, Gertz, Rosset, Shapiro, Ellman, and Epstein, can be discerned in terms of more specific Jewish motivations? It is interesting that Lambert, having just illustrated a clear case of Jewish group behavior, takes great pains to avoid reaching any logical conclusions about it. Lambert writes that it would be a “mistake to explain [their participation] in the defense of Tropic of Cancer by saying that as Jews they were predisposed to favor obscene language. That would mean endorsing a venerable, deplorable, and ignorant anti-Semitic tradition that has understood Jewish speech and writing as obscene.”[12] Lambert casts such aspersions of ‘anti-Semitism’ on Anthony Comstock (1844–1915) the remarkable Victorian-era New York YMCA activist, U.S. Postal Inspector, and founder of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice. Comstock’s apparent failing was that he was unashamed to publicly note that most of his opponents, including vast numbers of abortionists, pimps, and pornographers, were Jews. Moreover, Comstock argued that Jews were working corporately in the legal system to thwart his efforts. Lambert writes, “Comstock did not regard these Jews as acting as individuals but as conspiring with other Jews.”[13] In the case of one prosecution against a Jewish abortionist named Bass, “Comstock believed that a [Jewish] district attorney and judge had corruptly colluded to place onto the jury six Dutch Jews who were opposed to the [Society for the Suppression of Vice], thus winning the case for Bass, who was a Dutch Jew, too.”[14] Despite stunning similarities between Comstock’s complaint and the manner in which the Miller trial played out some six decades later, Lambert’s position, like many Jewish apologists for Jewish group behavior, is that it is factually and morally (!) wrong to assert that any kind of group activity had taken place in either of these instances. The actors in all of these events were merely individuals who “just happened to be Jewish,” and it is presumably just a tremendous series of coincidences that Jews recurrently congregate in societal ‘moments’ of this nature.

For Lambert to maintain such a position is demonstrative of an extraordinary level of deception or perhaps self-deception, particularly as his text is apparently based on the theory that the most authoritative and socially influential American obscenity trials all involved Jews — Winters v. New York (1948), Burstyn v. Wilson (1952), Roth v U.S. (1957), Mishkin v. New York (1966), Ginzburg v. U.S. (1966), Ginsburg v. New York (1968), and Cohen v. California (1971). Unfortunately, the presentation of ‘anti-Semitic’ arguments as morally beyond the pale renders even the most fanciful belief in endless sequences of coincidences like these somehow legitimate by comparison. The result is a scenario in which evidence-based critiques of Jewish influence are marginalized in favor of ideas of Jewish behavior which require an almost religious leap of faith — a kind of ‘Creationist’ view of Jewish involvement in causes associated with the radical Left, and White decline more generally.

Aside from this kind of ‘Creationist’ thinking, a more common phenomenon among non-Jewish scholars discussing obscenity, many of whom presumably find it difficult to continuously resort to “coincidence” when constructing their narratives, is that they simply remain in cowardly silence on Jews, leaving in their wake a lacuna which is as telling as it is jarring. Lambert himself concedes that “Jewishness is typically mentioned in the finest books on this subject only when it is raised unavoidably by the participants themselves, and scholars then typically eschew any commentary. … The most sophisticated studies of obscenity in American law and culture to date have remained silent on the subject of participants’ Jewishness.”[15]

But what explanation does Lambert offer for the Jewish engagement with obscenity? He argues that Jews “engaged with obscenity — produced it, defended it, wrote about it — for precisely the same reasons that many of their Protestant, Catholic, and nonreligious peers did so: to make money, to seek sexual gratification, to express antisocial rage.”[16] In terms of factuality, this probably ranks somewhere alongside defining a dog as a four-legged mammal — it is technically truthful but is so insufficient and incomplete as to be almost worthless. Most interesting of these proffered reasons is ‘antisocial rage,’ which is left hanging in tantalizing fashion without further elaboration. Indeed, lest readers begin to ponder the fact that, numerically speaking, Jews appear to have a disproportionate amount of ‘antisocial rage,’ Lambert hastens to clarify that he means his subjects are merely “expressing anger about their individual lives[emphasis added].” Speaking through one of his characters in The Anatomy Lesson (1983), the filth-peddler Philip Roth seethes “With me money is not the paramount issue. The defiance is. The hatred is. The outrage is.” Lambert takes this comment and avoids asking who Roth is defying, or who his hatred and outrage is directed towards. Roth’s hatred, like that of Lambert’s other subjects, is simply abstracted into what Lambert describes in anodyne fashion as a purely “personal, apolitical rage.”[17]

I’ve reached different conclusions from Lambert. Evidence in the field of obscenity suggests that Jews have long possessed a disproportionate surplus of ‘antisocial rage,’ and that the expression of this rage is rather more political than apolitical, and rather more communal than purely personal or individual. In the careful, consistent, and persistent use of our legal systems, one detects a hatred that is more focused than abstract, more contrived than spontaneous. To return to the quote that opened this essay, the systematic encouragement of vice is an inherently political act, designed ‘to weaken the spiritual resistance of the national group.’ The technique of moral debasement entails diverting the ‘mental energy of the group’ from ‘moral and national thinking’ to ‘base instincts.’ The aim is that ‘the desire for cheap individual pleasure be substituted for the desire for collective feelings and ideals based upon a higher morality.’

It is demoralizing to a people. It is debasing to a nation. It is a weapon wielded in ethnic warfare. Lemkin, like Lambert, was good with his facts, but insufficient and incomplete in his definitions. Deceiving or self-deceiving, he omitted a crucial context. What he ascribed to a few years of National Socialist policy in Poland remained, and still remains, unattributable to centuries of Jewish behavior.

The courts will play an important role in the future trajectories of our people. It is, however, almost certain that they cannot be reclaimed in the manner in which they were first seized. It is infinitely easier for a cohesive, ethnocentric group to infiltrate the institutions of an individualistic group than vice versa. Until we regain our ability to control the outcome of our ‘societal moments,’ we can however be certain that our trajectory will be downward. The ‘refusals, protests, and subversions’ prescribed by Marcuse will continue to be played out, our society rendered, in the terminology of Zygmunt Bauman, increasingly “liquid.”

Even now, as I finish here, news trickles in that Donald Trump’s attempt to ban transsexuals from serving in the military had been scuppered by federal judge Marvin Garbis. He is the “grandson of Jewish immigrants.” The ban is of course seen by its opponents as standing in the way of a new societal ‘moment’ — one in which sex/gender is reduced to a matter of identity and personal choice, and in which society is further atomized. I sigh on learning that the lawsuit was brought by the ACLU’s senior staff attorney Joshua Block, also Jewish. He remarked after the Garbis decision: “Today is a victory for transgender service members across the country. We’re pleased that the courts have stepped in to ensure that trans service members are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.” The truth of course is that “the courts have stepped in” because they are no longer our courts.

Either that, or we are just witnessing another one of those remarkable coincidences.

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    • AceOfLances
      AceOfLances says:

      During times of, or in instances of great physical, emotional stress, it is very difficult; impossible even, for most if not all humans, to resist their baser instincts. To judge folk for this requires a special kind of arrogance and naivety. Seriously, if you’d lost members of your family to death, rape, war, were starving, broke, jobless, with no dignity or representation in government; do you think that at rock bottom, you would be a paragon of morality? Ok, maybe you would, but can you expect most folks to be? Think of five guys you know and out thrm, mentally, into that context.

    • Andrew Joyce
      Andrew Joyce says:

      The literature on this is extensive but here’s one reference:
      “Typically a landlord employed professional brewers, often Jews, as leaseholders and granted them a monopoly within a given village…They also forced peasants to buy specified quantities of alcohol.”
      Daniel Stone, The Polish-Lithuanian State 1386-1795, (University of Washington Press), p.290.

    • tadzio308
      tadzio308 says:

      On the subject of mandated alcohol purchase it worked in two ways. Peasants could only purchase locally, that is, from the noble’s Jewish concessionaire. On certain occasions, such as a baptism or a wedding, there would be a required celebration with a minimum alcohol purchase. Paths To Genocide: Antisemitism In Western History, L. Steiman, p. 84.

      As more gambling, I surmise that it would involve a minimum purchase of lottery tickets. This would function in a manner to the gabelle, “Repressive as a state monopoly, it was made doubly so from the fact that the government obliged every individual above the age of eight years to purchase weekly a minimum amount of salt at a fixed price. Known as the Sel de devoir, translated to salt duty, citizens in the Pays de grandes gabelles region were forced to buy up to 7 kilograms of salt per year.” Wikipedia, Gabelle.

      Forced purchases of a taxed goods and services are common. Think Obamacare.

    • T
      T says:

      You would seem to miss a central (if not primary) thrust of the article, ie ‘the pot calling the kettle black’, ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’, ‘take the beam out of one’s own eye first, so you can see clearly to take the splinter out of another’s eye’, etc, but you knew that didn’t you.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      Short answer: They are not ‘compelled’ in the sense that some grinning jew handcuffs them and drags them down to the nearest liquor store or gambling casino, then puts a pistol to their heads and orders them to buy booze or roll the dice.

      Surely, anyone, such as yourself, who visits TOO’s website regularly would be intelligent enough to understand that jews excel at psychological manipulation and, being a tiny, but very hostile minority, understand that their maniacal, psychopathic obsession to subvert, undermine, weaken and eventually destroy the host gentile culture and people – for their own safety’s sake – must be accomplished by stealth.

      I am fairly certain that Alexander Baron has consumed a significant amount of jewish Hollywood produced ‘entertainment’ – and if I am correct in this assumption, I am certain that he has also seen the relentless and over the top promotion of alcohol consumption. In literally every TV cop show, for an example, there is always the predictable scene where the Police Chief will pull out a bottle of whisky from his office desk drawer and share a shot of bourbon with one or more of his fellow cops, as they commiserate about the latest crime case they are working on.

      Or, in every Western movie – every group of Cowboys – no matter how far they might be from the nearest town or saloon – there will always be what seems like an endless supply of whisky bottles being pulled out of saddle bags.

      In the popular, award winning TV series “Lost” – here we have a group of people who are victims of an airplane crash, stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the pacific ocean – a show that lasted for 6 seasons – and, yet, there seemed to be an inexhaustible supply of miniature bottles of liquor that were salvaged from the airplane wreckage. How convenient, as The Church Lady on SNL used to say. Not a liquor store in sight, but still plenty of booze.

      Oh, and to show that this excessive promotion of alcohol consumption is not a recent thing – going back to the very popular CBS TV series ‘Dallas’ back in the 1980s – J.R. Ewing seldom did a scene, whether it was in his office in the Ewing Oil Building or in the den at South Fork – where he would not be pouring himself his trademark ‘bourbon and branch water’ cocktail.

      These are the media messages that are cleverly, deviously, and intentionally woven into the entertainment media – because of one reason: They are effective at influencing the behavior of people who view these messages. Sometimes they are subliminal, and more often they are direct. Advertisers for expensive products like automobiles do not fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for a 30 second commercial spot during the Super Bowl to promote their latest model of GMC or Chevy or Ford Truck without carefully studying the statistical data that prove that viewers who see such ads are influenced by them and are more likely triggered to purchase their products.

      Perhaps Mr. Baron has heard of Edward Bernays? Bernays, who was jewish and related to Sigmond Freud – another jew – played a critical role in creating advertising for the tobacco industry that would help them brainwash Women into picking up the cigarette smoking habit – because smoking was once an almost exclusively male dominated practice. Bernays, and his jewish pals in Hollywood – decided to put out feature films where the most beautiful and attractive White actresses would be shown smoking on the big screen and made to look glamorous and sophisticated in doing so. Like moths drawn to a flame, White women across America (and around the White Western world) decided to emulate their favorite actresses and began to smoke cigarettes, as well. Monkey see, Monkey do, Mr. Baron.

      BTW: My own Mother was one of these women who let herself be brainwashed by Edward Bernays and Hollywood and she died as a result of lung cancer, brought on by her addiction to nicotine and smoking. My younger sister was one of these naive and impressionable females who let herself be influenced by jewish Hollywood’s excessive promotion of alcohol consumption – and, along with what was probably a partially inherited gene, became a victim of alcoholism and passed away in 2016.

      So, might I suggest that you revise your understanding of what the word ‘compel’ can include?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Very fine essay-comment, Luke. Thank you. The family dimension you note is beyond sad.

        Apropos the commenter whom you directly address, have you ever wondered (I have) whether there might be a grandfatherly connection here? The Wikipedia/Pretend Encyclopedia article is in some ways even more thought-provoking.

        While the way to bet is that we are dealing with coincidence rather than evidence, the consistent nature of the gentleman’s comments prompts an itch that wants scratching.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Re tobacco. People love the stuff and were consuming it long before television, movies, Bernays, etc. Both here and in the old country, as my family could tell you.

        Not everyone who tries it becomes addicted, uses it to excess or gets sick from it. I am one example. You have to know your limits and how to balance out smoking’s ill effects, like so many other temptations.

        Instead of a thorough condemnation of tobacco, why not have a look at its mental effects. They are the exact opposite of the effects of alcohol. How many ads do you see for booze? We are inundated. For tobacco? None. Please do think about this. Can’t you see what’s going on here?

        To ruin your life and that of others, all you need to do is drink to excess only once. Yet I’ve never seen an ad telling us to stop alcohol altogether. No, it’s always, “Enjoy in moderation.” Right. Well, I can enjoy ciggies in moderation (several times a year) but if you are not constituted that way, then for God’s sake don’t even start smoking. And if you are Irish or aboriginal, maybe you should never start drinking alcohol, either.

        I notice that the anti-smoking folks are more ferociously aggressive than the temperance movement at its worst. Even if you tell them you smoke only in your own house, with no children around, they go berserk with hatred.

      • JM
        JM says:

        “Or, in every Western movie – every group of Cowboys – no matter how far they might be from the nearest town or saloon – there will always be what seems like an endless supply of whisky bottles being pulled out of saddle bags.”
        As an aficionado of the Western, I beg to differ. Generally they were anything but hostile to American, European, culture till the 60’s, when all changed. Neither was there an excess of liquor or smoking in the 50’s genre – unless one was a member of The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union or some such wowserish outfit. In fact I think they strengthened/reinforced a healthy and highly moral culture with great role models for boys and (maybe less often), girls.
        Obviously the timing of this switch has obvious significance.

        • Cyrus
          Cyrus says:

          The Hollywood Code was broken with The Pawnbroker in the early 60s. This had an immediate effect on all depictions in movies and TV. Before that, alcohol was associated clearly with decadence. Afterwards, with heroes. This was explained away by Jews as showing the grit of reality & c.

      • Rerevisionist
        Rerevisionist says:

        With respect, there are two different issues. One, promoting alcohol to make money. Two, promoting alcohol to cause damage. Jews have printed money for a century, and are under no compulsion to make money.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      He does no wrong who merely wheedles his way into your life thru soft words and flattering glances, then slowly takes control of your environment, relationships and finances – all for your own sake, of course – and when you at last succumb to his proffered addictive vices, he is quite innocent! How dare anyone blame him and not you?

      Almost no-one with a face and hue like Baron’s is on our side vs. his own. It might just be a coincidence though, that Baron isn’t either.

    • Goy Goddess
      Goy Goddess says:

      “Shikker iz der Goy” is one of the most popular Jewish folk songs of all time. One Yiddish translation goes like this:

      Shiker iz der Goy (the Goy is drunk)

      Shikker iz er (a drunk is he)

      Trinken miz er (he must drink)

      Vayl er iz a goy (because he’s a Goy)

      Nikhter iz der Yid (the Jew is sober)

      Nikhter iz er (sober is he)

      Lernen miz er (he must learn, or pray)

      Vayl er iz a Yid (because he is a Jew)

      “Oy oy oy, shikker is a goy, shikker iz er, trinken miz er, vayl er iz a goy” (a drunkard is a gentile; drunkard is he; drink must he; for he is a gentile).

    • Fred Mertz
      Fred Mertz says:

      While gambling and drinking are sometimes addictive, people are not in general forced to gamble or drink. However gambling, drinking, prostitution, and borrowing at high interest provide distressed people with short-run relief that tends to be harmful over the long run. Since this behavior, so construed, is irrational, society tends to outlaw or constrain it. I have no idea to what extent Jews are involved in the provision of these services, legally or illegally, save that they seem to be prominent in the world of Las Vegas. Orthodox Jews are quite ‘Puritanical’ but I don’t think they lose any sleep worrying about declining morality among the gentiles.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      A.B: During my stay in Russia (Ukraine) decades ago, I noticed public intoxication was widespread, which is understandable given the dismal daily life in the USSR. Vodka was kept very cheap by State subsidies as a kind of Prozac and Talwin for the population. Better to direct dissatisfaction and dismay to self destruction, versus externally to the provider and progenitor.

      Liberalism aka Marxism?:  A belief system that enables a chronologically aged adult to remain a juvenile with infantile beliefs and denial of objective reality, by obfuscating the direct data of the senses and creation of magical detached abstractions.
      -Poupon Marx

      “Slavery, protection, and monopoly find defenders, not only in those who profit by them, but in those who suffer by them.”
      ― Frédéric Bastiat

      State is the name of the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly it lies; and this lie slips from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.”
      -Fredrich Nietzsche

      • Nick Dean
        Nick Dean says:

        Libertarianism has its own gentile only slaves with infantile beliefs and looney prophets like Nietzsche.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Libertarianism needs to be modified to fit the Real World as it is. Pure idealism is seldom efficacious in toto without qualification and modification. It took Buddha many years of strict discipline and mediation to arrive at his Teachings that he shared. And then, along the way, he modified some of them slightly as an optimization.

    • T
      T says:

      Getting back to Baron’s initial post, the Poles didn’t have to tolerate their nobles giving liquor concessions to Jewish merchants, they might with difficulty have forced them to desist, nor did these nobles have to give the concessions to those particular merchants in the first place. Having said that there was nothing that ‘compelled’ the Jewish merchants from accepting those concessions, and with their own (Jewish) peoples’ apparent general acquiescence within Poland then proceed to dominate the liquor market there. It’s the same with the other vice(s) described and being ‘compelled’ regarding both Poles and Jews in the article.

      To elaborate a bit more precisely on a previous post on this subject I’d made re the legitimacy of Lemkin ‘being called out’…the Jewish merchants as well as the Jewish people of Poland were an acquiescing party with the Polish nobles in the selling of the liquor to the Polish peasants, in effect aiding and abetting it, which had much the same demoralizing effect on the Poles then as when the Germans did it during WWII. Lemkin ought to have freely acknowledged that when talking about the German’s actions, otherwise one opens themselves up to legitimate criticism.

      People across the board in these things have got to start being a lot more honest with themselves, brutally so, even to the point of where it hurts, as to actual events and motovations, etc. And some of the multiple peoples heavily involved have more to do in that area than others to be sure. Otherwise it becomes not so much the blind leading the blind, but rather the blind accusing the blind, reminescent in some ways of Orwell’s 1984 ditty, with the exception that I would add that if people don’t start getting into that kind of honesty the entire thing is headed towards perdition.

      Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me
      There lie they, and here lie we
      Under the spreading chestnut tree

  1. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    The strategy of the Jews of weakening their host society by promoting sexual degeneration has been described by Catholic scholar E. Michael Jones in his work Libido Dominandi – Sexual Liberation & Political Control, which can be read in PDF here : or seen in 7 videos here :

    Prof Kevin MacDonald’s book The Culture of Critique also mentions Freud’s remark that he was “bringing the plague” to America with his sexual theories.

    The (nearly 100% Jewish) Frankfurt School was also instrumental in bringing “sexual liberation” to America as a form of ethnic warfare.

    The activities of Jewish sexual pervert Wilhelm Reich have also to be mentioned in this respect. Typically Reich, who combined Freudianism with Marxism and his own fantastic theories, averted that sexual repression would lead to “fascism and anti-Semitism”.

    For Jews undermining the morality of their host population is seen as part of their existential ethnic warfare. They engage in this kind of warfare, partly consciously and partly instinctively, the latter not in the last place because they are as a group pretty perverted themselves.

    • Fred Mertz
      Fred Mertz says:

      Freud, like Marx, gives us the worst of both sides: a FALSE theory that is also DEGRADING and DISUNIFYING. This is not often pointed out. Freud is no longer accepted by most psychiatrists (he offends feminists for one thing) but his theories have done their damage, telling us that our higher ideals and spiritual strivings are covers for base animal urges. The next step is to follow the Frankfurt School and embrace the animal urges as ‘healthy’ and ‘real.’

  2. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Jewish remarkable success in transforming their host population in spite of their small numbers can be ascribed to a combination of following techniques :

    1) Found a “popular movement” controlled by Jews.

    2) Promote that movement in the (Jewish controlled) press.

    3) Let Jewish politicians clamor for political action to recognize the demands of that movement.

    4) Finally have the demands of that movement be legalized by the courts, of course also controlled by Jews.

    Such so-called “popular movements” founded by Jews can clamor for the rights of “oppressed groups” such as women, minorities or homosexuals. The newest “oppressed group” invented by Jews is that of the miniscule group of abnormals called “transgenders”. The promotion of the rights of all these groups only serve the purpose of morally weakening the dominant majority as part of the Jewish group evolutionary strategy.

    • Fred Mertz
      Fred Mertz says:

      All of these groups have/had legitimate grievances up to a point. The problem is that a net of taboos prevent balanced and frank debate over how these issues are to be resolved. The only way to remove a taboo is to break it. The internet provides a feasible channel for discussion and defiance but it is now starting to shut down. Since the right lacks even a tiny fraction of the left’s financial and logistical resources it is forced to fight something akin to guerilla warfare. It needs soldiers who are young and foolhardy. For this reason the emergence of the Alt Right is significant. However, without access to the internet it will likely be strangled.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Chews have sharply honed the skill of using classes and subclasses among ethnics and races. Chews appealed in solidarity among the upper and intellectual classes in Germany, convincing them to coalesce with (((Them))) against the lower classes. We have and are seeing this playing today in our epoch.

      Chews have always hated the Common Man, the farmer, the workman, the yeoman. Most of these classes see through the Chews machinations as deleterious, destructive, and criminal. Multitudes of young and educated young-like me-bought into this narrative. Of course “My People”, Western Indo-Europeans did not prepare or warn me in my entire two plus decades of life, including culledge. To this day, I feel more betrayed by my own, than the constant onslaught and vitual war carried out by the Enemies of All. Chews are like salt water corrosion upon metals. Constant. If possible, remove salt water and any other corrosives that waste and destroy resources.

      Many observations-I have always been primarily an Inductive Thinker and Reasoner-in my earlier years and throughout were raw data that I could not cogently explain in a linked pattern of relationship or causality. That came later with the works of Professor McDonald, his constellation of colleagues and kindred spirits. Besides the expository nature of these works, they also provided metaphorical maps on where to look for further Rosetta Stones to unlock the suppressed and removed evidence and information.

  3. AceOfLances
    AceOfLances says:

    Brilliant writing, connecting all these things that are so very apparent upon inspection. I believe that just as we are seen as a race to be ‘patriarchal’; that Jews as a race are obscene, and relentless in their insidious debasement of their host societies’ values. Indeed, in the modern sense that the individuals’ own morally relative viewpoints are so explicitly arrogant, perhaps the ‘patriarchal’ award in the modern sense should in fact be given to the Jews themselves.

  4. Kim
    Kim says:

    I saw a study that showed that Jews are twice as likely to be homosexual both the males and females.
    I think that is true from my observation as well.

    • Flossie
      Flossie says:

      The recent noise over “transgenderism” is noticeably Jewish as well. A transgender member of a prominent Chicago-based family of billionaires has donated many millions of dollars to research into and promotion of transgenderism, including among children.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      @ Kim:
      I’d be interested in the methodology. Twice as likely as which population? My strong hunch is that blacks, Muslims and other ethnic groups, which take a harder line against homosexual behavior, under-report such tendencies.

  5. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    Japanese must be their own Jews since they’ve turned 1 out of 200 women into porn whores.

    Chinese must be their own Jews since they are obsessed with gambling.

    Thais must be their own Jews since they whore out their daughters to men around the world.

    Muslims must be their own Jews since they smoke hashish.

    • Rob Bottom
      Rob Bottom says:

      Pornographic illustrations do seem to be relatively common in Japanese history. And, as far as I can tell the Japanese porno industry is maintained by the Yakuza. Yet I cannot for the life of me imagine any Japanese man wanting to purchase black-on-Japanese pornography, and yet for some reason this category exists there. Very strange indeed. One wonders if perhaps there is an international subversive element involved in it somewhere.

      Thais are of course very poor in some areas, and that would explain the prostitution problem. They also allow their children to compete in brutal kickboxing tournaments. Few would claim prostitution is a Jewish invention, so I’m not sure why you would use that to counter the examples raised in the article.

      As for the Chinese, the diaspora living in Asia (such as the Phillippines) are a despised minority in much the same way Jews have been throughout European history, for many of the same reasons. Namely ethnic networking in business, to the point they control large swathes of the Phillippino economy. Though besides gambling (which seems to be a popular passtime throughout Asia), it doesn’t seem the Chinese are anywhere near as subversive as Jews.

      See this interview for some interesting analysis:

      • Fred Mertz
        Fred Mertz says:

        Fascinating link – thanks! Now this Chinese-Filipino-American is able to discuss disproportionate Jewish power in Russia by subsuming it under a broader phenomenon in which a number of groups including her own group participate as ‘bad guys.’ But in general it is all but impossible to discuss it without appearing to be a bigot. Because it is so tabooed the only people are people of independent means who don’t mind being ostracized. We need to put serious thought into removing the taboo on frank discussion of ethno-politics or identity politics since it now plays an even greater role than class warfare in our national politics.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        She is brilliant, an original thinker and very self-directed. She married a Jew with connections and intelligent, but a dolt. There two daughters are beautiful, brilliant and well formed.

        She is of course the “Tiger Mom”, of lore.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton says:

      Like the Japanese and the Chinese, Jews are of Asiatic descent. Perhaps this would explain their similarities. As for Muslims smoking hashish, how do they fare with obscenity and pornography?

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        A.S.: IMO, this does not and cannot explain anything about Jews. Both Chinese and Japanese were insular and totally disinterested in the outside world for centuries. They are not interested in internally corrupting “Whites”, but view them as “lazy and stupid”.

        Look at Western Man from the outside of the forest, from altitude and distance. Quite a lot of rot, deadwood, desolation, and inferior stock.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      Those are all non-sequitur.

      Anyway, the difference that matters for White Nationalists is the Japanese, Chinese, Thais and Muslims retain demographic control of their countries, where we do not because of Jews.

      Even so, it makes sense politically and is quite reasonable for White Nationalists to also point out how minorities such as Jews debase our culture, just as the Japanese, Chinese, Thais and Muslims do in their own societies in large part to bolster their already existing majority control.

    • T
      T says:

      Andrea, when a people (any people) make a claim or accusation about another groups actions or behavior that they themselves have engaged in significantly as well, particularly if the accusations/claims are unflattering or have the potential of being used as a weapon to degrade another, they ought to freely acknowledge their own similar behaviour when making the accusations. They wouldn’t have to wallow in this acknowledgement, ‘to err is human’ and all…ie Mr Lemkin could simply have acknowledged casually and briefly that ‘the German actions regarding pornography and alcohol in Poland were quite similar in nature to our own Jewish brethren’s activities regarding those products there historically.’ He didn’t though.

      Had Mr Lemkin done that Mr Joyce wouldn’t have said anything, and you likely wouldn’t have felt compelled to post. However, Lemkin didn’t, and to the extent that was true regarding the Germans in post invasion Poland, it was not denied by Joyce, so it was entirely legitimate that Lemkin be called out on this.

  6. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    This is one of the most trenchant articles I have ever read on TOO. Especially the points about tactical “fulcrums” and corporate behavior. As regards the courts I am reminded of Jefferson’s comment that they were the branch of government most likely to cause “mischief”. If only he knew.

  7. Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper says:

    I agree the Jews promote behavioral disinhibition (in a multitude of guises), which is harmful to society.

    But weren’t the Jews right about the Tropic of Cancer? I’ve never read it, but shouldn’t it be available to read?

    We whites need to get away from our Victorian prudishness.

    Yes, Jewish influence is out of control, but please let’s not go back to the stifling moralism of the 1950s.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton says:

      There was a reason for censorship, just as there was a reason behind the Jew’s opposition and deconstruction of that thoroughly non-Jewish institution.

      Let us not return to those horrid days of hateful McCarthyism, when streets were safe, children were not openly preyed upon by high-level pedophiles and white people were not prey for roving bands of murderous Negros.

      Those were indeed the bad old days of terrible “white supremacism”, before television had full frontal nudity, raw obscenity and graphic sex scenes that condition children for pedophile sexual encounters.

      Looking at the tremendous benefits of raw, unrestrained, sexualization of what was once a “prudish” white American culture, makes one wonder why websites like this even exist.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      Don’t believe the media. No society is known ever to have existed that exhibited the lack of prudishness of today’s West. Anything goes here more than anywhere, ever!

      Part of that arises from the fact that almost all Whites are liberals in the live and let live sense. We are unique there. Liberalism is an almost universal, and almost exclusively, White Thing. And that is why the Jewish media try and crowbar our nationalism into a ‘far right’ frame where for Asians and Africans their usually backward-looking and primitivizing nationalisms were always promoted as liberal causes. We Whites are forced to confound our own natures and stumble endlessly over our own natures when we conform to their claims that we are rightists.

      I haven’t been 13 for a long time so Henry Miller is a distant memory. It’s pervasive and perverted porn that’s the issue today. But I liked the response of French pornstar Manuel Ferrara to Emmanuel Macron who made some meaningless media sop to feminists:

      “The real problem is that access to all these porn sites is for free or it just takes to mark ‘I’m 18’ to gain access. There, the government needs to take measures so that these free sites are not as easily accessible, as is the case in other countries. And then, there is a personal responsibility of the parents too. I am a father and I make sure that my children do not have access to any pornography. I block everything on computers, phones and tablets. It could be that these objects should not be taken to school at all.”


      Ultimately it’s mum and dad and that is how it should be.

    • Blenda Richter
      Blenda Richter says:

      What we had in the ’50’s wasn’t ‘moralism’ but the civilized and sober mores of a society not so debased and corrupted yet by the Jew. What was so stifling about such a society? I’d go back to it faster than one can say Jew.

    • Fred Mertz
      Fred Mertz says:

      I experienced the 1950s as a child, and the early 60s, which were similar, and those days were the best. A fair degree of sexual repression is required so that the sexual motive doesn’t get the better of higher motives but is instead harmoniously fused into the project of creating happy and productive families.

  8. Outinas Theopenopoulos
    Outinas Theopenopoulos says:

    “The consumption of alcohol was encouraged, for while food prices have soared, the Germans have kept down the price of alcohol, and the peasants are compelled by the authorities to take spirits in payment for agricultural produce.”

    Jack S. Blocker, Jr., et al. Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History, (ABC CLIO, 2003), Vol 1, p483.

  9. mark
    mark says:

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” —- Henry David Thoreau

    The Alt-Right is inextricably linked the Republican Party, love us or hate us, we are here.

    Donald Trump is with us, he is attacking the Establishment…

    Who is the Establishment???

    Answer: Neocons Republicans and the Jewish Coalition Zionist derive their power from the Main Stream Media propaganda machine, which has allowed them to control politicians and dupe the masses with their propagation of ‘Manufactured Consent’.

    The advent of the internet has aided in destroying the Zionist façade, and put a near end to ‘Manufactured Consent’
    The Alt Right – is the Counter Revolution, for the New European Struggle.

    The Alt Right – is a loosely based coalition of like-minded individuals who embrace white/European identity, traits, values, ideas, virtues…

    The Alt Right – is a white/European, movement that has dominated the political discourse of both parties by pushing the Overton window farther to the right, which in turn forced the old guard Republicans further to the right, and the Democrats further to the left.

    The Alt Right – is identity politics at its finest; provocative, outrageous, subtle, thought-provoking, humorous & energetic.

    The Alt Right – is nearly a religious experience, effectively winning the hearts & minds of white/Europeans far and wide, Trump is filling football stadiums with ‘Alt Righters’ soon we will have the power to shape the 21st century in ways consistent with the common interests of our people, white/European people…

    The Alt Right – works, because it’s not ‘just’ about changing the Government, it’s about changing ourselves.

    The Alt Right – is fighting for our lives, livelihoods, and way of life; (((Globalism))) can only be countered with White Nationalism.

    The Alt Right – has been waging our ‘War’ on the (((Establishment))) by way of the internet, we have been ignored, ridiculed, attacked on all fronts yet we persevere; when Presidents & statesmen alike acknowledge our memes, lament our effect & popularity in shaping both public opinion & discourse, we know we are winning.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      Mark, your enthusiasm and positivity is great. And you’re correct in at least one aspect, ‘Jewish Globalism can only be countered with White Nationalism.’

      Just be aware that White Nationalism is an older movement than the altright, and that the altright grew out of a movement, paleolibertarianism, designed to suck away funds and influence from successful White Nationalist media and political campaigns of the past.

      David Duke was the leading White Nationalist back then, and the architects behind paleolibertarianism were of course Jewish: Murray Rothbard, Paul Gottfried, Michael Levin. They employed goy frontmen like Brimelow, Taylor and the boy Spencer to push their subversion. Just a matter of history.

      If White Nationalism is the answer – and it is – then equivocation around the matter only stalls a solution. This is true regardless of the pedigree of attempted alternative positions posed for ‘optics’.

      • Fred Mertz
        Fred Mertz says:

        The trouble with white nationalism is that you needlessly alienate every other group. Also, the relentless chatter about IQs is cold and inhuman. The white race is too diverse to inspire loyalty. All the problems we have with minorities are the result of the Jewish Rainbow Coalition strategy. The populist alternative is to get all the enemies of globalism and sexual radicalism to work together. For example, blacks have no enthusiasm for gay rights or open borders yet they routinely vote for Democrat politicians because those politicians can be counted on to look out for their economic well-being. Once elected, the Democrat politician pursues the agenda of globalism and cultural Marxism. A populist, freed of the GOP’s “free market” pro Wall Street commitment, can appeal to blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, while promoting free speech, gun rights, tight borders, school choice, and ‘patriarchy.’ Hell, Latinos and blacks are Christian and sexist. As Sonny Boy Williamson puts it, “Whup her when she need it, judge will not let you explain.” Asians are into family and honoring your parents. History suggests we aren’t going to get anywhere all by our lonesome. We can’t even get Anglin back on the net.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          Fred, if your first three points are obviously BS forgive me for not reading further.

          “The trouble with white nationalism is that you needlessly alienate every other group.”

          Wrong. Nationalisms needfully alienate every other group. What is it you don’t get about nationalism?

          “Also, the relentless chatter about IQs is cold and inhuman.”

          A false charge. White Nationalism has nothing to do with IQs. The talk you heard came partly from some misled WNs, and more from some who only pretend to ally with WN’s, but mainly from quarters expressly anti-White Nationalist who harp on IQ debates no end precisely because it does not matter to White Nationalism and would tend to undermine it.

          “The white race is too diverse to inspire loyalty.”

          Just not true. White Nationalism was the fundamental political characteristic of the USA as it grew from rural outpost to world centre, and throughout commanded no less loyalty than other state – even as its definition of White was far wider in some respects than any contemporary White Nationalist would permit.

          A return to a White America policy is obviously far less of a reversal and about turn than tom divide in America by ethnicity such as Italian, German, or Swede, when every bureaucracy and business and person in America already thinks of Whites as Whites primarily.

          If you have some good reasons for opposing White Nationalism and not just these obviously bad ones you just picked up off the shelf at Cohen’s I would like to hear them.

          • Curmudgeon
            Curmudgeon says:

            Words mean something.
            There is a difference between nationalism and White nationalism. Before the multiculturalism onslaught, Virtually all blacks referred to themselves as Americans, Canadians, etc. They had shared experiences with every other American, Canadian, etc. Those experiences may have affected them differently, but then, not every White shared those experiences the same way either.
            White nationalism excludes all others except Whites. That, as Fred rightfully states “needlessly alienates every other group”.
            Among those other groups are Whites who would be OK with a return to a White America immigration policy, but not be OK with an expel all non-Whites, which would include the Amerinds and mixed race which ends up in a Karl Lueger scenario.
            This is not to say that I agree with the all of Fred’s thoughts, but on this he is correct.

        • AceOfLances
          AceOfLances says:

          I would include many folk in India in the useful asian associates of white folks group; they are very like us and have no love for Muslims.
          I think you’re absolutely right we need to move past racial purity in the larger fight; the traits we gained throughout prehistory and into the stone and metal ages helped shape our ability to be such a versatile people within the medieval, Christian, European age, and on to colonizing and exploiting the entire world.
          However, I think that it’s very prudent in this age to Ally our selves with folk who are interested in a future that we can all benefit from; certainly there are folks who fill this category.

      • Polar Bear
        Polar Bear says:

        The time for arguing is over. Yt will fight or die. The mass breeding and importation of blacks makes the situation harder by the day.
        We finance an ungrateful and dangerous breed who are manipulated at will against us by the despicable joo.

  10. Mr Curious
    Mr Curious says:

    ARSES (AdRatScumofEngland) pozin on YT with relentless mudshark Cathedralese.

    Most interracial crime is dindu-on,White amirite? Not when our greasy, turdy, swarthy ARSES stick their giant hooknose into the ever,grwater #FakeNewsMedia assault on Reality. Barclays Wanc has an ad where a WHITE MAN cimmits fraud on a google female. Fake News – fraud is mostly skittles & skypes. A retarded chocolate bar ad with a eidiculous name – WHITE MAN vandalizes a toy duck, vandaluzes a bing fliwer girl, destroys a scene of mudsharking with an ATTRACTIVE WHITE WOMAN (who couldn’t look less like the obese, potato headed Dawn-Frenchalikes), cayses a car crash. This BlondThug is not arrested – FAKE NEWS. FAKE NEWS – most violence us committed by googles. No such thing as a Hinkey-Out!!!

    Furniture Village – White mudshark looks like a lingerie model rather than Valleys Pig.

    Aldi – White Woman shown as inferior to black hosyess by double,dipping. FAKE NEWS – You din’t see White rapefugees swimming to turd world.

    When was the last time ARSES made anyone other than White people the dregs of an ad. When Dec made wisecracks about Alisim Hammond being obese!!!

  11. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    All this can be double-edged, having the effect of raising awareness of Jews, in the way that Christmas ads and ‘historical’ plays with too many mixed-race actors are being noticed.
    Bradley R Smith, the unfortunately now-dead stalwart of CODOH, at one point advertised Henry Miller in his bookshop in Los Angeles.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      having the effect of raising awareness of Jews

      Quite right, Mr ReRev.

      It may well be that many, many more people, courtesy of this website, constantly reading, thinking and talking to others tactfully about the hard, cold realities of Jewish power, hidden influence, social, political and moral corruption of their host societies, and absolutely ruthless determination to transform the world and all of us into their own uniquely godless vision, so that we become nothing more than the starving rats and termites in the rotting hulk of their drifting, demonic ghost ship, will actually begin to awaken people to the truth.

      In turn, that might actually eventually result in the increasingly painful, publicly-supported, irresistible, inevitable, preferably blood-soaked removal of Jews from the positions of ruthless and wholly corrupt power int which they have managed to oil themselves – and hasten the day when the last of them, leaving White shores, count their unnumbered casualties with many tears, and vow to learn the invaluable lesson of not running their diseased numbers on us or on our sane, intelligent, peaceful, stable, God-fearing homogenous societies ever again.

      At least, that’s certainly what I’m hoping.

  12. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    “The courts will play an important role in the future trajectories of our people. It is, however, almost certain that they cannot be reclaimed in the manner in which they were first seized.”

    These two sentences speaks volumes.

    In the same paragraph Mr. Joyce mentions Zygmunt Bauman. His essay (below) is worth a read. Note the interest he takes in the work of Michel Foucault.

  13. T
    T says:

    Excellent article. As you allude, self deception, though deceit none the less, would help to explain much. And, I would submit this self deception, which excuses nothing, is on a massive scale and across the board regarding the peoples involved.

    And another case of self deception excerpted and linked below from a 2003 paper authored by two Israeli university professors which analyzes on a micro-scale the dynamics of colonisation there regarding its ‘settlements’? The referenced ‘Mizrahim’ is simply an alternate term, more or less, for Sephardim, the Jewish people of Middle Eastern origin. The paper in the analysis comments that Europeans in past times would colonise using a small European ‘founder’ elite population that would then cynically use ‘immigrants’ to both profit from as cheap labor and as a dividing force against the native population. The ultimate aim being to ‘ethnicize’ the native population, ie the displacement of the natives physically, culturally, and economically, all being towards the domination in those areas by the ‘founder’ colonizing group. Those Europeans engaged in colonisation have long ceased and acknowledged the error, and rightfully so.

    The Jewish people as everyone now knows have had their own ethnic homeland for well over a half century.

    In that light are not those Jewish living in Europe and who promote mass immigration there (much to the harm of its European natives) a ‘founder’ colonists population using ‘immigrants’ as a weapon to ‘ethnicize’ the European peoples so effected towards their own displacement and ultimate Jewish domination and control?

    Wage slave ‘immigrants’ and their flimsy fig leaf, the fraudulent asylum seeker/refugee, as well as at best the naive enabling ‘social justice warrior’, should take note, you’re ultimately just a despised tool by those using you in this scheme.

    ’..the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony…’

    Between National and Local: Political Mobilization among Mizrahim in Israel’s ‘Development Towns’

    Settler society and the making of ethno-classes

    Israel’s development towns are key components in the making of a Jewish settler society in Israel/Palestine, and this geographic-historical setting is central to the understanding of the Mizrahim as a marginalized ethno-class. Settler societies have generally been established by Europeans, who settled other continents and dominated indigenous peoples by seizing and ethnicizing space, economy and politics (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis, 1995). In order to advance the project of nation and state-building, the new settling regime had to ‘import’ immigrants who entered society at a status lower than the dominant group—the ‘founders’—but higher than the indigenous ‘natives’. To advance the project of territorial ethnicization, the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement on the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony held by the dominant European group (usually identified with ‘the state’), by distancing the immigrants from the centers of capital and political power (McGarry, 1998). Meanwhile, the immigrants are contributing to the important national project of settlement, which provides them with a sense of belonging and certain material gains from the settling state. Culturally and politically, however, they are marginalized, while the natives find themselves entirely excluded (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis,1995).

    • T
      T says:

      The two Israeli professors might have besides using the term ‘Ashkenazis’ when speaking about the non-Mizrahim Jewish within Israel rather than ‘Europeans’ to imply or denote such, have also added that Jewish financiers were a major assist in that past European colonisation, particularly with the big players, ie Britain, and likely France, rather than being silent…lest any be confused.

      And, yes, those Jewish power elites and everyday Jewish people following them within Europe which advocate for mass immigration there are acting much along the same lines as the European colonizers, as ‘founders’, the paper on ‘ethno-mobilisation’ describes.

  14. Peter Baggins
    Peter Baggins says:

    Excellent, incisive and well supported argument. Great reading for those of us less familiar with the JQ.

  15. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    This marketing of obscenity and sex culture suggest at something that the Right usually overlooks. Even the Alt Right focuses mainly on ideology while ignoring the iconology. What do the icons of ‘obscenity’ tell us?

    It must be said that the main threat to the West is not commitment to racial equality but worship of black superiority, the dirty secret of PC and globalism. As the current world is defined by the Pleasure Principle, especially of instant gratification and optimal orgasmics, the kind of people who deliver on those demands will be most admired and adulated, and this is where blacks make a crucial difference. While it’s plainly obvious that blacks cause a lot of pain and harm with crime and social decay all around the world, they excel in sports, dance music, and macho antics. And having larger dongs, even non-black women become addicted to Jungle Fever as optimal sexual pleasure(which may be topped only by meth). Negroes are the meth of the West. White people know Negroes do long-term harm to cities and nations, but because Negro deliver on instant pleasures(of music, sports, and sex), non-black races worship the black icon. The main heroes of white males are black athletes, and the top ideal of ‘mudsharks’ is the mandingo. Indeed, it’d make more sense to replace TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD with MANDINGO in American school curriculum. It makes no sense to pretend that blacks still represent ‘uncle tom’ figures when they are now near-worshiped as ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ thugs, studs, and gangsters.
    Blacks, in collusion with Jews and cucks, market Afromania and turn whites into Jungle Junkies. Consider how France is turning into Africance. This is less the product of ideology of racial equality than the result of ‘iconology’ of Afrique Mystique. By some estimates, well over half of all children being born in Paris are of African descent, and every year, countless white French wombs are being colonized by African seed, not because French women belief in racial equality but because they believe in black superiority. Women want to have the children of superior men, even if they don’t stick around. It’s like Greek mythology where women feel grateful to be impregnated by a god even when he doesn’t stick around to help with the kid.

    Now, one can argue that blacks are inferior in intelligence, morality, responsibility, stability, and etc. And in a more sober society guided by propriety, blackness might be seen as disgraceful.
    But we live in a electro-orgasmo high-tech jungle-land where young children grow up to whorish pop idols as ‘role models’, where pornography is accessible to young ones, and where cheering for blacks on sports teams is the only permitted kind of ‘tribalism’ for whites. White males cheer for ‘our negroes who hump white cheerleaders’ against ‘their negroes who hump white cheerleaders’.

    The real thrust of globalism is not egalitarianism but Jewish supremacism(in intellect, will, and organization), homo supremacism(in flamboyance and creative flair), and Negro supremacism(as the top studs and most awesome gangsta thugs).

    • Tudor
      Tudor says:

      It is only about indoctrination.
      If having a “larger dong” would have been an advantage, nature, through evolution, would have eliminated the “infirmity” of not having a “larger dong”. Or God, who made man after his image, is imperfect?
      The same with lady garden.
      A real man needs only a woman. Macho means infirmity.
      People should be familiar with German New Medicine at least for a little more natural living.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      I think you’ll find the African/ sickle-cells are not exactly in Paris, but in the banlieus around Paris, a sort of concrete necklace away from the centre. I doubt whether many Frenchwomen are under any illusions about blacks and those behind their funding and invasion, despite the Jew advertising/ TV etc propaganda, made with all the arts of Jew propagandists (er…). But it’s hard to be sure, as Jews have made formal statistics on race illegal.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Andrea Ostrov Letania,

      “larger dongs”

      Reconsider the dong idea. Years ago in an employee assistance course my professor said, “we have lined them up and we can tell you it’s a myth.” The Africans in the class were taken aback – the truth was out!

      The real problem are the White hipsters, hennetasters and thralls who are running “our show!” They need to go wherever they have power over us.

      Harper who?

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Andrea, you are in top form. Love your style, like a one man band, you play bass, percussion and alto sax, flute, etc. To get people to act stupid, infantile, and meanlessly, one must deconstruct and reconstruct the inner software of the individual from core beliefs, relational phenomenon (ancestors, family pride, tradition, derived and deductive moral code works, etc.). This is the stupendous achievement of the Chews: changing the very inner workings of the Western Man-gle, the Source Code, the OS.

      We are all watching the parallel of science fiction moves that portrayed humans taken over by aliens, their consciousness and personas erased and replaced. Chews are the Humunculus.

  16. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    I propose there is presently a very subtle form of conditioning consciously passing unnoticed by the unconscious masses. Terry Gilliam makes note of this issue in his movie Brazil when Sam first wakes up from a dream to face the everyday reality of non-functioning technology.

    Have you noticed how nothing works anymore, how things typically break shortly after purchase or fails to function as advertised? Have you noticed how paint on cars begins to fade and peel long before the end of the vehicle’s useful life?

    Why is it my old ’41 Chevy retained much of it’s original paint in the 1970s, while my ’93 Toyota’s paint began fading and rusting by the beginning of the 21st century? I suppose one might even ask why I now own Toyotas instead of Chevys.

    Remember when your parents bought a TV, washing machine or refrigerator for life? Yet today one is lucky if these appliances last five years, or the warranty period – whichever comes first. Have you noticed how much time and effort is required to correct such faults? (Even as this is being typed, I must stop and reset my keyboard by removing and reinserting the batteries because it inexplicably stops working from time to time.)

    I spend a considerable amount of time re-engineering and repairing shoddy devices. However, the only option for most is to remove and replace. One can only wonder how the landfills are piling up with mountains of this junk because so few have the ability to re-engineer and repair.

    Today, the parts needed for repair typically exceed the cost benefit of their purchase price. Of course, that’s if the repair parts exist at all as they usually are not available in the first place. Interestingly, I am finding more and more devices constructed in a manner that makes them impossible to repair.

    More importantly, have you noticed the effect this non functionality has on one’s daily routine? Have you noticed how aggravating it is to be focused on a task only to have a critical device quit working? How many throw such devices across the room in a fit of rage? Considering how often such rage might occur on a daily basis, how much of it might bleed over into other activities and one’s personal relationships?

    What might be the larger effect of this nonfunctional aspect of society that mirrors many other non functioning portions of American culture, like its legal, educational and political systems.

    I note that Jews have long been at the forefront of selling cheap, shoddy goods to the gullible goyim for exorbitant prices, like those flack jackets they sold to the military that resulted in more, not less, casualties. Is it possible Jews have found yet another way to antagonize and torture the mind of the goyim while garnering obscene profit? Or is it all just another big, stupid mistake, like those Congress repeatedly makes on a regular basis.

    I note that true stupidity occasionally does work to one’s advantage. Sometimes stupid mistakes work out for the best. Yet the “stupid” mistakes I see today never advantage those laboring under the “stupidity.” They are continual victims of this stupidity that, without exception, works to their disadvantage every – single – time. This looks far more like intentional, planned stupidity than it does accidental stupidity. I also note that somehow Jews invariably profit from all this stupidity.

    Am I missing something here? Perhaps I’m just another stupid goy among the masses seeing something that is really nothing more than fevered imagination.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      I have just finished a travail involving a 7 year old refrigerator. Over the years I had to turn the cold control farther and farther toward cold. Finally the limit was reached- no more adjustment was possible! The temp started creeping up and I could do nothing. I was afraid to call a repairperson- incompetence and overcharging. So I started searching the net and ended up buying a new cold control. $26, but can go up to $100. It was ruined within three weeks! So was my nervous system! Same problem- no more adjustment was possible. I already got food poisoning from the first I was afraid to call a repairperson- incompetence and overcharging. So I started searching the net and ended up buying a new cold control. $26, but can go up to $100. It was ruined within three weeks! So was my nervous system! Same problem- no more adjustment was possible. I already got food poisoning from the first go round! [Temps got up to 46F].

      Temps were creeping up again. It could not be two bad cold controls in a row, so I spent hours searching for anything else that could cause the same symptoms! Ah- defrost timer. So one of those went in. Seemingly “worked” for a few days, then temp crept back up. I was at wits end. The situation had all the symptoms of bad cold control, but I could not believe the odds.
      Say the chances of a bad control is one of 500. The chance of two consecutive is one divided by 500 squared or 1 of 250,000! This cannot be! I finally accepted the logic that indeed the cold controls were BOTH bad- now I was scared shitless about buying a third one! So I started looking for alternatives to cold controls [CC is a temp operated switch that turns on the compressor]. I found some electronic units which are now in use. But I had to first do something to stop the food loss! So disconnected the latest cold control and installed a jumper wire. I plugged the refrigerator into a switchable outlet, so I could manually control the temp and stop food from spoiling! I had to stay up all night to maintain normal temps! PSF!! P*ss, sh*t, f*ck!

      Yes, modifications were needed. The electronic cold control is really spiffy- adjustable all over the place. I endorse looking at Amazon ratings, even if you do not buy there. Look for 4.6 or better. I endorse Fakespot site. This looks at Amazon reviews and grades them [A to F], using statistics to look for fake reviews.

      This is the electronic control I purchased:

      • tadzio308
        tadzio308 says:

        Such problems with a refrigerator are familiar. Freon can no longer be replaced. But, hey, there was the cost saving of a plug. Possibly a welder could cure the issue.

        The main reason why goods are not repaired is very simple. Manufacturing is done with Asian wages and repair is done with American wages. A convergence of wages and/or a tariff would do much to change this dynamic.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Gentlemen: I thought I was dreaming when I opened this thread two hours ago because refrigerator-freezer problems are plaguing me, too.

          Tadzio, when you wrote “Freon can no longer be replaced,” did you mean that literally? Is replacing it now prohibited by law, has Freon become prohibitively expensive to replace, or is something else what’s at issue?

          Closer to the point, is Freon or another gas the stuff that periodically circulates through a frost-free unit to keep the freezer frost-free and the entire unit working properly? I ask because a month ago I discovered that whatever does the defrosting in the freezer had over the past fifteen years burned a tiny hole in the lower rear of the freezer compartment (the gas smell was the giveaway). The thing that surprises me is that both refrigeration and freezing still take place—but if and only if I shut everything off for eighteen hours twice a week to allow the frost on the pipes to melt and drain into the under-unit basin. Yet I thought that a Freon leak would disable the entire refrigeration process …

          Any enlightenment you gents can offer on this matter would be most welcome.

          • George R
            George R says:

            Lots of compressible gases can be used as refrigerants. Giants like DuPont develop a gas, patent it and then the EPA deems it “ozone- friendly” while phasing out the previous refrigerant (with an expired patent).

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        There are many review sites. Talk to a technical person familiar with the processes of the machine. IOW, a person like me. I never have these problems with machine purchases because I do extensive research and apply a lifetime of knowledge related to technical and mechanical items.

        Generally, good companies with solid reputations built good machines. I am taken with and impressed by Zojirushi appliances. There are several objective and data driven sites that tell you the histories of certain types of machines.

        Be objective, talk to a reliable expert, and do research. In point of fact, do the same for all your prospective decisions and evolutions.

  17. Tanstaafl
    Tanstaafl says:

    Regarding jews conspiring to promote vice, see Merchants of Sin.

    Regarding jews conspiring to advance their genocidal anti-White agenda via courts, see The Brown v. Board of Education Scam:

    Frankfurter wrote his colleagues long memos rationalizing the result he wanted. He urged that law must respond to the “transformation of views” and the “changes in men’s feelings for what is right and just.”

    In the February 1987 Harvard Law Review, Elman revealed his conspiracy with Frankfurter, not in contrition over his unethical behavior that has riven judges from the law, but to claim credit for himself and Frankfurter for “this enormous contribution to American constitutional law of the 20th century.” Defending himself from impropriety, Elman said, “In Brown I didn’t consider myself a lawyer for a litigant. I considered it a cause that transcended ordinary notions about propriety in litigation.” Frankfurter had been the “Kochleffel,” the “man stirring everything up inside the Court.” Marshall and the NAACP’s briefs were not even good foils for Frankfurter, Brown’s “grand strategist.” “Thurgood Marshall,” said Elman, “could have stood up there and recited ‘Mary had a little lamb,’ and the result would have been exactly the same.”

    Lempkin on genocide is like Freud on psychopathology or jews generally on “racism” – they describe the motives and methods which best fit their own tribe, but ascribe them to anyone and everyone else.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      Your link to Brown vs Board of Education includes these Jew-related items (among many others):-
      In 1941 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt formed the Fair Employment Practices Committee to guard against racial discrimination by defense contractors. This trend was strengthened by the war against Hitler’s regime that had reduced Jewish rights and then decimated the Jewish population. Later, the Cold War, which prompted Soviet attacks on U.S. segregation, provided another spur for change.
      Aren’t there any more internally consistent accounts?

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      This link. “Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom:, is really interesting. A quote from it,”…Their culture allows sociopaths to prosper and encourages them to harm non-Jews…”

      I have come to the conclusion that this is root of the problem with Jews. It may well be that they will kill us all but if they’re not able to pull it off they had better reign in the vast number of psychopaths in their group. If they do not do so then they will all be blamed just as they have been so often on the past.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Indeed. I find it difficult to believe that the NSDAP would promote such things, as it would expose their own to the vices.

      As an aside, in Canada we have had hyphenated Canadians for decades. I always found the Poles to be the most extreme (next to Jews) in inventing suffering and blaming others. To this day, if it weren’t for Germany and/or Russia, they would be a superpower. There is no recognition of their own stupidity in dealing with German offers to settle the Danzig problem.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        I also find some of these accusations against Germany’s wartime administration of Poland questionable. Lemkin, who evidently coined the word ‘genocide’, was a Jewish anti-German propagandist during the conflict who likely got some of his lurid accounts from such tomes as “The Black Book of Poland”, a 1942 screed, which featured a plethora of atrocity accusations. For all we know, he may have even had a hand in compiling it. Conversely, one of wartime Germany’s accounts of Poland is du Prel’s large 1942 book Das Generalgouvernment.
        A few decades back, a visit to the WWII section of an American used bookstore featured dozens of slanderous, anti-German books left over from the wartime period. Most were obviously produced to fan war hysteria, and to rationalize & justify the induced Anglo matricide of Europe.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        @ Curmudgeon

        “In Canada … I always found the Poles to be the most extreme (next to Jews) in inventing suffering and blaming others.”

        Yes, I have found that too. They present themselves as the 2nd most persecuted victims of the Third Reich and of the “Holocaust.” It is central to their modern national narrative, for which they want evermore reparations and help. Poland, prior to WWII, had the largest Jewish population proportionally in the world so I guess it rubbed off. Those non-Poles who promote Polish interests and even extol a trumped-up Polish history and celebrate current Polish nationalism at the expense of Germany should BEWARE of the consequences of this foolhardy course. For real history, read “The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature” found here: Also a
        podcast on Poland from Oct. 2014:

  18. Benjamin Garland
    Benjamin Garland says:

    Great article Dr. Joyce, as always.

    I recently published an entire book on this topic called “Merchants of Sin” (which can be bought at Amazon or read for free at the link Tanstaafl posted above).

    I’m glad to see someone else tackling this topic, as I believe it is very important and has been largely overlooked by anti-Jewish writers until now (hence why I wrote the book).

    The disproportion of Jews behind every major American obscenity trial is astonishing, though I guess not particularly surprising.

    Just one interesting factoid, as an example: We’ve had three obscenity “tests” in this country. First it was the Hicklin test, then the Roth test, now the Miller test. The defendants in all three of the cases these “tests” came out of were all Jewish: Lew Rosen, Samuel Roth and Marvin Miller, respectively.

    That’s 100% of our obscenity tests coming from a people who’ve only ever made up 2-3% of the population.

    The vast majority of whites, on the other hand, have always been – and still largely are – against liberalized obscenity laws and pornography.

    While it is a bit harder to ascribe a specific Jewish motive to this phenomenon than say, the subjects of Culture of Critique, the fact remains that vice is objectively harmful to civilization and thus the fact that Jews have been so successful in pushing it on us is one more very legitimate reason for rational people to openly oppose them as a group.

    How much of this subversion is conscious cultural warfare and how much is just natural Jewish behavior (and some of it is indeed a conscious, deliberate attack, as admitted by Abrams, etc.), I don’t even really care at this point. The outcome is the same.

    We don’t deserve it and we have every right to push back against it.

    Thanks to you and Dr. MacDonald for helping so much to educate me and others on the most important question of our time.

  19. Rich Faussette
    Rich Faussette says:

    The strategy of Jews coercing their hosts into sexual profligacy comes from the Levitical prohibitions which are the guarantors of the covenant offered to Abraham in Genesis. The Levitical prohibitions [Leviticus 18: 19-23] forbid non reproductive sexual behavior. Forbidding non reproductive behavior raises a group’s total fertility rate. God says: Don’t do what the Egyptians or the Canaanites did, or you will be “spewed out of the land” like they were. Since observing the Levitical prohibitions raises total fertility rate and keeps God’s covenant (which promises the displacement of other peoples), then taking the Levitical prohibitions away from Gentiles eventually lowers their total fertility rate and spews the Gentiles out of the land.

    “…The Christian religion, like the Jewish religion from which it was derived, expected marriage, abundant children, and fidelity in both sexes while outlawing abortion, infanticide and non reproductive sexual practices. … part of the rise of Christianity can be attributed to biological reproduction, pure and simple.” From Darwin’s Cathedral, Evolution, Religion and the Nature of Society, David Sloan Wilson (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago Il. 2002) page 152-153

    Maintain the Levitical prohibitions, raise your total fertility rate, and inherit the earth. At the same time, prevent your competition from maintaining the Levitical prohibitions, watch their cohesion, genetic potential and total fertility rate plummet, and inherit the earth that much faster.

    • Anthony Clifton
      Anthony Clifton says:

      Jesus didn’t come from Talmudic Judaism…

      Judaism ooozes from the Talmud.

      the Old Testament is not about “Jewish” people…

      repeating “Jewish” lies never changes true.

      precise definitions for words [Zephaniah 3:9]
      removes the flexibility that permits
      two opposites to be the same “THING” …for the braindeadgoy

      no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo
      No “Jews” in the Old Testament

      nothing is more obscene than a “Jew” worshipping
      White man allowing his daughter to fornicate
      with the beast of the field…

  20. ariadnatheo
    ariadnatheo says:

    Alexander Baron poses an intriguing question:
    Why indeed did (and do) the “Goyim” buy (literally and figuratively) what the Jews sell? It could be argued that they don’t realize how toxic it is until it is too late. After all, Goyim are stupid.
    A more intriguing question yet is why did (and do) the Jews keep coming back to nestle in the midst of nations that expelled them time and time again, oppressed and persecuted them “for no other reason than being Jews,” and cyclically “fewed” them in ways that are too horrible to not describe, and when the Jews are sure that hatred of Jews is hard wired in them? After all, Jews are smart. Why doesn’t the tribe that wishes to dwell apart fulfill its own wish?

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      They keep coming back to us because as typical parasites they need a host population and Whites due to their high intelligence and creativity are the most attractive host for them. How could bloodsuckers survive if they had to live only among themselves ?

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      why did (and do) the Jews keep coming back to nestle in the midst of nations that expelled them time and time again, oppressed and persecuted them “

      You might as well ask why fleas and ticks keep returning to dogs after the dogs are cleansed.

      What part of the noun “parasite” do you not understand ?

  21. Anne M
    Anne M says:

    And by settling the Danzig problem they would have avoided the invasion? The war?

    Drang nach Osten — remember? Hitler was such a peace-loving chap, had a really soft spot for the Slavs. Those stupid Poles had to mess up everything! Eh.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      If your comment is directed at me, yes, a German invasion would have been avoided. I have read enough “alternate” or revised history to come to that conclusion. While anti-Soviet Marshal Pilsudski didn’t like Hitler, he signed a non-aggression pact with Germany. After his death, it was Smygly Rydz who was openly hostile to Germany and openly spoke of invading. It was he who invaded Czechoslovakia (bailed out by Hitler’s Munich agreement) before Germany entered the Sudetenland and began the ethnic cleansing of Germans in the disputed territories, rejecting any peace offer from Germany.
      There is a large hyphenated and Polish population in my city, and I have known dozens, including relatives by marriage. I have always been struck by their arrogance.

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        I made a point of visiting Berlin in 1990 to see the divided city I was whisked through in 1945 as a baby. Mid afternoon on a Sunday I needed some film so we went to a famous and huge Store right on the old border with East Berlin. Evidently were just in time as the store was about to close, say, at 2.30Pm. I speak German so I noticed the mostly female staff were as nervous as kittens, they were genuinely scared. I asked what was wrong and was told, ‘Die Polen’ (the Poles).

        It seems just before the store closed and most of the customers had left the building with only staff, were awaiting the virtual Army of Poles who would swarm into the building and help themselves to whatever they wanted. No police and staff under instruction not to resist. I was amazed that such things were permitted in a World famous department store. I cannot account for the fear so obvious among those employees but it reminded me of the gentle Eloi when confronted by the brutal Morlocks in HG Well’s Time machine.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Friend Curmudgeon,

        I thank you sincerely for freeing me of a saddening burden; namely, that of thinking that it was Pilsudski who was responsible for the venal and incredibly stupid land grab of eastern Czechoslovakia. After having long thought of it as a lamentable blot on the escutcheon of the man responsible two decades earlier for the Miracle of the Vistula, I’m truly relieved to learn the truth.

  22. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    I read through this long list of responses to Dr Joyce’s brilliant article, nodding ever more vigorously. Yes, all of us have an insight into what Jews are up to with their aggressive pushing of pornography and drugs. They do it no less in Israel than in their several host countries. So can we escape the conclusion that Jews are just ‘like that’? The dreadful thing is that we have next to no defence against them, for their kin own the news media and the publishing houses that shill for them and their base tastes. Our children cannot escape the depredations of these arms of mass indoctination, for their products are actually the subjects of study in schools. We should tell our children that Jews are a pretty disgusting and dangerous lot, and advise their avoidance of all Jews. What other recourse do we have against them?

  23. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    This guy got fired for his creed. I thought the Constitution said ‘no discrimination based on creed’.

    Now, if someone complains that a company has hired a Zionist imperialist, BLM thug, or a communist, can that company fire that person based on those creed-entials alone?

    Would ACLU let it pass? I don’t think so.

    The big struggle of patriots must be banning the firing of people based on creed.

    After all, wasn’t the beef about McCarthyism that some writers, teachers, and folk singers were blacklisted because of their Stalinism?

    Liberals said we must stand with the right of even Stalinists to work. So, why the silence from all quarters about the firing and blacklisting of people based on CREED, meaning belief, ideology, or conviction?

    Alt Right must lead the Civil Rights Movement for the Freedom of Creed in the Workplace.

    McCarthowiczism is not okay.

  24. JRM
    JRM says:

    One aspect of this ongoing discussion in the comments that has been mostly ignored is the emphasis on the “obscene” in the Jewish imagination. This is nothing other than the old “materialistic Jew” as manifested in the realm of sexuality.

    Note than “pornography” need not necessarily besmirch all artistic creation relative to the sexual urges. Aryan people are quite capable of putting sexuality on a sacred pedestal; the Jew, on the other hand, is well known for obsessing over homosexuality, scatology, debased relations devolving into sadism or masochism, promiscuity, etc..

    The very notion that women respond to, seek mates based on, and principally care about, the size of a prospective sexual partner’s penis is a cultural con job that allows both misogyny and miscegenation to thrive.

    In tandem with making sexuality synonymous with obscenity, the Jew has also busily worked away at the erosion of religious belief, making any old-fashioned “moral” scruples a laughing matter, and positing pleasure as the only worthwhile aim; in doing so they convinced the White man he lives in a materialistic, reductionist world where the biggest genitals and the largest number of sex partners define sexual preeminence. These values- large genitalia and profligate mating – were once the hallmark of black sub-population sexual ideals. Now we are listening to Jews while imitating blacks!

    Between the perversion of the sex life and the debasement of the spiritual life, Aryan man is literally dying. We cannot survive in any great strength without spiritual and transcendent ideals, but we can be kept around as livestock for Jewish harvesting indefinitely.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Barack Obama: “America is no longer a Christian country”. [My work is done].
      A goal was set and eventually achieved. By a tiny minority against a goofy majority.

  25. Goy Goddess
    Goy Goddess says:

    This is slightly off-topic, but I recently discovered the highly curious phenomenon of Israeli-made Holocaust porn, which was apparently so popular amongst the self-chosen that it was the “top reading material for 18-year old Israeli boys in 1963, according to a Hebrew University survey” (!!!)

    See here and here for more bizarre info.

  26. JM
    JM says:

    @Dr Joyce
    “Indeed, Jews were widely understood by both Poles and Germans as having been intimately involved in the alcohol industry of Poland prior to the invasion of 1939, with the Tablet even affirming in a 2014 article that Jews “ruled Poland’s liquor trade for centuries” in a system in which Polish peasants were compelled to purchase Jewish alcohol ”
    You want confirmation? Straight from the mouth of “an honest Jewish bubbe who was once such a beautiful woman”, courtesy of “the Israeli Mel Gibson”:

  27. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    “Just as Martin Heidegger pointed out that the individual spends much of his or her time in a state of preoccupied ‘everydayness’ or ‘inauthenticity,’”…..

    Preceded by The Buddha over a thousand years before, in a much more profound and useful manner. Heidegger is a bone digger and transfer workman compared the Sidharta Gautama. People who live in a village believe their local wine is the very best, until they travel outside of their valley.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      Sitting beneath a bodhi tree to arrive at the ‘enlightened’ realization that mankind has two natures, the ordinary which is rather unpleasant , being susceptible to worldly desires and passions, and the true nature which is brimming with kindness and compassion is not especially profound. Heidegger recognized this dual nature but also recognized, as revealed in his notebooks, world Jewry as the motor in the machine driving Western man into a nihilistic nightmare. Heidegger is Taganu D’Araguna to Buddhas kraft dinner.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Buddhism by country:
        Thailand 95%
        Cambodia 90%
        Myanmar 88%
        Bhutan 75%
        Sri Lanka 70%
        Tibet 65%
        Laos 60%
        Vietnam 55 %
        Japan 50%
        Macau 45%
        Taiwan 43%

        300 hundred people worldwide practice Buddhism.

        On Belief and Practices:

        {On Belief and Experience: Buddha encouraged people to question and think through what he said. He declared, “Believe nothing until you have experienced it and found it to be true. Accept my words only after you have examined them for yourselves; do not accept them simply because of the reverence you have for me.” He advanced his teachings as a method that each person could experiment with for themselves, and made no demand that his followers “believe” on his authority. He told his others to accept each aspect of his teaching only after they had tried it out for themselves andfound it to work. When your experimentation confirms one step, then try another. In this sense he had a very “scientific” understanding. Sadhatissa writes, “these ‘truths’ are…the result of one man’s truth and freedom, and they have beenfound valid by many millions who followed after him; but each individual, in so far as he is a true follower of the Buddha, must reason out each step for himself, and must in time come to experience the truth, not by hearsay but by direct knowledge during his own lifetime.” (p. 37)I find this a refreshing contrast to the authoritarian stance of many gurus and religious authorities of East and West alike that “MY way is the RIGHT way, and if you want to be saved or liberated or enlightened you have to believe what I tell you to.}

        All the European philosophers sum totality of work has had almost no effect upon the advancement of the Chewish Genocidal Extermination Project. Who even today knows and/or cares what these abstract and ethereal subjects addressed were? Oriental philosophies are almost all oriented to the practical and actionable.

        Is this topic relevant to this forum? Of course. No Buddhist country or group of believers would have any truck or tolerance for Chewish mischief, cognitive dissonance, manipulation, lies, and aggressive parasitism. There is a built in “immunity” that the (((Parasite))) cannot breach so easily as that of the Western Indo-European. But nobody seems to notice or be interested IN WHAT WORKS. Here and elsewhere commenters and authors peddle their wares of nostalgia, Northern European Superiorty Phantasmagorical Resurgence, and assuring us that all the tools and implements we need exist within the high garden walls of the West (where weeds, invasive species, and bubbling toxins have despoiled the firmament.

        If these Repeat Petes were judged on practicality, results, production, and goals in an engineering setting, they would be fired or removed for substituting fantasy and fancy for hard evidence and planning.

        Liquid Cargo Pumps manufactured in the West were noisy, high maintenance, inefficient, until the Japanese reinvented the concept and established a refined to the point of perfectionist machine:
        A good machine is like a good woman and like good ideas. Effective, efficient, low maintenance, robust, not costly to maintain, well designed, and pumps a long time at rated output, maintaining a good appearance, e.g., slobbering fluid from leaking gaskets.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          A good machine is like a good woman and like good ideas. Effective, efficient, low maintenance, robust, not costly to maintain, well designed, and pumps a long time at rated output, maintaining a good appearance…

          Gee, you don’t expect much of a woman, do you.

  28. Cyrus
    Cyrus says:

    Isn’t it possible that the Nazis were just trying to keep up the status quo in Poland for reasons of quelling unrest?

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