Homage to the Post-First World: My Wanderings in Europe: Warsaw

I’m in Warsaw for the 99th Anniversary of Polish Independence. At least I think that’s what this is about. All I know is that Poland is the backdrop and I’m here to meet my friends – no my comrades – yes, that’s what they’ve become to me. We’ve come for the march from all over Europe.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all for Poles being proud of being Poles and defending their White Christian heritage, but they seem to be doing just fine without us anyway.

Most of us have come from countries that are much worse off. For us, this is a practice run on friendly territory for people with our views. Poland seems to be the only White country in the world left where some form of nationalism is tolerated.

Anyways, I’m staying with the Swedes and every night is a binge-drinking session followed by a narrowly avoided barfight with a random drunk Pole.

I mention this because the Poles really do seem hell-bent on starting fights with random tourists.

Even passing by, across the street from the massive Stalin-era clock tower smack-dab in the center of Warsaw we have some close shaves. A drunk, stocky, leather jacket-sporting Pole with a massive red and white flag in one hand is stalking back and forth, banging on metal poles and cement with a baseball bat.

Naturally, he ignores the Chinese tourists, the African Brits, and the other various New Yuropeans milling around the busy intersection. He rounds up on us instead. The stink of the beer hit us before the baseball bat ever does. I can’t help but notice that he’s already bleeding from a cut on his cheek and looks like a shorter, fatter version of me.

…Strange thoughts at the strangest times…

But we’re almost forehead to forehead now. I lock eyes, my deep-blue squared against his ice-blue. It gets tense.

Our group keeps moving around him though, and like white water flowing around a jutting stone in the river we slide around him on both sides. As I side-step him, I lower my eyes because eye-contact that lasts a millisecond too long usually leads to a fight. Anglos and other Western Europeans rarely experience this sort of thing. Growing up in the comfortable and loving leafy embrace of Suburbia makes you soft. But spend some time in Eastern Europe and you learn the rules about eye-contact etiquette quick enough.

I only breathe easy when we’ve put some distance between us. We’ve all hushed up and walk on for a bit in silence.

Sven starts the conversation again to bolster our flagging spirits. He’s good at that…

The day before, we participated in the massive, 60 thousand strong nationalist march through Warsaw. Just like the night before, there were sporadic fights breaking out all along the route among rival football clubs and rival nationalist organizations.

Poles against Poles. Whites against Whites.

I lost track of the Swedish Nationalists I had come with and ended up marching with the Dutch Identitarians instead. To be honest, it was a welcome change of pace. All of a sudden, I was around a different kind of European. They could crack jokes, include me in the conversation and seemed to actually want to practice some of that pan-European solidarity I had heard so much about.

We chatted as we strolled, taking turns waving the Generation Identitaire yellow and black lambda flag.

Huge booms from flash bangs started echoing off the Soviet-era Krushevki buildings all along the main road. Then the softer clicks followed by long hisses as people start popping off red flares.

The sky was overcast and it got dark quick, but the harsh red glare from the flares lit up everyone and everything with a kind of sepulchral glow. The smell of the burning chemicals washed over me and I breathed it all in, like the mystical smoke from some pagan witch ceremony or something. The flares seemed to have a powerful, almost reverent effect on everybody in the march.

And when you look up, the cloud canopy is so low and tight around the city that it feels like cling wrap or aluminum foiling. Oppressive almost. That is until it all becomes tinted red from the flares…

But we’re almost home now. After our brush in with the local patriot and his trusty baseball bat, we’re happy to be heading back to our place for the night.

As we walk, we look up and around us. Dust from and dirt gets blown into our teeth from all the high-rise construction sites all around the downtown. I can’t help but notice that Warsaw in general is a very ugly city. The only redeeming feature is the Stalin-era clock tower, which is surrounded by dozens of newer disgusting glass and steel towers with advertisements for Coca-Cola, Audi and Deloitte plastered all over them. One gets the impression that despite their best efforts, even the most fervent anti-Russian Poles couldn’t bring themselves to take down the magnificent clock tower bequeathed them by their backwards oppressors. So they just decided to surround it with ample proof that they were dead-set on becoming Western and Capitalist now, as if to spite the tower and the ideals of the people who built it.

But maybe I’m reading too much into it.

At the very least, our little group seems to agree that the Communists at least built better architecture than the liberators who came after.

Speaking of the after, a young nationalist Pole joins us tonight. He’s from the Black Bloc — a Polish alliance of Neo-Nazis.

I saw them at the march the other day. They came in like a war-machine, ranked up in a Roman-style Testudo formation, with their banners wrapped all the way around the group like a shield wall. Black suns and Celtic crosses were flying proudly behind the first ranks- these guys were the real deal. Protecting the flanks of the column were black-clad young men with their faces totally covered in black ski masks. Turns out our young friend was one of them.

Older Poles would run up, yell out abuse and some even tried to start fights. But the Black Bloc just kept marching in perfect discipline. Even the soccer hooligans didn’t dare touch them.

I should mention that the march had many different factions. You had the pro-Polish anti-German faction of nationalists. And then the anti-Ukrainian nationalists. And of course the anti-Russian nationalists. And from there, you can just mix and match by adding pro-x or anti-y. Every neighbor of Poland past or present is fair game for nationalists to rally against or in defense of. It’s a veritable smorgasbord of right-wing options for the discerning gourmet nationalist.

But only the Black Bloc seems to be pan-European and concerned with “Whiteness” instead of just “Polishness”.

And our young Pole is only seventeen, but he is already a skinhead.

Turns out it’s because he lives in Sweden, and he’s the only White kid in his class in Stockholm. He goes to a high school in Rosengarden, which is one of the largest immigrant districts. Worse, he’s been kicked out of the only alternative private school in his area where the White kids are still the majority.

He talks to me through Sven who translates his broken Swedish into English so that I can understand.

“You know, before I was even a nationalist, I had problems at the private school. The Swedes are worse than the Arabs and Blacks. They would complain about me and report me all the time. Always behind my back, never to my face. Poles are naturally too nationalistic for them, I guess. I like it better in my new school.”

Turns out that the Arabs and Blacks respect him ever since he became a Neo-Nazi.

“Every time I do this…” he throws up the roman salute, “they fear me.”

And so this young Pole, whose great-grandparents probably fought the Germans in World War II is now part of the Black Bloc.

And I have to admit, I really do sympathize with the kid.

Nazi imagery may not be good at convincing shy huWhytes to join the Identitarian cause, but its ability to strike fear into the hearts of non-Whites is second to none. To them, we’re all just a blend of Crusader-Nazi-White Devils who’ve gone soft. They stiffen with fear when they see that black spider on a field of red and white and see the gangs of young White hooligans that fly it.

I can’t fault the kid for doing what he had to do to make it in that school. I imagine that the situation is comparable to prison. He already looks much older than his age and he’s already starting to get that dead mackerel stare in his blue eyes.

But he’s a good enough kid. Normal, sane and if I’m honest, he’s probably the future of the Post-First World. Generation “Zyklon” isn’t a meme. These kids are pissed. They are the first to feel what it is like to be in the White minority…and many of them don’t like it.

The problem is dire when you think about it terms of age cohorts instead of just looking at racial percentages. Places like Sweden, Germany and the UK are very top-heavy population wise. Once the Boomer generation starts retiring and passing away in the next ten to fifteen years, there’s going to be a dramatic demographic shift.

Generation Z is already the minority in many countries. Unsurprisingly, they’re starting to radicalize.

We talk for awhile more through Sven, but then it’s time to start packing our bags for the airport. They’re going back to Sweden, and I’m moving on to the USSA. I shake hands with all my old friends and my new Polish one.

Their flight is earlier than mine, so I have a few hours of time to myself in the apartment after they leave. It really hits me then and there that we’re all in this fucking nightmare together. The feeling washes over me as the realization dawns that it’s not just funny memes and spoof radio programs anymore.

This is the calm before the storm, and we’re all preparing for it as best we can.

None of the people that were crammed into this little apartment in central Warsaw have a golden ticket for the Ark like our more well-off peers seem to think they do. All of us are going to be wading knee-deep through the demographic deluge for the rest of our lives.

And that is a sobering thought, to say the least.

But at the very least, I’m not worried about that one Polish kid. Somehow, I think he’s gonna be one of the ones that makes it.

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  1. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    “…Speaking of the after, a young nationalist Pole joins us tonight. He’s from the Black Bloc — a Polish alliance of Neo-Nazis…”

    Slavic people flirting with Nazism is the most ridiculous thing ever. I know it even exists in Russia. These people should know what the real Nazis had in store for them. You can be a proper white-nationalist without being a Nazi, and that holds true even for Germans.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      They can’t be Nazis in any case, Franklin. National Socialist German Workers Party ideology, the kind popularly known as “Nazi-ism”, is a uniquely German manifestation that appeared at a particular time in history. It can’t possibly be reborn, not even in Germany, I don’t think.

      While I’m here, they say it was a totalitarian form of government but for as much as I know at least, it was not that. Not every little aspect of Germans’ lives were controlled, though a lot were. “Totalitarian” would more properly apply to Soviet Bolshevik and communist systems in general. And it’s getting that way here, too, bit by bit.

      Just saying.

      • Irish Savant
        Irish Savant says:

        Would that be the actual Nazis or the caricature refracted to us through the Jewish lens? There really is a big difference you know.

        Having said that the Nazi brand is toxic and those of us defending White interests are probably better off avoiding it.

    • Ger Tzedek
      Ger Tzedek says:

      Everything we know about Nazis, we learned it from Jews. Jews are notorious for the high moral standards that they bestow upon their victims. Not so for their own high moral standards. Could be bad press.

    • Ger Tzedek
      Ger Tzedek says:

      I have read the memoirs of a Jewess who lived through the Siege of Leningrad. When the siege was lifted, they celebrated. After the celebration, the anxiety set in again, the horror of Stalin, even though Stalin was at a far distance. The siege was almost preferable to Stalin. Said by a Jewess.

      In fact, a formidable leading class formed in Leningrad during the siege. Very efficient, get things done. Surprise, surprise, Stalin killed them all t the end of the war.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      You can probably get a good idea of what the Germans had in store for Slavs based upon what they did while they ruled over them for centuries. The Holy Roman Empire, ruled by Austrians for many centuries was a multi-ethnic empire with many nationalities (Germans, Ukrainians, Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Slovenians, Romanians, etc.) and although it had its problems, it was one of the most advanced countries in the world – some people argue the most advanced country at times. And if you talk to western Ukrainians today (the part of Ukraine under Austrian rule, the chief city being Lviv, formerly Lemberg) they say the Austrians were good rulers. That helps explain why western Ukrainians welcomed the Germans with flowers and warm smiles when they were liberated from Jewish Bolshevism in 1941, not to mention the fact that the Jews had murdered millions of Ukrainians (while France, Britain and the USA said nothing and even enabled the Jews carry out those murders) until the German army invaded.

      If you look at how the Austrians ruled, they had a multi-lingual parliament representing the different ethnicities and they had universities with professors from different ethnicities. Ukraine had never been an independent country, but under Austrian rule the university in Lemberg had a seat reserved specifically for a Ukrainian professor. When Lemberg became part of Poland after WW I, the Poles abolished that university seat and over the next 15 to 20 years a large number of Ukrainians fled Polish rule to Canada. Large numbers of Ukrainians fled Poland to Canada and this became an issue under discussion in the British parliament.

      When Czechoslovakia was created, there was no plebiscite, no vote on whether the millions of Germans (Austrians), Czechs and Slovaks wanted to form a separate country. We know for sure the majority of Austrians would have ruled against it, as many Slovaks would have and even some, and perhaps more than just “some” loyal Czechs might have voted to stay part of the empire.

      Czechoslovakia was not the freedom loving little democracy Jew propaganda presented to the world in the 30’s. Czechs ruled over others and made it clear they came first. Slovaks broke off and became a separate country as soon as they could – in the 1990’s, whereas all these peoples lived as part of Austria for many centuries.

      This is Prague in 1942, when hundreds of thousands of Czechs filled the center of Prague and pledged their loyalty to Germany and Adolf Hitler. At a mass meeting in Prague, 200,000 Czechs pledge loyalty to their homeland and to the German Reich. Czech Minister Emanuel Moravec addresses the large rally on July 3, 1942, on Wenceslas Square, near the historic statute of St. Wenceslas. He concludes with an expression of confidence in a better future for the Czech people, and of support for the “new Europe,” the “National Socialist revolution,” “our leader, Adolf Hitler,” and “our state president, Dr. Hacha.” Emil Hacha, head of the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia government is present, along with many other officials. The meeting concludes with the crowd singing the Czech national hymn. Three minute newsreel clip, with Czech narration


      Czechoslovakia was created to destroy Austria and weaken both Germany and Austria, which it did. It did not improve the lives of the minorities in the country, many of which were loyal to the empire and it contributed greatly towards WW II.

      When the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was being negotiated, Germany wanted Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to be independent nations, while the USSR demanded these countries back (they had been part of the Russian Empire) , to become part of the USSR. FDR became aware of this thru an American diplomat who became aware of the Soviet position and said nothing. He was fine with that, while blasting Germany for trying to liberate the millions of Germans placed under foreign rule after WW I.

      Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof on The War That Had Many Fathers w/ English Subtitles

      To understand the brutality of the war in the east, including that of Germans towards Slavs, you have to understand the brutality of partisans and Soviet soldiers towards Germans. If you subscribe to The Occidental Quarterly you can read an excellent multi part article by Dr. Andrew Joyce on the partisan war.

      Germany correctly considered Jews the leaders of the partisan war and that would also help explain the mass shootings of Jews in the east. One only has to look at the atrocities Americans carried out against the Viet Cong to understand the war on the eastern front in WW II.

      • George F. Held
        George F. Held says:

        Thanks, Peter, for the indirect plug for my translation of Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof’s book: 1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers. It should be read by everyone who wants to know how WWII started or who thinks he does know. It is available at: https://www.amazon.com/1939-War-That-Many-Fathers/dp/144668623X
        An abbreviated version of its chapter: “The Anschluss of the Sudeten Regions and the Subjugation of Czechia” has been published in TOQ. The following is its first paragraph:
        “Czechoslovakia, an artificial state first formed in 1919, was put together after the First World War by the victorious powers from pieces of land which previously were Austrian, Hungarian, German or Polish. . . . The double name Czechoslovakia refers to two different peoples or two different regions. The name disguises the fact that in the newly created state the most numerous peoples are the Czechs and the Sudeten Germans, not the Czechs and the Slovaks, and it does not enable recognition that the new state has three regions, not just two. Carpatho-Ukraine in the east of Czechoslovakia, with its Ruthenian-Ukrainian population, forms one distinct region. The closely related languages, Czech and Slovak, tie the Czechs and Slovaks together, but history separates them. On the other hand, Slovaks and Ruthenians have a common history, but two different languages.”

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Dear George,
          As the grandson on my mother’s side of a woman born here of fully Czech parents (her name was Vanecek, with a hacek over the c, of course), I am grateful for this very valuable comment of yours. It completely corresponds with literally everything I know about this subject, whether at first hand or otherwise, and indeed supplements that knowledge.

          All I’d add is that the virtually ex nihilo creation of Czechoslovakia was, in a sense, just another instance of doing what came naturally to the members of Europe’s striped-trouser set, whether triply parenthesized or not. I think in particular of the similar creation of Belgium, in the wake of the Napoeonic wars, a century earlier. As a now deceased Dutch friend of mine used to wryly observe, Belgium was invented to separate the Catholic Dutch from the Protestant Dutch, despite the two groups’ clearly expressed desire not to be separated from one another.

      • Irene
        Irene says:

        Russia to this day doesn’t regognize the genocide of up to 10 mio. Ukrainians in the Holodomor.
        In Russia there isn’t one single monument, museum, memorial remenbering the tens of millions murdered during Russian bolshevism, though all the mass murderers enjoy the honour of being buried at the most sacred place for Russians on the Kremlin wall. Lenin’s mausoleum stands on the Red Square; behind it the well kept individual tombs of twelve “heroes” of the Soviet Union, people like Felix Dzerzhinsky, and “the greatest Soviet leader ever, the great nation-builder” (Putin), the Genghis Khan of our times Joseph Stalin.
        On top of Lenin’s mausoleum is the podium where Putin stands to watch the annual parade of the Russian army commemorating their victory over the Germans in the Great Patriotic War.
        Once Boris Yeltsin removed the honour guard guarding Lenin’s mausoleum; later the neo-Stalinist Putin reinstated it.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Russians didn’t murder ten million Ukrainians, Irene. Your fellow Jews did—as you bloody well know.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Oh yeah, the Russians didn’t [do] nuffin’, they are victims.

            The very nature and tone of your non-response response marks you as a Jew who has come to TOO to sow intramural suspicion and hatred.

          • Curmudgeon
            Curmudgeon says:

            Friend Pierre,
            She may have you on a technicality: (((they))) weren’t always the ones pulling the trigger, although it wouldn’t have bothered them. As for the 10 million, a few decades ago, the very active (and sizable) local Ukrainian “community” started at “more than” 7 million. When the hideous, “world class”, white elephant Canadian Museum of Death – I mean Human Rights – was built, it was almost amusing to watch the Ukrainians and Jews squabble over who would get top billing, but we all knew who would win out.
            Most locally would have been happy if it didn’t exist, and a tiny percent of the tax money poured into it, be used to help our homeless.

          • Pierre de Craon
            Pierre de Craon says:

            Friend Curmudgeon,
            I acknowledge the justice of your careful reproof, as I know in turn that you will acknowledge the reduced culpability (I do not say innocence) of a man—let’s call him Man R—who executes another man, Man U, because a third man, Man J, has a pistol to Man R’s head and because Man J’s associates are prepared to execute Man R’s wife and family if he doesn’t do as he’s told.

            Apropos your sad but ultimately unsurprising anecdote of weak and gullible Ukrainians and manipulative Jews, do you ever wonder, as I do, whether the yearning to be flattered—even if only to bask in reflected flattery of one’s forbears—might sometimes outstrip even greed, lust, and several other of the Deadly Sins? As good sons of their satanic father, the Jews’ awareness of the most vulnerable chink in the rest of humanity’s armor—the desire to follow someone who can plausibly portray vice as virtue—is the sole area where they as a people truly surpass the rest of the human race.

            Lastly, if you will pardon an obiter dictum, I am no big fan of the thinking of John Stuart Mill, but his proposed rule of governance that no one who benefits from the largesse of the state should have the franchise—that is, lest he vote to enrich himself at the expense of others—always seemed so plainly sound to me that for decades I couldn’t understand why its wanton disregard was considered “progressive” and “enlightened.” But of course, during those decades I was blind to the triply parenthetic nature of progressive and enlightened thought and action!

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Two points briefly:
        1) The partition of Germany was attributed by Benjamin Freedman, who was Versailles, as being at the insistence of the bankers who, essentially took over the process.
        1) There is endless criticism about “Nazi atrocities” when dealing with the partizans. Lost in this, is that they only became “atrocities’ under the London Protocols dreamed up for the show trials at Nuremberg. That is, ex post facto atrocities. The “rules of war” for more than 200 years required combatants to be in uniform so as to protect the civilian population. Combatants not in uniform were spies, and could be executed on the spot. Those protecting spies also became un-uniformed combatants.
        No one’s hands were clean in the two fratricidal wars of the last century, stirred up by the usual suspects.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        I remember when I was a child a lot of Polocks immigrating to the USA where they simply ceased to exist as Poles and became the highly revered and diety status of the common vulgar American Jew. Highly revered by the even more common stupid, soft, fat, anti-white Whites of today.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      @ F. R.-How true. Look at all the mistakes of history and learn from them. Most middling and muddled folks posit an “new” authoritarianism, with a single “cult of personality” to lead them as a rubric.

      What are needed, I believe are a set of principles and beliefs-ideas and ideals that will transcend individuals and intra/extra personal differences. I believe the logical and practical roadmap, markers, and method and path starts with Buddhism. Quite simply, any group that wants to accomplish anything must first change the interior and Inner Man before the erection and placements of exterior anything. Of course, I view most present day fellow citizens as empty shell, blank terminals waiting for signals and packets of information and instruction from a remote operating system.

      Ideas and clarity and thought before action. The man with a plan wins, as well as the man with a reason and vision; based on an overarching discipline of WHAT WORKS. Christianity is an edifice that has rotted and crumbled and is in need of a place on the shelf of a museum. Let’s face the truth and not waste time on deadweight and ineffectiveness.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        Yes Poupon, we shall raze the cathedrals and install pot bellied buddhas in place of Christ. A rainbow of love will appear in the sky, unicorns will prance through Vatican City and all of Earths White folk will join together singing kumbaya while embracing their yellow brethren. You need to let it go. Constant proselytizing often tends, at least with the discerning, to make one wary rather than ripe for conversion.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          @Karen T- No, Karen. The cathedrals will be converted to mosques within a generation, as Hagia Sophia was in Istanbul. That is because the former not so robust or integral pillar of the West, Christianity, has now become sawdust from the (((carpenter ants and termites))) that have Chewed it to bits and shat it out.

          Your continued opinion re: Buddhism should, in a self-aware way, be a feedback loop that no knowledge of a subject is an empty vessel and a plate with scraps of empty calories.

          As usual, you have conflated a fantasy with a blind adherence to an obsession and inadequate set of operating parameters. In the history of prime movers, from the early reciprocation steam engines burning coal, to the early diesel engines burning coal dust, to steam turbines, there have been adherents and supporters that had refused to budge in opinion and actuality to a superior and effective technology. These are the “Left-Behinds”, same as the “Right Behinds”, their battle cry and credo being, “Rearward Ho!”. Today, the modern 4 cycle and very large 2 cycle diesel engines are the most thermal efficient fuel engines ever made.

          A great many like you, will be suckling the toes of the corpse of former live, but now desiccated and decayed corpuli of former constituents of institutions. There will be no sustenance, nourishment, or emollient. Because nothing comes from nothing. There will be no Jan Sobieski (my favorite vodka) to rescue West Civ from its stupidity, cupidity, sloth, and short horizon greed. In short from its tendency toward “r” behavior traits, those of the African Race.

          It is often cruel to be kind, as the deluded and confused refuse to reject refuse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38IbsCMozkQ

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods” – Edmund Burke

        • Charlie
          Charlie says:

          “nd all of Earths White folk will join together singing kumbaya while embracing their yellow brethren”

          No, the yellow and browns will use the blood of the whites to grease their ox carts as civilization under their rule will devolve back to the stone age.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Dear Karen,
          I know that what I am about to say is no news to you, but I say it nonetheless for the benefit of those (sometimes including moi-même) who are slower on the uptake. Trying to reason with someone who is arrogantly secure in his adolescent ignorance and in his contempt for the hard-won wisdom of his tribe is an exercise in futility—as, sadly, I am reminded when I fail to follow my own counsel in this regard!

          There is a passage in Boswell’s famous biography where Johnson upbraids him for maundering about the sufferings of boys who were whipped or flogged whilst at school. A fair summary of Johnson’s view, derived in part from his own experience, is that flogging, however undesirable in an ideal world, is often the only way to compel chronological adolescents to acquire enough facts to enable them later in life to break the bonds of perpetual maturational adolescence.

          To apply Johnson’s insight to the present circumstances, Poupon Marx might have been unwittingly diagnosing himself rather than patronizing you when he wrote that “it is often cruel to be kind.”

      • Sam J.
        Sam J. says:

        Poupon Marx’s comments are just a long line of what, I believe, are a new focus group tested idea to veer Whites off on some other path other than the root of our problems. All these other problems we should focus on, say the Hasbara, can be more easily solved if we get rid of the Jews first. Our foremost problem is getting rid of the Jews. All these other problems we can solve later.

        The Hasbara comments are so silly as to leave me aghast. As if Whites have to have to walk on water or heal the sick or raise up the dead…in order to say their homes are theirs. Let’s just take their silly assed ideas and reduce them to the base. The essence. Let’s say a guy owns a wheel barrow. Now some else comes and just takes his wheel barrow starts using it. The guy, (the White guy), objects to his wheel barrow being taken and a third party, (a Jew of course), starts spouting off about,”Well you are not righteous in the ways of the Lord”, “You have not said the great Holies and morally cleansed yourself”, “You have not made the moral case for the wheel barrow”, “You have not learned Greek and Hebrew to speak properly for the wheel barrow”. IT’S HIS WHEEL BARROW. All your nonsensical shrieking is just massive smoke and mirrors to mask the problem which is that the Western areas built up by Whites are being taken away from them and the primary impetus to this are Jews. We don’t have to make a moral case for our homes, our society, our civilization. It just IS ours. No other substance is needed. The real solution to this problem, is to get rid of the Jews. Even if it’s not the total solution it’s the only logical place to start. We don’t need to morally provide any damn thing to the Jews. We owe the Jews nothing. There is no consideration we should give the Jews to anything, anywhere, anyhow. It’s our wheel barrow.

        • Vajkard
          Vajkard says:

          No sane person can any longer ignore the fact that Jews with their parasitic MO are destructive to White nations. There is plenty of evidence for this assertion, ranging from well known Jewish domination in lying media, pop “cultural” filth, increasingly marxist academia, to direct engagement in politics, whether using shabbos goys or by systematic engagement through various NGOs. And there is of course also the usury, enslaving entire nations by eternal debt, because leftist governments have to maintain the Potemkin villages of social justice and welfare state.

          Another, particularly grotesque tactic is inducing White guilt through the Holohoax legend, which seems to be the ultimate moral reason why Whites should be accepting replacement level negroid immigration from African and Middle Eastern shitholes: only by doing so, another Holohoax can be prevented.

          I agree on all of the above observations made by plenty of intelligent people – they are all too obvious to deny.

          But I believe that all of the above is not the root cause for gradual demise of Europeans. Barking at Jews is convenient so one can avoid the much needed introspection. It might be true that there are some (true or crypto) Jews at the top positions in government, such as Angela Kaźmierczak or Martin Schulz, but these people represent only a minority of political establishment. Is Theresa May a Jewess? Is Macron a Jew? You should be looking at traitors within your ranks, from Cromwell to Churchill, from Blair to May. Without their shekel-driven ambitions, Jewish domination would be just a pipe dream. So it seems there must be something essentially wrong with Whites (especially the much lauded Anglo-Saxon type) that are able to bring up such rotten eggs. And I don’t think that this is a genetic, but rather a cultural issue. What sane people would be keen to adopt the teachings of some illogical, hysterical Semitic cult, especially the barbaric Old testament (not that New testament is any better, just the level of hypocrisy is more advanced), which is particularly worshipped by the Protestant denominations? And how could such a deranged, desert devil obssesed mentality resist the Jewish parasite?

          And you write about the skull shapes which are supposed to clarify something. It’s like reading some charlatan eugenics by the professional German liars. You see, I don’t see Hitler as particularly evil, nor I don’t see any modern democracy any better than National Socialism – on the contrary, I see democracy much worse. Any democracy, by design, is just a rule of the manipulated (preferrably thoroughly miscegenated) mob. Plato knew that and anyone with half the brain can see it. But I also think that Hitler was not particularly good, for he too (intentionally) avoided the introspection by spreading the historic lie of Germanic superiority and establishing some ridiculous copy of ancient Rome. Getting at the very bottom of things (way beyond the “red pill”), National Socialism is as destructive as any other system that succeed European monarchies after WW I. Not that monarchies were significantly better, but they were at least somehow sustainable.

          • Sam J.
            Sam J. says:

            “…But I believe that all of the above is not the root cause for gradual demise of Europeans. Barking at Jews is convenient so one can avoid the much needed introspection…”

            Let’s get rid of the Jews then we will have all the time in the World for “introspection”. The two are not mutually incompatible. I suspect, though I can not prove, that doing one would facilitate the other.

            “…And you write about the skull shapes which are supposed to clarify something…”

            I do but not to clarify. I do so because often the thing the Jews harp about the most are things that are important to us that they wish to obscure. [I wish to explicitly state that there is a great deal of what seem to be Hasbara that are working overtime to tell Whites that what we need to do more than anything is to somehow fix our own faults and just not worry about the Jews themselves right now. Probably a focus tested idea.] It was at one time widely believed that skull shapes were important. The Jews attacked this idea so furiously that now supposedly only fools talk about it. I’ve noticed that very Jewy Jews look quite a bit like Neanderthals. I don’t know if it means anything but I do know that anthropologist can tell where different races come from and some of their background from skull shapes. I find it interesting and talk about it to prime people to pay attention to these sorts of things. It may possibly come in handy in fighting off the Jews. I don’t believe Jews are like us or have the same thinking patterns that we do. Much like a person from New Guinea doesn’t think like a Midwestern American. Differences in physical structure may strengthen this argument.

            No matter what our problem is being the prey for Jewish parasites for thousands and thousands of years we’re not likely to fix whatever our problem is in the few next years so the best solution is to get rid of the Jews however we can. People have lived, believe it or not, very happy lives without the Jews for hundreds and hundreds of years. Let’s try that first. We can work on self improvement without the machinations of the Jews and see how that works for a while.

  2. Irene
    Irene says:

    I love Poles as long as they stay in their own country! We in Germany -and in the West- are suffering under a veritable mass invasion from the East. Thank God the german patriotic AFD members of parliament have begun to draw attention to the massive amount of crime committed by Eastern Europeans. One of the MPs who has his constituency along the Polish border even called for the immediate restitution of border control to stop polish criminals raiding German territory.
    If you e.g. visit German big cities like Hamburg or Berlin and walk at night, you’ll feel relatively safe – you’ll see women and children riding their bycicles everywhere. By contrast if you visit Warsaw or Bukarest -as I did- you’ll note that, after dusk, women simply disappear from the urban landscape – guess why!
    The writer was even complimentary calling Warsaw city center just ugly – he probably didn’t go to the suburbs which are huge slums where most Poles live; now you know why they leave their country in droves heading to the milk and honey West!
    Btw polish nationalists are 100% anti-German and anti-Western. No wonder the British voted for the Brexit – they are fed up with the polish, romanian etc.. invasion!
    America needs a big, beautiful Trump wall -and you know why. And Europe needs a new big, beautiful Berlin wall to separate us from them!

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Two news stories out of D-W news service.
      1-7-2016: Poland enjoys lavish EU subsidies
      Poland has developed much over the past years. It wouldn’t have been possible without EU subsidies.

      1-10-2018: Tusk warns Poland may quit EU
      EU President Donald Tusk has warned that Poland’s PiS government could push the country out of the bloc if it stops being a NET BENEFACTOR of EU funds. Tusk said that “for PiS the benefit of being in the EU boils down to the balance of payments, with a complete disregard for other benefits …

      Poland, when it has existed, has always been out only for Poland, and Poles only for Poles. Their nationalism is about not wanting to to let non-Poles live in their country.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        “…Poland, when it has existed, has always been out only for Poland, and Poles only for Poles. Their nationalism is about not wanting to to let non-Poles live in their country…”

        Well, that sounds like a healthy nationalism to me, desirable for all West-European countries.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Is it healthy nationalism when you are not self-supporting but depend on aid and special treatment from other nations – and even then cannot assure a decent life for your people who emigrate in large numbers anyway – and this after being GIVEN rich industrial land and infrastructure, port cities etc. that you did not build or develop, as war booty from a war you were unable to win?

          Without all this help, the majority of it always coming from neighboring Germany, and for hundreds of years into the past, Poland could only be one of the world’s famous ‘shithole’ countries.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          You’re asking the same thing Franklin did, which I answered in my comment right above yours.

          Poland has always asked for, or demanded, or stolen, a lot of help … which they are loathe to admit. They go so far as to lie about it. Then they never want to behave toward others the way they want others to behave toward them. If you think you can show otherwise, please do, but Franklin never does.

          The EU is actually right when they say you can’t sign on to a Union from which you benefit (and have been benefiting for years) and then make yourself an exception to its rules. You must put forth the effort to change the rules, if that’s what you want. You must show leadership.

          In like manner, after the first war, Poles wanted to rule over a large territory and promised they would assure legal and human right to the non-Polish populations that were forced against their will to be a part of this “Polish Republic.” They didn’t, and they lied about it and evaded discussion and got away with it for a long time. But they earned a lot of hatred by their stupid behavior. And they haven’t changed.

    • Trog
      Trog says:

      You wouldn’t have Eastern invasion if Eastern Europe wasn’t decimated in WW2 and the later by communism. Western Europe “runs” Europe. Don’t want eastern invasion – don’t destabilize the East

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Blaming the problems with Eastern European stability and success on WW2 and communism is like blaming the problems of Negro/African American stability and success on Slavery. After so many years go by, and so much help is given, that excuse doesn’t work anymore.
        It always comes down to the quality of the people.

        • Trog
          Trog says:

          I don’t deny. I only claim they wouldn’t have >mass< migration if the East was stable. Read about what Siemens did in Greece prior to 2010

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Eastern Europe was Jewed over and over again not destroyed by White nations.

        If you don’t want Eastern Europeans, Africans, Mullatos…. in your nation, then round up your Jews and that mass unchecked immigration will cease.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Well. The Poles quite often outdo the Germans and other western European men in ski jumping. The one and only Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Maciej Kot, Piotr Zyla and a couple more; can’t recall their names.

      The jump season is on now. Hope you all can catch some of the competitions.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      It is no wonder that Jews have a reputation for ingratitude. Expelled from Spain , Austria, Hungary and Germany, by the beginning of the 16th century over three quarters of Europe’s Jews had emigrated to Poland giving rise to the proverb of Poland being Heaven For Jews. Now that the Jews have reconquered Germany Irene resents having to return the favour, especially as there appears to be a rise in ‘antisemitism’ among Eastern Europeans, so while no mention is made of African invaders, it is the Poles she deems non acceptus.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        Instead of the movie: “Inglorious Bastards” the movie needs to be cast and named “Ungrateful Bastards” to show what a worthless pile of crap the jews are.

    • Stig
      Stig says:

      Irene, where have you been hiding, Lüneburger Heide maybe?, when your major bone is with polish invaders of Germany. These bad guys might be stealing some cars here and there, but I suspect they don’t shit in your
      swimming pools and it was not them to mistake showers for toilets – and this comes first-hand from my friend working in a city hall building department in a place just south of Munich who visited with us recently.
      Travelled recently: Vancouver, Frankfurt, Munich, Warsaw, Barcelona. The worst place? Definitely Frankfurt. Dirty, chaotic, crowds of noisy people, airport employees shuffling their feet. Remembering the place decades ago, it’s depressing now. And after my visit to Warsaw I really cannot confirm the picture of disappearing women after dusk, nor the presence of huge slums in the suburbs. It’s been a while since I visited Bukarest so here I stop.
      Overall, I don’t think we need distraction of the kind your post provides.
      We now should not be squabbling about inter-european matters as much more critical task is fending off external dangers, both to the material as well as spiritual european values.

  3. Forest Gump
    Forest Gump says:

    Damn Adam, I feel like I’m experiencing it all through you. We’re so broken, so fragmented, with a rage that’s building, and yet, (((they))) have been masterful so far in misdirecting it, like the guy spoiling for a fight, but of course, he’s brainwashed only to seek it with Whites. Your descriptions seem like a nightmare in a carnival fun house.
    “calm before the storm” alright. 10 years ago it might have seemed like just crazy ranting, but today it seems we may well be smashed from that nightmare right into World War III.

    The closer we get to it, the clearer the outlines become, the less amusing and romantic the reality of it all.

    I don’t want the anguish.
    I don’t want to see anyone, or anything, suffer.
    I don’t want to have to make those hard choices.
    I don’t want to be forced into a course of action that the gentler side of me wouldn’t normally take.

    BUT, (((they))) never stop;
    you can’t appease (((them)));
    (((they))) are unrelenting…

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      “I don’t want the anguish.
      I don’t want to see anyone, or anything, suffer.
      I don’t want to have to make those hard choices.
      I don’t want to be forced into a course of action that the gentler side of me wouldn’t normally take.
      BUT, (((they))) never stop;
      you can’t appease (((them)));
      (((they))) are unrelenting…”

      As a pacifist your musings should read:

      I don’t want to lose my Talmudvision
      I don’t want to stop worshipping the Negro
      I don’t want to stop deifying the Jew
      I don’t want to give up my love for race mixing.
      I don’t want to stop driving my Datsun.
      I don’t want to stop being soft, fat, and an anti-white White

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    Thank you for the article. I confess I’m confused. I was just telling someone again today that I suspect Eastern Europe is a more desirable place to live than western Europe in certain ways, including that of crime, and you burst my bubble.

    I read many of the pro-white media websites and I’m aware of the refugee invasion of western Europe, the big increase in crime and some of the horrible crimes committed, in addition to the terrorist attacks. For that reason I believe many eastern European cities may be safer than western European cities.

    Maybe you have to take each country individually and analyze them. I vacationed in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for over three weeks in 2002, 2003 and 2004 and I spent two weeks in Kaliningrad, Russia (formerly Konigsberg, East Prussia) in 2008 and I felt perfectly safe in each city. I didn’t go out at night in Kaliningrad, but I went out a few times in the Baltic countries (Riga, Tallinn and Klaipeda) and I had no problem. The only thing I can say is there are some loose women and probably more prostitution than is visible, but I didn’t see any fights. Maybe because I’m older than you? I don’t know. When I mentioned I was going out one night in Kaliningrad the girls at the hotel became very concerned and said I shouldn’t go. They said I might get robbed, or taken some other way and they meant by girls. I didn’t go out.

    I’ve never been to Warsaw, or any part of Poland, but if what you experienced is an accurate picture of life in that city then I’m going say you have to analyze each European country individually.

    I don’t know if Warsaw was ever an attractive city and I’m not sure this is even true, but we were told Warsaw was badly destroyed in WW II (by the Germans), but Germany’s former enemies tend to exaggerate the destruction Germans did to enemy cities and grossly downplay the damage done to German cities in the war. But if Warsaw was badly damaged in the war then that could explain why Warsaw is an unattractive city (unless is what always unattractive).

    Almost every one of Germany’s beautiful cities was decimated in the war and when they were rebuilt, they did not rebuild the entire city the way it was, with the old, beautiful architectural style. They rebuilt parts of the cities as they had been, the historical center and certain important landmarks, but much of the city was rebuilt with modern architecture, which I do not believe is nearly as attractive as the pre-war buildings were in many cities. In the east I was told they rebuilt many cities using what was called Stalinesque Architecture, which is primarily flat concrete walls. It’s ugly. I think many apartment buildings were erected in the east in that fashion. As far as Germany is concerned, I think you can see some of the most beautiful “German” cities outside Germany, because Vienna, Prague and Riga were not decimated in the war. These three cities and many others in eastern Europe were German cities at one time, or at the very least with a large German population that created the city.

    In a comment above, Irene mentioned Bucharest. I’ve never been there, but unfortunately Romania has not had a great reputation, but what I’ve heard about mostly is corruption. I met a Serb-Croat a few weeks ago and she talked about crime in Croatia and I met a Hungarian a few months ago who said it’s a problem in Budapest. But I’m not sure how bad (or good) things are in any of these places. I don’t think you can go by one persons experience. You need a statistical analysis of crime in a city. And I think many west Europeans downplay the problems in their cities. I think much of western Europe has taken a huge fall over the last few decades.

    I visited Berlin twice in 2016 and Dresden a few months ago and I believe Germany’s culture has changed dramatically. German cities used to be known for extreme cleanliness and I consider Berlin filthy in some areas, even if overall it’s a pretty nice city with some very nice parts. But my parents were German and I was told there was a time, not very long ago, when if someone was doing something illegal (crossing a street illegally or throwing a piece of garbage on the street) another civilian would criticize him for it. Parts of Berlin were littered with cigarette butts and I don’t believe things were that way 30 or 40 years ago.

    The other thing I like about eastern Europe over western Europe is they are much more traditional. Women dress like women and men are identifiable as such. In Berlin I sometimes sit across from someone and can’t tell if it’s a male or female. In some cases it’s probably a lesbian. I don’t say this for a laugh. I don’t like western European culture anymore.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      I think we could agree that the beauty and cleanliness of German cities was at its peak under Adolf Hitler’s regime in the 1930’s, before the scum Churchill, who is currently being praised again in a new movie, began bombing them. This was something he could hardly wait to do!

      There are many Western males who think they will like the greater ‘traditionalism’ of Eastern Europe, but they don’t stay there long. Life there is not all they hoped it would be. Instead of running away, we need to take control of our Western nations and clear out the invaders. As Trump is trying to do in the US, God bless him.

      • Peter
        Peter says:

        The pictures I’ve seen of Germany under Hitler before the bombing look fantastic. You’re probably right.

        • Charlie
          Charlie says:

          I suspect Hitler had some Jew in him. His vision was ugly, angular, devoid of humanity, vulgar and coarse like the tastes of the Jew.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            I like Third Reich architecture, which was inspired by classicism, not at all Jewish modern. So your comment seems to be a throwaway, unrelated to reality (including the part about a Jewish Hitler), making one doubt reality. Can you link to a detailed defense of your view?

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        @ Carolyn Yeager-I believe the period before WWI might have been more favorable all around. Your virtual pimping of Hitler is worship-like and approaches a surrogate father figure-one who is mythical, distant, died early and cannot and did not do anything wrong; eligible for canonization.

        Of course the slander, lies, and characterizations of Hitler are/were bombastic, propaganda because they served a purpose, many purposes, and still do. Your inverse glorification of Hitler is just as absurdly exaggerated, overextended as the opposite mirror image. Hyperbole countered by hyperbole is not optimal, Carolyn. It’s for empty heads, the weak-minded, and naive.

        I believe, in service of the truth and veritas, that you should present a more balance, actual, and accurate portrayal of Hitler, e.g., “On the one hand, but on the other hand, etc, etc”.

        Hope this helps.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          P. Marx
          The period of the mid-to late ’30’s has the advantage of being more modern, thus an easier comparison to today.

          I don’t need any help from you. Your suggestion that Buddhism is the answer to the European problem is not going to be taken up by many. I realize you don’t like that I am commenting here, but as long as I don’t break the ‘rules’ there’s nothing you can do about it, just as there’s nothing others can do about you. I venture to say that my comments are of more interest than yours.

          There is nothing mythical or distant about Adolf Hitler to me. I don’t see that I am engaging in any hyperbole regarding him; are you an expert on Hitler and National Socialism. Somehow I doubt it very much. I’ve been confronted with Hitler’s ‘bad points’ all my life, so if I am not interested in indulging in that anymore, you should be able to understand.

          Further, I am not a dried-up pedant who can only follow academic term-paper rules of balancing so many positive findings on one side with so many negative ones on the other. I’m not here working for a grade, but if I were it wouldn’t be from you.

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            I think that pompous windbag is more apt than dried-up pedant as the latter suggests age and learning, neither of which he appears to possess. I may be wrong, but he comes across as callow and intellectually insecure with a facile and recent knowledge of Buddhism and a deep resentment towards the achievements of Western civilization. He has found personal validation working in Singapore(shudder), feeding his ego and fueling his smarty-pants comments.

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          Maybe you think Carolyn’s portrayal of Hitler is glorifying him because almost everything you’ve been told about him is a lie. You wrote yourself of the “slander, lies, and characterizations of Hitler are/were bombastic, propaganda”. This propaganda continues and many people continue to believe it is 100% true.

          These same people don’t bat an eyelid when they’re told that 80 to 85% of the Soviet Union’s government was comprised of Jews and then will look you straight in the face and say Jews had nothing against Ukrainians or Russians. They murdered ten million Ukrainians because they were communists, not because they were Jewish. And then the next day in a different conversation they’ll talk about Russian and Ukrainian anti-semitism and pogroms in the Russian Empire.

          I don’t have the quote, but someone wrote basically that any accusation against a Jew merely slides off of him. He can do no wrong and has never done any wrong. It is no wonder that Jews were Germany’s most dangerous enemy in WW II and 99% of the world think they were no threat to Germans or anyone else, only victims.

          The same thing is going on right now with the destruction of white countries around the world. Most people have no idea Jews have played the leading role in the genocide against whites.

          How is this possible? Jews own/and or run most of the media in the west, they own most publishing houses and they own and run Google and Facebook too.
          As long as whites treat Jews as their equals and Jews always look to hire and promote fellow Jews, this will continue.

        • Charlie
          Charlie says:

          Buddhism only seeks inner peace and is not in any way a cultural solution to anything other than possibly diarrhea.

  5. Juri
    Juri says:

    Lot of mess in Eastern Europe is because lot of ours consider West a lost cause and different patriot groups searching different ways.
    We think that Universalism is problem not a solution. It is very difficult to be “pro white” on the times when biggest problem are white open borders politicans and white electorate keeping them in power. What exactly means “pro white”? Should I donate Clinton Foundation or join 100% white German Antifa ?
    Existential threat to Europe is not drunken Polish football fan but highly educated German voter on the clean streets.

  6. Protestant
    Protestant says:

    Reading this painfully honest article made me wonder whether many of our European inter-tribal conflicts have been engineered by the (((Usual Suspects))).

    1) Years ago, I read a shocking article exposing Israeli youth training camps for Fake Nazi Agitators, complete with Nazi flags, slogans, paraphernalia and salutes, regularly unleashed on western lands, in order to discredit all patriotic western groups.

    2) Since it is in their interest to “divide & conquer” European nationalists, it would be very easy for them to infiltrate such groups with Fake Patriots, like perhaps the “random drunk Poles” who focused only on white patriots while carefully avoiding the Third World Invaders.

    3) All it takes is one Nazi salute at a patriotic demonstration to bring the whole group into disrepute, encouraged by the shrieking (((mainstream media))).

    4) Such infiltrators may also be responsible for encouraging “football hooliganism”, in which whites only seem to attack other whites, just like the “random drunk Poles”, who may not be drunk at all, but paid to cause trouble.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Interesting that you should self-identify as “Protestant”. Protestants have been aiding, abetting and comforting (useful goyish) the Evil Satanic enemy for centuries. When you point your finger, three are pointing back at you.

      • Protestant
        Protestant says:

        @Charlie–Gosh, I guess you must have missed the excellent two-part article by Dr. Andrew Joyce on here only a month ago, entitled “The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews”. I guess you have also never read anything about Martin Luther’s views on the Tribe.

        I’m glad you find it interesting that I use the name “Protestant”, because I’m the only one on here, apparently. We do like singing hymns together in our congregations, which was forbidden to Catholics by the Council of Laodicea in 363 AD, ordering them to be silent and listen to the monks chanting in Latin, which Luther said sounded “like donkeys braying”. He wanted the people to sing, and wrote simple hymns for them. That’s why so many Catholics come to our Protestant churches at Christmastime, where they say they feel warmly welcomed, singing our joyful Christmas carols with us. You should try it sometime.

  7. Forest Gump
    Forest Gump says:

    Can anyone clarify this?

    I thought the “Black Bloc” was considered part of the (((shock brigades))) akin to ANTIFA?

    When did they go Right?

    • Juri
      Juri says:

      They did not “go right”. Polish nationalists were right all the time and just using liberal ANTIFA methods against liberals themselves. It happens all over the Eastern Europe. We consider liberals worst enemy and see current situation as a war. So all methods are good. It is not okay to be anti white down here.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    National Socialism is for ANYONE who cares enough about their nation and their ethnic group to preserve it and defend it from those who seek to destroy or change it. There are Mongolian NS out there, and good for them! I converse sporadically with Malaysian NS, and good for them! Long after our lands have fallen due to so many whites wringing their hands over the “horrors” of some 100 lbs, blue haired imbecile calling them, “Nazis”, I have a feeling that Mongolia and Malaysia, and the rest of ‘take no nonsense’ Asia will still be going strong. There’s a lot to be learned from groups of people who just laugh when you call them names designed to silence them.

  9. Joral
    Joral says:

    Irene January 12, 2018 – 11:01 am | Permalink

    I love Poles as long as they stay in their own country! We in Germany -and in the West- are suffering under a veritable mass invasion from the East.

    Dear Irene<

    I think you are a bit outdated on your info. Germans are so happy with their colored immigrants that they are moving to Poland for safety and peace of mind. Something has to be done to stop this. Only bad things happen when Germans come to Poland!

  10. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    I can’t blame a Brit or German for not wanting Eastern Europeans in their countries. I am 1/2 Polish myself. Poles need to drop their (if any?) anger towards Russia or Germany over events that occurred during WW2. Dear Poles: leave NATO and the EU. You don’t want NATO troops i.e. American soldiers stationed in your country. Do you really want Pvt. Tyrone Washington having sex with your beautiful women while on leave in Warszawa? Russia may or may not be a threat to your country. If that’s the case you have to remember that Poland is a flat country. It angers me that European countries are weak when it comes to individual firearms ownership.

  11. Lucas wheeler
    Lucas wheeler says:

    When I was young in the late ’60s and early ’70s I use to spend summers in Great Britain with my grandparents — nanny and Fred. Nanny and Fred ran a Bed and Breakfast located in Exmouth. 7 Hartley Road to be precise. Next door to them at number 5 lived another couple running a Bed and Breakfast — Misha and Joyce. Misha as the the name could indicate was a Pole. He had fought in the Red Army and somehow had ended up in Britain.

    Once it was possible Misha, Joyce and their daughter, of my age, Gina were forever going back and forth between Poland and Britian. They would crossover to the Continent and drive strait over to Poland. They had to drive with no stops across the DDR.

    Misha had this big Illustrated coffee table book he was extremely proud of. It was about how the post-war Polish communist government had reconstructed Warsaw. If my memory is not deceiving me, Misha had even said he had worked on some project or the other. Misha always said the communists had done a great job on Warsaw’s reconstruction. Bardzo dobrze were his precise words.

    More generally Misha’s attitude towards how the commies were running things was well — supportive. While he never would have ever said it, Misha basically considered Poland to be “shithole country”. Communism was good enough for Poland summed up his perspective.

    In recent years I’ve often wondered how many other Poles like Misha were there in “Cold War” Britian? Fred, me grandad, would do his nut whenever the topic of Misha and Joyce “galavanting” on the Continent came up. He would say to me Nanny: “Ivy you knows it’s bloody well not right! That pair traipsing with a caravan stuffed to the gills! Putting on a bloody big show of it! Blimy Iv! It’s enough to put you off your Coco!”.

    Me grandad’s heart was always in the right place. Frankly, what Fred had to say on the occasion of a local manor-house being convert over to the use as an orphanage for Vietnamese boat people couldn’t be posted here at the Occidental Observer.

    Fred had been part of the British expeditionary Force and therefore was evacuated at Dunkirk. As a motorcycle despatch rider Fred was actually one of the last evacuated. A Joyce! So I as well wonder what degree of relation I could have to our Dr. Andrew Joyce? Fred as well always found it very amusing that Lord Haw Haw was a Joyce as well. We really need many more like Fred if we’re going to get ourselves out this bloody mess were in.

    • Protestant
      Protestant says:

      Your patriot veteran granddad Fred the WW2 motorcycle despatch rider reminded me of another Fred with a similar background who was targeted by the Marxists infesting the British government. His name was Fred Hill, a WW2 veteran motorcycle despatch rider who refused to wear a helmet in protest at the outrageous “legal exemptions” for Sikhs, who are also allowed to wear their Thuggee disembowelling knives beneath their clothing, while Indigenous Brits get arrested for having a fruit paring knife in the car to peel apples at lunchtime.

      Veteran Fred Hill was fined and imprisoned no less than 31 times for refusing to wear a helmet in protest and refusing to pay any fines, even waterboarded by jeering Marxist prison guards, and died in London’s Pentonville prison, aged 74. That is how Communists treat veterans and patriots.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Thanks for telling us about Fred Hill. Never heard of him before.

        Also, are the Sikhs actually descended from the thuggees, or do you mean the Sikhs used their kirpans to disembowel thuggees?

        • Protestant
          Protestant says:

          Thuggees were Muslim, Sikh & Hindu gangs of assassins who attacked & murdered travellers, offering the hearts of the males to Kali as human sacrifices, killing the older women, gang-raping and enslaving the younger women & girls as Kali temple prostitutes, training little boy captives to join the Thuggee gang. The Sikh daggers they still wear were used for disembowelling and gouging out the eyes of male captives, their topknot “rumal” hankies were used to garrotte victims by tying a coin in the middle, and their “Jagratta” wedding music still celebrates the Sikh Thuggees who played loud music all night to drown the screams of the victims.

          • Protestant
            Protestant says:

            Barkingmad, I haven’t read about the precise techniques used by Hindu & Muslim Thuggee gangs, but Sikhs chose gang members for specific roles, because they didn’t just attack passing travellers, who were often Christian pilgrims. Sikh Thuggees were particularly sneaking and cowardly, joining groups of travellers for a few days before attacking them, some Sikhs specializing in being very friendly, smiling and chatty, in order to disarm suspicion, even feigning to be “worried” about being attacked by Thuggees! Some Sikh Thuggees were the musicians, distracting the travellers around the evening campfires while the stranglers were busy in the surrounding darkness, garrotting any men who wandered away from the fire before attacking outright, while the “Jagratta” musicians played loudly all night to cover the screams of the rapes and eyes being gouged out.

            We in the West have been very successfully hoodwinked by Sikh Propaganda into viewing them as some kind of special “noble warrior type”, superior to Muslims, but it is all a lie. They are Kali-Worshippers into human sacrifice and ripping out hearts like all the rest, and their Thuggee Assassin kirpans, topknots and wedding music still preserve their true beliefs.

  12. Irene
    Irene says:

    I hope Adam has learned his lesson wirh the Slavs: The mix of vodka and -as is the case with many Slavs- with Asiatic blood is an explosive one. We in the West use to drink beer and wine and we don’t ‘have those weird admixtures.

    • A guy from Poland
      A guy from Poland says:

      You are wrong, the majority of Slavs don’t have asiatic blood. For the history Eastern Europe played role as a shield defending Western Europe from invading hordes: Tartars, Turks, Bolsheviks. Those wars had of course negative impact on local populations, which couldn’t mantain a longtime peace, during which they would estabilsh and improve things related to peace-time living.
      And not all Polish Nationalists behaving like that – there are groups of nationalists, who support maintaining more peaceful and even, balanced relationships between Poland and it’s neighbours.

  13. Whit Kelvin
    Whit Kelvin says:

    As a Southerner (US) going on 63 years, my life more or less encapsulates the Jewish wrecking job from beginning to end—the beginning being Brown vs. Board and the end being this mongrelizing, multicultural pig-sty in which we now languish barring an exceptionally bloody civil war, the breakup of he country into racially homogenous units, or the tinkerings of a racially conscious heir apparent to James Watson squirreled away in a secret laboratory somewhere and putting his final touches on a virulently lethal though ethnically-tailored virus. It really pains me to have to fantasize like this, having started out as such a good natured, loving, religious child. But these globalist Jews are relentless, merciless, and they will not stop until the last white gentile is extinct or mongrelized—that is, “de-nazified.” Of course, most certainly they will preserve a few “model” Aryans as hooks for their porn industry–in any case, given the rate and manner in which the Jews have our race on the run that’s probably the final place you will be able to see one. (Film idea, Harvey Weinstein?) If we assess our racial force capacity in the 1950s relative to today’s, how comparatively easy it would have been to put the kibosh on the Jewish project in the 1950s. As a cohesive racial unit “The Greatest Generation” could have easily burned down the Supreme Court within days of Frankfurter, Elman and Bickle’s treacherous Brown decision, and the lesson would have been theirs to learn. The wasted lives and national treasure that could have been saved as a result! Most Southern white men at the time were already battle-hardened from fighting the Jews’ war for the destruction of our race in Europe. But, alas, so much for force to the rescue if those who can marshal it are themselves brainwashed. Thus it is tempting to blame our parents and fellow whites for being too “pleased with a rattle and tickled with a straw”—in a word, too “clueless” to protect us where it counted (i.e., our collective racial integrity). I truly believe that a lot of the intergenerational conflict in the 60s up to the intra-racial hostility highlighted in the above column, arose from filial resentments against parents, at least at a subconscious level, for failing to protect them from the destructive forces engendered by these scheming Jews whose greasier members then went on to doubly exploit for purposes of complete racial alienation and faddism in their films and media, culminating in the rampant race mixing propaganda of Sumner Redstone and the Jewish advertising agencies. No surprise then that Andrew Anglin (a millennial) is lately blaming us boomers for whistling past the graveyard (racial extinction) and failing to protect his generation. Let me say, we boomers deserve it. But let me also point out that up until the invention of the Internet we had no means of escaping the Jewish stranglehold on our media and institutions any more than did our parents. It was all-permeating—in every magazine, newspaper, television program and movie. Granted, much damage has been done in the meantime—perhaps irreversible damage– but white boomers have at least learned, felt, seen, realized somethinig—enough anyway to help elect Donald Trump as President—an event unthinkable until now. It is only a small step, but no white generation since the early part of the last century has acted with more courage and sacrifice on behalf of their posterity so far. True, Trump is flawed man and perhaps a liar, but (to paraphrase Kipling) he has the flaws I have and tells the lies I tell. He is the best we can do at the moment, but not the best we can do forever. Nevertheless he has set a genie loose that the Jews will be hard pressed to rebottle no matter how many Haitians and third worlders they rush in to shore up the democrats’ voting base. Moreover, this kind of ethnic scheming that devastated our demographic by almost half since 1960—an act of war in itself—is now open to epiphany in venues like these, where we can read about it and discuss it in the full context of its Jewish origin and instigation. And with more whites than ever finding their backs against the wall, what they read here increasingly corresponds to facts on the ground. It’s not just academic; it’s the “red pill” of life and survival and a white future. If only the Greatest Generation could have taken it in 1939: 40 million more whites along with their millions of unborn descendants would be enriching European civilization today, and America would still be 90% white.

  14. Santoculto
    Santoculto says:


    Whites are on very average dumb… All this circle is about how naive, materialistic, evil, lazy or dumb in multiple ways whitey can/tend to be…

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      “Whites are on very average dumb”

      I’m sure you’re right but look around the world and then tell me how much dumber a great deal of the human population must be.

  15. Vajkard
    Vajkard says:

    I have to admit that as a Slovenian and speaking the oldest and most clasical surviving Indo-European language (even artificial Sanskrit is derived from Slovenian), I don’t have much admiration for Germanic tribes that are so severely Jewed-up that they even imposed Christianity by fire and sword on my pagan ancestors in the days of yore. I see them more dangerous than Jews, as they seem to be especially tempted to make opportunistic alliances with the foreign usurers of the East.

    My observations (which, I have to admit, don’t represent a statistically significant sample) regarding Germans, Poles, Hungarians, … and especially Britons are that they are all comparatively rude and lacking propper manners; they tend to behave like they own any place their foot steps into.

    Looking at more recent history, I resent Britons their hypocrisy that perhaps found its most splendid expression in extradiction of Slovenian Home Guard, the anticommunist army, that took plays immediately after the end of WW2 to commie butcher Broz, a Jew trained by Komintern. This modus operandi seems to be quite typical and resembles “war for Poland” which ended in the hands of Stalin with full British cooperation.

    Considering all this (and much more indeed), it’s hard to blame me for having contempt for cynical and witty wannabe folk (you don’t want to know the ethmology of the word “Volk” as it is not very flattering), preaching to me in some barbaric pidgin which is just a low variant of French (and which is too, compared to Slovenian, also a pidgin) adopted during the Norman invasion.

    You see, there was a plough before the sword. And ancient Slovenians were making ploughs before the Neanderthals stole the technology to make swords instead.

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