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Riga, Latvia

The nationalist ethnostate, in all of its glory! Seriously, no brown people here. Not even of the tourist variety. Gloomy though. And the people don’t really help the atmosphere. They’re quite… prickly. Even the ones who are paid to smile while they bring you your food and drink. They don’t seem to keen on being […]

Prague, Czech Republic

It’s a party city—or so I’ve heard. And it’s part of the Visegrad group. I’ve been checking these special countries all off my list one by one, and Prague puts me at three out of four. It wasn’t even a deliberate decision on my part, I just got tired of the West, in all its […]

Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg, Russia There is this little town along the Russo-Finnish border. I ended up taking a trip there entirely by accident. And there’s a medieval keep right on top of a rock jutting out in the middle of the calm and cold river that’s the main attraction of the town. You get this feeling in […]