Marketing Miscegenation

Since “cutting the cable” several years ago, I have felt secure behind my own personal immigration wall, free of the barrage of marketing demands and political poltroons upon my time and money. During the Christmas holidays, however, I ventured onto the major networks (NBC, ABC, and CBS) with an external antenna affixed to the TV to satisfy my curiosity of what had been happening in the “real” world since my self-imposed exile.

My attention was immediately attracted to a commercial featuring the Paddington Bear. In the commercial a non-traditional looking Santa is aided by Paddington Brown in sorting Christmas presents for one particular family. At the end, all is well as Santa and Paddington peer through the window at the family enjoying opening presents under the tree in their living room.

The family was composed of the mother, who was an auburn-haired White woman, the father, who was Black, and their mixed-race children, a boy and a girl.

I was not shocked or even surprised at this portrayal of miscegenated merriment, as I naively assumed it was an isolated attempt by the commercial’s creator to appeal to two different segments of the consuming public with one commercial.

I was wrong.

As I continued to watch TV that day, it didn’t take long for the intrusive appeal of the commercials to outweigh that of the programs. There were simply so many of these commercials featuring mixed-race families and couples that I suspected something else was being presented.

Next, I watched a Taco Bell commercial featuring a young Black man and a White woman in what appeared to be a shared living space during which she eats all the junk food to the chagrin of her Black wannabe taco eater.

Later in the day, there was a commercial for the movie The Mountain Between Us starring Kate Winslet, a White actress (I suppose I should say “actor” to be PC), and Idris Elba, a Black actor. The film is about the crash of a private plane in a snow-covered mountain range and the couples’ ensuing battle to survive. Apparently, their battle did not employ fighting very hard against having sexual intercourse with each other, but perhaps they were using a deliberate survival strategy to stay warm.

I was beginning to form the opinion that corporations and their ad creators had decided that there was a preference for portraying a couple’s mise en scene of chirpy inter-racialism with a Black man and White woman. But then appeared the sepia-noir-ambiance of the Calvin Klein Eternity cologne commercial, which featured the White looking though Jewish Jake Gyllenhaal and Black model/actress Liya Kebede and their four-year-old son.

So, it seemed that I might be mistaken and this could be an equal opportunity Yule season for actors of both races and both genders. Sure enough, about that time there appeared on my screen, Amazon’s commercial for their somewhat creepy Echo. This commercial featured a Black woman, a White man, and their two children, a boy and girl, seated at the breakfast table as the woman purrs to the Echo assistant named Alexa to play some “wake-up music.”

But lest older Whites are calcified to the acceptance of inter-racial romance, the marketers have begun rolling out not only interracial commercials, but also novels and soap opera TV shows depicting the hormone-fueled joy of jungle fever between our youth.

But Madison Avenue knows when promoting miscegenation advances its agenda and when it doesn’t. Thus, it seems that they have thrown in the towel in order to pitch Chrysler’s 300C to the car’s primary buyers—Black people. I cannot explain the ubiquitous appeal of this car to Blacks, but the consequence of this promotion has left no doubt that White flight not only occurs in neighborhoods but on car dealer showroom floors as well. As if by default, Motown Records’ Barry Gordy is the new non-singing commercial representative for the Chrysler 300C.

The promotion of race mixing over sales is not limited to US television commercials. The giant corporation that controls TJ Maxx has a British doppelganger named TK Maxx that this past Christmas promised to deliver real snow to your front door. The commercial featured the White grandfather as the family patriarch stoking the home fire and passing out the presents to his White wife and son, Black daughter-in-law and her Black mother, and the two bi-racial children. It was refreshing, however, to see that the TK Maxx dump truck delivered white, not beige snow to their door—at least Mother Nature has retained the colors of her true nature.

What is happening here?

There is no debating the immense influence of advertising on the human mind and its capacity to influence buying in a predetermined direction. But can Madison Avenue tell you to “buy,” not just a physical product, but rather a certain manufactured culture with the goal that the advertised culture become normative? Clearly, if marketers did not believe that they could change the culture, our TV screens, computer CPUs, and print media would not be deluged by images of happy, racially blended couples. As Dana Wade, president of Spike DDB, a New York ad agency that uses multiracial images in most of its advertising said, “For so long, speaking to consumers of color has been absent from the landscape. It’s important to correct  that.”

Underlying the billions of dollars spent to make this propaganda a reality there is the assumption that there is something wrong, even psychologically diseased, about a White man and a White woman marrying and having White children. Since the Black nuclear family, however, is nearly extinct with 70 percent of Black children raised in single-parent homes, this marketing campaign is not directed at Blacks.

Once they assume that there’s something wrong with Whites marrying Whites, there has to be a collusion among Madison Avenue, K-Street, globalists, and Wall Street, to push this agenda—a global unified goal of the destruction of the White family. In recognition that only about 7 percent of US families are to some degree miscegenated, we are witnessing a glorification of open borders, more immigration, and zombification of White brains about race mixing.

And what better entity to organize this effort than the European Commission. Let us hear it emanating from the horse’s rear end:

Frans Timmermans, a Dutch diplomat and Vice-President of the European   Commission, urged all members of the EU parliament to increase efforts to “erase single, monocultural nation states” and accelerate the process in which “every single nation on earth must eventually become diverse.” [sic] During his speech in the EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 2015 he put special emphasis on the importance of “not allowing even the remotest places on the planet to exist without diversity.“ [sic]

Timmermans believes that “race” is a social construct and any contrary belief is narrow-minded. Never mind the genetic data.

Almost overnight a plethora of beige children has appeared before us. On our TV screens they seem to be well-adjusted but what world are they adjusting to—the White world of one parent or the Black world of the other? There is scant peer-reviewed research on this issue, but anecdotally from what we read about the lives of famous children of mixed race parents and based on our own observations of people we know, the children adopt the speech patterns, the dress, and the behavior of Blacks. Moreover, they select their friends from their Black associates. More research will have to be done on the genetic heritability of the dominance of Black racial characteristics before these kinds of questions can be answered.

There is research showing that the children of Black-White interracial marriages are more likely to grow up in a single-parent home than children of White couples, and a great deal of research indicates that this is a risk factor for a wide variety of negative outcomes for children (low academic achievement, drug use,  behavior problems, etc.). Andrew Joyce summarizes the data from the UK:

The Runnymede Trust [a leftist NGO that promotes diversity] argues that at least “61% of mixed race children are being raised in single mother households. … African Caribbean fathers are twice as likely as white fathers to live apart from their children.” Black men are also the demographic least likely to enter into marriage, which accounts well for the fact that despite the rising number of mixed-race births, “interethnic marriages account for only 2% of all marriages in England and Wales. … Caribbeans have very low partner rates by comparison with other ethnic groups.” The overwhelming tendency then is for very short-term, low-commitment, sexual relationships between Black males and White females, resulting in high numbers of mixed-race children being raised in low-income single mother households. This is of course just one of the dark aspects of miscegenation that is left out of the panegyrics of its promoters.

In the meantime, outlier academics have postulated that bi-racial children have unique problems that need to be remedied—not by discouraging miscegenation but by providing more resources to the bi-racial community and increasing their numbers. How does it make sense to remedy a recognized behavior problem by encouraging the creation of more children with the problem? This field of scholarship is so biased and tainted with double-speak that it is impossible to separate the bull from the manure.

One study claimed that:

higher levels of perceived racial discrimination were related to lower levels of psychological adjustment (i.e., higher distress symptoms and negative affect). Also, higher levels of multiracial identity integration with low racial conflict was related to higher levels of psychological adjustment (i.e., lower distress symptoms and negative affect), whereas higher levels of multiracial identity integration with low racial distance was related to higher levels of psychological adjustment (i.e., lower negative affect).

That makes sense. It simply posits that you are happier if you don’t think you are being discriminated against and don’t have conflict that you attribute to your racial identity. But one of the problems with these kinds of studies is the researchers’ observation of the subjects’ perceptions of behavior. If the members of Black Lives Matters perceive that cops shoot and kill a greater number of Blacks than other racial groups, then the facts as gathered from real data do not matter to them. It is their perception that provides them with cohesiveness and racial bonding.

Another problem is that most of these studies start out with a hypothesis, and then gather information to support the hypothesis. Thus, we typically see these words, or a phrase like it, at the beginning of the abstract of the study—“as predicted or as hypothesized.” In the above quote, I purposely omitted the introductory two words—“As hypothesized…”

It has been stated that adolescents who do not have a stable racial identity show lower self-esteem. As such, it is vital for “mixed-race families to speak to their biracial or multiracial children about their mixed race and foster pride in their background.” But what background do they take pride in—the contribution of Western European people to the high culture of modern civilization or the phony narrative of ancient Egyptians being Black?

And how do these multiracial pimping researchers explain that mixed-race children perform better on standardized tests than Blacks? Could it be due to the contribution of their White parent’s genes? Of course not. It is because the multiracial testing “participants are more likely to understand that race is not biological, but rather, is a social construct.” There’s never an end to the rationalizations that academic activists can come up with.

Another example of questionable inference is that research has shown “that multiracial identity increases an appreciation and empathy for cultural diversity among others.” What does this even mean? When you take the time to parse all the double-speak in this study, it supports the idea that ethnic or racial groups tend to like sharing company with members of their same group. Didn’t we already know this? Similarity among friends has been replicated in hundreds of studies. In the words of the study:

Stigmatized group members experience greater wellbeing in the presence of similar others, which may be driven by the perception that similar others value their shared stigmatized identities (i.e., high public regard).

But the most telling statements are those that have paved the way for the tremendous increase in TV programming, commercials, and advertisements that portray the joy of being a member of a bi-racial family. The following is typical: “As a result of [being members of a] small population [subjected to] lack of media representation, multiracial youth may feel that they do not have a multiracial community and lack role models to help them understand their mixed identity.” (Italics added).

Not only are the advertisers showing more diversity—they have been doing that for a long time—now they are depicting pleasant scenes of domestic tranquility and promoting intimate romantic attachments between Black and White young adults. These commercials are fantasy models of racial utopias that have no counterpart in reality—at least not yet. According to the US Census Bureau, 80 percent of Whites still live in neighborhoods that are more than 95 percent White.

But this social chasm doesn’t bother Sonya Grier, a professor in the Department of Marketing at American University in Washington, D.C. She maintains her buoyed optimism on the thought that “ads reflect our aspirations, what we can be.” She obviously puts her money where her mouth is because this Spring she is teaching a class (one of two she teaches—being a professor—it’s a great life) on Marketing for Social Change. This course is, “Designed for students whose career goals involve working in or with organizations who desire to promote social change, or who are interested in understanding the role and application of marketing beyond commercial gain.”

So, there you have it.

If the media can only increase the “representation” of the multiracial community, there will be fewer objections to race mixing, more multiethnic neighborhoods, greater immigration, and many more well-adjusted mixed-race children.  That is what the media is doing; that is their role in combination with the EU, the global elite, our own government, and the George Soros- funded non-governmental organizations of the world is to dumb us down to the lowest common denominated consumer.

As far back as 1993, Noel Ignatiev a Jewish professor of American history at Massachusetts College sounded the clarion call of anti-White rhetoric when he declared “the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race.”

Behind the high-sounding slogans and colorful commercials portraying miscegenation as morally beneficial, the motivation of its proponents is clear—they are telling us in every way possible: the intention is not to “save” or “redeem” the White race, but to destroy them. The only way to prevent this from happening is to know that this is being done to us and know who is doing it.

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  1. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    Everyone knows that a black/white interracial couple will produce a child that doesn’t look white. The white females that I know who date blacks are physically less attractive, obese or have low self-esteem. Does it ever occur that their child doesn’t look like them? That they might as well have adopted a child? They are erasing their geneitic heritage. The anti-white propaganda is showing. Sixty years ago, miscegenation was very rare, with the white female being disowned from her family if she engaged in it. No father wants to see his daughter date a black man.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      What’s wrong if white trash mix with non-Whites? It’s good If they erase their genetic heritage. Trash is trash irrespective of race, we don”t need, don’t want them.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Mixing with nonwhites does not automatically indicate trashiness, whatever it is you mean by “trash”. Trashiness is not necessarily genetically embedded in a person. People can, and do, see the light one fine day. These are the best ones. So long as they do not produce any children, there is hope for them.

        I am not making this up: I know of people from racially-aware families who were raised “correctly”. They became some of the worst, minority-loving liberals you could imagine. But someone raised in a neutral or liberal household who sees the light will never turn around again.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        Trash is not trash irrespective of race. Much of the so-called white trash today are descendents of the tough and innovative mountain people and farmers depicted in the Foxfire series, or John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. They were purposely yanked out of their milieu, independance in the Industrial age was frowned upon, cogs in the machine were necessary. Granted, a trip to Walmart proves that not all so-called white trash can fall back on this explanation/excuse, yet we excuse Native peoples drunken backwardness and violence as the acting out of a defeated people, so I extend the same courtesy to white trash, also a defeated people.

      • Avi
        Avi says:

        The key, though, is that they’re quarantined and ostracized by other Whites once they’ve been defiled. These marketing campaigns are, in part, aimed against that defensive imperative.

      • HK Wills
        HK Wills says:

        Some mixed race people can pass for white and infiltrate the white gene pool. Your next date may be one half or one fourth Black – and you may not find out until years after you married.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “Trash is trash irrespective of race …”

        Been looking in the mirror again, have you, Irene?

        You never seem to pass up an opportunity to express your venomous hatred for other white people, most of whom are plainly your betters.

      • john
        john says:

        I agree with Irene. The crappiest whites are still superior to the majority of blacks when it comes to intelligence and discipline so when they mix with the primitives it improves the gene pool of the remaining whites who will never mix and it also improves the black gene pool. The key thing that needs to be done, though, is to separate whites and non-whites geographically.

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      In Los Angeles, I see lotsa race mixing.
      Whites are probably a minority here, so thats part of the situation.
      More non Whites available.

  2. Irish Savant
    Irish Savant says:

    I’ve been harping on about this for ages as it’s insane marketing. The overwhelming majority of potential customers will be White so the ads would appear to fail at the first test. One of the most bizarre was for an English hotel chain which featured a black family chimping out (in a good-natured way) in their room, jumping on the beds etc. Such ads would surely drive potential White guests away in droves.

    Needless to say the ad agencies will be dominated by Jews whose primary goal is to miscegenate Whites. But what about their clients? If I were the marketing director of that hotel chain for instance I’d have fling the ‘creative’ people out the door. Yet the ads still get produced and broadcast…..

  3. Tom
    Tom says:

    Well, diversity and racial mixing are mutually exclusive since the latter will eventually eliminate the former. This has to be pointed out to leftist pinheads. A human race that is perfectly mixed has no diversity and a diverse human race can only exist when its various breeds exist in biological separation. But the campaign for miscegenation is entirely disingenuous. Non-whites will never seek to erase their distinct racial identities. The campaign is just veneer for non-white tribal competition.
    I think that whites engage in pathological altruism because they are entirely clueless about the demographic collapse of their race The thinking is that biological losses to the race as a result of miscegenation will never erase the white race completely. These whites are foolishly confident that their race will happily exist forever alongside other races in a perfect equality of numbers, intellect, culture, discovery, and achievement.

    • Junghans
      Junghans says:

      Whites are indeed clueless about a lot of things, and they certainly do take their existence and civilization for granted. Many are race stupid, to be sure, but most are only implicitly aware racially. They have little, or no real historical perspective, and generally lead complacent, happy-go-lucky lives. Many, however, do realize that something is drastically amiss, (and can’t quite figure it all out), but they obviously aren’t ready to act, yet.

      They do seem to be instinctively hanging onto their their guns, and when really pressed, their basic herd instinct may eventually save them, despite their apparent, contemporary credulity.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I approach the non-thinking race mixing approvers neutrally.
      -You can’t blame race mixed children for the actions of the parents;
      – Race mixed offspring is genocide for both parents;
      – Race mixed children are much less likely to be able to find a suitable organ or bone marrow for transplant;
      – Race mixed children are more likely to have mental health problems;
      – Why would you want to do that to a child?

      You can hear the gears grinding as you wait for an answer.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Race mixed children are much less likely to be able to find a suitable organ or bone marrow for transplant

        “Needing” an organ (or bone marrow) in order to stay alive is a sign of end-stage, terminal degeneration.

        Here’s Reality: If the only way you can keep on drawing breath is by transplantation of someone else’s organ or bone marrow, that means your time is up. However, people’s crazed fear of death makes them incapable of even saying the word “death”, much less facing it, as our long-ago ancestors had to do.

        Yet (some) Christians, who supposedly believe that they will be in the arms of Jesus Christ after they die, are just as desperate to avoid the unavoidable as any atheist, and will jump through all and any intellectual hoops to justify putting themselves on a waiting list for the privilege of carrying within themselves pieces of a corpse. After the transplanted kidney or other organ fails, guess what – they sign up for another.

        This is what we have come to.

        • Curmudgeon
          Curmudgeon says:

          Your observations would never occur to an SJW, because they operate on, and only respond to, guilt. My approach plays on the guilt of harming a child.
          Corneal transplants, are about as far as I go on transplantation.

  4. Mary O'Brien
    Mary O'Brien says:

    Ignatiev teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art, but apparently he is not a full professor, or even an assistant professor. Could be just a leftist operative who uses a part-time teaching job as a front. Adjuncts are sometimes called “Professor” as a courtesy, but they are not permanent members of the faculty. Adjuncts are usually paid poorly, and treated badly.

    • Ger Tzedek
      Ger Tzedek says:

      I have paid attention to this. I have been adjunct until disgusted. But I am an overqualified person with big research ambitions. Ignatiev is under-qualified by a gargantuan stretch. I think he never got a degree in his lifetime. He worked as a coal miner somewhere in USA. The same job that was bad for me is a very good deal for him. Then, it depends how they treat you.

  5. Mary O'Brien
    Mary O'Brien says:

    Also, Ignatiev’s PhD from Harvard U was just in Education. Studying Education used to be taken much more seriously in the past, and certainly the subject could be a worthy field of academic inquiry, but unfortunately, the field has been transformed into pure political correctness. The course material is never challenging. The courses have to be made easy enough that any public school teacher can take and pass them, usually at night or during the summer, to gain a teaching credential. A bright high school student could easily take and pass graduate level courses in Education, if they could tolerate the sheer boredom. Getting just a doctoral degree in Education should not count as having a real Harvard University degree.

  6. Joachen
    Joachen says:

    Watch the latest Dorito’s commercial. It has nothing to do with miscegenation but after you watch and think about it for a moment,
    it’s message is quite strong. Then it becomes funny.

  7. Seek
    Seek says:

    It’s become an unwritten law of TV commercials: Any depiction of a group of three or more persons, save for a nuclear family, cannot be all-white. Every group setting must be “diverse.” Watch an Applebee’s or TGIF ad. I guarantee you, the people at the table joyfully tending to their beer and quesadillas will be multiracial, with at least one black. In the real world, I rarely come across this. But in the world of commercials, it’s the iron-clad rule.

    • HelenChicago
      HelenChicago says:

      Yep. Corporations spend many millions of dollars to hire ad agencies to develop their ad campaigns. The employees of the ad agencies are overwhelmingly leftwing, indeed far leftwing, with more than their share of clever, persuasive homosexuals and Jews. They excel at convincing their clients that this is exactly the image they need to project if they’re to remain relevant to and popular with their customers. Cultural gatekeepers enforce these same views among the gullible, transfixed public. It’s a vicious circle.

    • JasonR
      JasonR says:

      Here in The Netherlands IKEA has joined the interracial family BS. Also I’m watching a BBC series called Hard Sun. The main caracter, a detective, is married with a colored woman, has one dark skinned child and one under way. Still he has an affair with a white woman, I guess, to make this white Man dispicable. Anyway, if we weren’t irritated enough by openly sexual encounters by gays on TV, transgender BS and the like, the next chapter has already been written. What’s next? Pedophiles doing it on TV?

  8. White Nationalist
    White Nationalist says:

    If there’s anything these corporations hate, it’s making money. They’d much rather promote ineffectual SJWism to wholesome white families. I wish they’d realize that muh true capitalism, the free market, is white as the whitest snow.

  9. T
    T says:

    …there has to be a collusion among Madison Avenue, K-Street, globalists, and Wall Street, to push this agenda—a global unified goal of the destruction of the White family. In recognition that only about 7 percent of US families are to some degree miscegenated, we are witnessing a glorification of open borders, more immigration, and zombification of White brains about race mixing.

    In the latter 18th and early 19th century, led by the British Empire acting in conjunction with the northeastern United States, consciously or unconsciously a decision was made to promote the monetization of chattel slavery and its trade across the globe. With the simultaneous development of industrialisation this monetization of the chattel slave trade would quickly evolve during the 19th century into the mass immigration/cheap labor system that we know today, the very economic basis of the multicultural society, a society which with its occasionally skilled, or the much more likely unskilled, wage slave (known by a 19th century term of propoganda as ‘a cheap laborer’) closely parallels the chattel slave holding society from which it evolved from.

    Under cover of the abolition movement, a movement which may well have had much, if not most, of its support financially and politically from those whom had been marketing chattel slavery (ie the slave dealers), this monetization of the trade went smoothly enough in places where there were relatively few chattel slaves such as the northeastern US and the British Carribean. However they ran into some major snags, one being southern slave owners of the US, a decided powerful minority of that region’s population, out of concern for not having guarantees of renumeration for their chattel slave ‘property’ were balking at making the transition over to wage slavery, ie ‘cheap labor’ so called. With the ultimate failure of the various ‘compromises’ and the guarantees of renumeration not forth coming the US Civil War of 1861 -1865 was the result. With the south’s defeat by the US north, wage slavery would be imposed in that region by diktat, just as chattel slavery had been some nearly 250 years earlier.

    Another serious ‘snag’ they ran into was the natural instinctive reaction against genocide people have, ie genocide by way of being bred or mixed out of existence, this being simply a result of slavery, whether it be chattel or its monetization, wage slavery. Slavery was not historically called ‘a scourge upon mankind’ for nothing.

    Upon China’s being crushed not once, but twice, by the British Empire in their two drug use enforcement wars fought against China in the mid 19th century (known as the Opium Wars), China thus having been ‘opened up’, ie ruined in the eyes of many Chinese, vast numbers of the Chinese population were prepared to flee their ancient homeland. Elites of the day and their hangers on had great hopes of importing tens of millions of Chinese into both the US and Australia as wage slaves, completely displacing the Anglo-Saxon populations of both places. Elements of the corporate media of the day in the years immediately proceeding the US Civil War and the years just after were openly declaring and advocating that the US would soon be predominantly Chinese in its composition. These plans ultimately fell through at the time in both the US and Australia as they couldn’t overcome the natural instinctive resistance people have to genocide. In an 1874 article on this subject quoted below the Pall Mall Gazette of London specifically identifies race and people’s concern with preserving themselves physically as a people as the bugaboo that was impinging upon the harvesting and importation of tens of millions of Chinese as wage slaves. Now with the 20th century development of Pavlovian conditoning, aka ‘positive reinforcement’, such as in the advertisements mentioned in the op, they think they have overcome this natural preservation instinct.

    In a Spring 1874 edition the Pall Mall Gazette of London expresses its pleasure that hundreds of thousands of Chinese are being utilized as “cheap labor” (as mentioned previously much more accurately referred to historically as ‘wage slaves’) in such far flung places as North and South America, Hawaii, and in Australia, but laments that there is growing worldwide resistance to this phenomena. The newspaper, besides referring to this “anxiety and alarm” as “out of proportion”, comments that there is…

    ‘A dread of what might happen if capitalists could command and control these vast hordes of workmen as against men of their own race, has made the labouring class, at any rate, blind to their good qualities.’

    In an article that’s reminescent in certain ways of the biblical rendition of Christ’s temptation, the Gazette attempts to pursuade its readers that the Chinese as cheap laborers do work others won’t do, are great cooks, are excellent gardeners, etc. The writer attempts to induce guilt, and lastly, almost beggingly to the reader, makes the claim that untold wealth is to be taken from the Earth if only the Chinese could be brought in to do the work. Finally, the writer acknowledges that peoples’ resistance (particularly from Europeans in Australia and North America) as to their physical, cultural, and economic displacement, by the importation of Chinese wage slaves is strong, and everywhere things are tending “to their discouragement.”

    It would be over a hundred years yet before they would develop the perfect ideological vehicle to make the world safe for cheap labor…or so they would think. They would call this ideological vehicle with its integral anti-race campaign ‘multi-culturalism’.

    Chinamen Out Of China

    ‘OF late years we have heard so much of “Chinese cheap labour” from various parts of the world that it is somewhat difficult to realize the fact that not more than 200,000 Chinamen are working in foreign countries at the present time. Even this number is quite an outside estimate. America and Australia have so far been the favourite resorts for Chinese emigrants…’

    The below excerpt is from pg 118 of the 1853 book The New Rome produced by the major US establishment publisher GP Putnam (now Penguin). This remarkable book is something like a geopolitical future history of the world, with an emphasis on the United States and the United Kingdom and is well worth the time to read.

    …the day will not be far distant when America will number more Chinese than Caucasians..

    ‘In August, [1852] the number of Chinese emigrants in California was estimated at 50,000…and the Anglos having learned to understand the value of these
    patient laborers, and to treat them accordingly, the influx will soon be greater than ever. If it is as well supported by the masses of the mother country, as that from Europe has been, the day will not be far distant when America will number more Chinese than Caucasians…From these relations we may calculate upon an emigration of American businessmen to China, in return for that of Chinese laborers to California.’

    Excerpts from pg 511-515 of the 1870 US book One Hundred Years Progress of the United States and its chapter entitled Marvels that our grandchildren will see; or, One hundred years’ progress in the future

    ‘The Chinese question, viz., whether the Chinese and other oriental nations shall be allowed to swarm into our territory and take the place of our present laboring classes and whether, if, as is probable, this right is conceded…’

    ‘The Chinese will come to us, mainly, like some of the European immigrants, as candidates for filling our more menial positions; they will be house-servants, washermen, railroad laborers, miners, laborers in the field, &c…’

    ‘The Chinese question, viz., whether the Chinese and other oriental nations shall be allowed to swarm into our territory and take the place of our present laboring classes and whether, if, as is probable, this right is conceded, they should be admitted to the same political and social privileges with ourselves…‘We say it [‘the Chinese problem’] is in one sense already solved, because it is evident that we can not, if we would, keep them [the Chinese] out, as they are now arriving upon our Pacific coast at the rate of several thousand a week, and already number about 150,000 of our population. ‘Regarding this point as settled, and believing as we do that before 1880 we shall have 5,000,000 of Chinese on this continent, and before 1900, 20,000,000 or 25,000,000…’;cc=livn;rgn=full%20text;idno=livn0121-2;didno=livn0121-2;view=image;seq=00134;node=livn0121-2%3A1

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      Capitalists seeking “cheap labor” through mass immigration from the Third World without any consideration for the demographic consequences for their own nations is only one part of the problem.

      Since the “Holocaust” the Jews have come to the conclusion that Whites as a race are an existential threat to them, and they have decided to terminate this threat once and for all by terminating the white race itself. As a small minority in white nations the Jews of course cannot terminate the white race by outright genocide or even by forced sterilization, so they have chosen a more subtle approach : opening the white world to mass immigration from the Third World and then promoting miscegenation in advertisement and entertainment, two enterprises they control. The fact that pro-miscegenation propaganda in advertisement is not really commercially rewarding but still is widely practiced shows that the motive is something else than financial profit. The Jews hope that by mixing Whites with non-Whites a less threatening and more manageable population will be created that they then can safely exploit. That is the reason of their frantic efforts to promote mass immigration from the Third World by all kinds of bogus arguments (“labor shortage”, an “aging population”, the moral imperative to accept “refugees”, or simply “diversity” as a good in itself). That is also the reason of their obtrusive propaganda for race-mixing (mostly of the kind : white woman with black man) and the glorification of mixed-race children in advertisement.

      I have written an article on this phenomenon which has appeared on Lasha Darkmoon’s website and on The Truth Seeker here :

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        @ Franklin Ryckaert:
        Please note the video appended to your article is inoperative. Can you source another version or reveal its title?
        Thank you.

      • T
        T says:

        Capitalists seeking “cheap labor” through mass immigration from the Third World without any consideration for the demographic consequences for their own nations is only one part of the problem.

        Like yourself I think this is a multifaceted thing and you make many excellent points in your article. Divide and conquer, divide and rule, of a dumbed down public is certainly one of the uses of the ‘immigrants’, amongst many others.

        Regarding what I’ve posted in this thread I do think there has been a widespread failure to understand the dynamics and history of chattel slavery and its trade as regards the British Empire and the newly formed United States and the quite simple and literal monetization of that trade which took place in those places with the introduction of the wage slavery system in the late 18th and early 19th century. Almost needless to say, I think it’s quite important people grasp these dynamics. Those whom speak of ‘the liberal plantation’ are only hitting upon the tip of the iceberg and don’t seem to realize just how deep the rabbit hole goes. It all gets back to the enslavement of man it seems with the cult/ideology of multiculturalism as your article would appear to attest.

        Bottom line, and those pushing these things are very bottom line, it had been realized by slave marketers and dealers is that all a slave owner ultimately cares about driven as they are by self centered and short sighted financial interests (known in the vernacular as simple ‘greed’) is paying significantly below the real time local costs of labor which would normally more than likely be paid to one of their own people.

        With little doubt such is the mentality which drove a Virginia planter to make that first purchase of chattel African slaves from that passing slaver in the 1620’s. He could have hired one of his fellow Englishman colonists or reflective of the times, arranged for indentured servant(s) from England, God knows there were plenty available there whom would have made the journey. This latter suggestion should have been law in the British colonies and as for the passing slaver with its unwholesome cargo of human misery, after being warned off, if it refused to leave the coastal area, should have been fired upon with whatever artillery or musketry was on hand so as to drive them off. Any British colonists going against such strict laws and whom still decided to purchase chattel slave(s) should have had all their property confiscated, excepting the chattel, whom with their slave owner, the latter now being declared an outlaw, would be forced out of the colony into the surrounding wilderness. One would have thought all Europe would have learned once and for all the inadvisability and inherant danger of chattel slavery after witnessing the Spartacus slave rebellion and how Rome came close to having the core of its republic and empire completely gutted, thus bringing about its potential dissolution. Such unfortunately had not been the case some seventeen centuries later.

        Getting back to chattel slavery and its trade being monetized, it had apparently been grasped by slave dealers and merchandisers that by providing the former would be slave owner with a person (typically known as an ‘immigrant’) whom would accept or tolerate payment significantly below the real time immediate local prevailing costs of labor that would normally be expected to be paid to one of their own people, the former would be slave owner would be happy. However, just as with chattel slavery and the systematic theft of their labor, generally only a person from a broken and defeated people whom have been reduced to an unnaturally low state of being, will accept significantly below (let’s say half) what everyone else is getting paid…ie in the 19th century someone from British occupied/famine stricken Ireland, or from Opium addicted/war ravaged China, amongst others. With wage slavery the former would be slave dealers in accordance to a rule of Capitalism, have thus expanded upon or opened up new markets…ie adding insult to injury the wage slave now pays their own way to have their labor systematically stolen from them, and, amongst other things, transport such as ships must be built in greater numbers than with chattel slavery due to the far greater predation, and the firms to operate them must be created to service the ‘mass immigration’. The former would be slave owner gets a much cleaner ‘hit’ of stolen labor with wage slavery and the ‘immigrant’, though no doubt somewhat less labor per capita is being stolen than with the chattel slave…ie no longer having to deal with ‘overhead’ costs and hassle such as food and lodging with the wage slave. With wage slavery, most of the negatives of chattel slavery ownership, ranging from things such as the old age care of the slave in their non productive years or the undesired mixing with family bloodlines, has been ‘outsourced’, ie dumped upon the general public to deal with in regards to the former manifesting in far higher welfare taxes and charity expenses than would normally be incurred. The former would be slave owner gets their secondary hit of stolen labor with the general overall depressive effect of wage slavery upon the general public’s wages, just as was observed with chattel slavery. There are numeous other parallels between chattel and wage slavery that I haven’t dealt with here but are readily apparent when one thinks about it.

        The failure to have dealt with chattel slavery and its trade in a truthful manner and to have pawned off its monetization as slavery’s abolition to an unsuspecting and non-understanding public has been a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions for the peoples of the world and for humanity as a whole.

        The Big Lie, the lie of the millennium, was the 19th century abolition of chattel slavery and its trade.

        • T
          T says:

          The last line of the previous comment should rather read…The Big Lie, the lie of the millennium, was the 19th century abolition of slavery.

      • T
        T says:

        It’s often the ulterior motives that tell the tale. Peoples in the past have used ‘immigrants’ as political weapons against other peoples, ie the Roman colonia, or the ‘Plantatation’ in the north of Ireland, anongst others. Of course, someone’s own elites, if thoroughly corrupted and or deranged, could direct this against their own people for purposes of retaining personal power. The paper excerpted from below delves into this subject and is entitled: Between National and Local: Political Mobilization among Mizrahim in Israel’s ‘Development Towns’ and was written by two Israeli university professors. Mizrahim is more or less simply another name for Sephardim.

        the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony

        Settler Society and the Making of Ethno-Classes

        Israel’s development towns are key components in the making of a Jewish settler society in Israel/Palestine. This geographical-historical setting is central to the understanding of the Mizrahim as a marginalized ethno-class. Settler societies have generally been established by Europeans who settled other continents and dominated indigenous peoples by seizing and ethnicizing space, economy and politics (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). In order to advance the project of nation- and state-building, the new settling regime had to ‘import’ immigrants who entered society at a status lower than the dominant group – the ‘founders’ – but higher than the indigenous ‘natives’.

        To advance the project of territorial ethnicization, the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony held by the dominant European group (usually identified with ‘the state’), by distancing the immigrants from the centers of capital and political power (McGarry, 1998). Meanwhile, the immigrants are contributing to the important national project of settlement, which provides them with a sense of belonging and certain material gains from the settling state. Culturally and politically, however, they are marginalized, while the natives find themselves entirely excluded (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis, 1995)

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      Globalists are terrorists and should be treated accordingly if ever Nationalists take control of any western nation,
      Terrorists like Angela Merkel will be sent to places like Guantamano, or worst!

      • Floda
        Floda says:

        Essays like this make my inner Nazi mad dog mean and angry, but there are glimmers of hope. In Austria and Germany matters are moving in the right direction. Austria, where not so long ago leader of the right leaning Freedom Party, Jorg Haider was (almost certainly) assassinated, his Party now shares government, while in Germany, with 13% of the vote (and counting) the right wing AFD Party has 93 Members of about 700 in the Bundestag.

        Each member can have 5 or 6 staff, so for the first time since 1945 there are around 600 fresh faced, right leaning red blooded Germans in that old building in the heart of Berlin, that will have an effect.

        I am fluent in German and have been following the AFD’s performance in the parliament and am very impressed by the high standard of its members. Many of them have doctorates of one kind or other and the party appears to be highly disciplined. In addition, they look good, they are very well dressed, by contrast the Green Party, 9% of the vote has a large number of slovely looking females.

        What is a tad depressing is in Britain the UKIP Party received about the same percentage of the vote as Germany’s AFD but only ONE seat in their Parliament. The Brits have a ‘first past the post’ voting system. It would take a great upheaval for a third fringe party to get up in GB. The AFD is already the 3rd Party in Germany only a few points behind the SDP, which was at times the governing party. All being well the AFD will soon be No.2 or maybe even better.

        The two leaders of the AFD are Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland, both have doctorates. Frau Weidel is a young, petite and openly homosexual woman in relationship with another, who are raising two children. Her Doctorate is in Economics, she is a gifted public speaker, a born parliamentarian with a sharp, rapier like tongue, almost a female reincarnation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, minus the limp. By contrast, Dr Gauland is a dignified 76 year old. He is softly spoken and has about him the air of a man who would have a steady hand on any tiller given him. I’ll be keeping an eye on their progress since I feel as goes Germany and Austria in Mittel Europa, so goes all Europe and ultimately the West itself.

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      A visit to any Canadian City will prove that the Yellow Peril alarmists of the last century were on to something. Especially worrying are the apologetics from some Whites…they have high IQ’s…the girls are cute…they obey our laws. Their racial “souls” are foreign to the White racial “soul”. The White mans respect for Nature, compassion for the weak whether animal or human, his love of adventure, risk taking and innovation, and aversion to slavery are the antithesis to the Oriental’s.

  10. T
    T says:

    The advertisements promoting the ‘mixing’ of peoples is nothing less than an attempt to condition people to not resist the strong genocidal effects of the wage slavery (ie ‘cheap labor’) system that forms the economic basis of the multicultural society. Contrary to how the corporate media presents it in these ads, there’s nothing inevitable about it taking place provided you put a stop to the wage slavery system and its requisite ‘mass immigration’. There’s also nothing heroic or noble about embracing the genocide the advertisements promote, this terrible physical destruction simply being one of the very negative and squalid results of slavery, whether it be chattel or wage. Unfortunately, just as at Jonestown, there are all too many whom seeming readily embrace this poison and drink the multi-cult kool aid being offered and all too few as of yet whom refuse to partake.

    Early on attempts were made to condition people to the inevitability of these things.

    Below is excerpted from pg 515 of the 1870 book One Hundred Years Progress of the United States. The specific chapter was entitled ‘Marvels that our grandchildren will see; or, One hundred years’ progress in the future’ in reference to the year 1970.

    The Coming Man

    “But the future man of the American Republic will be a thoroughly composite being. It is not simply the union of the Mongolian and Caucasian types to which we are to look forward, but an agglomoration of almost all races and nationalities to make up the coming man. The old English of New England, Virginia, and the Carolinas, already blended with Huguenot, Norman French, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, German, French, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian blood, will receive from the Canadian French on the one side and the Hispano – Americans on the other, an accession of French, Spanish, and Portuguese blood not wholly free from an admixture in all degrees with the Northern Indian, the aztec, and the negro races, and these, with the blending in our own Southern and Southwestern States with the African stock, and the combination in the not distant future of Chinese, Japanese, Hindoo, Malay, and Polynesian, will give to the average American of a hundred years hence, a darker complexion and very different intellectual and moral characteristics from those which we possess today…”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      It needs to be said that this lengthy citation is valueless absent any supporting evidence that its source was not only read but taken seriously by people in a position to implement or at least influence implementation of its otherwise merely self-important prognostications.

      Twenty minutes of research suggest to me that there is no evidence that the book had any impact whatsoever. The man listed as first author, Charles L. Flint, was evidently a noted authority on cattle and dairy farming and agricultural matters generally. One of his books was called A Hundred Years’ Progress of American Agriculture, a title strongly reminiscent of the One Hundred Years’ Progress of the United States being offered to us for its monitory value. The other listed contributors include a paleontologist, an economic journalist, and several individuals who made as little impression on their time and their contemporaries as, say, I have made on mine.

      All in all, I come away from this experience with the suspicion that cows and bulls have more to fear from Flint et alii than we humans do.

      • T
        T says:

        It needs to be said that this lengthy citation is valueless absent any supporting evidence that its source was not only read but taken seriously by people in a position to implement or at least influence implementation of its otherwise merely self-important prognostications.

        You’re as always welcome to your opinion, Pierre.

        Who can disprove a negative? I don’t know, nor do you, how much or how little such ideas being promoted in the excerpt from the 1870 book may have had on the general US public, powerful or otherwise, of that time. And of course, that wasn’t the purpose of the post, but rather to point out that the idea of ‘mixing’ away the races was being promoted in a sophisticated and thought out fashion going far back.

        Giving further background, the book One Hundred Years Progress of the United States went through at least three copy runs ie in 1870, 1871, and 1876. Dr. Linus P. Brockett (1829-1893), a writer of multiple respected books, wrote the section of the book about ‘the coming man’ of 1970, which is in the context of the article he contributed, simply the expected results of the importation by diktat of wage slaves (ie ‘cheap laborers’) into the US from all over the world, China then figuring prominently in these plans, for a period of multiple generations. The book was apparently sent free of charge to numerous university presidents and major US newspapers, ie Brown University, Yale, New York Times, etc. Linked below is from pg 536 of the book where fifty six letters of response were listed as received from recipients and extracts from these letters in the following pages were re-published.

  11. ilena
    ilena says:

    I think I wrote about this before; I went to a “Christian” movie at the theater before Christmas. There were at least 7 commercials before the movie, all of which had multicultural and mixed race family themes. I’ve never seen anything like it. One of the Christmas commercials involved a Muslim family. LOL. It was purely bazaar since this was a Christian right movie. I only went to the movie because a friend wanted someone to go with. It was actually a very C rated movie, but I thought it so ironic that they put commercial after commercial of multicultural and mixed race themes…..
    I went to a couple of other more popular movies this winter, but neither one had that many multi-cultural/mixed race commercials. Maybe one.

  12. Gordon Bennett
    Gordon Bennett says:

    Excellent article – this post-modernist taboo must be broken in the sphere of public discourse asap. Most, if not all, white men despise white women who go out with black males – its just they are not allowed to say it, and thus the comedy of pc manners limps on. I also might add that Chinese,Indian and Jewish men do not like their women dating blacks either, although it seems that Jewish men have a thing for black women ;

  13. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    “The first casualty in war is the truth.”

    And Jewish Supremacists have been at war against the White race since they first began slithering into our culture.

  14. Pierre le Blanc
    Pierre le Blanc says:

    In Montreal where I live, around the Atwater Market in Saint-Henri, there are a lot of mixed couples and the White woman involved is not always ugly but mostly. There’s a lot of pressure here to marry outside your race mostly with a Black. The propaganda is everywhere in posters, movies, TV ads and series. It’s quite diffuse and I think some people see this as the norm and the natural thing to do.
    It’s quite sickening. In large stores all the advertisements show mostly Blacks, same at the post-office, at the municipal pool, and everywhere as a matter of fact. You get the feeling there are no whites in Montreal, that this country is a Black Country. But there’s a lot of resistance building up. They are going too far with this agenda and it’s creating a lot of animosity. And then you wonder what are they doing here? This is not a country for Africans. It’s cold, full of snow. These Blacks directly out of Africa have lost their way. And so has crazy Trudeau and the likes of him! What do they think they are doing? They are ruining this country for a utopia and they couldn’t care less about the White population that founded this country. Went to the pool last week for the first time after a couple of years, there was only 2 or 3 White people out of 50 people or so. The rest were mostly Chinese, Blacks, and Arabs. When I walked to the showers there was a poster with a Black silhouette on the wall so I asked the life guard (White) in a matter of fact way, “I didn’t know this was an African country.” She turned her back on me and walked away. Five minutes later as I was dressing, this big guy (hate) Walked up to me and said, if you make this kind of comment again, you will be banned from the pool. I will never go back there again. I have a headache, this thing is literally killing me.

    • American Joe
      American Joe says:

      Pierre le Blanc,
      I feel for you mon frere. Some days I feel very tired and overwhelmed. I remember when I was young(30 years ago); when I first started to awaken; I would have a day where the raw information just streamed in so abruptly that it hurt, made me sick, and depressed. Couple this with the incredible loneliness in your soul when you are viciously ostracized for even asking questions. Your own family believes you’ve become some sort of jealous, brooding hate monger for trying to make sense of it all. “Why do you always have to argue and buck the system?!” “What’s wrong with you? Are you jealous?”
      Thank God, in my case, for the early Internet and the free-flow of ideas. For the first time I realized I was NOT ALONE and I WAS NOT THE CRAZY ONE. That, in fact, I was entirely correct in what I was observing. And thank God, or the Gods, that we still have ‘limited’ free discussion of ideas, for now.
      I’m am sure all of you reading this are fully aware, but let me reiterate the fact that:

      Almost everything honest intellectuals warned about/predicted in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, has come to pass. Not always exactly as predicted, but close enough for destruction.

      To say it in plain ole Yankee English, “We ain’t the crazy ones!”


    • ilena
      ilena says:

      I wonder if there is some kind of agenda to get the white population activated? I don’t know exactly why yet, but it does seem its either 2 reasons for what they are doing; either a slow genocide or they are trying to build up tensions to get an eventual reaction from whites.

      • Karen T
        Karen T says:

        ilena, I have thought the exact same for some time now, but feared it would be shrugged off as ‘conspiracy’ thinking or ‘women’s intuition.’

    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      Pierre le Blanc, I remember the good old days in Montreal when I was merely ostracized for not speaking French, quickly remedied by a few language classes. My attempts were good enough and I made many friends. It was a beautiful city with charming and attractive people. Je Suis Desole.

  15. Aitch
    Aitch says:

    This isn’t directly on-topic I’m afraid, but can anyone tell me what’s happened to David Irving’s website? (((They)) seem to have taken it down.

  16. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    I really can’t watch TV any more. It makes me furious.

    Th only way we’re going to get any relief form this is to get rid of the Jews. I don’t doubt that others have the same ideas but the Jews are the lynch pin of the whole process. We should get together with the left, the right, the middle, the Blacks, the Chinese, the Mexicans, the Africans, the any damn body we can find and get rid of the Jews. This is the only way we will survive. I don’t think the Jews have the mental flexibility to back off.

  17. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    That’s the name of the Jewish game, normalize the abnormal and breed the gullible and/or bovine minded Whites down. So far, they are getting away with it too, as I see more and more race mixers everywhere I go.

    Thanks for the excellent article, Taylor, as the dangerous anti-White problem certainly needs constant reiteration.

  18. Malc
    Malc says:

    Another great essay. Excellent writing, and thanks for articulating in words how so many of us feel. Once again, I have to say that after reading anything on this site,it really does highlight how leftist liberals are a thoroughly stupid and rotten bunch.

  19. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    And then, there is Wakanda.

    The great irony is even as Wakanda pretends to be a Afrocentric worldview, it is utterly Eurocentric in its standards of worth.

    The West took pride in science, technology, reason, machines, and monuments.

    In contrast, blacks didn’t have any of that. But still, Afrocentrists took pride in their folklore, music, rhythm, village, and colorful cultures. So, the black attitude used to be, “We don’t need all that skyscrapers and airplanes to have pride in ourselves. We are still a people with a culture and heritage and community.”

    But the fact is the White World still has more cool ‘blings’ in terms of cars, planes, buildings, and all the good stuff. So, blacks wanted that stuff. I mean, how much pride can you feel in your people’s folklore if they’re living in mudhuts?

    Also, even white Liberals judged everything by money, machines, science, and achievement. (If white liberals are truly culturally relativist, they shouldn’t push science and technology on blacks. White liberals should say that is ‘white stuff’, and non-whites shouldn’t be judged by whether they have science/technology or not. Instead, non-whites should be judged by the norms of their own culture. So, if black Africa didn’t have great cities and just had primitive stuff, then blacks should be happy with that and not want to be like the West.) Since white liberals wanted to believe in the black promise, they exaggerated black achievement in science and technology. So, over time, blacks got to thinking that ONLY A TECHNOLOGICAL society has worth. Black lost interest in taking pride in primitive Africa of folklore and dance. They wanted to believe that blacks could have cities like London and Hong Kong. In other words, blacks can be great only by having a super-technological society like what white folks made.

    So, this Wakanda is a strange concoction. It is supposed to be about black autonomy and independence, but blacks dream and fantasize about super-technology and big cities because their minds have been colonized by the Western metric of worth. Blacks are no longer content to feel proud of being African on the basis of having spears, bongo drum, songs, and dance. Blacks want big cities, skyscrapers, and spaceships. Without such, blacks feel no pride.

    But since blacks can’t make such things on their own, they fantasize about them and then, with help of Jewish globalists, argue that the reason why blacks don’t have good things is because of whitey.
    In the future, Wakanda will not be made by Africans in Africa. Rather, blacks will colonize the West, and as in the musical Hamilton, the likelihood is that all the great, famous, and noble white leaders and heroes of the past will be made ‘black’ by fantasy. Through the iconic power of entertainment and propaganda, young children of all races will be made to see and feel that the bulk of all great men and women of Western history were black. From a young age, white children will be introduced to great historical white figures as blacks.
    So, BBC has a black Achilles. TV shows feature black Lancelot. Many great white heroes will be ‘othelloed’. And white globalists, liberals, and cuckservatives will go along because Pop Culture sees blacks as the most idolic race. Idols and icons have immediate power of recognition and admiration. It’s like it takes just one look to fall in love with a movie star or pop singer. In contrast, to come to are for an average person, it takes time and patience to get to know him or her.
    The effect is not instant. Romeo and Juliet fall in love with each other with just one look because they have charm and beauty. But to fall in love with a plain-faced woman or humdrum man, it takes time. The affection has to grow.

    The thing is so many whites have fallen in instant love/lust with blacks because blacks are good in exciting stuff like sports, pop music, and comedy. And white women want to imitate the bouncy black female butts and lust after the Negro dong. And white people have been totally seduced by black voice in songs and oratory. White people worship black people along with homos. Blacks are fast, and homos are flamboyant. This is why Jews see it as so essential to control and manage both groups who dominate iconic power. To control homos means to control fashion and creativity. To control Negroes means to control fastness and intensity.
    Especially in our age of electronic-amplification of images and sounds, the power of homos and Negroes are electro-colonizing all the world. They are winning the battle of high-volt icons. Because whites worship blacks, they want to believe in Wakanda, a great world made and ruled by blacks. But because blacks cannot make Wakanda, the whites will realize the fantasy via Cuckanda. In Cuckanda, whites(and Asians and Mexicans) will do most of the heavy lifting and construction and management to make things work, BUT blacks will be placed on the pedestal as the representative godhead of the hard work of others. Indeed, Obama was just a figure. He didn’t do shi* all his life, BUT he was elevated as the symbol of American achievement. And HIDDEN FIGURES says three black women done it. But at least HIDDEN FIGURES is about women who did SOMETHING. The musical HAMILTON just pretends that the Founding Fathers were blacks. And BBC has all these TV shows were white historical figures are made into blacks.

    Why do whites go for such nonsense? Because they want to believe. That wanting-to-believe allows for suspension of disbelief. Look at the logic of religion. Because people want to believe, they happy to pretend that some Jewish guy name Jesus got whupped real bad but went to Heaven to reside with God even though there is no factual evidence of such. Because white people want to believe so badly that blacks are so noble, cool, and wonderful that they will happily pretend that it’s much cooler to imagine that past white heroes and leaders were blacks. Blacks race has become the god of white folks, and in worship of god, people will believe anything.

    Of course, many will go on blaming whitey as the reason why blacks don’t have nice things.
    But in all seriousness, the blame-whitey argument has merit only with few civilizations in Meso-America. Maybe just maybe, if whites hadn’t destroyed those awesome(albeit bloody) civilizations, they MIGHT HAVE developed on their own into other great cities around the world. But such argument can’t be made for blacks or North American Indians who were too primitive when white people came upon them.

    Biggest irony is Wakanda looks like a black version of Nazi Germania, the city of the future. BLACK PANTHER is really a kind of Afro-Aryanism. It’s like, what if Nazis were black. Then, they would have been cool.

    • James
      James says:

      Obama is half white 50% and the black part comes from Kenya and East horn of Africa the most intelligent Subsaharan africans. There is signircant subrace differences in subsaharan africa they are not all the same. But they get grouped as such because black skin even then though there skin tones vary. Capoids are near extinct and congoids reign supreme but the horn has a different stock than pure congoids. Must do more research to see why.

      Also it not the whole world this psycho stuff of lies is not promoted anywhere in Mexico or central america or south america or asia or Africa or North Africa or eastern Europe. Even Spain and Portugal are fairly free from it but checkout Canadian, British; French, German, Swedish etc media and it drowns in black worship. And hidden figures is a lie not even black supremacists ever had that story because it is made up. The real woman is and was 3/4 white or 4/5 white. She has blue eyes her name is Katherine Johnson she looks like an old white woman now. She is i say 85% or so not Negroid black. Yet that won’t be mentioned by media and of course the film casted women darker then her and made all types of lies. Vdare did a piece on this we are literally witnessing fake history being written. Anyhow for a long time I tried I really did to believe we all equal but everywhere I go I find more and more stuff slapping me in the face saying “it is a lie”. So now I embrace the truth

  20. mark green
    mark green says:

    It’s worth noting that in Israel, TV programs and TV commercials never glamorize (or even depict) Jewish/Arab romance or miscegenation. Jews are very serious about preserving (or improving) their gene pool and sustaining Jewish ‘continuity’. Israelis consider Arab ‘blood’ totally inferior. Israelis are the modern world’s foremost racial supremacists.

    On the other hand, it’s become semi-OK for a Jew at Harvard to marry a beautiful (and intelligent) non-Jewish woman, provided the new power couple joins the Jewish community. A Jew converting to Christianity on the other hand remains anathema in the Jewish community.

    Success and power and networking is what keeps Jews together. Race-mixing with negroes on the other hand is strictly for the goyim.

    • James
      James says:

      Not all races that when race mixing is shown 90% time it is black and white. This excluding a white Hispanic with white. And so often it always blonde very white women with black men

        • Michael Adkins
          Michael Adkins says:


          Agreed, an African male with a European woman who has red hair is a “continuous play” in advertising and everyone knows it.

          What’s important is that we ask why?

  21. American Joe
    American Joe says:

    I don’t know, if anyone else can relate to me, but I am married to an Asian woman. When I see the PSYCH-OPS that we are hammered with daily I have very mixed feelings. Obviously, on the one hand I am in a mixed marriage and I am comfortable with that, but the PSY OPS provoke a very strong negative reaction with me, both intellectually and emotionally. As a White, American-born, European man I am hyper sensitive to the WAR ON WHITENESS, but I am also very close to a segment of the Asian community, many in mixed racial marriages with White Americans. While interacting with the many couples that I know I never experience the cognitive rejection that I feel when I am punched in the face with these Black/White mixing messages.
    I do think about it more lately; now that the (((CAMPAIGN))) is so intense.
    1) The fact that this (((CAMPAIGN))) is so openly and deliberately an (((ATTACK))) on *ME* and everyone I know and care about really pisses me off. I HAVE TO TAKE NOTICE AS I WOULD, IF I HAD A GUN POINTED AT ME!!!

    2) I recognized a long time ago (((WHO))) was behind all of this and what (((THEIR))) agenda really is. Who are they, these evil, smug bastards, to MAKE ME ACCEPT THAT!

    3) Everywhere in the world, in all cultures, human beings have an aberration with MISCEGENATION, ESPECIALLY WITH NEGROS! This is NORMAL.

    4) I do sympathize with NEGRO people. Many times through history they have gotten a raw deal. Many of them do function at a lower intellectual level.
    THEY ARE BEING USED BY DEMONS TO ACCOMPLISH ETHNOCENTRIC GOALS. Truly, if anyone has suffered, the Black community has been devastated by submission to (((THEIR))) will.


    • ilena
      ilena says:

      In answer to your last sentence: Maybe Whites should stick to marrying within their own race. If people want to build up the White race (the declining population), which has been taking a huge beating these last several decades, then encourage each other to marry white partners. And people need to be honest with themselves and take responsibility, otherwise they become like the hypocrites; pointing fingers at someone while doing the same thing.

  22. James
    James says:

    I wonder what the global order agenda is for blacks and Subsaharan africa and other races. They black africans are lower in iq etc but they are not exactly productive or good workers so ruling over them by force is easy but in terms of ruling internally it is near impossible. Asians, Arabs and Latinos and all other races and subraces seem easier to manage if you take away Islam. I could see Africa being left alone or starved and then global powers go in to take resources. It is interesting because only in the Anglosphere white western nations and Germany and Sweden is black worship such a pushed thing. It very odd to me to meet white leftist girls at college who want feminism etc but then they listen to black rap and talk of wanting to bang them and they watch interracial porn etc. I mean the stuff I have heard is crazy I say easily half the white population in Canada and USA worships black people. So odd the promotion pretty much of exclusively through whitest of white women with black men and so often half black or African American men which are not full 100% black but then self a mixed hybrid. Like most white girls I know who like black rappers or celebs thone guys are all AA and have an obvious 20% to 40% white blood in them. They not into pure Subsaharan blacks from what I have seen and shown them. So weird

  23. ARLENE
    ARLENE says:



    • Karen T
      Karen T says:

      Irene, why get upset? Good on them…too too many people…useless eaters as the ‘Illuminati’ supposedly say. “Why is the life of a beautiful tigress less important than that of a black simpleton beggar?” – Savitri Devi

  24. Guest4
    Guest4 says:

    Black organizations threaten to sue companies that don’t advertise mixed race couples. It all boils down to lawfare and the judges.

  25. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    The problem is that European and European American males pay for these Black and Brown children. We feed them, we put clothes on their backs and we educate them. All adding to our harm.

  26. Malc
    Malc says:

    I should also mention how the film starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba was slated by many critics. Some pointing out the relationship looked very unconvincing. Elba is a third rate actor, who benefits from being a black man, he was also chosen to play the lead role in the movie version of Stephen King’s the Dark Tower, which was a total flop at the box office. More affirmative action failing again.

  27. The Gray Man
    The Gray Man says:

    One day the elites will realize that their view of the world was never accurate. But they’re not smart enough or humble enough to realize it before it’s too late for them. They’ll realize it only when the executioner’s ax cuts their heads off, and for that literal split second, they’ll be looking at their own headless body.

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