Richard Lynn, Cultural Marxism, and the War on Objective Science

Richard Lynn is one of very few academics whose impact on their discipline is such that the field could scarcely be discussed without referring to him. In psychology, and particularly the study of intelligence, Lynn has carved out a dominant, innovative, and extraordinarily productive career spanning several decades. He remains prolific at age 87, and Washington Summit will soon publish what will surely be a future classic: Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality —- a volume that I have had the honor and great pleasure of editing. Lynn took his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge and worked as lecturer in psychology at the University of Exeter, professor of psychology at the Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin, and at the Ulster University. He has published in such journals as Nature, British Journal of Psychology, Journal of Biosocial Science, and Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, and has served on the editorial boards of Intelligence, Personality and Individual Differences, and Mankind Quarterly. On his retirement, and in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, the title of professor emeritus was conferred on Lynn by Ulster University. During the last seven days, however, moves have been undertaken to strip Lynn of this title.

The reasons behind the move are symptomatic of the malaise hanging over much of the modern academic establishment, and are a reflection of the great unease with which this establishment has always greeted Lynn’s fearless research profile. There are few leftist sacred cows that Lynn hasn’t seen fit to hunt down. During the same decades that Cultural Marxism was extending its tentacles around the Academy, Lynn’s research argued the case for the existence of race and sex differences in intelligence, and in The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement (2011) Lynn crossed firmly into forbidden territory by offering an evidence-based study of the Jewish IQ. It remains the best available rebuttal to Sander Gilman’s work of Freudian apologetic pseudoscience Smart Jews: The Construction of the Image of Jewish Superior Intelligence (1996). It should be unsurprising that Lynn is also one of very few academics whose work caused a stir beyond the ivory tower. Coverage of Lynn’s work often featured in the BBC, a large number of high-circulation international newspapers and, perhaps inevitably, in the “extremist files” of the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center.

Lynn’s work also remains the byword for all that the Left hates about objective science. An excellent example is a recent Guardian article by the London-born ethnic Indian Angela Saini. In this article, titled ‘Racism is creeping back into mainstream science — we have to stop it,’ Saini (who is a journalist, does not hold a PhD in any scientific discipline, and has not published in any peer-reviewed journals) reported on an annual conference held at University College London by “race scientists and eugenicists.” Saini warns “Researchers with extreme views on race number relatively few but, having languished on the margins of their fields for many years, they are now managing to push their ideas into the mainstream, including into respectable scientific journals.”

It goes without saying that Saini doesn’t share this view, and that she is quite disturbed by research showing hierarchies in race and sex. It’s really quite ironic given that Saini is herself a producer of ethnocentric pseudoscience. Her first book, Geek Nation: How Indian Science is Taking Over the World (2011), is a risible and miserable text which argues that India was destined to be a scientific superpower but was held back by “invasion, colonisation, famine, and partition” which “all but stripped the nation of its scientific legacy.” The White male is Saini’s ‘folk devil,’ and one can imagine that Richard Lynn represents more than a scientist to her. I note that Saini’s article makes a brief, telling, reference to the description of Pakistan by race scientists as a “low IQ country,” though she was unable bring herself to mention that India ranks even lower (although there is much variation, and Indian immigrants to the US are a particularly talented group).

Racial hurt seeps from the page, and my own instinct suggests that Saini may well be engaged in a form of self-deception, submerging her own ethnocentrism and ethnic grievances in a swamp of superficial egalitarianism. She is currently working on a book promising to ‘debunk race science.’ This will be an interesting, if unoriginal, project given that Saini appears to be blind to the content she intends to critique. She describes the arguments that there are biological differences in intelligence between racial groups, advanced by Lynn and others, as “unsupported by evidence.” Saini is thus apparently oblivious to the copious amount of peer-reviewed, data-driven literature produced by the “well-connected cabal,” and the fact that even some of Lynn’s most determined critics could only conclude: “Our review of the literature on the performance of Africans on the Raven’s tests showed that the average IQ of Africans on the Raven’s tests is lower than the average IQ in western countries.”[1]Describing these researchers as a “well-connected cabal,” Saini highlights Lynn as a particularly successful, influential, and therefore in her eyes ‘dangerous,’ figure. Writing with an air of disbelief, Saini laments that “Lynn sits on the editorial advisory board of Personality and Individual Differences, produced by Elsevier — one of the world’s largest scientific publishers, whose titles include the highly respected journals the Lancet and Cell.”

She seems especially disquieted by Lynn’s research on the verbal IQ of Jews, and even contacted the editor-in-chief of Intelligence, Richard J Haier, an emeritus professor in the medical school at the University of California–Irvine, with a view to agitating for the removal of Lynn from that journal’s editorial board. In a rare showing of integrity from a ‘mainstream’ academic, Haier responded: “I consulted several people about this. I decided that it’s better to deal with these things with sunlight and by inclusion.…The area of the relationship between intelligence and group differences is probably the most incendiary area in the whole of psychology. And some of the people who work in that area have said incendiary things. … I have read some quotes, indirect quotes, that disturb me, but throwing people off an editorial board for expressing an opinion really kind of puts us in a dicey area. I prefer to let the papers and the data speak for themselves.”

The gulf between reality and ideology witnessed with Angela Saini, and the possession of a level of self-importance quite unsupported by achievement or experience, is equally present in the campaign to strip Richard Lynn of professor emeritus status. The Irish Times reports “The move against Professor Lynn came after the Students Union passed a motion calling for the “revocation” of his title. The student body also distanced itself from the views held by Professor Lynn and reaffirmed its commitment “to making UU a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students”. The student group believes that the positions advocated by Professor Lynn violate the university’s good relations policy. It is understood that at a meeting of the UU student council last week 29 members voted in favour of the motion while one person opposed it and there were two abstentions.… The university is expected to make a decision on whether to remove Professor Richard Lynn’s title in the near future.”

The ringleader behind the effort appears to be Kevin McStravock, President of the Student’s Union. McStravock, a journalism graduate, has no background in science, and his work history is limited to selling men’s fashion and being a professional student. His campaign brings to mind Henry David Thoreau, who argued in Walden that college students “should not play life, or study it merely, while the community supports them at this expensive game, but earnestly live it from beginning to end.”

If detachment from reality in academic life was acute in Thoreau’s time, it is abundantly more so today. Professional students like McStravock are indulged in the belief that they have life “figured out,” and they are similarly imbued with a misplaced confidence in their ability to hold forth on an array of issues in which they are entirely lacking in sufficient knowledge and experience. One imagines that young McStravock and his colleagues believe themselves to be ‘fighting the man’ or ‘overcoming oppression,’ despite targeting a retired academic who in 1994 endured harassment while at the university from Communists calling themselves “the Anti-Nazi League,’ as well as ostracism from colleagues, And no wonder: His work has been in perpetual defiance of the academic establishment.

The precise argument behind the effort to strip Lynn of his title deserves further attention, but it is first necessary to reflect on the apparatus for maligning rebel scholars and consigning them to the academic periphery. This process is quite straightforward. As soon as dedicated cultural marxists and/or ethnic activists assume the role of gatekeepers within a discipline (normally by occupying influential academic roles such as prestigious chairs, controlling access to funds, or managing journals) they can begin to set the tone and direction of large swathes of the discipline. Jewish activism in the social sciences and the arts is particularly instructive (e.g. academic discussion of ‘anti-Semitism’ is entirely dominated by Jews). In some instances this can be directed towards the praise or promotion of like-minded individuals or co-ethnics — the now well-documented Jewish promotion of Spinoza and Mahler are excellent case studies. In other instances, entire ‘ways of seeing’ can be dictated — the career of psychoanalysis and Boasian anthropology are good examples here. Finally, the gatekeepers acquire the power to exclude ideas and individuals deemed anathema to the status quo. Theories of anti-Semitism which do not assign unblemished victim status to Jews are included in this category, along with anyone who could remotely be described as a ‘race scientist.’ Such exclusions are normally backed outside the academic establishment via cultural means, with the mainstream media, equally beholden to gatekeepers, providing slanted commentary designed to heap further opprobrium and social ostracism on the offending scholar.

Rebel academics are thus often forced to form their own networks, journals, and conferences — the origin of what Saini hyperbolically described as a “well-connected cabal.” The truth is that those figures attending the University College London ‘eugenics conference’ were academic refugees from a far bigger and more powerful “well-connected cabal.” Once on the periphery, however, it is much easier for the academic establishment and its media cheerleaders to dismiss the work of rebel scholars as “unorthodox,” “fringe,” or “extreme.” Richard Lynn has been a primary target of such behavior, although precisely the same process can be witnessed in the case of Kevin MacDonald, Virginia Abernethy, and many others. A crucial aspect of such labelling processes is to deny the legitimacy of their research, to reduce their research to absurd simplifications, and to impart to non-academic observers the idea that such individuals are morally wrong.

A key aspect here is to remove the academic’s work from the sphere of scholarship and to place in social or moral contexts, the aim being to deny the work its objective status. In this regard, one frequently sees the work of rebel academics described as “views,” if not “extreme views,” rather than as “research,” “dissertation,” or “thesis.” The goal here is to deprive the scholar of having his scholarship judged as correct or erroneous, and to have his or her work deemed as something inherently personal, and morally reprehensible. Once the portrayal of the individual is shifted to this domain, professional rebuttal of their work becomes unnecessary, if not actively discouraged for fear of ‘giving a platform to fascism.’ Opposition at this stage switches from academic/professional to social/political, and the activities of the ‘Anti-Nazi League’ and the SPLC against Lynn, along with the student protests against Charles Murray at Middlebury and Harvard in March and September 2017, are excellent examples in this regard. Rebel scholars who manage to overcome enough of these obstacles to avoid obscurity and total vilification are necessarily viewed as threats. Richard Lynn may be counted among them.

Another tactic is to belittle an entire area of research by picking out a particularly counter-intuitive example that the public can be depended on to regard as ridiculous. A good example is J. Philippe Rushton’s claim, based on data he compiled for his classic Race, Evolution and Behavior, that average penis size varied between races in accord with the predictions of r/K theory. This claim was held up to ridicule by the likes of Richard Lewontin and other crusaders against race realism, and it is regularly presented in articles hostile to the race realist perspective. Richard Lynn’s response, as always, was to gather more data—from 113 populations. And unsurprisingly for those who keep up with this area of research, he found that indeed the data confirmed Rushton’s original claim.

Returning to Mr McStravock then, it is interesting that he explains the effort to strip Richard Lynn of his title in the following manner: “We go under the good relations policy and I think that was the key concern about the impact his views have on good relations [emphasis added].” Lynn’s several decades of research and leadership within his field are thus reduced to the status of merely personal, and morally dubious, ‘views.’ The data count for nothing. What matters is the emotional response of people like Mr McStravock responding to the data.

Much of this is quite unconscious of course, and I doubt that Mr McStravock and his colleagues even understand the widespread social and educational conditioning that occurs both within and outside academia. They don’t realize that they are pawns in the game, conditioned throughout their educational career to react with horror to such ideas. It takes more life experience than they are likely yet to possess and, as Thoreau reminds us, the community continues to support their expensive game. The incentive to continue playing the Social Justice Warrior remains too attractive.

The leadership of the university are presumably only too happy to concede to the demands of the student group. Given the time that has elapsed since Richard Lynn’s retirement, one suspects at least some staff involvement has also featured in the origins of the campaign. A spokeswoman for Ulster University said: “Professor Richard Lynn no longer works for Ulster University nor does he contribute to our research and teaching. The University reserves the right to withdraw an emeritus title after due consideration of all relevant information and notification to the retired academic of a decision reached to do so. The University has been actively considering this and a decision will be reached shortly.”

One wonders what “relevant information” the university feels necessary to consider given that Lynn’s research profile remains no more or less controversial than it did when the title of professor emeritus was bestowed on him in retirement. It seems likely, of course, that Lynn’s work will be considered less than the feelings of the academic gatekeepers and their pawns in the snowflake generation.

Those of us who believe in a truly objective pursuit of science and the necessity of the study of race differences may wish to make their feelings known to the university. It goes without saying that an attack on the status and legitimacy of Richard Lynn may be considered an act of aggression in a much broader culture war. Setting even that huge incentive aside, Richard Lynn has been, and remains, a tireless scholar, scientist, and advocate for some of the key issues of our time. This is one way in which we might express our gratitude.

Messages regarding the effort to strip Richard Lynn of professor emeritus status should be directed to Sharon Lowry at the Secretariat of the University Council:

[1] Jelte M. Wicherts, Conor V. Dolan, Jerry S. Carlson, Han L.J. van der Maas,

‘Raven’s test performance of sub-Saharan Africans: Average performance, psychometric properties, and the Flynn Effect,’ Learning and Individual Differences, Vol. 20:3, (2010), pp. 135-151.

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  1. GeorgeKocan
    GeorgeKocan says:

    Wow! Saini’s criticism reminds me of Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “The Big Lie.” He immigrated from India as a young man and quickly rose in rank as ah historian and pundit on the conservative side. He researched the claim that conservatives, more specifically Republicans, are racists and fascists. He documented the evidence which showed that the German national socialists, known as Nazis here, borrowed many of their racial ideas from American Democrats. He also noted that the German philosopher, Martin Heidegger, who joined the German socialists party, did not believe in the kind of academic freedom which honest American scientists rely on. His student, Herbert Marcuse, a Jewish ideologue and commie, came to the U.S. with the “Frankfort School” and set up shop. He wrote that some kinds of research should not be permitted. While I can imagine a situation where I would not permit some research, I certainly do not want people like Marcuse and Saini telling me what kind of research I am to avoid. Western European tradition supports an severe intellectual discipline which bars censorship of any kind of ideas, especially, ideas which may not garner popular support.
    Regarding Jewish intelligence, I am currently reading Dr. MacDonald’s book on Jewish evolutionary strategery. It has provoked thought about personality traits which make prevail among such people. Two aspects of Jewish efforts to survive and prosper as a group include a strict separation from other groups and endogamy, an activity which seems to have endured for perhaps more that 2000 years. On the one hand, a higher group intelligence would be expected, given the intense selection pressure for scholars learning complicated texts such as the Talmud. On the other hand, pleiotropisms, disparate effects from a single gene, may also be pertinent. For example, Jewish physician, Richard Rankin, a highly intelligent ophthalmologist and accomplished tennis player, felt compelled to change his sex. Eventually, he did and became “Rene Richards.” He wrote a book about his life. Both his parents were professionals, psychiatrists, of all things. One would expect perfectly normal, happy children from such a pairing. But, no, he wanted to be a woman. And sister wanted to be a man. That is to say, pathologies of personality may also be the price to be paid for high intelligence.

    • Philip Smeeton
      Philip Smeeton says:

      White americans are European-Americans. American culture is European culture. African and Asian culture is only part of minority cultures in America. The majority of Americans are white.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:


      Richard Lynn’s book on Jewish IQs is also a valuable addition to serious literature on the subject. It IS important to study the literature on Jewishness and antisemitism by Jews themselves to get an objective understanding of how they seem themselves, noting their diversity of opinion and the major changes since WW2 and the establishment of Israel.

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Before I write Sharon Lowry a “…Message…” would anyone happen to know if she is from among the “…Race of Filthy Perpetrators of Criminal Activity…” ?

    Because if she is a Jew, writing her anything that does not support her assumed Criminal Activity (dereliction of duty) and subversive political agenda will simply be flushed down the electronic toilet bowl.

    I have recently been given a $4,000.00 USD study grant.
    I was considering enrolling in some courses at the University of Iceland.
    However after reading their policies regarding equal rights for women, multicultural diversity, and other Jew Derived, White Culture-Destroying Insanity, I totally changed my mind.
    I could not stomach spending even one semester in such an environment let alone spend even one Icelandic Krona supporting their Jewish Proxy Controlled, Auto-genocidal, mind-controlling agenda.

    If such a case as the above were transpiring in America instead of Iceland, I would be asking for a flood of emails to President Donald Trump instead.
    At least such an action would give one a fighting chance of not only getting noticed but also getting a positive reaction.

    Is there no one higher up,
    with sufficient muscle to influence policy or public opinion that one could write to,
    who was more neutral than a presumably Jewish Secretariat of the University Council ?

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      Dear Dr. Joyce,

      I realize that as a Distinguished Professor of History you must refrain from speculation and comment on incontrovertible quoted excerpts whenever possible,
      but that policy does not extend to relatively uneducated and inexperienced commenters on this board…,
      so if I may,
      I would like to point out this gem of a line which you may have avoided commenting on due to reasons given above:

      “…The system broke down over eugenics research in the early 20th century, with catastrophic consequences.”

      My next question is;

      “Which, ‘…holy hoaxes, Batman…’, catastrophic consequences do you think she was referring to?” 😉

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ RoyAlbrecht

        Eugenics research has been marginalized and impeded because of a misrepresentation that it requires the extermination of existing human beings rather than the proactive elimination of disabilities from future human beings.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          David Ashton will not be able to prove that he knows that those who marginalized eugenic studies did so because they were misled into thinking it meant an inevitable genocide of misfuds. A great deal of evidence suggests that the anti-eugenicists were racially and politically motivated anti-scientists. No scientist would be swayed by such claims as he says were persuasive and dominant.

          It is a trivial matter to observe in any case that eugenic science is alive and well throughout the biological sciences, where selective breeding of every domesticated animal is absolutely normal because it is known to be effective.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            @ Nick Dean

            I agree that “anti-eugenicists” were and are “politically motivated anti-scientists”. It is not difficult, but time-wasting, to show the origin and impacts of such ideological pressures on institutions like UNESCO, the Royal Anthropological Institute, the Eugenics Society and many others in the US & UK. Restrictions on objective research into race-crossing have been evident since from the late 1960s. As just one footnote to this “disagreement” between us I recommend Tobias Langdon’s article on the scientist Richard Dawkins in current Winter issue of “The Occidental Quarterly” especially the quote on p.129.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      In Iceland, women have had equal right, in some areas, for centuries. In case you hadn’t noticed, there are a lot of men on boats, whether fishing or freight. Those men are, and have been away for long periods of time. That left the women in charge. Up until about a century ago, even the farmers were rowing out to fish. There was, until the 70s, a lot (relative to the population) of men dying at sea. This meant there were a lot of widows in sole charge of households. In Iceland, equal rights for women predated the poisonous feminist movement.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        There may exist misunderstanding between our two positions.

        I am all in favour of equal treatment OF EVERYONE before the law.
        I am also aware that women,
        especially Icelandic women,
        are largely just as capable of running a household,
        be it in a rural…, or even more so…,urban environment than men.
        However, when I look at those in favour of giving the nation of Iceland over to Africans, Asians, or even East Block hooligans, I see women outnumbering men by a significant percentage.
        Similarly, in general I also see critical reasoning abilities being better in men than women…, that goes for Icelandic women too.
        Here the ((( “…trendy cause…”))) of the Zeitgeist is to equalize the number of men in parliament with the number of women.
        Of course, many women, and a fair share of mentally retarded men, do not seem to recognize natural aptitudes,
        who will be the first to suffer at the hands of cut throat foreigners once they are in the majority,
        child rearing aptitudes at ages when children are the most helpless,
        and a host of other anatomical, neurological, and racial proclivities that give men a natural aptitude in some professions over women and vice versa.

        I agree that Blacks may have a natural aptitude over Whites when it comes to running short distances, but I do not agree that I want a Black Brain Surgeon operating on me just because of some misplaced idea of (((feminist))) egalitarian equality!
        Women, even Icelandic women, tend to think with their hearts and not with their minds when it comes to diversity, equality, tolerance, homosexuality, etc…

        If Icelandic women had their way they may well have millions of Africans streaming into the country out of an (((implanted))) sense of misplaced altruism.

  3. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Thank you, Dr Joyce, for your much needed analysis of what is being allowed to come out of our universities as the voices of students and graduates. Typified by the Sainis and McStravocks, they ‘know’ only pseudo-concepts like racism, fascism, democracy, equality, inclusiveness, diversity, etc., and they can do no more than go on the attack with them. So the superior intellectual output of Richard Lynn, and of other good minds, is completely lost on them, but nonetheless left open to their primitive attacks. This is tragic. This has to be turned around. And that is easily done: Cut the cackle by not making universities available to anyone with an IQ of less that 120. Relieve of their professor status people with an IQ below 130. Close down the plethora of micky mouse universities. We have had more than enough of the terrorist tactics of idiots who are encouraged to think limitations a virtue and excellence a deviancy. How dare fools like a Saini or McStravock pass judgment on an outstanding scholar like Richard Lynn? Show them their rightful places in the intellectual food chain: give them mops and brooms!

    • John Walker
      John Walker says:

      Thank you Sophie Johnson but as with any modern revolutionary movement, they would like to give you the mops and brooms (if not worse).

      In judging the superiority of western academic liberal arts and sciences, to the modern academic system people of this generation only want to take advantage of the benefits,for the most part, I think, and need to hoax you with their project of presenting the question of a glass half empty or half full, just for arguments sake. If you question the value of the popular narrative in favor of the real value in an inquiry based in the historicity, race, ethnicity found in data, it appears to be open hunting season, shame on you, because you have developed discrimination and judgement and of course in the worst sense of these off-limit concepts necessary for rational inquiry of any kind.

      I think most people don’t understand the absence of policing the infiltration of anti-authoritarian throughout traditional institutions, policing the ideas found throughout all left leaning ideologies have had their day but because of their incendiary nature, linger like a wound or a long hang-over in the institutional subconscious of institutions for the youth culture, the as-yet-unschooled, and the forcefully energetic.

      Cultural Marxism and their Fabian Socialist’s “cousins” both required infiltration and deconstruction coinciding with the trauma of 2 industrial-mechanized European Wars on behalf of a systemic change. This trauma led to institutionalization of bad ideas on both the left and right. (Much easier, in a technological society, to propagandize and behaviorally manipulate than to develop rationality, concrete thinking, historically cohesive analysis in the context of rational connections and nexus’s of technology and systematics, because of a mechanistic faith and the relativity of all values found in social religious ideas (like Nazism/Communism).

  4. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Saini’s “Guardian” article was appalling even for that LGBT/BME agitprop “newspaper”. Its errors and innuendos were blatant, but no letters of refutation were published. One can only imagine the half-baked, cobbled-together, infantile and tedious repetition of other people’s errors that forms her book on the subject of “race”.

    The totalitarian system is tightening everywhere and dissidents are still picked off one-by-one and turned into unpersons. Not only is western academe a prime victim – Jordan Peterson, Michael William, Bruce Bawer & (yes) Frank Furedi – are largely on the right track about this, whatever their other faults – but in the UK things are getting ludicrously worse in other directions thanks to the 2010 Equality Act. The police are called over allegations of so-called transgender “hate” speech, and the term “Afrophobia” has been coined to stigmatize people fearful of the “baby boom” in the Dark Continent.

    This politically motivated action against Richard Lynn is yet another incident in the 21st century “bell, book and candle” tyranny. I repeat my decades-long advice: (1) Breed healthy white babies; (2) Safeguard and secure the heritage; (3) Master the content and technology of cyberspace. And a fourth to add: Remember all our heroes of free speech and honest science.

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth says:

      This is good advice, however, I believe the entire multicultural, open borders, feminist system has been created to secure a lack of healthy white babies.
      Our future can’t be taken for granted. Also, for a very intelligent race, we certainly have been bamboozled perhaps to the point of no return?

  5. Doug Mitrovic
    Doug Mitrovic says:

    To be “white” was only relevant in order to distinguish people back in the day between blacks, native Americans and Europeans. It’s meaningless today, given that most Caucasian Americans have “non-white” ancestors. The dynamic of pride and hatred fabricated a fictitious concept of a “white” race that’s political rather than anything else. Yes, if you’d toss me in Ghana I’d be considered white but if you find me in Oslo, I’d be considered ethnic/non white. I’ts an interesting sociological phenomena I was entirely unaware of before I moved to the states. In the US. you’re never white enough, or black enough. I’ve been teased for being Eastern European as much as much as I’ve witnessed Nigerians being teased by African Americans. None of it made sense to me until an older gentlemen said, America is all the, I’m better than you kind of thing. I find to to be a sort of amalgamation of Puritan and Cowboy cultures. More cowboy in the west and puritan in the east. Someone told me that cowboys we’re much like pirates ruthless, they’d make passes at other men’s wives or girlfriends and were rather crass in their rhetoric. I was surprised to find that the wild west culture remained in Los Angeles. It was much different from the east coast which was more traditional and more in line with old-world values.

    • Ger Tzedek
      Ger Tzedek says:

      Why did TOO let you publish this crap anyway? There is ample evidence that 23andme messes up genetic material of Whites with Blacks just to demoralize Whites, one at a time.

    • Jack Jones
      Jack Jones says:

      “white” race …that’s political rather than anything else????? Sir, you must be either a naive (bordering on stupid) indoctrinated east European cultural marxist OR a denier of (101 ) introductory class on human biology/physiology. eg. When illegal immigrants enter Europe they first see WHITE Europeans NOT Greeks, Italians, French or Germans.
      SO WHO ARE YOU ?????? black, native indian, white, of a Marxist globalist non-specified race/gender persona ???……give me a break….. Sir. If you do not know who you are & if you do not LOVE what you are (your own race) ……you then beleive in anything & EVERYTHING. this is called RELATIVISM.
      (Mod. Note: “Jack”, chill on the name-calling and slurring, OK? You can get your idea across w/o that. Further comments with this sort of thing will never be seen by readers.)

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ Doug Mitrovic

      The “one drop rule” in the US has its downsides. The crucial issue is not the shade of skin or hair pigmentation, but the combination of genetic characters including the formation of the skull and the brain within. For a white-skinned moron to claim intellectual superiority over a Chinese or Jewish scientist is one thing, but to deny a reasonable pride in the achievements of the European peoples over centuries, and to refute the current vilification and replacement strategy, is another. There is a case for humanitarian eugenics all round, and that does not require large-scale crossing between the major subspecies which would be fatally irreversible.

      • Doug Mitrovic
        Doug Mitrovic says:

        The cultural and racial fragmentation is a reaction to the neo-liberal left. We can’t win that game. I am not denying achievements from the European continent and neither denying eugenics. After all just look at swimming or basketball. I’m arguing the attitude. It’s something I’ve been struggling with personally too. I can’t take pride in anything I haven’t accomplished myself. i.e. I can’t take pride in the fact that Serbia had the best fighting record in WWII or Tesla. When you walk the streets of Belgrade or standing at a bus stop with other people, they are just as much as strangers to me as if I was standing at a bus stop at Bangladesh. Plus, to say the least, the burden is on the enlightened not on the unenlightened. Look at Marcus Aurelius. He did what was best and he didn’t stress things he had no control over. Again, the burden is on the enlightened for he is the only glimmer of hope to the unenlightened. The neo-liberal/alt-right tug of war is a reactive affair veiled in ignorance. Plus, the west has been the best for several hundred years now. But it’s standing on the shoulder of giants. European advancements in science are a continuation of advancements in science of older non-European cultures. I’m not saying open all borders, what I’m saying is there is a fine line between reason and madness/ignorance.

        • Franklin Ryckaert
          Franklin Ryckaert says:

          @Doug Mitrovic

          “…European advancements in science are a continuation of advancements in science of older non-European cultures…”

          That idea is indeed the latest form of anti-European attack, which has been refuted by Ricardo Duchesne in his book The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. Even if it is true, one wonders why those
          “older non-European cultures” could not continue their advancements themselves.

        • Tudor
          Tudor says:

          European advancements in science are a continuation of advancements in science of older non-European cultures.

          Europeans were ahead at their time in art, technology, agriculture and trade, starting earlier than 7,000 B.C..
          – Old Europe.
          – first use of bronze.
          – first writing (Tartaria)
          – first agriculture (Lepensky Vir/Schela Cladovei)
          Europeans owe nothing to anyone.
          Starngely enough, these facts are unknown even by Europeans.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Doug Mitrovic

          I agree that strictly speaking we can only take pride in our personal achievements; I am not responsible for either slavery or inventions. But I can be grateful for the positive achievements of my ancestors and others in the world I live and wish to live. My family matters to me and so does the wider family of English people and wider still my fellow-Europeans who are under attack at present. I have no personal animosity to well-behaved people of other races, but a home for everyone is a home for no-one.

        • Elizabeth
          Elizabeth says:

          Your attitude though comes from the more recent emphasis on individualism and the now enforced inability of all white Europeans to claim the heritage (and protection) of their own collective. Having pride in our own past is now forbidden in order to secure our collective dissolution. “No man is an island.”

      • Doug Mitrovic
        Doug Mitrovic says:

        You would have to e a bit more specific as to why I’m wrong and reply with a sound argument. Thank you.

      • Doug Mitrovic
        Doug Mitrovic says:

        OK. Then. Lets talk stats. I’ll rope you all in the millennial hipster domain of stats. Personally, this is embarrassing to me considering my country scored 89 but hey, I blame it on the Turks!!! Just kidding.

        Israel isn’t even in the top 10. It’s behind Malta Poland and Spain. In other words behind nations that are stereo-typically not considered to have a high IQ. I lived in Malta for 6 years. In Malta foreigners always get a strong impression of the Maltese as small minded uneducated Semitic island people. But their average IQ is 97!!! So go figure.

        • GeorgeKocan
          GeorgeKocan says:

          Veeeery interesting. Finland scored an average of 99 IQ but its students do the best on standardized achievement tests. Go figure.

          • Doug Mitrovic
            Doug Mitrovic says:

            That shows you that stats can be total bull. I know as a fact that the Maltese on average have a low IQ. I lived there for a long time. My main issue wasn’t finding a GF that is attractive, the problem was finding a GF that could talk about anything. Bu their English was bad, they couldn’t talk about anything more complex than what they had for breakfast or whats your moms name and simple conversations like that. The problem is that the test was done by the one percent of kids who go to private schools. Malta has two distinct classes. If they averaged out tests from a diverse amount of schools (private and public) the score would have been a lot lower. My estimate is somewhere between 79-85. Same with the US. If they factored in the results from public schools from poor neighborhoods the result would of been much lower. So Mark Twain was right concerning stats!

        • Vehmgericht
          Vehmgericht says:

          This is a fascinating area that we’ll repays further study. I don’t have the reference ps to hand to back up what I’m going to say below, so I’ll lazily leave that as an exercise.

          I believe the theory is that the IQs of Sephardim (Jews of Spain, Portugal and the Levant) and Mizrahi (the ‘Oriental’ Jews of Persia and Arabia) derived populations are not stellar. Unlike of course the Ashkenazim, who by eugenics and selection pressure attained their colossal advantage of one standard deviation above the Western average. But they are a minority in Israel, albeit prominent, even dominant. And of course the State of Israel contains a substantial minority of backward and poorly-served Arabs.

          Thus overall going by IQ the Israelis are statistically not significantly brighter than, say the modern Greeks. We must remember in all this that IQ is not mutable in the individual, but is so in populations, given sufficient time. Whether the Israelis will be able to balance their sullen underclass of Arabs, their religiously and culturally conservative Levantine and Oriental Jews and their supremely able westernised secular Ashkenazim remains to be seen.

          Then there is the burgeoning phalanx of Haredi Jews — ultra Torah-observant types who defend the Land of Israel on the spiritual plane by drawing welfare, having huge families and eschewing military service.

          Israeli demographers have their work cut out! Though perhaps white nationalists will see the Haredi as a case of Great Fleas have Lesser Fleas that in their Backs do bite ’em .

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      @Doug Mitrovic

      “…most Caucasian Americans have “non-white” ancestors…”

      One of the largest ever US population genetic study has revealed that European Americans have remained “shockingly European to an incredibly high degree” despite decades of pro-racial mixing propaganda.

      Furthermore, the study found that only some six million individuals who identify as white, actually have between 1 and 3.5 percent non-European ancestry—and that the vast majority of this admixture occurred five or ten generations ago, making most of these individuals unaware of their ancestry—consciously and in physical appearance (or phenotype).

      “…The dynamic of pride and hatred fabricated a fictitious concept of a “white” race that’s political rather than anything else…”

      That is the classic “race is a social construct” Big Lie, impossible to peddle here…

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      Mr Mitrovic: You sound exactly like that racist, anti-white, russian eurasian imperialist, Alexander Dugin. I only wish that most of those Eastern Europeans- including millions of Russians- flooding the West would return home.

  6. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    The attempt to emotionalize issues of science is an effective one precisely because it does not require any cogitation to evaluate a body of research and it makes a subject more interesting – juicy – to most people. Few people enjoy thinking deeply and at length about anything abstract – it often difficult and tedious. Also emotions are powerful forces that can be commandeered and channeled to useful ends. For example, the CNN attempt to hyperventilate and stampede America into more gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting. The construction and conceptualization of possibilities of future states of affairs requires thinking. The second amendment can be considered a barrier to an American Holodomor or Maoist “cultural revolution”: the actions of tyrannical governments that killed millions, not just 17. Frequently it is what you cannot see that is more important than what you can see.

    Another trenchant and superbly crafted TOO article.

  7. Malc
    Malc says:

    Saini is, if anything, a comedian….or should that be- comedienne. Much as I’m fascinated by the sciences, it is a glaringly obvious fact that Africa is so far behind the West in every aspect of development, that anyone who even suggests you would need science to either prove or disprove markedly self evident differences in intelligence, is frankly, away with the fairies. They don’t even deserve the credibility of being regarded as legitimate opponents worthy of debating with, they are talking such utter garbage, that all we should really reserve for them, is hysterical laughter.

  8. bliss_porsena
    bliss_porsena says:

    The groves of academe really have become an over-funded racket, with the tenured and the snowflake locked in a symbiotic ‘danse macabre’, at vast public expense.

  9. Tom Shuford
    Tom Shuford says:

    I have had two experiences with this courageous professor:

    1) I had the pleasure of hearing him in person:

    RICHARD LYNN: “Eugenics and Dysgenics: A Promise Denied”
    2012 American Renaissance Conference
    Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee

    That speech had such an effect — the logic, the data seemed unassailable — that when the DVD became available I transcribed it.

    2) Last fall I read a news report of some sort on his work on sex differences in intelligence. I emailed him with some sort of supportive information from a different context. We exchanged a few emails. He encouraged me to read the full text of his technical article, “Sex Differences in Intelligence: The Developmental Theory,” by Professor Lynn, Mankind Quarterly (Fall, 2017). I did so.

    I could understand it. Lynn’s argument, backed by quantities of data, was that males continue developing cognitively beyond age 16, giving them, a slight average advantage in IQ. A notable excerpt:

    “The higher average male IQ, greater male IQ variance and greater male competitiveness are sufficient to explain the greater numbers of men than of women in top positions.”

  10. DanielS
    DanielS says:

    I object to the assumption of a clear, singularly quantitative and positive value that Lynn places with I.Q.

    Might the lower I.Q. of Southern Italians be potentially adaptive for the necessity of not losing vigil on basic patterns where in the teeth of group attack from Africa and the Middle East?

    I.e., should we always and in all contexts look upon higher i.q. as good, i.e. adaptive?

    Or can it lead people to be distracted, diverted into detail or even to rationalize incursion and genetic betrayal?

    Northern Europeans may have a high I.Q. but their flakery, naivety in narcissistically rationalizing their similarity – false quantifying comparison to others – and with it a proneness to cuckoldry, is clear enough by now.

    That is to say, the attack on what is presumed to be “cultural Marxism” rather the qualitative representation of left ethnonationaism, with emphasis on human ecology, has become a war on our relative interests – again, “Objective Interests” is virtually an oxymoron.

    • DanielS
      DanielS says:

      Can it lead people to be distracted, diverted into detail or even to rationalize incursion and genetic betrayal?

      ….to devalue basic but essential functions to homeostasis?

      • DanielS
        DanielS says:

        I can imagine those nations (or areas) evolved in the teeth of very different, antagonistic races would evolve more of an appreciation for horizontal discriminatory capacity (which we need) while those removed would develop more hierarchical discrimination.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:


      There have been some serious critiques of Lynn’s work, and he has replied to most of them. But his main offense is to undermine the predominant unscientific ideology that asserts that intelligence is mainly environmental in origin, and that “race” (sensibly defined) and “gender” are purely social constructs.

      I first met him years ago at a meeting of the then Eugenics Society and sat next to Hans Eysenck when Lynn presented cautiously the theory of adaptation to northern climate contributing to white intelligence; not an entirely original notion, but ably presented to a somewhat stunned young audience.

      I had put this notion to UNESCO’s Otto Klineberg on his visit to the London University Institute of Education. After a huddled panel discussion with long looks in my direction, he evaded the point completely and just said in effect that there was no direct link between melanin and brain function; an idea subsequently turned on its head by one section of the Black Power movement.

      • DanielS
        DanielS says:

        Apparently you recognize that I am not disputing that he can measure I.Q., not disputing the validity of his theory of how I.Q. differences may have come about and that I.Q. can be an important indicator;

        My concern is that over reliance on the criteria may cause false comparisons, a narrowing of attention of how qualitative differences may come to count, cause us to truncate and put at risk differences which are necessary to our overall systemic maintenance. That is to the contrary of suggesting that high I.Q. people should be burdened, but rather that their abilities may be focused comfortably ensconced in a system that does not breed resentment and naivete for disrespect in false comparisons – attention on niche differences rather than singular criteria quantified in equality/ inequality would foster heuristics of the deeper, emergent qualities of our systems and look toward a more stable systemic outlook in the functioning of our human ecology.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        “…he evaded the point completely and just said in effect that there was no direct link between melanin and brain function…”

        Well yes, there is no “direct link” if he means by that a causal link, but there is a link of correlation : a cold climate selects for higher intelligence and thinking ahead and at the same time a cold climate selects for a lighter skin color. Thus roughly, those with the darkest skin color, such as black Africans, have the lowest average IQ (ca. 70), those with a medium pigmentation have a medium average IQ (ca. 85), while those with light pigmentation, such as Europeans and East Asians have the highest average IQ (ca. 100-105).

  11. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    “Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality”, I haven’t read the book yet or know anything about it. I wonder if it will confirm what I’ve been saying that the Jews. That they are a tribe of psychopaths? No not all but there certainly must be a lot of them in the tribe. It may be that I’m wrong about this but as a group their behavior, dishonesty, gas lighting, callous indifference to life of others, sexual perversity, tendency for grandiose schemes, etc. seems to be one big tell for psychopathy and no different from any run of the mill psychopath you would see running round in the population.

    The Jews are always telling us there are different, well I believe them.

  12. Ger Tzedek
    Ger Tzedek says:

    For the Jewish IQ. It is higher than the average White IQ, maybe by 17 points. I forgot in which scale. But we forget another thing. Whites too are not a homogenous group. We have many of our subgroups with very high IQ. When their children regress to the mean, they regress to a very high mean. This class of ours is much wider than the Jewish equivalent. This class is vastly crowded by the intelligent-and-altruistic north, but there is an equivalent in every White nation.

    Jewish success has more to do with chutzpah and Jews being the immoral moralists. In fact, Whites are overqualified for their jobs, Jews are under-qualified. Whites out-crowd Jews by a huge factor, at every stripe of the IQ, all the way up. This is not reflected in White-Jewish shares of power and wealth, not even for the subgroups that I talk.

    In biology the parasite tries to provide secondary benefits to the host. Jews have always tried to bring down their hosts. This biological oddity worked very well for as long as Jews could find yet another host to stun to death. Now it is one billion Whites that Jews want to stun to death. They have already done huge damages.

  13. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    Angela Saini and Kevin MacStravick are transparently motivated by résentisement, pathos — and ambition. Let them beware! Reflexive egalitarianism and policing of those who gainsay it has escaped the control of any person or group, ethnocentric or otherwise. Like the great Terrors and the Cultural Revolution it will run its course, devouring many of its instigators.

    Young people nowadays learn quickly that emotive expressions of solidarity with the ‘oppressed’ and repudiations of inequality (and especially the suggestion that it may be immutable) are rewarded and reinforced in the shallow culture of networked pabulum, perpetual ‘irony’ and anomie that prevails in the declining West.

    So it is far from surprising that articulate and telegenic persons such as Saini and McStravock can build a career out of ‘refuting’ scolding and hounding ‘heretics’ like Lynn. Indeed no longer need one labour to assemble a book or article from semi-digested pop-psychology, postcolonial studies, radical feminism &c: with a little gumption and spite blog posts and hashtags suffice.

    This ideology is in no way spent and there will be many more heads culled from Great and the Good, including some presently revered figures of the Left. But Nature is not to be scorned and a hard lesson must ultimately be dealt and learned.

    What comes after the Catharis will, in part, contain what we can salvage or synthese from the best of our mythos, ethos and logos — but there will also be that which is New.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      “…Angela Saini and Kevin MacStravick are transparently motivated by résentisement…”

      Yes, probably. Judged from their appearances : Angela Saini looks not Indian but Anglo-Indian to me (Indian father and English mother, hence an Indian surname, but a European name), while “Mr” Kevin McStravock, who sells men’s fashion, has a definitely female expression on his face, which suggests at least metrosexuality if not homosexuality. Both have reason to feel resentment against normative British people.

  14. Jerry Bain
    Jerry Bain says:

    First we need to dispense with the notion that jews are the chosen people, they most certainly are not. The chosen people are the white adamic people on this earth were ever they may be. It is they who are the true Israelites of the Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Jews are of Edom Esau and not a member or descendant of any one of the twelve tribes. As for their supposed IQ all they do is steal the white mans patents and or inventions and then capitalize monetarily on them. Why do you think our European ancestors kicked these bastards out of every country for a thousand years? If the bible were a jewish book it would be a banking and accounting manual! Their book the Babylonian Talmud and Cabbala have nothing whatever to do with the bible.

  15. T
    T says:

    The Irish Times reports “The move against Professor Lynn came after the Students Union passed a motion calling for the “revocation” of his title. The student body also distanced itself from the views held by Professor Lynn and reaffirmed its commitment “to making UU a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students”. The student group believes that the positions advocated by Professor Lynn violate the university’s good relations policy.

    The ‘good relations policy’ should perhaps be called more accurately the ‘good feelings policy’. The big question though is does the university have an ‘Irish self preservation policy’, charity beginning at home after all? Of course they don’t as that would entail the difficult at times (though ultimately edifying) act of actually really and truly caring about people, both of your own first and of the other ultimately as well. As is well known regarding human relationships one can’t in general care about others if they are not first taking care of themselves in a healthy and responsible manner first. That’s not ‘hate’ but ‘love’, not to mention simple reality. Pretending or telling yourself that you do not exist either as an individual or as part of a group doesn’t change that.

    Lynn’s several decades of research and leadership within his field are thus reduced to the status of merely personal, and morally dubious, ‘views.’ The data count for nothing. What matters is the emotional response of people like Mr McStravock responding to the data.

    The modern day Pavlovian conditioning regarding race kicks in…ie the effects of the long term anti-race campaign termed ‘anti-racism’ have borne fruit.

    Mr. McStravock in Ulster as well as Mrs. Saini in London would do well to ditch their conditioned response regarding race and study closely the corporate media of the 19th century British Empire. At that time most of the ingredients of what constitutes modern day multiculturalism were present and openly expressed, as well as advocated, sans the Pavlovian conditioning.

    Unfortunately, rather than the 19th century promoters of the primordial multi-culturalism of that day changing themselves as they should of done, they decided to change the general public with positive reinforcement conditioning. The elites and hangers on since that time with their promotion of the monetization of chattel slavery and its trade ( wage slavery, ie ‘cheap labor’ so called) have meanwhile remained mostly unchanged and are still largely made up of unreformed slavers.

    The below excerpt is from a London Times editorial published in September, 1851 at the tail end of the Famine. It regards the then US ambassador to Britain Abbott Lawrence’ and his visit to Ireland. Bearing in mind at the time Ireland had been losing 250,000 people a year due to their enmasse predation as wage slaves to the US to work in places such as Mr Lawrence’s textile mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts, they had been losing about the same number yearly due to the Famine. Ireland had therefore lost approximately two million of its population (out of eight million, ie one quarter) since 1845 and the editorial’s publication in 1851. Ireland at the time looked just about ‘done for’ and is perhaps why the ‘London Times let it ‘all hang out’ regarding Ireland and what constitutes modern multiculturalism without the conditioning of today. The people of the north of Ireland, the historical immigrants of the ‘Plantation’ and the resulting mixed population there, are described bluntly as slaves being ‘more mixed, ‘more docile’, and ‘which submit to a master’ much unlike the more purely Celtic remainder of Ireland. According to the editorial the slave population of the north is to ‘occupy’ the remainder of Ireland, thus making the whole of Ireland enslaved. And what was to become of those Irish who were to be replaced by the people of the north of Ireland? They were to ‘mix with the Anglo-American, and be known no more as a jealous and separate people’, ie be genocided…and thus too to be made like the people in the north of Ireland described by the editorial as ‘more mixed, more docile’ and ‘which submits to a master’…ie slaves as well?

    Its present place will be occupied by the more mixed, more docile, and more serviceable race, which has long borne the yoke of sturdy industry in this island, which can submit to a master and obey the law…

    ‘The prosperity and happiness he [Lawrence] speaks of may some day reign over that beautiful island. It’s fertile soil, its water-power, its minerals, and other materials for the wants and luxuries of man, may one day be developed; but all apearances are against the belief that this will ever happen in the days of the Celt. That tribe will soon fulfill the great law of Providence which seems to enjoin and reward the union of races. It will mix with the Anglo-American, and be known no more as a jealous and separate people. Its present place will be occupied by the more mixed, more docile, and more serviceable race, which has long borne the yoke of sturdy industry in this island, which can submit to a master and obey the law…’

    What did the Irish themselves think about this enmasse predation of their people as wage slaves by US industrialists such as Abbott Lawrence, predation which the Times declared would result in the Irish people being ‘known no more’. The Irish called it ‘extermination’ and they were actively shooting those in Ireland that were promoting this predation of their people as was documented by an 1847 editorial of The Spectator of London starkly entitled ‘Extermination and Vengeance’. While the famine stricken Irish no doubt would have been open to legitimate aid, they quite correctly saw their enmasse predation as wage slaves not as ‘a helping hand’ as presented in all too many a ‘history’ book, but rather as a hand being placed around their throat and squeezed hard.

    Such is the conduct which the Irish incendiaries name “extermination.”

    The case of Mr. Ormsby Gore is very instructive. The Irish papers, alluding to his estate of Leganommer, had a terrific story of ” extermination in Leitrim,” full of direct falsehoods. Setting aside smaller matters, it appears that the tenants on the estate owed rent for several years, in some in- stances for as many as twelve or fourteen; one year’s rent was demanded, under pain of a .twelvemonth’s notice to quit : not a shilling of rent was offered, and the notice was enforced ; but the enforcement was accompanied with a declaration that those who could not retain their holdings would be aided by their landlord to emigrate to America. Such is the conduct which the Irish incendiaries name “extermination.”

    It wasn’t just the Irish in Ireland who didn’t much care for the idea of being ‘mixed and known no more’, the then largely Anglo-Saxon population of the US didn’t much care for it either and not coincidental to this saw the rise of the ‘American Party’, aka as the ‘Know Nothings’ in the 1850’s. After decades of agitation against the wage slavery system in the US, almost miraculously some relief would be achieved there from it and its requisite ‘mass immigration’ in the 1920’s. Alas, forgetting lessons learned, would come 1965.

    Others, the former would be slave owners and dealers had also been learning lessons during these same years. They had not given up the incredible profitability of chattel slavery and its trade for the hoped for far greater profitability of its monetization, ie the cheap labor/mass immigration system adopted in the latter 18th and early 19th century, too only see it all dashed and their work for nought. As described below in The Pall Mall Gazette of London in 1874, when plans to displace the then largely Anglo-Saxon populations of the US and Australia with tens of millions of wage slaves imported from China by diktat were seen to be falling apart, race and the incumbant accompanying entirely natural, healthy, and instinctive aversion to genocide, was specifically identified as the primary impediment to this scheme. Rather than changing their slavery corrupted and darkened hearts as they should of done, these elites and their hangers on would try to instead change people’s minds regarding race. In a case of now you see it, and now you don’t, race was readily admitted to exist in the 19th century by the forces pushing wage slavery, though now these same forces of international hyper-capitalism claim with their anti-race campaign (known as ‘anti-racism’) that race doesn’t exist and never did.

    Mr. McStravock of Ulster with his ‘good relations’ would appear to have succumbed to the anti-race conditioning. Though Mrs. Saini in London may not realize it yet, they will come for her and her Indian people in time as well when they are no longer useful.

    ‘A dread of what might happen if capitalists could command and control these vast hordes of workmen as against men of their own race, has made the labouring class, at any rate, blind to their good qualities.’

    Chinamen Out Of China

    ‘OF late years we have heard so much of “Chinese cheap labour” from various parts of the world that it is somewhat difficult to realize the fact that not more than 200,000 Chinamen are working in foreign countries at the present time. Even this number is quite an outside estimate. America and Australia have so far been the favourite resorts for Chinese emigrants…’;cc=livn;rgn=full%20text;idno=livn0031-7;didno=livn0031-7;view=image;seq=296;node=livn0031-7%3A1;page=root;size=100;cc=livn;rgn=full%20text;idno=livn0121-2;didno=livn0121-2;view=image;seq=00134;node=livn0121-2%3A1

    • T
      T says:

      The below is a telling excerpt taken from debate regarding immigration to Ireland that took place within the Irish Senate [Seanad Éireann] in Dublin in 2006. The link I had to the Irish government records site which had these debates transcribed no longer works, never the less, these words were spoken there. This would be bad enough were it to be spoken by Englishman in the British parliament in London regarding Anglo-Saxon workers, and no doubt something like it is, but this is in Dublin in the Irish senate. The names appear to be Anglo-Saxon ones, though to be sure, reflective of the long term dysfunctional relationship between the Anglo-Saxon and Jewish people, they could perhaps just as easily been read by a Jewish member of the Irish senate.

      An attempt to finish what the London Times in the 1851 editorial described previously in this thread stated had already been started in the north of Ireland during the proceeding centuries with the ‘Plantation’, ie making the whole of Ireland ‘more mixed’, ‘more docile’, and ‘which submits to a master’…thus being enslaved? Is this what is intended for most peoples and the bulk of humanity the world over?

      It may not be politically correct to say so but it is a major contrast to our [Irish] workers.

      Seanad Éireann – May 11, 2006

      Ms White: ..Immigrants here work in restaurants, hotels, shops, IT customer support companies and on building sites. I find them an inspiration. Their work ethic, dedication and enthusiasm in customer service is outstanding. It may not be politically correct to say so but it is a major contrast to our workers. Last night on the way home I went into a beauty salon in Dundrum at around 8.45 p.m. An advertisement for a new service was displayed and I went in——

      Mr. Bradford: There is no need for the Senator to go there.

      Ms White: I thank Senator Bradford for the courtesy. I went into the salon and there were four Irish girls behind the counter who told me the salon was closed. I said I wanted to make an appointment but they said they had nothing available until next week. This was Wednesday night. We all know that foreign people working in shops, or the service industry generally, cannot wait to pack the bags properly and so on…

      From a paper written by two Israeli university professors regarding Jewish settlements.

      the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony

      Settler Society and the Making of Ethno-Classes

      Israel’s development towns are key components in the making of a Jewish settler society in Israel/Palestine. This geographical-historical setting is central to the understanding of the Mizrahim as a marginalized ethno-class. Settler societies have generally been established by Europeans who settled other continents and dominated indigenous peoples by seizing and ethnicizing space, economy and politics (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). In order to advance the project of nation- and state-building, the new settling regime had to ‘import’ immigrants who entered society at a status lower than the dominant group – the ‘founders’ – but higher than the indigenous ‘natives’.

      To advance the project of territorial ethnicization, the immigrants usually serve three main functions: cheap labor to replace native groups; settlement in the ‘frontier’ (periphery); and control over the natives and their land (Stasilius and Yuval-Davis, 1995). These dynamics generally result in the maintenance of hegemony held by the dominant European group (usually identified with ‘the state’), by distancing the immigrants from the centers of capital and political power (McGarry, 1998). Meanwhile, the immigrants are contributing to the important national project of settlement, which provides them with a sense of belonging and certain material gains from the settling state. Culturally and politically, however, they are marginalized, while the natives find themselves entirely excluded (Stasiulis and Yuval-Davis, 1995)

      • T
        T says:

        I located the link containing the transcript regarding discussion between Ms White and Mr Bradford about immigration into Ireland at the Irish Senate [Seanad Éireann] from May, 2006 mentioned above in this thread. Scroll down and you’ll find it about two thirds the way down the page. Ms White made further comments at Irish expense, in this instance about the Chinese being imported in, which I’ve quoted below. Bear in mind she is supposed to be representing the Irish people and their interests.

        They dote upon their slaves.

        The standard of service has increased greatly because of the work ethic of our immigrants…I asked my daughter where they [the Chinese] got their work ethic and she said that under Mao all they were allowed to do was work.

        Seanad Éireann – May 11, 2006

        Ms White – The Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism, Deputy O’Donoghue, made a good point recently about the Ryder Cup tournament, to be held in the autumn. He said that he hopes we give good service and value for money to the visitors who will come here for that event and not exploit them. The standard of service has increased greatly because of the work ethic of our immigrants. My image of Chinese people was that, under communist rule, they did what they were told; it was the ultimate in bureaucracy. I asked my daughter where they got their work ethic and she said that under Mao all they were allowed to do was work. These immigrants are the children of people who lived under Mao, who made them work. It was the other extreme with Mao, as we know, but it was an interesting point.

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