Another reply to Nathan Cofnas

I have made another reply to Nathan Cofnas, this time on the Genetic Literacy Project website (“Kevin MacDonald responds to criticism of his theory of Jewish ethnocentrism and influence.”) This is an excerpt:

Cofnas claims that “Almost all the Jews MacDonald says advocated multiculturalism in order to subvert gentiles advocated multiculturalism for Jews and Israel, too—there was no evidence that they were anything more than consistent leftists.” In CofC I show that not only were the Jewish intellectual movements I discuss (particularly Boasian anthropology and the Frankfurt School) promoting multiculturalism, the organized Jewish community across the entire spectrum of Jewish organizations from the far left to the neoconservative right (with no exceptions to this day) was avidly involved in promoting multiracial immigration to the U.S. (CofC recounts Jewish activism beginning in the late nineteenth century up to passage of the 1965 immigration law.)  None of these groups advocated multiculturalism and non-Jewish migration to Israel or campaigned against the idea that Israel is a Jewish state, whereas they opposed the idea that the US ought to remain dominated by people of Western European descent. Against this very broad-based and powerful array, Cofnas comes up with two interesting names: Alan Dershowitz and George Soros, each of whom may have different, rationally based perceptions of Jewish interests regarding immigration. In neither case is there any evidence that their activism on immigration can properly be labeled as advocating a multicultural, multi-religious Israel open to immigration of all the peoples of the world, and neither of them have been influential in altering Israeli immigration policy.

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Alan Dershowitz

As I discuss in both replies, Dershowitz, who is a strong advocate for Israel, favors the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel where they would constitute around 2 percent of the Israeli Jewish population. This would not alter the idea of Israel as a Jewish state, and allowing this immigration would have public relations benefits in the West where Israel is increasingly seen as an oppressive, apartheid state. This seems like an eminently rational strategy.

Soros is a complex, fairly inscrutable figure when it comes to Jewish identity and interests. He opposes deporting Africans back to Africa where they might be endangered, a position that is compatible with the ADL’s agreement with a UN plan that would stop deportation and resettle about half of these migrants in the West. (The UN plan was eventually scrapped because of opposition from the Israeli right which wants all the migrants removed immediately; because of a border wall, Africans are now unable to come to Israel as illegal immigrants. American Jewish groups have adamantly opposed a border wall in the U.S. but have not criticized Israel’s anti-migrant wall with Egypt [here].)

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George Soros. Image credit: Eric Piermont/AFP/Getty Images

Soros clearly identifies as a Jew. A biographer notes, “If he [Soros] derived any lesson from the Holocaust, it was that minorities—as the Jews were in Europe—had to be protected in the future and the best way to assure that was by building pluralistic societies where minorities were given their rights” (p. 216)—a view that is entirely mainstream among Diaspora Jews and a theme of the treatment of this issue in CofC. On the other hand, the picture that emerges is of someone with a very weak Jewish identification or even a negative Jewish identification in his early years to an increasing interest in Judaism and Jewish culture in his later years, while still remaining a lukewarm Zionist at best and with a strong desire to see an end to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Of course, promoting peace between Israelis and Palestinians is not the same as wanting Israel to cease being a Jewish state, nor is it the same as promoting the idea that people of all races and religions should be allowed to immigrate Israel. And again, whatever Soros’s views, they haven’t made an impact on Israeli policy, either on immigration or on the conflict with the Palestinians

Even strongly identified Jews may have different perceptions of Jewish interests. I suspect that many Jewish critics of Israel are similarly motivated to want an end to the 50-plus-year occupation, the ethnic cleansing, and the apartheid but would still want Israel to be a Jewish state and limit immigration to Jews.

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  1. Anthony Clifton
    Anthony Clifton says:

    That Dershowitz looks like he has a yeast infection in his face…

    maybe there is something to that …”leaven of the pharisee..thingy

    but truthfully the modern day so-called “Jews” are merely
    “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism and are not really
    “Hebrews” or semitic…so the cult compound in Palestine
    for psychopathic terrorists called Zionist Jews will never
    ever be “Israel”…no matter how many time the braindeadgoy
    repeat the “JEWISH” lie that “Jews” are in fact Israel…@ Genesis 49

    It’s a Lie.

    • Sam Kik
      Sam Kik says:

      It’s all a lie when it comes from the Jews. Soros says things that may seem to go against his zionist cohorts, but that’s all a show for the masses, much like his made up stories about collaborating with the nazis. Those stories are an attempt to cut off people who might have the temerity to point out that Soros is a Jew.

      As for Durshowitz, considering all the twisting and turning that he went through to avoid his sexual habits becoming all to public, well, one can see he started making some of the remarks that run counter to zio-think when his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and their trips to Pedo-Island became (sort of) public knowledge. Just another fraud presenting the “good jew” act that too many naive Whites fall for.

  2. The AntiLoser
    The AntiLoser says:

    Dershowitz is a classic case. He is a belligerent atheist having debated the existence of God with Alan Keyes. Yet he is passionately concerned over the fate of Israel and Judaism, and even conducts Jewish religious services at his house! He affectionately quotes his mother who, when informed that the Dodgers had rallied in the ninth to pull the game out, immediately asks, But is it good for the Jews? Are prominent people with such an attitude good for the USA?
    Anyway, it shouldn’t be necessary to find demonstrable hypocrisy on the topic of multiculturalism in order to claim that such a position works to the benefit of an ambitious minority and that intellectual partisans often support positions that if acted on would be to their benefit.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      The AntiLoser – And the MSM NEVER question their loyalty to the USA or whichever country they reside. They are NEVER asked about conflict of loyalties. I have observed them on Breitbart in Britain slagging off the West about things that happened in the past, and the next minute getting indignant if their Britishness is questioned, saying they are as British as anyone.

      • Tom Watson
        Tom Watson says:

        Every so often Ann Coulter mentions wanting to put someone on a polygraph and I think it would be a great idea for a TV show: What’s My Lie (pun on 1960s show. What’s My Line.) Challenge pols to come on and take a polygraph on basic questions they get to see in advance and are free to refuse to answer, so no ambush problem. But if someone declines to come on you would have the right to note the fact. It would be fun to ask Donald Trump if he thinks the Israel lobby is a problem. Or does he think 9/11 was an inside job? Or does he think Netanyahu is trustworthy. Or does Iran have a bomb? The possibilities are fantastic.

  3. George Bancroft
    George Bancroft says:

    Ahoy TOQ … Forgive me please for leaving a baseball comment here in the Jewish ethnocentrism thread. The baseball thread was either closed or malfunctioning or both. So here: Baseball in America, crooked as a three-dollar bill, anti-White as the day is long. Latinos uber alles, blacks even better if you can get ’em, and universal Zionazi ownership of teams. But please — find a dumb relative or similar poor sap with a heavy-duty Cable TV sports subscription … and tune into College Baseball. There you will find a MOST peculiar condition: College Baseball in America is just about 97% white. It’s true — go tune in. Big Universities with OVERWHELMINGLY black football and basketball programs? Their baseball team will be White – universally. Is this good? Gives me heartburn: College Baseball is 97% White, but Major League Baseball is about half White and half everything else. Every team MUST participate in an annual Far East draft of Oriental baseball player prospects. College baseball teams are very competent, their players are very competent … and they get SCREWED mucho big-time because the agenda is to de-White-ify Major League Baseball and humiliate White players as much as possible, imitating the NFL model. Nevertheless — if you want to watch a bunch of clean-cut palefaces playing a very good brand of baseball, tune into the very next televised College Baseball game, especially yours on the various “Fox Regional” networks. Thanks Rupert Murdoch!

    • Sam Kik
      Sam Kik says:

      Thanks for the baseball comment! Too bad that thread was closed. The tribe has used its usual machinations to inflate the numbers of blacks and hispanics and now Asians. As noted by someone else, Steve Sailer looked into this many years ago and it could be proven that the hispanics would get the nod over Whites in the minors even if Whites had better stats. But hey, we need diversity everywhere, right? As for drugs it’s common knowledge officials due their best to warn the minority players about surprise tests ahead of time. This has been standard in track for years.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Another Jew who seems to be “consistent” in his “anti-racism” is Noel Ignatiev, who is notorious for his campaigning against “whiteness”. In an article on Zionism in the Encyclopedia of Race and Racism he described Israel as “a racial state where the rights are assigned on the basis of ascribed descent or the approval of the superior race” and likened it to Nazi Germany and the Southern United States before the civil rights movement. On protest from the American Jewish Committee however the article was eliminated from the encyclopedia. Needless to say Ignatiev’s ideas have zero influence in Israel, while in the US he continues his campaign against “whiteness” unopposed by any Jewish organization.

  5. curri
    curri says:

    William Kristol and (especially) David Frum were critical of some aspects of immigration before they took up full time nevertrumpism. Kristol opposed amnesty for about a decade and Frum was critical of mass immigration in general.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      But surely Kristol’s motives for his ideological positioning were never in doubt! He was attempting to complete the work of his father and his father’s buddy, the elder Pod: to undermine the specifically Western traditionalist, noninterventionist, Christian, and Americanist roots of the postwar Right and transform the movement into another vehicle for reaching and realizing Jewish internationalist goals, paramount among which are power and wealth. His and his confreres’ success is hardly disputable, I think.

      To the limited extent that David Frum can be taken seriously, he represents the sort of curiosity for which I see no satisfactory explanation other than KM’s apt one of ethnic nepotism. Frum first emerged from the background noise when he wrote what purported to be a tell-all book about the Bush 41 White House.* No one in the (((media Establishment))) thought fit to point out, however, that as Frum was merely a speechwriter—in politics a functionary ranking only barely above the kid who makes sandwich and donut runs for the office staff—he was in no position to reveal anything worth a listen. But in a world where his fellow Jews Jon Stewart and David Brooks count as éminences grises, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Frum too came to be seen as the possessor of a Voice That Matters.
      *That there have been fewer tell-all books from insiders in the George H. W. Bush administration than from any other in the past fifty years certainly suggests that the man, whatever enormities he may legitimately be charged with, inspired the admiration and loyalty of those he surrounded himself with—at least of those who weren’t Jews.

      In this regard, I can’t help recalling Oscar Wilde’s comment, “Every great man nowadays has his disciples, and it is always Judas that writes the biography.” (The quote comes from Intentions, a sort of Platonically inspired dialogue on art and aesthetics.) Whether Frum ever even rises to the dignity of a Judas is a matter on which reasonable men may differ.

      • Earl Oill
        Earl Oill says:

        One thing that disappoints me about the Alt Right is that if you get them off the subject of immigration they don’t sound very right wing. Being mostly young people, they seem to have unconsciously adopted many toxic ideas pumped into our culture by the Frankfurters over the years. For example, they are anti-black and anti-Jewish yet their sexual liberalism amounts to endorsement of what many on the Old Right saw as black behavior promoted by Jews.

  6. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    (Mod. Note: TOO is still under some kind of attack.)

    (Admin. Note: The attack is old server equipment and a very messy migration troubleshooting that.)

  7. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    Dershowitz, Soros and others of their ilk are merely triangulating or hedging: they don’t believe what they say (surprise). They probably believe what little damage they do to Israel is more than offset by the smudging of the image of Jewish ethnocentrism. They are fully aware of the opportunity their positions provide for their co-tribalists like Cofnas to point out the exceptions. The term that comes to mind is “plausible deniability”.

  8. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Most Jews (and Israelis) are fiercely ethnocentric, but there are some genuine exceptions even in Israel :


    In recent weeks, groups of Israeli pilots, doctors, writers, former ambassadors, and Holocaust survivors have appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to halt the deportation plan, warning it was unethical and would cause grave damage to Israel’s self-described image as a light unto the nations.

    Source : The Times of Israel, 24 February 2018…/thousands-protests-against-israel-s-plans-to-deport-african-mi…

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