Where’s Nordic-Boy?  A Game for Our Time

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a performance of a touring New York-based modern dance company.  I had been looking forward to going.  I was in a dance company decades ago, but I’ve lost touch with dance over the years, and the prospect of this reconnection with something that at one time was a big part of my life had great appeal.

As it turned out, overall it was a superb performance.   One problem for me, though, was that while the woman were as I remember them when I danced, the men seemed feminized, the best word I can think of to describe it.  It was a unisex presentation that evening, tilted distinctly toward the feminine.   Women were women, and men were women.  In truth, it made me uncomfortable.

I asked myself, is what I’m seeing an artistic reflection of a larger social/cultural pattern, men becoming women-like?    Is this artistic expression, this example, to any extent contributing to changes in male gender identity and behavior in other, non-artistic, realms—that is to say, to the idea that the way to be a man involves, in good part, in great part, emulating women?  What will young boys in the audience who are interested in becoming dancers conclude about what it means to be a male dancer?

During intermission, I looked through the program handed out to everyone in attendance that evening.  It was about fifteen pages, slick paper, well-done, put together by the performing arts center that had sponsored the dance company’s performance.  It included pitches for the center’s education and arts activities. “Our education programs strive to engage learners of all ages in the creative process, nurture artistic skill development, cultivate lifelong appreciation of the performing arts, and make the performing arts an integral part of school and community life.” “Here at [the name of the center], we remain deeply committed to nurturing the artists and audiences of today and tomorrow!”

That sounded good to me.   I wish as a youngster I had been exposed to the arts.   Baseball, yes; dance, no.  I came to dance as an adult, which is possible with modern dance.  It isn’t with ballet.

A couple of pictures that accompanied the written material in the program–one having to do with the center’s education programs, the other with its arts programs—caught my eye.  Speaking of boys, their virtual absence in the pictures jumped out at me.


What’s this about? I asked myself.   What would a boy looking at this think?   That art isn’t for him?   Would the parent of a son conclude that art isn’t appropriate for a boy?–or a real boy anyway; the boy in the second picture with the lightened hair combed forward looked a bit soft to me.  Why were these particular pictures chosen?   How conscious was this selection?   I flashed on Christina Hoff Sommer’s book, The War Against Boys.  “War” is too strong a word for what’s seems to be going on here, but I do suspect that how boys are getting along wasn’t at the top of the care-about list of the people choosing these pictures, and that these pictures wouldn’t have been the reverse, almost exclusively boys.

The day following the performance, curiosity sent me to the art center’s website.  In the section on the arts and education programs, eight pictures, and again almost all girls, and what boys there were were in the background or over on the side.

The dance performance, the program material, and the subsequent website review sensitized me to a concern—how boys, men, masculinity, are visually portrayed in our time—particularly with regard to white people, an interest of mine and the focus of this publication.  So in this instance I’m getting at images and the meaning they communicate, not words spoken or written.  Fancy terms that apply to this focus are iconography and semiotics.

The Academy Awards, which were last month as I write this in April of 2018, came to mind.   I tuned in at 10:00 p.m. to catch the last two hours of the show thinking I’d see the big awards, best actor and actress, best picture, and so on.  There were some white male winners during those two hours, but the lack of white male presenters and performers was noticeable.  Besides the host Jimmy Kimmel, the only other white males in those two hours—of around thirty people in total—were Christopher Walken and Warren Beatty.   Both of them are over seventy; Beatty is 81.  The message seemed obvious to me: these two creaky old guys are white men.  White males are relics of the past, anachronisms.

Guided by the premise that the image is the message, the past couple of weeks I’ve been attending to how white men, particularly young white men, are presented, or not, in university website photos, corporate and military recruitment material, advertisements, and the like.   I think I see a pattern:  compared to times past, young white males are distinctly fewer in number and far more likely to be in the back or on the periphery.

I checked the Student Life section of the website of the University of Vermont, where I taught until my retirement.  UVM, as it is called, is a very white campus, with an abundant number of white males.   But here’s the picture.

Don’t get me wrong.   These look like very fine young people to me.  As far as I’m concerned, welcome to UVM.   I’m just noting the racial/gender composition of this picture and raising the question of what motivated it and its consequences.

I checked the Student Life section of Harvard’s website and found a similar picture.

Again, handsome young people.  Good for them.  I’m but raising the question of what the message is here.  As part of my university work, I spent a good amount of time in rural Vermont and West Virginia secondary schools with low income white boys—and girls too of course, but the focus is on boys in this context.   Going by the pictures on its website, I’m wondering what Harvard thinks about these human beings, how much it really cares about them.

As I was doing my image-perusing, Where’s Waldo? came to mind.   Back in the 1980’s (I looked it up), Martin Hanford, a British illustrator, produced a series of children’s puzzle books called Where’s Wally?  The books consisted of detailed illustrations of many people doing amusing things.   The reader was challenged to find a character named Wally hidden in the group.  For whatever reason, when the series came to the U.S., where I read it, the character’s name was changed to Waldo, so it was Where’s Waldo?  to me.

I’ve been playing a version of Where’s Waldo?—looking for visual depictions of young white males.  As time went along, I found that, really, I was looking for a certain type of white male: tallish, light-colored hair, pale, broad-flat-forehead, blue-eyed—like me.

Back in 1916, Madison Grant wrote a book called The Passing of the Great Race: Or, The Racial Basis of European History.  Grant’s concern was with the, perhaps dire, fate of northern European white people, the sort I found myself looking for.   He referred to them as Nordics.   To myself, and now I’m sharing it with you, I thought of what I was doing as playing Where’s Nordic-Boy?

While I was checking out the student pictures on the Harvard site, I took note of the Harvard College home page.  You could play Where’s Nordic-Boy? with it.

When I was a kid, I remember my dad, who was a barber, telling me that he was a Democrat because the Democratic party was for the working man.   In Minnesota where I grew up, the Democratic Party was called, I guess it still is, the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.  Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, and Orville Freeman were prominent in the DFL back then.  They proudly called themselves liberals, and they cared deeply about black civil rights, and that was fine with my dad.  He wanted everybody to have a fair shake in America—that’s what this country stands for.   The Democratic Party was “us” to my white working-class dad when I was growing up.   It was on his side as he saw it.   My dad has passed.  When I went to the Democratic party website just now, going by the pictures I wondered how he would see today’s Democrats if he were still alive, and how today’s Democrats would see him.   Here’s the Democratic Party’s invitation to “stand with the Democrats.”

Perhaps you are a young white man interested in a corporate job.

Or perhaps you have a particular interest in working for Google with iCloud.

You could check out movie images.  For instance, there’s the 1962 British film—great film, available on streaming—The Loneliness of a Long-Distance Runner, the crowd scenes and all, everybody white.  Compare them to now.

You get the idea.  I invite you to play Where’s Nordic-Boy?–go wherever your imagination takes you.  Or, just notice images of “Nordic-Boys” as they come up, or don’t come up, in the course of your day.   To get serious about this, see if what you observe speaks at all to Madison Grant’s worry about the passing of a great race.  Little things can add up.

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  1. Brent G
    Brent G says:

    I can relate to your experiences being of southern heritage.

    If you want to conquer a nation destroy it’s potential future warriors. Turn them into harmless wimps and cowards. (((They))) figured this out long ago.

    The sad part is things are terminal. Here is a thread on a supposedly nationalist board where feminized “American Euroman” of the Californian types are praising so-called “White Hispanics” with their ” blue eyes” as the future.


  2. Peter
    Peter says:

    “I’m just noting the racial/gender composition of this picture and raising the question of what motivated it and its consequences.” I suspect the pictures would be similar for many or most schools and many companies perhaps too. Perhaps Google’s Jewish ownership influenced its photo. It would be interesting to hear an answer to the question of why so few white men appear in the photos from the people responsible for the photos. Why so few Nordic looking men could be asked too, but I almost think you might get a nasty answer to that question. Aren’t Nordics all “NAZIS” or their look a likes? Judging by these photos there aren’t many Nordic men in the USA any more.

    Probably the only thing Jews dislike more than Europeans or whites, are white men and among white men, they dislike Nordic men the most.

    Tucker Carlson recently had a segment on the poor performance of boys/men in school compared to women and other areas and the media ignoring the question, while always concentrating on the problems women face, leaving people with the belief men are doing fine and women are all their victims. Of course, the recent news in the media of all the “me too” victims showed that Jewish men were largely the offenders, not Nordics. I guess this is one more sign of who runs the country.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    There is definitely and undeniably something very unhealthy going on here. Creepy!

    To properly raise good horses, you need a good stallion. Geldings don’t cut it.

    It brought back to me something that Dr. William Pierce once said: “There’s very few men left in this country; just a lot of women of both sexes.”

  4. Ben Gunn
    Ben Gunn says:

    I knew a young man around the year 2000, a recent HS graduate who was a National Merit scholar with very good academic prospects. He wanted show business career. So it was off to New York to study acting, singing and dance. He told us out of 60 men in the dance class, only two were heterosexual.

  5. Xeric
    Xeric says:

    This has been an ongoing hobby of mine, at times challenging, often frustrating. Whenever the subject is brought up, often in the presence of teachers, the answer is always the same: either it’s ignored or brushed away as irrelevant, or else this strange rejoinder is made that in ‘the current year’, this is “not their time”. This shows a willful shunning, and tropes common to modern feminism are bandied about, without thought or concern as to how this will affect boys’ development. The idea that these are human beings, worthy of nurture and support, is curiously subsumed behind a rigid agenda that sees them as “oppressors” and “powerful” (as if children have or experience hierarchies in the manner of modern adult leftists!)
    The philosophical structure of “oppressor/oppressed” has flowed down to the level of schoolchildren, it seems. I’ve heard a 4th grade teacher describe her male students as “a**holes” who don’t realize that they have “all the power”.
    Anecdotal, of course, but indicative of the overarching anti-male agenda in the west. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess..

  6. Xeric
    Xeric says:

    I should have prefaced the above comment’s use of ‘boys’ with the necessary ‘white’ or ‘European-derived’, as minority boys in schools have far, far more support, as well as excuses made for bad behaviors (which usually entail even more support and attention). This is definitely an agenda which targets white male children as needing to step aside, for the development and eventual (hoped for) gain of others.

    • Jacobite
      Jacobite says:

      The lightbulb went on for me when I read an article about a recent Harvard freshman class. About 50% minorities, 25% white, 25% Jewish. Since Jews are 2% of the US population, who’s holding the shortest end of this stick? My take-away: every Leftist program, no matter who it’s supposed to help, will ultimately attack normal white Christian men.

  7. dolph
    dolph says:

    Difficult to say. America as a whole has changed much more than you people realize. Go to any elementary school or maternity ward; genuine whites are less than 50% now and dwindling to zero in many places.

    Girls are no longer taught homemaking skills or encouraged in this path. They are all academic and career oriented. This was true even back in the 1980s, so it’s true of practically all women 30s or younger. This means competition with men for professions, and many of them don’t start the childbearing early, so they never have large families.

    Combine this with relentless promotion of blacks, and relentless immigration, and it is actually an assault on the white male. If you are older and rich, you have no idea how far things have gone. It’s almost as if you can actually date it: white American men 40s and above are kings of the hill; 30s and below, and under assault from every direction.

    But of course it’s more than that as well, we all know this. It’s a complete financial, social, and cultural transformation of America from top to bottom. They want old America gone, period. They want a new America of gazillions of people, from every corner of the planet, climbing all over one another to afford a vanishing lifestyle that bankrupts you the moment you think you can afford it. Trump or not, America is gone, and it took all but a few decades to accomplish it.

    • Lou
      Lou says:

      The Middle Class is being destroyed. The 2-4 child households are NAMs, yes?
      Women often must work, at unfulfilling jobs.
      If at age 35 they decide to have children, is it too late?

  8. Joe
    Joe says:

    This is all part of the plan for the complete emasculation of Western societies. The Boy Scouts of America have now officially become the Scouts of America. It is beyond insulting and absurd, yet there is not a peep of protest from ANYONE. Sadly, what is needed is a good long bout of suffering, in every possible way, to enact change. Our people have become flabby and effeminate both in body and especially in mind. When Mother Nature finally awakens, the masculine will reassert itself – and when it does, a Third Reich mentality will ensue. It is inevitable.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. . . .”

      Bertrand Russell, Impact of Science on Society, 1952

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        Mercury, fluoride, aspartame. Ask me how my chemical lobotomy is going. (From a tee shirt I saw.)

  9. Armor
    Armor says:

    – The idea of getting the White boys out of the pictures is a Jewish thing.
    – The feminization of White boys and men is a result of technical progress, urbanization, bureaucratization, the third-world invasion, the destruction of traditional society, social atomization, plastic chemicals, divorced families, and so on… but it is also encouraged by Jewish-influenced leftist ideologies and by Jewish political power. If we were in power, we would take corrective measures.

    David Duke did a podcast about how children are no longer allowed to wander around freely and climb trees: “Dr Duke on Growing to Manhood – Swimming with the Alligators & the Basics Young Whites aren’t Learning”. Feb 21, 2018 (mp3). I think that is a big part of the problem.

    “Our education programs strive to engage learners of all ages in the creative process, nurture artistic skill development…”

    Reading things like that makes me feel like a stranger in my own country much more than any group picture where the White boys are missing. It sounds like something written by a politically correct spokesperson. I would expect the mayor and the police chief of Rotherham to use that kind of language.

    In the past, no one wrote like that, but we could go to normal art courses, taught by people like us who were not interested in Jewish modern art.

  10. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I feel like the Nordic man is portrayed badly in media. The first image of a Nordic man that comes to my mind is the bully in Karate Kid. Other vague images of soulless military hardasses calling for unnecessary mass murder also swim around my mind. Whenever I think of nordic males, I think of angry, red-faced sadists. I hate that this is the case, and I wonder if I was conditioned that way by the media, and if so, if that was intentional on their part.

    Also, I agree that women are front and center in our (non)culture nowadays. They set trends, they run households, they make the rules. The liberal ideal world is one that is increasingly equal socially and non-violent. Being masculine is, to a great extent, about being dominant (in a good way) and being tough- the exact opposite of liberal ideals! Therefore masculinity is a menace to liberalism, and men’s attempts to fit into this liberal society turn out very awkward, like a bodybuilder in a tutu.

    With regards to your Democrat father, this is exactly why states’ rights is so important. Being a cuck from the Midwest, your father had no idea what it means to live in diversity. He had no idea that integration and anti0discrimination has countless effects beyond JUST “giving black people a fair shake.”

  11. RileyDeWiley
    RileyDeWiley says:

    About 20 years ago, I was taking a history class at the U. of Colorado. It was a dull and unremarkable affair, with a white man droning on in a large lecture hall full of sleepy, white students.
    One day, class was interrupted by a photographer for the college brochure,taking pictures for the slick-paper propaganda the school used to sell itself. He singled out one woman, and the only black student in the hall, frog-marched them to the podium, and posed them in intimate, doubtlessly deep, intellectual conversation with the professor, who had never, until that moment, come within spitball range of any of his students.

    The shutter clicked, the lie was made, the class resumed.

  12. James Reinfeld
    James Reinfeld says:

    Why does this visible erasure not inspire more high-status white men to act to protect their collective posterity?

  13. Mitchell
    Mitchell says:

    I live near New York, and sometimes I feel like people are staring at me because of my light hair and light eyes. Fifty years ago, I would have been the prototypical American man, but I now feel like a foreigner in my own land. The myriad of skin tones and dialects I hear spoken on a daily basis is almost dizzying. And from where I stand, these different groups do not seem to like each other all that much, and are only bound together for their visceral envy for the people like me who built this country.

  14. Brian Mansfield
    Brian Mansfield says:

    Ballet or “modern” dance will always be geared toward the feminine as long as men are forced to wear Leotards or Yoga pants or whatever they’re called today. The only men who would be attracted to something that gives them an opportunity to prance around in said costume would be gay. As for the author watching the academy awards and expecting it to be anything but anti-white is a real optimist. I never waste my time watching the academy awards or any other television that isn’t programming at least 40 years old and the last time I went to the ballet, it was the traditional ballet, Swan Lake, it still nauseated me to see the men prance around in their yoga pants.

  15. Lou
    Lou says:

    School days. This is very off topic, but somewhat related.
    A man reportedly screamed ‘go back to where you came’
    or something like that, at a dark skinned Latinx [Latino is passe]and the President of SMC sent out a letter, with a ‘no reply’ email address.

    SMC, a few years back, had a former student kill some innocent people on campus.
    That killer [no surprise] had Mid eastern parents [I think he killed one or both, as well as SMC killings].
    However, I believe, due to his name, he was Christian.

    The president of SMC is a former ‘Diversity Counselor’ and a ‘2 fer’ [as in 2 minorities for one, as she is Black and Female].
    here goes,

    May 3, 2018
    Dear Santa Monica College Students and Colleagues:
    As we enter the final stretch of the Spring 2018 semester, it is my hope that this has been a fruitful time for you at Santa Monica College, that you have been challenged to grow academically and personally.
    I have spent much of my life dedicated to gaining or promoting higher education opportunities. I am very proud to be part of Santa Monica College, a student-centered organization that prides itself on inclusivity and diversity, and sets forth in its mission statement the objective of providing a safe, inclusive, and dynamic learning environment that encourages personal and intellectual exploration.
    I write to you today to remind us – all the members of the SMC community – of those values. I write to reinforce that, while incidents of prejudice, hate, and discrimination still exist everywhere, the values of SMC remain steadfast, and every individual matters, irrespective of ethnic background, race, religion, sexual orientation, or immigration status. We believe that the strength of SMC lies in the diversity of our students, employees, and that our shared experiences and institutional values of intellectual inquiry, academic integrity, and ethical behavior will help create a model for other institutions in the society we live in today.
    Recently an outside visitor brought hate speech onto one of Santa Monica College’s campuses. This will not be tolerated. If you are the target of hate speech or witness it, you should immediately contact the Santa Monica College Police Department at (310) 434-4300 or submit an anonymous report to campus police via the LiveSafe app or http://www.smc.edu/Anonymous-Reporting. Do not engage with the individual causing such an incident.
    When bias motivates an unlawful act, it is considered a hate crime. To find out more about what constitutes a hate crime, see page 12 of the Santa Monica College Police Department’s 2017 Annual Security Report (PDF).
    Here at SMC, there is no room for hate – that also means we do not condone violence/hate against any individual, including those perceived to be the perpetrators. “Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Kathryn E. Jeffery, Ph.D.
    Santa Monica College

  16. Fredrick Toben
    Fredrick Toben says:

    From Dawn to Decadence – 500 Years of European civilization – now Walhalla is burning and the only hope is that the Rhine River will cleanse the rubble and the civilizing cycle begins anew.

  17. Michael
    Michael says:

    (Mod. Note: “Michael”, please be aware that TOO comments are not a dumpster for piles of links, especially those which are not directly germane to the article under which the comment is posted. Also, keep in mind that “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”; long diatribes will not be approved, especially if they don’t directly address the article, and wander all over the map. Thanks.)

  18. Elsewhere
    Elsewhere says:

    Here is a striking example of “Nordic-boy” in a youtube ad.
    This is for Purple mattress, famous for their “Raw-Egg Test” ad. What’s striking about the new ad are the ethnic archetypes on display. The spokesman, Jake, is a Seth Rogen look-alike. His assistant, Billy, is a Nordic man who is mistreated by both Jake and his boss, who is depicted as a Jewess. Billy is depicted as smiling like a minstrel and taking his abuse without complaint.

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