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 Thoughts Prompted by “Rich Men North of Richmond”: Including One About Celebration

I’ve been especially taken by the “Rich Men North of Richmond” phenomenon that’s so big in the news these days (it’s late August of ‘23).  As you know—no need for a lot of exposition here—it’s a song by a heretofore unknown singer/songwriter who goes by the name of Oliver Anthony.  As The New York Times […]

A Tenth White American Voice

Recently (it’s now January, 2023) I wrote a couple of articles that provide the backdrop for what’s here: “The American Political System and White Discourse”; and “Nine American White Voices.”  The thrust of the two was the suggestion that a possible underpinning for American White racial advocacy is this country’s political and cultural heritage, with […]

Nine White American Voices

In a recent article entitled “The American Political System and White Racial Discourse,” I suggested that White advocacy dialogue and debate [m]ake room for American voices—Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, and (I’m thinking out loud) Emerson and Thoreau and Mark Twain and Edgar Rice Burroughs (the Tarzan author) and Teddy Roosevelt and H.L. Mencken and […]