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A Rejoinder to “The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students” by Thomas Dalton, Ph.D.

I read with interest Professor Thomas Dalton’s article posted here on December 8th, 2019, “The ABC’s of the Alt-Right: A Guide for Students.”  As has Professor Dalton, I have spent many years on American university campuses (I recently retired)—in my case, 42 years as a professor, plus an additional five years at the instructor rank […]

Why I Owe Jim Bakker an Apology and Thank You                         

Recently, I wrote an article, posted here, on the 1969 Academy-Award-winning film “Midnight Cowboy.”  I’m old enough to have seen it in a theater back when it was first released—of course, no DVDs or streaming in those years.  I hadn’t seen it again until this year, a gap of a half-century no less.  What particularly […]

Thoughts on the Sky King

On August 10th, 2018, Richard Russell, 29-years-old and married, a baggage handler at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, who had no training as a pilot, and who as far as anyone knows had never flown a plane before, took an empty 75-seater twin-turboprop Bombardier Q400 plane and flew it for about an hour over Puget Sound, executing […]