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Thoughts on the Sky King

On August 10th, 2018, Richard Russell, 29-years-old and married, a baggage handler at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport, who had no training as a pilot, and who as far as anyone knows had never flown a plane before, took an empty 75-seater twin-turboprop Bombardier Q400 plane and flew it for about an hour over Puget Sound, executing […]

William Pierce and a Play by George Bernard Shaw

The only real tragedy in life is being used by personally minded men for purposes you recognize to be base. All civilization is founded on [man’s] cowardice, on his abject tameness, which he calls his respectability. Men will never really overcome fear until they imagine they are fighting to further a universal purpose—fighting for an […]

Learning from Baseball

There are lessons to be learned from the game of baseball. A big one is around race.  In this area, baseball operates on the principles of equal opportunity and merit.  Everybody, no matter their race, gets an equal chance to play, let’s say, shortstop for the Yankees, and the person who can play shortstop the […]