Ron Unz on the JFK Assassination: Strong Suspicion LBJ and Mossad Responsible, as recounted in Michael Collins Piper’s “Final Judgment”

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  1. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    I have held the opinion since the 1990’s that LBJ was deeply involved in the JFK assassination. LBJ as perpetrator makes all the sense in the world and the pieces naturally fall into place. I was 22 when that event took place and it was devastating to me. If something that the entire world mourned cannot be openly investigated (and it hasn’t been), then how do we expect any of the other “lone wolf” attacks on our institutions to be so. Even 9/11 was determined to be “lone wolf” — Osama bin Laden and his 19 hijackers. It’s how they contain the “investigation.”

    Even World War II and the accompanying Holocaust is relegated to “lone wolf” status — Adolf Hitler!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 LBJ, DOD’s McNamara and Pappa Admiral McCain in Barcelona betrayed the crew of the USS Liberty: both dead and alive, then and ever after, in the interest of Israel.

      02 Jimmy Hoffa did not lack motivation either, after helping JP Kennedy to get his son elected, only to have AG RFK pursue the underworld.

      03 JFK gave his ” secret societies ” speech at the Waldorf, in which he promised to inform the American public about secret societies, running the country, ” before he left this high and noble office “.

      04 He commissioned the Report from Iron Mountain, which turned history upside down. The state did not maintain its armed forces to protect its citizenry, but, instead, required a foreign enemy to justify its armed forces, ultimately controlling its own citizenry.

      05 After Cuba, he favored nuclear disarmament, at least containment. For months, Israel refused to receive his mere two agents to check on the clothing manufacturer Dimona plant in the Negev, due to an ensuing number of holy Jewish holidays: long enough for them to brick up the entrance to the most important wing, plaster it over and paint it. Plans and nuclear material stolen from the US.

      All disclosed by Vanunu in London, who returned to Israel via a Rome, Mossad honey trap on his special plane.

  2. Johnny Rottenborough
    Johnny Rottenborough says:

    The television documentary, Israel’s Secret Weapon, was broadcast by the BBC in 2003. In this transcript, Olenka Frenkiel is the presenter and Peter Hounam is the journalist who broke the Vanunu story in 1986:

    Olenka Frenkiel
    Forty years ago Uzi Even, then a young scientist at Dimona, was in at the start of Israel’s bomb.

    Professor UZI EVEN
    Dimona scientist, 1962-68
    We were a very small country, and we were surrounded by much much larger, more populous states on borders that are almost impossible to defend. The holocaust was very much in our memory at that time, and we all realised that we have to do something to prevent the same scenario from happening again.

    Olenka Frenkiel
    But while Dimona was going up, intelligence reports reached Washington that Israel was building an atom bomb.

    Olenka Frenkiel
    Despite claims that Dimona was for peaceful purposes only, Israel’s leader Ben Gurion was summoned to Washington. President Kennedy feared an arms race in the Middle East and demanded

    Olenka Frenkiel
    But when inspectors finally entered the plant in May 1961 they were tricked. They were shown a fake
    control room on the ground floor. They were unaware of the six floors below where the plutonium was made.

    Freelance journalist
    Well this was something of great pride and almost a legendary story in Dimona, according to Vanunu. When the Americans came they were completely hoodwinked.

    Peter Hounam
    All the entrances including the lift shafts were bricked up and plastered over so it was impossible for anyone to find their way down to the lower floors.

    Olenka Frenkiel
    After Kennedy’s assassination the pressure on Israel was off. His successor Lyndon Johnson turned a blind eye.

  3. Ed
    Ed says:

    At the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination even a Jewish journalist stated that the ONLY theory not rehashed was “The Final Judgement” and that it was the most credible. America needs to see this book.

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