Vibrancy and Vinegar: Heretical Hatethink on the World Cup

Imagine that a new restaurant opens in your town. It’s called Le Cochon Volant and you hear very good things about the food. You finally manage to book a table for four there and turn up with high expectations. At first, you are all delighted. Everything seems perfect — the food, the wine, the service, even the plates and cutlery are the best of quality. The ambience too is perfect: quiet, civilized, conducive to complete relaxation and thorough enjoyment.

A nasty shock

As the delicious meal proceeds, you order a second and even more expensive bottle of wine. Beaming, you and your three companions chink glasses and take your first sips under the approving gaze of the wine-waiter. After a moment of disbelief, you all choke with disgust. It’s not wine but cheap vinegar, with after-notes of rotten fish, burning tyre and wrestler’s jock-strap. The wine-waiter looks astonished and asks what’s wrong. You tell him that vinegar has somehow got into the bottle. He tells you that this is impossible.

You call for the manager, but when he arrives he too dismisses your complaint. How can the wine be bad when it came in the right bottle and has been served in the right glasses? You ask him to sample it for himself and he pours himself a glass with an exasperated sigh. He takes one confident sip, then another. “Delicious!” he pronounces. You and your companions exchange baffled glances. “It’s vinegar,” you insist. “Nonsense!” replies the manager, starting to look angry. “Mon Dieu, you are fluidists. I’m calling the police!”

Liquid hate

Within half an hour, you and your three dinner-companions are being booked into the local police-station, charged with first-degree fluidism and facing immediate imprisonment. You’re still in a state of shock and disbelief, but you now know that fluidism is the belief that there are different kinds of fluid in the world.

In fact, as the manager of Le Cochon Volant self-righteously told you before the police arrived: “There Is Only One Fluid — Drinkable Fluid!” You tried to argue against this idiotic idea, but he insisted that all fluids are the same under the surface. All that mattered was the container in which they were placed. If so-called vinegar came in a wine-bottle and was served in wine-glasses, it was wine.

The same was true, he went on, of so-called sulphuric acid and so-called cats’ urine. If they came in wine-bottles and were served in wine-glasses, they were wine. Only a hate-filled thought-criminal of low intelligence and even lower morals would deny this — that’s what the manager and the police all think.

Fantasy and reality

Fortunately for you, that story about the restaurant is only a fantasy. There’s no such thing as fluidism and you won’t be arrested for claiming that wine is bad or that milk has gone off. Nobody believes that “There Is Only One Fluid — Drinkable Fluid!” or that pouring sulphuric acid or cats’ urine into a wine-bottle turns it into wine.

But millions of human beings believe something almost as ridiculous: that “There Is Only One Race — the Human Race.” They also believe that pouring Somalis into Minnesota turns them into Americans and that pouring Pakistanis into Yorkshire turns them into Britons. It doesn’t, of course. Vinegar in a wine-bottle is still vinegar and Third-World people in a First-World nation are still Third-World people. There is no such thing as “Magic Dirt,” as the hate-thinker Vox Day mockingly calls the liberal belief that American or British soil can miraculously turn non-Whites into model citizens.

Croatia is still a nation

My refusal to believe in Magic Dirt is why, as a patriotic Englishman, I supported Croatia over England in the soccer World Cup, just as I had supported Iceland over England at the European Championship in 2016. I was happy to see Croatia and Iceland beat a team that I do not regard as English. The Croatian and Icelandic soccer teams are still all-White, still representative of two unique White histories and cultures. Unlike England, Croatia and Iceland are still nations, because they are still overwhelmingly White.

A White invention conquers the world

The English soccer team, by contrast, has Blacks in it. They might be good soccer-players, but they’re not English and they don’t belong in the team any more than they belong in the country. The French national team is even worse. It’s really a Third-World team that goes under the label of “France.” That’s why liberals have been so pleased by the result of the World Cup. They’re claiming that France’s triumph proves the blessings of diversity and the “glories of mass immigration.”

It doesn’t: it merely proves that Blacks under White supervision can play a sport invented by Whites to a high standard. So what? Whites are responsible for everything important about the World Cup, from the sport of soccer itself and the architecture of the stadiums to the concept of an international competition and the technology that beamed the spectacle around the world. Without Whites, the World Cup would not exist. Nor would any other great sporting spectacle, from the Olympic Games to the baseball World Series. Without Blacks, all those sports and spectacles would remain unaltered in any essential. Blacks merely contribute their innate speed and athletic ability.

Different environments, different brains

And their early maturity. In 2018 the Black Kylian Mbappe became the first teenager to score in a World Cup final since the Brazilian Pele in 1958. Pele is also Black. That’s not a coincidence: Blacks have faster life-histories, reflecting their evolution in the distinct environment of sub-Saharan Africa. They have faster bodies too: Blacks have been the only finalists in the 100 metres sprint at the last eight Olympics. And they have faster psychologies: Blacks are more impulsive and less concerned about the future. After fame and riches in the Black-dominated National Football League (NFL) in America, Black players are much more likely to go bankrupt than White players.

But although the NFL is indeed Black-dominated, that does not apply to all roles in the sport. The most cognitively demanding roles, such as those of calling offensive plays and defensive formations and quarterbacking, are still dominated by Whites — although, in the case of quarterbacks, the cognitive demands have lessened greatly since plays are now typically radioed to the quarterback from the coaching staff. You can see similar patterns in soccer: for example, managers and goalkeepers in English and French soccer are almost entirely White. That was true of the French national team that has just lifted the World Cup, because the manager, Didier Deschamps, and the goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, were both White. The win has not altered human biology or re-written France’s future. At present, this great nation is heading for political, social and cultural disaster, because it is ceasing to be French.

France is not a social construct

In other words, it is ceasing to be White. Mass immigration from the Third World has poured millions of Arabs and Blacks onto French territory. They did not leave their low average IQs and high average tendency to crime behind them. French prisons look like the French soccer team: full of Third-World people. The watch-lists of the French intelligence-services are even more vibrant. There are many thousands of people with French citizenship who would like to re-enact the mass murders of 2015 in central Paris and at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The label is not the reality #2

But what does that matter? A vibrant French team has just won the World Cup! Liberals around the world are delighted, thinking it vindicates their insane theories of human equality. They might as well say that sulphuric acid in the right bottle becomes Château d’Yquem. A team labelled “France” has won the World Cup, but the label is not the reality. The true nation of France is still heading for disaster, but so was the true nation of Italy. Now true Italy has altered course under Matteo Salvini and La Lega. I’m confident that true France will do the same.

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  1. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    The author’s perspective of looking at the situation is one possibility, but who controls the managers’ picks for the national Team?
    Who owns the advertisers, the stadiums, the mass media that reports on the racism or diversity/tolerance of nations according to their level of minority “whoreship”?
    Can soccer matches be thrown (or at least…, “..influenced..”) if key players or referees are bribed?
    Is “…affirmative action…” practiced in a more subtle way in professional sports like it is in other segments of the (((once?))) White West?
    Would implicitly White athletes be more or less inclined to aspire to positions on national teams if they were treated badly or even conspired against through in group behaviour of Black players or Jewish proxy-controllers?
    How much more time could White players devote to the game if they or their parents were not busy trying to pay off student loans or taxes imposed upon them and then used to subsidize the existence of Blacks who remain largely unemployable and have spent a lifetime doing almost nothing else but kick a ball around a grassy field in the hopes of one day playing in a European league?

    Lastly, how does it benefit the Jewish proxy-controllers and net financial beneficiaries of pro sports and Western Society as a whole if (((they))) are able to unabashedly show France how indebted Whites should be to racial minorities for bringing home the World Cup?
    How many young women do you think will fall for their Black heroes after seeing their smiling faces on countless main stream media venues?

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    One further point is the wide spread proliferation of web based communication platforms.
    African imports have not been subjected to these electronic toys simply because until arriving in the west, they could not afford them or have the connectivity to make them useful.
    Whereas Whites of a similar age have been raised while being hunched over their smart phones and have largely lost the rugged manhood that characterized Western man as little as 50 years ago.

  3. stealthy
    stealthy says:

    i dont really have a problem with people choosing to live somewhere other than where they were born in fact it i think it is a human right to roam.the problem is that certain people,a lot of them from a particular tribe want racial diversity for societal non-cohesion as part of the world government program like the UN’s peter sutherland as ukcolumn has pointed out,barbara spectre and their ilk..not all immigrants are commies and criminals,i am an illegal immigrant and can out-right-wing any of my brexit buddies.ron paul is a fuckin commie ha..are we trying to close the barn door when the ZOG animals have already infiltrated and taken over the farm?black bread and circus gladiators would seem to me to be a lesser concern.whilst this is not the topic of TOO the subject will always go to the JQ because we need to focus on combatting communism and usury and propaganda and things that the tribe and other antichrists specialise in(i’m not really christian.maybe.maybe my enemys enemy is my friend)..i am disappointed that i dont see anywhere agreement on what sort of money system we should have( i like credit expansion currency as we have just dont be creating credit for unproductive people like government). the UN is a mixture of good and bad, there is peter sutherland- but then i read a UN paper calling for competing currencies.the stated goal of the UN is world government however. i think nationalism in order to counter globalism has been tried and failed, like trying to go back to kingdoms the size of counties, maybe we only have the choice between global communism and global anarchism

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      Then just sit back and wait for a giant implosion. The can won’t be kicked down the road forever, it’s not doable. It is the only way we can start fresh. Trying to change monetary systems, etc. – for what, at this point? So we have more money left over after expenses to buy more schit; so we can continue to pretend there’s no ecological disaster happening; to pretend that 90% of the population isn’t in end-stage biological degeneration? We don’t choose anarchism, it chooses us when things come apart. As come apart they must and will.

    • Stan Burns
      Stan Burns says:

      Libertarians are simple-minded lickspittles. They are disciples of the Jewess Alisa Rosenbaum (“Ayn Rand”).

      She said that “racism” was a form of collectivism and was therefore evil. However, she supported the “racist” state of Israel and called Palestinians animals.

      “Do as I say, not as I do,” she told her lickspittles, and they obey her. They joyously aid the genocide of their own race.

      Libertarians are despicable and mindless traitors. Even their Jewish masters have nothing but contempt for them.

  4. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Wonderful, Dr Langdon! This is a really neatly designed argument; it fits the subject like an impeccably elegant glove.

    I was very taken by your confession to backing the White team and not the home team. Just recently, I have been musing about whether European nations’ discrete nationalisms can transcend race. ‘Possibly’, I concluded. ‘In dots and spots. But not overall.’ I was thinking of Africa and the Black servants of Whites who remained faithful to them, and protected them from other Blacks in times of crisis. Clearly, their family feeling was for their White ‘family’.

    In the same way, it is possible that an African born and bread in England will think of himself as English. But will he be thought of as English by the indigenes of Iceland, Croatia, Hungary, and other White nationals? And, with ever more of him in the mix, will those nations continue to think of the English as White?

    A few years ago (seven, to be exact) my son and I were watching a program that showed a sprinter in position, a very black Negro. The commentator said of him that he has a Scottish father and a Welsh mother. My son and I looked at each other and laughed.

    A few days on, my son warned me not to take for granted that other people will react in this matter as he and I did. Some friends of his (White) had become quite indignant with him.

    I hope I’ve managed to illustrate why I think your article, Dr Langdon, not only excellent but also very necessary: it is all too easy to stray off the uncluttered road, and to mistake the cluttered road for one that is just as good.

  5. Armor
    Armor says:

    – The Jews will say that an African soccer player is French and they may sue you if you object.

    – They will hang giant plastic lobsters in the Louvre museum, next to the Mona Lisa, and claim it is legitimate art.

    – They will fill the newspapers and the universities with Jewish gobbledygook and claim it belongs to the finest European intellectual tradition.

    White people who cheer for non-White soccer teams are playing dumb. They want to support their team, but there isn’t any team representing them, so they make do with what they have. They pretend not to notice the racial aspect. Even so, everyone knows there is a race replacement problem in the country. However, people don’t realize that our intellectual, political, artistic and moral elites, have been replaced by Jewish interlopers and phony fakes working for them. That is because the Jews are partly European and do not look as foreign as Blacks, unfortunately.

  6. Pero Ercegovac
    Pero Ercegovac says:

    Why not talk about us Croats. We played that final with our ethnically pure Croat footballers. Not only did we out play these “Frenchmen” in terms of skill and athletic ability but we dominated the play. Our captain was voted MVP of the entire tournament. The real issue was that two major decisions which the referee made pushed this limited French team to victory. The referee commission of FIFA is seriously thinking of punishing this referee from Argentina. Simply put, as one right wing Croat academic wrote: “Masonic FIFA could not allow white Croatia to destroy their masonic myth of the multicultural strength of France. They were shocked how a small nation of 4.3 million whites could outplay their black idols.” Yep and that is why they did everything to stop us from winning.

    • Buccaneer
      Buccaneer says:

      Croatia served as a WILLING white sacrifice to the dark gods of the Chosen People.

      You were never going to win this match.

      • Pero Ercegovac
        Pero Ercegovac says:

        Nope. As we did in 1991 to 1995 we fight. We should have won. But we did not. All over continental Europe people are commenting how we did Europe proud and were better. The reality is that if those people come to us we will kick them out. We are not French or English. We may be small but we already have experience of fighting the Turks for 500 years and here people simply do not fall for the crap that the Western Europeans fall for. Here the average person in the streets will tell you: “you are good person, you are welcome to holiday here, visit us, but you will never be one of us as you are not.” It is not our fault that Western and Northern Europe has lost that due to them becoming too soft.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      “The referee commission of FIFA is seriously thinking of punishing this referee from Argentina.”
      This referee had made some dodgy decisions in other games. However, the big question is the VAR referees. I found it astonishing that no VAR replay “suggestions” were put to the referee on several occasions throughout the tournament, the most obvious ones being in the Sweden – Germany game, when the “German” Boatang obviously pushed the real Swede Berg to the ground, Kane being rugby tackled (twice) by non-White Tunisians, and Croatia’s Mandzukic, like Kane, being rugby tackled by a “French” defender early in the game. Why no VAR “suggestions” for those obvious penalties?
      Why no VAR “suggestion” for Greizman’s obvious dive?
      Yes, it was a bad decision, but what was the VAR referee yapping in his ear to make him change his mind? Interesting that France had already been the recipient of a questionable VAR decision against Australia.
      From the beginning of the tournament I sensed the fix was in.

      • Pero Ercegovac
        Pero Ercegovac says:

        This is what everyone here is talking about. It seems fixed. For me the Swedes played good football, so did the Danes. But for the first time in a long time the Swedes had a team that looked Swedish. On Iceland we do not have to say anything. They played fierce, hard football like Vikings would as the team was made up of descendants of Vikings. They had the same pride in belonging to one another that we Croats had. Shame they were in our group phase as they deserved to go forward instead of Argentina. France played the most negative football of a champion team ever and literally were pushed over the line via the usage and selective non-usage of VAR in all their matches. Now what is interesting is that the media here, heavily leftist as the journalists are in the main children of former communist party members, have now immediately after the scenes of mass nationalist euphoria started attacking former skiing Golden Globe World Champion Ivica Kostelić and 1998 football World Cup bronze medallist Igor Štimac for placing on their fb walls an African flag (the former) and a list of the French team with their flags of origin (the latter) in congratulating them on Africa winning the cup. The public lynch on these two great sportsmen has backfired as people are finally openly talking about how PC will not be allowed here and the hypocrisy of being called a racist for stating the facts that these men are not French. People are sick of it and we do not even have a migrant community of note here. Change is in the air. In this context this World Cup has been an instigating factor. Actually I am surprised that the powers that be have not considered banning the WC as it obviously awakens nationalist sentiments that run very deep in the European soul.

  7. Jaswinder Singh Chaggar
    Jaswinder Singh Chaggar says:

    I think you’ll find this lot of fine fluids will mature into superb wines over time, just as many others have during the last five hundred years. Enjoy.

  8. adolf shickelgruber
    adolf shickelgruber says:

    The “French” National soccer team has long been an insult to Europe.Same now applies to England,Holland,Belgium and sooner rather than later even Germany. However if these countries fielded teams of Scientists,Writers,Engineers etc you would not see a single black face.

  9. Michael Lechner
    Michael Lechner says:

    @Pero Ercegovac – Indeed, it’s important to point out that the “French” team won the world cup only by cheating. Their world cup IS NOT legit, and the French players know it very well.

    • Pero Ercegovac
      Pero Ercegovac says:

      @ Michael Lechner To true. Orbán came out and said that he supported Croatia because of our common cultural heritage. Most of Central Europe from Poland to Austria as well. I cannot tell you how many Western Europeans on holidays here came out openly talking to us about how our team has gained sympathy and massive support as white Europeans can relate to us more than their own teams. Just last week I saw a touching scene of seven Irish elderly ladies on a pilgrimage to Međugorje before the altar of a local Church all wearing Croatian jerseys with the names of our players printed on their backs. After congratulating them on their good taste ;o) we asked them why? And they laughed and said you have what we have lost, just look at our Prime Minister. And then the day of the final came. We were watching it in our local cafe. Beer and wine was flowing when the owner said one table is reserved for French guests. Imagine our shock when 13 black faces from Martinique turned up and sung the Marseillaise. The most comment heard amongst the locals was: “if these people are French then we are Japanese.” All said really.

  10. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Apparently a suitable place to promote my decades old adage: again.


  11. T
    T says:

    Tobias Langdon writes: ‘My refusal to believe in Magic Dirt is why, as a patriotic Englishman, I supported Croatia over England in the soccer World Cup, just as I had supported Iceland over England at the European Championship in 2016.’

    It’s a sad state of affairs today in England. If the power elites of England (ie in the past this had been Royalty, aristocracy, merchant classes, clergy) had retained their social contract with the English people, and vice-versa, you could still support your own team, but alas.

    In the past it was quite different in England. Perfect no, nothing is, and I am not much a fan of kings and queens, and such a contract where the people are held to be inviolate could probably be had without them, even in a type of republic sans the modern phenomena of ‘immigration’. Even so..

    Below are two links to two English newspaper issues (circa 1768) the originals of which have been scanned in. The first is a proclamation amongst other things alerting the public to the laws prohibiting the searching out of ‘cheap labor’ (so called) outside of the realm and the serious penalties involved were one found to be doing so. The term ‘cheap labor’ doesn’t appear, I don’t think they had the term then, but apparently it was understood that was a large part of the motivation with those manufacturers whom were leaving England with their tools and machinery. The second link is from a newspaper published only a few days later which contained an open letter signed and paid for by a huge number of the merchant class of London thanking the king for a proclamation shortening official periods of mourning, periods when apparently commerce was forbidden or seriously curtailed. (The owner of the rare newspaper site might of misinterpreted the second linked article as I don’t see mention of the initial proclamation forbidding taking certain manufacturing outside of the country or directly or indirectly curtailing ‘cheap labor’ by doing so, but perhaps it was a part of it) Apparently some of the weaker and more venal amongst the merchants’ brethren were leaving England with their manufacturing apparatus in part for the 18th century equivelant of the ten cents an hour paid to Chinese today. This, besides unlawfully giving away valuable technology to England’s competitors in certain instances, it also put the law abiding English manufacturers in the position of not being able to compete with these malefactors and having to choose between doing the same and seeking out ‘cheap’ foreign labor to compete, or, at a disadvantage maintaining the social contract and honor the law by staying in England and continuing to hire their own. Fortunately, at the time both the bulk of the merchants and the King chose to maintain the social contract with the English people and they with them.

    As for the large numbers of London merchants who signed the open letter thanking the king for doing the proper and right thing as they saw it regarding official periods of mourning the vast majority of them (I know, it’s shocking!) actually appear to be English.

    Seeking cheaper labor and products prohibited…

    JANUARY 5, 1768

    THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, January 5, 1768 ‘The front page has a clear warning to Artificers and Manufactures who have been going to foreign lands which are not under English rule to solicit cheaper labor, materials, and products. The warning includes extracts of two laws which make clear the unlawful nature of such actions, and reminds the Subjects of the Kingdom of the consequences which include both fines and imprisonment. Such actions were making it extremely difficult for law-abiding subjects from being competitive in the marketplace.’

  12. Tom
    Tom says:

    Globalisation is an objective process that cannot be prohibited or stopped. The question is only under what conditions it takes place: Conserving all cultures and nations or destroying and enslaving humanity.

    The biblical project is a globalization project based on the Bible, which the Egyptian sages started about 3,500 years ago and which represents a means of enslaving people in the name of God.

    Taken from:

    I have no answer to this biblical project, the Egyptian sages are also a mystery to me. Spontaneously a Sitchin, Atlanter, Thoth, Nibiru etc. go by the head.

  13. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Here are two item the UK Saturday edition of the Telegraph newspaper; 1st item from the magazine:’Grey Squirrels First released in Britain in 1876, there are now an estimated five million in the UK, catastrophically impacting native red squirrels by spreading disease and occupying their territories.
    The 2nd item featured in the main news section; the caption headline, ‘ Doctor, 41, boasted of 46 years’ experience’. His name may come as a shock to some – Kashif Samin ( now 42). Apparently, the good doctor is from North Wales…..
    Nice to see on video the “French” celebrate the World Cup win in towns and cities in France. This Gallic nation has a bright future…

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