Rape and Murder in the Heartland

Editor’s note: This is a scanned version of a very prescient article written in 2001 by Nelson Rosit about the 1999 murder of Cally Jo Larson, a case that is sadly similar to the recent case of Mollie Tibbetts. Obvoiusly, this has been going on for a long time. As Rosit notes, anticipating the findings of sociologist Robert Putnam (2007), the result is less trust and less involvement with the community. He also lays the blame ultimately on your hostile elites: “The political and economic elites have told these small Midwestern towns that they have no choice but to become part of the global system or die; while the mass media continually promotes the idea of an inescapable multiracial, multicultural future for America that will be better for everyone.” As now, the citizens of Waseca did not mention race or immigration status in their comments. But because Donald Trump is president and because race has come to dominate all our discussions, it has been raised in the case of Mollie Tibbetts, with inevitable backlash from the mainstream media (and Tibbetts’s family). I suppose that’s progress, but obviously we still have a long way to go before Americans can rightly be outraged by events like the rapes and murders of Cally Jo and Mollie. And do what needs to be done.



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  1. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    The public school system, infected by “educators” who want to brainwash their charges, are in part responsible for the demise of civic sensibilities. Following upon the idiotic philosophies of John Dewey and a bevy of his slavishly obedient clones, teachers demeaned anything which promoted patriotism and love of one’s familial and White ethnic identity. Curricula emphasizing “social studies” attempted to force and to amalgamate foreign immigrants into the teachers’ concept of what constituted an “American.” Today their agenda is changed…every individual group is deified as THE culture. Whites and their European customs and practices are vilified and made contemptible.

    The schools crank out semi-literate oafs who are more concerned with what is written on Facebook rather than what their future may hold. Gone are vocational programs which historically were taught also to the children of the upper-classes. Gone are home-making courses, and health education. Gone are courses on job preparation and business techniques. Replacements? Useless courses about street law, gender studies, and “empowerment.” Students become imbued with the poisonous belief that I-am-the-center-of-the-Universe! Computer games for high school students include ones in which they play the part of a pimp in Miami driving recklessly on the beach running over bathers. Violence is the hook which catches these kids by the dolts who teach them.

    The elites could care less about the non-elites. The globalists are concerned about money, and money only. They know that by funding phony university social research projects the lumpenproletariet will never understand what is happening. Visit a national educational convention, peruse the hundred of pages of the convention’s handbook…garbage about seminars, lectures, brown bag lunches, testimonies to favored “scholars,” book sales, panel discussions and on and on and on. Thousand of research projects funded by government and foundations about improving education….and what do we have? NADA! Just yak, yak, yak, yak, yak and yak…and the all feel happy awaiting the next convention.

    Whenever there is social chaos, the Jew appears like a tribal shaman armed with his magical quiver of words and gesticulations He hypnotizes the goyim to follow his “wisdom,” to abandon the tried and true for Yiddish promises of Paradise on Earth. It is all deception and deceitfulness, treachery as old as the trickery of the “Old” Testament sycophantic prophets and heroes.

    Cally Jo Larson was not so much a victim of the amorphous “elite.” She was a victim of a degenerate mental defect. The quality of crime today is directly related to the quality of the perpetrator. Chicago is in the international news constantly because of the murder rate (generally among and by blacks) under the mayor, Jew Rahm Emanuel. Something to ponder for the Ages https://heyjackass.com/

    • Anthony Clifton
      Anthony Clifton says:

      where exactly does one find a….
      {{{ “PROSELYTE” }}}….. to
      Talmudic Judaism the Old Testament….?


      was Joseph’s older brother [Judah] …a Synagogue of Satan psychopath with a copy of the Talmud….chanting KOL NIDRE…

      Were Simeon and Reuben secretly writing pornographic novels
      in Yiddish for the briandeadgoy…”White People Nations”..?

      Were Dan, Gad and Asher smuggling contraband into the
      inner cities…and sending the filthy lucre “PROFITS” to
      a stool sculpture deity cult compound…for PROSELYTES
      to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog …?

      Did Moses hate Jesus and have a copy of the Talmud…?

      how exactly do “Jewish” people make it into the Old Testament

      Modern day so-called “JEWS” cannot be “Israel” @ Gen. 49.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      ” the idiotic philosophies of John Dewey”

      “philosophies”? He had more than one?

      Dewey was a genius and his work is still highly relelvant and useful for us. His work will surive ad hominems. So, knock yourself out. But that’s what you’d be doing. You’d have been better off focusing your attacks on his followers and leaving him out of it.

      In fact, an argument could be made that his work was (((attacked, misrepresented and, ultimately, ignored))), especially after he died, exactly because if it had the impact he hoped for and if he had the readers he deserved, they would’ve never risen to power. They saw his work as a serious threat. You only need to read his work to know that it was.

      But they had help. Because the American public had no use for Higher Ed. Their question was, and, unbelievably still is for some, “What’s it got to do with making money?” It was never a sincere question and they were never interested in the answer. That’s why they asked it as if there wasn’t one.

      Americans, Whites, our brethren, dismissed the opportunity given to them to embrace Higher Education (not only absolutely central to our heritage, but, to our survival) by dismissing it as “Elitist.” They were the first Snowflakes. The ones now are merely third, fourth generation Snowflakes. Or, as I like to call them, Monstrosities.

      Back then, because they were the first, one tended not to notice they were bad seeds. Now, however, we can see the bad fruit, the monstrosities, in the form of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren, hanging from the tree. So now we know, yeah, they were bad seeds. They were as essential to the success of Jewish Supermacy as Jews were. Maybe even more so. Painful as it is to admit.

      In any event, thanks to the rejection of Higher Education, (which never needed 100% committment and participation, just enough to form a critical mass) by the White Middle Class (Right and Left) we were unable to maintain our civilization. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

      The irony is, that Dewey, and not just Dewey said in so many words, No Higher Education (Liberal Education) No Liberal Democracy. No Liberal Democracy, Communism and/or Fascism. Who could possibly deny that he was right?

      That’s not to say we don’t have enemies today that are very real and deadly serious about wanting us removed from the scene. The more we understand them the better.

      Toward that end, Dewey co-authored a book on ethics with J.H. Tufts titled simply, Ethics. And in the beginning he gives two examples of ethical systems diametrically opposed to ours. 1. The Chinese and, 2. You guessed it, The Jews. No wonder there were never many Jewish Pragmatists.

      Yes, an argument can also be made from the perspective of contemporary WN that the tradition Dewey emerged from hurt us more than helped us. But it’s a narrow, ideological interpretation formed after the fact. It’s compelling, especially when made by KM, but, with all due respect, it’s not definitive. And certainly shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to read his work, the way it deserves to be read – carefully; and, more importantly, to see how it could be put to use.

      I would suggest TOO readers read Dewey from the perspective of TOO’s Mission Statement. I think they’ll find it highly relevant and very useful indeed. Not only in regard to dismantling the Jewish Supremacist bomb being dropped on us daily. But as something that might stimulate thought regarding useful suggestions for helping us work our way out of our current dilema.

      It’s well worth keeping in mind that a work of genius does not yield its cargo on demand. Dewey’s works were the product of genius. He is an important part of our great tradition and deserves our respect. Reading a book is one thing. Understanding it enough to comment on it competently is another. If we refuse to do that then clearly we don’t judge the book, the book judges us and finds us wanting.

      • Right man for the job
        Right man for the job says:


        Like most lazy academic philosophers, Dewey wanted to create the world in his own image and likeness. For example, his idiotic contrived “trial” of the idiotic behavior of Jew Leon Trotsky.

        Consider the changes in his “social focus” after an extended visit to the early Republic of China, redefining the meaning of social behavior as well as preparing Chinese “intellectuals” to play ball with Communism. ( http://www.publicseminar.org/2013/09/john-dewey-in-china/ ).

        Almost all of his clones were in major academic positions by the end of World War II. Their implementation of his idiotic ideas rammed down their throats by Yiddish professors, resulted in the bizarre behavior of the idiotic students in the 60s and thereafter. Intellectual rigor was removed and replaced by “social sensitivity.” The rest is history of idiocy.

        The Dewey-eyed liberals, and their attendant zombies, waste more precious academic time bellowing other idiotic nonsense paraded to the public as “higher” intellectual purposefulness. There is always a Jew lurking in the leadership spots. http://www.johndeweysociety.org/democracy-in-education-initiative/

        The greatest evils of Dewey, and his equally demented simpletons, destroyed the notion of Americanism, patriotism and love of one’s immediate group and replaced these with “democracy,” personal identity with an amorphous group of indeterminate composition, relaxation of social mores and, a la Margaret Meade anthropological idiocies, an apotheosis of primitive instincts.

        Columbia University (Tel Aviv University on the Hudson), as well as the John Dewey Society, are open hideouts for Jewish “educators.” They have produced and nurtured academic robots to spread their idiotic tripe.

  2. Troll King
    Troll King says:

    I loved that jab at white supremacists in the linked slate article. OMG when you look at the FBI fifty most wanted, you see nothing but white supremacists! They routinely rape and hang eight year olds, fly planes into buildings and bomb marathons. If only we had more warnings about these head shaved minions!

  3. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Perhaps, back then, the Wasecans might have left off feeling sorry for themselves if only one of their (((noble political leaders))) had acquainted them with the miseries and terrors experienced by the suffering innocents of Kiryas Joel, that impoverished New York State community under daily assault from hostile goyim who surround their secluded village. Alas, experience has shown that nothing, not even the odd child murder, however brutal, will enlighten certain solipsistic supremacists or nudge them to refocus or, better yet, abandon their parochial priorities.

    Why do the media report so little about the nightmarish existence of Kiryas Joel’s residents? Call me an alarmist, but I blame anti-Semitism.*
    *Facetiousness alert!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Pierre, Kiryas Joel and its dragooned Orthodox life style and medieval, cultic administration is also one of my favorites. Everyone here should google it and read all they can.

      They are the flotsam and jetsam, or at least overflow from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with its remaining Wilhelminian German churches, reminiscent of those in Brandenburg.

      Their median age 14; number of children per family 9; income, the poorest in the US; welfare among the highest; federal, state and local taxes paid, nil. 160 ? acres of free land from original Monroe. Plentiful [[[ representation ]]] in Albany; necessarily including Cuomo.

      In 92 I revamped a four-story walk-up in Williamsburg for a person who had an account with a local electrical supplies [[[ wholesaler ]]]. Upon entering I was faced by the greatest amount of garbage I had ever encountered. I mean on the floor. The three wholesalers had all originated from one egg, to tell by their yarmulkes, beady eyed, malevolent countenances, locks, and pear-shaped bodies and overlong suspendered trousers, covering their shoes: comme il faut.

      I may well have been guilty of hiding my amazement insufficiently, since they immediately started criticizing this white, blonde Yankee fool in the most defamatory language; of course in Yiddish.

      Before I signed the invoice, I asked in English, whether they would first like to retract their slurs. Oh – Sir – you are under the wrong impression [[[ !!!!!!!!!!!!! ]]].

      When I demonstrated with a verbatim translation that I understood every word they said, they looked even more the monkey.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Haaretz published the results of two separate studies, some weeks apart, by two of their indeed ‘ unequalled ‘ linguists. One ” proved “, that German derived from Yiddish; the other, that Latin derived from Hebrew !

        These nutcases, entirely by themselves, make themselves unworthy of any intellectual dispute, even one bereft of even a scintilla of anti-Semitism.

        And demonstrably, as KM might agree, not alone in the discipline of linguistics. The Jewish perversion, or their ” version ” of Formal Logic rules supreme, including the MSM, while the remainder of mankind makes do with the invariable, mathematically-based Formal Logic.

  4. Thorgrun
    Thorgrun says:

    My pioneer family settled that part of Minnesota in the nineteenth century. In the 1980’s like many family farmers my cousin lost the century old farm, due to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and subsequent raising the Prime Rate to .14% and at the same time, embargo grain to the Soviet Union, due to that Nation’s invasion of Afghanistan. So, the grain prices fell by two thirds due to the loss of two thirds of the export market from the U.S. As far as I can tell, there was none to very little done by our government to assist the family farmer with the imposed loss of Market. Fast forward ten years and now the model of farming in the upper mid west is corporate factory farming. Where individual farms would raise hogs for market,in the past in Austin, Minnesota for the Hormel processing plant, for cash income and supplied Hormel with hogs since George Hormel started in Austin, Minnesota. So now, my cousin’s family farm just produces grain as do three other farms that has no one living on them now, unless, it is for housing for workers in the new factory farm. The last time I checked on this factory farm is/was registered as a gross polluter of the ground water. The loss of my family’s pioneer farm killed my cousin, literally. This story has been repeated over and over again in the upper mid west. I traveled a few years ago to see for myself what has happened to the old homestead, while inquiring about the condition of the homestead house, I asked a passing motorist that pulled out to the factory farm, unfortunately they only spoke Spanish.
    I recall that Henry Kissinger was touting the benefits of factory farms and may well be invested, from the outset.

    I remember a story told by my Norwegian elders about the U.S. Civil war and the chaos that came when Jesse James robbed the bank in Northfield, Minnesota and the whole town turned out and shot down the gang in the streets and then caught the ones that escaped the gunfire and sent them to prison. Scandinavians do fight.

    We must again own our territory.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      My extended family from primarily eastern Germany, later Berlin, lost all: twice.

      But that, being the result of war, is more comprehendible, than your families’ and neighbors’ losses, DURING PEACE TIME. In 29 non-paper assets were not extinguished, they merely changed hands. As they did with you and us. Brought about by the identical scheming for the same ends..

      Financial independence affords political independence, and must be throttled in the interest of their pursued supremacy: as we can see on every Main Street in America, being replaced by Box Stores.

      A tiny but not insignificant matter. Our local farm supplies Co-op, of which I am a member, runs an adjoining gas bar, where they still pump the gas for the customer, at a 2 cents discount for cash. Thus the credit card companies are deprived of their in any case unearned 3 %.

      This station, though it undertook significant infrastructure projects just a couple of years back, must now close, because they can not afford additionally legislated improvements.

      The winners: the remaining Big Oil self service stations and the Banks.
      The losers: We seniors who will break their rickety bones while pumping gas during icy blizzards; and paying unnecessary tributes to the banks. In addition to the many laid off pleasant young people who staff three shifts a day.

      A perspicacious journalist from our regional paper asked me whether I could identify a number of European names. All, locally unknown as well as on the net, appeared as new owners on title in our land registry offices, of vast tracts of farming land in our area.

      I identified, through EU friends, two names. Both held accounts in European off shore tax havens in Malta, Cyprus, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg and the British English Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey. [ These two Br. channel islands and more were the sole Br. territory occupied throughout the war by the Wehrmacht; with neither the population, nor their left-intact administration registering a single complaint: either during or after ].

      These new owners stash their black funds, ie criminal proceeds, as well as grey funds, or tax evasion money in these banks, and others of course.

      European banks don’t pay interest to depositors, they have a NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE: Yiddish for allowing you to deposit for a fee, which they then lend out with interest.

      Our land and house prices are a fraction of those in Europe, exerting enormous incentives to launder these funds. Now when I drive 40 miles to our regional town, I pass through some of the most beautiful, productive and amply watered farmland in the world. Like your Minnesota.

      I can’t help but notice, that the very large herds of previously unattainable top notch beef cattle, grazing on amalgamated pastures, are now tended by sharecropper farmers in most modest, title-severed houses.

      Employees of the gangster class, taking us over, rurally as well as in our cities: quite naturally politically as well. Far from being sanctioned for not breaking their tax evasion habit , they appoint [not elected in C] Jewish Senators to the Senate, mandated to fix this tax loss to the nation, who sit on their hands motionless for 15 years to continue to benefit their appointers. [ Four page article in the 550,000 TORONTO STAR ].

      The younger Bronfman ran PM Trudeau”s election fund, and more, while his father absconded from Canada owing a mere $ 800,000,000 in taxes, to fill the honorable position of the Presidency of the World Jewish Congress, with pedophile UK MP Janner as his Vice President of vice.

      Epitomized by their Chief Gangster Berezovsky, joined by hundreds of them, while celebrating his 60th birthday at Churchill’s beloved Blenheim Palace.

      Even Winnie could not have foreseen, when he wrote of ” [[[ their ]]] having grasped the Russian people by its hair ” in the London paper 100 years ago, that this [[[ Russian ]]] birthday reveler would retributively demonstrate, that they have also seized the British people by its hair, by pissing in Churchill’s ducal, ancestral urinals.

      • Thorgrun
        Thorgrun says:

        Charles you said; “financial independence affords political independence and must be throttled in the interest of political supremacy”. I concur completely. It has taken 100 years since the US monetary system was replaced by a private cartel of banks and that was where the criminals got a lever of control. The power of one choosing to buy or sell was lost as the money was not independent and now the digital dollar is managed from the top down. Instead of millions of people making choices in the market place now a few people in the right places decide the outcome of millions. America of Jefferson’s writings, such as a land of Yeomen farmers, craftsmen and people that live on land they own is now a land of tenants and ruled by a hostile elite that has no thought of easing the grip of control. If one has any doubts about these (((new owners))) of allowing dissent or using a new form of currency, just read the NDAA or the Patriot Act. I believe these were set up to watch for dissent in thinking and organization.

    • jerry
      jerry says:

      Thanks to the Sons of Norway. I was able to attend a talk on the Lindbergs this summer in Windom MN. It did come up that Lindberg never took back his DesMoines speech


      The program for the evening will be “Charles Lindbergh: Triumph, Tragedy and Controversy,” presented by David Jones, Historical Presentations.

      The program will delve into the life and times of Charles Lindbergh, exploring his experiences in flight, family tragedies and political controversy.


  5. Mari
    Mari says:

    I’d like to point out that Mollie Tibbets was murdered by an illegal alien using false ID who had worked for 6 years for Yarrabee farms.

    Illegal women come for the welfare. Illegal men come for the jobs. And it’s American Whites who import the illegals. Some of the farms restaurants and food processing plants have 800 numbers posted all over the primitive villages in Central America.

  6. Armor
    Armor says:

    “anticipating the findings of sociologist Robert Putnam (2007), the result is less trust and less involvement with the community. [Rosit] also lays the blame ultimate on your hostile elites”

    Having dangerous non-whites around doesn’t reinforce the solidarity among White people. On the contrary, it results in less trust and less involvement with the community of other White people. But still, it is easier to escape the Blacks than the Jews.

    Even if you live far from low IQ non-whites, you still live in a damaged society as a result of Jewish power and influence. There is no escaping them. They own the government and the media. They control public discourse, various ideologies, the new culture, the new architecture, the schools, what we are allowed to talk about, and so on. And they have gotten rid of our own elites.

    If we had lots of non-whites around but no Jews destroying our cohesion from the top down, the non-Whites would obviously have a much smaller impact on the level of trust among White people. But the great researcher Putnam probably didn’t study that. I bet he never noticed the role of the Jews in destroying trust, even though he worked for them and was married to one.

    Excerpt: “In studying the effects of immigration on previously homogeneous Scandinavian communities Professor Daun found that the natives became more cynical and less trusting of others. There was a retreat from community involvement into the private sphere of family and close friends. There was also a decreased emphasis on manners and politeness and a greater willingness to be confrontational. These are classic symptoms of social alienation or anomie; the feeling of estrangement from and an inability to identify with one’s community. Alienation is a by-product of rapid social change and was a feature of 19th and 20th century urbanization and industrialization. However, the ethnic change overtaking White societies today as a result of globalization will be even more dislocating than these earlier social revolutions.”

    In that excerpt, Nelson Rosit mentions a “feeling of estrangement from and an inability to identify with one’s community”. He says that is because of the (third-world) invasion. But he fails to mention the aggravating factor that all the while the authorities and the media are waging an ideological war against White people and their society.

  7. Hammerheart
    Hammerheart says:

    I would appreciate it if a website devoted to “white identity” would forthrightly draw attention to the facts that Molly Tibbets’ ancestry has been kept secret, she was a California import to Iowa, & she looks distinctly Asian or possibly Hispanic.
    I am from Iowa & my father resides in Iowa, I remember “old” ie virtually 98% or whatever exclusively white, largely German-descended people. As a boy I lived in a small, rural farmtown. My parents were teetotallers, I did not grow up drinking alcohol & this difference compelled me to the conclusion I still maintain, alcohol use by my Gemanic compatriots is a major problem. In some respects life there & back then really was like a slice out of Prairie Home Companion or ‘Peanuts’. I am not only more proud than ever but truly grateful that this region moulded my early values & character. I find repellent the attacks on the Iowan/Minnesotan/Northern Midwest manner, character & culture (such that I wish the parties would be “done a damage”).
    I don’t per se claim to be the sole author of the “Northern Midwest Territorial Imperative”, but I was very serious about it. I finally gave up when it became apparent it was pointless.
    Thorgrun et al: when the people of that region are ready to fight ie ready to form up in battle lines, let me know, I may come back home. Until then, Left/liberalism, anti-white anti-racism etc has triumphed over this region pretty much the same as everywhere else. The last time I was back home I attended a Nordic music festival in Minneapolis (which was then discontinued despite having been quite successful). I walked the streets outside the hotel I stayed in & it was swarming with Somalis or whatever wearing their native garb. Not the same as having to live with it, granted, but I just want to make clear I saw those conditions on the ground in person. That same Somali community was then later identified as sending jihadis back & forth to Africa etc.
    With the exception of the south, this continent is a paradise for the European white bioform. There isn’t another one, disused, just lying about somewhere. Whatever God, gods, Force of Nature or whatever will not lightly forgive us for just spinelessly handing it all over to the competition.
    I have the opportunity of observing some of the people in elite class (its lower echelons). I can say from personal observation (not mediated experience), they lead extremely white, elitest lives with virtually zero contact with the multikulti society, they have nothing I would call conscience about what they do, & many of these people are genuinely evil (if not the whole class).
    Note to the elderly people at TOO who don’t get out much: it’s a thing that white girls on social media pics at least attempt to negrify their appearance (ie their actual face), & non-whites or mixed-race people (females) do elaborate makeup jobs including careful manipulation of eye makeup etc to appear entirely white; cf youtube asian girl with makeup-application videos (she makes a lot of money for this) showing how to make asian almond eyes look white-round (including blue contact lenses). I did my due diligence & looked up pics of MT, & I repeat–she doesn’t look Germanic or really white generally, & her dad looks hispanic. (The pic of her boyfriend seated next to her dad is about as clear as could be.)

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