The Jewish War on White Australia: Colin Tatz and the Genocide Charge — PART ONE of FOUR

Captain James Cook statue, with graffiti

January 26 is Australia Day, a national public holiday marking the date the first permanent British settlers (mostly convicts) arrived in Sydney in 1788. These thousand or so souls — transported to the other side of the world and told to fend for themselves — laid the foundations for one of the most successful nations in history. Traditionally a day to celebrate this remarkable achievement, Australia Day has, in recent years, been attacked by leftwing activists who, emboldened by the escalating anti-White rhetoric of the intellectual establishment, have rebranded it “Invasion Day.” Every year sees shrill demands for Australia Day to be moved to another date, recast as a day of mourning, or abolished altogether. Despite the growing agitation against Australia Day, two-thirds of Australians favor retaining the date as a national public holiday.

Speaking to an “Invasion Day” protest rally in Melbourne this year, Aboriginal activist Tarneen Onus-Williams, screamed: “Fuck Australia,” expressing her hope “it burns to the ground.” A statement produced by her organization, the so-called Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance (WAR), drew freely on the Cultural Marxist lexicon, insisting they “would not rest until this entire rotten settler colony called Australia, illegally and violently imposed on stolen Aboriginal land at the expense of the blood of countless thousands, burns to the fucking ground, until every corrupt and illegal institution of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalist settler colonial power forced upon us is no more… Fuck your flag, your anthem and your precious national day. … Abolish Australia, not just Australia Day.” Aboriginal activist Tony Birch insisted Australia “does not deserve a national celebration in any capacity,” while Onus-Williams later claimed “people who celebrate Australia Day are celebrating the genocide of Aboriginal people, waving Australian flags in our faces. It’s disgusting.” Aboriginal activist Dan Sultan likewise maintained that Australia Day marks the “day that started the ongoing genocide of our people.” A local councilor for the city of Moreland (in Melbourne) claimed that commemorating Australia Day is “like celebrating the Nazi Holocaust.”

Tarneen Onus-Williams at an “Invasion Day” protest rally on January 26

The origins of the “genocide” charge embedded in these comments can be traced (inevitably) to a coterie of Jewish academics and intellectuals including, most prominently, Latrobe University historian Tony Barta and Sydney University genocide studies professor and “anti-racism” crusader Colin Tatz. In collaboration with Winton Higgins, Anna Haebich, and A. Dirk Moses, these Jewish intellectual activists have succeeded in ensuring that “genocide is now in the vocabulary of Australian politics.” The word “genocide” was first used regarding Australia’s Aborigines by Barta at an academic conference in 1984 in a presentation entitled “After the Holocaust: Consciousness of Genocide in Australia” where he proclaimed that “genocide had indeed occurred here.”[1] For Barta, a laudable focus on “the Holocaust” had “inhibited consciousness of the violent past that had enabled us to meet on ground named after the colonial secretary, Lord Sydney. The question was equally suppressed where I had settled with my family, the city named after Lord Melbourne.”[2]

The policies of the British administrators of the Australian colonies of the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and those of Australian state and federal governments in the twentieth century, cannot, by any objective standard, be regarded as “genocidal” as the term was defined by Raphael Lemkin, the Polish-Jewish jurist who coined it in 1944. The problem for anti-White activists has been that Lemkin’s definition, subsequently adopted by the UN, relies heavily on “intent to destroy,” which has proved problematic in an Australian context where, “without being able to prove intent on behalf of the colonial administration, the case for genocide is weak.”[3] Barta, therefore, redefined “genocide” to make it encompass the totality of European colonial societies like Australia. His redefinition was “a way of obviating the centrality of state policy and premeditation” embedded in Lemkin’s ‘hegemonic intentionalist’ definition of genocide.”[4]

Lemkin had defined “genocide” as involving “a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating groups themselves.” Aware no such plan or policies existed for Australia’s Aborigines, Barta — extrapolating the Marxian emphasis on economic relations for understanding sociological reality —argued for “relations of genocide” as an inherent feature of the interaction between Europeans and indigenous peoples in colonial societies like Australia. He writes:

Genocide, strictly, cannot be a crime of unintended consequences; we expect it to be acknowledged in consciousness. In real historical relationships, however, unintended consequences are legion, and it is from the consequences, as well as the often-muddled consciousness, that we have to deduce the real nature of the relationship. In Australia very few people are conscious of having any relationship at all with Aborigines. My thesis is that all white people in Australia do have such a relationship; that in the key relation, the appropriation of the land, it is fundamental to the history of the society in which they live; and that implicitly rather than explicitly, in ways which were inevitable rather than intentional, it is a relationship of genocide.

Such a relationship is systemic, fundamental to the type of society rather than to the type of state, and has historical ramifications extending far beyond any political regime. … My conception of a genocidal society — as distinct from a genocidal state — is one in which the whole bureaucratic apparatus might officially be directed to protect innocent people but in which a whole race is nevertheless subject to remorseless pressures of destruction inherent in the very nature of the society. It is in this sense that I would call Australia, during the whole 200 years of its existence, a genocidal society. [Emphasis added][5]     

Thus “all white people in Australia” are implicated in a “relationship of genocide” with Aborigines even if they (or their ancestors) lacked any such intention, had only benevolent interactions with Aborigines, or had no contact with them at all. When colonial, and later state and federal governments implemented policies designed to protect Aboriginal people, “genocide” was, for Barta, still “inherent in the very nature of the society.” This amounts to a sweeping moral indictment of all White Australians and their ancestors, and of Western civilization generally.

Tony Barta

Barta’s redefinition of genocide enabled him to conclude that “Australia — not alone among the nations of the colonized world — is a nation founded on genocide.” He advocates this message “be the credo taught to every generation of schoolchildren—the key recognition of Australia as a nation founded on genocide.”[6] Decades of activism has succeeded in embedding this ahistorical notion in school curricula where White Australian children are encouraged to loathe not only their race, but also their ancestors and to disregard their achievements. The Sydney Jewish Museum is proudly playing its part in training Australian teachers “not only about the Holocaust” but also about “the Australian genocide.” It is this kind of anti-White activism, masquerading as objective historical analysis, that foments the seething hostility to White Australia seen in recent attacks on Australia Day.

This activism, and the widely-publicized removal of confederate monuments in the United States, prompted the disfiguring of a statue of Captain James Cook last year with the slogans “NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE” and “CHANGE THE DATE” (see lead photograph). Lisa Murray, the City of Sydney’s official historian, defended this act of historical illiteracy (Cook had nothing to do with the First Fleet) for challenging the cultural power of White Australia. For her, the real vandals were the cleaners who removed the graffiti. “Should the graffiti have been removed?” she asked. “Is challenging the dominant historical narrative a legitimate part of the monument’s heritage? I ask again; should the graffiti have been removed. … Slave traders and representatives of colonial imperialism are equally on the nose in Britain, parts of Europe and America.”

Far from being a slave trader, Captain James Cook led a scientific voyage of discovery that charted the east coast of Australia for the first time in a ship containing botanists, an astronomer, artists and boxes of scientific equipment. This reality did not prevent Bronwyn Carlson, a Macquarie University associate professor who identifies as Aboriginal, from calling for tearing down not just Cook’s statue, but those of Lachlan Macquarie, Australia’s fifth colonial governor, on the basis that such statues “continue to represent those people who were part of genocide in this country.”

An “inspirational moment”

Recalling how he was inspired by Barta’s genocide thesis, Jewish academic Colin Tatz claimed it “set my wheels going about seeing not parallels or analogies but echoes of the Holocaust here — at the very least making me realize that genocide doesn’t have to be a sharp annihilatory episode confined to 1939 to 1945.”[7] For Tatz, Barta’s presentation was an “inspirational moment and one that became central to my life thereafter.”[8] Embracing and weaponizing the bogus notion of the “Stolen Generations” (discussed in Part 4), Tatz claims that as a result of “the public’s first knowledge of the wholesale removal of Aboriginal children, the dreaded ‘g’ word is firmly with us,” affirming that the “purpose of my university and public courses” is “to keep it here.”[9]

Colin Tatz

According to Barta, Professor Tatz has “achieved his goals as an activist scholar.” His recent publications include: The Magnitude of Genocide, his memoir Human Rights and Human Wrongs, and his latest book, Australia’s Unthinkable Genocide. His work has, unsurprisingly, been praised to the skies by other Jewish activists and intellectuals. Israel Charny, Executive Director of the Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide in Jerusalem described The Magnitude of Genocide, as “an amazingly readable intellectual tour de force. Rarely have I seen the dread topic of genocide addressed so humanely and interestingly.” Acknowledging Tatz’s increasing success in conferring on Australia a global reputation for “genocide,” Barta contends that:

His attack on the membrane of ignorance and innocence was sustained and effective. Work on Australian genocide by other scholars combined with Indigenous activism began to bring international attention to bear on our history. I believe the most cited and defining intervention was Tatz’s 1999 paper “Genocide in Australia,” supported by his path-breaking work on racism. He succeeded in installing genocide studies as an academic discipline with institutional support and founding [the academic journal] Genocide Perspectives to stimulate Australian scholarship in an environment of ignorance, ideology and interests resistant to any association with genocide.[10]

Barta and Tatz, in their determination to associate White Australians with “genocide,” obviously have agendas and interests of their own. Barta’s agenda leads him to insist that White Australians who reject his tendentious characterization of their history, “as settler-colonial, based on genocide,” will necessarily “deny others their history — as victims or perpetrators or bystanders — of conflicts elsewhere.”[11] The result of the “genocide denial” of White Australians is, he contends, the creation of “a climate in which Australia shows no compassion for those fleeing conflict and seeking better lives elsewhere.”[12]

Here the real motivation of Barta’s intellectual activism is revealed: the inculcation of White guilt to suppress opposition to non-White immigration and multiculturalism. Barta’s colleague, A. Dirk Moses, recently associated critics of these policies with “Anders Breivik and Steven Bannon” for their suggesting “Western countries are succumbing to a poisonous cocktail of multiculturalism, Muslim immigration, political correctness and cultural Marxism that dilutes the white population and brainwashes young people at school and university.” According to Tatz, White people who reject his “genocide” label exhibit psychological disturbances manifested in “paroxysms, ranging from upset to extreme angst to even more extreme anger, when the (literal) spectres of genocide appear as facets of their proudly democratic histories.”[13]

Inevitably, Barta and Tatz liken rejection of, or even ambivalence toward, their assertion that “Australia is a nation built on genocide” to “Holocaust denial.” Here they are joined by fellow Jewish academic and leading proponent of the “Stolen Generations” myth, Professor Robert Manne. Former editor in chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell, noted Manne’s penchant for “manipulation of the idea of the Holocaust for political advantage, particularly in the Stolen Generations debate,” observing “this Holocaust tactic, like the related use of the word ‘denier,’ is a simple trick to undermine an opponent’s moral position when a polemicist has little intellectual case.”[14] In levelling the “genocide” charge against White Australians, these Jewish activists seek to exert the kind of psychological leverage used so effectively against Germans, who, as Tatz notes, are “weighed down by the Schuldfrage (guilt question)” to such an extent that “guilt, remorse, shame permeate today’s Germany.”[15]

Robert Manne’s essay “In Denial: The Stolen Generations and the Right” as published in ultra-Zionist Morrie Schwartz’s Quarterly Essay

Tatz has dedicated his professional life to ensuring that an analogous guilt permeates and becomes indissolubly linked with White Australian identity. In this endeavor, he is careful, however, not to detract from the metaphysical pre-eminence of “the Holocaust.”[16] A writer for the Australian Jewish News notes how “painful memories of the Holocaust still resonate and make us sensitive to comparisons,” emphasizing the supreme importance of ensuring that “recognizing the genocide of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia does not diminish the horror of the Holocaust.” To mitigate this danger, Tatz insists that, in discussing other putative genocides, scholars have an obligation to never “ignore, or evade, the lessons and legacies of the Holocaust in pursuit of other case histories.” The Holocaust must forever remain “the paradigm case, the one more analyzed, studied, dissected, filmed, dramatized than all other cases put together.” It must endure as “the yardstick by which we measure many things” and be the highest point on “a ‘Richter Scale’ that can help us to locate the intensity, immensity of a case so that we don’t equate all genocides.”[17]

Jews at the forefront of Aboriginal activism

Australia’s Aborigines, in contrast to Jews, are a group characterized by extremely low average intelligence, and are, therefore, a poorly organized and essentially headless community devoid of effective leadership.  It is unsurprising, therefore, that activist Jews, with their deep animosity toward Europeans, have been pivotal in establishing, funding, and leading Aboriginal activist organizations.  This Jewish activist front is an adjunct of a broader campaign by transform Australia through non-White immigration and multiculturalism. Dan Goldberg, journalist for Haaretz and former editor of the Australian Jewish News, observed how “In addition to their activism on Aboriginal issues, Jews were instrumental in leading the crusade against the White Australia policy, a series of laws from 1901 to 1973 that restricted non-White immigration to Australia.”

Jewish journalist Debra Jobson insists that “Indigenous people need additional voices raised on their behalf given that the ‘tyranny of the majority’ can oppress within a democracy, as we can see in Trump’s America.” For the Jewish academic Nikki Marczak, the intellectual activism of Colin Tatz “embodies the relationship between the Jewish community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.” Tatz, who describes himself as “the anthropologist of the White tribes of policy makers and bureaucrats,” is frustrated by “the reluctance of Aborigines to go international with their grievances. There is some external activity but not nearly enough when compared to the strategies of other minority groups.”[18] Noting the outsized Jewish contribution to Aboriginal activism in Australia going back decades, The Sydney Jewish Museum declared last year that:

When we say, “never again” to the Holocaust, we make a moral judgment about the German nation. We don’t accept the claim that they didn’t know. Many did know, and those who didn’t, should have. Thanks to the work of scholars like Colin Tatz and the work of lawyers like Ron Castan, in 1992 in the Mabo Case, the High Court was able to make a judicial statement that “Aborigines were dispossessed of their land parcel by parcel, to make way for the expanding colonial settlement.”The late Ron Castan summarised it well when he commented on what motivated his legal work for Aboriginal people: “What was the meaning of my determination to do my part never to permit a future destruction of the Jewish people, if I just stood by and participated in the bounty and opportunity of the Australian nation?

In a 1998 speech, Castan implored the government to say it was sorry, citing Holocaust denial in his argument: “The refusal to apologize for dispossession, for massacres and for the theft of children is the Australian equivalent of the Holocaust deniers — those who say it never really happened.”

Tatz welcomes the fact that White Australian identity has increasingly broken down when “confronted with increasingly strident Aboriginal assertions and other ethnic challenges to the assimilationist mould. The old shibboleths about ‘one people’ people sharing the same hopes, loyalties, customs and beliefs began to fragment some time ago.”[19] This social fragmentation is the direct (and fully intended) result of mass non-White immigration and multiculturalism: Jewish-originated and -championed policies designed to preserve Jewish particularism, while demographically, politically and culturally weakening a White Australia seen as threatening to Jews. The supposed benefits to Australian Jewry of this social transformation, most notably the diminished threat of the emergence of a mass movement of anti-Semitism among White Australians, is perceived to outweigh any negative effects of large scale immigration like the fact that “Some Australian Jews fear that migrants arriving from Muslim countries will contribute to anti-Semitic currents in Australia, inflame extremist groups and pose a threat to the relative peace they currently enjoy.”[20]

Activist Jews know full well that racial and cultural heterogeneity are prime sources of national weakness. In a recent opinion piece entitled “Iran is Hardly a Nation and Will Likely Fall Apart,” Mordechai Kedar, a Zionist academic from Bar-Ilan University in Israel, contended that “there is no such thing as an Iranian people or an Iranian nation.” Instead, Iran is, he asserts, a country divided into various ethnic and religious groups riven by conflicting interests. He notes that “All these parts of the population have little in common, the awareness of nationhood is weak and, as a result, the state is always under threat of breaking apart.” He urges Western nations to facilitate this disintegration by finding “those anti-ayatollah forces” to “support them and empower them to bring Iran to the same end that met the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia by creating homogenous ethnic states on the ruins of the artificial state of Iran.” Divide and conquer remains the overriding Jewish group strategy pursued at both national and international levels.

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  1. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “…the creation of a climate in which Australia shows no compassion for those fleeing conflict and seeking better lives elsewhere.”

    A “better life” until the kitty’s empty – then no more swag for you, O ye seekers of a “better life”. Ha ha ha.

    Good article, Sanderson.

  2. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Assuming that the “activist scholars” (an oxymoron) are correct in their assertions of genocide by White colonists, why is it that they they have no explanation as to how 3rd world non-White immigration will not worsen the effect on aboriginals? White colonization = bad, non-White colonization = good.

    On another note, why does no one ask the likes Tarneen Onus-Williams, who is culturally appropriating European culture, what is stopping her from displaying only her aboriginal culture, complete with kangaroo bone nose piercing?

    Directly challenging these false narratives “for idiots” by demonstrating that they are little more than a bag of air, is everyone’s responsibility.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      C, Australian and New Zealand polls of the Natives have shown, that non-white immigrants treat the Aboriginals worse than the Whites do, or supposedly do.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Yes Charles, as it is in Canada. Our “redskins” know that they get more out of Whitey than they can ever hope of getting out of any Asian or African.
        I left out a NZ reference, due to there being different evidence of settlement as it pertains to “original” peoples. I came across this fascinating bit, quite by accident.

        Note the reference to the red haired giants, which were also found by early American settlers in the Missouri River valley.

  3. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Sounds like yet another case of the Jews having found a low IQ non-white race in which to weaponize in order to further genocide the white man. i admit i am not familiar with the holocausting of the aborigines people as the indigenous inhabitants of australia. as i learned it as a child from jew owned american mainstream television, the brits sent their low life scoundrels here to rot. of course it took the white man to turn a vhast unsettled land into a thriving and fully-functioning first world civilization. what would have happened if not for them? the aborigines certainly wouldn’t have built anything besides their mud huts.

  4. Karen T
    Karen T says:

    Brenton Sanderson’s composure enabling him to write this piece is admirable. I needed to step outside for a breath of fresh air half way through. They accuse white nations of being born in blood, meanwhile these sheeny vampire bats migrated into each and every white nation, finagled themselves into positions of influence, and after sucking the last drops of blood from their host nations, set the peoples against each other. Two centuries ago white explorers/invaders of Australia, Canada and the United States sometimes fought with the Aboriginals and being better armed usually won. A nasty business for sure but whites have since made amends. Jews on the other hand are still genociding their neighbours and using bombs rather than muskets, but where are the cries of Israels’ genocide from these hypocrites?
    Aboriginals claim to lament their lost lifestyles. Maybe so, as our disconnect from Nature has, in my opinion, disconnected us from Life. However, they own large tracts of land and have the option of living in Nature which only a tiny minority utilize. Others have made a success of their reserves and these Aboriginals get along well with whites. Many have turned their reserves into shanty towns, dreary and dirty places, where alcoholism and drug abuse are rampant. One could say that this is the end result of hopelessness, comparable to white communities fallen to poverty, crack and opiates, the difference being that the whites aren’t able to scapegoat the White Man. Worst of all are the Chinese, Asians and Africans who come en masse to Australia and Canada to benefit from the white man’s accomplishments and degrade us as ‘racists’ and ‘white trash’.

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    Until it is established that all racialisms are equal and worthy, white racialism will continue to be maligned as “racist” while all non-white racialisms will be heralded as moral imperatives. Either all racialisms need to be made taboo (an impossibility since all peoples are instinctively racialist) or the current taboos have to be removed from white racialism.

  6. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Just a few notes-
    — I remember in the early 1970s (the late) Bertrand Russell’s Peace Foundation publised material by ‘Laurie Aarons’ of the Australian Communist Party’. As regards Jews, Russell was a perfect ‘useful idiot’.
    — Someone called George Mikes, now identifiable of course as a Jew from Hungary, published a book on Australia bewailing the ‘white Australia’ policy! How could they be so awful.
    — Don’t forget Australia, presumably under the Jewish thumb, was famous (according to Chomsky) as violent killers in Vietnam. Something that the ‘Occidental Observer’ is careful not to observe. Neither are Jews (it was their policy) or the fat abo – or supposed abo, as much ‘aboriginal’ as Soetero/Obama is black.
    — More appropriate cultural clothing would be nudity, though perhaps we should be grateful for its absence.
    — Sanderson’s piece is very good, but the sheer lack of information about Jews makes it seem defensive and wounded, rather than aggressive. Who appoints these low-grade superstitious ‘academics’? Where does the money come from, in detail? Who provides the scripts and training for the fakestorm ‘activists’ and their cryptic support casts? Let’s hope parts 2 to 4 reveal names, figures, facts, including the deeds of ‘Jew’ scum.
    — And it’s time to seriously collate the narrow and repetitive tricks used by Jews and their publicists.

  7. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    Hopefully some enterprising Aussie will write a definitive history of Jews about that continent replacing the usual kosher slop served out by Princess Suzanne Rutland.

    The kind of history I would welcome would be in the genre that produced the background for the American dilemma.


  8. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    The whole point of telling non-Whites that they were victims of Genocide was to justify the Genocide of Whites. Just as the accusation of White Supremacy was to justify Jewish Supremacy.

    It’s is true that the White Left willing participated in this, but only in the abstract. To this day many on the White Left remain convinced that they will never have to face the consequences. That’s starting to change. Not necessarily because they want it to. But because they’re being shut out. As many of us predicted long ago.

  9. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    If memory serves, it was a Canadian woman on TV Ontario, who related her ancestor research.
    Her mother had immigrated from Australia and later told her, that her own mother, as a mere 14 year-old had been ” transported ” from Great Britain to Australia. One can only surmise her treatment as an unprotected girl, by one and sundry.

    This heralded, narcissistic, unequalled superb British Judicial System, had spared her life, generously reducing a death sentence to transportation, due to her tender age. How very empathetic ! Her crime, calling for a death sentence, along with 205 other such unforgivable offenses ? She was the younger of two girls who had locked a third girl into one of the London slums public toilets, stripped her and sold her clothes.

    Regrettable, that apparently too few tax evaders were transported from England’s debtor prisons, assuming they ever made it that far, after screaming ” anti-Semitism ” : initially to General Oglethorpe’s prisons in Georgia and the Carolinas, and after the American Revolution to down under.

    Have these self-styled Australian Jewish intellectuals, mentioned here, not realized, that all their combined accusations against White Australia, are first and foremost applicable to themselves, within their very own ” only democracy in the Middle East ” , accentuated by their recent Nation State exclusionary bullshit Law ? Or to their habitual renting the King’s expendable redcoats in their successful attempt to steal gold and diamond fields from the Boers, while being the first to create the Auschwitz-Birkenaus in South Africa ?

    An absolutely nauseating, devastating and fascinating article. Self-aggrandizing aggression as human rights concerns. Defecation on logic by the truck-load. Rewriting of history. Projection of demonic motivation onto others. Sophistry. Ad infinitum. In short: typical !

  10. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    All these whiny aborigines sure have no problem living off the welfare system, provided to them by the very existence of Australia, the nation, and the white taxpayers who fund it, now do they.

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:

      Fenria, absolutely! It is the same here in the USA with these third world mudders and illegal mexicans. enough is never enough, and now that they have been weaponized by the filthy Jew, they have become more emboldened than ever. i struggle some days believing this is the same country i grew up in during the 70s and 80s and I could cry for hours.

  11. RouterAl
    RouterAl says:

    Sorry to say this but Tarneen Onus-Williams looks like a fat mulatto stooge for Jewish trouble makers , out to turn Australia into an even bigger failed state than the Aboriginals made of it. My sister in law who moved to Australia in the 60’s tells me that the mulatto aboriginals are the problems always. Never fit in not white not Aboriginal enough so they channel their guilt into anti-white rhetoric. The Aboriginal’s are people who never even invented the wheel , or had any metal working skills , nor were farmers they were pure hunter gathers with pretty barbaric attitudes to their own women and children.
    This is a Jewish money extracting scam that the mulatto Aboriginals will see nothing of, white guilt seems to work still. Well it does not with me I just give them a slight rework of Shelly’s line “Look at my works, ye harpy , and despair”.

  12. jeff miller
    jeff miller says:

    Mr Sanderson wrote a series in 2017 called “The Jewish War on White Australia,” which was also published in four parts. This is going to cause confusion.

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I was told by family and friends :
    At the end of the 1930’s the jews originaly from Russia left the UK. for the USA and Empire, incuding Aus, names changed of course.
    They were replaced by Jews from Germany, many of them criminals.
    There were ~405,0Jews in Hungary in 1944 who were sent North for forced labour.
    The transports were attacked by the USAAF which with ill tereatment and old age accounted for 35,000 dead.
    In 1945 70,000 went back to Hungary to run the place,
    300,000 went into the English speaking World including Aus.
    These are not the biblical Jews but East European converts, converted by the Rabbis in the Middle Ages.
    More Jews = more money for the Rabbis.
    The Rabbi racket is all about money.

  14. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Thank you for that, Karen.
    Sl,avery was never legal in Canada. The end of the underground railroad was Canada. My long deceased aunt’s family were Empire Loyalists who moved into Southern Ontario in the 1780s. She was comfortable around Blacks growing up, because many families had lived in the area for 100 years, and behaved like “us”. A late cousin and his wife, who lived in a Detroit suburb, often spent the weekend in different Ontario towns within an hour of Detroit. Although there were, compared to the rest of Canada, many blacks in the area, he maintained that they were “a different class nigger”.
    Today, we have Black Lives Matter chapters protesting slavery and a Black, Grenadian immigrant, Liberal Member of Parliament telling a Quebecois Member of Parliament to “check his privilege”, and a Somali immigrant in charge of our immigration. My late aunt would be appalled, and I suspect my cousin would see no difference in “class”.

  15. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    An impractical and at once hyperthetical reaction would be for every European White Australian to return to their ancestral ethnic home.
    This may involve the complete deconstruction of the very building fabric that adores the streets in towns and cities in Australia; remove all the accountrements and amenities, museums, bridges, and so on.
    In essence, all that remains is the ‘indigenous Aboriginal land’ in it’s rawest most natural state, as if unvisited by the British.
    This is the ultimate bluff-call and it would have endless repercussions: quite so for the genocide industry race-pedlars and promoters. Another affect would be razor sharp in non-European immigration to the land down under. The permutations are many-fold.

  16. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    To clarify one of my concluding sentences, ‘Another affect would be a razor sharp increase in non-White, non-Christian, non-European to the land down under’.
    Examples of this deracination are underway in S.Africa; Zimbabwe is a good example of a skills vacuum to racially engineer and transform the land management, farming. How is that going?

  17. PB
    PB says:

    Abos are revolting, stupid creatures. The men are beyond useless, but the women are often OK until they get radicalized, then they are just disgusting, foul-mouthed shrews…and fat as you can imagine.

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