Riga, Latvia

The nationalist ethnostate, in all of its glory! Seriously, no brown people here. Not even of the tourist variety.

Gloomy though. And the people don’t really help the atmosphere. They’re quite… prickly. Even the ones who are paid to smile while they bring you your food and drink. They don’t seem to keen on being hospitable either. In fact, the whole city seems to seethe at you, as if you’re a foreign bacteria and the white cells are after you. 

Just like most of Northern Europe, really. Especially the Baltic Biosphere, where I spend most of my time. 

So I tell Sven after a day wandering around, “see, this is what I’m talking about. We need something more. This place is like a pretty open-air museum. It feels dead. It’s all fake. Like the graveyard of a nation.” 

I’m paraphrasing Dostoevsky here, who said as much about Western Europe when he traveled through there. If I come off as dour and depressed, I have nothing on Dostoevsky and his letters. And that was more than a century ago. Hell, if you ask me, Dostoevsky was a drama queen who had it good. 

  • “More, as in, like a religion?”

“Exactly, the Cult of the Living City!” I enthuse. 

And then I switch to Russian, which I’m so glad that I picked up. Most useful language to have while in Europe, I would say. Especially now that we’ve walked into a small cafe that some Russian expats have opened. Of course, everyone in Riga speaks Russian, but these guys are the real deal. 

After hearing me bitch out the locals, the owner smiles and gives us a free shot of Balsam to cheer us up. It feels good going down, even better to hear him confirm that we weren’t crazy, that the Latvians were indeed sullen and withdrawn and no fun at all. 

We get some coffee as well. It’s too early to get completely drunk. 

  • “What would it look like?”

Sven picks the conversation back up where we left off.

For my part, I’m more than happy to finally have an interested audience.

“Well, it’s quite simple. At least I think it makes sense. The city is like an organism.  A body with cells. And each cell belongs to an organ and that organ has a function within the bo-“

  • “Yeah that’s pretty clear. But why a city?”

“Well, because what else is there? The villages barely exist and the small towns are dying out. All that’s left are the cities and the suburbs. Everyone is setting up shop there. That is, well, here.”

And I gesture around with my arms. 

“But at the same time, you’ve got all these foreign bodies, whether they’re the British chavs or the Pakis or whoever. And they’re coming in and they’re disrupting the normal functions of the body.”

  • “Well yeah, but that just sounds like a metaphor, not really a religion.”

“I don’t know about religion. That sounds almost like a bad word, I don’t want to use it. But think about it this way.”

I take a sip.

“Let’s say Paganism is hunter-gatherer. Sticking deer horns on your head and talking about river spirits and all this natural woodsy stuff. The people who got into it were actually trying to understand the environment they found themselves. They were in sync with it in a way.”

  • “Ok, sure.”

“And then you’ve got Christianity, which is more agrarian. You get a lot of talk of tending to flocks, metaphors about growing and care-taking and all that farmer stuff. Lambs of god, keeping wolves at bay, heavenly kingdoms being compared to crops growing.”

  • “Yeah, maybe. And like Marxism was oriented around, like, factories.” 

“Right! So now, logically, you need something oriented around the modern city. And I don’t mean hipsterism.”

  • “Ok, fine, but what would that look like.”

“I’m not sure yet. But I can tell you this much. When God breathed life into Adam, he took some clay from the riverside, shaped it and then blew, right?”

A nod.

“Could you imagine God gathering together some broken concrete, McDonald’s wrappers, and plastic straws and breathing life into that?”

We both have a chuckle at that. 

But while I’m not sure about the whole religious aspect of the idea, I am starting to get some serious clarity about what the political reforms would look like. 

“For one thing, tourist flows would be severely curtailed. Anything that priced local residents out of the historic city centers would have to be curbed. Like here. No one even lives in the old town, just foreigners like us! And apart from some restaurants and strip clubs, who really benefits from hordes of foreign bodies coming in and disrupting the rhythm of life?”

That’s something that Sven can get behind. He gives off one of his characteristic, “umn” grunts. 

Momentum and excitement building, I continue.

“And then, preventing cities from spilling over into suburbs and exurbs is also important. Cities are like mushrooms, they will keep… fungizing… or whatever, unless the source of nutrients is cut off. The constant flow of people into the cities from the country causes the cities to bloat up out of proportion and scale up out of control. So no new housing developments. None of these monstrous migrant-built steel and glass eyesores all around the edges of town where 80% of the new residents live.”

  • “Sure.”

And Sven lives in exactly one of those places I’m describing. I remember that with a pang of guilt a second after I finish running off my mouth. 

I stutter and look away as I wait for him to start objecting so that I can start apologizing, but he seems to have taken it in stride. I think he hates where he lives. 

“So…” I begin again. “Historically, you needed a city to have the right balance. A balance of the people that it needs to serve the needs of the country-side and serve as an administrative center and not too many to starve to death, because most people were busy growing food for the city. But nowadays, food is basically, uh, is it… elastic? Or inelastic?” 

I could never remember which was which. 

Sven shrugs, but I can tell he’s still listening. 

“The one where supply is infinite,” I conclude. “And that’s why the cities can grow indefinitely. Especially here, in Northern Europe. They don’t grow anything here anymore. It’s all imported. So, eventually, the entire country is going to become one big city, especially if the city keeps growing, like all the major metropolises keep doing, the concrete spreads further and further and soon, it will be like that planet from Star Wars, all covered in buildings, Coruscant I think it’s called.” 

  • “This is just your cyberpunk fantasy again,” says Sven and laughs. 

I happen to think cyberpunk as a genre is the closest anyone has gotten to predicting the near future. So I don’t get offended. 

“Yea, but I’m saying that if Christianity appealed to an agrarian people, and for the last two-hundred years, we’ve been all moving en masse to the city, then it’s time for a city-based religion to emerge, one that can… make life in the city have meaning. Otherwise, the whole thing sucks, and everyone is miserable… even the Muslims.” 

  • “But you have the whole city-based thing. It’s liberalism. The cult of hedonism and all that.” 

“True, but does it have to be that way?” I counter. “Why can’t we take what is good about the cities, the concentration of IQ and culture and wealth and use it for good, not for fucking other men, diddling kids and listening to women talk about the political needs of their vaginas?” 

We both snigger. 

Say what you will about Latvia, but at least it’s not Sweden. Or Germany, or Western Europe as a whole for that matter. 

If we get caught saying something un-PC out loud, what can they do to us? Everyone from the West thinks that this is a Commu-Nazi hellhole where they’re likely to get murdered by people like us. Here, they perceive us to be the ones in power, so they watch themselves, not the other way around. 

It’s probably not true. But they don’t know that. 

We look around us, the smug just written on our faces. I realize that this is what liberals must feel in their Western strongholds. 

But then it’s time to go out and leave the philosophizing for that special sweet spot when you’re still drunk enough to talk and walk, but not sober enough to control what you say. 

It’ll come later.

This is our second night out and with great surprise, this time around we find out that all the hot girls we were so eager to hit on, the ones sitting at the bars in the old downtown. Turns out they are all some variant of escort. Turns out, they get a cut of every drink that the guy gets them. Turns out there’s more to boring ol’ Riga than meets the eye.

Since both Sven and I were trying to get with them, and we’re both huge game enthusiasts, we flat-out refuse to buy them drinks, just like the great PUA masters taught us to do. 

Boy, it sure is nice to be right for the wrong reasons. 

Sven manages to fall in love with a bar girl before we figure this out though.


He howls and hiccups into the night.

I can’t help but laugh at his expense a little. We’re both drunk now, but while I was sober, I noticed that she wasn’t all that, and I keep that little secret close to my heart. I want to let Sven experience some “genuine” emotion and not ruin the emotional release for him. He has to go back to Hel soon after all – Sweden. I want to let the lad have his moment.

“Ahhh man, don’t worry about it,” I say.

Luckily, a local Russian in the trade took pity on Sven’s frustrated advances and explains the situation to us. Turns out these girls can make about 500 euros a night for basically doing nothing but sitting there, drinking and flirting.  

“Everyone in Riga is a prostitute… one way or another,” Vadim tells us, in English. 

It’s very funny. I still chuckle, even when I think about it now.

Funny enough, we had a chance to meet up with the local Latvian Nationalists but chose not to. I wonder what they would have had to say about the state of their city. But we’re both tired of these hardcore types. The ones that sulk around, wear black and talk nonstop about how bad things are and that act like they’re more likely to stab you than any migrant. 

Sven got more into the whole scene than me. But he’s getting tired of it. 

“They’re all just so… anti-social. And they stick out like sore thumbs. In the city I mean,” he says. 

I know exactly what he means. 

“I think that the smart people are the ones that keep their heads down, that keep on hustling and keep on scrounging, that realize there’s no stopping the flood. They’re the ones trying to save up enough to buy a *hiccup* ticket, a ticket for the Ark.” I say.

Sven would have resisted and vehemently disagreed with me a year ago. Now, though…

“It’s best to drop this nationalism stuff for now. We can’t really affect any change where we’re at in our lives, and in history. The older generations don’t want to help out, they’re sitting pretty. What are we kids supposed to do? No money, no experience, no contacts? I think the only winning strategy is to keep it kosher, fall back to the whiter places like they did, and save up enough money for that gated community. Or we just get the fuck out and move to Riga!” 


We both drink to that.

Sven sighs and nods. 

Two years of activism and only court fines to show for it. As well as disgust and disappointment in the leadership.

I know the feeling all too well.

We seem to both have come to the same conclusions about the conmen who seem to be attracted to the right like moths to the neon decor outside of a scam bar for foreigners in Riga. 

But perhaps it’s not the right time to write about it, just yet. Another time, maybe.

The locals? What is there to say about them, really? They keep to themselves, mostly. Also, they’re trashy and into the whole grunge look. That means a black and white protestant color scheme for the girls who are covered in tattoos and body modifications, and a slouching, weasely skittishness for the men, many of whom pimp-roll around the city smoking weed – open blazin’ baby! 

You’ve got some well-dressed and normal looking Latvians, sure. But they all seem to be of the older generation. And the Russians seem to tragically, be simply biologically incapable of dressing fashionably, and continue to sport the 90’s, early 00’s look that their entire culture seems to have gotten collectively decided was the peak aesthetic, and which they stubbornly refuse to let go. They look more rough around the edges, but generally, they are the only ones who will talk to you. 

And I appreciate them for that.

The women, at least the ones who weren’t prostitutes as far as we could tell… well, they seemed stand-offish and xenophobic. 

So that’s nice.

That being said, it was to other Europeans and Russians. Apart from literally a handful of Africans dating local Latvian girls, there was practically no diversity to speak of, so who knows, maybe they were just sulky because they didn’t have as many diversity toys to dangle off their arms and status-signal as their more advanced Western cousins perhaps. 

But whatever —I’m exaggerating… probably. 

As for the tourist sites, well they’re pretty tame. A few museums and an interesting building here and there. 

That being said, I did see the monument to the Latvian Riflemen in the center and pointed it out to Sven. He didn’t know that it was the Latvians who carried out the Bolshevik Revolution. I thought that it was ironic and funny. The whole Latvian situation that is. 

I remember meeting some nationalist Latvian girl in Poland, for the Warsaw Independence Day march and how she had talked about the great heroism of the Latvian people and the deep hatred that she bore for the Russians. 

That is basically what nationalism boils down to in the Baltic, by the way. 

It has nothing to do with blacks and Muslims or whatever. Even the anti-semitism is very low-key. It’s all anti-Russian in nature. And it seems that the Latvians have made an entire industry out of their victim narrative, and everyone from the liberals to the nationalists is on it. 

Lots of “evil-KGB” themed museums and modern art exhibits dedicated to the suffering of the Latvian people under Communism and all that jazz. You get used to it, traveling in Eastern Europe and it reeks of the same propaganda that they say about Nazi Germany. Simply too fantastically evil to be true. 

Anyways, those Latvian Riflemen brigades helped Lenin take St. Petersburg and then Moscow. 

I tell Sven that now, as we stumble away from the tourist trap, headed for the “authentic” hipster part of town, in the abandoned industrial sector, the only place it seems that locals can afford to hang out and open their own places in… and this is the same in just about every White city I’ve ever been to…

“It’s funny. Like, Riga was one of the first cities to industrialize and convert to the religion of the factories – Marxism. Without the Latvians’ joining up, the Bolsheviks assuredly would not have won. So really, it’s a kind of karmic justice in a way – what happened to the Latvians under Communism that is. Especially considering that they joined the Germans in World War II. So basically, they gambled and lost, big time. And they deserved what they got!” 

Sven shrugs, chuckles and shakes his head in disagreement. He’s a true Fascist at heart. He’s still got a soft spot for every country that took up arms for the Fuhrer’s cause. 

“I guess,” he says. 

“And now look at them!” I press on, the alcohol coursing through my veins as I lift my hands up, preacher style and face the old town, full of literal dozens of Latvian young-girl escorts making their rounds. Unlike Moses, I’m no modern urban messiah; I cannot part the Red Sea of whores – we have to shoulder past them just like everyone else.  

“Look at all the progress they’ve made!” 

Sven knows that I’m talking about the alarmingly large number of Latvian bums around where we live. The pissed up underground walkways you use to cross the streets, covered in graffiti, the smell of weed that wafts past us periodically, and the meanness of the city. 

“Truly, where would we be without Latvian freedom?” I continue. “All of this,” and I give a disdainful sweep of my hand around the newer glass and steel buildings with obligatory American ads with their characteristic mulattos and mixed race couples that we’re passing by now. 

“To think that the Latvians were missing out on all of this!” 

And then we get to the much-vaunted hipster part of town. It’s run-down and half-ruined, of course. Gutted factories and warehouses now serve craft beer as locals sit in old Soviet and pre-soviet furniture, dressed like bums themselves. The same factories from which Reds agitated for the overthrow of the Emperor.

This is where the locals are reduced to spending their time. Funny enough, the Communists let them keep their old town. But now? Now that Riga is a free city? 

Now the foreigners own it. 

And we sip at our drinks, thinking how nice the decor of this gutted factory is. How authentic the exposed red bricks are. The industrial piping. The exposed hanging steel lights. The ancient, creaking furniture. Just like the Latvian factory workers would have seen. 

And it turns out we’ve come full circle.

This isn’t what poverty looks like, no. 

This isn’t what losing your city without firing a single shot looks like, no. 

This is progress! 

This is the future of every city! 

And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise! 

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  1. Right man for the job
    Right man for the job says:

    My Polish grandfather grew up on the border of what it is now Lithuania and Belarus during the Tsarist period. He always affirmed that the Latvians were different from the surrounding ethnic groups. I am also reminded how many Latvians were easily recruited into the early Soviet secret police, most especially the psychopath whack job, Yakov Peters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakov_Peters .

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      You give us the link to Peters, which also discloses, that he was co-founder of the Cheka – GPU – OGPU – NKVD, with none other than the Polish aristocrat Felix Dzerzhinsky, who was himself succeeded by the additional Pole Vyacheslav Menzhinsky, from where we descend even further down to Yezhov and Yagoda.

      Did your Polish grandfather forget, or did you forget to fully inform us ?

      • Right man for the job
        Right man for the job says:

        Hopefully you will more clearly focus on what someone writes rather than what you think someone should write.

        1. The link for Peters was relative to the topic under consideration…Latvians.

        2. My dear Dziadek was under no illusions about “Poles” who were active in the Cheka and its other iterations; it was they who murdered my Dziadek’s family members. (BTW…my grandfather lived to be 104 and still was able to converse in six languages on his death bed. He was a polyglot and a mathematician with an extraordinary memory)

        3. I am under no obligation “to fully inform” such savants (as you apparently presume yourself) about anything. Hopefully you will some day mature into a fully functioning adult capable of dealing with your self-identified ambiguities about understanding simple postings.

        4. Dzershinsky, Menzhinsky, Yezhov and the Jew Yagoda were, IMHO, classical psychopaths, so known for their murderous behaviors and aberrant personal behaviors.

        5. Zawsze trudno jest ocenić faktyczne pochodzenie etniczne w każdym kraju, w którym zapisy nie są całkowicie dokładne.

        I don’t possess my grandfather’s prodigious memory; in fact, I quickly forget goofs, idiots, defective personalities and losers.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          01 R, you were the only one of the four initial commenters here, who fell in line with the author’s infantile and in part self-contradictory observations; differentiating between ” them ” and
          ” us “, in a part of the world where sovereignty changed more often than underwear; resulting in wholesale inter-marriage.

          02 You brought up the admirable accomplishments of your grandfather, which, however, don’t necessarily make him an authority on these specific questions, particularly in view of his generational attitudes towards neighbors whose chickens always laid eggs of the wrong color. Just like today; a sufficient casus belli.

          03 During our grande epoque of false news, every astute reader is even more interested in what is NOT written on a specific topic; introduced by you, without a caveat. It is not my function to police what you write, but particularly here, you owe perhaps contradictory and certainly fuller disclosure.

          Contrary to your 3, you are obliged ” to fully inform “, unless you wish to descend to the only other remaining position, which is gutter propaganda, unprofitable for those who come here, by their own admission, to learn [ objectively ].

          04 Your concluding sentence can only be described as the currency of an ad hominem bankrupt; undeserving of a rebuttal.

          05 And don’t dare to spring any ” typical German ” crap on me.
          In 67 I wrote a 30 pp term paper on Katyn and developed the greatest affinity for the exclusively refined countenances of the ca. 22,000 sadly murdered and for their families, as disclosed by innumerable photographs recovered from their disinterred bodies.

          In 93 I booked into the Warsaw Holiday Inn [ of all places ] for a couple of days. I handed my German passport to the lovely receptionist and completed my registration. Along with my key, she handed me a piece of her own chocolate, accompanied by an expression which I could only interpret as wishing to convey, that while history cannot be undone – it must not determine the future.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            @ Alexandra: what a lovely name; so readily shortened to Alex during tree-climbing years.

            01 If you plan to conquer a nation, you first cut off its intellectual head, as the NKVD did with the majority of the Polish intelligentsia who fell into its hands. You then replace it with mindless, Ehrenburg-inspired thugs: as swinish as their mentor; a friend of dear Uncle Joe and the Berlin playwright Bertolt Brecht.

            02 It was a telecommunications unit of the Wehrmacht, digging telephone pole holes, who initially found about forty corpses of Polish officers: in the area of Katyn, east of Smolensk, en route to Moscow.

            03 The search widened and thousands more were found in graves, recently dug during the Soviet occupation period; i.e. before the Germans arrived. Western Allied officer POWs were brought in to witness along with an International Medical Commission [ including the Albanian father MD of a later friend in Toronto – a fascinating primary, pre-net source ].

            04 The impeccable uniforms of the disinterred and particularly their flawless foot-wear, protected by wooden clogs against excessive wear, belied the Soviet contention at Nuremberg, that between their own occupation in mid-September and their discovery by the Germans, they were employed at hard labor. Too much, even for the Allies, who urged the Soviets, successfully, to drop the issue. [ One can’t blame a Bolshevik for trying; particularly in preparation for reparations and profitable eternal guilt ].

            05 Their personal possessions were carefully collected for data processing. Including newspapers, which all simultaneously stopped, along with mail from home, well before the German advance.

            06 They were previously incarcerated in three main camps, then brought to this slaughter-house, under the overall direction of Stalin and the Polish, landed aristocrat Dzerzhinsky [ NKVD ], husband to Sofia Muzcat [ Muscat-capital of Oman ] from Warsaw and Goldman in Geneva.

            07 The Wehrmacht captured ca. 800,000, in great part devastating documents from the Smolensk Main Party Administration HQ; the NKVD truck convoys to salvage them, having been destroyed en route.

            08 It was these captured files and the records of the previous three concentration camps, which determined, that ca. 22,000 had been brutally murdered in and near Katyn.

            09 They were forced to dig their own graves. Then had their arms bound behind them, in the typically torturous upward position. Then a shot in the base of the neck aimed upward through the skull, falling forward into the ditch.

            10 The retrieved family photos, protected in their wallets and postal envelopes, are heart rending. Smiling parents, siblings and wives – beaming infants of this genuine elite.
            May they rest in peace, reunited – but unforgotten.

            11 Sikorski, the head of the Polish Government in Exile, in London, inconveniently repeatedly asked Stalin about his missing men. [ Extant Moscow group photos]. The consensus and the German dramatist Rolf Hochhuth in his The Deputy, would have it, that Churchill had him murdered in an arranged crash of an RAF Wellington, off Gibraltar, on a return flight from Palestine, searching for his missing.

            For dinner, on the night before, the British Governor of Gibraltar, had Sikorski, as well as Kim Philby, one of the Cambridge Four Soviet spies, based in Barcelona to run the Soviets’ Iberian network, as guests. The Wellington was unguarded: anyone could have manipulated the carburetors or admixed the fuel, causing it to nose-dive into the Mediterranean seconds after takeoff. Churchill kept his Ally, even if he did ask the US shortly after cessation of hostilities to nuke the SU, as recently disclosed.

            The Cambridge Four, some claim Five, of Trinity College, though active into the 50s before being caught, were never prosecuted. A harbinger and guarantee if working for
            [[[ them ]]]: increasingly so !

            Hope you found this sufficiently informative, if decidedly unpleasant.

    • Paul Hewson
      Paul Hewson says:

      Have to agree. My first time writing on this site, but the author seems young, having a good time while unloading his intestines on the Latvians. That country went through hell in the 20th century. You can imagine being quite bitter if you had an empire (Latvia had a pretty good one), then losing out in consecutive conflicts, bringing immense suffering and wholesale murder to the entire region. The Tsarists, then the Soviets, then the Nazis (Latvia’s population was quietly slated for ethnic replacement). Then, the Soviets again come back and make life hell for generations. You can imagine they don’t take too kindly to outsiders.

  2. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    More the travails of a wandering PUA than a contribution to Western civilization, this one. “evil-KGB” was the last straw.

  3. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…the owner smiles and gives us a free shot of Balsam to cheer us up. It feels good going down, … We get some coffee as well. It’s too early to get completely drunk. ”

    This is where I stopped reading.

    I come here to learn things.

  4. Peter
    Peter says:

    I will be in Tallinn in one week. I’m currently in Chemnitz. I was in Riga several times in the early 2000’s. I felt similarly, that the people were not very friendly. My friend and I could see many women there behaved low class, trying to get the most out of you in terms of money. He said he felt like a “bank”. At the same time, I thought the city had many beautiful women and I thought the city was one of the most beautiful I had ever been to. The most interesting conversation I had was with an elderly Latvian lady, who was still attractive in her old age and she told me about living in Latvia during the war as a young girl. She commented on the “handsome” men in the Waffen SS (which included a Latvian Legion) and briefly mentioned the Jews, commenting something about how they were treated. I don’t think it was an expression of much regret. I think many or most East Europeans have an idea that many or most Jews were traitors that only got returned to them what they had done to the east Europeans first. Il Latvia, the USSR came in 1940 and deported many Latvians thousands of miles away to Kazakhstan and places like that, some never to be seen again. The Latvian Jews welcomed this and Jews were leaders in the USSR. Then the Germans came and the Latvians took their revenge.

    I don’t know when I’ll be there again. It’s too bad it’s not doing better economically. On the other hand, Tallinn is supposed to be doing very well by comparison, but may be the new Prague, being overrun with tourists. I’m not sure that is good either. Personally, I thought both cites were gorgeous when I visited about 15 years ago.

    • alexandra
      alexandra says:

      In late 2018
      that was a Long Time Ago.
      Ocean temps increased 10 degrees in 30 years.
      Cross Anglo to Sarkozy demands of getting into African genes
      while the wierdo has access to DNA Only Access israel, to be w It’s own, ‘People.’

      excuse the pun,
      Simple: Filth


  5. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    You don’t have to travel to Europe to experience an area being poisoned by browns. It’s happening all across America from Shrieking, Babbling, Loud Mouthed Negros, to Indians and Pakis that back home used one hand to wipe their ass with and the other to eat, snotty Asians that falsely parade around as the “smartest” ethnicity in the room. Whites are outcasts in the land their ancestors fought and died for as liberals gift away all their accomplishments to inferiors that have never made a contribution to anything only being mouth breathers using up Earth’s resources and contaminating with their filth.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Aby, yes this article was unfortunate. But what of the majority of the others ?

      And you garbled your last sentence. You know only too well, that the correct version addresses y’all and says ” shut it down – the goyim know ! ”

      Now hurry up and collect your hasbara fee, before some brethren abscond with it !

      If your middle name were to be Davidovich, why don’t you simply contract that to ADL the next time you appear here ?

  6. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I have a good friend back east who went through three American girlfriends and one American wife who were all lousy mates, infected with Judeo-American ‘feminism’.

    He finally went to Riga, Latvia and, after a delightfully short search, found a wonderful lady who is now his wife and loving mother to their four children. During his search, he also discovered that most of the women in Latvia were family oriented, racially conscious, and strong Christians.

    Point I am making is this: Latvia is a much healthier (morally, spiritually and racially) country than the U.S.A., despite what the author of this article may be implying.

  7. Prof. W
    Prof. W says:

    Yes, who is this clown, scratching and grasping for a single insight and why should we care? His writing is extremely tedious and uninteresting. He clearly imagines himself to be a deep thinker, and profoundly interesting chap, yet I suspect he is simply a boring drunk, toying with a selection of ideas that are simply beyond his mental faculties.

    Is he being payed for these contributions? Please don’t pay him… In fact, I’d suggest that we’re fine without his work even if he is offering it for free. It lowers the standard here, I’m afraid.


    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Feel grateful that you were not molested by his previous publications here, which also would have deserved your above description. And more.

  8. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “It’s best to drop this nationalism stuff for now. We can’t really affect any change where we’re at in our lives, ”

    And you never will with that attitude. I’ll take one “hardcore” nationalist that “sticks out like a sore thumb” anyday over a million of our people with this way of thinking. I might be that last one fighting a desperate battle, but I’ll gladly be that last one. After all, on my deathbed, what am I going to say to my descendants, that I couldn’t be arsed?

  9. rerevisionist
    rerevisionist says:

    Latvia was under Jews during the Jewish system (‘Communism’ with a capital C). It was an experience which must have left a deep impression on the survivors. Especially as their media presumably prohibit any serious discussion of it. I found the whole attitude of this piece disgusting, including the lack of intellect, for example on Hitler treated as an isolated agent, in Jewish propaganda style. Perhaps the author(s) could look at the Jewish ‘ethnostate’ though I’d guess discussion of vast fraudulent incomes would not be discussed.

    • alexandra
      alexandra says:

      unknowingly, please, whom owned the media?
      (Mod. Note: Please use this comments feature to make substantive comments about the article. TOO comments are not a chat room.)

  10. Olaf
    Olaf says:

    The nationalist ethnostate, in all of its glory! Seriously, no brown people here. Not even of the tourist variety. Gloomy though. And the people don’t really help the atmosphere. They’re quite… prickly. Even the ones who are paid to smile while they bring you your food and drink. They don’t seem to keen on being hospitable either. In fact, the whole city seems to seethe at you, as if you’re a foreign bacteria and the white cells are after you. […] And then I switch to Russian, which I’m so glad that I picked up. Most useful language to have while in Europe, I would say. Especially now that we’ve walked into a small cafe that some Russian expats have opened. Of course, everyone in Riga speaks Russian, but these guys are the real deal. After hearing me bitch out the locals, the owner smiles and gives us a free shot of Balsam to cheer us up. It feels good going down, even better to hear him confirm that we weren’t crazy, that the Latvians were indeed sullen and withdrawn and no fun at all.

    “No brown people” does not mean the Latvian ethnic nation is intact “in all its glory”. Russians are not ethnic Latvians. Most don’t even speak Latvian. The Latvian nation was almost destroyed by Russian immigration during the Soviet regime. The Russians remaining in Latvia should rather leave, go home to Russia.

    Following a massive immigration of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, Latvians almost became a minority. In 1989, the proportion of Latvians had decreased to only 52% (from 75.5% in 1935). Despite the decreasing number of Latvians due to low fertility rates, the proportion of Latvians has considerably increased during the past two decades and reached 62.1% in 2011 (slightly higher than the 62.0% in 1959). This is due to large scale emigration of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians. The number of these peoples almost halved between 1989 and 2011.

    • Alieu
      Alieu says:

      Right. And the descendants of English colonists should leave Northern Ireland too. They are already the majority of the population there and they oppose even recognising the Irish language as a second official language alongside English, never mind learning it. They should also leave Scotland and Wales and hand them back to the native people. They should also give America back to the Indians. And Australia, and New Zealand, and the Falklands, and Hawaii, and every other territory outside England they currently occupy. Why is it that the people who always talk about how Russians should leave Latvia or Chinese should leave Tibet never apply the same standards to their “Western” compatriots? Is it because they are useful idiots for the Anglo-Zionist Empire?

  11. John Carter
    John Carter says:

    Interesting read. Bit of a departure from OO’s usual fare of dense academic essays, but a refreshing one.

    The suggestion of a “religion of the city” is intriguing. Arguably progressivism is that religion, already; or Holocaustianity, the church of no salvation. Certainly if Marxism, a wholly material doctrine, qualifies as the faith of the factories (accurate, in my assessment), then progressivism constitutes the religion of modernity – a lack of the numinous or transcendental being no obstacle.

    Of course, progressivism is maladaptive from an evolutionary standpoint, as it suppresses birthrates below replacement. However, by holding tolerance as the highest virtue, it enables unbounded urban growth via migration and is therefore ideally suited to the urban environment. Cities that embrace progressivism will grow faster than cities that don’t, and hence outcompete them.

    Arguably fascism was an attempt at an alternate faith, one that took blood and soil as its highest value. This seems like it would be more suited to the organic unity of, not the city, but the nation … but, it was outcompeted.

  12. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Has anyone bothered to count the inherent self contradictions in this piece of …. ?

    At school in Germany we all dreaded the mandatory autumn essay in German Composition class, on what we did during our last six week vacation. A performance like the above would have gotten me stuck in grade five: forever.

    JUDGERLD says:

    The authors of this very negative story admit that they chose to hang out with ethnic Russian prostitutes at their Riga watering holes and did not bother to contact any Latvian nationalists. All of which begs the question; Why not??

    Here is a completely different view posted on Youtube by a group of British visitors titled “What we can learn from Latvian Legion Day” which gives a much more positive picture of life in Latvia;


    During the 1950’s, after deporting 100’s of thousands of Latvians to Siberia, the Soviets began replacing them with Asians. This song, Lugsana, performed by 20,000 Latvian patriots, was written 56 years ago as a protest against this forced genocide of their nation;


    Given a choice between an all White Latvian society and the multicultural cesspool that the West has become, for myself Latvia wins hands down…..

  14. David A. Kyne
    David A. Kyne says:

    The Occidental Observer, which reports exclusively in English, may consider watching a programme, which airs over the “TV5” television network. In Québec. And, apparently, in France, as well.The current host(ess), is one ‘Sophie Fueron.’ Otherwise unknown to me. The title of the series is ‘À Chacun son île.’ Or, in English: ‘To each his island.’ Sophie Fueron travels to various islands, around the world, in Japan, as an example, and in the Caribbean. And interviews ‘interesting people,’ who live in these places. In an recent ‘episode’ Sophie travelled to the ‘Outer Hebrides.’ Otherwise, the islands of Lewis, Harris (where ‘Harris Tweed’ is woven), and Barra. Off the north west coast of Scotland. It was quite interesting. There are 27,000 permanent residents in the Outer Hebrides. And, apparently, all of them were white. Not a Black face among them. And, the local Gaelic dialect is being revived. There is at least one school where Gaelic is the language of education. It was quite remarkable. Ms. Fueron also travelled to the island of either Sark or Guernsey. Another remote ‘îlot. On the French side of the English Channel. Where the European white race, and the culture it created, still exists. Undisturbed and undefiled. It is an interesting programme to watch. And the visuals are quite appealing. Even if one does not understand French. I also recall that Ms. Fueron also travelled to the Haiti side of the benighted island of Santo Domingo. I did not watch the entire episode. For obvious reasons. But I do recall that Ms. Fueron appeared distinctly ‘uncomfortable’ in the company of her Haitian ‘hosts.’

    • Right man for the job
      Right man for the job says:

      I appreciate your comments, an opportunity to learn about an interesting TV program. As a young man I read Lothrop Stoddart’s chilling history ‘The French Revolution in San Domingo,’ (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1914), still available in reprint (Amazon).

      I have spent time in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti and it is like putting a diamond next to a pebble. Haiti is a complete disaster even on a good day! Not only are intelligence levels widely separated when compared to the Dominican Republic but also emotional dispositions. My most recent visit to Haiti was six years ago and it still the same as Stoddart’s description and likely the same as in the time of psycho
      Toussaint Louverture, EMPEROR! His interpretation of ‘democracy’ was the same as Idi Amin and EMPEROR BOKASSA THE FIRST, husband of nineteen wives and forty children https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_Bokassa .

      A successor, KING Henri Christophe, was another stupid ‘leader’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Christophe . Visiting the ghetto of any American city one will find Negro pimps in outrageous fur capes, Cadillacs with rhinestone spokes on hubcaps, exotic canes (aka pimp sticks) and an assortment of hats…so suggestive of the head dresses of African chieftains. One Chicago pimp, Don Juan, gave up pimping and became a “bishop,” and spiritual advisor to Snoop Dogg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_%22Magic%22_Juan

      The Negro American religious “ministers” are comparable. The link below is to an interview the late Joe Pyne (LA area in the 60s) had with one of these monstrosities.

      Whites have their eccentric oddities, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOdTOk1yzIU

      And, of course, the ever scamming Jew. This is con man Anton LaVey (born Howard Levey, 1930-1997 now apparently living with Yahweh or Beelzebub in Celestial Magnificence). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kqb54soKU8M

      • alexandra
        alexandra says:

        Cartoons are boring.
        (Mod. Note: Please use this comments feature to make substantive comments about the article. TOO comments are not a chat room.)

  15. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Alexandra, no one can know what site or sites you are visiting or perhaps migrating from. Nor of their form or expectations. As family, but also as guests we all have to accept the rules of the house; though I’m not guiltless myself at times.

    If you have difficulties with English as an additional language, then invest your time in composing what you really want to convey, in your native language, then have someone help you with the translation while also explaining it to you at the same time: teaching you.

    In 1950, in grade five, we were obliged to study English as a second language. The teacher asked me to spell London. I responded with ” lundn “. Perhaps insufficient to order a plane ticket – but at least phonetically ‘close’.

    Hang in ! You already learned, after asking, what was meant by the Katyn 22,000; and its broader context. The door of curiosity opens outward and you have arrived at the right place.

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