TOQlive Announcement

The Occidental Quarterly is starting a new monthly video show featuring James Edwards of The Political Cesspool fame interviewing various figures associated with TOQ, beginning with editor Kevin MacDonald. Shows will air live the first Sunday of every month for 90 minutes, including 30 minutes for audience questions. Shows will begin at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific, beginning this Sunday, November 4. The link for livestreaming is here. Shows will be permanently archived on the website.

The chat will be on, so at Q&A time ask some short questions. People who post in the chat feature must wait one minute after posting to post again.

Interviews will discuss and the ideas and background of the writers who contribute to TOQ. Viewers will get an up-close-and-personal look into these writers and their ideas, as well as their intellectual journeys and the obstacles they have had to overcome. There will also be commentary on the wider worlds of politics and culture on which they are conversant.

Mission Statement for TOQlive

An important goal of TOOlive is to promote new subscriptions and donations to TOQ. Information on subscriptions and donations can be found by clicking  here.

TOQlive aims to raise awareness of The Occidental Quarterly. As is well known, there is a wide-ranging attempt to de-platform people and media associated with the dissident right. Important voices have been bounced off Twitter and Facebook; or they have had the numbers of their followers capped or they have been shadow-banned. Financial service firms like PayPal and credit card processing companies have refused to service dissident-right media sites. This has had an oftentimes crippling effect on subscriptions and donations, including TOQ.

Given all the de-platforming and cutting off financial services by the powers that be, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness of TOQ and provide it with a firmer foundation. The editor, Kevin MacDonald, is an emeritus professor of psychology who is well aware of the pall of political correctness that has descended over the academic world. Entire academic fields are dominated by cultural Marxist ideas, and there is active policing of the boundaries of acceptable discourse. Professors either conform to these ideas or they suffer the consequences in terms of lost grants, lost publishing opportunities, and not being promoted or given tenure.

In this environment, there is a crying need for an academic journal that eschews political correctness and champions the free exchange of ideas. We can’t let them win by shutting out our ideas on race and on the ethnic interests of Whites.

Video allows for a much more personal way of communicating than the printed word. So even though the rigorous demands of written prose are essential for developing a rigorous intellectual foundation, it is also important for readers to get to know the human side of these writers. To see them as fellow humans. To understand where they came from and how they got to where they are intellectually. That is the mission of TOQlive.

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