Ron Unz on Jewish Strategizing to Maintain 1000% Overrepresentation in the Ivy League

Ron Unz has an important article on Jewish overrepresentation in the Ivy League. Essentially the subterfuge was likely counting only religious Jews as Jews which resulted in a sudden very large drop in Hillel’s claims about Jewish enrollment in the Ivy League. As Unz notes, this is beautifully reminiscent of Jewish strategizing to avoid the charge of Jewish overrepresentation among Bolsheviks during the horrors of the first decades of the Soviet Union: The ADL and other Jewish organizations simply claimed that Bolshevik Jews, being godless Communists, were not really Jews at all. This is why Chapter 3 of The Culture of Critique is concerned with showing that Jewish Bolsheviks and other Jews on the left in the diaspora in the West not only identified as Jews but also saw communism as “good for the Jews,” as the saying goes. And of course, it was good for the Jews: Yuri Slezkine provides a great deal of corroboration that indeed Jews became an elite—a hostile elite—in the Soviet Union during the most murderous decades of the regime.

Notice also that non-Jewish Whites and Asians of high academic ability are also discriminated against by this Jewish strategizing — and this despite well documented decline in Jewish academic performance compared to their upwardly mobile parents and grandparents. As Unz found in his 2012 paper, non-Jewish Whites are underrepresented by a factor of 15, Asians by a factor of 7. As I noted,

But the numbers for Jewish overrepresentation compared to Whites are even more striking. Corresponding to the collapse of Jewish academic achievement has been an increase in the percentage of high-performing Whites in math and science competitions. And whereas the performance of Jews has declined dramatically, the performance for Whites has stayed approximately the same—an amazing and very heartening finding considering the corrosive effect of the MTV culture and a public school system whose main function would seem to be spewing multicultural propaganda and White guilt rather than academic rigor. “Based on the overall distribution of America’s population, it appears that approximately 65–70 percent of America’s highest ability students are non-Jewish whites, well over ten times the Jewish total of under 6 percent.”

So instead of constituting 65–70% of the student body at elite universities, non-Jewish Whites average around 23% for elite universities while Jews, constituting less than 6% average around the same.

However, needless to say, only the Asians have sued—and they may well win. If (in an alternate universe) non-Jewish Whites were to sue, it would be quickly thrown out because Jews are considered White. As Unz notes, if Jews and Whites are included in the same category, there is no evidence of pro-White discrimination.

However, there are several reasons to reject the argument that Jews should be included in the White category:

  • Population genetic data indicate that Jews are a Middle Eastern group and that there is substantial genetic distance between Europeans and Jews.

  • Jews typically do not identify with the people and culture of Christian Europe and its offshoots; traditional Jewish attitudes conceptualize Judaism as separate from White, Christian society; partly because of their lack of identification with non-White Christian culture, Jewish groups have led the campaign to remove Christianity from the public square;

  • There is a long history of very mainstream Jewish activism and identity that sees Christian Europe as an evil outgroup responsible for a long history of persecuting Jews; an important aspect of Jewish self-conception in America—apparent in much of the material reviewed by Unz, such as Jerome Karabel’s work—is that Jews were subjected to quotas at Ivy League universities until after World War II;

  • Jews are a relatively powerful group that has often been in competition with non-Jewish Europeans; Ivy League enrollments may be seen as one aspect of that competition;

  • Jewish ethnic activism typically excludes non-Jewish Whites and favors Jews, as in the appointment of Elena Kagan and the Jewish campaign to increase Jewish enrollment in Ivy League universities mentioned above;

  • As a result, the distinction between Jew and non-Jewish White is of considerable real world importance.

But such an argument would be strenuously resisted by the powers that be.

These are the last two pages of Unz’s recent article, slightly abridged.

In general, classifying an individual as Jewish has a rather protean nature, with somewhat overlapping definitions based on religion, ethnicity, and full or partial ancestry, allowing it to be drastically expanded or contracted for various reasons. I suspect that Baytch’s confusion on this matter was entirely sincere, related to the obsessive tendencies she exhibited in real life. But others may employ these shifting definitions based upon more pragmatic considerations.

It is well known that for many decades the American Communist Party and especially its top leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish, even at a time when Jews were just 3% of the national population. But Jewish community leaders were not pleased with this situation, and they sometimes flatly denied the reality, insisting that there were actually no Jewish Communists whatsoever—how could there be, when Communists were hostile to all religious belief?

Similarly, my findings that Jews were apparently enrolled at Harvard and other elite colleges at a rate some 1,000% greater than white Gentiles of similar academic performance must surely have set off alarm bells within the leadership of Jewish activist organizations, who wondered how best to manage or conceal this potentially dangerous information. With a high-profile Asian discrimination lawsuit wending its way through the courts and my own unsuccessful 2016 attempt to run a slate of candidates for the Board of Harvard Overseers, the likelihood of growing public scrutiny surely loomed very large.

Baytch’s apparent confusion between having Jewish ancestry and practicing the Jewish religion would have been well-known in these circles, and offered an obvious solution. If Jewish numbers were suddenly narrowed to only include those students who claimed to follow Jewish religious practices, the flagrant over-representation of Jews on elite campuses would be greatly reduced. Meanwhile, large numbers of lesser-qualified applicants of Jewish ancestry but no religious belief could continue to gain unfair admission by writing essays about their “Holocaust grandmas” with America’s 98% Gentile population being none the wiser.

For whatever reason, Hillel seems to have recently adopted this practice, drastically reducing its published estimates of the Jewish enrollment at Harvard and other elite colleges, thus eliminating a glaring example of ethnic bias by a simple act of redefinition. For example, the Hillel website now claims that merely 11% of Harvard undergraduates are Jewish, a huge reduction from the previous 25% figure, and a total suspiciously close to the Crimson survey of a few years ago which counted Jews only based upon their religious beliefs. The Hillel figures for Yale, Princeton, and most other elite colleges have experienced equally sudden and huge declines.

One very strong clue regarding this new definition of Jewish enrollment comes from Caltech, an elite science and engineering school which is quite unlikely to attract Jews professing religious faith. According to the Hillel website, the Jewish enrollment is 0%, claiming that there absolutely no Jews on campus. Despite this, the website also describes the vibrant Jewish life at Caltech, with Caltech Jews involved in all sorts of local activities and projects. This absurd paradox is obviously due to the distinction between individuals who are Jewish by religion and those who are Jewish by ancestry.

As the 1999 media firestorm engulfing Princeton demonstrated, in the past even slight and gentle declines of Jewish enrollment over a fifteen year period would provoke massive controversy and angry denunciations from Jewish organizations. The absolute lack of any organized response to the recent sudden disappearance of nearly 60% of Harvard’s Jews certainly suggests that little more than a mere change in definition had occurred.

I gradually noticed that the huge and continuing increase in the enrollment of non-white and foreign students at our most elite universities had caused a complete collapse in the enrollment of white American Gentiles, but oddly enough, no similar reduction in Jewish numbers. It was well-known that Jewish activists had been the primary force behind the establishment of Affirmative Action and related policies in college admissions, and I began to wonder about their true motivation, whether conscious or unconscious.

Had the goal been the stated one, of providing educational opportunities to previously excluded groups? Or had that merely been the excuse used to advance a policy that eliminated the majority of white Gentiles, their primary ethnic competitors? With the Jewish population numbering merely 2%, there was an obvious limit as to how many elite college slots they themselves could possibly fill, but if enough other groups were also brought in, then Gentile numbers could easily be reduced to low levels, despite the fact that they constituted the bulk of the national population.

Asians represented an interesting test-case. As their numbers rapidly grew, white Gentiles were consequently pushed out, and this process was celebrated across the academic community. But by the late 1980s, Asian numbers had increased to such an extent that they inevitably began to impinge upon elite Jewish enrollment as well and future increases would surely worsen the situation. And at that point, the process suddenly halted, with Asian numbers being sharply reduced and thereafter permanently capped. The implications of this situation were already in the back of my mind when I published my 1998 Wall Street Journal column describing some of these striking racial facts.

The current high-profile trial in Boston is widely portrayed by the media as a conflict between Asian-American group and black and Hispanic groups, whose numbers might be sharply reduced under some proposed changes. Whites are largely portrayed as bystanders, with Harvard indicating that their numbers would scarcely shift even under drastic changes in admissions policy. But the term “white” encompasses both Jews and Gentiles, and thus may conceal more than it reveals.

The implications of my 2012 Meritocracy analysis are certainly well-known to all of the prominent participants and observers in the ongoing legal battle, but the fearsome power of the ADL and its media allies ensures that certain important aspects of the current situation are never subjected to widespread public discussion. Asian advocates rightly denounce the unfairness of the current elite academic admissions system, but remain absolutely mute about which American group actually controls the institutions involved.

Throughout the enormous media controversy surrounding the Harvard trial in Boston, all sides are doing their utmost to avoid noticing the 2% elephant in the room. And that fact provides the best proof of the tremendous size and power of that elephant in today’s American society.

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  1. Guest
    Guest says:

    Let us all be grateful to the KGB which had the very good sense in the days of the Soviet Union to list Jews by their ethnic background, not their supposed ‘religion’: 85% of the leadership, and 67% of the terror/police state organisations were of Jewish background. No need, therefore, to go into long theological discussions although the opportunity to reveal some of the tenets of the supposed religion, based on its central text of the Babylonian Talmud, would provide an excellent opportunity to educate the wider Christian and non-Christian populations and possibly assist present and future class action lawsuits.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 The Soviet passport noted the ” Nationality “, the minority status, of its bearer, on its ” fifth ” line; after names, dob etc. Simply referred to as the fifth line, or the fifth ” paragraph “, alluding generically to a paragraph of any penal code. Members of the minorities, one in particular, equated that to being deemed criminals, lacking the real Russians’ protections: a sort of ” open season game “.

      02 Jewish lobbying legislatively eliminated this ” fifth line ” in September 1997.

  2. Link
    Link says:

    What the Bolsheviks did to Russia, they did to the USA too — but not by of the mass genocide they perpetrated in Russia, but backed by the same European and American bankster gangsters, rolling in Wall Street lucre, they ‘stole’ the USA away and with ingenious craft and cunning infiltrated America, as Jews (fake Jewry from Khazaria?), have always done since ages past …

    • Prof. W.
      Prof. W. says:

      No, not ” fake Jewry from Khazaria”, this is a false narrative concocted/promoted by Koestler (and the jews) for their own perceived benefit.

      They are jews! They were ethnically jews before any ‘Khazarian conversion’ and they remain jews afterwards.

      The jews haven’t done to the US what they did to White, Christian Russia… Yet ( perhaps you are unaware of the unspeakably evil nature of the crimes perpetrated by the jews during that period… Then again: perhaps it is simply not to the same scale in the US??? ).

      We must ensure that they are stopped before they achieve the same psychopathic, jewish mass murder ritual that they perpetrated in Russia.

      • kznwatch
        kznwatch says:

        I am very aware and informed about what the Jews did to Russia. The unspeakable horrors Russians endured at the filthy mass murdering hands of the Bolshevik Jews, remain unequaled in human history. But to this day, Russia remains unconquered, the one indomitable nation beyond their greedy clutches and never again will Jews overcome the Russian Motherland!

        However, the USA, was infiltrated by the same foe, only that their MO there, was and is very sly and sophisticated, still, their NWO OWG agenda, remains the same.

        I agree 100% with you, that they must be stopped, but ask, as probably more than half, if not higher– of the American population remains ignorant about the Jewish heist of the USA, will they only wake up, when suffering comes to them too and its too late?

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        “We must ensure that they are stopped before they achieve the same psychopathic, jewish mass murder ritual that they perpetrated in Russia.”

        Is not the mass murder they’ve carried out using the African Negro as their executioner the same thing? Although not in the same numbers but the same pogrom.

  3. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    I wonder what percentage Jews are at Ivy League schools regarding university presidents, admission officers and other high ranking positions.

  4. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    This reminds me of an incident that took place between myself and the dean of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea in 1992.

    Forgoing the rather unusual circumstances of my employment, due to “complete lack of qualifications”, at arguably one of the best private English as a Second Language (ESL) Institutes in the country,
    for some unknown reason I was chosen by the owner of the school,
    over teachers with Ph.Ds in English Lit., Music, Translation Interpretation and Poly-Sci among others,
    to teach the heads of departments at Seoul National University Hospital.

    These heads of departments were preparing for work related trips to various American Medical Establishments, like the Mayo Clinic in the USA,
    with which SNUH had an exchange agreement of some kind.

    One of my students was the head of the department of Neurosurgery, but he was regarded as the best teaching-practicing Neurosurgeon in all of the Korean Peninsula (North and South) at the time.

    For some reason he saw fit to invite me to dinner one night.
    I considered this a truly great honour and was totally humbled by the experience. He was some 15 years my elder yet he seemed quite curious at not only what my motivations and philosophy regarding teaching were, but my experiences in life.

    If I may narcissistically indulge for a moment,
    I landed in Seoul, Korea a less than couple of months earlier in the beginning of January with only $15.00 USD in my pocket, no friends, no language skills, no food, dressed largely in rags and during the depths of a Manchurian like winter.

    With the population density being as high as it was in the city proper,
    no other place to sleep at night was afforded to me except high atop Mt. Ansan in the open air of the -25 degrees Celsius weather.
    There I could bathe in and drink from a frigidly fresh-water spring, before crawling into my trusty Swiss made, down sleeping bag.
    After days of dizzily wandering the streets during the day and sleeping outdoors on a mountain top at night, with no food and only water to drink I felt that I was beginning to starve to death.
    It was under these circumstances that a Korean security guard from Yonsai University stumbled across my scrawny ass.

    While searching for a teaching job at the above University, I uncovered an unheated subterranean student club house that, although frigid, at least offered protection from the occasional open air blizzard conditions of the mountain top.

    Upon being found, instead of throwing me out onto the streets,
    as had happened occasionally in the freezing rain of Japan,
    the Korean guard offered me a bunk in the heated bunk house of the Uni-baseball team.
    Being that they were presently on winter vacation, access to hot showers and some five dollars per day loan were offered until I could get myself on my feet again. I did a lot of walking to save subway fare in those days.
    Well less than two months later, after working a month at a fly by night scammer school, with no other previous “official” ESL teaching experience and English being my worst subject in school,
    I landed a job at the above mentioned Language Art Institute of Translation and Interpretation.

    Acutely aware at my lack of experience in the task at hand, I proceeded with typical German SS Kommando vigour to throw myself into teaching myself how to teach English.
    For 7 days a week from 7 Am till 10 or 11 PM, for over a year and a half I did nothing else except, eat, sleep, swim, stretch and practice martial arts at the local Olympic Centre, work and study until I became working head of the department and was tasked with recruiting new teachers for the school…,
    besides being given all the plum jobs like teaching upper management of banks, insurance companies, military generals and other important contracts.

    I disregarded all the rules of teaching and just did what had to be done to increase enrollment
    for when I arrived, the school was in serious financial difficulties, but by the time I left it had virtually doubled in size.
    If I may say, I believe the passionate dedication of a man rescued from freezing starvation to the task at hand is part of the reason that attracted not only top neurosurgeons, but a lot of other remarkable individuals to my classes.

    Now back to dinner…
    During our conversation, he asked me about life in the USA.
    Well, being the JQ savvy “ Jewerman-Kafkadian “ that I was, made me deeply aware that my net $5,000.00 USD monthly salary depended on keeping a low profile,
    and that meant avoiding the JQ at all cost…,
    because even then the Jews ruled South Korea by proxy through control of the US military.

    However, I also felt a need to tell the truth to this esteemed and remarkably brilliant gentleman before me.
    So I leaned over, and before venturing into this topic any further, made him promise not to speak of this conversation with ANYONE aside from his closest relatives and friends.
    By that time, I was already fully cognizant of the fact that as soon as Jews discovered that you knew about them, it was enough to get you blacklisted and would not only stop your career advancement dead in its tracks, (((they))) may well reduce you to puniary depravity as a pièces de résistance.

    Without, wanting to subject the fully awake JQ-experts-at-TOO-readers of this comment to more of my trivial blithering, I’ll skip the usual [redacted] behavioural modalities of [redacted] Jews and get to the point.

    In retrospect, I felt was it never made strenuously enough to me on the day I was incontrovertibly JQ Red Pilled by the Secretary of State, NRW, FRG. at the age of about 11 or 12 to keep silent on this issue,
    so as I was leaning there,
    before venturing into this topic,

    (see link RE his position here: )

    I made him promise not to speak of this conversation with ANYONE aside from his closest relatives and friends.

    We made pledges of honour to each other,
    me as a descendent of Prussian Nobility with SS-Bodhisattva Bushido and
    he as one of the Top Neurosurgeons in Asia,
    never to speak of this conversation with ANYONE aside from his most trusted relatives and friends.

    Believe me, since he was not the first or the last person I spoke to,
    I was ” JQ Red Pilling ” the Heads of Korean Society,
    long before the wave of JQ Red Pills that is about to Sweep the World…,
    is about to become fashionable again.

    And this, my unfortunate victims, is the point well drawn to our attention in the above essay by the Esteemed World Leader on Jew Ingroup behaviour, Dktr., Prof., K. MacDonald:
    that because Asians in General still maintain common genetic based social cohesion,
    they are able to invade once Western societies with impunity while Whites flail around like dying fish slithering across PC egg shells.

    Asians know about Jews but Whites sock Jew cuck.

    • L. Smith
      L. Smith says:

      Your story was interesting, if not altogether believable, as it seems more like a Korean fairy tale with improbable characters doing improbable things. The only thing missing was people flying around in the air with swords. For the sake of a good story, one can set aside disbelief to an extent. However, you abandoned any uplifting element with that last unfortunate sentence. Do we have to resort to gutter language to make a point? You debase yourself.

      • royAlbrecht
        royAlbrecht says:

        What’s not to believe?
        This is a true story that took place in Korea written by a German.
        I have hundreds of them from most parts of the planet.
        As for flying in he air with swords…, it’s all in the landing and the physical preparation for the flight ! LOL

        The part about the language in the last sentence is debatable.
        A lot of professorial types around here call me out on this trait of mine.
        It’s just that I hold “cow towing” (is that more to your liking?) Whites to Jews with the utmost contempt.
        I find it very difficult to be civil toward my own kind who are for various reasons too weak willed to do what is right.
        The Jew can be excused for behaving like a Jew, because at the end of the day one can simply ignore and/or [redact] them,
        but Whites…, they should know better.
        And to behead Whites is not a preferable method of dealing with them, so I figure the least I can do is curse and insult them.
        I am hoping that these Whites still have a semblance of pride left in them so I can incite a feeling of sickness from shame and cowardice or possibly become incensed with rage
        either with me or with how they are behaving.
        As for me feeling debased…, I might feel like that if I actually cared about how people view me!
        There comes a point in life where isolation turns upon itself.

  5. Bill
    Bill says:

    The Forward states that Jews are not white. Maybe it’s time for Europeans to drop the nomenclature from our vernacular. Europeans and Ashkenazi/Sephardic are NOT the same peoples.

  6. Edelweiss
    Edelweiss says:

    Some of our strengths as white people is that we care for the underdog; we care about fairness; we like to rescue endangered species. As we find out that we are the endangered underdog who needs to be rescued, I hope we can use our own tendencies to help ourselves survive.

    • kznwatch
      kznwatch says:

      You summed it up well and how very true what you said. I also wonder sometimes, how much longer we’re going to stand in acceptance of political correctness!

  7. Robert Bloc
    Robert Bloc says:

    This is really a wonderful and useful article and reveals affirmative action for what it is: a strategy to eliminate white gentile competitors. However, a legal challenge may not be hopeless. Religious and ethnic discrimination is at least notionally prohibited. You can’t refuse to hire Jews and skate because it’s white against white discrimination.

    The Anti-Whites have gotten recklessly bold. The ACLU has actually urged Asians to accept discrimination because ending it for them could collaterally benefit whites – a self evident evil. I think we could show invidious discrimination. I would like to see a spirited attempt made.

  8. kznwatch aka Link
    kznwatch aka Link says:

    I am very aware and informed about what the Jews did to Russia. The unspeakable horrors Russians endured at the filthy mass murdering hands of the Bolshevik Jews, remain unequaled in human history. But to this day, Russia remains unconquered, the one indomitable nation beyond their greedy clutches and never again will Jews overcome the Russian Motherland!

    However, the USA, was infiltrated by the same foe, only that their MO there, was and is very sly and sophisticated, still, their NWO OWG agenda, remains the same.

    I agree 100% with you, that they must be stopped, but ask, as probably more than half, if not higher– of the American population remains ignorant about the Jewish heist of the USA, will they only wake up, when suffering comes to them too and its too late?

  9. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    Ron Unz has an important article on Jewish overrepresentation in the Ivy League. Essentially the subterfuge was likely counting only religious Jews as Jews which resulted in a sudden very large drop in Hillel’s claims about Jewish enrollment in the Ivy League.
    Ok only count religious Jews as Jews, then we must greatly reduce the alleged six million Jews killed in the alleged death camps.

  10. Curtis Mouser I
    Curtis Mouser I says:

    Universities are controlled by fat ugly bulldykes & ugly ratfaced Jews to brainwash Whites against their heritage.

  11. sixten
    sixten says:

    The jewish power structure has definite cracks in it. Now is the time to really lay it on thick and use all information highways to expose their tricks. I do not want anyone physical hurt but have face rubbed in own shit. The article with factual base are best form of combat. Unz article is great example of great warrior.

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