Enrique Krauze, Mexico’s Most Prominent Public Intellectual, Hates Trump (and White, Protestant America)

Enrique Krause. The background is for his documentary “Beyond Borders” (in Spanish).

 This piece is an update of my very brief TOO note of 2016, “Enrique Krauze.” Krauze is a Jewish-Mexican historian, essayist, editor, and public intellectual; he can be read in all the most elite places, even dispensing his wisdom in the pinnacle of the journalist profession, the New York Times. In the October, 9, 2017 article “How  Mexico Deals with Trump” of The New Yorker, the American biographer Jon Lee Anderson describes Krauze as “arguably the country’s [Mexico] most prominent public intellectual.”

Krauze hates Donald Trump. Of course, by now, even Trump’s biggest boosters—the Alt Right and talking heads like Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson—have given up supporting Trump. But that’s because he has not followed up on his promises, particularly with regard to immigration: the wall, birthright citizenship, lowering legal immigration, deporting illegals, and not providing welfare benefits to immigrants. For Krauze, the hate is much deeper. His reasons for hating Trump are much more akin to the reasons so many American Jews hate Trump.  Put simply, Krauze hates Trump not for what he hasn’t done, but for what they see as a President Trump portending some kind of Hitlerian revolution in the West.

According to the Líderes Mexicanos magazine, Leo Zuckermann (another Mexican Jew) is one of the 300 leaders of Mexico. This April Zuckermann interviewed Krauze to talk about the latter’s 2018 book, El Pueblo Soy Yo, whose central theme is populism. I will translate from Spanish to English a passage from the television interview in which Krauze responds to a leading question by Zuckermann. Krauze says that, with the election of Trump, the United States

has degraded Western history. And the country is in a situation of political, historical and moral conflict of enormous [emphasis in Krauze’s voice] proportions and still of unknown prognosis. And there is, without a doubt, a battle between a prospective tyrant, who is Donald Trump, with very clear [emphasis in Krauze’s voice] fascist tendencies—… his racism, his nativism, his hatred, not to mention his personal pathology: megalomaniac, narcissistic in short (we would spend all night talking about this) that also dominates a Congress that wants to be dominated [!!!], against a judicial power that is defending itself, the press, the media, the radio and television channels. 

… the polarization is terrible, and there are thirty-something percent of Americans who, whatever happens with Trump, would approve of him even if he killed people on Fifth Avenue, as he said [emphasis in Krauze’s voice]; nothing would happen.

Zuckermann agreed and referred to an intellectual he had admired so much, Samuel Huntington, especially for his book Political Order in Changing Societies (although not for his later books, such as Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity). Krauze responded:

I knew him [Huntington]. I even had a controversy with him, and this essay that I published in The New Republic is an essay against him [emphasis in Krauze’s voice] because he is Trump’s prophet. He is the man who says in 2003, in his latest book, “the United States is in danger.” But is the United States in danger? No. It is the White, Protestant United States—the United States that Huntington saw himself in the mirror—that is in danger. And why? Because of the Latin American and, in particular, the presence of Mexicans.

Krauze continues sarcastically, rephrasing Zuckermann’s comment, that White Americans

were losing their soul. That’s why I included [Huntington] there [in my book], along with a variety of my texts against Trump, including, of course, the text of my criticism of [then president] Peña Nieto for having invited Trump to Mexico: that was a historical error.

In other words, Krauze thinks that White Protestants in the U.S.  have some kind of moral obligation to accept as many Mexicans and others as want to go there—the same position held by his co-ethnics in the U.S. 

Zuckermann intervened once again, saying that the Trump phenomenon was not only a populist phenomenon but also a phenomenon with “clear fascist overtones.” Krauze, editor-in-chief of the magazine Letras Libres, replied:

Do you remember that we made a cover of Letras Libres with Donald Trump and his Hitlerian mustache, and then they told us we were overstating our case? No: we didn’t. We fell short. Had this man, Trump, been born in the 1930s, he would surely have been part of the SS.

Zuckermann noted the fact that at that time there were many Americans who supported fascism and National Socialism. Krauze continued:

Well, but this man has had sympathy for the Ku Klux Klan. That is to say: we are talking about the true, hard right. And he is populist….

Keep in mind that Krauze is considered an intellectual on the right by Mexican intellectual standards! In the interview Zuckermann noted that Trump’s triumph was due to the “anachronism of the Electoral College” as Trump lost the popular vote. Krauze concluded:

Well, there it is, on the tightrope the United States, nothing less: our neighbor.

The quote speaks for itself. Suffice it to say that the same Trump paranoia that the U.S. mainstream media suffers north of the border happens also down here in Mexico.

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  1. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    It was a great mistake when white Americans were absorbing the inferior races of California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the rest, a great mistake not to have continued down past Honduras and take the whole ball of mesquite.
    Mexicans are not quite as stupid as jigaboos and sometimes make decent cowherds, etc.

  2. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    While Krauze objects to the existence of white, American Protestants, he should know that the Evangelicals are big boosters of Israel and all things Jewish. However, as a Catholic I nevertheless regret seeing the demise of Protestant influence in the culture. I miss their evangelizing fervor and adherence to the Moral Law.

  3. Loren R.
    Loren R. says:

    We needed a YUGE, impenetrable, strong wall 50 years ago. Mexico is a sewer and we don’t need one Mexican here for anything. Those yahoo’s can’t even govern themselves much less make a positive contribution to another culture. Sh*thole is right for that corrupt, violent country.
    So yes, it is over. The Great American Experiment is over and who knew that it would be the enemy from within that would destroy us?
    The tribe that completely lacks self awareness is destroying the goose that laid the golden eggs for them.
    Trump was just the last in the line of liars and lackeys that sold America down the river. If he had built the wall 2 years ago? Maybe we might have had a chance. Along with massive deportations. But the tribe ain’t having none of that. My only consolation is that when the stuff hits the fan, the walls they have built around their homes are not going to be strong enough or tall enough to stop the hordes pouring over them. The screwed themselves just like they always do.
    Oh well, there were some good times while it lasted. And it will be satisfying to see them get what is their due.

  4. César Tort
    César Tort says:

    The transcription in Spanish of Krauze’s words can be read: here. Let me tell a couple of personal vignettes.

    I met Krauze personally many years ago during a presentation by his publishing house of the latest book by a Cuban dissident.

    There was even a time when we were almost neighbors. I lived in Coyoacán, in Mexico City, and ate at a vegetarian restaurant. Walking through the street where, at that time, were the offices of Vuelta (Nobel laureate Octavio Paz’s magazine), more than once I got to see Krauze on his desk as the window of his office was at street level.

  5. JimB
    JimB says:

    “It is the White, Protestant United States…that is in danger. And why? Because of the Latin American and, in particular, the presence of Mexicans.”

    We hear you loud and clear and we understand perfectly, you anti-Whites. Ditto for our brothers and sisters around the entire planet who are also being placed in existential danger due to “replacement migration”, “diversity” or whatever other name anyone calls the demographic genocide being waged against White people. We hear you, we understand, and we are gathering ourselves in opposition.

  6. conradcgaarder
    conradcgaarder says:

    I read his book “Mexico -A Biography,” and he is certainly a decent historian.
    But these comments are just childish. The kind of amateur psychoanalysis informed by an obvious misunderstanding of middle class Americans, and a very familiar Jewish animosity towards those same Americans.
    And of course he seems ignorant of the history of the United States, which was unquestionably a White Protestant Christian country before the arrival of millions of Irish and Italians, after which it was still a White Christian country, still led by Protestants, until the arrival of millions of Jews, after which it was disintegrated.

  7. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I am grateful for the messages on this site (such as this one regarding our southern ‘neighbors’) and the many other sites that share similar concerns.

    Our people are finally waking up. Not just here, but throughout the rest of the Western world. Too little, too late? Perhaps not. We have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds before.

    Before the advent of the internet the usual suspects had a stranglehold on the media (mainly television and newspapers). But, that is changing now, so I suppose their only recourse is to legislate vigorous ‘hate speech’ laws in an attempt to quench our awakening. May God grant us the wisdom to successfully overcome that obstacle when it comes to that.

  8. William Schnarr
    William Schnarr says:

    He inaccurately tries to summarize the “special hatred” for Trump from Jews, as well. That doesn’t exist; the Jews hate everybody but their own equally. Everyone in the world not their own (and actually sometimes EVEN their own!!) is just a pawn in their game, in their eyes. Trump is fulfilling a very special purpose of theirs, which we will see as time continues. The most obvious should be a charade of appealing to white nationalist tendencies. He may cry about South Africa and the Federal Reserve, but what does he really do about it? Nothing, and he will not do anything about it. He is used as a tool to discredit white nationalist concerns in the public eye, while at the same time drum up a support from that small camp for his presidency which is completely superficial. And I can’t believe how many white nationalists I thought were actually intelligent fall for it.

    My friend said he will lead America into World War Three. Brace yourselves for such a theory.

  9. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “arguably the country’s [Mexico] most prominent public intellectual.”

    That’s like calling that Jaimacan bobsled team from 20 years ago the best bobsledders in Jaimaca.

  10. Der Krauze
    Der Krauze says:

    They dont hate Trump for being Protestant and the like, they hate every White Caucasian Protestant,Catholic,Eastern,Sunni,Shia,Ismaili,Hindu because without them you have masses of low intelligent people easy to become their economic slaves. Having billions of innocent and naive Bantus,Mexicans,Pakistanis and so on, will be far more easy to enforce them to work for them just like cattle and provide them the eternity of luxury. If there are other people and races intelligent enough to resist exploitation and work slavery then this would be even impossible. Thats what irritates ‘leftist’ laureates like Krauze and his conationals all over Europe and America not succeeding to turn the remaining billions of races into their slave labor.

  11. Nona
    Nona says:

    “Trump is fulfilling a very special purpose of theirs, which we will see as time continues. ”

    We’re already seeing this, as Trump catered to the jews, in “giving” them Jerusalem. When it was Trump’s to give away.

  12. Tim
    Tim says:

    Re: White Protestant America

    A now elderly (Irish Catholic) member of our family who went to Yale Medical School in the 1950s often told me that the WASPS in charge of things there were “A Class Act”.

  13. Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton says:

    Trump is clearly a Nadzee. One can tell by his various actions, like this one.

    One might ask how many Nadzees have done similar things in the past? Obama? Maybe Bush? Photos like this send a clear message to Jews whose side Trump is really supporting.

    Interesting aside – Pictures of Bill Clinton and GW Bush, (like this one one) at the kotel (of which I have a number of copies) have been mysteriously scrubbed from Pinterest. Billy and Dubya might want to worry about their life spans.

    I suppose such pictures make it a bit too obvious exactly who has been supporting the Jews’ destructive agenda all along.


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