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Is Enrique Krauze an honest historian?

Four years ago I wrote an article for The Occidental Observer about the Jewish Mexican Enrique Krauze and his hatred for Donald Trump and White Protestant America. Krauze has lived in Mexico City since his childhood and is one of the most respected intellectuals in the Spanish-speaking world. In 2003 the Spanish government decorated him […]

Enrique Krauze, Mexico’s Most Prominent Public Intellectual, Hates Trump (and White, Protestant America)

 This piece is an update of my very brief TOO note of 2016, “Enrique Krauze.” Krauze is a Jewish-Mexican historian, essayist, editor, and public intellectual; he can be read in all the most elite places, even dispensing his wisdom in the pinnacle of the journalist profession, the New York Times. In the October, 9, 2017 article […]

Enrique Krauze

Enrique Krauze is a Jewish-Mexican historian, essayist, editor, and public intellectual. I dare say that after the death of Nobel prize winner of literature Octavio Paz, Krauze has become the most influential intellectual of the country. Reflecting his Jewish identity, Krauze has criticized anti-Semitism in American newspapers, such as The New York Times (here). A CNN […]