Roche Trap: A Tribalist Lets Slip the Truth

A Spectre is haunting the Unz Review — the spectre of a highly ethnocentric Jewish commenter called Tyrion 2. He possesses all of Kevin MacDonald’s “background traits for Jewish activism,” from ethnocentrism and intelligence to aggressiveness and psychological intensity. With shameless disregard for facts and logic, he assails any criticism of Jews at the Unz Review, arguing aggressively and incessantly that no Jew anywhere has ever done or said anything harmful to non-Jewish interests.

Trap for a Tribalist

As you might expect, Tyrion 2 has been busy on re-prints of my own articles at the Unz Review. For example, he denies that the Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche had any true responsibility for the massive increase in Third-World immigration under Tony Blair’s New Labour government. Here is his defence of Roche: “She was a junior minister in a government (naturally) dominated by Gentiles and only holding the relevant brief for 2 years. As to her motivations in upholding the party line of Gentiles Blair, Brown and Prescott, I don’t know (upholding the party line as a junior minister? keeping her job?).”

Anyone who reads my article “Roche Motel Revisited: The Comfort of an Atomized Society” will learn how far Tyrion 2’s assertions are from the truth. However, I thought that he wouldn’t bother attacking the re-print of my article “Liberals vs. Mother Nature” at the Unz Review. After all, the article is about India, Freddie Mercury and AIDS, not about the Jewish corruption of Western politics. I was wrong. Tyrion 2 seized on one small reference to Jews in the article – and entered a Roche trap:

Yes, both Jews and Parsis have been overachievers and yes, as you point out, Parsis were not as singled out for dislike as Jews [were] but Parsis lived in super diverse India and Jews lived in much more homogenous [sic] Europe. (Comment of 8th December 2018 on the re-print of “Liberals vs. Mother Nature” at the Unz Review)

Diversity is Good for Jews

Tyrion 2 is making the classic Jewish argument that racially and religiously mixed societies are safer for Jews than homogeneous ones. According to him, in “super diverse India” (in fact, not-so diverse Gujarat), Parsis didn’t stand out and so didn’t suffer persecution and expulsions as Jews did in “much more homogenous Europe.” And guess what? Tyrion 2 is thinking exactly like Barbara Roche:

Friday rush hour. Euston station [in London]. Who’s here? Who isn’t. A kaleidoscope of skin colours. The world in one terminus. Barbara Roche can see it over the rim of her cup of Americano coffee. “I love the diversity of London,” she tells me. “I just feel comfortable.” (Hideously Diverse Britain: The immigration ‘conspiracy’, The Guardian, 2nd March 2011)

Roche wasn’t acting on her own when she became immigration minister and opened Britain’s borders to Somalis and other low-IQ, high-criminality Third-Worlders. She was collaborating with other Jews to make Britain a more “comfortable” place for Jews. And since she left office, she has continued to campaign for open borders and for more anti-White bureaucracy:

Tony Blair should promote the benefits of legal immigration to Britain, and “not back off” from plans to create a super equalities commission, Barbara Roche, the former equalities minister, has urged. … The child of a Polish-Russian Ashkenazi father and a Sephardic Spanish-Portuguese mother, Ms Roche has reason for her feelings on immigration. “My being Jewish informs me totally, informs my politics. I understand the otherness of ethnic groups. The Americans are ahead of us on things like multiple identity. I’m Jewish but I’m also a Londoner; I’m English but also British.” (Roche urges Labour to promote the benefits of legal migration, The Independent, 24th June 2003)

Migration maniac Barbara Roche

In fact, Barbara Roche is neither English nor British. How could she be, when “being Jewish informs [her] totally”? For her and for other powerful Jews in the West, a term like “British” or “French” or “American” is merely geographic. That’s why she was so eager to flood Britain with low-IQ Third-Worlders, re-shaping its demographics in a way that, while inflicting huge harm and expense on native British Whites, allowed her to “feel comfortable” while sipping “her cup of Americano coffee” at Euston station.

Asking the Eternal Question

After all, if the flooding of Britain with Third-Worlders goes wrong for the Tribe, Roche and other Jews will simply do what Jews have done throughout history: leave the scene of their crimes. Nowadays they have a nation of their own waiting for them on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. Israel has been shielded from diversity by “xenophobic” policies on immigration, asylum and citizenship for exactly the same reason as Britain, France and America have been flooded with diversity. Israel’s anti-diversity policies make Jews “feel comfortable” too.

You can understand this Jewish behaviour very easily. It’s governed by the eternal question: What’s good for Jews? (Whites, on the other hand, are addicted, perhaps terminally so, to principles, whatever the cost to Whites as a group.) For Barbara Roche, it was good for Jews to open Britain’s borders to the Third World. For Tyrion 2, it’s good for Jews to pretend that Barbara Roche was merely “upholding the party line of Gentiles Blair, Brown and Prescott.” In fact, New Labour was controlled by Jews, not by “Gentiles.” Tony Blair was a dim narcissist funded and controlled by Lord Levy, Gordon Brown was a psychologically disturbed homosexual funded and controlled by Ronald Cohen, and John Prescott was a lecherous non-entity who left office as a laughing-stock. New Labour’s underhanded and evil immigration policies had “MADE IN JUDAEA” stamped all over them.

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  1. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    I am beholden to you for placing [sic] behind the silly non-word “homogenous”. Yet even the most educated and supposedly literate are using it. Thank you, sir!

    Glad that someone is taking on Tyrion.

    • Lasha Darkmoon
      Lasha Darkmoon says:

      An excellent article by Tobias Langdon that I have just republished on my website:

      I have added a couple of supportive pictures that help to reinforce Mr Langdon’s general argument, together with this brief endnote which will serve as a comment here:

      I’d like to add that the iniquitous immigration policies set in motion by the mendacious war criminal Tony Blair— i.e. flooding the U.K. with dangerous low-IQ criminal types from the Third World, with the full backing of British Jewry — has continued unabated under successive Tory governments.

      There was no attempt to rein in mass immigration under the Cameron government, in which the present incumbent of 10 Downing Street, Theresa May, was serving then as Home Secretary. Since that time, May has done everything in her power to promote the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan of multiculturalism and mongrelisaion that is enshrined within EU legislation. Her shameless betrayal of the British people over immigration, only equalled by her cynical contempt for democracy in foisting a fake Brexit on her country that is the exact opposite of what 17.4 million Brits voted for in June 2016, clearly demonstrates this lady’s staggering unfitness to rule.

      Blair, Merkel, May, and other zealots of their kind, all extremists masquerading as moderates, truly belong in a psychiatric unit of their own. In a just world — dare I say it? — they would all be put in front of a firing squad. For treason. After a fair trial, of course.

      • Rivers
        Rivers says:

        Trials are reserved for your peers, invading aliens have no natural appeal for trials after they commit hostile acts. And the traitors, how many trials can a nation take? Perhaps a couple with multiple defendants but you don’t want to keep it from reclaiming your nation. The one and only truly exemplary female leader of all time has given us the blueprint, Isabella of Spain. We need a modern version of the Inquisition for the same purpose as back then and the Reconquista must not halt for a single day until All of them are out without exception. And this time we don’t let secret societies like jesuits end our first last and only line of defence against this mortal menace.

  2. James O'Meara
    James O'Meara says:

    Who can blame Gordon Brown, if, as the link says, “he was getting pulped at the dispatch box by David Cameron with a regularity which Labour MPs found excruciating to watch.” Sounds painful, indeed.

  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Their whole line about how a diverse society makes them feel safe (otherwise they’d be in danger of the host population) was always a lie to conceal and justify the heart of the matter – their insatiable lust for supremacy, power and control. There’s only one thing they want as much as they want power, and that is the bloody elimination of the one race they’ll never match or measure up to.

    If they ever have been in danger it was because of the consequences of their actions against those they hate.
    Obviously, it’s us who are in danger of them. And we’ve reached a point where, since we’re being smeared and attacked anyway, we have nothing to lose if we stand up and defend ourselves, and everything to gain.

  4. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    “Anyone who reads my article “Roche Motel Revisited: The Comfort of an Atomized Society” will learn how far Tyrion 2’s assertions are from the truth.”


  5. silviosilver
    silviosilver says:

    Tyrion2 is a very energetic Jewish pest. I have grown weary of refuting his hysterical Jewish distortions and deflections. That problem is best handled with a swift banning, but the problem there is Sailer. For all his vaunted truth-telling, I believe the man is, deep in his bones, a cuck. It’s bad enough that he allows his blog to be infested by milder Jewish activists (like “Jack D”, “academic gossip” and “Lot”, to name but a few) – who Sailer probably cuckily regards as his buddies – but giving free rein to a jerk like Tyrion2 is proof positive, if you ask me, that the man has no fight in him. Jared Taylor has rightly taken flak for his stance on the JQ, but at least he wouldn’t let himself be kicked around like this on his own site.

    • good god
      good god says:

      With respect you have misunderstood completely. Steve Sailer is not a cuck he is a mischling. So is (self admitted many times) Lot and probably the other two commenters listed. They are the opposite of a cuckhold. They are protecting the interests of thier tribe. They function as gatekeepers and run interference for the tribe. The reason why they do not follow the logic of their own comments/ articles and condemn the Jews is that they have divided loyalties. They do not have as much to lose as your average (real) gentile in a European vs Jew ethnic conflict, but they are not fully protected by the Jewish side either. This explains Sailer’s civic nationalism (citizenism) and his refusal to fully condemn the Jews. I respect him and have learned a lot from him but I will state here categorically:

      Anybody who for any reason opposes White self determination is our enemy.

      Plain and simple.

    • Sutter
      Sutter says:

      I do not know nearly as much as others about Tyrion 2, but I cannot imagine agreeing with your comment. We should welcome counterarguments as ways to keep us honest.

  6. Amy Armadillo
    Amy Armadillo says:

    I’m so glad to see these cornholes ain’t getting away with it. Way back on Unz 10/1/2018 under “Modify the Standards of the In-Group” I offered this comment:

    “Crimson2 and Tyrion both turn this otherwise magnificent site into the Jewish Defense League. Every comment drips with sarcastic ennui, and one can predict most every word a month in advance.

    We get it. You hate White Nationalists. Why not just pluck a bunch of oppressed black people (e.g. Ruby Bridges) out of obscure history books and string together your next 15 comments attacking wipipo? Seems like it’d require less effort and accomplish the same thing, i.e. exactly nothing.

    P.S. I’m a mostly-lurker … any way I can mute this pair of apologists?”

    Little by little the ADL’s paid assassins are being unmasked. Great article.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      I call them JIDF Trolls. Cause that’s what they are. They might not be there under an official capacity, but they might as well be. And, actually, so far so good. Meaning, calling them, or, to be more accurate, dismissing them as JIDF Trolls has been pretty effective. Because whenever I see a JIDF Troll comment and call them out on it and they respond, they end up undermining their own position while confirming the accusation. This attracts the attention of other commenters who then proceed to swarm said JIDF Troll and they usually vanish.

      Oh that we could do that in broader social context!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Amy, “… any way I can mute this pair of apologists ? ”

      01 ” Apologists ” come in a greater variety than women’s shoes.

      02 They may be sincere, but merely misinformed.

      03 Or they are trained, inter alia, in disinformation; not only by the ADL, but also by the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs, under Gilad Erdan.

      04 Its existence denied for several years: fed through a black budget: its HQ building lacking a sign.

      05 Created in 2006 for Lieberman, otherwise disqualified to lead another coalition Ministry, due to being under criminal investigation. [ No ‘ pattern recognition ‘ here, unless you include Netanyahu and wife; yet again ! ]

      06 A brief, filmed clip exists on the net, showing Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz lecturing a group of these hasbara students in Tel Aviv, young and old, in and out of IDF uniform, exclaiming, that the concept of international law is a construct of some deluded left wing do-gooders [ justifying the territorial
      ” DISPUTES ” : unworthy of comparisons to Nuremberg ].

      07 During one of the four, ca. 52 minutes each exposes by al Jazeera, on the lobby in Washington under Tel Aviv direction, one [[[ staffer ]]] exclaims their tactical brilliance of ” pissing us off with minor assertions, to which we respond at length, thereby depriving us of our time to do anything more productive ! ”

      08 Tell me in all seriousness, that they have not succeeded in this regard ???

      09 Rather than having been provoked and having profusely responded to these two self-appointed, perhaps remunerated jokers, and their cohorts elsewhere, how much, in contrast, would we be the wiser, were we to have been treated here to a biography of Pentagon CFO , Rabbi and son of the Russian Rabbi, Dove Zakheim and his professionally missing 8.9 TRILLIONS, of which 2.6 trillion were admitted by Rumsfeld on 9/10, while 9/11 conveniently destroyed the accounting papers ?

      10 [a] Zakheim was connected with the firm that repaired the 93 WTC bombing damage; placing all the blueprints in his hands.
      [b] Z was connected with System Planning Corporation, which supplies, on the internet, the very compact, customizable Flight Termination System, designed to haul any aircraft out of the sky, through a total override of pilot control and internal plane functions: in case you are still searching for that unique Christmas gift for that most special friend.
      [c] Z was with Booz-Hamilton, a firm that employed an American woman, who, along with her daughter and an entire German high school class, died in the German Wings crash in the French Alps, en route Barcelona-Duesseldorf. She was an Ebola warfare expert for that DoD contractor firm. Was she planning to fashion shop in Duesseldorf, or was she en route to the Hague to report illegal US developments ?

      What of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17, or MH 370 ? to punish Mahathir Mohamad, recently reelected, at 93, as PM of Malaysia, for calling Soros, quite publicly, a dirty little Jewish speculator, for having engineered a devastating run on Malaysia’s currency: as this philanthropist had done with the British Pound.

      Apparently, at 11:34 PM, on Saturday, May 11, 1437, Soros’ forbears and all ensuing generations, were forced to make a living pursuing usury, after some Catholics stole one of their three sheep.
      [d] Another Booz Allen Hamilton [ Zakheim ] employee was
      Edward Snowden.

      I can’t speak for others here: but I feel we’ve been had by these perhaps inadvertent experts !

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Charles Frey: You’re the only other person I know of who has said something about the Germanwings crash and the Malaysia Flight MH 17. That’s not to say there aren’t others I’m not aware of. Do you know of others who have raised this point?

        In any event, the same pattern obtains with those two tragedies as with 911 and many others, ie; Destroy The Evidencce, Control The Narrative, and Enforce the Law (on anyone looking for evidence to control the narrative). They’ve repeated this so many times the patterns have emerged to the point where anyone willing to look can see it plain as day.

        And you might be right that many, though not all, have been had, it’s also true that many are waking up. Though perhaps late in coming it’s certainly better than nothing and definitely a step in the right direction.

  7. Arlene Johnson
    Arlene Johnson says:

    Jews had it better in Germany than any other country in which they have invaded, but they even wrecked it there for themselves. Read why at It’s a long edition, but has more history in it than virtually any of my other 36 editions.

    The best £11.00 I ever spent was for Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s book entitled The Synagogue of Satan ISBN: 978-1-930004-45-0 Regular price: $19.95 If you contact him at he might just give it to you for the same price as I paid him. Tell him Arlene Johnson referred you.

  8. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    Mr. Langdon,
    Why are you silent about your favorite nation’s deep concern for the welfare of Jews during and after WW2? The reason the UK can’t keep out the 3rd worlders is because it relied on them so much to fight Adolf Hitler’s sound regime in the 1940’s. It was Churchill and Halifax, not Barbara Roche, who declared war on Germany via a ruse when Hitler did not want to fight the English or its empire.

    The first blacks from the colonies arrived in June 1948 already from British Jamaica—500 aboard the Windrush, as a labor force. Beginning in 1947, there came the Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis. All had fought with the British in the war that there were many opportunities to end honorably but Churchill wouldn’t have it. Britain also welcomed immigrants from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Hong Kong for the same reason.

    So don’t try to blame your troubles on Barbara Roche; she is not responsible but only a beneficiary of what has happened to England. The English are responsible.

    • good god
      good god says:

      You realise there is an article on this very website detailing in full how the windrush was organised by Jews and took British politicians completely by suprise? It is pretty damming and no the English are not responsible for this.

      I always thought you were dodgy here you have decisevly tipped your hand.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        My mention of the Windrush was only to say that blacks first came to England in large numbers already in 1948! That Jews organized it is irrelevant to that point. The English cannot get out of responsibility for what happens in England. If you think that, you are assisting English suicide.

  9. Carolyn Yeager
    Carolyn Yeager says:

    “You can understand this Jewish behaviour very easily. It’s governed by the eternal question: What’s good for Jews? (Whites, on the other hand, are addicted, perhaps terminally so, to principles, whatever the cost to Whites as a group.)”

    What principles were the White Englishmen addicted to when they instigated both World Wars? It seems to me their question was the same as the Jews’: What’s good for Britain?

    Furthermore, Whites are not a group.

    • Chris M
      Chris M says:

      Carolyn, you’re still betrating people and picking fights online? How depressing. If you’re not an FBI Informant and/or JIDF Troll you might as well be.
      Your comments have the typical and easily identifiable attributes of Tribal Trolls, such as contentiousness, shaming behavior and a lack of consideration and respect, and, of course, the dead giveaway, a Hitler obsession. Exactly how long have you been under the delusion that we need your approval?

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Chris M.
        Since the moderator approved your silly attack on me, I think he certainly should allow my full reply.

        Are you the Chris that recently came to my website to complain about an article I posted by a German on the subject of German-Polish relations leading to the G-P war of 1939? You ran away when I exposed your lack of understanding of the actual facts, and never came back. You’re doing the same thing here in your vague accusations containing not one whit of evidence.

        “Betraying people.” That’s a pretty serious charge.

        I have been a known, identified and valued worker and writer for historical Truth for white Europeans for well over 10 years … and who are you? I operate three websites, two using my own name. I have extensive archives; everything is available. You’re right that I don’t easily go along with the male-dominated WN demand for consensus that is ahistorical, supportive of the Anglo-American contrived narrative of the World Wars, and therefore anti-German and pro-Jewish. Why do you?

        I wonder if many of the people writing and commenting here agree with you that a “Hitler obsession” is a dead giveaway of being a Tribal Troll. How exactly does that work? I’d like to know.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I’ll briefly reply to both of your comments.
      In respect of Mr. Langdon and the Windrush, Andrew Joyce’s article on The Windrush Affair more than covered what needed to be said about the Jewish involvement in it. There is no need for Mr. Langdon to rehash it. He has, however, referenced the Windrush in previous articles.
      In respect of “the White Englishmen” instigating both World Wars, any of those political whores serving their Jewish pimps cannot be considered “White”, any more than an Amsterdam store front hooker be considered a paradigm of virtue for women. Both had/have choices but chose money over honour.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Dear Curmudgeon,
        Thank you for your reply; I appreciate your intention. But honesty compels me to say that what we have from you is “Whites have no agency – therefore no responsibility – all that Whites have to say to get off the hook is ‘The Jews made me do it.'”
        Similarly, “Whites who collaborate with Jews to advance Jewish goals are not White – therefore don’t count.” Is it any wonder we’ve lost the game? Does it pay to continue to make the same excuses no matter how well it’s laid out by writers Andrew Joyce and Tobias Langdon?

        The Windrush is mentioned only once in my comment because that happened to be the ship on which the first blacks immigrated to England from the colonies.
        The other third-worlders mentioned came from the colonies too, and the reason given for all was that they fought for England in the war — both world wars. If the English had not inducted them to fight their battle, they wouldn’t have been beholden to them. In fact, if England had lost the war to Germany the first time, it would be in far better shape today in terms of economy, financial fitness and racial homogeneity from the WN’s perspective. So why the inability to admit that?

        Why not admit the English arrogance and desire to dominate the world (and particularly Europe and other Whites), and not the Jews, is the reason for its downfall. In fact, that is why/how the Jews got so powerful in England! This unrealistic arrogance and ‘head in the sand’ is still going on today. I note that Winston Churchill’s statues are honored in England while Anglo-American policy refuses to allow any recognition of Adolf Hitler in American-controlled Germany, or in a single newspaper. This situation has the tacit approval of most associated with this site.
        For more explanation, see my latest series of posts re WWI beginning here:

    • good god
      good god says:

      Concern trolling about ww2 (while posing as a patriotic German) and then denying Whites are a group (as if we do not have a shared past and a shared future as a despised minority). Ugh. Get lost

    • Sutter
      Sutter says:

      Yeager, this is a softball.

      Even if whites have at times been able to judge on basis of self-interest- for example, in early 20th century foreign policy- it is still possible that we think in a very moralistic, principled way with regards to many other things in life.

      A F***ing White Male who has not reason to be dishonest about this.

  10. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    Addicted to Principles: The Mechanism of Europeans’ Suicidal Xenophilia

    A title waiting for a book.

  11. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    The difference between the attitude of the local population towards Parsis in India and Jews in Europe is not caused by the degree of its “diversity”, but by the behavior of these two minority groups themselves.

    Parsis are known and appreciated for their honesty in business and their charity, which is not restricted to their own ethnic group but offered to the whole population. How Jews operate differently explains WHY they need “diversity” so much as a safety belt.

    • Sutter
      Sutter says:

      We all should be honest about this Parsi thing. We don’t know crap about it, and never will. People who claim to understand it are probably full of bs.

  12. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Tobias, if Tyrion 2, arrogated the name of Tyrion Lannister, of the Game of Thrones, then the joke is on you and Unz both. And, as one described very confused dwarf, hardly your average Jewish activist as typified by KM.

  13. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    I think you nailed this Tyrion 2 fellow. Even behind the mask of anonymity and the computer screen, a certain pilpul and obsession with defending Jews outs these subversive elements for who they are. Even if we give this one the benefit of the doubt and say he’s a Gentile, he’d still be an enemy, albeit one with some kind of strange pathology to spend so much time and energy spinning the confessed actions and attitudes of Jews like Roche.

  14. Frederick Peterson
    Frederick Peterson says:

    While certainly not wishing to endorse ‘Tyrion2’s’ apologia for Barbara Roche – Roche is a particularly nasty piece of work whose loathsomeness is matched only by fellow tribal member Margaret Oppenheimer-Hodge – I believe it is important to emphasis again that the perspective that Tobias Langdon brings to the background to Britain’s immigration disaster is verging on the overly simplistic.

    The underlying framework that has facilitated mass immigration from the third world, and specifically Britain’s former colonies in Africa and Asia, all the necessary levers and spigots, conduits, channels and breaches, policies, procedures and processes were already in place long before the Blairites (including Roche) assumed power. They needed to invent nothing, a little minor tweaking and tinkering, usually outside or beyond the public gaze, would prove to suffice.

    Rather than dwelling on the nation-wrecking of a few Jews it would be more productive to examine how and why the western world, and not just the UK, has been seized by the prevailing ‘liberal idiom’ since the end of World War II.

    A useful point of departure in such an exercise is Christian Joppke’s seminal article “Why Liberal States Accept Unwanted Immigration”.

    Discussion here:

    • good god
      good god says:

      ‘Rather than dwelling on the nation-wrecking of a few Jews it would be more productive to examine how and why the western world, and not just the UK, has been seized by the prevailing ‘liberal idiom’ since the end of World War II.’

      Ah you see because sombody who isnt concern trolling/who knows what they are talking about knows that liberlism is degeneracy pushed by Jews.

      More productive lol

  15. Jim Russel
    Jim Russel says:

    Ron Unz is the real Man of the Year. And I’m proud to say that I too was born Jewish but have become a baptized Christian who follows the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

    I see a lot of prejudiced comments here about “the Jews this and that” and you complain that the vast majority of goyim don’t want to know they’re enslaved. Well, the same thing happened 2000 years ago and it was a Jew who saw through the lies and created a new religion.

    I’ve seen hateful comments here generalizing and demonizing Jews as a class. Think about it.

    Who gives a shit who a random commenter at is? Screw tyrion2 and all the rest of the evil minions of the devil worshipers. I’d say that Ron Unz needs to enable a “bozo button” to ignore selected posters.

    • Timothy S
      Timothy S says:

      Re: Angry, hateful comments about Jews as a class: The problem of group identity vs particular identity always seems to reassert itself, doesn’t it? We make aggregate assessments by necessity. Saying mean things about a group isn’t in itself reprehensible. It’s inevitable.

      So if someone makes an angry comment about “the jews”, forgive me if I don’t faint with indignation. Bigotry may be more or less well founded in reality, or more or less palatable. But the fact that someone is prejudiced and hostile is not much of a sin. Tell me why their underlying reasons are incorrect.

      That is, after all, why people criticize who are hateful about jews, not those who praise them. The fact that they generalize isn’t the point.

  16. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    There have been at least a dozen dishonest Jewish apologists on there for many years. They constantly try to misdirect and confuse. As noted, they make snarky little comments attacking even the slightest expression of truth. They are hyper vigilant and relentless in challenging any narrative that is not totally in line with how ethno-centric Jews want things to be seen, no matter how slight the deviation. If one were to believe those clowns, Jews have no ethnocentrism or power at all, not even in Israel.

  17. TJ
    TJ says:

    [from SHTF site] says:
    Comment ID: 3924542
    December 14, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    And here is something you will NOT fond on PRAADA/MSM or most outlets in USA ! An open letter from French generals accusing Macron of treason for his open borders insanity !

    They are telling the people to revolt openly ! So again the French are schooling us, amazing stuff.

  18. ATBOTL
    ATBOTL says:

    There is a network of neocon types trying to subvert the alt-right who are active on Sailer’s blog. Here is a blog that they are organizing and strategizing on:

    Over the coming years, we can expect the entire neocon movement to reorganize to more effectively subvert the alt-right and nationalists in Europe. Part of that is shutting down agents and ops whose cover has been blown. Bill Kristol and Max Boot openly distancing themselves from conservatism and cuddling up to liberals is part of this. Ditching the “Weekly Standard” label is another.

    The alt-right and nationalists in general lack a coordinated response to this trend, which stated in Europe around ten years ago with the “Counter Jihad” as an attempt to draw support away from real nationalists like the BNP. Nick Griffin has done great work researching the neo-neocons, but most nationalist leaders have been MIA. Many people on our side have welcomed this neocon subversion as useful or dismissed it’s danger.

    I predict that unless there is an organized, highly publicized effort to counter this by our leaders, the neocons will succeed in time at making nationalism as impotent as conservatism. The most important thing is to speak out against any nationalists who accept any kind of help from neocon types. They must be purged aggressively before they become too powerful. Once that happens, they will work with their handlers to purge us. It will be an exact replay of what happened to conservatism.

    I have heard some disturbing things lately about infiltration of gentile pro-Israel activists into nationalist organizations in Europe. An absolute, hard and uncompromising line must be taken against any individual or group who moves one millimeter in that direction.

    The most effective way to stop neocon infiltration of nationalism is for all nationalists to openly support the Palestinians. If support for Palestinians is mandatory in nationalism, it will be impossible for neocon types to infiltrate. We need leaders who will publicly lay down a hard line on support for Palestine and who will immediately expel anyone who doesn’t go along with that enthusiastically. The way to keep the neocon subverters out is to make our movement as uncomfortable for them as possible.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      And ignore the ridiculous, Jason Bourne-like Daesh terror attack nonsense spruiked by the authorities and Rita Katz. Strasbourg the latest lame example.

    • Sutter
      Sutter says:

      I’d say the way to deal with people arguing against your points is to beat them with better arguments. The caveman strategy of just intimidating them is going to massively backfire: people will see white interests as something that only retards would worry about.

  19. Tyrion 2
    Tyrion 2 says:

    The biggest obstacle to fixing the progressive rot is how awfully ugly and stupid you lot are. You’re hung around all of our necks when we try to fix things. You weigh us down and doom our countries.

    Anyway, the dishonesty and projection is all conquering in this article. Your selective quote taking is particularly egregious.

    Furthermore, your descriptions of me are, and I suppose you could not know for sure, the exact opposite of the truth.

    Oh well…

    It seems truly that the last gasp of the West will be a sensible bloke being attacked by a mob because the idiots in charge are able to associate said sensible bloke with you.

    Also, happy to meet those that live in London. Helping you out of obvious psychosis could be my good deed for the day. You’re victims of our atomised weltanschauung as much as anyone. Making sensible politics verboten inevitably leads to less than bright truth-seekers losing their minds.

    • ATBOTL
      ATBOTL says:

      “The biggest obstacle to fixing the progressive rot is how awfully ugly and stupid you lot are. You’re hung around all of our necks when we try to fix things. You weigh us down and doom our countries.”

      The Jew will come on a white nationalist site to attack white nationalists and demand that we follow him! The chutzpah of these people knows no limits.

    • Ilena
      Ilena says:

      I think the West is waking up and rumblings of Rebellion and revolt are beginning to shake the foundation of WHITE Europe. The Yellow Vests show that.

      There will be no “last gasp” of the West; that is merely your wishful thinking.

      If I were you, I’d be thinking about your departure options.

    • Trichophobia 3
      Trichophobia 3 says:

      Ah, the usual mix of ferocious logic and irrefutable fact from Mr T. Have you read Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe? You’d find it interesting, because he too thinks Barbara Roche had some small responsibility for the big increase in enrichment. He even dogwhistles about her tribalism. Psychotic, he is. Awfully ugly and stupid too. If only he’d get out of the way and allow sensible, rational people to fight for the white Christian civilization that Ms Roche and her fellow tribalists so love.

  20. good god
    good god says:

    ‘The biggest obstacle to fixing the progressive rot is how awfully ugly and stupid you lot are’

    Nice attempt to be even handed and impartial. No semitic hysteria here I see.

    ‘You’re hung around all of our necks when we try to fix things. You weigh us down and doom our countries’

    Project much?

  21. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    I’d say this idea of “multiple identities” is a pivotal issue for the alt-right to look into in the near future. I have heard many liberals speak of this as a legitimate justification for how multiculturalism can work, and I have seen literally no heavyweight intellectuals on the alt-right address it. I think the alt-right is currently blind to this particular liberal fantasy. We typically understand tribalistic passions well enough to know that you cannot be a Yankees and Red Sox fan at once, but that doesn’t mean liberals won’t insist on this bs.

    But to thoroughly argue against the idea…it does not suffice to just scoff at it and say it makes no sense to us. You must prove that it is not a possibility. I think it has something to do with the concept of “superordinacy,” the inability to have more than one identity/heritage that claims superordinacy in one’s psyche, and the rapidly diminishing relevance of non-superordinate values/identities (e.g. what does it *really* mean to be an Illinois state citizen? Obviously, very little) …but of course, I am not the best person to address this question. As obvious as it seems to us, it is not easy to argue to a stubborn and dishonest liberal who demands an insanely large burden of proof.

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