Will Genetic Engineering Save the White Race?

Globalists have used social engineering to procure power and profits in the Western world. Social engineering can be described as psychological persuasion with rewards and repercussions. It’s a form of manipulation that’s based on deception, and gift wrapped as propaganda. Propaganda always has a target audience. For the globalists, it’s primarily White people.
Oddly enough, these self-identified haters of hate, who love White-shaming, proudly march under their inclusive banner of tolerance. For them, progress means a world with White people at the back of the line. And for some, including the UMass professor, it even means a world without White people.

If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world! They only murder, exploit and oppress non-whites! At least a White woman are having sex with Black men and making mulatto babies. But White men don’t seem attracted to Black women. They’re good for nothing.

Unlike their nonsensical memes, a world with fewer White people isn’t just an anti-White’s fantasy. It’s an observable phenomenon. The percentage of the world’s White population will reach single digits by 2060, down from almost 30% in 1950:

As a percentage of world inhabitants, the white population will plummet to a single digit (9.76%) by 2060 from a high-water mark of 27.98% in 1950.

But as the globalist’s attempt to socially engineer White Genocide, scientists are busy perfecting genetic engineering, which could ironically reverse the rapid decline of the world’s White population:

Humanity was reluctantly dragged into a new era this week.

In a video posted on YouTube, Chinese scientist He Jiankui announced to the world that he successfully used the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to modify the DNA of two embryos before birth, essentially creating the world’s first genetically modified humans.
The news, delivered on the eve of a high-profile scientific meeting in Hong Kong on human gene editing, left the science community in shock. “I see it as one of those moments that happens once every few decades,” said William Hurlbut, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford University Medical Center’s Department of Neurobiology. “Where someone does something that so dramatically changes the landscape that the world will never be the same again.”

Gene-editing via technology like CRISPR is going to alter humanity as we know it. Just as evolution dethroned creation, biotechnology will ultimately supplant evolution. And we aren’t just talking about the elimination of cancer, or immunity to the flu. This technology will not only change how we view race, but how we view the human race. At some point there will likely be a GMO race of humans that will be superior in many ways to non-GMO humans.

If the non-White world is able to affordably choose the genetics of their children, how many would opt for White features? (Regardless of what People magazine says, blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin is the gold standard of beauty.) And even though virtue-signaling actors/actresses would probably still adopt Africans to pose with on the cover of magazines, many people, including the wealthy and powerful, would opt for genetically modified children who look White.

It’s possible to foresee a genesis generation of elite designer GMO babies. They’ll have some variance of White features, disease immunity, excellent athletic ability, chiseled physical attributes, charming personalities, high IQs and lifelong 20/20 vision (unless myopia is an inevitable genetic by-product of high IQ).

Of course, such individuals would not really be White. If one were to include them in a population genetic study, they would inevitably group with their racial/ethnic group that their parents came from because the vast majority of their autosomes would not be manipulated and would remain typical of other members of their parents genetic background. It would be an illusory version of Whiteness.

Consider this: Because of the inevitable role of traits like IQ, conscientiousness, and good looks in upward mobility, these children will be prone to attaining and remaining among the elite. How will this generation of GMO elites influence the world? Well, it depends on how they are programmed.

What if, besides traits like IQ and conscientiousness, these people were programmed for sociopathy — a trait that makes people more likely to exploit others and certainly has a genetic basis? Lots of sociopaths are quite successful—Bill and Hillary Clinton come to mind. Sociopaths who are impulsive and stupid are prone to getting caught. But a high-IQ, conscientious sociopath could be a future president of the United States. Such a combination of traits would make the person unscrupulous in pursuing fame and fortune, without a trace of guilt. And he or she would have the intelligence and work ethic to succeed at it, so that such a person would be likely to become a card-carrying member of our hostile elite. We would essentially be creating a master-race of power-hungry, unscrupulous  individuals intent on world dominion.

And if such people were also prone to be ethnocentric (also genetically influenced), we would have created people who would be willing to direct their sociopathy at exploiting and dominating outgroups while favoring their ingroup. Indeed, this is a remarkably accurate portray of many members of our current hostile elite—the Jewish billionaires who dominate the political donor class and favor candidates willing to promote the dispossession of White America while also supporting their ethnostate in the Middle East. It is certainly not far-fetched to suppose that selection for particular traits within the Jewish community over hundreds of years has in fact produced people with exactly these traits: high IQ, conscientiousness, ethnocentrism, and willingness to exploit and dominate outgroups.

Let’s return to our White-looking GMO with an autosomal base from some other racial/ethnic group. Then let’s imagine a scientist willing and able to include genes that would effectively promote White ethnocentrism. There is research showing that the beginnings of ethnocentrism occur when babies experience the family members around them — the people who are most likely to look like them (here, pp. 37-38).. Such genes would make people prone to help people and identify with people who look like themselves. Since people from the traditional European homelands of the White race would look our putative genetic creation, they would grow up to be ethnocentric White people bent on helping others with a European genetic background. And if they were sociopathic, they would be willing to do so even at the expense of non-White outgroups. This would essentially create people who are quite analogous to many members of our current hostile elite, except that they would favor White people.

Unfortunately, the most likely scenario is that such a master race would be created by the Chinese rather than Europeans. The Chinese, freed from the post-World War II taboos on eugenics that dominate the West, are the world leaders in genome research. The Chinese government spent a record $254 billion on research and development in 2017. That amount, and their fertile ground for research, has lured the world’s leading scientists to come (or return) to China.

Chinese scientists have accomplished many firsts in the genome world, including the first CRISPR-edited monkeys, the first use of the gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 in humans, and the first reported use of gene editing technology to modify nonviable human embryos.

China has also pumped huge amounts of government money into gene-editing technology, using it to lure leading Chinese scientists living abroad back to the country, as well as foreigners who see the country as fertile ground for this kind of research. “I just think right now China is a lot more driven, they incentivize their scientists to move faster and be bolder and it shows,” said Victor J. Dzau, President of the Institute of Medicine at the US National Academy of Medicine.

Last year, China spent a record 1.76 trillion yuan ($254 billion) on research and development, and the country is catching up with the US’ investment in the same area, spurring a genetic arms race that has been labeled “Sputnik 2.0” by Dr. Carl June, an immunotherapy specialist at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the course of time, the science will be universally available. The battle will be over ethics. And the reality of gene-editing “ethics” is this: it will be acceptable to use genetic engineering to correct damaged genes, and produce immunity to diseases. But choosing eye color, hair color or skin tone will be considered unethical in the West. Now ask yourself, why is that?

The answer is obvious: The worst nightmare of the anti-White globalists would be a world of genetically enhanced White geniuses who are not just White, but identify as White and are genetically programmed to pursue the interests of Whites. The real Whites.

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  1. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    Very interesting, but isn’t this scenario another form of White flight? Fleeing from reality into a hi-tech pipe dream that is probably 30 or more years in the future, not including the time need to raise these GM White kids in the way they should go. Sounds like a wild future hope born of present despair, a bit like ‘Boys From Brazil’.
    No, there is a workable low-tech solution we can implement right now, and is actually starting to produce results, namely counter propaganda based on historical and scientific truth. The truth when effectively presented can and will throw a monkey wrench in the jew propaganda machine.

  2. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    Depends on the white 20-30 something female. Do they want to pursue higher education, careers and travel over having a family?

    • Hmic
      Hmic says:

      They will want to pursue — and display their pursuit of — what the mainstream education and culture shapers promote as high-status and in-fashion.

      Their behaviour is a dependent variable.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Many thanks for bringing this vital information to our attention. I enjoyed your comparatively short sentences and consideration of variables.

    02 Allow me to alter your last statement to an additional variable: The worst nightmare of the White Nationalists would be genetically enhanced White Geniuses, who are not just White, but identify as White, THOUGH genetically programmed to pursue the interests of Globalists.

    03 Again, to enjoy some criminally forbidden ” pattern recognition ” : this actually Harvard [ not U Mass ] Professor Noel Ignatiev, White-genocide-promoting son of Russian Jewish Philadelphia parentage, was fired from a Chicago steel plant for organizing Communist unions and party cells.

    04 Some among that famous ” Chicago Outfit ” claimed in their media, that he was fired merely for throwing a paint bomb on a strike-breaker’s car. Immediately thereafter, this political and financial gangster outfit got him into for- profit- gangster- run and successfully federally sued Harvard [ as previously discussed ]: without an undergraduate degree. He earned his MA there and began to teach there, while working on his attained Doctorate in American History.

    05 Some mealy-mouthed apologetics were uttered by the Harvard editor and some Jewish organizations: all of which stopped short of explaining his explicit statement, that all Whites should be worked to death in concentration camps.

    06 It’s most rewarding to watch the short You Tubes under his name. His physiognomy would not be out of place in the Travicki camp records; training local concentration camp guards.

    07 Wouldn’t it be nice if Chinese Intelligence checked all four of the Beijing Marriott Hotels’ locations, [ as they did here ], for how many of the Sackler family’s corporate Purdue Pharmaceuticals representatives, and those of the Armand Hammer folks had checked in, since there are financial and particularly political world-changing profits to be made; as you indicate ? !

    08 Madison Avenue would be remiss, if it didn’t advise the Oxycontin Sacklers with their Purdue slogan: ” Our cookies are CRISPR – since they contain twice as much Cas – 9 as Arm and Hammer’s “. A very small print guarantee could assure a user, that he would automatically move from Brooklyn to a penthouse on Central Park South: or your money back.

    Purdue’s regular sales clerks, all necessarily licensed members of the American Medical Association, would be equally delighted and bribed: as before.

  4. William Schnarr
    William Schnarr says:

    This is much too bizarre for me. Honestly, it sounds twisted right out of hand. When I first saw the headline of this new article, my natural feeling is, “I thought Occidental Observer was above considering such things.”

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      01 WS, your ” thought “, if one may characterize it as such, is a greater reflection on you than TOO or Moore.

      02 Under what tree were you slumbering when the Neutron bomb was developed, which kills all life, while leaving all physical infrastructure in tact ?

      03 Was it the same tree as when Monsanto’s Genetically Modified seeds for vital food crops came on the market. Plants which were DELIBERATELY INCAPACITATED TO REPRODUCE THEMSELVES ?

      04 Was it the same tree as during the European uproar over the proposed merger between Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer:
      including beef and fowl, which excluded US imports into Europe ?

      05 Weaponization of the human genome is only a “”” logical “”” next step.

      06 Get from under your favorite tree and give some ” thought ” to the many books by Jewish public intellectuals, including Rabbis, who are in complete agreement with ” Dr. ” Noel Ignatiev.

      07 What better way than this intangent, Talmudic wet-dream, chimneyless weapon, not yet perfected, but well beyond its inception ?

  5. Cecil
    Cecil says:

    Great article! Just a random thought, the anti-White globalists realize that most black women (even with their delusionally high self-esteem) would opt to be white in a heart beat if it were possible. But as for their genetically altered offspring, every black woman would loudly demand their black, male child to be able to play in the NFL (another form of ghetto lottery). A high IQ, white girl (Becky) would never be genetically selected by a black woman.

  6. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    Quibble on a fact. The loathsome Noel Ignatiev never had an association with UMass. After being parachuted into a Harvard graduate program without ever attained a Bachelor’s degree he was hired with his newly minted PhD by the Massachusetts College of Art, later Massachusetts College of Art and Design. It is a free standing corporation, dating back to 1873. It has never been a part of or associated with the University of Massachusetts. The confusion is not uncommon. The College is more of a trade school than an academic institution.

  7. Realist
    Realist says:

    “The worst nightmare of the anti-White globalists would be a world of genetically enhanced White geniuses who are not just White, but identify as White and are genetically programmed to pursue the interests of Whites. The real Whites.”

    This is true, but there are too many unreal whites and will fight to avert this.

  8. adolf shickelgruber
    adolf shickelgruber says:

    Sorry but this would only sow even further conflict and dissention amongst the dwindling white population ie author states “Regardless of what People magazine says, blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin is the gold standard of beauty.” Nope, im a white skinned,light brown haired,green eyed heteresexual male and my gold standard of beauty is a raven haired,black eyed ,olive skinned southern European girl.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Lieber Adolf, I too prefer other flavors over even premium vanilla. During our college days we used to differentiate among us as
      ‘ leg- ‘, ‘ butt- ‘ or ‘ chest- ‘ men. But my main turn-on, at that age, persisting, from a different perspective as an elderly racialist, was a high forehead.

      Google the You Tube of Daneliya Tulyeshova, singing Stonecold, on Ukraine got Talent, and then disagree with me. Not understanding the language obliges one to profitably overexert one’s remaining receptors. Do the same with Maria Yermakova rendition of Summertime and tell me she is not better than Ella Fitzgerald. And what a curtsy !

      The Dutch Amira Willighagen is another national treasure on Holland got Talent: as is Laura Bretan of Chicago on America got Talent; particularly her first endearing appearance. The choices are endless.

      These well-brought-up little genius talents are one and all products of a healthy family life; as easy to observe. They provide a most pleasant antidote to our weightier concerns here: particularly over Christmas.

      Froehliche Weihnachten !

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        If a maxim is expressed in Latin, it must be correct; alone for its vintage. Right ? Of course: there is no aesthetic difference between a 30s Mercedes convertible and a later Studebaker ! ? Nor between an old English country house and the nouveau riche bauble Jewish Renaissance preferences.

        My helpful illness, which I attribute in part to reading TOO, has reached the point at which I check my watch if someone greets me with good morning. Immediately thereafter, its battery.

  9. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Interesting stuff to ponder. Ultimately, though, if human genetic engineering becomes a “thing”, the Puritanical, WW2 guilt induced opinion that humans should not select for looks, abilities, or intelligence will be over-ridden by the almighty dollar. It’s a capitalist country, after all, and humans are a commodity for sale like any other. It will start off slowly, with private clinics offering things like “add on’s” to corrective vision engineering that “may or may not” be able to “enhance” eye color, and it will grow from there until genetic selection in embryos is a full blown multi billion dollar a year, legitimate enterprise with even the poorest of the poor saving their pennies to augment their kids in some way.

    Genetic engineering, like nuclear weapons and AI, is a Pandora’s box. You don’t get to open it and then dictate what comes out. Everything comes out. So humanity needs to decide to either open Pandora’s box fully and deal with the myriad realities that genetic engineering puts on the table, or keep that box firmly shut, which in an age of easy access technology does not seem like a reasonable expectation.

  10. Tom
    Tom says:

    Natural Selection gave the European the gift of Logos, the Near Eastern oriental the ruthless capacity for cunning and slyness, and the Far Eastern oriental mindless calculativeness. Artificially selecting for non-essential attributes such as eye and hair color won’t re-invigorate the European genome by itself if the unique intellectual ability of Europeans is forsaken.

  11. JM
    JM says:

    Jean-Francois Gariépy has just published a book on this subject:
    Phenotypic Revolution Hotline | Discord Call-in Show, TPS #233
    and no doubt has read this article. One would expect him to post in this area of his greatest expertise, on TOO, the font of the patriotic Right. I’d hope that protecting his business model wouldn’t prevail over this opportunity and duty.

  12. JM
    JM says:

    “Last year, China spent a record 1.76 trillion yuan ($254 billion) on research and development, and the country is catching up with the US’ investment in the same area, spurring a genetic arms race that has been labeled “Sputnik 2.0”…. In the course of time, the science will be universally available. The battle will be over ethics. And the reality of gene-editing “ethics” is this: it will be acceptable to use genetic engineering to correct damaged genes, and produce immunity to diseases. But choosing eye color, hair color or skin tone will be considered unethical in the West. Now ask yourself, why is that?” ”

    Positively Swiftian, but, at the same time, very real: just look at the energy injected into it!
    The boundaries of its application are most unlikely to be determined by any residues of Christian ethics and so the ‘amoral’ Asiatic (‘heathen’) Mode will prevail, come what may, partly because, by the time that this reaches commercial maturation, failing a miraculous revival of institutional Christianity, even the former Christians will have well and truly passed it by.
    So too will any concern for the ‘selection’ (transference) of genes for phenotypic Europeanness. That will, by then, have become a much sought after plaything, because (at least) ‘fairness of complexion’ has universally been a signal of elite status, something wanted for their children by all parents.
    So too will the – by then – genes and gene associations well established in causing behavioral traits associated with ‘success’, contemporary or eternal.
    And in a Global world, an ethical race to the bottom, mirroring that of general ethics, including business ethics, will prevail. If there were any time lag in the West (late adopters), the North Asians will well and truly drive that out as surely as Gresham’s Law sees to it that good coin is driven out by equally exchangeable bad.

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