Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations — Part Two

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Jewish Representation in Secular Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations.

In contrast to the modest overrepresentation of Jews in anti-immigration groups (around 5%), Jews are nothing short of prolific in influential senior roles in contemporary refugee, asylum, and pro-migration organizations. Significantly, Jews occupy the leadership of all four of the largest and most influential (and nominally secular) organizations active in America today, the International Rescue Committee (President and CEO David Miliband), Refugees International (President Eric P. Schwartz, formerly of HIAS), International Refugee Assistance Project (Director Becca Heller), and Human Rights Watch (Executive Director Kenneth Roth, and Deputy Directors Iain Levine and Fred Abrahams).

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the most significant organizations bringing migrants to the United States. In their countries of origin, refugees and their families are assisted by the IRC to prepare their cases to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), compiling personal data and background information for security clearance. Once their cases are approved, refugees are usually greeted at the airport by case workers from the IRC. The IRC then provides these migrants with a home, furnishings, food, and any other assistance that might be required. The IRC operates 27 offices across the United States, each offering food, housing, educational, and medical assistance. It also works closely with the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Division of Refugee Assistance, which was reported in August 2018 as quietly removing its staff directory page. Consultations with the Internet Wayback Machine revealed the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to be one Carl Rubenstein, an alumnus of Tel Aviv Law School. In 2017, the IRC, in conjunction with Rubenstein’s ORR, resettled more than 51,000 migrants to the United States, and is currently a staunch lobbyist against current restrictions imposed by President Trump.

(Clockwise) Eric P. Schwartz, David Miliband, Iain Levine, Becca Heller, Kenneth Roth, Fred Abrahams)

Jews are very prominent in the leadership of the IRC. In addition to President and CEO David Miliband, there are at least 30 Jews in senior positions within the organization including Morton I. Abramowitz (Overseer), Madeleine Albright (Overseer), Laurent Alpert (Board Member), Clifford Asness (Board Member), Betsy Blumenthal (Overseer), Alan Batkin (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), Michael W. Blumenthal (Overseer), Susan Dentzer (Board Member), Evan G. Greenberg (Overseer), Morton I. Hamburg (Overseer), Leila Heckman (Overseer), Karen Hein (Overseer), Marvin Josephson (Overseer),Alton Kastner (Overseer and former Deputy Director), Henry Kissinger (Overseer), David A. Levine (Board Member), Reynold Levy (Overseer), Robert E. Marks (Overseer), Sara Moss (Overseer), Thomas Nides (Board Member), Susan Petricof (Overseer), Gideon Rose (Overseer), Thomas Schick (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), James Strickler (Overseer), Sally Susman (Board Member), Mona Sutphen (Board Member), Merryl Tisch (Board Member), Maureen White (Board Member), Jonathan Wiesner (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), William Winters (Overseer), and James D. Wolfensohn (Overseer).

The Board of the IRC is comprised of 30 individuals, 12 of whom are Jewish, giving a Jewish representation at senior board level of 40%. The Board of Overseers consists of 78 individuals, of whom at least 25 are Jewish, giving a Jewish representation at this level of just over 32%. Since Jews occupy the position of CEO at the IRC, as well as 40% of the senior board and 32% of the lower board, it would be reasonable to assert that they enjoy a dominant role within the organization.[1] This dwarfs any Jewish representation seen in anti-immigration groups.

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) came to national prominence when Director Becca Heller brought a class action suit against Trump’s January 2017 travel ban on individuals from certain Muslim countries. Heller, who has described herself as an “intensely neurotic Jew,” was active from the very earliest airport detentions, and was assisted by former Yale law professor Michael Wishnie, also Jewish and a former member of Jews for Economic and Social Justice. Wishnie assembled “a group of students to draft a class action suit to represent not just IRAP’s two clients but anyone who had been detained.” The case was later also supported and taken up by the Immigrant’s Rights division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at the direction of its two Deputy Directors, Lee Gelernt and Judy Rabinowitz, both of whom are Jewish. At IRAP, there are three Jews on the board of the International Refugee Assistance Project: Jon Finer, David Nierenberg, and Carl Reisner. The board consists of 12 members, giving a Jewish representation of 25%. Aside from the board, other influential positions in the organization are held by Jews, including Deputy Legal Director (Lara Finkbeiner), and legal fellow (Julie Kornfeld). Again, this is significantly greater than any Jewish representation seen in anti-immigration groups.

Lee Gelernt & Judy Rabinowitz

Heller’s cause has very recently been taken up by what the New York Times has euphemistically been called “Big Law” but what is in fact a large number of Jewish legal conglomerates based in New York. Of these, the most significant is Paul Weiss in Manhattan, led by Brad S. Karp, a Director of the American Friends of The Hebrew University and prize-winner from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Karp, whose previous political adventures have included activism for homosexual marriage, has offered his company’s services pro bono, via counsels Emily Goldberg and Steven C. Herzog, to Gelernt and Rabinowitz in order to obstruct Trump’s anti-immigration measures, with Gelernt telling the New York Times that Karp’s help was “indispensable.”

Refugee organizations are also reliant to a great extent on legal assistance provided by “immigrant’s rights” organizations. Here too, Jews appear to be overrepresented by a large margin. For example, Jews comprise just over 14% of overall listed staff at the National Immigrant Justice Center, and dominate the most senior positions. These include Director of Policy (Heidi Altman, former legal director for the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition), Associate Director of Legal Services (Ashley Huebner), Director of Litigation (Charles Roth), and Associate Director of Litigation (Keren Zwick). Maria Blumenfeld, a former senior lawyer for NIJC departed the group for another, almost identical organization, named Equal Justice Works, the Director of which is David Stern, also Jewish. Another interesting organization is The Immigrant Defense Project. Of the 15 listed senior staff, at least four are verifiably Jewish (Development Director Ariadna Rodenstein, Senior Staff Attorney Genia Blaser, Supervising Attorney Marie Mark, and Supervising Attorney Andrew Wachtenheim). This is a Jewish representation at senior level of over 26% – significantly greater than any Jewish representation seen in anti-immigration groups. Of the five members of the Immigrant Defense Project’s Advisory Board, one, Peter Markowitz, is Jewish. Markowitz is also listed as founder and director of the Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic and a “George Soros Justice Fellow and staff attorney at the Bronx Defenders from 2002 to 2005,” where he “developed the nation’s first in-house full-service immigration project housed in a public defender office.” New Hampshire’s “Best Immigration Lawyer” is the Jewish Ron Abramson.

At the National Immigration Law Center, 18.5% of its staff lawyers are verifiably Jewish, and the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project is under Jewish Presidency (Ty Frankel) and 26% of its board is Jewish (Frankel, Ira Feldman, David Androff, Nathan Fidel, and Andrew Silverman). The Immigrant Legal Resource Center was founded mostly via the efforts of Jewish lawyer Mark Silverman, described here as “one of the very first movement lawyers helping DREAMers.” Its board is under Jewish chairmanship (Lisa Spiegel), and its Executive Director is Eric Cohen, also Jewish. One interesting member of its senior staff is Rose Cahn, also Jewish, who is a former Senior George Soros Justice Fellow at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area. Cahn specializes in what she calls “post-conviction relief for immigrants,” which is rather florid way of saying that she specializes in helping foreign criminals get into, and remain in, the United States. Other senior staff members include Donna Goolub and Sara Feldman, a Jewish woman who nevertheless managed to become Migration Policy Advisor to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a fact that sheds some light on how that organization became rabidly pro-migrant.

Another organization providing legal support for the pro-immigration lobby is the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Right’s Under the Law. Of its six most senior staff, three are Jewish (Jon M. Greenbaum, Lisa Bornstein, and Samuel Weiss). One of its most senior lawyers is Ezra Rosenberg, a veteran in the multicultural cause who has worked variously to challenge racial profiling by police, to stop requests for voter ID among certain ethnic groups in Texas, and to advance school desegregation in North Carolina. A further interesting organization is the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project, where two members of the board of 12 can be verified as Jewish (Dave Heiner and Sara Litt), a representation of 16%, and staff attorneys include Jews Elizabeth Eisenberg, Jenna Golan-Streib, Rachel Rubinstein, and Jordan Wasserman. At the Asylum Advocacy Project, two of the five members of the advisory board are Jewish (Dani Isaacsohn and the above mentioned Michael Wishnie), and its list of donors appears to be at least 40% Jewish.

The Director of Refugee Council USA is Naomi Steinberg. The Executive Director of the New York Civil Liberties Union is the Jewish feminist Donna Lieberman who includes among her ongoing activities “resisting the Trump regime’s attack on immigrant children and refugees,” while its Legal Director is Arthur Eisenberg. The American Immigration Council is under the Jewish Directorship of Beth Werlin, its Research Director is the Argentinian Jew Guillermo Cantor (see a great example of his propaganda here), and its Policy and Media Director is Royce Bernstein Murray. The area director for Refugee Services of Texas in Austin is the Jewish Erica Schmidt-Portnoy. Schmidt-Portnoy has described the recent 80% decline in the number of refugees being resettled in Texas as “hard to watch.” Meanwhile, another Portnoy, Diane Portnoy, Jewish founder and CEO of The Immigrant Learning Center, has demanded that Massachusetts should welcome more Syrian refugees. A similar organization is the Open Avenues Foundation, which has the stated goal of “helping foreign nationals build their unique path to thrive in the United States.” The founder and executive director of Open Avenues is Danielle Goldman, also Jewish.

Jewish lawyers, occasionally acting alone or as part of small firms, are also disproportionately represented as major immigrant and asylum advocates. One good example in this regard is Susan J. Cohen, founder and Chair of Mintz Law’s Immigration Practice. Cohen was involved in contributing to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations implementing the Immigration Act of 1990, and has won awards for her political asylum work from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation (PAIR) Project (of which she is now President). PAIR “provides free immigration services to indigent asylum seekers and detained immigrants.” In 2017, Cohen led a Mintz team that worked with the ACLU of Massachusetts and others to obtain a temporary restraining order on President Trump’s travel ban.

Cohen also advised the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in drafting the legislation which resulted in the Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur in Residence (GEIR) program, which enables tens of thousands of non-White foreign students to stay in Massachusetts if they merely indicate they might start a company. Cohen co-developed the project with another Jewish lawyer, Jeff Goldman. Goldman describes himself as “a leader in immigration policy” and “chairs Governor Charlie Baker’s Advisory Council on Refugees and Immigrants.” Goldman and Cohen, like Carl Rubenstein at the Office of Refugee Resettlement, are illustrative of a remarkable Jewish talent for acquiring key government positions in the areas of immigration and refugee resettlement. Another useful example is Mark Greenberg, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute and a former senior administrator at Rubenstein’s Office of Refugee Resettlement. Yet another very notable Jewish lawyer is Michael Kagan. Kagan led a campaign to ensure changes to refugee status determination (RSD) procedures by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) that would result in more migrants attaining official refugee status, thus improving their chances of getting asylum or visas in the West. Kagan is co-director of the Immigration Clinic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Boyd School of Law, which offers free legal aid to all immigrants.

The record of Jews as immigration judges is also quite remarkable. Detailed statistics for most senior immigration judges are available online. One example is Judge Raisa Cohen, New York Immigration Court. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch appointed Cohen to begin hearing cases at the court in March 2016, but Cohen had previously decided on asylum cases as assistant chief counsel for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in New York. During the period 2013-2018, Cohen is recorded as deciding 572. Of these, he granted 470 and denied 102. Converted to percentage terms, Cohen denied 17.8 percent and granted 82.2 percent. Compared to Cohen’s denial rate of 17.8 percent, nationally during this same period, immigration court judges denied 57.6 percent of asylum claims. Many asylum seekers in New York are provided with free legal aid by organizations like Central American Legal Assistance (CALA). CALA has a board of ten people, five of whom can be confirmed as Jewish (Lisa Reiner, Anne Isaak, Zachary Sanders, Harry Shulman, and Ellen Wachtel).

Another example, Judge Leonard Shapiro of Boston, is equally illustrative. Shapiro was appointed as an Immigration Judge in December 1990, and was coauthor of the 1988 Edition of The American Immigration Lawyers Association Textbook and the 1995 Edition of The Immigration Judge Benchbook. Shapiro was also the chairman of the Immigration Law Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association in 1990 prior to his appointment. During the period 2013-2018, Shapiro is recorded as deciding 160 asylum claims. Of these, he granted 113 and denied 47. Converted to percentage terms, Shapiro denied 29.4 percent and granted 70.6 percent. Again, nationally during this same period, immigration court judges denied 57.6 percent of asylum claims.


Jews feature prominently among the top immigration lawyers in Canada. In Nova Scotia, Lee Cohen “has become a leading light in immigration and human rights law” since “his representation of 174 Sikhs who landed in Shelburne in the summer of 1987.” Cohen now recalls: “Nobody was for immigration,” he says. “Nobody wanted refugees. I felt I was one of the very few people struggling to open the eyes of our community to something that needed to be talked about. We had the opportunity to bring people to Canada — people who would help build our prosperity and our nation, but who also needed to be here. So I dedicated myself to refugee and immigration law.” Cohen went on to found the Halifax Refugee Clinic, and has “served as a mentor to a new generation of immigration law professionals, who are helping him push for changes in the system.” Halifax Magazine has described Cohen as “the face of immigration law in Nova Scotia.”

Montreal’s most prominent immigration lawyer is David Cohen. Cohen is the founder of, and sits on the Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration of the Conference Board of Canada. He has appeared before a number of Canadian Government Parliamentary Committees on immigration issues, where he “has been actively working with government authorities to educate stakeholders about the finer points of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).” This took the form of vocal opposition to the Conservative government’s proposed legislative changes, which would restrict migration. Meanwhile, one of Toronto’s “Premiere” immigration lawyers is the Jewish Shelley Levine, who has represented thousands of refugees and asylum seekers in Canada’s immigration courts, and regularly prepares appeals to the Refugee Appeal Division and attends before the Federal Court Trial Division where he argues Judicial Review cases of negative immigration decisions.

The Canadian Bar Association (CBA) introduced its Immigration Law Section Award of Excellence in 2009, and has since given the award seven times. Of these, Jews have been recipients three times (2009 – David Matas, senior legal counsel of B’nai Brith Canada; 2011 – Gary Segal; and  2015 – Lorne Waldman). Waldman, who often waxes lyrical about his Jewish background, has been described by Canadian Lawyer as among the 25 most influential lawyers in Canada, and as the most influential refugee and immigration lawyer in the country. In 2013, the award was given to the founders of the Immigration Law Section of the CBA – Mendel Green, Cecil Rotenberg, Barbara Jackman, Marshall Drukarsh, Charles Roach, Gary Segal, Carter Hoppe, Steve Abrahams, and Donald Greenbaum. Clearly most, if not all, of these individuals are Jews. Jewish lawyers are also very well represented on the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, including Edward E. Aronoff, Gregory Cohen, Jeffrey Kushner, Shereen Benzvy Miller – Deputy Chair of the organization, Jonathan Rozenstein, Jaclyn Wasserman, Claire Wittenberg, and Marie-Claude Yaacov.

Two of Canada’s most high-profile academic propagandists on behalf of increased immigration are Hugh Segal, an alumnus of United Talmud Torah Academy, and Maureen Silcoff. Segal is a Distinguished Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto and Principal of Massey College. He also served in the Canadian Senate as a Conservative from Ontario, which shows, if nothing else, that the term Conservative is now all but meaningless. Silcoff is an immigration and refugee lawyer, a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, and co-chair of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers litigation committee . In July 2018, Segal and Silcoff, along with an East Asian named Chen, teamed up to write a piece for the National Post titled: “Canada’s future prosperity depends on opening — not closing — our borders: We need higher immigration levels.”

Since Jews are estimated to be 1.2% of the Canadian population, we are again seeing not just overrepresentations, but extraordinary overrepresentations of Jews in the areas of immigration, refugee assistance, the promotion of multiculturalism.


In the UK, Jews have also been remarkably overrepresented in the development of pro-immigration policy. In 2000, Tom Steinberg, a British Jew who doesn’t appear to have expertise in anything but has been extraordinarily successful in gaining influence with British and American governments, penned a policy document for the Institute of Economic Affairs titled “Reforming British Migration Policy.” Among his arguments is the following:

The second advantageous aspect of allowing economic migrants into the UK is the cultural assets they bring with them, whether they be cuisine, music, science, literature, forms of social organisation or actual objects and resources. Britain has benefited an incalculable amount from imported practices, from chicken tikka masala to democracy itself. The dangers presented by nations which legislate to enforce cultural purity hardly need repeating. Britain is not about to go down such a path, but the lack of open migration channels means an inevitable retardation of cultural assimilation, with potential social and economic costs. The missed opportunities themselves are impossible to calculate, but we need only to note that the founder of Intel was a Hungarian born migrant to the US, or that Picasso received inspiration from African masks, to see the varying and potentially enormous opportunity costs that hindering cultural interaction could have. Had we had such strict migration policies in the past as we do today we can be sure that Britain would be a less rich place than it is. Our primary religion, much of our language, our beer and favourite foods all have strong foreign elements which could have been excluded by our current migration policies. [emphasis added]

Throughout the document are multiple references to speeches by Barbara Roche, Britain’s Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration, 1999-2001. Roche is also Jewish. In February 2016, a biography of Tony Blair, Broken Vows: Tony Blair — The Tragedy of Power (serialized in the Daily Mail), described Roche’s part in the deliberate encouragement of mass immigration into the UK during Blair’s time as Prime Minister. The Daily Mail, in its serialization, commented: “The most incredible revelations concern Barbara Roche, a little-known MP who was immigration minister between 1999 and 2001. During this period, she quietly adopted policies that changed the face of the UK … She changed the rules to allow more work permits to be issued, especially to people who would previously have been considered asylum seekers.” Stephen Boys Smith, who was then head of the Home Office’s immigration directorate, added: “It was clear that Roche wanted more immigrants to come to Britain. She didn’t see her job as controlling entry into Britain, but by looking at the wider picture in a “holistic way” she wanted us to see the benefit of a multicultural society.”

Tom Steinberg and Barbara Roche

Tom Steinberg and Barbara Roche

One of Britain’s foremost pro-migrant activists prior to the Roche years was Steve Cohen, a Jewish human-rights lawyer in Manchester. Cohen founded the Immigration Aid Unit, and was “politically opposed to immigration controls in their totality and took part in many anti-deportation and immigration campaigns both as a lawyer and a campaigner.” He founded the ‘No One is Illegal’ Group in September 2003, and penned a number of tracts with titles such as Imagine There’s No Countries and From the Jews to the Tamils: Britain’s mistreatment of refugees. Cohen described himself as a socialist, but his “open borders” ideological is mirrored well by Bryan Caplan, a Jewish American capitalist economist described by both The Atlantic and Vox as one of the world’s leading proponents of the open borders position. One of Caplan’s tracts is titled Why Should We Restrict Immigration?, something that could easily have emerged from the Cohen canon. Apparently differing widely in their economics, their shared ethnic origins emerge as the only significant connection. The UK’s Refugee Law Initiative, based at the University of London, was founded and is led by a Jew, Director David Cantor. Cantor previously worked at the Refugee Legal Centre, a London-based public law centre that provides free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers.


None of the above takes into account the equally prolific presence of Jews in what might be termed the “propagandistic” elements of the unfolding era of mass migration, or areas of activism in which Jews act explicitly as Jews (e.g. HIAS). These subject will require separate treatment and will form a later addition to what will undoubtedly become an extended series exploring the startling similarities in pro-migrant, pro-refugee Jewish activism. The intention of this essay is merely to act as an introduction to the themes, and to some of the individuals and groups involved, and to act as a corrective to the Cofnas default hypothesis, which ends all too abruptly and neatly with the assertion that Jews are simply prone to overrepresentation. We may reply, having surveyed the scene, that there are overrepresentations and then there are overrepresentations. There really is no comparison between Jewish involvement in anti-immigration politics, and Jewish involvement in pro-immigration politics. In fact, the only place on earth where one might find ample evidence of the former is Israel – a fact that damns the Cofnas hypothesis rather than supporting it.

To paraphrase Hamlet, we might say, when looking upon Israel, “Ay, there’s the rub!” Because if the Jewish interest in immigration and refugees is provoked, as we are so often told, by the Jewish historical experience, then it would appear that Jews are only willing to indulge this warped self-pitying nostalgia in lands other than their own. If the pro-refugee, pro-migrant craze is a Diaspora phenomenon, then the lands of the Diaspora have a problem. The practical realities of this problem are such that anti-immigration politics lacking anti-Semitic elements are doomed to failure. Jews are demonstrably providing the leadership, organisational capacity, money, and legal aggression that is driving the mass migration machine. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. The names and groups here can be checked and rechecked – they aren’t going to disappear, and the percentages won’t change.

It’s time to wake up.

[1] Another interesting qualitative aspect to board membership at the IRC is the high proportion of Jews with a background in corporate finance and banking.

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  1. charles allan
    charles allan says:

    If each refugee was given a cash amount equivalent to what it costs to eventually
    integrate into a new society and produce more than your average cost of integration they would be like millionaires in their own countries – living in luxury .
    What is the point of emptying their own countries and overloading Europe and America when they have the savvy to earn a living in their own cultures – none at all unless they were in danger .
    Its the Kalergi plan of course where non participants will be blackmailed .

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Jews are only willing to indulge this warped self-pitying nostalgia in lands other than their own.”

    Of course. So they can take them over. Insulting the host population while they’re at it.

    “It’s time to wake up.”

    I’ll say. High time.

    Anyone else find these articles overwhelming? It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that sites like this exist to just keep us going off the deep end, to give us something to do while watching the West die from the real cancer of the human race.

    I’m an avid TOO/KM/Joyce reader. And I’ve spent a lifetime at the frontline. So I answer to no man when it comes to that. But, as one reads these articles they feel compelled to cry Uncle, as if to say, “Ok, I get it. They’re all powerful and we’re doomed.”

    There’s not one youtube channel or online page that talks about organizing, for obvious reasons. So? What CAN we do? Continue to “raise awareness”?

    Leaving that deadly question aside, I was interested to hear milder commentators (milder than TOO, you know what that means) from the center Left and Right, such as Chris Hedges and Paul Craig Roberts both say recently that the only way to beat the Bankers and save the West is through violence. It was the first time I’ve heard any fairly well-known public figure say that.

    Anyway, I was certainly willing to be inspired by it, for a moment. Then I looked around me and thought, well, at least it was nice to hear.

    • SteStringfellow
      SteStringfellow says:

      If you could please point me in the direction of these comments you’ve mentioned? An agreeable conclusion but interesting from ‘milder commentators’ as you say.
      “milder commentators (milder than TOO, you know what that means) from the center Left and Right, such as Chris Hedges and Paul Craig Roberts both say recently that the only way to beat the Bankers and save the West is through violence. It was the first time I’ve heard any fairly well-known public figure say that.”

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that sites like this exist to just keep us going off the deep end, to give us something to do while watching the West die from the real cancer of the human race.”

      I’m not suggesting that is the purpose of this site, but have you ever considered, Richard, going back to the root of our problem, back to the Great War I-II? (I’m looking for way to refer to these 20th Century wars as one war … in two parts). They, or it, was conceived in the minds of the British as a way to rearrange the world to be more convenient and beneficial to themselves. They knew in both instances they needed to get the Americans to join them, but apparently were confident enough they could do so. They were willing to get it started.
      If you were willing to put aside your prejudices and study the relevant documents and treatises (stop reading British historians!), you might begin to see where, why and how we went wrong, and a way to fix it. Check out my website and write to me if you are interested in more recommendations.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        … the Great War I–II? (I’m looking for a way to refer to these 20th Century wars as one war … in two parts).

        Some have suggested using the term the Second Thirty Years’ War or the New Thirty Years’ War, and I for one applaud it.

        The implicit comparison is sustainable on numerous levels, the following being three of at least twice that number: (1) the several pauses for peace, each of which turned out to be illusory; (2) the changing alliances, many of them contrary to alleged or claimed initial interests and goals; and (3) the grossly disproportionate death rate and related destruction suffered by peasants and indeed all civilians, especially those in the German-speaking lands of central Europe. Then there are the peace treaty parallels, both being more a blueprint for future conflict than a balm for the conflict putatively concluded. But that makes four already, doesn’t it?

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I don’t agree with the Thirty Years’ War comparison since it doesn’t really fit the most important elements that well.
          What make WW1 and 2 the same war is mainly these three reasons: 1) same main participants, 2) same reasons/excuses given, 3) same tactics used to get it started. First: the United Kingdom, France and Russia were the main allies united against Germany-Austria both times, with the Americans coming in later. Second: the allies desired to weaken Germany as a trade or political competitor and/or to gain or regain territory that belonged to Germany. Third: the British Foreign Office coordinated its “diplomacy” to use a third country under its influence to instigate the first invasion, claimed later to be the cause of a world war. That country was Belgium and then Poland. Amazingly similar scenarios.

          In addition, British agents had ties to both the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations in Washington from the start, and a committment that they would eventually join in the war if necessary. Though both U.S. administrations claimed strict neutrality, aid was secretly given and efforts were made to soften the American public’s resistance to going to war on the Allies’ side, and to find (create) a causus belli for it. The Americans full-fledged entry was the straw that broke the German back in both wars.

          What is clear when seeing both wars as one is that it was not about Wilhelm II or about Adolf Hitler at all. The true reason for both—rising economic strength in the newly united German Empire and National Socialist regime with which the “Great” British Empire found it could not compete, nor tolerate. It’s solution was to use its accumulted influence and guile to help it destroy this competitor, not only physically but also morally and, in the 2nd phase, lastingly.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Comment redacted …

          (Mod. Note: Ms Yeager, for the record, First: this moderator has no idea who donates money to TOO and how much, and even if he did have this information it wouldn’t affect moderation; in spite of your unfounded suspicions. Second: Wild snark and insults directed at the moderator will yield results, but probably not the ones you’d prefer.)

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        01 I entirely agree with your thesis and its reasons to lump the two Wars together.

        02 No 3, the one we are presently engaged in, may well be further removed from 45, than the span of time between 1 and 2.

        03 You certainly know, that von Clausewitz coined the valid saying, that ” war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means !”

        04 Equally valid would be its directly opposite pronouncement, that ” [ dollar ] diplomacy is the continuation of war by other means ! ”

        05 The formerly warring states’ military headquarters have become ununiformed tenants at the Bank of England, the Fed, the IMF, the World Bank, the EU’s Central Bank and the overarching Bank of International Settlements.

        06 Admitted private ownership, or touted public control over these institutions is entirely irrelevant and disconnected from its carefully nurtured description for an easily assuaged and bullshitted public.

        07 These conglomerates’ combined geo-political and financial malefactors and beneficiaries would easily fit on one of those forever sinking third world ferries. [ But, where to find a clairvoyant travel agent ? ]

        08 Churchill’s personal debt- and insolvency absolving ear-whispering Jews, with one eye on Israel and the other on the US, were only the beginning of the still present sequence. Joined seamlessly with the Neocons’ WMD, and its probably foreseen, perhaps deliberately so, expected terroristic blowback: to keep the sequence uninterrupted, en route to the Third Temple.

        09 A former, retired head of the BND [ Germany’s CIA ] stated during a TV interview, that the US
        [ Clinton ] determined NATO bombing of Serbia was solely based on the bankers’ perceived advantage to get the former Yugoslavia under the control of the established West’s dominant banking arrangement.
        His wife’s ‘ deplorables ‘ were filled with crocodile- humanistic tears by the adjunct MSM.

        10 Therefor, would it be irrational for you to call this integral period simply the 105 Year War ?

        Happy New Year, by the way. Even against all odds !

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Wasn’t Charlottesville a clear enough lesson that the important battle is psychological and educational and that violence without public sympathy is just what the System wants? The “It’s OK To Be White!” poster is far more a threat to the status quo than any street melee.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “Wasn’t Charlottesville a clear enough lesson that the important battle is psychological and educational and that violence without public sympathy is just what the System wants? The “It’s OK To Be White!” poster is far more a threat to the status quo than any street melee.”

        Since the hostile elite has proven effective not only at infiltration, subversion and destruction, but also at destroying the evidence, controlling the narrative and enforcing the law (on anyone looking for evidence to the control the narrative) so, I don’t have much in the way of hard evidence, but I very much believe that C’ville was a well-orchestrated anti-White pogrom. No question a few gullible goy got sucked up in it. But it the whole thing just stunk to high heaven from the get go.

        One thing I do know from people I’ve talked to over the years, and, of course, I obviously can’t provide evidence, so I offer here as something worth considering (though I doubt many people here would doubt that it’s possible) but, one of the ways they get “White Supremacists” “Neo-Nazis” and “KKK” members is through The ADL/SPLC’s access to The FBI’s Database.

        They simply look up people on probationary parole, or who have cases pending for violent offenses, drug charges and even pedophilia. The worse the offense the more they own you (they already control the FBI, so hard’s it going to be to get “recruits” for either side?).

        So, though you have a point in general, I wouldn’t use C’ville as an illustration. Besides, you said, “without public sympathy”, and you’re absolutely right. No one should make a move with it. But I think it’s coming.

        And to the extent that this is conflict involves psychological warfare (you’re right on that score too, that point is undeniable) then getting folks to consider the above mentioned case of recruits would be a step in the right direction.

        My point regarding any direct action was that it will be our only option when the memes, jokes, psychological and educational warfare no longer prove effective.

        Til then, however, you’re point is well taken and I agree. Toward that end I’d say that there’s only one KKK in America today and it’s the Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      If enough whites cease seeing Jews as the eternal underdog and instead start considering themselves victims and rivals then the greatest obstacle to change is already overcome.

  3. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    A lot of hay is made over the canard that some jews are anti mass immigration, thus one cannot apply the notion of groupthink to jews as a tribe, but you can. It’s extremely easy to do so. Ask a jew, any jew, left or right, this simple question: Do you believe that any nation on earth, including white nations has the right to create a closed society which excludes you if it so desires to? I guarantee you that no matter where a jew falls on the modern political spectrum, he will disagree to any nation being able to exclude him, thus, he will always, in some way, advocate for open borders, and will work all the levers necessary to keep borders open, even acquiescing to an uncomfortable situation where he knows he’s importing migrants who hate his guts. Jews want to live in white nations, and they want to change white nations to suit their own tastes, and to those ends, they will destroy white nations if that’s what it takes to make sure they can never be expelled. Cancer operates the same way.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Blacks and browns and yellows want exactly the same thing, now that they have become more numerous. Maybe Jews are just human, but more advanced than the others.
      Maybe we put too much attention on jews and not enough on Whites, and what Whites can and should do.

      • Fenria
        Fenria says:

        Indeed, it is high time for whites to stop endlessly recycling these same old dead end conversations that we already know the answers to and buy up land to form our own small ethno states. Before land becomes far too expensive or rare, we must all secure some manner of plot for ourselves adjacent to another family of whites so that we can eventually produce long, unbroken tracts of white owned land that stretch for miles. Then we must defend them and turn them into communities. It is a hard road back to where we were just a century ago in terms of cohesiveness and ethnocentrism, but the time to start is now. We’re not going to take this government or country back, and we can waste all our lives and children’s lives trying to do so to no avail. We must take the initiative and rebuild what we’ve lost through our own carelessness and naivete.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I don’t think a few people buying land together in a country whose govt. is against you can possibly work out. It’s actually imperative to “take this government or country back” in a populist-style, peaceful revolution, and this is where we have to take the initiative and take back “what we’ve lost through our own carelessness and naivete.” That part I agree with. We have to dominate and control our traditional nations, not form tiny separate enclaves. That can’t work. Look at South Africa.

          What I mean by ‘what Whites should and must do’ is to stop talking about Whites as such, to recognize national identities and enforce a strict meritocracy. There can be no imagined equality based on white skin color. This anti-immigrant, so-called populist movement has a real good start in Europe, and in North and South America too. We should support it and strengthen ourselves in it, not snipe at it from a weak, isolated position.

          Adolf Hitler gained power over all Germany even though no one thought he could, based on a plan to help all German people. Donald Trump was elected U.S. President when no one thought he could be, on a promise to help all American people. No one can promise to help ‘all white people,’ and it sounds bad too. But people everywhere are rejecting multi-culturalism and internationalism and those who push it.

  4. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Well, it would seem Mr. Cofnas’ default hypothesis is rather flimsy. I am sad but not surprised to hear Mr. Joyce has been unpersoned from Twitter. It is telling that he was banned for simply listing Jewish names without context, while legions of anti-White racists remain active and checkmarked despite their vitriol and harassment of individuals (such as our friend Tim Wise recently calling for an internet hate mob to “wreck” Julian Von Abele). Perhaps we should all start signing up memberships at the Chinese equivalents of these social media companies? In theory we might enjoy freer speech under actual communist censors than we do with the wannabe commissars at the ADL breathing down our necks.

  5. tom sunic
    tom sunic says:

    The German Bishops’ Conference ( Cardinal R. Marx) and the US Bishops’ Conference are equally vocal in support of bringing into the EU/ USA millions of non-European migrants. The Unholy Alliance: The capitalist Merchant the communist Commissar, the catholic Pope.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Dr. Sunic commits a compound error: first, in speaking of “the Catholic pope” and then in implicitly characterizing him, Cardinal Marx, and the bulk of the remainder of the Western world’s institutionally Catholic hierarchy as equal partners in an “unholy alliance” to disfranchise genuinely ethnic Europeans and presumably later reduce them to nugatory numbers through all the familiar means, of which immigration is just one.

      Yes, of course, the pope and the hierarchy are as vocal as Dr. Sunic says, but it is hardly well concealed that they are parroting respectable elite opinion rather than contributing to its formation. To do the latter, they would need to have a responsive and loyal base of some size and wealth. Wealth they may still have—though for how long is anyone’s guess—but the loyal base visibly shrinks from one day to the next.

      These men are sybarites and temporizers, not men of foresight, still less men of God. Like all such, they are ever prepared to sing for their supper. They require only adequate provision of sheet music and an entrance cue.

  6. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Superb research, Dr Joyce. Thank you.

    One thing bears comment: ‘the founder of Intel was a Hungarian born migrant’. Andrew Grove was a Jew born in Hungary. At 20, he ‘escaped’ from Hungary and went to the USA, where he completed his studies. (See Wiki.)

    Presumably, that escape happened in the immediate aftermath of the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. Many Hungarians escaped at the time, for the viciously murderous Jewish Communist government was set to return. But Hungarian escapees tended to work as labourors when they hit the USA. How is it that Andrew Grove had the means to ‘finish his studies’ rather than work his fingers to the bone?

    A number of young Jews were sent to the West from Hungary as agents of influence. All of those ‘completed their studies’ too. (Eva S. Balogh is one name that comes to mind.But there were many others.)Their job was to mislead the West about what happened in Hungary between WWII and the crushing by the Soviet army of the 1956 Uprising.

    An uncomfortable thought that arises is this: How did Andrew Grove succeeded to get to found Intel? That takes money, lots of it, as we know from the DOS-to-MS DOS experience: Gary Kildall invented DOS and made it operational. But, in the absence in this area of technology of copyright protection, Gates got control of it before it became a commercial proposition. And Kildall died under still-mysterious circumstances. One has to wonder whether someone was to Grove’s Intel as Gary Kildall was to Bill Gates.

    • Gairgos
      Gairgos says:

      According to his wikipedia article he worked as a busboy at some point during his time at the City College of New York. Grove’s New York Times obituary says he worked as a busboy in New Hampshire during his college years, but that must have been during the summers given the distances involved(New Hampshire is over 200 miles away from NYC). He apparently lived with an aunt and uncle upon arrival so I assume he was supported by them. I’m not sure that the City College of New York (Grove’s alma mater) charged tuition in the late 1950’s, and if they did it was heavily subsidized, which is why it was one of the most selective colleges in the country during the 1930’s and 40’s.

      That being said, you raise an interesting point. The New York Times obituary of Grove claims that he did not arrive in the United States until some time in 1957. Yet he graduated from the City College of New York at the top of his class in chemical engineering in 1960 despite knowing no English when he arrived. For that to happen wouldn’t he need to have enrolled at CCNY almost immediately upon arriving in the United States? At a public university? The New York Times obituary claims he had studied some chemistry in Hungary, but it’s the only source I can find that makes this claim and it doesn’t say which Hungarian university. I’m skeptical that he would have been able to get advanced standing upon arrival, since I doubt his Hungarian university would have been willing to provide any sort of transcript to a university in the west, especially for an escaped student. Of course in those days universities were likely more willing to disregard academic regulations, and CCNY had a heavily (perhaps almost exclusively) Jewish milieu in those days.

      Grove’s fellow Hungarian Jewish refugee Intel employee, Leslie Vadasz, seems to have had a more typical story. He swept floors and worked on sheet metal(and his English) upon arrival in Canada before eventually being accepted into Engineering Physics at McGill University some time later. In an oral history interview with the IEEE History Center, he said that McGill waived English language proficiency requirements for Hungarian refugees, testing them only on math. This seems unbelievable to modern ears given the fact that engineering at McGill was at the time probably the most prestigious undergraduate program in Canada. Like I said, different times.

      Strictly speaking, Intel was founded by two white gentiles: Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, with Grove being the third employee(he knew both from his time at Fairchild Semiconductor). Their fourth employee was the aforementioned Vadasz. In no interview I’ve read about the founding of Intel is it ever brought up that the first two employees hired just happened to be born in the same foreign country, in the same year, in the same city, were both part of the same minority, and each improbably escaped to the west and attained educations there, only to find themselves working for Intel years later. According to Wikipedia, Intel’s original funding was largely secured with the help of two Jewish investors who sat on their board: Arthur Rock and Max Palevsky. Rock’s involvement came through personal connections. Moore and Noyce had previously founded Fairchild Semiconductor with eight others, including a Jewish engineer named Eugene Kleiner. Rock was Kleiner’s father’s stockbroker and had helped them secure funding for that venture.

      The Israeli connection to Intel probably merits further research. Intel’s Israeli operations are second in size only to its American ones. Unlike every other foreign country in which it has operations, Intel maintains a hiring site in Hebrew. In a related area, an Israeli company you’ve probably never heard of, called CEVA, designs digital signals processing components that are part of wireless infrastructure and dominates some market segments. The Israeli government also subsidizes basic research in cryptography and computational complexity on a scale unequaled in the world. Unlike every other country on Earth, a massive percentage(maybe as high as 50%) of their top math students are funneled into these fields.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        A very interesting and informative comment; thank you.

        The only footnotes I feel qualified to add concern CCNY. (1) There was no tuition there in the late fifties, nor had there been for at least two decades. That is, the school was supported solely by taxpayers, largely Christian, for the sole benefit of the school’s overwhelmingly Jewish enrollment—what Jews called a meritocracy. (2) The reputation that CCNY had acquired for academic excellence was in sizable part a product of propagandistic Tribal logrolling. That is, it was almost as phony as the well-established fraudulence (established largely by KM, actually) of the similar elite reputation that a powerful Jewish establishment (still then largely underground) had awarded to its own purpose-built house of cards, the New School for Social Research.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        You have an enviable grasp on this scenario but also appear frustrated for not being able to write ‘finis’ under it. Allow me to add some facts which ‘may’ help you to do this; for yourself as well as at least for the readership here.

        01 In September 45, the [ Ukrainian ] Russian cypher clerk [one of two, the other was exclusively GRU] Igor Gouzenko, of the Russian Embassy in Ottawa defected. All otherwise regularly compartmentalized information ran through his fingers to be encrypted before signaling to Moscow.

        02 The War time- and post-War -activities of his Soviets, thoroughly sabotaging Canada, a hitherto staunch Ally, and the contrast with the Canadian open society made him and his wife decide to defect, shortly before being rotated back to the USSR. Bringing with him some 109 top secret documents and lists of active Soviet spies in Canada. Predominantly Canadian citizens in sensitive positions. Both he and his wife came from the very deepest end of the genepool. Magnificent faces, brimming with IQ and honor.

        02 The CIA, through its fronting investment firm In-Q-Tel, was funding the MK Ultra mind control research under Dr. Ewan Cameron, Director of the psychiatric Allan Memorial Institute at McGill.

        03 Hundreds of even merely slightly disturbed people seeking help, were used as throwaway guinea pigs, having their memories chemically wiped clean and replaced. One death, several suicides. Later suits for compensatory damages vehemently opposed and gagged by The Department of JUSTICE, in the interest and at the behest of Canada’s very own Mengele contingent, largely funded by Big Brother to its south. [ Mengele as a uniquely German aberration, my ass ! ]

        04 The SU, no laggard itself in this ” science “, would be vitally interested in McGill’s ” achievements “.

        05 Sufficient reason to allow the ” escape ” of especially two Jews, either of whom would easily and subsequently be admitted to McGill, with their needed skills, by Jew ” fellow travelers ” admission officers.

        06 How would the SU be aware of this endeavor at McGill ? Hugh Hambledon, Economics Professor at Quebec City’s Laval University had many colleagues at McGill. He was seconded to the Economics Directorate of NATO in Paris, undoubtedly at the greater interest of other [[[ parties ]]] in Canada, who, themselves, despite appearing on Gouzenko’s list of collaborators/traitors, had [[[ never been prosecuted ]]]. Much later, while in Britain, en passant, HH was indicted, tried and incarcerated for [30 ? ] years, but released prematurely.

        07 HH’s ” control officer ” was one Rudolf [ Rudi ] Herman. His real name was Ludek Zemenek, one of nine children of a hard pressed Czech coal miner from the Sudetenland. He spoke a fluent but naturally accented German.

        08 Rudi had been allowed to study at East Germany’s University at Halle, where he attained a degree in biology. There he married a German national and changed his name to Rudolf Herman. Both he and his wife became members of the KGB, not the STASI: he as a Major. His uninitiated [?] son worked/works for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation on Yonge Street at College Street, under his Czech name, where I unsuccessfully sought him out as a long time, unwitting friend of his father, after his father’s headline making arrest by the FBI in NY.

        09 From Halle, the KGB transferred him to industrial Stuttgart, the seat of the US 7th Army at that time. He and wife became managers of a small enterprise empire owned by an elderly and childless local multi-millionaire couple. They were appointed trustees of their estate; whose administration could be helped along: given their and our international professions’ morals.

        10 Perhaps due to unsuccessful attempts to spy on the front line 7th Army, he was transferred to Toronto, to infiltrate the CBC. He was ordered and financed to do so by opening a camera store near the then CBC HQ, and to sell and loan them then still top of the line East German cameras and recording equipment.

        11 Weeks earlier a camera store chain opened a branch a hundred meters north. Rudi therefor decided on acquiring and running Harold’s Famous Delicatessen, directly opposite one of my mother’s stores, making contact with flocks of CBC employees, high and low, during their lunchtime foraging.

        12 We too supported him by buying coffees, lunch and dinner supplies from him, and I got to know and like him. Rudi, whom John le Carre called a devout Communist, had grown fond of capitalism. My brother in law visited his Toronto apartment several times. It was stuffed with goodies brought in duty free under the rules of the foreign [ Soviet ] diplomatic pouch. Layers of Oriental, hand woven carpets [ of SU south-central and/or eastern republic provenance ?], cameras, recording equipment and of course caviar by the carton: but to start the list. Monetizing all, under whatever internal accounting: or the lack thereof; perhaps merely pay or as an additional incentive bonus. But that was not his only foray into capitalism.

        13 I had of course told him of my low level work at United States Army in Europe [USAREUR] HQ, Intelligence Section, at Heidelberg’s Patton Barracks, Building 13, under Major-General Vernon Walters.

        14 I had just closed my mother’s shop, vis-à-vis, grabbed some supplies from him and helped him close up as well. We crossed Yonge Street, when he told me, that his camera man for producing pornographic films, was ill, could I possibly stand in ? Not my cup of tea, I responded. After his arrest I naturally saw that as an attempt to recruit me for the future, given his knowledge of my past. The next favor would have been to stand in for his ill chief fornicator, availing him of full future control over me. Not during this life, nor even my next.

        15 Subsequently I spoke to the FBI in Winston-Salem, N.C., in their offices, about this in my opinion attempt to recruit me. I suggested, that if he had not informed them in their weeks’ long interrogation of Rudi, there might still be undisclosed, compromised moles left behind by him. That would imply, that he merely informed them sufficiently, to get into their Witness Protection Program, after they arrested him outside of NYC, in his elevated home, equipped with radio transmitters capable of conversing with Moscow, without intermediate stations.
        Again, for whatever reason, KGB Moscow had transferred him from Toronto to NYC.

        16 If you have the inclination and of course the necessary time, you may want to look at the earlier Gouzenko defection, Hugh Hambledon’s CV and that of his handler Herman/Zemenek.

        17 You may yet find an answer or necessary inference, as to why and how that Hungarian escaped, formally disqualified McGill student was nevertheless admitted.

        Happy New Year, against all odds !

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Charles, if you earlier mentioned that you once knew Vernon Walters—one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating men—it escaped my notice. I can’t say I’m surprised, however. You and Walters share the enviable knack of having been in the most extraordinarily unexpected places, where you interacted with interesting and often significant people and witnessed or participated in remarkable, even historic events.

          Happy New Year, Charles. In 2019 please keep causing me to say to myself, “How I wish I’d been there and seen that!”

  7. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    More of the usual duplicity. Israel does NOT take refugees, but they sure do enjoy bringing them to the US (HIAS). Why don’t people get this game? How about Senator Charles Schumer, the Guardian of Israel, who has vowed eternal opposition to our wall, while cheer-leading for the Israeli Wall? And he’s the Majority Leader? He was one of four of forty-four Demos who voted against America on the Iran Nuclear deal. It’s pretty pathetic that the “People” let him get away with this..

  8. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    Excellent article.A young illegal immigrant was rescued with others in a sealed vehicle in England.Rescuers were told he had been given a phone by a London Jewish woman. It turned out she was now in New York employed by an international migrant charity. She is just one of a large network of immigration workers, many grossly overpaid like Milliband Some of these organisations have vacancies in their growing parasitic spheres.

  9. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    Excellent article: a tour de force of damning facts reinforced with sound logic. This is the type of article, topical and focused, that will gain TOO new readers and keep them. Much better than sentimental retrospectives on National Socialist Germany and Hitler. For better or worse such faire is off-putting to most White Americans and at this late date in the struggle unity is paramount.

  10. Reziac
    Reziac says:

    “…attracting more people to Nova Scotia” … er, yeah. Let’s bring in more unskilled workers, in an area where half the adults are already on the dole for lack of any jobs whatsoever.

  11. Pars
    Pars says:

    The problem with Cofnas’ hypothesis about Jewish over-representation in these groups being a result of urbanization and above-average intelligence is that it points to a number of counter-examples for which it appears false(as far as I’m aware). These two factors are characteristic of what Thomas Sowell calls middlemen minorities and Amy Chua labels market-dominant minorities. Examples of these groups include Chinese in southeast Asia, ethnic Indians in colonial and post-colonial Africa, Chinese and Koreans in the US, and Arab Christians in the middle east and central and south America and others. All of these diaspora minority groups are characterized by greater urbanization and higher intelligence than the majority population. If anything your average East Asian immigrant in the present-day US probably has a higher IQ than your average American Jew. Which of these groups are advocating vociferously for the importing of Muslim Syrians into Brazil, South Africa or the Philippines? Where is the Chinese/Lebanese/Indian culture of critique? Are there Chinese taking pride in making Christmas a holiday for all? East Asians in the US are the smartest of the bunch but are notorious for their political apathy. It took them decades to get riled up about being held to higher college-admission standards than almost everyone else.

    At worst these groups might agitate for opening up immigration to more of their particular group to facilitate clan-building. This was the pattern of the Jewish elites(mostly of Sephardic and German origin) in the English-speaking world prior to World War Two. The real watershed seems to have been the ascension of the descendants of eastern-European Jews in the post-war era.

  12. jerry27
    jerry27 says:

    It sounds like immigration officers were scared to intervene with VIPs who decided to bypass Ellis island.

    Jews are constantly importing thousands of their congeners into the United States, not only across the border from Canada, but by ships that land thousands of the dear creatures at Red Hook on Long Island, whence they are carried by limousine to the New Jerusalem commonly called New York City, in open defiance of the immigration officers, who know about it but dare not intervene.


  13. Earl
    Earl says:

    “It’s time to wake up”. All Patriots have to take action to halt the third world invasion of America. First, sign up at numbersusa. This site allows you to contact Congress. Second, return all political fundraising correspondence with letters protesting the invasion and accompanying demographic change. A lot of groups are forgoing The Business Reply envelope. It’s worth our children’s future to use stamps. For instance, I got a fundraising letter from the RNC. I enclosed an are article about the misdeeds of an illegal alien driver with a brief note pleading for the end of this invasion and by saying don’t expect any financial help until the turd world invasion stops. On bad days, I leave after hours phone messages on the RNC’s phone system. Remember, don’t threaten to use violence. If you say or do nothing, you are part of the problem.

  14. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    The issue is two fold:

    Mass immigration, homosexuality, destruction of the family…… are the Elite’s way of dealing with the real problem Earth now has with overpopulation of the parasitic human virus. They’re no doubt using other methods such as poisoning the water, air, land…, chemtrails…. But this is there main method of getting the population to a level where they can fully control it and harness it to rape the planet for their own profit.

    Secondly since they’re classic piss poor leaders, this passes for their “humanity” and “leadership” but only with self-serving interests. If they can dilute/destroy white nation’s nationalism they stand a much better chance at controlling the dumbed down, remaining, least common denominator, class of sub-humans that are left.

  15. Mark
    Mark says:

    It seems like a huge problem with Cofnas’s over-representation thesis is that this obviously applies in the case of organizations, movements, and ideologies that are either pre-existing, but less so in the even that they are deliberately engineered. In the latter cases these movements or ideas would have to be viewed like containers that float around in history attracting people to invent or inhabit them.

    My understanding is the Jews deliberately undertook a project to re-engineer the common conception of America to be a “nation of immigrants,” so it’s hard to see how this IQ overrepresentation can remotely apply in such cases, as opposed to say, the number of Jews in local chess clubs.

  16. TJ
    TJ says:

    I went to college in the sixties, in Calif, with free tuition.

    Now I know the real reason for no tuition.  Those who would not go if they had to pay, did go as it was free.  Hundreds of thousands, or millions, went to college for that reason alone- a freebie.


    And Cali turned blue. . .

    This I presume is the real reason that public school is free. . .

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