Studying the Gentile: Fanciful Pseudoscience in the Service of Pathologizing the Covington Boys

“One person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many.”
     Karen Pollock, Holocaust Educational Trust, January 2019

In Studying the Jew (2006), Alan Steinweis’s slim, Harvard-published text on the scholarly study of Jews under the Third Reich, the author laments “the perversion of scholarship by politics and ideology” and its service in the goals of “exclusion and domination.” While some of the anecdotal material presented in the book is fascinating, especially its prosopographies of what one reviewer called the “clearly brilliant” German scholars who undertook such work, the overarching message of Studying the Jew is that one should, under no circumstances whatsoever, study the Jew. That Steinweis felt such a message was in any way necessary in 2006 is a testament to the same paranoia in which the fevered Jewish inability to let go of the past becomes the frantic injunction unto the Gentile to “Never Forget.” Steinweis’s limp appeals to contemporary relevancy aside, by 2006 the kind of patient and methodical Judenforschung produced by Édouard Drumont, Henry Ford, Hillaire Belloc, and the scholars of the 1930s, had indeed become a thing very much of the distant past — Kevin MacDonald’s remarkable 1990s trilogy being the exception that proves an otherwise solid rule. By the 1960s, Jews had effectively monopolized the study of their own history and sociology in the post-war, modern incarnation of “Jewish Studies,” and quickly followed a self-congratulating, navel-gazing, agenda-driven, victim-orientated trajectory in the same fashion as their later counterparts in Women’s Studies, Chicano Studies, and Black Studies. Serious critical study of the Jews vanished from academia and mainstream culture.

Curiously, however, around the same time that serious critical study of Jews vanished from campuses and newspapers, a new trend emerged: studying the Gentile. I was strongly reminded of this recently during the debacle surrounding the Covington Catholic High School trip to Washington D.C. The facts of this incident are now so well known that they need no further regurgitation here. It should suffice to mention that large sections of the media were incensed that the school’s students had enough self-respect to hold their ground against a group of ludicrous but abusive Black Israelites, as well as a Native American who apparently thought the best way to mediate the situation and reduce tension would be to bang his war drum and chant loudly mere inches from the palefaces. The aftermath was a true exercise in the media manipulation of anti-White hatred, something that seemed to reach a zenith when America’s most prominent African-American Zionist, and AIPAC house Negro, Bakari Sellers, heroically broke from stereotypes of ignorant Black thuggery to call for one of the White children to be punched in the face. Stunning and brave.

At the Guardian meanwhile, attention momentarily turned away from the beating of White children to the more sedate subject of brainwashing them. In an article titled “How should parents teach their kids about racism?,” the author, panicked by the children of Covington High, turns for advice to two academics working in the field of ethnicity perception among White children. Of course, both of these academics just happen to be Jewish. The first is Evan Apfelbaum, Boston University’s Jewish expert in the study of the psychology of the little goyim. The article states:

Evan Apfelbaum, an associate professor at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business focused on social psychology and diversity, agreed that it’s good to start teaching children about race when they’re young. “Having these tough, uncomfortable conversation at home in advance, in a structured setting, is one way to help prepare kids for facing these types of complex things in the real world,” he said. Parents can use such viral videos that demonstrate inappropriate behavior as an opportunity to have a conversation with their children about racism, Apfelbaum added. “When things go viral, there’s an opportunity for learning,” he said.

Unfortunately for Apfelbaum, the emergence of further footage from this particular event revealed that the opportunity for learning involved the knowledge that adult Black men are quite willing to scream “faggots” at White children, presumably because those children have the mysterious ability to speak in complete sentences. A further lesson was that elderly Native Americans are not full of profound wisdom uttered in the staccato prosody of so many film depictions, but are instead profoundly anti-social and fully prepared to shamelessly lie about school children in order to solicit media attention.

The second of the Guardian’s consulted experts was Dan Siegel, a truly ominous Jewish UCLA psychiatrist with a not-sinister-at-all interest in how the “remodeling” of the teenage brain can be interfered with in order to prevent in-group attachments:

The “remodeling” of the teenage brain into an adult brain entails four core changes: emotional sparks, social engagement, novelty-seeking and creative exploration — what Siegel calls “Essence”. The four changes represent an uptick in passion, drive to be a part of a group and a desire for new experiences that is normal for teenagers. These changes can be positive or negative, depending on how they’re fostered, Siegel said. The development also heightens what psychologists call “in-group, out-group distinction”, or the tendency to lump oneself in social groups, he added. When a person feels like their “in-group” is threatened by an “out-group” — people part of a group they don’t identify with — there’s a chance they will dehumanize the out-group. “Adolescents are equally prone to having this in-group-out-group distinction” as adults are, Siegel said. “Essence” exacerbates the distinction, and that’s what can be seen in the viral videos, he added. In these videos, there’s evidence of “emotion they don’t know how to control, collaboration where they give up morality to gain membership, novelty-seeking which drives them to do things that are really dangerous … and following ideals as they push against things that have them not think logically”, Siegel said.

This is probably one of the most fanciful pieces of Jewish psychological quackery I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot of it. Now that we have footage covering the entirety of the episode in D.C., it’s clear that the young men from Covington Catholic High School showed great restraint and emotional control in the face of provocation and abuse, and the “smirking” student can be seen on camera urging his (compliant) fellow students to maintain order and not engage with the Black Israelites or other provocateurs. Siegel, meanwhile, claims he sees evidence of “emotion they don’t know how to control, collaboration where they give up morality to gain membership.” This is just a Jewish intellectual activist refusing to look at the footage objectively, and thus presenting an entirely false picture in order to pathologize those he feels a pre-existing antagonism towards.

Siegel’s nonsense, like a lot of Jewish pseudo-science, would be laughable if it wasn’t so obviously malicious. Aside from his ‘Essence’ scam, Siegel operates a pro-diversity “mindfulness wheel of awareness” methodology designed to brainwash clients into abandoning any sense of ethnic identity. In an interview with Forbes, Siegel explains:

You want to expand your “circle of identity” so that within the phrase “like me” you include a lot of diversity. What I would say is the plane of possibility is accessed more when people integrate consciousness. People are too confined, so they are excessively differentiated and not accepting the value of other life forms including other humans that do not fit into that initial high plateau of identity. What has been fascinating about doing the wheel of awareness practice — and I think this is consistent with some of the research about reducing some of the implicit racial bias [editor’s note: a field rife with failure to replicate] with mindfulness practices— is when people access the hub, they’re gaining more access. They are more readily accessing the plane of possibility and in the plane, there is no racism. In the plane, there is this experience of reality that embraces the fluidity of identity. That is, “you” are made up of people who are not your racial background. You are people who don’t speak your same language. You are people who of different religions. It’s not just that they’re different and that is okay. It’s that you are both part of the same sea of potential or the plane of possibility. What has been beautiful about explaining this is that people get a feeling of relief that they can now basically be in a state of — and not to get too gooey — love and acceptance.

Dan Siegel: “You want to expand your “circle of identity” so that within the phrase “like me” you include a lot of diversity.”

Siegel’s methodology then, if one can call it that, is to convince a client/patient that they can achieve love and acceptance by believing that they are many rather than one — something that sounds suspiciously like an incitement to schizophrenia. You aren’t really a White man — you’re also a Muslim Pakistani, an African woman, and a Chinese child, so just embrace “the fluidity of identity” and feel the “love and acceptance.” Again, according to Siegel, in order to experience a “reality that embraces the fluidity of identity” you basically need to see yourself as having a multicultural mind (“you” are made up of people who are not your racial background. You are people who don’t speak your same language. You are people who of different religions.”)

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about Siegel is not just that he’s an excellent example of the endlessly fertile Jewish capacity for producing shamelessly turgid pseudo-intellectual garbage, but that he’s extremely highly regarded by the mainstream academic and scientific establishment, even receiving an invitation to address the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for the Family on the subject of child psychology.

What are the activities of Apfelbaum and Siegel if not, to borrow the phrasing of Steinweis, “the perversion of scholarship by politics and ideology” and its service in the goals of “exclusion and domination”? The truth of the matter is that Jews have invested vast amounts of energy in “studying the Gentile” since at least the late 1940s, commencing in earnest with the Frankfurt School and the Studies in Prejudice series. Steinweis’s last chapter is titled “Pathologizing the Jew,” and consists of 29 pages. But how many pages could we fill with a chapter titled “Pathologizing the Gentile”? Arguably, all 544 pages of Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique concern precisely this problem, and yet one gets the impression the subject matter is far from exhausted. Indeed, just recently I read one of the most nauseating Jewish-authored, Freud-inspired tracts I’ve ever encountered, a piece by Adelphi University’s Lawrence Josephs titled “Whiteness as Pathological Narcissism.” Apparently co-authored with Arienne E. Miller, a mixed-race academic at the University of San Diego’s Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Research Consortium, the piece argues that “white racial superiority, white privilege, and repudiated white racial identity are forms of pathological narcissism driven by an unconscious desire to be a triumphant oedipal winner and to avoid, at any price, being a disgraced oedipal loser.”

Lawrence Josephs: Pathologizing the Gentile

Even momentarily setting aside pathologizing scholarly activism from the universities, another remarkable aspect of “studying the Gentile” is the seemingly endless number of surveys conducted by Jews on Europeans, Americans, Canadians etc. In fact, one might say that Jews are obsessed with monitoring the opinions of their hosts. Some of the most familiar surveys are the anti-Semitism polls of organizations like the ADL and the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, in which Europeans are given a series of questions such as: Do you believe Jews are more loyal to Israel? But host populations are surveyed on an even broader basis, the most recent UK example being a poll on the so-called Holocaust. In this particular case, it was found that 5% of Britons believe the Holocaust was a complete hoax, that 8% believed the scale of Jewish casualties had been grossly exaggerated, and that 50% of those were unable to state how many Jews had been killed during World War II.

In some ways, these figures are remarkable. When one considers the seven decades of effort that Jews have put into propagating the magical number of six million victims, it must have been quite the shock that half of Britain couldn’t remember it. Perhaps the bigger shock was that 20% of the French population had never heard of the Holocaust (presumably because most of that 20% is African or Arab). Yet another Jewish survey, this time of Americans, found that 9% of millennials were unaware of the Holocaust narrative, 15% believed that the Holocaust had happened but Jews had provoked it, and that 4% of American adults believed “the Final Solution” had something to do with Mathematics.

I’m assuming, of course, that the published figures are accurate. It’s perfectly possible that figures like these are produced with cynicism as well as regularity, like those on anti-Semitism, in order to put pressure on governments for further “education” on these subjects. It could be that these are mere tactics, intended to stoke the propaganda engine. This much appears to be hinted in the statement of Karen Pollock, of the Holocaust Educational Trust, who told the Guardian: “One person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many, and so it is up to us to redouble our efforts.” Behind this astonishing statement, and behind all efforts to “study the Gentile,” is an implicit accusation. Setting aside the arrogance of demanding universal adherence to their historical narrative, the methodologies and pseudo-interpretations of poll data carry an accusation that reaches into the deep past as well as into the present and future. Jews feel justified in “studying” and pathologizing the Gentile because there is something “wrong” with the latter. The attitudes and psychologies of the Europeans have to be monitored, examined, and manipulated, so the reasoning goes, in order to prevent the European pathologies from targeting innocent, blameless Jews, as they have done so many times in the past. “Never Again” and “Never Forget” are insults and accusations, as much as subliminal propagandistic instructions.

Intense suspicion and paranoia are key here, and in a way, they relate very intimately to the events in D.C. involving the White boys of Covington Catholic High School. For all the talk of “old White men” in boardrooms, I’ve believed for some time that the real threat perceived by our opponents is young White men, in particular, the cohort of young White men that will comprise the last generation of the White majority. Older White CEOs, being wealthy and visible, are a useful propaganda foil, but in truth they have almost universally bought into globalization and multiculturalism and are therefore tame subjects of the new multicultural world order. Old White CEOs might be useful to agitate greying feminists and mulatto “cultural studies” students, but I don’t think they keep Apfelbaum, Siegel, or Pollack awake at night, or at least not to the same degree as the haunting vision of a group of confident young White men — just think of reactions to the tiki-torch images from Charlottesville.

Millennial Whites, and those younger, have lost, are losing, and will lose the most from the demographic tipping point that many Western nations are now approaching. In economic and social terms, many already have no hope of even remotely matching the way of life enjoyed by their grandparents. Stable jobs that paid enough to support a family, ethnically coherent and cohesive nations, sexual and relational mores that enabled the raising of children in stable homes — all these things and more and crumbling, in ways more or less visible but ever-present. The reaction of young Whites to such a massive disinheritance is being closely watched and is perhaps the forefront of current “studies of the Gentile” where it has spilled over into becoming a central issue for the Left.

In light of this fact, it was all quite predictable that the boys of Covington Catholic High School were seized upon at the first available opportunity, and by all the usual suspects. They were waiting for the boys of Covington in the same way they were waiting for Julian von Abele weeks earlier, and in the same way they were waiting for Charlottesville, and in the same way they will wait for the next young White man or men to leave themselves open to the most vile misrepresentations. All of these events ultimately ended up as egregious media distortions, that were then utilized as tools to confirm and reinforce notions of the danger of the disinherited. It will be the same for the next victim. Accompanying their images on screen, Ashkenazic “scholars” will crawl forth once more, proffering variations on malicious, mellifluous nonsense and universalist banalities. Steinweis may have gotten his 29 pages published by Harvard, but one day we will need entire libraries to record how we once endured the “Study of the Gentile.”

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    • Andrew Joyce
      Andrew Joyce says:

      Clearly the use of both irony and parentheses is lost on you. Jews frequently employ the blanket and negative terms goy and gentile, and the more Whites that become aware of this terminology the better. But please, don’t let me distract you from pedantry.

    • WhiteJew
      WhiteJew says:

      No kidding. These leftist academics are not pathologizing black or Muslim gentiles like Black Israelites or Farrakhan, just white Jews and gentiles who are all deemed guilty of “white privilege.”

      Also, stop referring to Nazis as whites or gentiles, since they’re a very tiny subset of either group.

    • Paul Nehlen
      Paul Nehlen says:

      The kikes feel free to refer to us as the goyim, thus, referring to ourselves as such is our prerogative.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Why so? “Whites” is a synonym for Europeans or people from European backgrounds. Jews are genetically Middle Eastern

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Maybe you should stop referring to all NON Jews as cattle. And are you a part of the age-dwindling handful of personal survivors or a grandchild of one of those many who merely resided in any part of German-occupied Europe: inflating the definition in order to inflate compensation demands from the eternal, willing milk cow Merkel ? Remembering her FDJ [ Free German Youth ] salute, mid-face, of
      ” Immer Bereit ! “: Always Prepared.

      While your Israel continues unabated to steal more land, without compensation, [as demanded and received from Germany;often with one eye shut] you now demand $ 250 billions from the Arab neighbors, for their reactive expulsion of Jews.

      By all means, speak up again here, but with a comment less in need of interpretations. Give us some well-sourced information as to how many Jews freely choose to continue to reside in Iran. [ 25,000 ??? ]

      And good luck to the Region and to US servicemen and their families after Gantz, former head of the Israeli Wehrmacht with its very own [Goldstone] Einsatzgruppen, replaces multiply-indicted, comparative choir boy Netanyahu and his cohort of self-enriching criminals.

      Jumping, so to speak, from the frying pan into live-fire.

    • ronehjr
      ronehjr says:

      We have appropriated the term, like we have goyim. We use it now to emphasize how the jews are the real supremacists.

    • Jim Edwards
      Jim Edwards says:

      What happened to the black Jews that tried to emigrate to Israel? How did you feel when it was revealed that the Israeli authorities secretly fed them contraceptives while they were on Israeli soil?

      How about the payoffs to leave Israel?

  1. Fillipo Berria
    Fillipo Berria says:

    ‘found that 9% of millennials were unaware of the Holocaust narrative, 15% believed that the Holocaust had happened but Jews had provoked it,’

    Now why all of the shaming of millenials and the heralding of gen z?

    • Genius
      Genius says:

      Very edgy.

      So you’re saying you believe the jew narrative of six million jews being turned into soap and lampshades and killed with masturbation machines etc. ?

      • T J
        T J says:

        Are you the same Genius from SHTF?

        That Maranatha is starting to sound like a PC anti-racist [“racism is unbiblical”].

      • MasturbationMachine
        MasturbationMachine says:

        > Killed with masturbation machines
        What? LOL, I’ve never heard this one before.
        The fact they’d make up a thing like that is somehow weirdly fitting into what I’ve learned so far.

  2. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    The Covington boys — clean-cut, well kept, mannerly, confident White lads — were a sight for sore eyes. They certainly were not minded to expand their ‘we’ concept: They clearly knew themselves to be apart from, other than, and intellectually way above the level of the rabble that set upon them. This publicity stunt of the Jewish media belly-flopped painfully. The images that were meant to vilify the Covington boys succeeded to show only one thing: Young White men are greatly the superiors of the ‘diversified’ gits.

    Is there reason for hope in this set of images? White girls at the age of the Covington boys are surely choosing them, not the ‘diversified’, in their thoughts about whom they will date.

    The prose styles you cite, Dr Joyce, and the mindsets that produce them, are so very recognisable, for they sizzle in schmultz. And it is our children, Covington boys types, that the schmultzy dribble from slack Jewish mouths mean to re-direct. There is surely no chance of success for them here! Simply, we ‘go down much better’ for our children than do the schmultzers. So it is we, not they, who influence our children’s world views. Thank God.

    • WhiteJew
      WhiteJew says:

      Which Jewish media? Breitbart? FrontpageMag? The Daily Wire? The Rebel? Washington Free Beacon? The above article links to the Free Beacon’s article titled, “Maybe Reexamine Your Life If You Want to Punch a Kid in the Face.”

      • fillipo berria
        fillipo berria says:

        Lol breitbart lierally named after a jew. And also a jew trying to convince us that the media is not jewish

      • Jim Edwards
        Jim Edwards says:

        Perhaps I can phrase the question as to media ownership differently being; can you name a major media outlet that isn’t either Jewish owned, managed or controlled?

    • Karlfried
      Karlfried says:

      The Covington boys — clean-cut, well kept, mannerly, confident White lads — were a sight for sore eyes. … White girls at the age of the Covington boys are surely choosing them, not the ‘diversified’, in their thoughts about whom they will date.”

      Hello Sophie Johnson:
      One to one we have the very same pictures in Germany. The Germans kling together, they try to have their own schools and to avoid the multikultischools (with the exception of very expensive “International Schools” or “Europaschulen” for the children of international managers or rich Germans. Id est: international yes, but only from the rich ones, no kanaks or kuffnucks there).

      I guess that there is a kind of screening there at the Covington school: The pupils in the film are very similar to each other. That “screening” or “silent segregation” shows that the people want to stay among themselves and not within a multikulti crowd.

      In Germany we have that “silent segregation”: No matter how many no-whites there are, that silent segregation works and Germans are among themselves.
      Silent segregation alone will not save us, but is is a very good and very strong sign for the things to come in the future.

  3. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    Us whites have been “conditioned” to accept the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” movement by the “tribe” from the mid 1950s on to the present. The “conditioning” started with the whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement which WAS spearheaded, run and controlled by leftist jews. I personally witnessed the shenanigans, distortions, and downright fraud of this whole “civil-rights (for some)” movement. I didn’t need to be “red pilled” to see where this jewish-run and controlled white dispossession was taking us.
    It took the use of federal troops to force us whites (at the point of bayonets) to succumb to this whole “civil-rights (for some)” mess. The use of federal troops to cow us whites into accepting our own destruction was a brilliant move by the jews. As us whites were and still are extremely law-abiding, it was easy to intimidate us. Actually, the use of federal troops for domestic law-enforcement purposes was (and still is) illegal…
    Hard times WILL flush out the liberal whites, as well as the environmentalists who care about bunnies and trees over human beings. When that day comes, let ’em starve…
    There are more of us whites who know what is going on than most realize. Us whites who are aware keep a low profile due to the volatile atmosphere that we live in. The threat of job loss, real violent threats to our families (that will not be addressed by “the powers that be”) and other considerations keep us from overtly expressing our true feelings on these matters, but the time will come. Us whites are very slow to act (and react), but when we do, look out…when “push comes to shove” we will take back our birthright…

  4. AlphonsusJr
    AlphonsusJr says:

    The “incitement to schizophrenia” mentioned in the essay is one of the supreme proofs that the Jews are indeed the children of their father the devil (as they’re declared to be by the Incarnate Logos at John 8:44).

    “And he asked him: What is thy name? And he saith to him: My name is Legion, for we are many.” (Mark 5:9)

    The devil is both one (“My”) and many (“Legion”). We see the promotion of diabolical schizophrenia in many ways today; e.g., “transgender,” “unity in diversity,” etc. etc. etc.

    I also strongly recommend seeing this video, starting at 09:10, on Youtube:

    The Devil & the Diabolic – Venerable Fulton J Sheen

  5. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    It’s quite funny that they frame Whites as the ones who must be taught to be universalist. A non-White friend of mine had to pull her daughter of out an elementary school because she was being bullied by a trio of non-White girls of a different race and religion. These first-generation immigrants (even under ten years old) behave as if they already own the place. And why shouldn’t they when they outnumber White children, and when their parents and religious leaders see their migration as what it really is: an invasion?

    While Jewish “scholars” preoccupy themselves with their historical enemy they ignore the racial conflicts brewing among the new arrivals with much stronger ethnic identities. Once adults, how will the four or five children per immigrant household respond to Jewish hegemony? Whites have kept Jews out of polite conversation for decades, but these new people won’t. It won’t be long before their politicians begin outright naming the Jew in political debates or speeches to rally their base, voters who are much more Jew-wise than the average White person. What then? Are Jews content with being persecuted in America so long as it means the death of White America?

    • WhiteJew
      WhiteJew says:

      Of course flooding the country with Jew-hating Muslims, Arabs, and Hispanics is suicidal. ADL and Pew surveys show that these groups and blacks hate Jews more than whites do, since most white Americans are not like the Jew-haters on this website. And yet, the deadliest terrorist attack targeting Jews in America was by a white Nazi.

      And as for these leftist self-hating “Jewish” scholars, they have more in common with leftist non-Jewish scholars than they do with normal Jewish people.
      But not all Jewish scholars are so suicidal. See Gad Saad’s “What Constitutes a Rational Immigration Policy?” “There are countless countries, unified by one common ideology, wherein 90%+ of the populations in question hold genocidal and abhorrent hatred of Jews… Will the infusion of hundreds of thousands of such folks increase or decrease the safety of Jews?”
      See law professor David Bernstein: “Middle Eastern immigrants are arriving from societies in which anti-Semitism is widely accepted, so it’s not surprising that Middle Eastern university students who, for example, join Students for Justice in Palestine, are sometimes not embarrassed to engage in openly anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Are Jews content with being persecuted in America so long as it means the death of White America?

      Yes, that being a prime element of long-lasting, unchanging, self-inflicted, neurotic Jewish mental illness.

  6. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    It’s interesting. It seems as if Jewish science is trying to do to whites what National Socialist science did to Jews. Except NS science was much more scientific. But we whites are now in our Wiemar. Heads up

  7. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    ” the arrogance of demanding universal adherence to their historical narrative…”

    This will be their undoing. Jewish genius (to the extent that it exists) has pretty much exhausted itself in deception. They’re good at hiding and most Whites aren’t good at looking, let alone finding (though I have noticed a change in the last ten years, and especially the last three).

    But they’re not damned good at social-management. The instrument of social-management is rhetoric, not propaganda. Jews are very good at propaganda, and marketing their propaganda. But the more we learn about them, what they do, how they do it and why, the less mystified we are, the less impressed, and the less intimidated. Of course, it’s fun to spectulate that our heroic Catholic sprouts knew this in their bones. Hence the famous one with almost beatific calm, the others in a mood of playfulness, all immovably centered in their self-confidence and open indifference to their adult-child offenders.

    It was incredbly inspiring! THAT is what has Jews justifiably shaken. Good.

    I don’t remember who said it, or the exact quote, but I recall the story of a famous leader who said words to the effect that he didn’t fear a rival army or politician. He fear a court jester who might tell a joke that would stick.

    That’s what these dear boys did for us. A real gift, which I’m not all that sure we deserve and for which they can not be too highly praised (whether they want to be or not). Either way, it’s ours now.

    Regarding these Jewish “academics” who want to tear down the West and all things White while hypocritically enjoying the presitige of these institutions that in their psychotic vanity they can’t even see they have single-handedly destroyed (everyone knows that an “A” at Harvard today stands for Average – and because of them), Schopenhauer had their number when he said that Judaism can in no way be confused with reason. Who after reading this article could possibly deny that he was right?

  8. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    ONE Holocaust denier is one too many?

    Hitler was able only to WISH for such TOTAL Gleichschaltung.

    Gleichschaltung. Not a Nazi invention, but expressly and vigorously sought-after by them. And their latter-day critics.

  9. Anti-Termite!!!
    Anti-Termite!!! says:

    “Stable jobs that paid enough to support a family, ethnically coherent and cohesive nations, SEXUAL AND RELATIONAL MORES THAT ENABLED THE RAISING OF CHILDREN IN STABLE HOMES — all these things and more and crumbling, in ways more or less visible but ever-present. The reaction of young Whites to such a massive disinheritance is being closely watched and is perhaps the forefront of current “studies of the Gentile” where it has spilled over into becoming a central issue for the Left.”

    Profound, succinct distillation of the devastating ills wrought by Jew influence, Dr. Joyce.

    The Jews’ greatest legislative victory is not the 1964 federal immigration law, but rather the 1960s/70s state-by-state legislation they called “no-fault divorce” which in reality is “no-reason-required divorce”.

    But even more basic to our destruction is the centuries-old crevice that formed in our society allowing violation of the teachings of Jesus prohibiting divorce.

    Lifetime monogamy was the foundation of the entirety of Western Civilization greatness. Some here will argue the tradition is due more to cold/harsh/climate evolution than Christianity, and certainly even more here will oppose the Church founded by Jesus which has always stood unconditionally against divorce, or at least until Vatican II.

    But no sane mind can dispute the omnipotent wisdom of Jesus’ prohibition against “marrying” another spouse following divorce in light of where we are today. The discipline of outlawing the secondary market in spouses is absolutely vitally necessary – nobody wins consistently without strict discipline. When barred from getting a “new” one, few will discard the old. To deny this reality is to invite suspicion of Jewish ancestry.

    Jesus also warned about the Jews (John 8:44) as earthly agents of the devil, and the Gospels at Luke 4:28-30 disclose then as now the murderous hatred the Jews have for outsiders to their tribe or anybody who would aid outsiders.


  10. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “One person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many.”
    Karen Pollock, Holocaust Educational Trust, January 2019
    I agree. Time to shut the Holocaust industry down.

  11. Bancroft Hall
    Bancroft Hall says:

    Dr. Joyce — An OUTSTANDING analysis from you! Many thanks. I hope this article can go into print in the next hardcopy edition of Occidental Quarterly. It’s that much of a watershed event!

  12. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Are non-Jewish white Americans ever going to wake up, or are they going to continue to allow their children to be discriminated against in affirmative action programs, allow their children’s minds be poisoned with self-hatred by Jews, allow their nation to be overrun with non-whites from the Third World (who are taught by the Jews to want revenge on white people), and allow innocent whites to be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness as in the case of the Covington boys? That is the question. This weekend, the streets of my mostly white San Diego neighborhood were filled with shouts and cheers from windows and balconies. They came from people watching the Superbowl.
    I think we have our answer.

      • Dave Bowman
        Dave Bowman says:

        Non-whites from the Third World hate Jews even more than they do whites in general

        Jesus. Are you really that stupid, Jew ?

        What you have said is utter rubbish. The vast majority of “non-whites from the Third World” are far too illiterate, uneducated and intellectually stunted to have the slightest understanding of the fundamental differences between Whites and Jews. In other words, they consider Jews to be Whites – and hate them accordingly, exactly as they have been brainwashed to hate all Whites by their Jew mentors.

        Ever heard of karma ?

  13. WhiteJew
    WhiteJew says:

    “The Jewish Establishment’s Usurpation of American-Jewish Opinion on Immigration” by Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies, former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee
    Justified Anxiety vs. Elite Denial
    Like other Americans, most ordinary American Jews believe illegal immigration and large increases in legal immigration threaten national security, U.S. sovereignty, the social safety net, the dignity of American labor, sane population growth, social cohesion, environmental sustainability, and our quality of life. But Americans who are Jews have an additional, urgent reason for feeling profound apprehension regarding mass immigration: Mass immigration has become the principal global carrier of the contagion of anti-Semitism. The devastating impact of Muslim immigration on Jewish life in Western Europe — with which most American Jews are familiar — ought to represent a blinding, flashing red light for the American-Jewish Establishment that has committed itself to open-borders immigration. But in a strange act of denial, the Establishment has elected to draw no lessons from it. This cannot be excused as ignorance; it is willful, suicidal stupidity, the victory of ideology over common sense. The Jew-hatred endemic to Islam has, under the banner of contemporary Islamism, become the most virulent form of anti-Semitism since the defeat of Nazism. Like Nazism, it views the Jewish people as its ultimate enemy, the greatest barrier to the fulfillment of Islam’s destiny and hence seeks their total annihilation.”
    The Unmentionable Bigotry: Hispanic Anti-Semitism
    “Anti-Semitism is pervasive in Latin American societies. In fact, it is so high that the only group that harbors more anti-Semitism than foreign-born Hispanics are Muslims. Those who come from the country that is by far the largest source of contemporary immigration, Mexico, are steeped in a culture of theological anti-Semitism that’s defied the post-Vatican II enlightenment of European and North American Catholicism. Foreign-born Hispanics lack a mitigating history of familiarity with Jews, have little knowledge and no direct or familial experience of the Holocaust, and regard Jews simply as among the most privileged of white Americans. To these sources of prejudice one must add the impact of “Liberation Theology” that identifies with the Palestinians and regards Israelis and their Jewish supporters as fascists and “running dogs” of American imperialism. At a time when the American-Jewish community was fixated on black anti-Semitism and mourning and dissecting the collapse of the “black/Jewish alliance,” it was startling news to find Hispanics registering almost equal hostility.”

  14. WhiteJew
    WhiteJew says:

    Way to cherry-pick the two scholars with Jewish-sounding names and ignore the more extreme gentiles.
    Lessee, the Guardian article, “How should parents teach their kids about racism?” Authored by Japanese-Hawaiian Lauren Aratani.
    First scholar quoted in the article: JENNIFER HARVEY. “We could raise a future of anti-racist youth if we wanted to,” said Jennifer Harvey, author of Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America and professor of philosophy and religion at Drake University. “That’s the work we have to be doing in a very proactive, every single day kind of way to reduce the incidents that are happening in the first place.” Parents, specifically white parents, can develop tools needed to raise children who are sensitive to race, Harvey said. For example, teaching children that race doesn’t matter can be counterproductive to achieving equality.

    Now SHE’S a real specimen. “She received her Ph.D. in Christian Social Ethics from Union Theological Seminary.”
    (UH OH, doesn’t sound Jewish, sweep under the rug.)
    “Prof. Harvey’s most recent book ‘Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation’ has led to her engagement as a speaker and workshop leader with faith communities and academic audiences around the nation. She is also the author of ‘Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice through Reparations and Sovereignty’ and a co-editor of ‘Disrupting White Supremacy: White People on What We Need To Do’. Her recent publications include work on contemporary reparations movements in Protestant traditions, queer articulations of Christian traditions, and Native-Colonial dialogues on issues of environmental justice.”

    But she’s not Jewish, so let’s ignore her OVERT agenda completely and instead rip into the Business professor for recommending tough conversations at home to prepare kids for the real world. Oooh, how terrible, really pathologizing gentiles there, especially when he says to “think through multiple sides of a situation.” That’s sooo much worse than Professor Harvey’s “Dear White Christians.”

  15. WhiteJew
    WhiteJew says:

    How do you know that Adelphi University’s Lawrence Josephs is Jewish? His name? There’s a poet named Lawrence Joseph, and he’s an Arab Catholic.
    The first author of the ‘nauseating tract’ “Whiteness as Pathological Narcissism” is Arienne E. Miller, the mixed-race student. Professor Josephs probably just signed off on it. You think Miller doesn’t regard Jews as whites? Think again.

    • Sviatosław
      Sviatosław says:

      Can we please consider not permitting this titesome, lying kike to spam the comment section?

      ‘White jew’! Try ‘kike jew’, bud. Go back to your Talmud studies you sickening jew hack.


      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        Sviatoslav: Well said. I doubt anyone is reading his long-winded posts. He’s wasting his time and our space.

  16. Anti-Termite!!!
    Anti-Termite!!! says:


    Please publicize as extensively the next time Nathan Phillips pounds his drum and chants his disdain in the faces of a group of public high school students who by appearance might possibly be descendants of the Buffalo Soldiers.

    It will never happen because he’s scared stiff of the likelihood of violent reaction just as you Jews are as evidenced by your nauseously relentless kissing up to blacks as we see everywhere every day at the grass roots level, my fellow white people.

  17. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    @the arrogance of demanding universal adherence to their historical narrative

    It is not simply ‘arrogance’. It is their most ineradicable characteristic: Chutzpah.
    By their own definition:
    “Leo Rosten in ‘The Joys of Yiddish’ defines chutzpah as “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible ‘guts’, presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language can do justice to”. In this sense, chutzpah expresses both strong disapproval and condemnation. In the same work, Rosten also defines the term as “that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan”. Chutzpah amounts to a total denial of personal responsibility, which renders others speechless and incredulous … one cannot quite believe that another person totally lacks common human traits like remorse, regret, guilt, sympathy and insight. The implication is at least some degree of psychopathy in the subject, as well as the awestruck amazement of the observer at the display”.

    They try to impose adherence to their lying historical narrative for thousands of years, impervious to truth.
    “Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you are unable to accept My message. 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me!” (John 8:43-45).

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