A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth

Throughout history, the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby has been legendary.  This power in turn derives not from political might, nor from popular support, nor from moral rectitude, nor from God.  It is, simply, the power of money.  The wealthy have always held disproportionate influence in their societies, typically to the benefit of individuals or their families.  But when a distinct ethnic minority works more or less collectively, with great wealth behind them then that minority can exercise massively disproportionate power.  This power is amplified by Jewish power deriving from ownership of media in the media age, their position as creators of media content (here, p. lvi), and their influence on elite culture, particularly in the academic world.

Too often, though, one reads fulminations on the “rich Jews” without knowing the history and without any facts or details behind it.  My intent in this short essay is to provide some factual data, and to draw some plausible conclusions.  The situation is, I think, more extreme than many have assumed.

Some Context

As usual, a bit of history is helpful in order to establish the context for the present day (see also Andrew Joyce, e.g., here, and here).  The earliest connection between Jews, money, and power seems to come from Cicero, around 59 BC.  His speech Pro Flacco offers a defense of a Roman propraetor in Asia by the name of L. V. Flaccus who was charged with embezzling Jewish gold shipments destined for Jerusalem.  (Recall that Rome conquered Judea just some four years prior.)  Cicero begins with a telling statement:

You know what a big crowd it is, how they stick together, how influential they are in informal assemblies.  So I will speak in a low voice so that only the jurors may hear; for those are not wanting who would incite them against me and against every respectable man.

Cicero is clearly mocking the Jews, but their power must have been well-known by that point or else his jibe would be pointless.  He proceeds to give a rousing defense, citing Flacco’s “act of firmness, to defy the crowd of Jews” and their “attempt to fix odium on him.”

A second early allusion to Jewish wealth comes from Emperor Claudius in his third edict of 41 AD.  Addressing civil unrest in Alexandria, Claudius singles out the Jews, who live “in a city which is not their own.”  “They possess an abundance of all good things” but abuse their wealth by continuing to oppose local authorities and sowing general discord.  In a sense, writes Claudius, the Jews could be blamed “for fomenting a general plague which infests the whole world.”

Then in 100 AD we have the well-known critique by Tacitus, in his Histories.  Amidst a discussion of “the race of men hateful to the gods”—a people who are “base and abominable,” as well as “depraved”—he remarks that the Diaspora Jews, “the worst rascals among other people,” have worked relentlessly to send “tribute and contributions to Jerusalem, thereby increasing the wealth of the Jews.”  It’s clear that this wealth was used for pernicious ends.

Around the year 220, Cassius Dio wrote his Roman History in which he describes the second and third Jewish uprisings, of 115 and 132 AD, respectively.  Of the latter event, Dio explains that “Jews everywhere were showing signs of hostility to the Romans.”  And they were evidently able to use their wealth to bribe others into coming to their aid:  “many nations, too, were joining them through eagerness for gain.”  Clearly it must have taken considerable wealth to pay “many nations” to fight at their side.  And evidently the Jews succeeded in drawing in a multitude of others:  “the whole earth, one might almost say, was being stirred up over the matter.”

Though they would lose in that uprising, the Jews managed to regroup and reassert their power—a power that had become legendary by 300 AD.[1]  It was at this time that Justin the Historian wrote his lengthy treatise Historiarum Philippicarum.  Book 36 addresses the ignoble origin of the Jewish people and explains the growth and cohesiveness of this singular tribe.  Their pragmatic theology merged religion with politics in a way that proved to be highly successful; as a result, “it is almost incredible how powerful they became.”

Powerful, indeed.  Around 420, the Roman poet Rutilius Namatianus could write, in his De redito suo, of the Jews’ ability, despite their being formally defeated by the Romans, to continue to exercise a dominating influence:  “’tis their own conquerors that a conquered race keeps down.”

Middle Ages to the Present

After the collapse of Rome and during the early rise of the Church, Jews continued to amass wealth and exercise power.  We know this because they, as a small minority, still had the power to influence rulers throughout Europe.  Charlemagne’s son Louis the Pious (778–840), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, notably catered to the Jews, enacting a charter of privilege for them.  This was a pragmatic move because, as Bacharach explains, Jews of that time were “militant, aggressive, and powerful.”[2]

Much of their power and wealth derived from usury, which accelerated during the early Renaissance.  By the time of the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, Pope Innocent III was prepared to enact canons targeting Jewish usury.  “The more the Christians are restrained from the practice of usury, the more are they oppressed in this matter by the treachery of the Jews…” (Canon 67).  Not being subject to Christian moral restrictions, the Jews dominated finance and lending at interest, profiting immensely.  This situation drew a rebuke from Thomas Aquinas:  “It would be better for [royalty] to compel Jews to work for a living…than to allow them to live in idleness and grow rich by usury.”[3]  It was still a problem for the Church 300 years later, as Martin Luther felt compelled to comment critically, calling the Jews “thieves and robbers” who profit “by means of their accursed usury.”[4]

The secular world also took note of Jewish wealth and power.  As early as 1798, German philosopher Immanuel Kant could make this surprising assessment:  “the wealth of the Jews…apparently exceeds per capita that of any other nation at the present time.”[5]  In 1823, Lord Byron’s poem “The Age of Bronze” remarked on the fact that “all states, all things, all sovereigns they control.”  Indeed:  “’Tis gold, not steel, that rears the conqueror’s arch.”  In 1843, Bruno Bauer wrote that “The Jew…determines the fate of the whole [Austrian] Empire by his financial power.  The Jew…decides the destiny of Europe.”[6]  And perhaps more than Europe.  In an essay of 1860, Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked on Jewish toughness, brought on by years of persecution and suffering:  “The sufferance which is the badge of the Jew, has made him, in these days, the ruler of the rulers of the earth.”[7]  In 1880, Laurent Oliphant could write of the Jews’ “financial operations of the largest scale.”  “Owing to the financial, political, and commercial importance to which the Jews have now attained,” they have become an indispensible ally in any future conflict.[8]  A decade later Goldwin Smith confirmed this view:  “Judaism is now [as of 1894] the great financial power of Europe, that is, it is the greatest power of all.”[9]

It was around this time that a French journalist named Edouard Drumont published a large and relatively influential book titled Jewish France (1885).  Here he made a shocking and frankly unbelievable claim:  “Jews possess half of the capital in the world.”  Commenting specifically on France, he noted that the total wealth of that nation was around 150 billion francs, “of which the Jews possess at least 80 billion”—that is, slightly more than half.[10]  One is taken aback at such claims; ‘impossible,’ we say.  Obviously Drumont was somehow mistaken.

Naming Names

Or perhaps not.  Consider the present-day situation in the United States.  Of the 10 richest Americans, five (50%) are Jews:  Mark Zuckerberg ($72B), Larry Page ($60B), Sergey Brin ($59B), Larry Ellison ($54B), and Michael Bloomberg ($50B).  Most of this money comes from the high-tech industry:  Facebook (Zuckerberg), Oracle (Ellison), and Google (Page and Brin).[11]

Of the 50 richest Americans, at least 27 (54%) are Jews.[12]  In addition to the above five, we have S. Adelson, S. Ballmer, M. Dell, L. Blavatnik, C. Icahn, D. Moskovitz, D. Bren, R. Murdoch (likely part Jewish), J. Simons, L. Lauder, E. Schmidt, S. Cohen, C. Ergen, S. Schwarzman, R. Perelman, D. Newhouse, D. Tepper, G. Kaiser, M. Arison, J. Koum, S. Ross, and C. Cook.  Technically, this list should also include George Soros, whose net worth was around $26 billion until he ‘donated’ $18 billion to his own charity in early 2018.  The combined wealth of these 27 individuals comes to roughly $635 billion.  Note:  If Jews were proportionately represented among the top 50, there would be one individual on this list; instead, there are 27.

Or take another measure of wealth, CEO income.[13]  Among the 10 highest-paid American CEOs, four (40%) are Jews:  Leslie Moonves[14] (CBS), Nicholas Howley (TransDigm), Jeff Bewkes (Warner), and Stephen Kaufer (TripAdvisor).  Among the top 35, no less than 19 (54%) are Jews; in addition to the above four are D. Zaslav, S. Catz, A. Bousbib, R. Iger, M. Rothblatt, S. Wynn, M. Grossman, J. Sapan, B. Jellison, R. Kotick, J. Dimon, L. Fink, B. Roberts, L. Schleifer, and S. Adelson.

Thus, whether looking at total assets or income, data shows that, in America, Jews in fact own or control about half of the wealth—at least among the wealthiest elite. These people are the movers and shakers of our political process, and if the political situation was perceived by Jews as a crisis, the amount of money that would be poured into the political process is almost beyond comprehension.

Let’s draw a plausible inference.  If Jews control around half of all wealth at the top, it is reasonable to infer that they may hold a similar share throughout the wealth hierarchy[15]—at least among, say, the top 20% of wealth-holders, who collectively own more than 90% of all household wealth in the US. At any rate, the following is an attempt to use that inference to estimate total Jewish wealth in the U.S.

So, how much money is this?  In 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that the total assets of all private households in the US hit $100 trillion for the first time ever.[16]  If American Jews own or control half of this, then it comes to some $50 trillion.

Now, this demands a moment of reflection.  If Drumont’s numbers were shocking, this one is absolutely jaw-dropping.  Think of it:  American Jews possessing $50 trillion—or for those numerically challenged readers, 50,000 billion dollars.  If the true numbers are anything close to this, perform this thought experiment: Think of how much power one man with one billion dollars possesses; now consider the equivalent of 50,000 such individuals, working more or less in unison.  That’s the financial power of American Jewry.

Take a specific example.  Tom Steyer is typical of a middling Jewish billionaire, with net assets of merely some $1.5 billion.  But he is exceptionally active in the political scene, as anyone who has been following politics knows.  Steyer is a top donor for the Democrats, and is leading the national charge to impeach Trump.  In 2018 it was announced that he would spend $110 million “to redefine the Democrats”—to his liking, of course.  This made him “the largest single source of campaign cash on the left,” and put him on the road “to create a parallel party structure” of his own.  If one minor but motivated billionaire can do this, think of what the equivalent of 50,000 billionaires can do.

Of course, there are nowhere near that many American billionaires.  In fact, the total number (Jews and non-Jews combined) was recently estimated by Forbes to be just 585.  If the above analysis is roughly correct, around 290 of these are Jews.  Their total wealth would then be about $1.5 trillion.

We can press a bit further.  Depending on how we define them, there are something like 6 million Jewish Americans.  These 6 million therefore control, on average, about $8 million per person—$8 million for every Jewish man, woman, and child.  A typical family of four would thus own about $32 million.  Not a bad living.

And then consider the Jewish “1%”, which comes to about 60,000 individuals.  If the same rough distribution holds among them as among the public at large, then this top 1% owns about 35% of total Jewish wealth.  Thus, the top 60,000 Jews would own about $18 trillion.  The remaining $32 trillion would therefore be divided amongst the other 5,940,000 Jewish Americans, yielding a still mind-boggling  more than $5 million per person.

Some Troubling Questions

At this point, a whole variety of further questions arise:  Apart from the named individuals, who else pulls the strings on all this wealth?  As I said, the top 27 only account for slightly more than half a trillion dollars.  The top 290 richest Jews own around $1.5 trillion.  And the top 60,000, around $18 trillion.  Who are these people?  Apart from the handful at the very top, can we even begin to know who the other leading individuals are?

And what form is this wealth in?  Cash?  Stocks?  Real estate?  Precious metals?  (Do Jews still hoard gold?)  All of the above, no doubt.  But where is the cash?  Which stocks?  Which real estate?  Foreign or domestic?

And then the larger questions:  What, if anything, can be done about this?  Simply on the face of it, it seems grossly unjust for, say, 60,000 Jewish Americans to own around $18 trillion in assets.  Especially when the bottom half of Americans—about 160 million people—own a combined total of about $0.3 trillion.  And when the bottom 25% of Americans—around 80 million people—have a negative net worth, i.e., more debt than assets.  This is not an accident, and it’s not just bad luck.  The wealth distribution system in America is designed to achieve this outcome, and Jews earn a hugely disproportionate benefit from it.

What could be done to ensure a more just allocation of national wealth?  In the old days, circa 100 AD, Roman authorities instituted a fiscus Judaicus, a ‘Jew tax,’ precisely to offset the extra cost burden placed on society by Jews.  Dare we suggest reinstating such a thing?  A few trillion dollars could go a long way to right the wrongs of modern society.

Unrealistic, you say.  Perhaps.  But it has to start somewhere.  Someone needs to raise these possibilities in print, in public, in order to begin the conversation.  Stranger things have happened in the past.  Stranger things will surely happen in the future.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, is author of Debating the Holocaust (2015) and The Holocaust: An Introduction (2016).

[1] See Kevin MacDonald, Separation and Its Discontents (Chapter 3) for an account of Jewish wealth and power in the fourth century and particularly the concern with Jews enslaving non-Jews.

[2] Early Medieval Jewish Policy and Western Europe (1977), p. 104.

[3] De regimine judaeorum, 81-88.

[4] On the Jews and Their Lies, p. 242.

[5] Anthropology (1798/1978), p. 102.

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[10] In The Jew in the Modern World (Mendes-Flohr and Reinharz, eds.), 2011, p. 315.

[11] Some claim that the single richest man, Jeff Bezos of Amazon ($156B), is either wholly- or part-Jewish, although this seems to be unsubstantiated.  But Amazon does seem to regularly defend Jewish interests, as in their censorship of books that challenge the Holocaust narrative, and in their illegal blockade of alternate translations of Mein Kampf.  And he retained Jewish chief editor Martin Baron when he bought the Washington Post.

[12] Data from Bloomberg Billionaires Index, accessed August 2018.

[13] According to the New York Times (25 May 2018).

[14] Moonves has of course since been fired for sexual harassment claims against him.

[15] There is some evidence that the Jewish percentage declines as we consider the broader pool of wealth.  In 2009, Steve Sailer estimated that, of the 400 richest Americans, around one-third were Jewish.  But this is a 10-year-old analysis, and I am not aware of any more recent assessment.  In fact the proportion of wealthy Jews may well have increased since then.

[16] https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-net-worth-surpasses-100-trillion-1528387386

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  1. wiliam chandler
    wiliam chandler says:

    They are a motorcycle gang. Their culture pushed them to drive ahead while undermining non-gang members.
    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.
    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.
    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.
    Quick summation? They are the enemy of anyone who is not a TRIBAL MEMBER …… and only “tolerate” Gentiles.

    Gentiles have to change their culture to mental power vs adrenaline rush.

  2. M
    M says:

    There’s a jew tax already, and no, it doesn’t put the barrel of the gun to the perpetrators of whatever crimes are pointed to here (jews have too much; think of a better argument fast), it taxes mostly middle class.

    There’s always gonna be a rich upper class, the fact that there exists a jewish upper class that’s disproportionately rich doesn’t prove anything, to argue for the other side, property is to be kept until proven stolen.

  3. Nona
    Nona says:

    And they’re violent , psycho and vengeful

    Cicero was assassinated and his head and hands cut off.
    I wonder how could have done it?

  4. Loren R.
    Loren R. says:

    If I know about what is going on that means a lot of other people know. I am usually one of the last to catch on.
    So what I am wondering is how is it going to start? Who is going to be the hero that sets the ball in motion?
    It seems that most people if they find out that people know about their misdeeds, they either leave town or back down.
    These guys are doubling down. Tripling down. How much longer can we allow a small group of people to control our congress and the freaking president? How long has it been happening? 50 years? Longer?
    To me it is absolutely sickening. I can’t even find out what the true story about WWII is. Propaganda of the highest order everywhere. Just waiting for our hero.

  5. Greg Horrall
    Greg Horrall says:

    The real question should be: “Is there some unique feature in the DNA of the Jews that gave them a higher ability to amass wealth (power)?” If so, then the answer is to interbreed with them or to use genetic engineering to put us all on the same level playing field.

    If we want to use taxation policy, isn’t it true that people of non-Caucasian races are way behind in wealth accumulation? So then, shouldn’t we be taxing all the the Caucasians, not just the “Jews” and transferring the proceeds to the non-Caucasians?

    Note that I put the quotes around “Jews” because, based on recent DNA research, it appears that the majority of those who are called “Jews” actually have DNA that traces back to the Khazar kingdom that was based in the region around the Ukraine. They are not really Jews at all except in religion and tradition.

    We’re never going to have a hierarchy-free world, and the “Jews” just happen to have become the chief wealth holders in the current hierarchy due to a wide number of factors including social, genetic, and geographical. That’s just the way it is. As history moves on, it’s not certain it will remain that way. The Chinese line looks like it’s on the rise. If they become the chiefs, will the world be any better??

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      What an idiotic thing to say, if I may say so…

      Freedom is to be free of material possessions yet enjoy unfettered movement and the right to explore.

      Ownership is a delusion and the Jews are a deluded Race of mongrel abominations. Whoever in their right mind would want to imitate this group of perpetrators is fit for castration.

  6. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    One of the figures thrown around out there with some regularity is that the organized Jewish community gives from 1/2 to 2/3reds of the political money. Unless that figure has been arrived at through an extrapolation of the billionnaire figure itself, it could add independent credence to the 50% number. On the other hand, extrapolating on an arithmetic rather than geometric basis might result in exaggerating the overall percentage of the wealth. Somehow equating the two percentages does not seem justified, just as in the same way the average and the mean will differ.

    There could also be other factors which would come into play. For example, the political figure would be distorted by the fact that Jews simply give more than non-Jews, because they have serious interests at stake, what you might call the paranoid factor. This factor would also be applicable in the disproportionate number of billionnaires. Might this cause there to be higher percentage of them per x number of people. How wealthy do you have to be after all?

    Then, there is the religious factor, which means that there are a lot of Jews (Orthodox) on welfare as in Brooklyn, for one location that I am familiar with. The numbers are such that this this can change the average and mean figures substantially.

    This is a really interesting review because it alludes to a number of issues. One is the question of the universality of the “at all times and in all places” issue. Then there is the dispute over why thy left “Palestine”: they were forcibly exiled by the Romans or, the alternative that they resist because it doesn’t fit the modern return narrative, they just get tired of working on the farm and wanted to get into trade and finance where they could make some real money.

    I don’t think a “Jew tax” as such would be feasible. What has to be done is put a nix on all the “special deals” they have.One of them that comes to mind is “dual nationality”. This is a joke. You can’t be loyal to more than one sovereign entity. We are being used. Israel is their insurance policy on which the American people are paying the premiums. This is where they are killing us. People are just too nice and don’t want to make a fuss about these deals, but they are costly. Now that they have carved out their ethnostate, which we gave them, perhaps they could be obliged to shouldn’t they pay a price to humanity for this special, unique, prfivilege

    President Trump is worried about the Cinese.

    • cannb
      cannb says:

      Many Israeli communications and computer software companies have access to America’s telecommunications system.

      The Chinese are nothing compared to what the Israelis have infiltrated.

      Yet, nothing is said about this.

  7. Ralf
    Ralf says:

    There are not 6 million Jewish Americans. There are 6 million Jews in America or there are 6 million Jews with American citizenship. Language is important.

  8. Jim Russel
    Jim Russel says:

    you fall flat when you infer from the top to the lower income levels. note 15 is pure arm waving. doing so detracts from an otherwise worthy effort.

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    This is a very interesting article. It’s also quite entertaining. I recently read a book about Ashkenazi Zyds that’s more than relevant to the findings on the above subject matter. The study had some factual material, but it also contained lots of politically correct theory. The book was about DNA. It essentially glorified Hebrews as being on top of the mountain of intellectualism. It noted that’s the Zyds had a high verbal IQ.

    Further, it also, indirectly, correlated the success of the noted element with others. What was most entertaining was acknowledging that the author zealously sang the praises of the Zydowski raj (J) in a way few Anglos or other Westerners would even dare envision.

    Missing from the semi scholarly findings, that contained many holes, was the vital key pertaining to the door of international and transnational networking. That’s generally omitted in dissertations pertaining to what has often been described, rightfully or wrongfully, as the most manipulating ethnicity in the history of mankind.

    As a young man one learned about this, as it was often referred to, around the globe, as an “anti-majority fifth column.” Way back then, one resided in the workers paradise. In that era few had the expertise of switching Slavic languages from English and back. Today English is spoken by nearly all schoolchildren. Consequently, it has very little value as a commodity for obtaining all the plastics that one’s heart desires. Anyways, one was able to rub shoulders with politicos, parliamentarians and others in various capitals. Books and studies were translated and many friendships amalgamated.

    One thing stood out amongst all others. Behind closed doors nearly ALL politicians, scholars, authors, journalist and others spoke about something that bothered them. You see, they were all concerned with Zionism. They utilized different code words. One that sticks out was that of “cosmopolitan.” When thinkers heard any phrases just contain that, or in various dialects “zydokomuny” the meaning was easily recognized.

    On the other side of the coin was their open behavior. The creme de la creme expressed deep negativity towards what some infer to as a psychological nation. To better understand the topic consider reading The Invention of the Jewish People. It was a global best seller.

    Getting back to the center of our topic it was quickly realized that, although there was an immense dislike towards the Zydowski nation -due to her nearly always being against majorities in all countries- in public those from academia and politics knew better then to bring upon their heads the wrath of what the intelligentsia referred to as the nemesis of mankind.

    Lastly, although it has been recognized that the Zs under discussion retained viable intellectual resources, that is not why they had and have gathered up the plastic of several countries. The reason they were able to exhibit absolutely phenomenal money gathering … was due to networking and (2) the building blocks of fear. Otherwise, they would not have been able to oppress people, such is the Palestinians and too many other majorities to mention. Lastly, they also would not have been able to have others fight for and die for their propagated wars.

    What one saw in the workers paradise is not unique, as verified by this entertaining article. The author’s a very brave individual. It is mind-boggling how he was able to pen his thoughts openly. Perhaps he utilized a pseudonym.

  10. milt
    milt says:

    Article omits details of how Most of this wealth was via ill-gotten gains and swindling of US taxpayers. Much AIPAC money laundering where jew $ buy politicians for a few hundred 1000 -who then pass bills giving billions back to jews and Israel. great rate of return. Routine example of their m.o. is 2008 trillion $ tax payer bailout to the bankster filth, given by the AIPAC-owned politican pimps in Congress. If this isnt bad enough? The bankster jews used that trillion to buy up realty all over America and now are ‘gentrifying’ many of the properties, evicting the same taxpayer/homeowner/renters that they stole the money from in the first place. Or Jeff Bezos whose mail order business pays practically no postage costs, which are “subsidized” by the taxpayer. As USPS goes bust due to this scam? Bezos is declared the “first trillioinaire”. (This doesnt include the Sen Feinstein scam where she pushed thru the sale of post offices all over USA to shore up the failing USPS that resulted. She then gave her husband the EXCLUSIVE, no bid contract as broker for all these post office property sales, reaping tens of millions in broker fees.) This is the kind of criminality, deceit and fraud this Filth Cabal engages on relentlessly. They are not smarter, just brazenly corrupt. They are psychopaths preying on all of us.
    then there’s that business of the endless M.E. wars their AIPAC Congressional pimps refuse to halt. They are the biggest haul of all.

    • Tom
      Tom says:

      Unfortunately, this is not exclusively about the American taxpayer. This degenerate species is implementing the protocol principle worldwide, which reads: “Give me what I wish so that I may have proof that I am stronger than you”.
      Christian teaching forbids hating Jews. In 1890 there was a series of articles in the Roman Jesuit magazine La Civilta Cattolica that dealt with the Jewish question in Europe. Causes, healing and effect. It was concluded that the Jews should be expropriated (as they had illegally acquired the money and property) and expelled from Europe. If this proposal had only been implemented, one would think today, but would not be compatible with Christian doctrine and thus rejected this plan. The German book I have read about it is also remarkable for another reason, because it contains an introduction and explanatory notes of an anonymous converted American Jew from the year 2000. And these remarks have it in themselves; he recklessly settles accounts with his former fellow believers. I quote as an example from Note 10: “…God divided the land of Israel equally (Numeri 26, 54), but not the fruits of labor (Proverbs 20, 4). We wonder why the Rothschilds and other Jewish plutocrats wish to concentrate so much wealth when the biblical equality of land ownership and the Jubilee Year (Leviticus 25, 25-28) prevented such continual concentration, even though we know that it (the Rothschilds etc.) is their instrument for one-world dominion. And of course the answer is that they are rebels against the Bible and against God, which is why there is no monstrosity beyond their Luciferian intrigues. ….”

      • royAlbrecht
        royAlbrecht says:

        “…Christian teaching forbids hating Jews.”

        On the question of “…Hate…”.

        For any of you who have gradually, and in my case, largely unknowingly, spent the first 25 years of your life working towards a Buddha-like state of Spiritual Enlightenment, and then when you least expected it,
        had a glimpse “…Beyond the White Light…”,
        I am sure you will agree with me that not only is Hate, but any “…emotion…”, almost totally the outcome of the combination of psychological misconceptions and bio-chemical influences upon the physical body, and largely an impossibility.

        In other words, “…Hate…”, from a profoundly Spiritual Perspective, is simply a delusion.
        The same goes for “…Love…”.

        Often Idiots (people with IQs lower than 120 and next to no understanding of the JQ) will ask me, “Why I hate Jews?”
        Well as mentioned earlier, those of you who have devoted your primary years to seeking the essence of Spirituality will understand that it is this question, not the Jews themselves, that I “…Hate…” most. (forgive the inconsistency here, but bare with me).

        To me, the question is loaded from several different angles.
        1) Since when does telling the “…God awful truth about Jews…” become “…Hate…”?
        2) It puts me on the defensive, because from the depths of my inner being, I am just not capable of Hate.
        3) The word “…Hate…” is such a terrible sounding word in a world that the Jew have got the masses pulsating and gyrating in synchronicity around concepts like “…Love, Togetherness, Tolerance, non-Judgmentalism, Diversity,,,etc…,
        that it puts one on the defensive just being accused of having that emotion.

        I’ve spent considerable time trying to come up with a short response that triggers psychotic mechanisms in the questioner so as to drive him/her back to hole they crawled out of.

        The simple fact is that Jews are the Criminal Aggressors…,
        White Nationalists are just the Messengers. To accuse the Messenger of Hate because the Truthful News about Jews sounds Bad is worthy of hitting the uninformed idiot Questioner in the head with a baseball bat.

        That’s why I am partial to feudal Japanese laws of conduct. If you dare speak to a Samurai,
        without being asking and being given permission first,
        it is grounds for immediate execution.
        Such a simple solution.

        In the absence of such simple Japanese normality, my response has become the equally insane:
        “…Why are you a Racist who wants to commit another Holocaust against Germans?…”

        The seemingly unconnected relationship between the question and the reply sends the idiots into a tailspin of deep thought trying to connect these two widely separated dots…

        There is more I could say about it…, but I hope there are some here who see value in my reply.

  11. royAlbrecht
    royAlbrecht says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of interesting points here:

    1) The question of what is to be done about the Jews.
    2) The fear of acting against the Jews by the common mass of people.
    3) The elusive nature of Jewish wealth in terms of how much exactly it is, where it is, and who exactly (((they ALL))) are.
    4) How much influence even a minor billionaire among them can exert and by extension, how much influence they must be exerting based on their concealed, collusive and hierarchical nature and their willingness to make sacrifices for their Tribe.
    5) Who will be the one Hero capable of mobilizing the masses into rebelling against the Jew World Disorder.

    Of all the points, I would say the fear factor within the masses is by far the greatest impediment.
    I see it all around me.
    A defense of Jews verging on hysteria by people who have not done even a rudimentary investigation into the topic…, true Jew induced psychosis by all definitions.

    The longer the Jews are allowed to orchestrate the behavioural paradigm, through threats of alienation and deprivation against those unwilling to capitulate, the closer the world will come to one where ALL things are controlled by Jews.

    When White Nationalists,
    the last contingent willing to stand against the Jews,
    have been mass murdered by Jews…, the world in general will fall into an atomized, dog eat dog, culture lead by the principle of:
    “wealth accumulation above all”.

    At that time, new recipes that show how to cook and serve cannibalized human flesh (from aborted fetuses to Black Road Kill and drive by shootings) will be introduced on the Cooking Channel.
    Reality shows will feature killer take all Survivor episodes…, etc…
    Hunting Shows featuring feral hogs will be replaced with hunted humans who have transgressed against Jewish owners…, for only Jews will be allowed to own things and any non-Jews who disagree will be killed on sport shows.

    I feel immense pity for those who will remain alive after White Nationalists have been eliminated from the planet.
    To live in a world TOTALLY DOMINATED BY JEWS is a world where I would rather be dead.

    Even as it stands now, I am stumped by the Question:
    “…Where can I go and live in a peace that is free from Jewish influence and
    where I am not forced to live around people so unlike me, both in behaviour and looks, not to mention genetics so as to make life feel worth living ?…”

    There just is no place left to go.

    When cornered, any animal will fight for its life, but as cornered as I feel,
    fighting just seems futile…, as the outcome seems predetermined to benefit the Jews even more.

    Moreover, who would I be fighting for?

    For that matter, who are we ALL here at TOO and similar sites fighting for?…

    For “OUR OWN PEOPLE”?…, who would oppose us both tooth and nail all the way to the Jew World Order?

    Meanwhile Jews collusively gather and are free to debate in synagogues and Masonic Temples, built with stolen White wealth,
    amidst secret cross-checked member lists,
    how (((they)) plan to kill tens if not hundreds of millions of their opposition.

    Just think, after a few years of calculating and speculating, based on knowing what the Jews have planned for the World, to finally having enough money to do basically anything I want to…, there is nothing left that I want to do and no place left to go !

    Depressing really.

    Not a note one wishes to end a comment with.

    The only positive thing I can see is that the number of Jews is so small compared to the number of people and the wealth they control by paradigmic proxy that even me, with my meager tens of thousands of dollars, could manage to kill a (((multi-millionaire or two))) before being hunted down by the corrupt police forces that (((they))) control.

    It puts a new spin on the phrase.,,, “…calculating rate of return…”.

  12. Mike H
    Mike H says:

    Utter nonsense! Ashamed of you NAIVE Americans!
    There is only ONE Thing you should do with them! Kick them out of YOUR country;
    The Jews have only one unique Genetically Point: and that is a DEFECT; commonly known as DNST3 Defect= also called Schizophrenia:
    “Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.”
    “‘Is Mental Illness the Jewish Disease?’
    Physician Claims Jews are Schizo Carriers

    In a study entitled ‘Mental Illness: The Jewish Disease’ Dr. Hutschnecker said that although all Jews are not mentally ill, mental illness is highly contagious and Jews are the principal sources of infection.
    Dr. Hutschnecker stated that every Jew is born with the seeds of schizophrenia and it is this fact that accounts for the world-wide persecution of Jews.
    Schizophrenia is the fact that creates in Jews a compulsive desire for persecution.'”

    The rest of a lot of Jewish Wealth is based on CRIME & CORRUPTION!


    It’s pure, simple, evil Cohordery and Conspiring against YOU AMERICANS & THE WORLD!
    If it’s by manipulating, lying or CHEATING!…Fish swim, Birds Fly & Jews LIE…it’s that simple!

    NEITHER BEZOS, ZUCKERBERG OR ELLISON are more intelligent…theY are just more scrupulous! Look at that weirdo Zuckerberg, who is unable to speak one true sentence, mind you a straight sentence.. and you believe, that this FAGGOT is intelligent? Give me a break!
    It’s just international Jewry, that is pushing these weirdos to the Top…and against you!
    Chabad Lubiwitsch is an international Crime syndicate- nothing else..

    I am so sick if all the Blind people not seeing, what’s going on!

    It’s only your corrupt politicians, who let these reptiles go to the top!

    BTW.. your Jewish MASS MURDERER Larry Silverstein, …now calling himself a real estate investor…was nothing more than a cheap, crooked STRIP CLUB Owner, who never had 100 Million to start, to get the lease for the former WTC !
    It’s only international CRIMINAL & DEADLY Jewry, who got him the money….so ask yourself, how this lizard is now calling himself a real estate investor & PHILANTHROP after murdering 3000 people;
    How can a STRIP CLUB OWNER come up with 109 Million USD?

    Never believe the narrative… especially when Jewry is behind it…

    Cheers from Europe

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