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Dissecting Tucker Carlson

For many on the dissident right, Fox News’ primetime anchor Tucker Carlson is a kind of hero.  He’s pro-Trump and anti-liberal.  He comes off as a true (“paleo”) conservative, and rails against the neo-con agendas of the dominant Right.  He calls out attacks on Whites, both physical and ideological.  He exposes lies and hypocrisy in […]

A Thousand Points: Reply to Commentators

My latest TOO essay, “A Thousand Points of White”, and the piece by Giles Corey that inspired it (“American Roulette”), have drawn over 200 comments combined—a sign that such matters are of some importance.  This is unsurprising, given the chaos of recent months.  It also provides a good opportunity to respond to some of these […]

A Thousand Points of White: One Strategy for Achieving White Nationalism

This essay is intended as a response and follow-up to the excellent recent article by Giles Corey, “American Roulette.”  Corey’s piece is passionate, clear, and well-written.  He makes a powerful and inspirational case, in a short space.  My intent here is to build on his ideas and add some needed details.  The chaos of the […]

Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial, Part 2

Go to Part 1. Sexual Abstinence as Jewish Ethnic Strategy Among many other things, Schopenhauer was fascinated by human sexuality, which for him assumed deep metaphysical importance. The human essence, the will-to-live, finds “as its kernel and greatest concentration, the act of generation”—which is to say, sexual reproduction. Here is the beginning of everything, not […]

Schopenhauer and Judeo-Christian Life-Denial, Part 1

Vitam impendere vero (“Dedicate one’s life to truth.”) —Juvenal, Satire IV, 91[1] Every movement needs its icons, the alt-right no less than any other social-political ideology. Any icon—a term deriving from the Greek eikôn, meaning a likeness or image—serves to embody key elements or aspects of a particular outlook, or to encapsulate certain key values. […]