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Hey, Red States: Ready for Secession Yet?

When I wrote this, six full days after the 2022 midterm election, the situation was still undecided.  The Senate is apparently in Democrat hands again, and the House was “leaning” Republican , although some 19 (!) races are still undetermined.  [Editor’s note: The Democrats have indeed held the Senate, and the Republicans now have been […]

Denying Holocaust Denial

On April 8, it was announced that Canada would soon be joining an illustrious club: the enlightened nations of the world that have elected to ban so-called Holocaust denial.  Depending on how one interprets the law, there are currently 18 nations that either explicitly ban “Holocaust denial” (including Germany, Austria, France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Hungary, […]

A verdade sobre o discurso de ódio

Uma lei contra o ódio antijudeu marca, geralmente, o começo do fim para os judeus. (JOSEPH GOEBBELS. In: Diary — 19ABR1943) [1] A palavra “Ódio” é uma palavra tão feia! E seu uso revela certa infantilidade. Ela evoca a imagem estereotipada de uma menininha de oito anos que briga com a coleguinha e diz para […]

Vampire Cartoons

Andrew Joyce’s recent essay (“On Jews and vampires”) features two notorious anti-Jewish cartoons from the National Socialist periodical “Der Stürmer.”  They were drawn by the talented cartoonist Philipp “Fips” Rupprecht, who produced hundreds of such images between 1925 and 1945.  Recently, a skilled digital artist named Robert Penman has recovered, restored, and colorized 200 such […]