Alexander Gauland’ AfD speech deploring the attempt to denigrate German culture

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  1. Víctor Piña
    Víctor Piña says:

    Westerners have to be proud of our history, people and culture. If the others do not like them, they can get back to their wastelands.

  2. Roberft Keith
    Roberft Keith says:

    It is time for the Germans to stand on their own feet. It’s about time. We welcome them to join the fight. Their solidarity is needed.

    It’s true. They have done more than enough to exonerate themselves for
    the part they played in the bad years, which, by the way, others were deeply complicit in. For these others to continue to dwell on other ordeal and to attempt to profit by it in all sorts of ways malevolent in the extreme. These are the truly evil ones.

  3. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    It’s always easy to enter a forum and criticize attempts…,
    sincere, cowed down, or straw-manned that they may be, of others…,
    who claim to say something positive about Germany.
    However, being a full, 2nd Generation German Refugee and Holocaust lie of the Jews’ Whistle-Blower Citizen of German blood,
    yet being raised in an environment ensconced by Zionist Diaspora Jews and their Broke Back Limey Toadies,
    during an era when Free speech was still allowed in the present Jewminion of Kafkada,
    and as someone who has basically sacrificed his life so that Germans were honestly represented, I can not help but represent the 1,000 lb. hero in the arena…; namely Adolf Hitler.
    For all his faults and missteps, Hitler did his best to tackle the one issue that is today’s overriding issue of concern facing the entire planet, namely…:
    The coming Jew World Order, STUPID !

    Just look at what this politician for the AfD said about Jews in this YouTube video…:

    I fully realize that telling the truth about Jews in (((Germany is a USA, UK, French and Russian))) backed, but Jew orchestrated, Criminal Offense, yet to have the nerve and say that Jews have nothing to worry about, when in fact Jews should be sh!tting in their pants with worry over the crimes they are presently perpetrating on all planetary life…, especially Germany,
    is something I can not sit by and idly watch.

    What a true leader of the AfD should be doing is acknowledging the reality that:
    “…it is precisely because of (by using code if necessary) the “Race of …Schnabbel-nasiger Taetervolk… (hook-nosed perpetrators)…” that the present erasure of German Culture continues with accelerated un-abatement…, and ask the forbidden question if,
    “…Maybe the Jews have every reason to worry?”.

    German youth sit paralyzed looking into their smart phones for solution-distractions while the Jewish cause of their problems remains totally out of their sphere of possible solutions and it is precisely these so called “…Schnabbelnasiger leaders of the AfD…” who feed into the paralysis of Germanic action and are part of the demise of the German Gene pool not to mention culture.

    To ask Germans to stand up and act when in fact the (((US military machine))) has so systematically disarmed, defanged and bludgeoned the German people that they dare not move in their own homes lest they be thrown forthwith into a Mannheim Dungeon is tantamount to a slap in the face for most mature Germans.

    Americans of Good faith should call for the release of Germany from Martial Law,
    allow for a true German Peoples’ ratified Constitution complete with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Ammendments…, for starters…,
    and only then have the temerity to ask that Germany
    “…Stand up and Defend itself…”.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Half right ! In the subtitled version he ridicules German security as starting in the Hindu Kush and the Turkish-German Cabinet member’s pronouncement of the non-existence of German culture. In the German version he kisses Jewish ass, applauded by almost all sitting in his AfD – allocated seats in Parliament.

  4. milan
    milan says:

    I would highly recommend an ebook by an unknown author Gerry Fox entitled Lies all lies about the grave seriousness surrounding an interpretation of the bible that implicated the German nation as Gog from the book of Ezekiel 38 and 39 and continues in some circles regarding a supposed WW3? I am deeply afraid a great wrong was perpetrated upon the German and Russian nations and though it may have come across in the past as a possibility due to the rise of communism and fascism it is high time this was corrected. This is serious!

  5. bruno
    bruno says:

    I just saw this. I wish I had time to write more. However, I’m getting ready to get breakfast for and take a child to school. Suggestion: Check exactly who ran the US spying mechanism in post Eurocide II Western Germany. One individual will stand out. He was on top of the entire oppression. He was born in Germany. He migrated to the US. His brethren advanced him. He joined the US military, spoke both English and German. He lived nearly his entire life in Germany. He was not of ethnically German ethnic (if you know what that means). Before retiring it was requested that he take German citizenship. His well recorded statement went something like this- “Under no conditions would I want to be part of this people.” I wish I could recalls name. US authority under his command hunted down innocent folks. The point here is not political. You see, he was born in Germany, German was his first language, he grew up reading in that language… Yet, he had adversity towards the country were he was born. Think about that.

    No I’m not endorsing AH. Without him I believe that toady Germany would be either the world’s leading power or amongst them. Prior to that, Germans read more newspapers that citizens of once GB, Italy and Fr. combined. They had the largest production of numerous materials and I think steel was one of them. Well, gotta run. Oh, lastly, Saint Merkel was not only detrimental to Germans, but to EuroMan as a whole.

    Oh, one more thing. I resided in the Workers’ Paradise. I know plenty about censorship. It is possible to get one’s point out, if done with double talk and diplomacy. Hell, here even Amazon stops countless book reviews each and everyday, if the semi-educated censors deem anything is not to and within their dreams…

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