There is no morality to accepting extinction

They lie.

They lie when they speak in glowing terms of the “enrichment” created for us by America’s burgeoning “diversity.”

In reality, a vast and inexorable destruction is spreading across America, and it is the entirely unnecessary and entirely deliberate dissolution of what we once revered as our nation and culture.  Americans had a people to which they belonged, and a cultural identity as distinct as that of any other society on earth.  Only the willfully blind can fail to see that both of those things are now vanishing quickly and forever.

It is a tribute to the gullibility of human beings, our acceptance of the lie that our dispossession “enriches” us, even as the waves of people displacing us reach deeper and deeper into our public coffers and polling booths.  It is a tribute to our ignorance, that we sit unblinking when our leaders tell us America has always been an experiment in multiculturalism, and the evolving New Babylon is rooted in our historical experience.

At its founding, America was 80 percent European, and undeniably Christian, Western, and European in its character.  For 200 years that identity was promoted by our immigration laws, and those laws in time fostered a nation 90 percent European.  It was indeed no perfect experiment, and there were definite fault lines involving race or ethnicity, but we knew who we were and with God’s help and great sacrifice we created the most magnificent civilization in human history.

Now, in the course of a single lifetime, our identity will be extinguished.  With the gutting of our immigration laws in 1965, in the course of a single 70-year average life span, by the year 2035 or thereabouts we will have gone from a nation ninety percent white to one in which Europeans are but one of many minorities, floating in a polyglot sea of people drawn from every corner of the globe.

In the fevered minds of the Cultural Marxists and the stupid, we will be a happy picture of coexistence and cooperation to which the rest of the world can aspire.  Such folks currently argue that the rights of the individual will still take precedence over group rights.  They insist our standard of living will remain intact or actually improve, as the numbers of consumers and producers expand.  They reassure us our principles of government will protect everyone, and those, along with the English language, will be the glue that will bind our society together.  This future, they would have us believe, is our natural and inevitable destiny as a nation, a destiny we can embrace without further examination or fear.

Those are the biggest lies of all.

The entire world operates on the premise of group identity politics, in which members of racial or ethnic groups vote or act in unison on the basis of what they perceive to be in the best interests of their group.  It is entirely natural for groups to engage in this behavior.  What’s more important, every group in America also operates on the premise of group identity politics, except for Europeans, for whom it is considered taboo.  We can extrapolate from this reality to conclude that in the America of tomorrow, group identity politics will continue to hold sway, and members of various ethnic electorates will continue to vote for whatever is in their best interests, including things like more immigration and more racial preferences in job hiring and college placements.  The only group that will be regarded with horror if it does likewise will be Americans who are pigmentationally impaired.  The latter group, of course, will in time no longer be in control of its own political destiny.  Its wealth will be taxed away from it to support hundreds of millions of imported poor, and racial preferences and quotas will be expanded to create places at the American table for unending onslaughts of new arrivals.

We will have facilitated our own political and cultural dispossession, foolishly, myopically, in defiance of the way every other group functions on the globe.  Ominously, we will have rendered ourselves powerless and irrelevant in a world growing ever more crowded and violent.

The traditional American nation, the one with roots expanding back four centuries, will have committed suicide — with a major push from our new elite which does not identify with the traditional White majority.  In the course of a single lifetime, an eye blink in history, we will have erased ourselves.  In the final analysis, we will have done this for no rationale that is genuinely pressing, unless it is desirable to give one’s children’s birthright to strangers.  And if we had limited all immigration to Swedes, it would have been our right to have done so.  Instead, we will have squandered the inheritance left to us by the unimaginable suffering and labor of our ancestors, effectively disinheriting our progeny.  Instead, we will have banished ourselves into the abyss for no morally compelling reason at all.

As all of this transpires, the proponents of mass immigration will decry any and all negative responses as being reactionary, racist, and sinister.  We face these accusations already, and they will continue to be powerful deterrents to galvanizing public resistance.  They will probably remain deterrents until Americans of color, and even immigrants themselves, can be persuaded that the magnitude of today’s mass immigration is replicating in America the same environmental, economic, and social problems that the immigrants fled from in their home countries.

Whether Americans of color respond to this reality or not, the descendants of America’s founders have every right to reject their current beguilement and to act in their own best interests.  They should in fact do so because a sane man does not give his house away and pretend he has honored the ancestors who built it for him.  They should do so because an intelligent man does not give his house away and pretend he has created a blessing for his children.  They should do so because a wise man does not give his house away and pretend, as he crouches in its cellar, that the new residents are bound by the house rules he posted in the foyer.

A wise man knows extinction does not confer any form of morality.

It is oblivion.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    We need to come to grips in our heart of hearts that those labeled as ‘intolerant’, ‘racists’, ‘homophobes’, etc. are in fact the ones who have the moral high ground. We fight for what is right, good, moral, Godly and beautiful.

    And, we need to face others with that confidence, that – win or lose (and I believe we will win) – we are of the good that opposes those of evil.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      You can ignore morality issues and stick with behavior that conforms to the laws of nature which overrides anything else. I.e. the rectum is not genitalia, homosexuality is a dead end, overpopulation is a dead end, black crime and destruction are dead ends….

  2. Thomas Daley
    Thomas Daley says:

    Great Piece of truth but where is the practical antidote to combat this war on our race. All I hear on TOO is Talk, Talk, Talk, but No Action! How do we fight back in a meaningful way against this colosis of evil that confronts us at every turn and in every way?

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      In our hearts we all know what must be done, but we hesitate not because of personal fear but due to uncertainty and unwillingness to precipitate rash counter-productive actions.
      It is the function of TOO to present the facts of our present dilemma and not to suggest any sort of illegal actions.
      Our enemies take great pleasure in mocking us while they slowly strangle and drain our life blood, but if history teaches us anything it is the certainty that they will grow impatient and rack up the level of torture as they did during and after all the historical revolutions in which they had a hand. Our task is to be ready and prepared for that inevitable turn of events.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      How do we fight back in a meaningful way? Well, Thomas, it begins first with determining what is your circle of influence; i.e. – where can you truly make an impact? Most of us dwell in our circle of concern; i.e. – the globalist juggernaut, the Illuminati, the mongrelizing of our race, the EU, Hollywood, George Soros, etc. Yet very few if any of us are in a position to make sweeping changes in those areas.

      But it is in our circle of influence that we must begin. It may just be as simple as voicing your concerns to your eye doctor or librarian next time you see them. Or, speaking up in church, or at college, or with those coworkers who may still have two brain cells to rub together. Or, doing stuff on the internet like you and I are doing now (though we must guard against sitting in our seats instead of getting into the streets).

      Yes, we must start small, but as has been said by wiser minds than mine, big things have small beginnings!

      And, the best part of working in your circle of influence rather than your circle of concern is that, as you persevere, your circle of influence will grow, and in time, whether in your lifetime or later lifetimes that benefit from your efforts, the circle of influence will eclipse the circle of concern. And that, my friend, is victory!

      • Robert Keith
        Robert Keith says:

        And talk, talk, talk, they should continue to do as they do it very well. Action is another function. The greatest philosopher usually makes a lousy President. Only in rare occasions in history has such a combination been achieved, and one of them was surely our own revolution.

        • artscb357
          artscb357 says:

          You have to uphold a high moral standard. Use no credit. Don’t pick fights but don’t be silent in public or be easily intimidated. Be a beacon for others similar to yourself to come to.

          • Old Russian
            Old Russian says:

            Well said. For today. But the fate of the white race and peoples will be decided in the course of an imminent global catastrophe, on the threshold of which we are already standing. Survive and leave offspring only the most courageous, valiant and persistent.And these qualities are in decline. Excuse my English.

    • Ready and Waiting
      Ready and Waiting says:

      Exactly what I have noticed. Much talk about waking up, be alert, be discerning. That’s only the start. I lack the skills and education to lead or direct, but I’m willing to do, when there is wise leadership to follow.

    • Jim Russel
      Jim Russel says:

      What can you do? You can spread the word. You can open the eyes of just one person. If they’re not interested in racial issues, talk about fake news and the hypnotizing of our population into believing in imaginary fake hate crimes like Jussie Smollett now and the hollow hoax seventy years ago.

      In America we have much more freedom of speech than, say, the 600 Germans who marched to celebrate the birthday of Ursula Haverbeck which she spent behind bars . Now those people took some risks! And Americans don’t need to worry about the “offensive speech” laws used to convict Dr. James Sears in Canada and Alison Chabloz in the UK.

      I do performance art in my front yard with hand-painted signs hanging from a tree. Five years ago when I hung my first sign out there, 9-11 Inside Job, my heart was pounding because I was scared. But that passed. Now my only worry is stressing the tree when we have windy weather.

    • Robert Keith
      Robert Keith says:

      TOO should continue to talk, talk, talk, which it does very well. Action on its words is another function to be undertaken by someone so qualified by history.


    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      I frequently engage blacks in conversation while waiting in lines, etc. not because I want to get along but because I hate them. I let them know in unprovoking speech what their future is by continuing to shit on us and to carry around their sense of entitlement. It’s usually very eye opening for most of them because they still linger on the Zionist Democrat Plantation and are taught that all whites are sleeping and stupid liberals that are there to make their lives as easy as possible. Jews have filled their heads with this is “their time”. I shit on that notion for them and let them know the party is almost over and they ARE going to pay their bill. As long as you don’t catch them in their pity party black militant monkey tribe settings it’s quite an upsetting wake up call for them that they’re in deep shit and no one in the future is going to put up with them anymore.

    • James Scott
      James Scott says:

      The best way to fight back is not preaching to the choir. i rarely post on sites like this but I post a lot on normie conservative sites that promote Civic Nationalism. Civic nationalism is just anti white politics. Pointing out to conservatives that their civic Nationalism is what has filled our nation with millions of non whites voting for socialism is true. It is also true that without Civic Nationalist conservatives allowing non white immigration white liberals would be powerless. Until the majority of whites wake up to the fact that the vast majority of non whites will never become Americans we cannot move forward. Rudely calling our Civic Nationalists for their stupid beliefs works. It is also a good idea to tell them they fucked over their grandchildren and it is real easy for them to virtue signal because they grew up in a homogeneous safe white nation which is something they have denied their descendants.

      Getting stupid conservatives to snap out of their Civic Nationalist delusions is the first step.

      • Charlie
        Charlie says:

        “Getting stupid conservatives to snap out of their Civic Nationalist delusions is the first step.”

        It starts by getting them off the jooish brainwash of the Holyhoax and their Israhell First alliance

  3. Dan Reardon
    Dan Reardon says:

    Excellent article Sid. Our folk are in the process of committing genetic suicide and I fear there is no coming back from it.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I agree with Dan. This was a sobering analysis of the current state of White Europeans, not only here in America, but across the entire White Western world.

      But, I do have one major criticism of this article. It continues to push what Tanstaafl has called “The Suicide Meme’. The idea that Whites are committing suicide and that only they are to blame for the existential crisis we now face. In Tanstaafl’s own words:

      “We are betrayed by leaders who lie to us about what is happening and why. They are in a position to know the truth, and they have a duty to tell it, but they do not. Instead they tell us nothing is wrong, or that the symptoms of our “suicide” – genocidal levels of immigration and anti-White discrimination – are “strengths” to be “celebrated”! Only irrational, psychopathic “racists” think something is wrong.

      If you’re going to talk about this honestly instead of denying or lying about it like they do, then call it genocide. Don’t add insult to our injury by slandering us as suicidal.

      To call what’s happening “suicide” flies in the face of the reality that many Whites are either ignorant of what’s happening or continue to labor under the “non-discrimination” deception, and that others are subjected to punishment for speaking out in opposition. When a group of people is deliberately guided toward extinction by deception and coercion that’s genocide, not suicide.”

      posted by Tanstaafl at 5/26/2010 08:56:00 AM

      • Jim Russel
        Jim Russel says:

        Calling it suicide is being realistic. Hierarchies among animals are entirely natural.

        Henry Ford’s International Jew has been eminently successful over the past 100 years in accumulating more power over the passive goyim who have so far blindly and complacently allowed themselves to be treated like cattle. Whose fault is it that Ford’s warning was ignored?

        You blame political leaders for not telling us the truth? Who let those leaders rise to power? Political leaders rise to power by telling people what the people want to hear.

        The problem is stupidity and apathy. Maybe the goyim really are as stupid as the Talmud says they are.

  4. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    20 years after Internet has vastly increased the boundaries of comprehension, people still talk as though the word has no Jews. You’re looking at the USA as if it was run almost entirely by whites. The founding myths have no place for the Rothschilds, the (((British))) Empire, the Jews running the Biblical nonsense. With respect, you’re looking at Germany, Poland, Britain, France etc as units, as solid fixed groups. The way to understand is to know USA is USA + (((USA))), Germany is Germans + (((Germans))), France is French + (((French))), Britain is (((British + (((British))) etc.
    . . . If these Jewish power blocs are kept separate, everything becomes clear, or at least clearer. Talmudic law says Jews must kill the best of the ‘goyim’. WW1 and WW2 were probably the result of Jews operating secretly, under cover of Jewish media everywhere. They made whites (and ‘yellows’) kill each other across the whole of Eurasia. If you don’t understand all this–and ‘Sid Secular’ and most of the Observer–doesn’t seem to– then you’re not within the modern world at all.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      On the other hand, there does to seem to be a change of sorts here. One that I’ve been wanting to comment on for some time.

      For example, in the comment section of a recent article I saw a comment from someone who used the K word for jews. My gut response was “Why would they post that comment?”

      It’s a reasonable question. The rest of the comment had no depth, added nothing to our understanding of anything, nor was it encouraging or any of the other things we could use these days.
      It was just a pedestrian comment with an insult, the kind that can attract negative attention and for no good purpose. In short, it was unnecessary and uncharacteristic of TOO.

      Since I value this site and its content and writers, and since I know they value our basic freedoms, particularly of speech, all I can do is share what’s on my mind in that regard.

      And someone could say that they were respecting this person’s right to free speech. The obvious response to that would simply be, why risk so much to let someone post a slur? Is posting/protecting a slur more important than saying something worthwhile?

      My gut response today to racial insults on sites in general, and sites like TOO in particular, is that it’s got The ADL, $PLC, FBI, etc. written all over it. You know, JIDF Trolls and Informants. I mean, it was obvious to me why Takimag stopped their comment section. The comments about jews on that page were smart, funny, and on target. Can’t have that.

      In event, it’s very common for people to view sites that use vulgar slurs as a sign that the site has been contaminated by a virus of sorts.

      It’s a tactic typical of the evil adult-children that run the $PLC to scarecrow, or David Duke a site so that no sane person who wants to keep their job would go near it. Hope that’s not happening here.

      If I’m wrong, please accept my apology in advance. But, I comment here often and read every article I comment on carefully, because what the writers have to say here matters to me. Which is another way of saying that I’ve given this comment some thought before writing and posting it.

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        To Richard B:

        I read your comment carefully. Thanks for your insight, and more so for phrasing it in a dignified manner.

        Perhaps if your comment were distilled, it might read thus: ‘Kinsmen, if we want to be respected, we need to be respectable!’

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          ‘Kinsmen, if we want to be respected, we need to be respectable!’

          Exactly my point.

          Thank you for your comment Tim.

  5. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    The manufacture of consent — including consent to mass extinction — is, first and foremost, manufacture of the culture’s notion of what is “fair”. Man, the moral animal, cannot escape the some notion of what is “fair” in social relations without descent into a subhuman state. By “fair” in social relations I mean the culture’s allocation of birth and death as “moral”.

    What sets “whites”, defined as those of us bred by the culture of individual integrity, apart from others, is the recognition that there is something of the sacred in the individual’s moral agency in the choices of not only reproduction (nurturing) but of dealing death (discipline). Since cultures of group integrity are, in their very essence, continually waging unrestricted war (the continuation of war by all means, including politics), it is absolutely necessary that we not only maintain strict separation from them. In the absence of separation, it is absolutely necessary that we organize ourselves into a terminal war machine — a machine that terminates upon the achievement of the war’s moral objective, which is the instauration of our ancestral culture in territory of sufficient size to support intergenerational continuity without interference. This, in turn, means a clearly stated law upholding that ancestral culture as the objective standard to be achieved regardless of the cost to those who may seek to interfere.

  6. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Non whites honestly don’t care if the US comes to resemble the third world hellholes that they left behind. That is the high water mark for those people, and a certain level of perpetual broken-ness is completely natural to them. They can’t fathom well groomed, stately, safe, and clean streets in a high functioning society. That’s not the reality they came from, and they consider that reality to be “racist” because it performs at a level higher than most of them are capable of operating at. They’re quite happy to live in squalor and dysfunction, and will create it either by will or by default wherever they go.

  7. Amy Armadillo
    Amy Armadillo says:

    “They lie.”

    Okay, dramatic beginning, but who’s “they?” There’s no hope of beating the enemy if you won’t name the enemy.

    The SJW left? Antifa? MSM, Democrats, Deep State, academia? No, no, and no.

    I’m surprised Editor McDonald, who penned the definitive reference of Jewish manipulation of our culture for generations, allows such sloppy writing on his site. I’m so weary of Internet whiners reminding us White America is under attack, assuming they’re the only ones who have figured this out (“It is a tribute to the gullibility of human beings … It is a tribute to our ignorance”).

    Honey, we know we’re f***ed without this latest Newsflash, and we know who’s doing it: Jews. Everyone else manning the barricades is simply regurgitating 60 years of Jewish propaganda.

    Maybe we need to reframe the Narrative. It’s not about Left vs. Right, or Black vs. White, or Democrats vs. Republicans. It’s about Jews vs. Christians. Every lawsuit to eliminate school prayer, or remove Bibles from hotels, or expunge manger scenes and Ten Commandments from town squares, has been instigated by a Jew. Every revision of immigration law has been penned by a Jew. Every lawsuit for LGBT rights, every pro-choice march, every bid for stringent gun control, even the movement to impeach Trump, has been Jewish-led and funded.

    Jews have a Talmudic mandate to eliminate White Christianity, because Christ is offensive to them. Our battle needs to start from altars all over America, starting with the emphatic denial of a “Judeo-Christian” tradition. Jews and Christians have nothing in common, and anyone who’s accepted Christ as their Savior should know the Talmud has Him writhing in a big vat of sh*t deep in Hell.

    This war has been afoot since 33 A.D., and now that they’ve swiped back their Homeland you’d better believe they’re in it until Last Man Standing.

    This is real End-of-Days stuff.

    • Jody Templeton
      Jody Templeton says:

      If the assault being waged against us is so self-evident, Amy, why haven’t you had a heart-to-heart about it with your next-door neighbor? Or the man at work who sits in the cubicle next to yours? Or your boss? Or the family that sits in the pew behind your pew in church? You know why. It’s because a full comprehension of the magnitude and meaning of the assault is not easily achieved, even for people who are receptive to our viewpoints, including, presumably, some of OO’s readers. It is also apparent that a vast segment of the American public has little clue at all about anything occurring outside their cocoons. We therefore must all repeat the message, in as profound a manner as possible, until it gets internalized far and wide.

      • Jody Templeton
        Jody Templeton says:

        As for pointing out culpability, there will be plenty of time for that once we get the masses up on their haunches and bristling. You appear to be incorrectly assuming that raising an alarm is possible. Right now, almost everyone around us is still asleep. Nineteen out of twenty white people will tell you that becoming a minority in their own country poses no specific danger to them at all. (!) Unless we succeed in awakening them, alarming them, arousing a reactionary response, the identities and details of the culprits in this madness will remain a moot point for anyone except our like-minded friends.

  8. Sidney Secular
    Sidney Secular says:

    To those seeking action in addition to talk, I will be submitting an article in 2 months called “National Day of Action” outlining what we have to do. Also, see my article in The Nationalist Times for January called “Fighting the Juggernaut”.

    Sid Secular

  9. LS
    LS says:

    I once had an Indian (of India) acquaintance of mine read The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds–just to see what he would say. He could not put the book down and read it in about four days. When I asked him what he thought, he said, “Man, if you have got to tell your people what is in this book, you are in deep shit.”

    I was reminded of that when I read this piece.

  10. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Blacks cause unnecessary sprawl and resource waste as people scramble to escape their societal wrecking ball. There is not a single documentable case of anything being made better by blacks.

  11. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    Thank you to Sid Secular and all the letter-writers. I read the Occidential Observer with joy and confidance/faith (mit Freude und Zuversicht).
    I am German and we have a similar situation in Germany. Our folk looks at ist own extinction within the next twenty years. There are many schools and kindergartens in Germany with less than 10% Germans, some have zero Germans.
    That is a catastophe, but ist holds hope: It shows that natural segregation works very effectively:
    Germans do not mix to a large extend with non-whites, despite the propaganda of the mainstream to do so. Germans do not want to have their German children stay together with negroes and Turks and Arabs within one school. That is a common trait in Germany, including right wing or left wing parents. There are some female politicians who claim multikulti to be a good thing, but their own children are at German schools with German/white schoolmates.
    The killing of the German folk and other white folks and the killing of the whole white race ist not suicide. It is an engineered and orchestrated attack at our survival. All words and explanations regarding “Why it is good that the white race will disappear” are of cause against all natural feelings, against the truth, against nature, against the way the world is organizing itself.
    What can we do:
    We need a thought that there is an attack and why there is an attack and who is attacking us and what will be the result of that attack.
    That means that we need a worldview (Weltsicht) and resulting from that worldview comes a plan how to survive.
    There is no need that this worldview is absolutely true and without exaggerations or mistakes (flaws). I give an example: If a hen will see a one meter long thing with a bushy red fur going around in the fields, than the hen will fly away. In her little brain the hen has stored her little simple worldview: “If there comes a long red bushy fur thing, than fly away.”
    A simple and crude worldview, but effective for survival.
    And we Whites need a simple and effective worldview, too.
    I give an example: Some ( or many or including the vast majority of them) rich and/or religious Jews want to extinct us.
    It is not important whether this basic thought is wright or wrong: In case that this thought
    will make as awake and it will make us do the important things for the survival of our folks, than that worldview has done its supposed work. Therefore is not neccessary that we try to prove that this thought is wright or wrong.
    We just move along the lines coming from that thought and we test the results from that actions and adjust our further moving and so on.
    That kind of thought and acting is a “Arbeitshypothese” (maybe “Working hypothesis” )?
    A crude and simple method. And for several centuries up today, this method is widely used in the natural sciences. It it the method of choice to get important results.

    And nothing is more important than our own survival as white folks and white race.
    Of cause: For us that ist important, non-whites will not care to much about our fate.

  12. says:

    I can only speak to a stultifying emotionally traumatic sense of paralysis that has increasingly resulted in my own case in a withdrawal from society at large as increasingly my description as an old ‘white’ male becomes the focus and occasionally the target of this decline. The transition from gullible 70’s humanist mentality transitioning to a politically focused reactionary has left me not unexpectedly without a larger more immediate community with which to take up this classic ‘Jewish Question’ which tirelessly presents itself as some new media supported ‘Liberal Leftist’ maneuver but is in truth the ‘horns of the bull’ working from both extremes against the middle. The only obvious constituency to connect with are those that suffer the results but in a very real sense promote their own sense of philosophical masochism that prevents them from daring to realize their own dilemma and do something about it. The sad part of it is that nothing that is happening is new! But has been fully explained time and again in cultures previously beset by observers that have either been meticulously demonized or purposely exiled from mainstream history. The enfranchisement of the Internet as the only prime marketplace of ideas has only further accelerated the decay as it is ultimately not going to be governed by anyone who has interests of the truth but as a tool of political persuasion. The only boldface print clarity of discussion comes, without some irony, from Adolf Hitler and Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn. And of course, that is the ultimate modern day heresy!

  13. Jim Russel
    Jim Russel says:

    Genocide is done by using force. It’s the difference between a robber and a con man. The victim of a con gives it up voluntarily. The con man needs no weapons but he instead he needs to be smarter than his victims.

    The victim of a confidence game is always angry at the end but they’re angry mostly at themselves for their own stupidity.

    That’s why suicide is the appropriate term, not genocide.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Force is not being used? It is being used everywhere. Public schools are based on force. Income tax is based on force. The banking setup is maintained by regulatory force. Those questioning the holohoax can expect to go to prison [Europe]. And so on.

      The left has virtually unlimited funds from taxation and printing of the fake money. These activities require regulatory force, or threats of force.

  14. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    White Cuckremacism is far more dangerous than White Supremacism.

    Jewish Power will say, blah blah blah, we have most to fear from White Supremacism, but what the world should really fear is White Cuckremacism. The main problem is not that proud whites resist Jewish globo-homo supremacism but that they cuck to it. If whites could emancipate/liberate themselves from Jewish-Zionist globo-homo supremacist hegemonism, they would NOT be participating in these Wars for Israel, belligerence toward Russia & Iran, and Zionist tyranny over Palestinians in West Bank. The world would be nicer and safer.

    Look at the Iraq War. It was the result of White Cuckremacism to Jewish Supremacism. Cuckremacists don’t just bow down to another group BUT support and further its supremacist ambitions. Because Jewish Power is now in supremacist mode and because white folks submissively serve it, what the world fears most is White Cuckremacism.
    Indeed, even white supremacism would be less dangerous than white cuckremacism because it would at least push against Jewish supremacism. If white supremacism and Jewish supremacism duke it White Cuckremacism is far more dangerous than White Supremacism.

    Jewish Power will say, blah blah blah, we have most to fear from White Supremacism, but what the world should really fear is White Cuckremacism. The main problem is not that proud whites resist Jewish globo-homo supremacism but that they cuck to it. If whites could emancipate/liberate themselves from Jewish-Zionist globo-homo supremacist hegemonism, they would NOT be participating in these Wars for Israel, belligerence toward Russia & Iran, and Zionist tyranny over Palestinians in West Bank. The world would be nicer and safer.

    Look at the Iraq War. It was the result of White Cuckremacism to Jewish Supremacism. Cuckremacists don’t just bow down to another group BUT support and further its supremacist ambitions. Because Jewish Power is now in supremacist mode and because white folks submissively serve it, what the world fears most is White Cuckremacism.
    Indeed, even white supremacism would be less dangerous than white cuckremacism because it would at least push against Jewish supremacism. If white supremacism and Jewish supremacism duke it out, he rest of the world has less to worry about. There would be more balance in the world. The real problem for the world is that White Cuckremacists play obedient dogs to Jewish Supremacists. The combined power of Jewish supremacism and White cuckremacism have done so much harm to the world.

    By the way, if SPLC and ADL are such civil rights groups committed to equality, why don’t they EVER admonish white people for favoring Zionist imperialists over Palestinian victims? Why don’t they EVER pressure whites to be equally fair to both Jews/Israel and Palestinians/West Bank? So much for commitment to equality and justice.out, he rest of the world has less to worry about. There would be more balance in the world. The real problem for the world is that White Cuckremacists play obedient dogs to Jewish Supremacists. The combined power of Jewish supremacism and White cuckremacism have done so much harm to the world.

    By the way, if SPLC and ADL are such civil rights groups committed to equality, why don’t they EVER admonish white people for favoring Zionist imperialists over Palestinian victims? Why don’t they EVER pressure whites to be equally fair to both Jews/Israel and Palestinians/West Bank? So much for commitment to equality and justice.

  15. Bennis Mardens
    Bennis Mardens says:

    No….it’s genocide. Not suicide. Our people did not decide to kill themselves. The jewish elite decided to wipe us out.
    It’s that simple. Socially engineered ethnic cleansing…..planned and deliberately executed.
    Like Ann Coulter says, “Our people didn’t vote to become mexico.”
    Because the jews seek to make the world “Holocaust-proof,” we have to be taken out.
    Wiping out your enemy is very Old Testament…..and as someone else mentioned…..this is end of days stuff…..
    their goal is the total domination of humanity.

    • Jody Templeton
      Jody Templeton says:

      It’s both suicide and genocide, because our thundering silence and inaction are the equivalent of consent.

  16. Barbara Ann Nowak
    Barbara Ann Nowak says:

    PROTEST! PROTEST! PROTEST! It’s the Great White Polar Bear Day! I’m going to find out how to protest here in my town. My sign will read, “Save the Great White People! Save the Great White Polar Bear Day! I protested the DC Holocaust Museum for 2 days in January 2017. Once with megaphone. I asked the curator who listened to me for 2 hours: Where’s the White Polish version of the Holocaust? My people were “twice” as many in the camps and twice as long? We lost “twice” as many whatever the figure. Where’s the German version? The Christian version. I told him, “There’s nothing in this museum except for the Jew race and religion. It’s a synagogue.” He confessed, “The winners wrote the war!” You can see my blogs on my museum protest analyzing even the pamphlets. It’s pathetic. The museum had pictures of German women with baby buggies as if that’s “evil!” I was astounded. When I protested “Save the White Race” and “Jews lied about the Holocaust,” near the street, the massive concrete buildings were shaking! I didn’t need a megaphone. The next day I got one though. I took it to the Capital building on the first day of Congress. The Police scanners threatened me with prison if I protested Congress. Automatic jail sentence. Like Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” which sings of the Jewish Purple Gangs as if Gangs taking over America is the norm for Whites to suffer! I went to Roy Blunt’s office to ask for the Charlottesville General Lee Statue. I boarded a fellow disciple of Dr. William Luther Pierce stay with me for a while to get him on his feet. He was ailing and out of work. He got a terrific truck driver job. But he was from Charlottesville, Virginia. Coincidentally, I happened to find on the Internet where the Jewish mayor Singer and his Vice-Mayor (Vice is a good word for the Black man) were going to destroy the White man, leader’s, statue and it would cost $350,000. I begged Sen. Blunt’s office to send the statute to Springfield, MO where I live. There’s a 1/2 Union and 1/2 Confederate Cemetery, with a tall, tall monument of a Confederate Soldier. They could have moved the General Lee Statue there. What’s odd is I must have opened up a Jewish sacred can of worms. Because after that the hounds of Hell were unleashed against the Whites as in no time in my 16 years of crusading and 50,000 pages of writing. The major website shut down, de-platforming, radio show arrives for 9 years shut down for 3 different people, Youtube channels, Ingrid and Ernst Zundel, the father and mother of the Great Holocaust Trials died within 6 months. Ernst in Germany after 7 years of solitary confinement and banned from his wife in Pigeon Forge Tennessee (home of Dollywood, I’m a Dolly impersonator) If I hadn’t coincidentally discovered that all their estate including their life’s records, books, pamphlets, videos, website in Germany, Pigeon Forge TN, and Mexico would have been lost to us forever. The Jew’s rely on the Holocaust as their religious control over us Whites. I’ve been working on the Zundel Estate for over a year. It’s still stagnant although I’ve labored my heart out even postponing finishing my autobiography: “I’m White” Reveals a Secret Jewish Empire of Polish-American Slaves for 1,000 years. It’s impossible to get even 2 White people together. I wrote Matt Hale a letter in prison, solitary. He was framed. I’ll tell you more if you want. But I want to go protest somewhere on the streets today in my Mrs. Polar Bear Costume with a sign. If White people only knew I’m trying to help them, they simply hurt me back! How much can a “good” White woman endure? Or Should endure? When there’s no reward for me just anguish. I guess after 16 years I’m immune. Any ideas? I’m going to hit the City Hall and Streets! If I can. Also the local supermarket which has a $4 all you can eat salad bar about 20 feet long on both sides! I’ve tried to call a few number to spread the word, but again, hard to communicate with Whites sometimes on an intelligent, organized level, with emotions allowed.

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