AntiFa Terrorists Immune from Prosecution

AntiFa torch a police car at at Georgia Tech

The extent of the immunity enjoyed by these leftist “anti-racist” thugs is astonishing.

In Atlanta, the “AntiFa” have engaged in repeated criminal acts and not one of them  has ever been prosecuted.

These acts include (skip to the last if you want to get a quick grasp of how bad this situation is):

  1. Repeated violent attacks on Trump rallies including beating up an 80-year-old woman trying to enter the rally venue.

Numerous arrests — after a long period of significant benign police inaction — but no prosecutions.

  1. Parading through the streets without permits while wearing masks in violation of the Anti-Mask law and brandishing AK-47s while the police beamed approvingly. Only action by authorities? Making statements congratulating the AntiFa for being so peaceful and affirming their right to free speech.
  2. Beating a homosexual couple bloody when the AntiFa engaged in a demonstration in the heavily gay Midtown neighborhood demanding that all prisoners be released from the jails as “victims of capitalism.” The AntiFa invaded a coffee shop and took it over. They screamed and chanted and waved their placards.  The two guys drinking their coffee were naive enough to believe you could actually speak with these fanatics.  They expressed their skepticism at the idea that everyone in jail should be released.  The AntiFa response?  Not debate or civic dialogue.  The mob jumped the guys and beat the shit out of them.  At that point the police, who had made no effort to protect the business owner’s rights and had allowed the AntiFa to seize control of the premises and threaten and bully the patrons who were there drinking their coffee and reading their newspapers, did in fact move.  They rescued the two guys and arrested three of the assailants.

Prosecutions? Ha, ha, ha!  Don’t be silly!  All let go under what appears to be a “catch and release” policy.

  1. Placing a death threat up on me saying “Sam Dickson needs to die and we are dedicated to bringing this about.” When I went to the police authorities about this, I was essentially told to get lost and not let the door hit me on the ass as I left. The death threat was kept up for months.
  2. Here’s the Ultimate:

The AntiFa held a demonstration at Georgia Tech against police brutality. (They are under a delusion that law enforcement is against them despite all evidence to the contrary; the cops and FBI are totally on the side of the AntiFa.)

In the course of this demonstration the AntiFa attacked a police car.  They threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car.  The car exploded.  The flames shot over 100 feet into the air.  Fortunately, no cop was in the car.  Three AnfiFa were arrested in the act of torching the car with the Molotov cocktail.

This was 15 months ago.

No prosecutions.

Even as cynical and jaded as I am, I entertained the deluded notion that if you threw a bomb into a police car and destroyed it, something bad would happen to you.

Not if you are AntiFa!

I really wonder:

Just how is it that these terrorists get a pass?

Does someone call up district attorneys and tell them not to touch the AntiFa?

Does Soros do this?

Other powerful members of Jewish communities?

I’d really like to know how this works. We all know what would happen if the people engaged in violence and were what the media presumes to call “White Supremacists.”


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  1. Tom Sunic, PhD
    Tom Sunic, PhD says:

    When compared to Germany, Antifa activists in the US and their subsidized weekend street thugs is a kindergarten spiel. Germany has a whole array of taxpayer-funded Antifa outlets with lachrymose-world-improving names ( “Blick nach Rechts,” “Amadeu Antonio Stiftung”, “AABO” ) chaired by ex-communist and leftist high-profile politicians and activists, largely working in tandem with 16 spying agencies i.e. “Verfassungsschutz”, whose task is the enforcement of political rectitude in the msm and higher education and monitoring conservative scholars and politicians for any thought digression. Due to its neurotic feelings of historical guilt the German government is obliged to play down any terrorist threat/felony committed by non-European migrants or Antifa activists.


    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Tom, I’ve always loved hearing your mind. Like me, you’ve been around the world, function in a few languages and have rubbed shoulders with many politicos. Keep up the good work. Sto Lat/ bruno

      I thought you have returned to Mother Europe.

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Dear Mr. Dickson,

    Surely, a man with your credentials in the W.A. Movement must realize that upper echelon police officers are Free Masons and that the Masonic Temples are controlled by Jews.
    As such, (((they))) and “…other members…” of this and other secretive societies (I.e. Knights of Columbus) know (((who calls the shots))) and what (((their))) agenda (to drive society steadily toward a Jew World Order) is and that anyone opposed to this agenda is fair game to be eliminated…, by hook or by crook.

    The present Trump-Kim Jong Un summit is a perfect example of this.
    Trump castigates the North Koreans for not signing on to the denuclearization protocol, mean while US Forces Bases in South Korea are widely known to hold an arsenal of nuclear warheads complete with delivery systems and specialized troops to deploy them.

    From North Korea to Syria (Israel’s northern neighbour) there exists a string of countries that are resisting the Jew World Order and all of them are under the (((American Gun))).
    Not only does this string of countries fall largely outside of complete Jewish hegemony, they also have the resources and the means to supply themselves with nearly whatever they each require (aside from Western man’s DNA).

    Trump, for his part, behaves much like a Jew in his “…negotiations…” with any of these countries.., namely; Give the Jews exactly what (((they))) demand…,
    any other outcome is an affront to Talmudic edict: Non-Jews are animals and have absolutely no rights whatsoever.

    Even more astonishing is that Jews ensconced in any of “…these countries…” have been supplying these nations with whatever Western Technology they can steal and then sell it through the back door dealers in the (((Rothschild engineered International Criminal Safe Haven State))).

    Kim Jong-Un drives around Pyongyang, openly flaunting US sanctions, in the latest Maybach
    ( )
    on the market, all the while, (((Westen))) media implicates Germany, under a state of US Martial Law, for breaking sanctions against North Korea by supplying Kim with this German built and designed Masterpiece of Engineering, yet how many people know that the Daimler AG is proxy controlled and proxy owned by the (((Jewish Saudi Royal Family)))?

    I often wonder, with White nationalist leaders like ours…, who needs Jews!

    One might make the argument that the World is better served under a US controlled dictatorship than a that of a Communist-Islamic Axis of Despots, but given the plethora of deplatforming etc… actions against honest Whites throughout the West, in the end all roads lead to death by Jew.

    So the conundrum is all pervasive Jew Asphyxiation no matter which side one chooses to side with -/- struggle against therefore logic dictates that the solution must lie outside the paradigm of “..either/or…” and focus on an Order that offers incentives that appeal to All those being played against each other.
    What will this Third Way look like?

    The problems are plentiful, obvious and understood, but it is solutions that must be EXPLORED and debated…, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    I seem to recall that, ironically, the police in Germany prior to 1933 gave advantages to Nazi rioters over their communist opponents.

    After 1933, of course, the playing field simply went vertical.

      HAUSSER says:

      Not so. The NSDAP was banned from 1923 thru 1927. The SDP and Rote Front were protected in the Weimar Years.

    • Steve
      Steve says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Police machine gunned the Brown Shirts / Nazi’s. Hitler was even put into jail.

      Whilst I’m here, I was told by a French Nationalist that the Riot Police has been co-opted by the Hard Left. Which is why the Riot Police go easy on Antifa rioting but go all out if Nationalists try to hold a peaceful meeting

  4. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Interesting to have an article from Sam Dickson here as I just finished watching his talk with Jared Taylor about why Whites don’t defend themselves. They didn’t really get into answering that question in the video. Not directly at least. But it was a nice talk.

    After watching that I saw another video from Fox News saying that they found the thug who hit the young conservative in the face at Berkeley recently. His name’s Greenberg. Nothing will happen to him.

    Everyone here at TOO, writers and readers, know what happened in the 20th century in Russia and they know who was largely responsible and they know that that is in the USA now. I humored myself last year and the year before posting USSR 1917 – USSA 2017 and then USSR 1918 – USSA 2018. But it’s true and historically accurate. The USA was always their target. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s where the money is.

    This Greenberg coward-punk is a descendent of those people. He can’t wait for that punch to become an bullet to the head. No empathy for someone with an opposing view struggling to be heard, no shame for punching someone smaller than him who clearly was not looking for a fight, and no remorse for having done it. In short, his behavior was typical of the mercilessness they possess once in power. The kind Dostoyevsky described so well 130+years ago.

    We need to latch on to this one. By their own definition, the definition set by The ADL and $PLC, what Greenberg did was A Hate Crime! If any non-Jew, any White, any goy, any whatever you want to call us, hit a Jew under those or any circumstances, it would be called a Hate Crime. So, time to give them their own medicine.

    Because you can bet that Greenberg will get a pass and that this violence will not only continue, it will escalate. Why shouldn’t it if no one is going to stop them and they know they won’t be punished.

    “Just how is it that these terrorists get a pass?
    Does someone call up district attorneys and tell them not to touch the AntiFa?
    Does Soros do this?
    Other powerful members of Jewish communities?
    I’d really like to know how this works.”

    I would like to offer this answer. Obviously I can’t provide proof. So I won’t bother to defend. Just offer it for consideration.

    Not much of a secret that The ADL and $PLC control The FBI (c. The Federal Framing of Schaeffer Cox and who the Judge in Alaska was to get an idea of how deep and dark this all is).

    All they have to do is access their Database and viola, instant Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists, KKK, Skinheads. But the can use the same method to recruit Antifa too.
    They just look for who is up for probationary parole or who have cases pending on drug charges, violent offenses, sexual offenders, etc. The worse your case the more they own you. They’ll either then cut deals or just force the unlucky to do their bidding. This has been going on for ages. Naturally, the Antifas are only too happy to participate. Just as the cops are too. They’re both have one important thing in common, lots of repressed sadism.

    Of course, which ever way it works, ie; willing Antifas to attack manufactured White Nationalists, etc. it’s all done under conditions of secrecy. But this is the age of the leaks and of the Internet. Kind of hard to keep things secret. Plus, even if this gets out The ADL and $PLC can simply laugh it off. But who here would put it past them.

    But, from one perspective, we don’t have to prove it. We just have to get them to deny it. It would certainly be yet another way to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    There’s no denying that we’re up against it right now and that they really have us over a barrel. They have all the resources and have no conscience.

    In any event, the fact is that we’re an Occupied Territory. And the only way to liberate an occupied territory is through aggression. But, as was pretty clear from Mr. Dickson’s talk with Mr. Taylor, Whites just don’t seem capable of organization and self-defense. Unless they learn how to do both and fast the future is, well, it’s just going to be more of the same, only worse.

  5. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    The correct psychological term is white masochism. I cannot think of another example in history in which a dominant and highly successful majority has conspired in its own minoritization, perhaps the most abnormal mindset ever seen.

  6. JohnB.
    JohnB. says:

    Gotta keep the white slaves beavering away on the plantation. If whites ever go identity politics then the clown show called modern America is finished and all the parasites that live off of the white population, from minorities to Wall Street to the Pentagon, will go under. As the parasite-to-white ratio increases the strain on the white slave population increases exponentially and all the old methods within the law that were so effective before become much less effective. Even the densest white is starting to feel his chains. Extra legal methods are called for, and as is typical in our system they are farmed out to non-governmental organizations, from Facebook and Amazon to antifa so that the real powers that be can wash their hands. The good news is it’s the last gasp, the last desperate effort to squeeze money out of the slaves before the brown collapse causes America to cease being either an economic or military superpower. Silver linings.

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