AntiFa Terrorists Immune from Prosecution

AntiFa torch a police car at at Georgia Tech

The extent of the immunity enjoyed by these leftist “anti-racist” thugs is astonishing.

In Atlanta, the “AntiFa” have engaged in repeated criminal acts and not one of them  has ever been prosecuted.

These acts include (skip to the last if you want to get a quick grasp of how bad this situation is):

  1. Repeated violent attacks on Trump rallies including beating up an 80-year-old woman trying to enter the rally venue.

Numerous arrests — after a long period of significant benign police inaction — but no prosecutions.

  1. Parading through the streets without permits while wearing masks in violation of the Anti-Mask law and brandishing AK-47s while the police beamed approvingly. Only action by authorities? Making statements congratulating the AntiFa for being so peaceful and affirming their right to free speech.
  2. Beating a homosexual couple bloody when the AntiFa engaged in a demonstration in the heavily gay Midtown neighborhood demanding that all prisoners be released from the jails as “victims of capitalism.” The AntiFa invaded a coffee shop and took it over. They screamed and chanted and waved their placards.  The two guys drinking their coffee were naive enough to believe you could actually speak with these fanatics.  They expressed their skepticism at the idea that everyone in jail should be released.  The AntiFa response?  Not debate or civic dialogue.  The mob jumped the guys and beat the shit out of them.  At that point the police, who had made no effort to protect the business owner’s rights and had allowed the AntiFa to seize control of the premises and threaten and bully the patrons who were there drinking their coffee and reading their newspapers, did in fact move.  They rescued the two guys and arrested three of the assailants.

Prosecutions? Ha, ha, ha!  Don’t be silly!  All let go under what appears to be a “catch and release” policy.

  1. Placing a death threat up on me saying “Sam Dickson needs to die and we are dedicated to bringing this about.” When I went to the police authorities about this, I was essentially told to get lost and not let the door hit me on the ass as I left. The death threat was kept up for months.
  2. Here’s the Ultimate:

The AntiFa held a demonstration at Georgia Tech against police brutality. (They are under a delusion that law enforcement is against them despite all evidence to the contrary; the cops and FBI are totally on the side of the AntiFa.)

In the course of this demonstration the AntiFa attacked a police car.  They threw a Molotov cocktail into a police car.  The car exploded.  The flames shot over 100 feet into the air.  Fortunately, no cop was in the car.  Three AnfiFa were arrested in the act of torching the car with the Molotov cocktail.

This was 15 months ago.

No prosecutions.

Even as cynical and jaded as I am, I entertained the deluded notion that if you threw a bomb into a police car and destroyed it, something bad would happen to you.

Not if you are AntiFa!

I really wonder:

Just how is it that these terrorists get a pass?

Does someone call up district attorneys and tell them not to touch the AntiFa?

Does Soros do this?

Other powerful members of Jewish communities?

I’d really like to know how this works. We all know what would happen if the people engaged in violence and were what the media presumes to call “White Supremacists.”


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