Update on Atty. Glen Allen’s Lawsuit against the SPLC

Editor’s note: Atty. Glen Allen sent the below email to update what is happening in his lawsuit against the SPLC. As I noted in a previous article, this is a very worthy cause. A victory against the SPLC would be a huge win for our cause. 

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March 7, 2019

Friends, Supporters, and Interested Persons:

This is my second email update on my litigation against the SPLC, Heidi Beirich, and Mark Potok.  Since I have new friends and supporters (and thank you!), I have copied below my first email update, dated January 31, 2019, along with its attachments.

The SPLC defendants, as expected, filed two motions to dismiss on Monday evening.  The first seeks dismissal of all nine of my claims;  the second seeks dismissal of Potok on grounds that the Maryland court lacks personal jurisdiction over him because — so he asserts — he has no contacts with Maryland.  I anticipated all of the defendants’ arguments and am hard at work, together with my co-counsel, in preparing an opposition, which is due March 18.  If you would like to see pdfs of these motions to dismiss, please send an email to editors@theoccidentalobserver.net  If any of you have comments regarding them, please get in touch with me.  I would be particularly interested to know if anyone has any information about Potok’s activities — what exactly he did at the SPLC, what he does now, and whether he ever visited or had other contacts with Maryland or any surrounding states.

As far as I know, no plaintiff has ever survived a motion to dismiss in litigation against the SPLC.   Trust me, I’m putting my heart into becoming the first.  If I do, the next phase will be discovery — document requests, depositions, etc.  I believe the SPLC has never been subjected to discovery in any prior litigation.

I am deeply grateful for your past support, and will respectfully ask that this support, moral and financial, continue into this new phase, if you are in a position help.  Donations can be made directly to me at P.O. Box 10441, Baltimore, MD 21209, or through my Breathing Space for Dissent website.

Best to you all,

Glen Allen

January 31, 2019

Friends, Supporters, and Interested Persons:

This is the first of occasional emails (not too many;  I will respect your time and crowded inboxes) that I’ll be sending to (as undisclosed recipients) donors, friends, and other supporters of my lawsuit against the SPLC, and also to a few other persons who, although not supporters, have taken an interest in my case. I intend to send brief emails such as this as the litigation proceeds to keep you apprised of important developments.  If you wish to opt out of future emails, just let me know.
First of all, thank you for your moral and financial support.  It gives me strength and enhanced determination to punch above my weight against the odious SPLC.
Second, as to the status of the case: I have filed my complaint;  all three defendants have accepted service;  the SPLC Defendants have engaged Chad Bowman of Ballard Spahr, a large and well-regarded D.C. law firm, as their counsel; and I have filed a pro hac vice motion for the admission of Frederick C. Kelly, a New York lawyer, as my co-counsel.   I am expecting a motion to dismiss soon.
Third, I have attached below, so that you may have them in one place, several articles about my case, plus a link to my Breathing Space for Dissent website (from which, through DonorBox,  donations can be made), plus a link to a Twitter account I just set up for Breathing Space for Dissent.  I am new to and inept at Twitter, but I’m learning.  Please consider “following” and “sharing” my Breathing Space for Dissent Twitter.  I would like to get the word out about my case.
I thank you for your past support and will be grateful for any future support.  It has perhaps become a cliche that freedom is not free, but it reflects the reality that we all must battle and sacrifice to preserve our liberties.
My best to you all,


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