Invitation to the Scandza Forum in Stockholm, March 30th

The next Scandza Forum is coming up in Stockholm, on March 30th. We are proud to give you a truly all-star lineup of advocates for Europe:
  • Martin Lichtmesz is a prolific writer, translator, and one of the intellectual leaders of the German New Right. Mr. Lichtmesz’s speech from the 2017 AmRen Conference can be seen here and his appearance on the 2018 Millenniyule is available here. His latest book Rassismus – Ein amerikanischer Alptraum (Schnellroda 2018) was recently reviewed at Counter-Currents and an overview of his impressive oeuvre can be found in the journal Sezession.
  • Millennial Woes is a Scottish vlogger, writer and coordinator. He is part of the international “Dissident Right” but particularly concerned with Great Britain. His work has covered psychology, morality, religion, culture, politics and identity.
  • Jared Taylor is a veteran champion of our cause. Fluent in Japanese and French, and educated at Yale, Mr. Taylor has dedicated more than 25 years of his life to bringing reason, dignity, and eloquence to the issues surrounding race in society. You will find his work in his several books and on his website, His latest book is If We Do Nothing (New Century Books, 2017). This will be Jared Taylor’s third appearance on the Scandza Forum stage.
  • Greg Johnson, PhD, is former editor of The Occidental Quarterly, founder and editor of Counter-Currents/North American New Right, and author of many articles and books pertaining to the destiny of the West. His latest book is The White Natioanlist Manifesto (San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2018). Dr. Johnson is one of the leading ideologists of White Nationalism and the Alternative Right, and an outstanding speaker.
  • Olena Semenyaka, head of the international bloc of the Ukrainian National Corps party and a researcher of the Conservative Revolution, with a focus on Ernst Jünger’s planetary analysis, pan-Europeanism, and philosophy of technology. Miss Semenyaka is an highly regarded speaker of international standing and a first-class intellectual.
  • Mark Collett, a political activist and author from Great Britain. He has been actively involved in the nationalist movement for nearly two decades and was formerly the youth leader and Head of Publicity for the British National Party. He now hosts This Week on the Alt Right – a popular YouTube discussion show and produces a weekly short on current affairs.  He is the author of The Fall of Western Man.
  • Fróði Midjord, founder of the Scandza Forum and host of the “Guide to Kulchur” podcast.


Our discussions will focus on Anarcho-Tyranny, which the late Sam Francis described as follows: “they refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so they control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).” Throughout the West, crime and immigration are out of control. In 2018, there were more than 300 criminal shoot-outs and 44 people shot to death in Sweden. According to one study from Malmö university, there have been 116 hand grenade attacks over the past eight years!

At the same time, even elderly ladies will be convicted of “incitement of hatred” if they use strong language as they post frustrated comments online. If you dare protest the downfall of our civilization, you will feel the wrath of the globalist establishment. They shoot the messenger who points out the destructive consequences of the situation they have brought about.

We will discuss how we, as advocates for White interests, can navigate this hostile environment in which dissidents are silenced and deplatformed. Most importantly, however, you will  network with comrades who share your concerns.

We meet as an act of defiance against the dispossession of our people.


If you want to know more about our events, please watch any of my several appearances on podcasts and live streams lately, where I have been interviewed about the Scandza Forum and Anarcho-Tyranny:


If you want to attend, please contact us at:

Because we care about your safety, we have a vetting procedure to make sure that everyone who attends does so with honest intentions. There arethree ways you can get admission to the event, so remember to include the necessary information:

  1. If you have attended one of our events previously.
  2. Get a trusted person to vouch for you (i.e., vouch that you want to attend with honest intentions and that you will follow our security procedure). If you know someone who has attended a previous event, or is otherwise knows us, let us know this in your email. Remember to also ask that person to send me confirmation that he/she can vouch for you.
  3. Send us photo ID and some personal details (e.g., address/phone nr/social media) that will allow us to verify your identity, so that we can make an evaluation. No anonymous registration is accepted.
This will be an unforgettable event – register now!

I am looking forward to seeing you in Stockholm on March 30th.