Inducing White Guilt

“Group-based guilt is debilitating because it may undermine internal attributions for in-group success and may threaten the in-group’s identity as moral and good.”
    Iyer et al. “White Guilt and Racial Compensation,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2003.[1]

“We’re not sorry! And we’ve stepped over the prospect of being sorry.”
   Jonathan Bowden

I am frequently bemused by the mystery of the failure of our ideas to win over those White masses sleepwalking into permanent displacement from their own lands. That which seems self-evident — the demographic projections, the crime figures, the well-documented plans and trends, the bold intentionality of it all — is yet insufficient to break through into the deeper instinctual consciousness. Why? In a recent conversion I had with Kevin MacDonald, it was mentioned that when White people are told they are being slowly replaced, they get angry. And yet it appears a gentle and transient anger, incapable of translation into clear political trajectories and easily muzzled by the poisonous triad of media, entrenched government, and the academy. My recent reading of Ed Dutton’s Race Differences in Ethnocentrism answered some questions, but provoked more. The text is primarily concerned with what might be termed “hard biological” explanations for low ethnocentrism among Europeans, possibly at the cost of placing too little emphasis on cultural and socio-ecological factors. In particular, I felt the text understated the case that present-day low ethnocentrism is something that has been deliberately cultivated over time, and that part of that cultivation has been the widespread dissemination of shaming propaganda carefully designed to threaten and undermine White in-group identity. I am thinking, of course, about the concept of White Guilt.

Discussions about White Guilt are becoming increasingly common on both the Left and Right, and basic distinctions can be made between explanatory theories. One set of theories ascribes to White Guilt a “dishonest and evasive” character, in which White Guilt is on some level a self-serving and self-satisfying charade that enables Whites to continue to patronise and dominate minorities. These theories emanate from the harder, old-school Marxist Left. Another set of theories ascribes to White Guilt an “honest and spontaneous,” character, in which it arises as genuine feelings of regret at alleged historical wrongs or at the holding of a privileged position in society. These theories emanate most commonly from the center-Left of the ideological spectrum. Another set of theories, ascribes to White Guilt an “honest but cultivated” character, in which White Guilt arises as genuine feelings of regret and discomfort at alleged past and present wrongs, and is the product of a debilitating and ceaseless social critique designed to undermine the ability of Whites to see their interests as legitimate and thus the ability to defend and protect those interests. These theories emanate almost exclusively from the dissident Right. The centre-Right appears to stand alone as advancing no position on the matter, much as it has forfeited taking any positions on mass migration or issues of ethnic identity.

The old-school Marxist position on White Guilt is perhaps best articulated by Slavoj Zizek, and I am thinking in particular of his critique of the democratic establishment in his February 2019 essay They Are Both Worse! For Zizek, White Guilt is in fact a (conscious or unconscious) strategy pursued by factions of Whites in order to assert moral superiority. He writes:

The Politically Correct prohibition of asserting the particular identity of White Men (as the model of the oppression of others), though it presents itself as the admission of their guilt, confers on them a central position: this very prohibition to assert their particular identity makes them into the universal-neutral medium, the place from which the truth about the others’ oppression is accessible. And this is why White liberals so gladly indulge in self-flagellation: the true aim of their activity is not really to help others but the Lustgewinn [attainment of pleasure] brought about by their self-accusations, the feeling of their own moral superiority over others. The problem with the self-denial of white identity is not that it goes too far but that it does not go far enough: while its enunciated content seems radical, its position of enunciation remains that of privileged universality. So, yes, they declare themselves to be “nothing,” but this very renunciation to a (particular) something is sustained by the surplus-enjoyment of their moral superiority.

There is clearly a lot to unpack here, but I think Zizek has produced a usable critique of White Guilt in spite of himself. Although his ideological commitments prompt him to engage in hyperbolic radicalism (“the problem with the self-denial of white is not that it goes too far but that it does not go far enough”), his basic conclusion that the more effusive strains of White Guilt offer “surplus-enjoyment” and “moral superiority” cannot be easily dismissed. They in fact cohere rather well to arguments of those like Kevin MacDonald, where Whites are deemed to possess a special proclivity for forming and enforcing in-groups based on morality and senses of moral order. In a society divided into moral tribes, which is essentially what the postmodern Left has contrived to create, and in which the possession of White identity is itself deemed immoral, it would make sense that Whites would be conflicted and that some of them would attempt to maintain social standing by making a public demonstration of their lack of ethnic identity. Of course, such a strategy is bound to come with an expiry date. At the present time, Whites maintain majorities — dwindling, but majorities nonetheless — and White Guilt posturing thus brings many more social positives than penalties. However, when Whites slide into minority status and lose significant aspects of local or national power, it isn’t difficult to imagine that, in the context of ubiquitous White-Guilt cultural narratives, retributive penalties imposed by ascendant non-Whites would become increasingly common. It is highly likely that, faced with greater penalties than rewards, effusive White self-flagellation would cease to be a feature of White strategies for social standing. In short, I argue that White Guilt is a warped but explicable ‘luxury’ that is pursued only within the relative safety and encouragement of White majorities manipulated into the belief that possessing a proud White identity is immoral. This perverse luxury cannot, and will not, survive the demographic decline of Whites.

Centre-Left theories ascribing to White Guilt an “honest and spontaneous,” character, in which it arises as genuine feelings of regret at alleged historical wrongs, or at the holding of a privileged position in society, are very common in academia. In these theories, White Guilt is often quite narrowly defined, ignoring, for example, responses to Holocaust propaganda or similar works that present a litany of alleged past moral transgressions. Iyer et al. (2003), for example, focus only on the United States and describe White Guilt as “the dysphoria felt by European Americans who see their group as responsible for illegitimate racial inequality.”[2] Their discussion of group-based guilt would seem to indicate that group-based guilt is significantly easier to induce than personal guilt. In one study they mention, it was found that European Americans could be quite easily coaxed into group-based guilt simply by being told that “members of their group had treated outgroups unfairly in the past.” Further studies showed that both White Europeans and European Americans experienced group-based guilt when told they enjoyed illegitimate racial privilege. Once initiated, it would appear this can be quite difficult to reverse, even when faced with negative behaviours from outgroups. This is because one of the central psychological features of guilt is the focus of attention on the self. “Those who feel guilty concentrate on what they have done wrong and the extent to which they are responsible for the harm that has been caused.”[3] A further feature of group-based guilt is the desire to make restitution and a willingness to accept punishment. Much Centre-Left academic research on White Guilt implies, unlike Zizek and his ilk, that it is a genuine phenomenon, though one that has limitations. For example, Iyer et al. comment that while European Americans can be persuaded to “equalize opportunity,” a different set of psychological processes need to operate in order to offer compensation (financial or otherwise) to outgroups. Despite these differences, however, Iyer et al. concluded their study of White Guilt among college students that “White guilt [based in a self-focused belief in White privilege] is an independent predictor of support for compensatory affirmative action.”

Although much of this research seems to imply that White Guilt is a naturally developing phenomenon in response to putative revelations of past injustice, a small number of studies indirectly demonstrate that White Guilt can be easily induced with trigger propaganda. In one study, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Harvey and Oswald (2000) attempted to “test the notion that Whites can be made to support Black programs when presented with guilt-inducing stimuli that portray their in-group as oppressors.”[4] The guilt-inducing stimuli was a civil rights videotape that was subsequently found to provoke in 133 White undergraduates  “shame, personal distress, guilt, and empathy,” as well as increased support for programs like affirmative action, thus proving the hypothesis that “guilt and shame may be induced within Whites” by having them watch propaganda depicting their in-group as morally transgressive towards out-groups.  Harvey and Oswald conclude: “Our research suggests that guilt and shame may be induced in Whites by having them focus on the perpetuation of oppression by their in-group toward a relatively powerless group.”[5] It is interesting to note that studies have shown that White Guilt is most prominently produced not by focusing on the alleged suffering of out-group members, but through emphasis on alleged White misdeeds,[6] reinforcing arguments suggesting that Whites have a strong tendency to form moral in-groups and to react strongly to morality-based cultural and emotional stimuli.

Such framing was of course in evidence since the days of the Frankfurt School and their work on the “Authoritarian Personality,” and reached a kind of perfection in the late 1970s with the publication of White Awareness: Handbook for Anti-Racism Training (University of Oklahoma Press, 1978) by Judith H. Katz, an incredibly hostile and profoundly influential Jewish psychologist and ethnic activist. For Katz, White Guilt was perhaps the most useful antidote to White ethnocentrism, something she described (p.11) as a “disease,” and “a form of schizophrenia.” Katz asserted (p.12) that there is sufficient evidence to “indicate that racism is a critical and pervasive form of mental illness.” All manifestations of positive White identity are thus the result of the fact Whites are permanently locked “in a pathological and schizophrenic state,” (p.15), and “being White in America implies being racist” (p. 23). Katz wrote (p.10):

Racism is a White problem in that its development and perpetuation rest with White people. … Therefore, the “race problem” in America is essentially a White problem in that it is Whites who developed it, perpetuate it, and have the power to resolve it, … The psychological disorder racism is deeply imbedded in White people from a very early age on both a conscious and unconscious level.

Katz was, in turn, building on social experiments carried out in the late 1960s by Irwin Rubin, another Jewish psychologist who developed “sensitivity training” as a method to induce White Guilt and reduce White ethnocentrism.[7] Rubin was delighted when his research indicated “that sensitivity training may well be a powerful technique in the reduction of ethnic prejudice [among Whites].” The techniques of Rubin were further perfected and advanced by yet another Jewish psychiatrist, Peter Kranz, who pioneered “racial confrontation” and “race relations” classes at North Florida University in the 1970s designed to induce White Guilt in White students. Kranz, who grew up in a Jewish milieu in New York, argued for multiculturalism without assimilation, and asserted, in the context of discussing his classes and “racial confrontation groups,” that it was Whites who would have to adapt to demographic changes in their environment—i.e., in the 1970s, before the idea of rapid demographic change in which Whites would become a minority was even a topic of public discussion:

Historically, Whites have exhorted non-Whites to make changes so that they would be acceptable as full-fledged Americans. However, events in the U.S. have shown the dishonesty and tragedy of this emphasis. Therefore, a major focus of each group was to help Whites see they must learn and change within themselves if further violence is to be avoided.[8]

The emphasis of the classes was thus on cultivating White self-focus with the goal of inducing White Guilt. And they were very successful, with most White students emerging afterwards repeating imparted mantras. One White female student commented after the course that “it made me cognizant of the insidious nature of racism.” Very similar sentiments were expressed by another White participant following Katz’s course several years later: “I wanted not to be seen as a racist, and I shared with the group my feelings of guilt, as well as my concern about racism.”[9] And, as discussed in one 2001 study, these feelings are still being induced to great effect with one respondent commenting after a race sensitivity course: “So, I feel like a light bulb has gone on for me. I grew up not having to think about being White very often. … Today I think about being White all the time. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I feel thankful. Then I feel guilty for feeling thankful.”[10] Intuitively, I suspected that individuals with pre-existing low levels of ethnocentrism would be especially vulnerable to White Guilt inducement, and this appears to have been borne out by at least one study that concludes “participants who had more unfavorable personal evaluations of Whites (low private collective self-esteem) reported more White Guilt.”[11]

Remarkable among discussions of White Guilt in the “mainstream” is the total absence of any discussion of the proliferation of guilt-inducing stimuli in modern culture, and especially the central role of Holocaust education, memorialization, and commemoration in every corner of the White world. I recall being in Baltimore a few years ago, and being stunned by my discovery that the city had a Holocaust Memorial Park. What connected a city in the Eastern United States with alleged events in rural Eastern Europe more than 70 years ago? This question appears to pale into insignificance against the need for an omnipresent psychological battering ram to break down White ethnocentrism. Thus, every town in the West must commemorate a historical narrative that in many countries remains illegal to question. The Holocaust narrative is perhaps the ur-stimuli of White guilt, and certainly Holocaust historiography has been adapted in recent decades to encompass “bystander historiography” — that is to say, the study of those nations who, although engaged in warfare against the Axis, “did nothing” specifically to help Jews. Holocaust historiography is much like a net that grows every larger in order to drag more prey into the vortex of White Guilt.

From these roots, many branches have formed. Steven Spielberg’s Amistad (1997) is a classic case of the production of high-level guilt-inducing stimuli, with White audiences being informed that, “like medicine,” viewing the movie would “be good for them.”[12] After viewing the film, one academic wrote for a journal regarding what he observed in the audience, focusing first on a Black couple, and then a White couple:

The white couple seemed to cling to each other in a desperate attempt to manage the tragedy that had unfolded before them in graphic and picturesque fashion; it appeared as if they sought a bond, an unspoken assertion of identity which would allow them to tuck away the collective guilt they had so effectively succeeded in submerging deep within their psyches. I heard the young man ask his companion, “Are you okay?” She replied, “I think I’ll be fine.”[13]


White Guilt stimuli are now ubiquitous in education, cinema, television, policing and justice, and politics. One of the fundamental flaws of Leftist explanations and critiques is that they fail to take into account the interest that hostile minorities have had in lowering White ethnocentrism, and the role of Jews in this particular sphere of activity is well-documented and simply beyond question. Elements of the Marxist critique advanced by Slavoj Zizek are difficult to dismiss entirely. It appears clear that significant elements of White self-flagellators are indeed seeking social standing and enjoying “surplus-enjoyment” in their self-regard as being morally superior, even if this is a strategy that is destined to expire the moment such a lack of collective feeling begins to attract negative consequences. However, only the dissident Right has advanced a theory of White Guilt that covers all aspects of its manifestation. This is the argument that, generally speaking, White Guilt is an “honest but cultivated” phenomenon, in which White Guilt arises as genuine feelings of regret and discomfort at alleged past and present wrongs, and is the product of a debilitating and ceaseless social critique designed to undermine the ability of Whites to see their interests as legitimate and thus the ability to defend and protect those interests.

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51 replies
  1. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Viewing individualism as sex is an evolutionary psychological ansatz as powerful as was Newton’s incorporation of momentum into the state of motion. It illuminates the vulnerability of Europeans, particularly northern Europeans, to psychological attacks on “white males”.

    The attack vector boils down to a simple strategy:

    Portray any collective defense of territory by “white males” as ganging up on individual non-white males in intrasexual selection — sexually competing for white females — while sacralizing individual white female choice of sexual partners.

    The deliberate and relentless moral humiliation of this portrayal — particularly when paraded around before white females — is genocidal.

    If the “individualism as sex” ansatz is correct, the moral foundation of whites reaches into an evolutionary history going back to the Cambrian explosion of life forms arising from intrasexual selection. It is a moral sensibility that deeply connected to creation. It is penetrating the recent overlay of gang formation, going back a mere 6 million years in primate evolution starting with the CHLCA, to reach a spiritual reservoir the rest of humanity can only vaguely sense but not embody to the high degree of whites. It is the source of our creativity and heritable moral superiority. It is the _moral_ basis for whites view ourselves as the true “light unto the races”, not by ruling over other races by being an exemplar which we can only do by preserving and protecting whites against encroachment by cultures of group integrity embodied by other races.

  2. Rae West
    Rae West says:

    The fact is that whites have a lot to feel guilty about. Whites bombed each other, blockades each other, shot at each other – all under the influence of Jewish media. I don’t think any of this was spontaneous. Whites in the Vietnam War raped, killed, burnt alive, experimentally bombed etc on a huge scale, for decades. But again I doubt if it was spontaneous; most American had no idea where Vietnam was, or knew anything about it. The entire Middle East invasion/bombing more recently was driven by Jews.
    None of the people writing about this seem to have a clue. Do they.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    “…White Guilt an “honest and spontaneous,” character, in which it arises as genuine feelings of regret at alleged historical wrongs, or at the holding of a privileged position in society, are very common in academia.”
    Here is an old response to the notion of it being spontaneous:
    Note that it is posted as satire. Regardless of what it is, it, like Henry Ford’s comment on the Protocols, fits what is happening today.

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    This is an excellent article on the fundamental weakness of our people. A number of reasons have been submitted for our predisposition to guilt – both temporal and spiritual – but regardless of the reason(s), it must be dealt with, and all avenues need to be examined and tested. Yes, it has been said that there is no problem that cannot be solved with either prayer or high explosives, but I do believe there are more solutions than that which lie somewhere in the middle.

    Concomitant with dealing with the guilt issue is publicly addressing the Holocaust myth – it is not supported by math, forensics, history, or even common sense, as well as addressing the benefits accruing from the fable and the beneficiaries thereof. We Whites gravitate to the guys in white hats and to what we perceive as truth, and it is necessary that our people learn we – as General Patton observed – fought the wrong enemy when we declared war on Germany.

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    ” The true aim of their activity is not really to help others but the Lustgewinn
    [ attainment of pleasure ] brought about by their self-accusations, the feeling of their own moral superiority over others “.

    If one ignores Zizek’s ” self- ” in his ” self-accusation “, one is obliged to ponder whether he doesn’t accurately describe the innumerable shakedowns by the several compensation demand organizations, mostly in NYC. [ Including their outright, whitewashed fraud of 53 million, which brought the FBI to Berlin ].

    The German noun Lust, in its infinitive, connotes to lust after, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, wanton, prurient and more. But enough already with the pattern recognition.

    The German noun Gewinn, means profit, as determined by the bottom line of a for-profit organization: but also the rewards for a wager at the track.

    Only a miniscule proportion of the sums extorted from Germany and the Swiss banks [ and now demanded from Poland and others ] reaches the real, in any case dwindling number of victims. The Katz-im ? swallow the rest. As often enough complained of by the victims in the Israeli and US-Jewish media.

  6. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…This is because one of the central psychological features of guilt is the focus of attention on the self. “Those who feel guilty concentrate on what they have done wrong and the extent to which they are responsible for the harm that has been caused.”

    But what if the “..Self..”, as opposed to the “..self..”, can be reduced to even less than what a person thinks?
    What if Thought itself could be stilled?
    If it could be stilled, what would remain?

    It is remiss of the present day western concept of “…self…” to completely ignore a more subtle concept of “…Self…” that has been around a lot longer and been described by countless philosophers from all corners of the globe.

    The fact that modern academia has expunged the ancient concept of Self, and the methods used to obtain it, from the text books is a key to having lost the objectivity and insight of being able to recognize an incomplete concept of what the Self can actually be.

    The fact is, Whites have been (((distracted))) from not doing ENOUGH concentration on the “…Self…”.
    The outcome of this (((distraction))) has been a lazy, uncritical and mindless acceptance of guilt which could be eliminated and replaced with an alert, critical and thoughtfully objective investigation down the rabbit hole of White Nationalist literature.


    “…A further feature of group-based guilt is the desire to make restitution and a willingness to accept punishment.”

    We are all guilty of something or another. Often however, guilt is as a result of mindlessness, or more specifically, believing and acting upon (((the lies))) that have been unconsciously foisted upon us.

    Punishment, or the attempted purging of the physical body of its toxic build up, thoughts included, goes a long way toward the recognition of the ancient concept of “…Self…”.

    “Two Wrongs do not make a Right” as the old saying goes. It was wrong of Western Man to be
    (((lulled))) into this Complacent and Spiritually Dull state to begin with.
    By further accepting the (((lie))) [a Wrong deed in itself] that Whites are responsible for untold past deeds that have been proven to have been committed or initiated largely by Jews, further compounds the guilt of Whites.

    What needs to happen is basically a self-induced purist reformation bent on introspection to such a merciless degree that (((trickery))) will be both immediately recognizable and emphatically dealt with on a more permanent basis than mere “reward-segregation” of (((the Race of Perpetrators))) into their own ethnostate.


    One of the techniques used in inculcating White guilt is the presentation of whole studio audiences or swaths of crypto-Jew performers pretending to be White.
    The end consumer of the litany of vicariously White-subsidized, crypto-Jew produced and White consumed displays of and reactions to White guilt are also used in so many other techniques aimed at replacing White ethnocentrism with White miscegenation.

  7. Joe Six Pack
    Joe Six Pack says:

    My wife, when I complain along these lines about ‘Whites as sheep, bleating guiltily to the slaughter’ likes to say ‘That is because we are all fat and happy’ and I would agree.This White guilt is a function of our success and until we are noticeably needy it will continue. I do not think the South African Whites are feeling guilty.
    White guilt is a virtue signaling function which allows the (White) guilty party to be philanthropic for free. These guilty Whites make nice guilt racked giving noises but quietly hope they are in an unaffected tax bracket.
    Paul Gottfried, who is Jewish thinks this guilt, comes from the Wasps themselves. “Like the Germans, repentant WASPs delight in Shamstolz, being morally arrogant while lamenting the bigotry of their ancestors”
    I dunno if he is right but i think the word ‘Shamstolz’ has a place in the lexicon of White guilt.
    Another useful phrase is ‘Passover Syndrome’ by Jim Goad. All the good Whites will mark their doors with a special sign so when the historically aggrieved minorities who by now have become the Vengeful Majority and are swooping around looking for Whites to rape and then hack to death, they will Passover these good Whites due to the special sign on their door.
    “Just as the ancient Israelites smeared sacrificial lamb’s blood over their doorways in order to escape the Angel of God’s vengeance, these delusional Caucasians smear bright red anti-racist graffiti—or, in extreme cases, the literal blood of “rednecks” and any “right-wing white” who refuses to get with the program—over their doorways in the hope that when the Dark Angels finally come en masse seeking “justice,” they won’t accidentally notice that the people with the bright red anti-racist paint over their doorways also happen to be white.”

    Good luck with the future kids.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Gottfried should check his German spelling before he incorporates these words in intellectual emanations. It is not Shamstolz, but Schamstolz. A lacking ‘ c ‘ makes it a sham; perhaps denoting an insincere regret, located at the Centre-Right.

      [ Oh, mein Gott – I have joined our local spelling police ! ]

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      ” I do not think the South African Whites are feeling guilty.”
      If you have a look at Twitter threads where white S Africans comment, eg when they commented on the case of a white woman being sent to prison for years just for saying the N word after she had just been in a car crash, if you see the reaction of the whites to the prison sentence, it is in many cases:

      “How awful that she used the N word. I would never use that word, I know some good black people, therefore it follows that if we are even nicer to black people and give them even more positive discrimination, maybe the next black government will be nicer to us.”

      So the response is to try even harder to be even nicer to them. Perhaps this is more a case of hoping that submission will work, and conforming to the narrative, rather than feeling guilty.

  8. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Of course on the outside chance, that the majority of the Israelis might feel guilt for their rape, wanton killing, water-deprivation, incarceration of thousands of Palestinian youngster and the automatic destruction of their parental home, bombing and mass displacement of Palestinians, really uninterrupted since 1897 in Bern, they can always fall back on their real-estate, criminal and civil lawyer Moses, who keeps the God-given land-title in his safe: away from prying eyes.

    I have yet to come across a serious Palestinian demand for restitution or reimbursement. They could use Jewish Claims Conferences documents; verbatim, merely changing the names of the litigants.

    In a previous comment I spoke of their Andinia Project, which would require, in large part, the dispossession of the Tehuelche Indians. After fleeing a Middle East, rendered uninhabitable, as a result of some Mossad attack on a US ship, they will plead insolvency, incapacity to pay for this new Patagonian, already surveyed and surveilled annexation. If recent events teach us anything, it will be, that some Israeli archeologist will find some authentic pre-historical stoneware atop the Andes: inscribed in Hebrew, with fingerprints vaguely resembling those of their G-D.

    Everyone else’s guilt: my ass !!!

    Even Disney’s Creative Department could not conjure what is happening in Israel at the moment. Current Haaretz is a must, with their 15 min podcast. A choice between convicted ” Netc. “, i.e. Netanyahu, etc., and thug and war criminal [ their words ] Lieberman.

  9. JRM
    JRM says:

    “Holocaust historiography is much like a net that grows every larger in order to drag more prey into the vortex of White Guilt.”

    Another superb article. This site consistently provides some of the very best writing on racial issues. The above quote is worthy of further development into a full-fledged article in itself. The tooling of the “Holocaust Planet” from ca. 1960 to today is awesome and frightening. In the span of my lifetime, an exaggerated and hyperbolized Jewish event has become the defining event, the primary existential problem, for the entire West.

    In America, of course, we have twin foundational myths for our current culture; together the two have unquestioned and unlimited cultural explanatory value for our established authorities, particularly our educational institutions; and without them, the world would simply stop making sense: these are the Holocaust and Slavery. Slavery actually has a super-strong post-bellum subset of Holy Writ consisting of “Jim Crow” and Lynching.

    Whites in this country endure a torrent of violence, both administrative and figurative, and experiential and literal. Administratively, we are punished by our Government and forced to accept blatantly unfair policies such as Affirmative Action. And in a practical sense, we are the victims of black violence at unreasonable rates that beggar belief statistically, all the while being lectured about the plight of poor defenseless blacks.

    We are literally a people who have been paralyzed into masochistic passivity while Jews run our legal systems, and blacks predate us.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Yeah, excellent points. I more and more see the history of the South- the false history we have all been taught – as foundational in our undermining as a race. We have allowed Middle Easterners to write our history and now we are paying for it. But I await the book on the real South which in effect is going to be on a par with Mac Donald’s work on the Jews. I just know it is coming

      • JRM
        JRM says:

        Well, TJ, I mentioned Jews in the Courts in the same sentence you refer to. But let me ask you a question: What was the White response to the Judge’s ruling? Was there a good-sized protest? A White uprising? White marches? Or was there paralysis?

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          It passed 59-41- is not that good enough?

          The ruling overturning 187 was appealed- further appeals blocked by Governor Gray Davis.

          We have one problem- monopoly.
          Money, and information. All efforts should go toward destroying these monopolies.

  10. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Despite your usual eloquence and superbly honed proposals and arguments, Dr Joyce, I cannot take this ‘White guilt’ thing seriously. Please allow me just three points:

    1. ‘And yet it appears a gentle and transient anger, incapable of translation into clear political trajectories and easily muzzled by the poisonous triad of media, entrenched government, and the academy.’

    We have seen, again and again, the displacement of that ‘poisonous triad’ by Whites’ uprisings, revolutions, mass protests, etc. In England we are now seeing the curt dismissal of the iconic Tories. So is it not very likely that a real and immediate threat of extinction will produce in Whites something a great deal more virile than ‘transient anger’?

    2. ‘Centre-Left theories ascribing to White Guilt an “honest and spontaneous,” character, in which it arises as genuine feelings of regret at alleged historical wrongs, or at the holding of a privileged position in society, are very common in academia.’

    Oh, well– academia! We are used to ‘academic’ in dismissive phrases, e.g., ‘That’s only academic’ (i.e., not actual). Especially now, when White guilt is such a trendy topic, the lustful publish-or-perish academics will capitalise on the extant publishing opportunities. Then they will defend what they have written. This keeps well tweaked their ‘I’m a guilty White’ conceptual analyses, so they find ever more intriguing perspectives, nuances, tones — and bore us silly. Besides, it is easy thinking; every young undergraduate can do it … and does. There is nothing here that is worth worrying about. Deriding it would be in better order.

    3. ‘In one study, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Harvey and Oswald (2000) attempted to “test the notion that Whites can be made to support Black programs when presented with guilt-inducing stimuli that portray their in-group as oppressors”.’

    I wonder why Harvey and Oswald tender only one causal connection between ‘support Black programs’ and ‘guilt-inducing stimuli’? Why, for instance, are other causal relations not considered, such as ‘support Black programs’ and ‘pity/generosity/a they-need-it conviction’, etc.?

    I am looking forward to a ‘White-oppressors should feel guilty’ approach from a non-White. An African would be ideal. My response will be along these lines: Which of us should feel more guilt — I because my ancestors oppressed yours, or you because your ancestors ate one another?

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    I’ve found that the banal often serves up good explanations of things. Few people are going to ascribe anything but high virtue as a cause for their political activities. So when a group of individuals feels alienated from the majority culture, and essentially hates that culture, and wishes to obliterate it, the members of the group are not going to use hate as an explanation – even though hate is their prime motivation. They’re going to refer to relativistic niceties such as equality, openness, tolerance, and inclusion. But in reality, all they simply want is to gain supremacy over the majority culture by channeling their own sense of personal alienation onto the majority of people within the host population. Once alienated from its own discrete traditional markers, host populations become putty in the hands of duplicitous minority elites. It’s easy to lay guilt-trips on those who have been deluded enough to choose a null identity for themselves or who have been educated to do so. The entire leftist project is nothing but a swindle based on intellectual bullshit derived from the psychological and cultural inadequacies of its members.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Tom: “the members of the group are not going to use hate as an explanation”
      Everything the Left does can be explained in terms of a deep inner hatred of the superior, which must have its origins in our animal behaviour side. We are more like ant populations with differentiation of types than we are like mice where they are all identical to each other, and our left are a sub-population in a parasitical relationship with the rest.

      Many think the motive is money or power, but hatred explains more. Naturally the left will get what money and power they can as they seek to sink the ship, but in the end they still wish to sink the ship even though they currently live in a luxury cabin. They know they too will go down with the ship but it does not deter them. As the ship sinks they will try and grab the best lifeboats for themselves, but they will still seek to sink the ship even if they know there is no chance of a lifeboat place and they too will drown.

      We saw this hatred in relation to the downfall of white S Africa. Clearly white downfall was a major goal of the white left a few decades ago (including the white left in S Africa). Where was the money and power for the left there from putting blacks in power? There was none, none for the banks, none for the Jews, none for globalist big business. The outcome is no more money, no more power, except power for tribal chiefs who will shortly be battling each other in the ruins.

      The only motive for the fanatical devotion to the cause of black rule in S Africa was a hatred of the whites, from the lefty whites.

      This also explains the behaviour of the Jews. They are not trying to cause turmoil in the West out of perceived self-interest to prevent another ‘holocaust’, as they know very well that when the US becomes like Mexico, they know that the cash-cow will be gone, that the US will no longer defend Israel. They know the downfall of the West is going to be the end of their money and security, but this does not deter them in the slightest. So the motive is hostility, not self-interest, and in my view unprovoked hostility that is part of their animal behaviour side and comes from their genes.

  12. marie
    marie says:

    I don’t feel guilty when someone is trying to manipulate me. I feel anger towards them. I attribute someone’s efforts to try to guilt me as proof of my innocence and their desire to project their shame onto me. Also, when people social signal, for whatever reason, I don’t believe them. Obviously they’re just feeding their ego.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      If even half of us had been like you we wouldn’t be where we are today. But we weren’t and so we are

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        @Achilles is correct, we are in the current state of decline due to most people submitting instead of objecting. So the word to describe how the white people are responding to being told they are villains is “submission to being called names” and ‘guilt’ is the wrong term as it implies that the reasons for being ‘guilty’ / self-critical are noble ones – they are not noble ones at all, quite the opposite; the white response of lying on the floor and saying “please trample on me I won’t defend myself” arises from cowardice – the reluctance to speak out when hostile and loud voices take control of the narrative.

        It is not as if the white people have to do anything brave in terms of ‘speaking out’, all that is required of them is not to actually literally ‘speak out’ at all, all that is required is that when they vote in secret, to stop voting for open-border politicians. That is not complicated or asking too much. But the white people cannot even manage this.

  13. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    Great piece.
    I’m glad you’re on our side.
    Yes, white guilt disarms our people, only because our people
    are NOBLE and care about others. Our love for humanity
    has turned out to be our downfall.

    • Leon Q. Haller
      Leon Q. Haller says:

      YES! The White Man is Ethical Man, the source of both our greatest superiority, and our downfall (because our sense of morality has been corrupted). Now, the only hope is for racially healthy Whites to segregate themselves and/or outbreed the racially sick Whites.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        @Leon – we are seeing more and more people identifying themselves as ‘white’ more than their country, and less of the silliness about which white country beat other white country in wars of the past. In other words, loyalties are forming over politics not language or country. It is the same with the Left, eg the BBC TV crew going from Britain to the US will meet the CNN crew and will be as one with each other due to their identical left-wing politics. This unites them with each other far more than they feel united with their respective countries.

  14. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The real explanation is in the Abrahamic penetration in the West, the Asians and Orientals are mostly Buddhist, Shinto, Confucian, Hindu, they do not believe in the chosen Jewish people, in the West with the Jewish immigration and ideological penetration through Christianity. succeeded in imposing the Talmud, in its versions of classical class struggle Marxism, and in its latest version of Cultural Marxism (the Jewish School of Frankfurt). Through economic control they have subverted and dominated the media, academia, culture, Hollywood and finally the narrative. Black Africa is only the biological weapon. That’s the problem, do you understand Goy? ..

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      “… they do not believe in the chosen Jewish people, in the West with the Jewish immigration and ideological penetration through Christianity. succeeded in imposing the Talmud,…”

      There needs to be some context in this statement. I was raised a Lutheran, and went through the split in the late 50s. Our congregation remained “old school” with the Sunday School and catechism message that “we” – the Christians – were the “chosen people” because the Jews broke the covenant with God and were Christ killers. There was no Jews being the chosen, that I could tell, among my RC, Presbyterian, or Anglican (Episcopal) friends. Schoolyard jokes about Jewish stereotypes and alleged deaths during WWII were everywhere, and there were no repercussions. As with the Negros and Asians, there was no “hate” toward them, just an acceptance that they were different from us, and would never be like us.
      Even when “The Diary of Anne Frank” was televised, my parents, as most of my friends parents called it “bunkum”. About the only time I heard about the Jews still being “the chosen” was from the televangelists and their mammoth congregations of what were then referred to as holy rollers. Even in the 60s there was hostility toward Jews from most people
      my age. Sure, we went to school with them, talked to them, and even lightly socialized with them, but we understood they would never be real friends.
      The takeover has always been through the media and the political whores enforcing what popular opinion didn’t want. Where the media failed through brainwashing, the political whores created enforcement through law. I stopped going to church many decades ago as I could see where the Jewish infiltration of Christian churches was leading. What we have today, even in the Eastern Orthodox Church isn’t the Christianity of my formative years, it’s Christianity for dummies.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        If you type ‘capricious meaning’ into Google it gives you a definition and a graph showing usage over time. I typed in ‘jewed’ as my next word to look up and it said ‘not found’. I suspect that if they had included it there would have been high usage in the past that dropped suddenly in the 1970s. The graph for ‘antisemitism’ is interesting.

  15. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    In Colombia, the Latino whites, if a black man gets complicated, they hire a hit man, he can be a mulatto or a white man so that he can get rid of it, the blacks only respect the white man when he is determined and violent. (There is no white guilt, there is only survival).

  16. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    Our detractors openly pathologise ‘Whiteness’ to our faces.

    Not only is the narrative of ‘White Guilt’ constantly reinforced by media, academia and the corporate ‘diversity’ clerisy, but those who demur or display insufficient contrition are deemed to be exhibiting ‘White Fragilty’.

    Guardian columnist Afua Hirsch recent wrote that she is ‘fed up’ having to explain to white people why they are racist (unconsciously so at best). Repeatedly having to do so has caused her emotional trauma.

    Sociologist Robin DiAngelo has written a book (‘White Fragility’) exploring the ways in which whites rationalise and deny their culpability. The ‘New Yorker’ called the evidence marshalled therein ‘irrefutable’.

    The is a closed system of thought, akin to Islam or Marxism, brooking no parlay. We should be quite clear on its intention: setting up the ‘enemy’ (us) for destruction and oblivion.

    KAREN BERGER says:

    The term ‘white’ is a non-starter. The word white is used to separate European heritage Americans from their culture and their people’s accomplishments and history. If someone calls me white I immediately correct them by stating “No, I am of English and Irish descent, my husband is German.” It stops them in their tracks. Political correctness is nothing more than repressive tolerance. I won’t have it, but then I do tend to blow words right back.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The Naturalization Act of 1790:

      Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.

      England and Germany are geographical not biological. We are looking for a biological [racial] basis of a nation. . .a negro in today’s England can be called English; a negro in today’s Germany can be called German.

      Jews like Ignatiev and Sontag want removal of Whites- the White race- not Englishmen or Germans.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        It seems that the US of A was founded on the basis of White Nationalism. Let us bury the Proposition nation, and replace it with the Proposition 187 nation. . .

        btw AFAIK E. M. Jones is a marxist.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “I won’t have it, but then I do tend to blow words right back.”

      Well then, you won’t mind someone doing it to you.

      The position you take is obviously from E. Michael Jones. He’s the latest in the (((tradition))) of The Great White Hope, like Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson.

      They all offer something plausible. Of course, gotta have that carrot on the stick. But sooner than later the chain gets yanked.

      E. Michael Jones says things about Jews. It attracts lots of attention.Then, whomp! He indulges in the most impossible to believe in Race-Denial anyone has ever heard.

      Of course there’s a bit of truth to it. Again, ya gotta have that carrot on the stick. But the point is, whether he thinks of us as White, or whether you think of us as White is IRRELEVANT!

      What is relevant is that THEY think of us as White.

      “If someone calls me white I immediately correct them by stating “No, I am of English and Irish descent, my husband is German.” It stops them in their tracks.”

      I can’t imagine anyone or normal intelligence and certainly no one whose very intelligent, ever being stopped in their tracks by Race Denial. Only a lazy, unreflective thinker, or an unusually stupid child of say, eight or nine years old would be stopped in their tracks. But not because of anything you said. But because, well they’re either lazy and unreflective thinkers or really super dumb and quite possibly retarded.

      Yeah, we’re not White. Let’s remember that when a non-White has you in a German headlock, or up against a wall in a jack knife position shaking you down for every last cent you have before they cut your throat.

      E, Michael Jones also says that Roman Catholicism is the religion most compatible to the U.S. Constitution.

      As someone who was baptized Catholic but left the church as the age of reason, ie; when I was seven, I can only respond to that and his Race Denial with loud and uproarious laughter. The kind of laughter that makes you double over and your sides split.

      But nice try.

      • Cathaholic : )
        Cathaholic : ) says:

        Not to mention that the solution Jones ( what does the E. stand for by the way, I don’t actually know ) proposes for the ‘jewish problem/question’ is that they all simply convert to Catholicism.

        For an intelligent guy he does come out with some very silly remarks.

        Jones is somewhat entertaining though, and at least he does talk about jews, even if some of his analysis and conclusions are wrong.

        His denialism of Whiteness is contemptible and his fetishisation of negroes is distasteful. His insistence that the only difference between blacks and Whites is (historical) Catholicism is asinine.

  18. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    This seems to suggest that the reason the mainstream media constantly attacks Americans who never went to college or university is because they haven’t been thoroughly indoctrinated and might therefore still pose some sort of a threat to them.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      That’s why [State] college used to be free- an offer was made that youth could not refuse. . .I’ll go to college because the price is right. This is one major method of turning the country leftward; it may be the main method. Blue States and liberalism may be the great achievement of free college. . .

      Also going to college allowed many to escape maiming or death in the Viet Nam meat grinder.
      More males in college meant less competition with unions, so unions favored this freebie.

      This left indoctrination is a huge reason for K-12 and junior college being free.

      College is supposed to reveal truth, not hide it.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      You have to give Trump a break as he is surrounded by powerful Js who could have him impeached and ruined, both politically and personally if he reduces the $35b by one dollar, or ever says a word against them, as they have the means to do so and he knows it and they know it and they know he knows, and this is why despite his public friendliness to them, both he and they know it is the kind of friendship that a restaurant owner has with the Mafia – in other words it is wise to stay friendly with person who will destroy you if you cross them.

      But the Mafia know that the restaurant owner who pays them actually hates them and if the balance of power changes in the town, the restaurant owner will be clapping and cheering when the Mafia is arrested and hanged, even if his own daughter has married one of them.

      One of Trump’s most popular campaign promises was to withdraw from Middle East wars. It is obvious that he sincerely would love to fulfill this promise – this is a win win for him. But ((they)) are preventing him from doing so. So the ‘right’ is criticising Trump for not doing something that he wants to do, but cannot do as he cannot name those who are hindering him.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      David Elias Goldberg

      Jew. And you’re prepared to believe him ?

      will release his 25 minute interview with this White House official in the coming days on his YouTube channel

      In February ? Then why didn’t it happen ?

      Lying Jew [redacted].

  19. Onlooker
    Onlooker says:

    Volunteer-victims or Casualties? People who are guilty of suffering White Guilt must be shamed for their willing victimhood. They must be shamed swiftly, sharply, brutally and relentlessly. Do not hesitate. Do not give in to false notions of politeness. Then the humiliated supplicants to their former Lords of White Guilt must be shown the path to salvation: White-ethnic pride. Shock-shatter-save. In doing so, one sets an example for them of a White who does not accept false accusations as well as one who is free of needless cognitive pain. One must brilliantly illumine those held in the clutches of White Guilt with the reality of the murderous outcome of their crime of accepting White Guilt as a verdict. Only because White Europeans are of a different and honorable character are they–in their moral decline–capable of being guilty of willingly participating in the false accusation of a fictional, externally-directed White Guilt. To paraphrase a particular historical figure: “The only ‘White Guilt’ is the acceptance of White Guilt itself.” It will kill not only Whites, but will leave the world in untold misery. One can never become a problem solver by submitting to the neurotic needs of another or their tactic to gain power over another by false accusations. Shame them with the truth of their manipulation. Once their game is shattered, then we can offer them the opportunity to negotiate for peaceful co-existence on reality-based terms. Exploit the same weakness for the cure by employing shaming, and then seal that vulnerability by destroying pathological versions of suggestibility to shame.

  20. Robert Clive
    Robert Clive says:

    Thank you for the article.

    While it is most interesting and important to examine the foundations of our problems, I see another matter at hand that should be prioritized and addressed – A practical guide to raising your children guilt free.

    We can examine, comment and blather about the known issues and (((whos))) behind them but I see no practical use for any of this. Perhaps, I am at a different period in my life than others but for me, I will be starting a family soon and find it most paramount to fully understand how culturally (or otherwise) ethnocentrism is induced(besides genetics). My hope in understanding this is that my future children grow up with a healthy, guilt-free identity intact.

    For now though, the best I can deduce at accomplishing my own children’s healthy identity is to do exactly the opposite of what the main stream is doing for our European children, that is; An honest perspective on ones history, emphasis not on the child as an individual as it relates to history but a link in the chain., special holidays that do not center around materialism but are about genuine appreciation towards ones group which could be reflected upon by teaching them about the sacrifices their ancestors made for them. At the very least, a thorough history of their ancestors, their accomplishments and the current state of their existence. Perhaps, if the child must watch the television (In my house their is no TV) then older movies that paint whites in a better light than modern movies and shows. Much more could be done, especially in larger groups as a childs culture is typically formed by their peers.

    I still have much to investigate into this matter and hope I see some articles or at least some friendly insight pertaining to this as I feel there is no point in having children if they will be sent to the zog machine to be programmed. .

    I can

  21. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thanks for another incisive article, Mr. Joyce. I am glad that you & Kmac are helping to unwrap the alpha & omega of the credulous White psyche. I have also been bemused by the surfeit of common sense, and lack of reason amongst most Whites/Anglos. These are longstanding White foibles and flawed character suits that have needed immediate attention for a long time.

    Realizing the deep intellectual programming/poisoning that Whites are afflicted by, and the hostile Jewish forces that hold Whites in thrall, an objective analyst has to wonder why erstwhile sensible Whites continue so capriciously in their self destructive persuit of fantasy, delusion and denial. Do they really like being lied to? That they have foolishly let Jewry and their minions ‘normalize the abnormal’ for them, thus creating this surreal world of make-believe to have to endure. Thus, the key question of a lack of White rationalty obviously begs the answer.

    As you allude, and despite the danger signals that should be obvious to a sentient people, their delusional suburban world hasn’t been gate crashed, in a hard, jolting way…yet. Cleary our enemies enemies are circling for the kill, while Whites are asleep at the switch.

    In plain English, in their beguilement, Whites aren’t hungry enough, or threatened enough yet to see the perilous situation for what it is. That is rapidly changing.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @junghans – “Whites aren’t hungry enough, or threatened enough yet”
      Correct – the people are pampered and most are safe and no-one is starving, instead they are overfed. For many young people their biggest decision is whether to buy new trainers or a new phone.

      The people will think differently when their wealth and safety and comforts are gone.

      However, the ‘feeling safe’ level in all of the West is getting less, although not so much for the rich who live in safer areas and gated communities.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        The bet the elites are making is that working class men would rather be gelded than give up the benefits of the “civilization”. Women taunt working class men endlessly with similar claims in what the manosphere calls “shit tests”, essentially asking the men in their lives “whatchagonnadoaboutit?”

        This identification between high status males and females is as old as polygyny.

        Men who identify with such taunts are cucks, at best, and “elites” at worst.

        I know very few men who would not choose to go to war and wipe out every last person in every urban area of the US if it meant an end to such taunts — but there are even fewer of them who will throw their lives away at the behest of a taunt from a woman or a cuck — even one posing as a supposed “white nationalist leader”.

  22. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Whites have nothing to be guilty about, at all.

    Non-Whites, which include Jews, have every reason to be grateful for being the beneficiaries of a race of people who created the towering human achievement that is Western Civilization.

    Our evolution and history, not anyone else’s, is marked by a developing conscience, a process of insight, wisdom and self-understanding that takes place in the growth and maturity of an individual and group.

    Once that process reached the self-reflecting level there was a deepening awareness of those elements that constitute our nature (what the universalists were too quick and too generous to call “human nature”).

    This awareness extends to an understanding of the kinds of environment that allow our essential nature to flourish. European man (which includes his geographical extension, USA, etc) saw his humanity constituted precisely as human by virtue of his ability to reason, exercise free will, develop a moral conscience, be creative and live by the rule of law.

    There’s no doubt that these activities are more enhanced by Democratic forms of government than by dictatorial forms of government such as Fascism or Communism.

    But there’s been two basic ideas of Democracy since The French Revolution. Absolute Democracy (the kind that leads to mob rule and the crushing of the individual; the kind the Right often complains about, though it doesn’t properly identity it as Absolute Democracy, but simply as “Democracy”).

    And Free Democracy, something that led to the development of American Pragmatism, and the willingness to expose our ideas to a process of continuous feedback and correction and, even more importantly, the inversion of the four sanctions that all cultures have imposed on their people for eons.

    The four sanctions of Economic Deprivation, Imprisonment, Torture and Death were inverted for the first time in human history by European man to Economic Ease, The Privileges of Freedom, Respect for the Individual, and The Value of Life (Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness).

    Unfortunately, the rationalizing and sentimentalizing strain of the Enlightenment figures laid the seeds of the kind of thought that made it possible to extend this good will to their racial subordinates, with rather disagreeable consequences.

    In short, Pearls before swine.

    The results of which we’re all living with now.

  23. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “The Holocaust narrative is perhaps the ur-stimuli of White guilt.”

    So a false narrative and an vague abstraction are used to produce an absurd absolute.

    This is why Schopenhauer said that nothing about Judaism can be confused with Reason.

    Ironically, the only pathology that Whites possess in this case is their gullibility. They’re literally pathologically naive.

    And their susceptibility is not just because they already have low self-esteem (though why they have low self-esteem is an interesting and important topic of analysis and discussion from the perspective of both cultural history and family systems).

    No. It’s because none of them have been taught the three things we all should be learning starting in high school and definitely in college; rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning and cautious judgment.

    No one who has worked hard to acquire these three skills falls for the absolute crap grotesquely masquerading as “truth” and emanating from the bowels of JESSICA – JEwiSh Supremacy Inc.’s Control of America.

    Speaking of Family Systems, none of these kids, many of whom are stupid punks and remorseless bullies, feel any guilt for having abused their own children or brothers and sisters.

    They have no feeling of guilt because they have no conscience. So their guilt in terms of racism is false. It’s pose. And the only reason they are participating in sickening ritual is because those inducing the guilt will punish them if they don’t. That’s all. It’s all fake!

    This is why Family Scapegoats have to go No Contact. Because they will never get justice and they will never fully recover from the extent of the abuse.

    And, since Whites, especially White men and, above all, our boys (our most precious resource) are being scapegoated on a global scale, they will have to go No Contact with the non-Whites and JESSICA who are scapegoating them.

    We’re essentially and officially an Occupied Territory. And the only way to liberate an Occupied Territory is with aggression.

    It is THIS above all that they fear most. That White Guilt becomes White Aggression.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “They’re literally pathologically naive.”
      We are programmed or wired to not think about things that require “rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning and cautious judgment.” and instead we are wired in our animal behaviour side to just follow the herd/culture and to go with the flow, or at least 95% of us are. This is why if you explain demographics to someone they nod and say ‘okay’ then change the subject and carry on as normal, still voting to be replaced, as if you never said anything. What you said has been simply rejected/ignored/not processed as to do so would set them apart from the rest of the herd and bring group disapproval upon them.

      We can see why, as in prehistoric times, when two tribes go to war, the tribe that adopts and follows whatever short phrase their leaders give them to accept and repeat, this is the tribe that wins, and the tribe in which everyone engages in long philosophical debates with each other and splits into factions – this tribe will lose.

  24. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Isn’t White guilt really just another name for:

    jOoIsH blood libel?

    Aren’t jooz really the most parasitic species on the planet behind Negroyz?

  25. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Guilt” implies the conscience is at work and is the driving factor, ie that the guilty person has gone through the process of thinking about things and then come to a conclusion that incorporates moral judgments. I doubt that this has occurred in more than 5% of the people. What about feeling guilty that your culture and people are being replaced, and in order to conform with the herd, you are not objecting, and instead decide to adopt ‘safe’ mainstream opinions?

    So perhaps this process of thinking about things at any deep or thoughtful level actually only occurs in perhaps just 5% of us, and perhaps it is only for this small minority that the thought processes described in the article actually take place. When such a person consults recently-written history books and TV documentaries, he will be presented with a narrative that has been carefully selected by modern publishers and the MSM, one that is intended to convince him that whites are the villains, and most accept this narrative, assuming they do not stray away from mainstream sources. For this person in the 5%, who are thoughtful and rely on mainstream sources, the word ‘guilt’ is appropriate.

    A further 15% (for the sake of argument) will be those who are wired in their genes to be *true lefties*, and it is from this group that the anti-white culture has been created in the first place in all Western nations. The *true lefties* in this group need to be distinguished from other lefties who are not deep down committed lefties and are only following the prevailing culture, and such types could easily switch to becoming right wing under a different culture.

    The word ‘guilt’ certainly does not apply to the true lefties, as they do not think in terms of guilt in the first place, and their motive is malice, quite the opposite to guilt. They have no wiring in their minds for guilt, and they only use the word ‘guilt’ in order to communicate with the rest of society, as they recognise that others have this feeling that they lack – all that the true left have in place of guilt is malicious urges towards certain other types of person and a desire to harm them or at least deny them power or influence in society. They also lack empathy. In my opinion, we should not assume they think as we do.

    An example of this type of ‘true lefty’ personality in modern times is the types who pretend they are concerned for the welfare of blacks in S Africa, so they use words like ‘poverty’ and ‘underprivileged’, in other words, moral values, pretending these are the lines along which they are thinking. They are using moral terms merely to communicate with others who do have moral feelings, in order to sell their message to the rest of us, as in reality they do not care in the slightest about blacks or if they are poor or not.

    Proof that they do not care about the welfare of blacks (and only of the downfall of whites) is that we all know that their end game is to give blacks the kind of society in which the blacks will experience poverty, disease, and tribal warfare. They KNOW this is the destination at the end of the journey that they seek to take S Africa on, so clearly, a genuine concern for the welfare of the blacks is not their motive, so what is? These types are certainly strongly driven – many devoted their lives a few decades ago to the downfall of white rule in S Africa – and herein lies the answer for what is their motive – the motive is simply the downfall of white people. So their motive is a hatred of the superior and a desire to bring them down. An example of what Kevin MacDonald describes as a characteristic of Scandinavian peoples, where the words K MacDonald used for the way they think are approximately along the lines of: ‘no-one should get above themselves or think they are better’. The true left have this way of thinking, just more intense, so intense that it becomes a hatred of the better.

    Assume the true left, who have no concept of guilt in the first place, assume they are 15% and the other group of the guilty-gullible are 5%; this adds up to 20%.

    Of the remainder, there are some who are not guilty because they have high levels of racism (used here not as a derogatory term) and can never see their own country doing any wrong. This includes all 3rd world countries, and many Russians, who admire Stalin on the basis that he was a powerful Russian, and they do not consider anything beyond this. The Western nations tend to be more self-critical, for example the British admit WWI was a mistake (but not WWII).

    Also, there are some like the readers of TOO who are able to think about things and recognise that there is an anti-white agenda, and who reject it as we recognise that it is bad for our people, but also bad for the whole world as it ends up with bad people getting the upper hand, so we reject it.

    If we add together the right-wing whites who are right-wing as they are racist (not a derogatory description), and the thoughtful right (who support the right for moral reasons), we get a combined total for the ‘committed right’, and let us assume this is 5%.

    So in the West we have 5% gullible who accept the anti-white message of their culture and who feel guilty about whites, plus 15% who are true lefties and who hate whites due to their wiring and do not possess guilt in any form, and 5% who are properly right-wing people of two types – white racists who resist any self-hate narratives, and those who side with their own race for moral reasons as they think we have a right to exist and are not villains after all as we are portrayed to be by our own culture now that this is run by the 15% who hate us.

    This makes up 25% so far, and only 5% who feel genuine guilt about what whites have done. What of the remaining 75%?

    Maybe the 75% do not actually feel ‘guilt’ but just follow what the culture tells them to think. This is how the animals behaved in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. The 75% just accept reasons provided for why they should be anti-white that are presented in moral terms, but this is just part of human behaviour to put everything into the language of ‘being justified’, and there is no serious thought involved.

    When two prehistoric tribes fought over access to the lake, each side felt fully justified – ‘We were there first’ ‘No we were’ ‘The gods told us we could have it’. No prehistoric tribe or modern tribe ever said ‘we are in the wrong but we just want it’. A modern burglar never says: ‘I take other people’s things that they worked for, so I can have things without working myself’ No, he says it is justified as society is unfair and he is making it more equal, he is ‘deprived’ etc etc.

    In other words, everyone uses moral language even when totally inappropriate, and so when the 75% go along with the prevailing anti-white culture, they too use moral language, so they say they are anti-white ‘because of slavery’ or ‘because I oppose white privilege’, but in reality they are not genuinely thinking about morals at all and are just repeating so called ‘reasons’ for their views that have been put in the language of moral justifications.

    It does not sound as good to say ‘I am anti-white because I am a sheep following the herd and everyone else is anti-white’, which is actually the truth. Morals and genuine guilt do not come into it. They just parrot the reasons the culture gives them for being anti-white, but in reality they are being anti-white as subconsciously they are just following the culture and are using the short phrases that the culture provides for them to use in order to signal that they are part of the herd. It is no different from the tribe that says ‘this is our lake by rights because … blah blah’ giving various justifications as if they have a moral right to the lake, when it would be more accurate to say ‘I want to take ownership of this lake from you so my group gets the fish, not yours’.

    In the case of the tribesman repeating his ‘moral justification’, the same process has occurred as in the case of the student saying ”I support reparations for blacks because blah blah’. In both cases they are just following prevailing culture – in the case of the tribesman and the lake, the outcome is aligned with self-interest (his group gets the fish), but in the case of the modern Western culture-follower, the outcome is that he supports his own demise. Such is the power of the urge to follow the herd.

    This culture-following is a major part of our wiring, and evidence that a very large proportion of our behaviour is devoted to this can be observed from children’s social behaviour. In a social situation, 7 year olds will not refer to the colour of their classmates, and will refer to the only black person in a group as ‘the one in the green coat’. A child who cannot add 12 and 7, such a child can easily master all the complex rules about conforming to the culture, and what is taboo.

    So this conforming to culture is all we are observing, not guilt, in this 75% of white people who are currently anti-white due to culture-following alone. They use the language of guilt – ‘we exploited Africans and stole their resources’ – but this is just their way of being good sheeple and accepting without thought and then repeating like parrots the moral justifications that the culture provides for them to accept and repeat. If they had any guilt at all, which they do not, it would be guilt that they are sheeple parroting lies in order to conform.

  26. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    The holocaust: “the need for an omnipresent psychological battering ram to break down White ethnocentrism”
    The holocaust has been built up so much into such a huge event and so central to (a) elevation of Jews (b) demonising of nationalism that when/if it collapses it will not only be devastating for its sponsors, but also it will elevate the status of the right-wing groups into the category of being ‘right after all’

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