A Race War Prophecy

Ethnic Apocalypse: The Coming European Civil War
Guillaume Faye
Arktos, 2019.

“A confrontation has become indispensable if we are to resolve the problem, remediate the situation and free ourselves.”

                                                         Guillaume Faye, Ethnic Apocalypse

The celebrated French far-Right intellectual Guillaume Faye passed away in March, after a long battle with cancer, but not before leaving us a literary parting shot that deserves to be a bestseller. In his final book, Faye explores the demographic, cultural, political, and military degradation of France, drawing sobering lessons for the West as a whole. The book makes a number of stark and terrifying predictions that, when all current trends are taken into consideration, have an overwhelming probability of coming to fruition. Foremost among these predictions is that the West is now almost certainly destined to convulse with a savage and intense civil war (both civil and internal, both religious and racial) without parallel in the history of mankind. With all the dark candour one might expect from a dying man with nothing else to lose, Ethnic Apocalypse, or as it was published in French Guerre civile raciale (A Racial Civil War), is perhaps the most brutally frank, bitterly scathing, and searingly honest accounts of the current trajectory of the multicultural West that I’ve ever come across. The reader searches the text for euphemism, finding none. There are no evasions here; no duplicity in nomenclature. Faye doesn’t speak of cultural differences, or religious incompatibilities. He has little time for talk of assimilation and integration. The problem, he declares, “is neither ideological nor even religious in nature, but, in fact, anthropological. And so is the solution. The coming war will involve people who have nothing to say to one another and who should never have been made to live together.”[1] A little over 50 years after Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, Faye’s book is both a nod to Powell’s prescience, and a chronicle of the nascent ebbs and waves of a crimson tide that now seems fated to engulf us all.

The volume opens with a heartfelt preface by Jared Taylor, who appears to have been appropriately affected by its contents and describes the text as “certainly the darkest, bravest, and frankest book my friend has ever written. It is a brilliant analysis of the mortal threat to us of massive non-white immigration.”[2] Arktos, the publisher of the English translation, then offer a brief note explaining the change in title from the “intentionally incendiary” French, pointing to the fact “the original title would render this book a magnet to our contemporary censors, who would work under the curious pretext, no doubt, that any book which speaks of a racial civil war in its title must surely be advocating the same.”[3] It is a credit to Arktos that they haven’t changed anything other than the title of this book which, while not necessarily advocating for race war, certainly doesn’t shy away from considering or even desiring the positive results that might arise from such an eventuality. As Arktos make clear, “many of the ideas the reader will encounter herein are harsh and hard to look upon, but they are genuine and astute; they are a serious man’s assessment of what he regarded as a coming emergency of continental, if not global proportions.”[4] And with the conclusion of these preambles, explanations, and caveats, Faye’s final book gets underway.

In the first chapter, “Diagnosis Before the Storm,” Faye outlines the fundamentals of the problem facing Europe and those of European origin. He begins with a list of murders and atrocities committed in France, including the slaughter of a priest by Muslims during Mass and massacres in Paris, Nice, and other provincial French towns. He points to an “ever-increasing criminality involving clearly identified perpetrators whose ethnic origins is often concealed by the official media,” and a “growing difficulty for the native population to coexist with African and Oriental immigrants who are increasingly aggressive, demanding and violent.”[5] What surprises Faye is that “we have not yet registered any defensive reaction on the part of this formerly valiant people or that of other European countries, let along the beginning of any sort of retaliation against Arab and black Muslims, who bear the sole responsibility for all of these crimes.”[6] The response thus far has been that one “snivels and proceeds to place candles and flowers where massacres have occurred,” something that the author attributes to both a loss of collective energy (the lower socio-professional classes have been wearied by incoming populations whose “cruelty remains unequalled”) and to a state that targets any identitarian awakening with repressive measures.[7] Faye argues that Whites (he specifically uses the term throughout the text after stating “let us state the facts as they are’), are “leading miserable and exasperated lives, are weary of being deprived of their tranquility” but that “an unpredictable spark” may yet cause them in “a spirit of self-defence, to organise themselves and  ultimately launch a counter-offensive.”[8]

Faye is unapologetic about speaking bluntly and specifically of race. He employs the term “as part of a sincere longing for accuracy.”[9] Some people find the term disagreeable? The author responds:

Do you know what is really unpleasant, by contrast? Living your life surrounded by ten million, twenty million, or even a greater number of Africans and Arabs, with whom one never wanted to associate. What is very disagreeable indeed is acknowledging the thought that, soon enough, the people of our race, namely the Whites of Europe, will be a minority in their own lands. What is more unpleasant is our inability to describe the very horror of our situation without burdening our statement of the facts with foolish periphrases and politically correct words, all of which remain less expressive of what is crucial for us to say than of what one is required to say.[10]

Again and again, Faye hammers home the racial reality of the our situation, and is biting and scathing in his descriptions of those who have flooded Europe. He describes a reality where “our peaceful French men and women” are “mocked, attacked, raped and killed every day by individuals belonging to non-European races.”[11] These “foreign and belligerent races” have “come to have their cake and eat ours.” They “want to reap the benefits of Western prosperity without having to make the same effort we have made in order to enjoy it, while simultaneously retaining their own identity and hating us most openly. They perceive us as being foreign and will continue to do so; it thus seems fair to me that we should regard them in the same manner.”[12] For Faye, “these third-world immigrants are not worth a penny,”[13] and African immigration to France, and more generally to Europe, “is an abomination and must be brought to an end as soon as possible.”[14]

Faye reflects for several pages on the novelty of race war, remarking that while Europeans may in the past have driven back invaders and occupiers as part of a Reconquista movement that ended with the liberation of Greece in the early nineteenth century, these invaders “did not enjoy such demographic superiority” as they do in the present, and they were historically “perceived as foreign occupiers with their own army”[15] rather than being embedded in our societies in the fashion they are today. Because of the overlapping elements (religion, race, and treason among Whites), Faye predicts that “this war will therefore be characterised by a very high intensity resulting from the multiplication of its explosive causes, since the conflict will simultaneously be a civil and internal one, an ethnic one, a religious one and a racial one. An unheard-of event in Europe.”[16]

The author also remarks that the conflict is “probably inevitable,” due to the “huge and constantly accelerating wave of colonising immigration” and the fact most of these immigrants possess a “hatred combining resentment with a desire for revenge.”[17] Tensions are building further because the secret services have designated the retaliatory actions of native groups, rather than Muslim or immigrant aggressors, as the main danger to French society, an aspect of what Faye calls the French state’s “Collaborationist Tropism.”[18] This is part of a much wider problem – the fact that in modernity “democracy imposes invasion upon peoples.”[19] Citing Angela Merkel’s flooding of Germany with millions of non-Whites, Faye remarks: “The underlying purpose is for the system to impose upon ethnic peoples  —  upon Whites, to be perfectly clear — an invasion at the hands of foreign masses of illegal immigrants and to force them to accept the destruction of their own living environment and culture.” Parliamentary democracy, in reality a “putrid oligarchy,” is “guilty of paving the way for an ethno-racial civil war not only in Western Europe (beginning with France itself), but perhaps also in the United States and Canada.”[20]

Faye asserts that the worst possible progression would be that this mass invasion occurred “smoothly,” but that we have instead encountered “terrorist violence, delinquency and nuisance.” This has made it more difficult to disguise the fact “that a conflict with these foreigners is underway.”[21] Conflict is therefore always preferable to “surrender without fighting — a progressive agony characterised by demographic and cultural disappearance, population replacement and Islamisation.” Faye is adamant in his insistence that

A confrontation has become indispensable if we are to resolve the problem, remediate the situation and free ourselves. In this regard, these Islamist provocations, who purpose is to spark off a civil war, are dialectically positive for us Whites and perhaps even suicidal for them if the events result in our awakening. If one keeps pulling the sleeping tiger by the tail, it will awaken.[22]

The book presents a racial civil war as potentially cathartic, solving “the generally delinquent, criminal, hostile, provocative and parasitic behaviour of a large part of these populations who, in all areas of our daily life, render all cohabitation unbearable.”[23] Faye argues:

It may turn out to be necessary to go through such events in order to salvage what is essential, because an ethnic and cultural war, in the event that we do emerge victorious, will rid us once and for all of the main problem, of the evil which, although never clearly formulated, is common knowledge to us all and has been gnawing at France and Western Europe: the immigration stemming from low-IQ Africa, the gradual colonisation of our territories, and the destruction of our identity. In short, our future disappearance from history books.[24]

In the book’s next chapter, “The Conquest of Europe is Underway,” Faye surveys the recent influx of millions of Muslims into Europe, and points to some of those “degenerate whites and impudent Jews” who have orchestrated it and cheered it on. [25] He describes the current phase of mass migration as “more important and much more serious than the two world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 and Soviet Communism (1917-1991).”[26] These migrants “have no reason to be here at all yet are confident of their rights, turn out to be demanding and aggressive, never doubting the fact they shall remain unpunished, evade deportation and enjoy the assistance of both ‘humanitarian’ associations and the state itself.”[27] The author condemns the role of the Catholic Church in both offering and soliciting ‘humanitarian’ aid for the migrants, and is clearly disgusted by the “complete traitor” Pope Francis who is condemned in the text for his “complete lack of historical knowledge,” “Trotskyist views,” and “rather delirious and insane conception of Christian charity.”[28] Faye also presents the example of Jacques Attali, the economist and political advisor, as a demonstration of “impudent Jews” in action. He quotes Attali as writing the following for L’Express in June 2018:

The only solution is for us to understand, as soon as possible, that it is in our interest to massively develop this neighbouring continent [Africa] and help accelerate its demographic transition; to organise the coming of migrants to Europe; and to create the necessary conditions [on European soil] to welcome and integrate millions of people into our cultures upon their arrival from this cradle of humanity.[29]

In a chapter titled “The Omens of a Civil War,” Faye moves into an examination of instances in which low level ethnic conflict is already underway. This can be most clearly seen in the establishment of ethnic “no-go” zones in many European towns and cities, and their role as a hotbed for violence against police. Faye statistics for injuries suffered by French police in the course of deliberate ethnic ambushes and more general ethnic delinquency are sobering, running into the thousands every year. For Faye, these areas are not just “zones of lawlessness” but in fact “invaded areas” that have been successfully conquered by foreigners, and are essentially no longer part of France. Although the security services have been successful thus far in preventing significant acts of French retaliation, Faye points to the June 2018 arrest of ten men and women (“for the most part family men, with no criminal history”) for planning attacks on mosques as an example of the fact “tensions are indeed on the rise, as the country gradually turns into a powder keg.” In the author’s estimation, if such attacks were indeed to be carried out, “it would unleash a civil war upon us once and for all.”[30]

The book’s third chapter, “The Ethnocidal Project Targeting European Peoples,” examines in more detail how life in White countries is being fundamentally changed for the worse. Faye defines ethnocide as “the destruction of a people through non-sanguinary, long-term and more pervasive processes, namely progressive immigration flooding; the destruction of one’s cultural identity and historical memory; repressive measures; spoliation; and, last but not least, the relegation the indigenous population to a lower status.”[31] Western governments are complicit in the ethnocide of their native peoples by refusing to act even in the fact of “incessant neighbourhood riots,” “ritualistic and mass-scale car arsons,” “occasionally deadly attacks and ambushes targeting policemen, gendarmes, and firefighters,” “verbal or physical assaults committed against native French people,” “the violent harassment of White women in the streets,” “acts of aggression perpetrated against doctors,” schools falling “into the grip of daily violence,” and “the open and raucous appropriation of public spaces, followed by that of entire towns.”[32] Faye asserts that the state and associated elites are complicit in the ethnocide of the European peoples because they desire to create a “new man” (“a necessarily anti-racist and mixed-race type of man”), and describes the figures behind this effort as “cosmopolitan elites” and “collaborationist court Jews.”[33] Macron is specifically denounced as a Kalergi-praising product of “globalist support and Jewish funding.”[34]

In predicting the battle lines of the future civil war, Faye asserts that the primary aggressors in Europe will be Muslims, with the main Muslim organisations coming to direct the activities of ethnic rioters throughout France. In the early stages, this camp will be assisted by collaborators in the form of leftist “journalists, officials or politicians at all national and local levels,”[35] before support and financial aid is further provided by Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other countries “engaged in the Islamisation and colonisation of France.” Against this coalition, Faye posits that a substantial element of the police and gendarmerie will move into a retaliatory mode, joining “a growing number of exasperated Frenchmen with no ideological or political connections with the far Right, who could organise themselves into neighbourhood-based self-defence groups or structured militias.” After initial skirmishes, Faye asserts that a specific response to collaborationist efforts would be required and, in his discussion of “the origin of pro-migrant and anti-French elites,” Faye doesn’t shy away from explaining that Jews are a prominent collaborationist element in French society:

It must also be said that in both rightists and leftist parties, though admittedly far more often in the leftist spectrum, one encounters Jewish MPs, ministers, general councillors and mayors who, for the most part, define themselves as ‘citizens of the world’ or quite simply Jewish rather than French. This is a rather unpleasant fact, since the nation they are supposed to love and serve with a patriotic heart is actually our own … As soon as the fate of Israel becomes more important than that of France in the words of the journalists, thinkers and politicians that are supposed to represent and faded our country, the result is a serious conflict of interest, one that I cannot fail to highlight.

The book’s fourth chapter, “Foreign Occupation,” is an extended indictment of multiculturalism from the point of daily, widespread ethnic delinquency. Faye rails eloquently against the “vindictive” state of mind of “the young Afro-Muslim population,”[36] who comprise “entire groups of seasoned and trained juvenile delinquents that fear neither the police — whose members are highly demotivated, discouraged and spiritless — nor a lax justice system that finds itself unable to keep pace with them.” We learn that in France “90% of all minors and young adults involved in all conceivable forms of criminality stem from Afro-Arab immigration.”[37] The young delinquents organise in a “primitive tribal pattern,” and “shall form the shock battalions of an already brewing racial civil war.” The majority of the White victims of these urban occupying tribes are young women, provoking Faye to remark “In all cultures, the normal, vital reflex is to protect one’s women against any and all sexual assaults committed by foreigners. This, however, is not what we are witnessing in today’s Western Europe, whose members have now surrendered to complete mental weakness — it would indeed be racist and entirely reprehensible for us to ensure our women’s protection.”[38] Faye rejects this weakness. For him, the matter is simple: any idea of a peaceful, multicultural living together with these groups is an irrational sham. “The only programme that one could envisage in their case is one where they would all travel back across the Mediterranean, regardless of any eggs broken along the way. A convivial living-together is only possible when it involves populations that are biologically and culturally related. Anything else is but a sham. We do not wish to live with these people. Period.”[39]

The next two chapters focus specifically on the Islamic nature of the mass migration into Europe, and the Islamisation process as a whole. In Faye’s view, “Islam shall act as the sole banner, the sole emblem for the rallying, mobilisation and identification of non-European populations. It shall embody what some fight for and others against, even if — and because — what lies under its din and behind its blazing shadow is a haunting biologico-racial melody.”[40] Faye clearly despises Islam, calling it “the poorest and the most mediocre of all human religions,” and jihad little more than a “form of delinquency.”[41] He highlights the existence of an “Islamosphere” occupied not just by the Muslims themselves but by “French people who have chosen the path of collaboration.” These are leftists who “spread the idea that Muslims embody the new image of the oppressed,”[42] and work in concert with Muslim, Black, and Jewish lobbying groups to “intimidate French people and discourage any and all French criticism and resistance against immigration invasion and Islamisation.”[43] Such collaborators, including the Jews Edgar Morin and Emmanuel Todd, whom Faye briefly profiles, are “driven by a fierce hatred of France, its culture, its traditions, its deep-rooted provincial population, its ethnic people and ‘little white folk,’ described as a bunch of racist hicks,” and have “infiltrated our associations, our national education system (a very serious development indeed) and the media.” Although many of the immigrants are anti-Jewish, presenting something of a paradox, Faye reminds us that these Jewish activists have not “joined the pro-immigrational cause from rational reflection, but due to an emotional and irrational surge of hatred for their native France.”[44] He continues, referring also to irrational support for Islamisation from feminists and the broader Left:

What particularly fascinates these dumbstruck Islamo-leftists, these defrocked Trotskyists, these intellectuals nursed in the lap of cultural Marxism, these old communists or crypto-communists that still hold Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin in high regard and venerate Mao, Pol Pot, the violence of the Reign of Terror (1792-1793), the Paris Commune of 1871 and the crimes committed by the Spanish Republicans, is something consubstantial with Islam, something that they have in common with the latter and that is the focus of their deference and adoration — the tropism of fanatical violence and totalitarianism, which remain correlated and inseparable. That is what they have been missing since the disappearance of ‘genuine’ communism! And what Islam is now offering them is a similar dish, served bloody and on a silver platter.[45]

In chapter 7, “As the Catholics Lose their Footing,” Faye takes aim at Pope Francis and institutional Catholicism which has acted as “the ferocious enemy of the ethnic identity of white Europe and the objective accomplice of the migrational invasion conducted under the banner of Islam.”[46] Pope Francis is described as “both a traitor and a madman.”[47] Particularly concerning is the existence of large numbers of otherwise right-wing and traditionalist Catholics who nevertheless waver on matters of race. For Faye, this is an unforgivable positions that threatens to place such Catholics (“prisoners of their own intellectualism and of an annoying sort of biological relativism”) in an impossible situation in the eventual civil war. Faye explains:

It is all quite simply, actually: ask any patriotic Catholic if an African who also happens to be a patriot and has recently converted to Christianity should be sent home in the event of a mass de-migration process that would follow our side’s lightning-like assumption of power. You will see how long they hesitate before giving you an answer. There we have it! No, seriously now, hesitations of this order are no longer acceptable. We have no time to waste on such childishness. Foreigners are DIFFERENT FROM US and must return to their homeland as soon as possible.[48]

The only dogma of concern to Faye is the simple fact that “in order to win a racial civil war, one must first be racist, regardless of whether one participate in it willingly or reluctantly … A racial AND civil war will involve violence, as well as terrible tragedy and injustice … An indigenous person must, however, choose other natives over all foreigners, rather than prefer some allogeneic ‘brothers in Christ.’ In their desire to soften the hearts of the French people fighting them, many immigrants will attempt to play this card.”[49]

The book’s eighth chapter, “The Jews Amidst the Racial War,” is the one I am most ambivalent about, and perhaps the weakest in an otherwise outstanding volume. To begin with, it is one of the shortest chapters, and one senses that Faye was uneasy or uncomfortable tackling the subject “head on,” rather than in the asides and minor profiles he scattered throughout the book. The basic problem, as I see it, is that while Faye was rightly scathing of those who are so anti-Jewish (in a distorted fashion) that they see Muslims as their allies (he names Alain Soral as an example), he failed to see that he had actually fallen into the mirror image of that problem, despising Muslims with such tunnel vision that he came to see, and search for, Jews as allies — despite all the evidence of Jewish collaborationist activities that he himself would amass and discuss. This isn’t to say that Faye doesn’t hit some high notes in this chapter. He remarks that “the Jewish soul finds itself continuously torn between exacerbated particularism and a universalistic sort of tendency; between its ghettoised spirit and its conquering mindset.”[50] He rightly concludes that “this results in a number of contradictory features: their seeking of peace and security while relishing the idea of being persecuted; their aspiration to dominate and proud acknowledgement of their intrinsic superiority, alongside their embracement of the image of a small people that is perpetually under threat.”[51] But, showing remarkable ignorance of Jewish opinion polls and voting patterns that suggest overwhelming political affinities among Jews as a whole, he believes, foolishly in my opinion, that these Jews, “Court Jews,” can be quarantined from the rest of the Jewish population who are potential allies.

As for any idea that a Jewish Question exists:

There is, however, a serious analytical mistake made by numerous anti-Semitic writers, especially Kevin B. MacDonald — that of focusing on the psychological traits of Jewish intellectual movements that are in favour of cosmopolitanism, and of confusing these traits with the behavioural and mental patterns of the Jewish ethnicity … A growing proportion of ‘common Jews’ are now rejecting both anti-racism and cosmopolitanism, partly in response to the Muslim-Arab invasion.[52]

But Faye’s retort to MacDonald can only be regarded as, at best, anecdotal, and is flatly contradicted by, for example, my own analysis of Jewish representation in contemporary refugee and migrant organisations. MacDonald’s theory is also not of “the psychological traits of Jewish intellectual movements” (can intellectual movements have psychological traits?) but that a group evolutionary strategy in which the behavioural and mental patterns of the Jewish ethnicity can be observed in such movements. It’s clear that Faye was confused, and I suggest that his tunnel vision on the Muslim Question was the reason why. We might further consider his comment in the appendices of the book:

Judeocentrism [belief that a Jewish Question exists] is a hollow obsession whose causes, meaning and goals cannot be clearly defined. There are some who will claim that the reason I say this lies in my fear of the Jewish lobby, but I am not afraid of anything and am going to die soon. Over the years I have come to understand that the anti-Semitic reduction of all our current problems to the Jewish question is the most striking form of contemporary conspiracy theories.[53]

And so, rather than reduce all of our current problems to the Jewish question (when has anyone on this site neglected to refer to Muslims, Blacks, or broader social decay including the failings of our own people?), Faye decided to reduce all of our current problems to the Muslim question. I must be clear in that I firmly believe that Faye is not guilty here of subversion or fear of the Jewish lobby. If I did, I would hesitate to recommend this book. Instead I see a paralysis-like error in thinking, brought about by a quite understandable reaction to the stark and visible Islamisation of France. This error (commonplace in countries with large and growing Muslim populations) comprises a small element of this excellent book, a few pages in a text more than 200 pages in length, and is in many places in the text quite contradicted by the “Judeocentric” material Faye himself cannot help but refer to. But I would neglect my duty as a reviewer for this website if I did not make it clear that one must have to flexibility of mind to be aware of all facets of the existing problem, and to avoid Faye’s potentially dangerous habit of seeing allies where they simply do not exist.

But this is a book about racial civil war, not the Jewish Question, and in the final three chapters Faye returns to this theme with a vengeance, producing some of the best content of the volume. In “Our Law Enforcement Organisations Are at the End of Their Rope,” the author explains that French police are already at the frontline of the earliest phases of the racial civil war. He relates a number of infuriating anecdotes, including that of a police officer disciplined and demonised for shooting an African in the leg to avoid being beaten to death by a 15-strong African gang, but particularly horrifying is the brutal June 2016 murder of a police couple, slaughtered by Arabs in their own home, in front of their child. Brushed under the carpet by the media and authorities, Faye sees the incident as a “barbaric assassination” that “takes on the symbolic meaning of a declaration of war, one that is obviously both ethnic and racist in nature.”[54] Due to the refusal of the establishment to act in a rational manner against racial criminals, French police are resigning in large numbers, with almost 3,000 quitting the police force in 2017. Faye argues they “might end up joining a potential Popular Resistance in the coming civil war against the Occupation and its collaborators.”[55] The rest, he asserts, “will have no difficulty in choosing sides.”[56]

Chapter ten, “Race and Racism — At the Heart of the Coming Clashes,” concerns the total destruction of White lives under multiculturalism. Faye explains:

Maliciously targeted by Le Monde, Liberation, Mediapart, Telerama, and France Culture, these ‘petty Whites,’ i.e. our people and indigenous lower classes, have been forced to embrace ethnic coexistence, an artificial living-together that our leaders themselves do not even practice. This fool’s bargain also implies a blatant disregard for democracy at the hands of this shitty republic’s governments — a republic that has, since 1974, been resorting to decrees to impose an immigration invasion upon the French people, going against the latter’s wishes and corrupting their dreams of tranquility.[57]

Whites are saturated with the ideology of anti-racism which “is completely contradictory as a result of its bias and tendency to overvalue ‘coloured people’ to the detriment of Whites” thereby contributing to “the profound racialisation of our society” and proving an “aggravating factor in an ethnic civil war characterised by its racial and racist dimensions.”[58]  The increasing obviousness of racial antagonism in our societies is masked only via the efforts of Marxists in academia, government, and media who produce a steady stream of propaganda

for the sole purpose of intellectualising, blurring and thus rendering unsolvable the daily problems experienced by our French natives, who are forced to live among non-Whites … Our rulers impose immigration upon each and every one of us, as sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and other accomplices are seen on television in their fancy clothes and lovely little brown-nose glasses, telling us that it is all actually a blessing. The process of ethnic replacement is underway, but all is well, no problemo.[59]

In the eleventh and final chapter, “How the War Shall Unfold — Possibilities and Predictions,” Faye uses the material discussed thus far to build a model of how a racial civil war will begin and proceed in France, and other nations in Europe. This is a thought-provoking and sobering piece of work. A brief summary here would inevitably do an injustice to Faye’s well-developed sequence of thought, but Faye certainly sees the origin of a future conflict in police confrontations, either involving Muslims claiming police brutality in response to their heightened delinquency or “following the death of some Black African scum.”[60] Rioting is viewed by Faye as having every potential to bleed into sustained guerrilla warfare and, if it were to be prolonged long enough, Faye sees the potential for Antifa (“leftist-anarchist troublemaker groups”) to join forces against the police. The alliance will be short-lived since collaborators in the race war, even if the ethnic faction wins, will “not be given the position they hope for in this future society. Instead, what awaits them is death, humiliation, beatings and a state of modern slavery.”[61]

Faced with an escalation of violence, including massive Islamic terrorist attacks funded and supported by Muslim countries, the only hope for Europe is that such events cause a shock “strong and traumatic enough to reverse mentalities.”[62] In fact, Faye argues that this is the primary condition for possible victory, without which we are fated to slow replacement and ultimate defeat. He stresses the same precondition for the United States, which he warns will endure “severe turmoil, perhaps even partitions, in the course of the next century.”[63]

Faye reflects for some time on the possibility that we would suffer defeat, and ponders what would become of the European peoples in the eventuality. I don’t want to linger on that here, though I encourage all those reading this review to read the book and let this particular section urge them on to renewed efforts for our cause. Instead, here, I want to focus on his more optimistic conclusion, “The De-Migration of the Afterwar.” Here the author offers a vision of White victory. He posits that the racial civil war would “through its unique violence, turn into an unprecedented collective trauma whose memory will echo across the centuries.”[64] In other words, multiculturalism would never again be repeated by our descendants. There would be a “massive repatriation of African and oriental populations to their countries of origin … It must be made possible, and must take place and commence very soon, because it is both necessary and vital … Let me state things clearly: whether willingly or by force, they shall indeed leave. This is not only my promise, but also my prognosis.”[65]

Despite his error on the Jewish Question earlier in the book, I leave the last words of this review to Guillaume Faye, who returns to the theme, despite himself and with wisdom, to close his magnificent book – a book I recommend to all readers of this site, and to whoever may encounter this review elsewhere:

These anti-racist and anti-White leftist Jews will have to watch their backs when the wind turns … They will have to consider the option of returning to the land of their ancestors once the just anger of European identitarians allows the latter to cleanse not only France, but also every other part of the West. This is not a threat, but a piece of advice.

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    Democrats will lower the Federal Voting Age to 17, 16, or 15. States will do the same. Young people vote Democrat.

    Republicans and conservatives, including most Whites, will then be shut out of American life forever.

    Will they sit still while this happens? So far, they have.

    • Johnny Walker Read
      Johnny Walker Read says:

      I am far from a Democrat, but what has any Republican done to preserve your constitutional rights? They, along with our anointed savior Trump are fixing to hand Democrats everything they want on gun control. Republicans are no more your friends than Democrats are. Face it, we are screwed!

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Forget about Republicans and conservatives. I’m sick of hearing abut Republicans ans conservatives. Someone has accurately said “Republicans and conservatives are just liberals driving at the speed limit”. There as to be some sort of populist rebellion taking place outside the electoral system. A civil rebellion. Or it is over for whites as a class. No more refuge in Trumpism. It is just a fantasy.
      I don’t like this but this is the way it is

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        Republicans and conservatives have been the “At Least They’re Not As Bad” crutch that we’ve been leaning on for far too long . That crutch has prevented us from thinking things through to their logical conclusion and taking appropriate action.

        Instead, we’ve made concession after concession to the point where it is now too late to reform the current system. We need a whole new system, and probably a whole new nation.

        No matter whether Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, are in charge, we end up with the same result: Replacement of the white population with brown people, Jews running everything from behind the scenes, and endless wars for Israel.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          The false dichotomy of republican democrat exists in Australia also.
          They both serve the same master in their own style. Occasionally, a straight shooter comes up in the ranks but they eventually compromise for the sake of their career. The electorate is again dealt the kosher sandwich which they weren’t asked to choose.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          “Concession after concession”-

          . . .with each one increasing State Coercive Power.
          . . .but, this will be the last concession- no more.

          What about “give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.” Wasn’t that taught in the socialist school monopoly?

          Look to collapse of ideology [of philosophy]- this means collapse of basic principles.

          Here is the Conservative version- “The Conservative Mind” [1953] by Russell Kirk. Anti-ideology all the way. Ideology is viewed as lunatic, pie in sky utopianism- which must be rejected- along with basic principles. I almost vomited when trying to read this book.

          Here is the Liberal version- “The End of Ideology”
          by (((Daniel Bell))) [1960]. I cannot make heads or tails of this- https://tinyurl.com/yxw75sdg

          Two major anti-ideology books, from left and right, published within seven years. . .could this have been a coordinated effort? Let us be somewhat precise- anti-ideology means anti-principles, which really means anti right vs wrong. . .look what has transpired in the following years.

          How can Conservatism fight the left without having any basic principles? They cannot, and they did not. What are the Conservative arguments against today’s lunacy?

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    We need to spend more time analyzing what it is about whites that causes them to not react appropriately to the aggressive behavior of immigrants and non-whites.

    In the U.S., what we face is bad enough, but things appear to be much worse in Europe. Yet the only response to massacres committed by non-whites against whites is “tears, flowers and candles” — coupled with stern lectures about how whites must not hate or even criticize the miscreants.

    It is too easy to say that this is only happening because Jews control the politicians, media, etc. While that is undoubtedly true — Jews are a veritable Trojan Horse in our societies — no system of control is ever complete or foolproof.

    In spite of Jewish propaganda, whites know what has been happening to them: 1) In the United States, forced racial integration, massive non-white immigration (without the white majority ever being asked if they wanted that and polls from 1965 onward showing that they never did), empty promises to stop illegal immigration, and outright discrimination against white males. 2) In Europe, a sudden tidal wave of unwanted and unasked for non-white and Muslim integration coupled with violent attacks on whites by black Africans and Muslims.

    And the white response to this? Nothing, nada.

    To me this indicates a degeneracy in the white race best accounted for by soft living and a consequent rise in mutant genes, which appear whenever the harsh regime of natural selection is halted or modified. Such mutant genes are strongly correlated with cultural degeneracy (e.g., pathological altruism towards enemies).

    People who would have died off due to genetic weakness now survive, breed, and pass their defective genes on to the next generation. From this simple fact I believe that it is reasonable to conclude that, if a civil war develops, it will be primarily a war between whites; that is to say, a small group of genetically healthy whites and a much larger group of genetically defective whites.

    To explore this line of thinking further, I recommend Dr. Edward Dutton as a resource, as well as Jean-Francois Gariepy.

    I believe that this analysis is supported by historical fact. The best genes in Europe were destroyed in the two world wars. A substantial number of the best genes in the United States and other Anglophone nations were also lost in those wars. On the other hand, resistance to ethnic replacement is stronger in Eastern Europe, probably because of the harsh conditions under which people there had to live under communism.

    For whites to reclaim their lands and prevent any further invasions, certain groups will have to be harshly dealt with: Jews, multiculturalist white “progressives”, white Christian Zionists, the Roman Catholic hierarchy and the hierarchies of all the other Christian churches that have become Judaized (which means virtually all of them), and the traitorous “ruling class” that is allowing this ethnocide to happen: politicians, intelligence agencies, policing agencies, the legal profession, academia, multi-national corporations, banks, journalists, non-profits, NGO’s, school teachers, government employees, and so on. These different groups make up about at least a third of the white population. They will have to be expelled along with all non-whites and Muslims — or we will have to separate from them.

    How would a civil war play out? In the United States, the mostly white and conservative “red states” (and “red regions” of blue states) control the vital resources: food, water, energy, and the transportation of same into cities. Those resources will be cut off, the government will be bogged down dealing with the resulting chaos in the cities, and eventually white demands will be met. In the meantime, gun-owning whites will have the means to protect themselves.

    I suspect the same scenario — minus the guns — will play out in Europe. It will be rural folk against urban cosmopolitans.

    If a civil war is successful, the white winners will have to be utterly ruthless in dealing with enemies and traitors, giving them no quarter whatsoever.

    • Anthony Clifton
      Anthony Clifton says:

      Isaiah 13:14….!

      and Matthew 13:39-43.

      curiously, the story about the Alamo is not about the Pittsburgh Steelers
      or the Dallas Cowboys.

      and the story about the children of Israel is about the “White People” nations
      not about the “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog.

      Truth is not on holiday.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      You are certainly asking the right question. I think about
      this all the time. This country wasn’t simply stolen from us. We gave it up. But that doesn’t seem to compute. Who gives up their country? Judophiles give up their country. But how did we become Judophiled? I think the answer to that question goes way back to the intersectionality between Calvinism and Judaism – a regression into the Old Testament that makes us vulnerable to the Jewish spirit. Angelo’s anyway. And they set the norms

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Whites are the largest ethnic group in the USA . They have a very respectable IQ on-average but their level of political intelligence is very low on-average ( national level popularity contest voting is not with standing since the ruling oligarchs can determine the results , either legally or illegally , whenever they deem it necessary to do so ) .

        The majority of adult Whites are actually political bimbos due to the powerful ages-old legacy effect of a mostly bygone era ( since ww2 ) of a rural nonpolitical way-of-life . Most USA Whites have a very weak tradition of political discourse in contradistinction to election campaign enthusiasm which they are conditioned to believe is of profound significance .

        Like children , most adult Whites were not aware of their country being de facto surrendered to their jewmasters ; and if they were aware , like chidren , they were totally clueless of how to prevent the default give-away . Unlike chidren , adult USA Whites are typically much more religiously astute than they are politicly astute . Their jewmasters call it being stuck-on-stupid ( that is , trying to solve complex modern engineering math problems with only the knowledge of simple arithmetic ) .

        Like children , adult Whites are beginning to get upset with their jewmaster parents whom , as Whites are starting to realize , gave all their toys away to their neighbors kids .

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Excellent comment Andrew. I’ve read a number of your comments over the past month or two and agree with a lot what you say.

      The parts that I don’t agree with matter, as anything we’ve come to think, feel and believe matters to us. But not so much that I would use it to discredit what you or anyone else might say.

      I mention that because too often in articles and comment sections across the Internet I see people using a disagreement as an excuse to dismiss everything else a person says.

      I’m tempted to go into detail here as it relates to writers, commenters, sites, etc. and it’d be well worth it. But for now, I’ll focus on responding to your comment.

      Regarding any civil war. Your comment reminds me of Johnny Marks excellent video on the subject. Perhaps you are familiar with it and, if so, inspired by it. In any event, what you write is certainly convergent with what he says in that video.

      Be that as it may, the idea of a civil war sounds too, well, symmetrical. Too convenient, too neat and tidy.

      Problem with that is, that’s not the world we live in today. The world we live in today is asymmetical, it’s decidedly inconvenient and extremely messy.

      We don’t live in a Right/Left, Black/White, You/Me Us/Them, Either/Or world. We live in a very Grey, Both/And world with a fractured and fragmented society to reflect those qualities.

      You will find videos, quite a few in fact, of blacks, Muslims, Latinos, and others (even that #Walkaway channel) who either do not hate Whites or who recognize that the country they live in, or came to, etc. is far better than anything they could ever manage. They’re not froth at the mouth hostile toward Whites. There’s even a generous sprinkling of those well aware of the fact that they’re being used by the hostile elite in general and Jewish Supremacy Inc. in particular.

      I don’t know what their numbers are though I suspect they’re certainly less than half. But they’re there and should be seen as a resource. What is a war without alliances?

      I understand those who would respond to that with a big fat “WTF?”

      Especially since we’re having the Devil’s own time finding a way to mobilize ourselves around an organizing principle that is coherent and inspiring. An organizing principle that will make our actions more purposeful and directed.

      And I don’t deny for a moment that things are so complex and, quite frankly, so disturbing, that it’s hard for anyone to remain in a state of doubt, so the tendency is to gravitate toward something more Either/Or that will help simplify a terribly confusing situation. Not confusing in the sense that we’re under attack, or that we’re an occupied territory. Cause we are. I mean confusing in knowing exactly what we can do that’ll work.

      For that reason I propose that we frame this as a case of simply choosing between

      Freedom or Tyranny.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Freedom or Tyranny, continued…

        If one is on the side of Freedom, join us. If not, join them. Many, if not all, Whites on the side of Freedom have what Hemingway referred to as “a built in shit-detector.” So we’ll be able to spot the trolls, moles and informants; though, obviously, they could be White too, of course.

        And when the subject of Race comes up we can explain ourselves truthfully (by the way, in what follows in quotes I have played fair, ie; I have written the words exactly as they have come to me, without editing. If one has learned to type in high school and has been thinking and writing about this for a long time they should be able to type as fast as they think. Besides, it adds some zest to the comment section to speak from the heart and let the imperfections stand. Though, of course, I wouldn’t do this if I was writing an article to be published on this or any other site).

        “What’s wrong with Freedom? Is it our fault that Whites have valued Freedom more than other races?

        In fact, speaking of which, Whites are the only race in the history of the world who have ever permitted their authority to be criticized, which accounts for our First World status, for why we’ve progressed beyond ourselves.

        That is the single greatest sacrifice for the cause of freedom ever known to mankind, and in every way, physically (risk of one’s life) intellectually (flexiblity and openness of mind) socially (extending the privileges of freedom to all and not just ourselves), and spiritually (the opportunity to integrate fully, and for the first time ever, the physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional and social into a life with meaning and purpose).

        How AWESOME is that?

        Freedom requires, demands, Courage, Honesty and Intelligence.

        Is that why you don’t like it?

        In fact, everything the hostile elite and their non-White proxies brag about, their achievements, were made possible by the very freedoms extended to them by Whites. So they should be grateful instead of hateful.

        And you don’t want it? You don’t want that Freedom? That Freedom you will need to improve the quality of your life? What’s wrong with you?

        You want tyranny? Tyranny destroys the tyrants. You want that? You want to destroy youselves? Then get out of the way. No. Let me be specific. GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

        We’re not apologizing to you because we choose freedom over tyranny. And we’re not apologizing because we choose to ignore your insane demands to be place above criticism, loved unconditionally and blindly obeyed. What do you think life is about?

        Speaking of insane, you want us to love you unconditionally while hating ourselves? How is it even possible?
        How can you love anything if you hate yourself?

        You’re so filled with hatred you can’t even think straight. And you want to run the world?

        You shouldn’t be anywhere near the seats of power-ever! You’ll destroy the world. In fact, you already are.

        And speaking of choice, it only exists with Freedom!

        No wonder the tyrannts hate us! In fact, our love of freedom is exactly why they hate us and want the world to hate us. Because they don’t want freedom for the world. They don’t want a Free World!

        And we’re the problem?

        No wonder they’re beside themselves, no wonder they’re hysterical at the idea of losing control of the narrative! No wonder we don’t want to live under their tyranny. No wonder we choose Freedom!”

        In other words Andrew, though open to alliances, we don’t apoloigize for the racial and cultural aspects of Freedom as an organizing principle.

        Besides, that would be lying, because what I just said about European man (and his geographical extensions, ie; The USA, etc) is true, from perspectives both historical and conteporary. Which is exactly why they are taking away our freedom of speech and assembly. Because it would be so easy to reduce their entire explanatory system (of lies about us) to rubble.

        The situation is complex and dire, and words do matter. For that reason I propose we keep it simple and sincere and organize around the word Freedom, and not Right/Left, Liberal/Conservative, Communism/Fascism, etc.

        Besides, it’s that kind of inflexibility and polarization that helped get us into this mess in the first place.

        And, to be perfectly blunt, the Right does not have a good track record and must own up to this and transcend itself so it can move into a larger freedom.

        In doing so, of course, they’ll cease being Right, which is exactly what I hope for for us. Because this isn’t about ideology. It’s about Race and Culture. Both of which must use ideologies and alliances, and not be used by them.

        I think a great wave of relief will roll over our people once we stop putting the cart before the horse. Something European man has been doing since The Enlightenment. Hasn’t helped. One only needs to look around to see that it hasn’t.

        What we need now is to be a group in form united by an organizing principle that inspires.

        What’s more inspiring than Freedom?

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        Richard B: Thanks for your replies. First, I want to clarify that I did not actually call for a civil war. I only said what I thought would happen if there were such a war. So now, do I think we should have a civil war? Only if we can win. Only if enough people want such a war. So far, they don’t. But we shall see. And you’re right. I have listened to John Mark and I think what he says makes sense.

        Second, I have never taken a negative position towards non-whites and Jews that was not first provoked by their negative attitudes and behavior towards whites. I would like nothing more than for all of us to be friends. But that is not happening, partly because of the Jews stirring up animosities, but more importantly, because mixing different racial groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, and language groups DOES NOT WORK. It never has and it never will. History is replete with examples of what we might call “multiculturalism” not working.

        America was supposed to be the great exception to that historical rule. It was supposed to be a “melting pot”, and it WAS one to a great extent when it came to different white European peoples. But that was as far as it could go. It could not unite white and non-white — beyond the individual cases you mention — and the evidence is now in for those who doubt that. Non-whites are not assimilating for the most part (of course there are exceptions) and they are more loyal to each other than to this nation or the principles upon which it was founded — like the freedom you mention.

        The problem is human nature. People are tribal. The only group that has gone beyond tribalism (to a degree) is white people. But that has turned out to be a disadvantage. To stand up to the groups that consider us their rivals, we whites need to work as a team. Instead, we operate as individuals. So, if nothing changes, we will be overwhelmed. We will become minorities in our own countries. And as we lose power, we will lose our freedoms and rights. It is already happening.

        In the end, we won’t exist anymore. Most whites, seeing what is coming, will urge their children to marry and have children with non-whites so that their grandchildren will not bear the stigma of being white (the “evil oppressor”). The small minority of whites that remain will be discriminated against and possibly exterminated because non-whites have generally come to believe (falsely) that only whites were ever bad, oppressive, etc.

        What you recommend is what I call “the proposition nation”, which is an outgrowth of the Enlightenment. If we all just embraced freedom, responsibility and fairness, we could get along. That’s the theory. But it hasn’t worked.

        It hasn’t worked because people create cultures, not the other way around. The freedom that you love is the cultural product of non-Jewish white people, not anyone else. The progressive civilization that whites mostly created will no longer exist once they are gone.

        So my bottom line recommendation is that we separate from non-whites, Jews and Muslims. That has to happen or whites are finished and so is civilization — including the freedom you love.

        Once separation is achieved, then we can talk about freedom. But our experience will have taught us that even freedom needs some limits. For example, we will not allow non-whites, Jews or Muslims to live in our ethnostates. If a white citizen of the white ethnostate wants to marry a non-white, he or she will have to live elsewhere.

        Again, it is unfortunate that things have to be this way, but they do. We need to be practical and not be seduced by abstractions. And freedom is, in the final analysis, an abstract, or at least vague, concept. It is certainly not an absolute, nor should it be. The economic freedom of capitalism has given us globalism, which threatens nations and peoples, especially white people. Religious freedom has allowed churches to aid and abet the criminal actions of our government in inundating our nations with non-white migrants. Freedom is fine, but societies also need to protect themselves, and that can only be done by putting limits on personal freedom.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Hello, Andrew. ” For example, we will not allow non-whites, Jews or Muslims to live in our ethnostates.”

          I don’t know if you read amerika.org, but it’s pretty good most of the time. The bossman there, “Brett Stevens”, wants not only your above mentioned groups to be sent packing, but also southern Europeans, Eastern Europeans and Irish. No matter how lightskinned, blond or blue or green eyed a lot of them may be.

          An argument could be made that even in Amerikwa here, some white ethnic groups have not assimilated though there is a superficial appearance of their having done so. As to the Irish, I don’t know for sure what Stevens is getting at, but maybe it is because of a small percentage of the Irish having some of the E1b1b or R1a genes or their heavy involvement in liberal politics from the moment they got here. Commies at heart, apparently.

          I would suspect that even the whiter than white whites who Stevens feels are deserving of membership in the perfect new America have a wee tiny bit of the nygr in the woodpile.

          I am not trying to start a fight. Just passing Brett’s ideas along. I agree with you that it’s not a good idea at all to get fixated on “freedom”. In the most wonderful free society, try being late with your house taxes and see how free you really are.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            Barkingmad: It sounds like what Brett Stevens is doing is “purity spiraling”. We will never achieve perfection, whatever that might mean to different people. I would define “whiteness” broadly rather than narrowly. The main thing is that the whites in question not be Jewish or Muslim and that they agree with the goals of the white ethnostate — a separate homeland for whites free of non-whites, Muslims and Jews.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Sometimes I have wondered just how much our “white” movement really translates into Anglo which is kind of Ironic since it is really Anglo’s who have most given it up to the Jews

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          Hello Andrew, Thanks for your reply.

          “What you recommend is what I call “the proposition nation”, which is an outgrowth of the Enlightenment. If we all just embraced freedom, responsibility and fairness, we could get along. That’s the theory. But it hasn’t worked.”

          No. No. Not at all. I’m talking about a possible conflict. Not building a nation. I don’t believe in a proposition nation at all.

          That’s a separate discussion. You mentioned civil war and I was responding to that.

          My point was that the majority of people who value freedom are Whites. True. But others do as well. For that reason I mentioned “alliances”.

          In war or any conflict alliances are formed. The groups involved don’t become each other. Nor do they need to live together later. They simply form alliances around the common ground they share.

          That’s all I meant to say.

          Thanks again for your reply.

          All the best!

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Yes, Milton Freidmenesque freedom or individualistic market freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose as so many of us have discovered post Reagan.

          But I differ with you vs the “Melting
          Pot” assimilation idea. Originally the US was not intended to be a “melting pot”. The Melting Pot idea is a reflection of a basic historical change in the assimilation process, a change which undid us

          The Melting Pot is a Jewish idea proposed by an English Jew who was a zionist and never became a citizen. The “melting” meant that we all = immigrants and older Americans – would fuse our value systems into some vast multi ethnic value stew. This idea isn’t Anglo or at least not Original Anglo. Founding Anglos felt immigrants should adapt Anglo ways or suffer for not doing so. Consequently Irish, Italians, Poles etc paid a stiff price in life style changes – individualization vs family and clan, work ethic vs subsistence ethic, class mobility vs community solidarity – to adapt to Anglo American society. But in the long run the Anglo’s dropped their assimilation standards for Jews. Jews gave nothing up except perhaps their beards and locks but, in their traditional European fashion, went right on merchandising and monetizing everything in the larger society while maintaining ethnic cohesion in their own. Merchandising and monetizing was the Jewish contribution to the “melt” In the Melt, Jews actually broke the old original assimilation deal as
          the old Angloes were about something more than just making money; they had
          religious, regional and patriotic limits on their materialist drives. But the later Anglo upper class deferred to Jews value wise to the point where today the Jewish Melting Pot construction is discussed by smart folks like you as if it is a traditional Anglo idea and nobody even talks about the WASP anymore It’s really The JEWS now but of course we can’t talk about THAT in polite society

          My point is that Anglo upper class eventually allowed this society to be Judaized. This was a great betrayal of immigrants – particularly Catholic – who had struggled to assimilate to Anglo values but the WASP cared less.

          Actually sometimes I think the WASP is a Jew wannabe. But that is a conundrum I best avoid right now

          • Ludwig
            Ludwig says:

            Achilles Wannabesays:
            September 11, 2019 at 11:09 pm

            Actually sometimes I think the WASP is a Jew wannabe.

            Classic line that my late father would have nodded ascent to.

            As a side note, his father, or my grandfather, was a European diplomat just prior to WWII and at the time my young father remembered his father referring to Britain as the 13th jewish tribe.

          • Andrew
            Andrew says:

            “…sometimes I think the WASP is a Jew wannabe.” That’s what Karl Marx said about American WASPs in his essay “Zur Judenfrage” (“On the Jewish Question”). But I would say his analysis of the “Jewish question” (he was a Jew) was too narrow. He reduced it to worship of money (which he claimed would disappear when private property was abolished in the Marxist utopia, at which point Jewishness would disappear as well) and failed to place enough importance on Jewish ethnocentrism, Jewish supremacism, Jewish hostility to whites and Christians, and international Jewish power.

            Max Weber took a similarly reductive approach, analyzing money worship as a Protestant (Calvinist) phenomenon. A much better and more nuanced approach was taken by Werner Sombart in his book “The Jews and Modern Capitalism”.

            Neither Jewishness nor Protestantism can be reduced to money worship. Jews and Protestants are not alike, even though Protestants are materialistic and place Jews on a pedestal.

            As for the “melting pot” idea, yes, it originated with a Jew (there was even a Broadway play or musical called “The Melting Pot”) and was accepted by the wider culture, just as America as a “nation of immigrants” (instead of a nation founded by white European settlers) was accepted by the wider culture. (When people throw the “We are a nation of immigrants” line at me, I correct them and say that we are a nation founded by settlers. When I say that, I get a blank stare. They don’t know what to say).

            The “nation of immigrants” and “melting pot” ideas are unquestionably subversive. They contradict Founding Father John Jay’s vision of a homogeneous white America as well as the first immigration act (1790), which limited citizenship to whites.

            The net result of all of this is an ongoing war against the founding white stock of this nation (about 50 million people) and against whites in general.

            Catholics have grounds for complaining about the way WASP’s and Jews united against them. But the WASP victory over the Catholics came at a price: the displacement of the WASPs as the ruling class by the Jews as the new ruling class, which occurred sometime between 1945 and 1990..

            Now all non-Jewish whites are the target. And the Jews have their proxy army of non-whites, getting bigger every day because of immigration, to carry out the Jews’ “Final Solution to the European Christian problem” (see Nick Griffin’s speech to the European Parliament).

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Enlightenment over by 1800, replaced by Romanticism. America NOT a “proposition nation”-
          the Naturalization Act of 1790 says the country is “open to free White persons.”

          America was founded on the basis of White Nationalism, with liberty.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I think you can explain the situation on the “standard” model without resorting to genetics (though this may also be a factor).

      The depth of the application of “globalist” propaganda is only just coming to light. It is not just the UN and EU (and the US) being imperial systems rather than mere forums but also that, for example, facebook and google are tools for surveiling and controlling populations. It is only now that we are understanding that the “nanny state” we have set up is actually an imperialistic system with objectives of its own.

      We see, in other words, that the European peoples have been the victim of a very concerted and systematic campaign to control and manipulate them. There may be other factors, but this is the main one in my view…

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        Peter: I agree with you. Perhaps I have placed too much emphasis on genetics.

        I understand the U.S. government was planning to set up an extensive surveillance system directed at the American people but gave up on the idea (supposedly).

        At the very time the idea was given up — one might say, “cohen-cidentally” — this ridiculous thing called “Facebook” appeared on the scene and attracted enormous amounts of capital investment.

        Why bother to spy on Americans when they eagerly volunteer endless information about themselves?

        The powers that be are not stupid even if their politician puppets are.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Whites may be partially aware of [ what ] has been happening to them but they typically are not especially aware of the [ why ] it has been happening . By far most Whites are not very politicly astute ( except perhaps for establishment contrived political campaign issues ) because of their low level of political intelligence ( not IQ ) which is the result of a combination of several factors that have little-or-nothing to do with genetic degeneration . The average IQ ( not intelligence ) of Whites is still very respectable despite any gradual decline that may be due to genetic degeneration . IQ — not intelligence — is at least about 85% geneticly determined .

      The IQ metric has been rigorously debated for more than a century and it yet remains valid on solid scientific grounds where relentless politicly motivated soft-science assaults are not with standing .

    • Oldtradesman
      Oldtradesman says:

      White civilization selects for conformity and passivity. Technology and creeds amplify the process. Conformists stay employed, nonconformists do not. Active conformists hold leadership positions. Passive conformists do not. Active conformists are highly organized. Passive conformists are not. Leaders bring in Golem to: 1) Create an unstable, overcrowded environment and 2) suppress the population of passive conformists.

      Human rabbits selected by warfare, civilization, technology, and social policy can produce only more rabbits.


  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    What we need are Heroes of a Culture Crisis and Andrew Joyce is one of them. KM too, of course, and many others. Wouldn’t hurt to make a list and do something to put ourselves on it while we’re at it.

    “These migrants “have no reason to be here at all yet are confident of their rights, turn out to be demanding and aggressive, never doubting the fact they shall remain unpunished, evade deportation and enjoy the assistance of both ‘humanitarian’ associations and the state itself.”

    You could rewrite the entire paragraph replacing the world “migrants” with “the masses” to get a better idea of why we’re in the position we’re in today.

    If anyone has any doubts about that just read, or reread, Ortega’s The Revolt Of The Masses.

    The population explosion was Europe’s internal mass migration. It introduced millions upon millions of people into Europe and its geographical extensions (especially the USA) who simply did not understand what European man was about and could have cared less and still don’t.

    They just don’t get it and have no feeling of love or loyalty toward it at all and are so clueless about how this is impacting their lives or will in the not so distant future.

    This has contributed in no small way to societal collapse. The more we understand about this the better able we’ll be to free ourselves from the many problems it’s created.

    The Family is a useful model for looking at society. Some go as far as calling it the matrix of society. And with reason.

    Strictly speaking, however, there is no such thing as society. There’s only people and their behavior.

    If someone were to ask us, What is there in the world that the word “society” directs us to locate? it would be hard to point without hesitation to any observable. But if you were to ask, What does the word “society” include, certainly one answer would be, social-institutions.

    And the Family is definitely that, a social-institution. In fact, it’s the most basic bio-social unit since the Paleolithic Age that one can think of, and for that reason can be a useful model for understanding ourselves as a race.

    It’s not like this sort of knowledge isn’t obtainable. Of course it is.

    We live in an age when we have more precise knowledge about ourselves than ever before. That’s quantity and quality of knowledge, not just information.

    And people don’t want to know about it.

    I mean, they really don’t want to know about it. Because, as the saying goes, it hits too close to home. Literally. This is unacceptable. We’re supposed to be smarter and braver than that.
    What are we so afraid ot?

    Is knowledge important? Of course.
    Is history important? Obviously.
    Is family important? Many, maybe most, would answer “Yes.”
    Ok then,
    Is knowledge about family history important?

    Whenever I ask people that question Poof! they turn into Ralph Kramden, “Humana humana humana….”

    I realize to some this comment might read like a non sequitur. But it isn’t. We need to pull our resources. All of them. And one of them has to be knowledge about ourselves from the family to society to culture to race.


    Because knowledge about ourselves and others increases sympathy, solidarity and fellowship. These are the kinds of things that produce bravery in battle, to fight side by side and risk our lives for each other.

    We’re in the mess we’re in today because too many don’t know and don’t care, about anything.

    To get out of it we need to know and care, about everything that’s relevant and useful to our situation today, and should we be victorious, our hope for tomorrow.

    The more we know about ourselves, the more we care for each other, the more purposeful and directed our action will be.

    And we need to take action.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      >> ” We’re in the mess we’re in today because . . . [ the short answer is below ] ”

      Secret ILLUMINATI Protocol No. 5

      “” FOR A TIME PERHAPS WE MIGHT BE SUCCESSFULLY DEALT WITH BY A COALITION OF THE [ White cultures ] OF ALL THE WORLD : but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up . We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the [ Whites ] , religious and race hatreds , which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries. This is the reason why there is not one State which would anywhere receive support if it were to raise its arm, for every one of them must bear in mind that any agreement against us would be unprofitable to itself . We are too strong — there is no evading our power . THE [ White ] NATIONS CANNOT COME TO EVEN AN INCONSIDERABLE PRIVATE AGREEMENT WITHOUT OUR

      [ signed in blood by the aka Elders of Zion circa 1895 A.D. ]

  4. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Any war that happens in this day & age will probably be preceded by overall financial, economic, and maybe environmental catastrophe. How can the likelihood of world-wide economic collapse not even be mentioned in any discussion of wars to come (racial or otherwise)? Globalism is entirely consistent with war, the omelet that can’t be unscrambled. It’s amazing that a real honest to goodness world wide armed conflict hasn’t occurred yet. The antifa-type “protesters” in Hong Kong are inviting Washington’s direct input so they can have their “democracy” and all the demented shit that goes with it. Trump is goofy enough to try and liberate Hong Kong.


    The call for U.S. intervention has infuriated Beijing, which regards the unrest in Hong Kong as a separatist color revolution, stirred up by hostile Western powers. But so far, the protesters show no signs of backing down.

    “When the American Army comes,” one protester scrawled Sunday outside the Bank of China, “I’ll lead the way.”

    I don’t know about France but here in North Amerikwa, I doubt that the war to come will be a clean-cut race war (us vs them).

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      . . .clean cut race war?

      Humanity vs. jews. . .

      btw- the real meaning of MAGA- Make America Great Again- President Trump simply wants to reinstate the Great Society!

  5. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    It is amazing and somewhat disheartening to see how somebody even as race realist as Faye continued to resist the obvious conclusions about the Jews. I am not being self righteously critical. I did until quite recently. refuse to recognize the MONSTER that was right in front of me. There is a semophile myopia in the West that may very well prove our undoing. I think it is rooted in this modern and particularly semophilic version of Christianity that most of us are raised in. We think Jews are on our side. They are on no one’s side but their own

    • Pierre Simon
      Pierre Simon says:

      That’s the result of 70 years of holocaust propaganda. We naturally feel indulgent towards victims. This gives jews a lot of leeway.

    • Unbelieveable
      Unbelieveable says:

      One thing I still have trouble with is the sheer emnity and resentment that is directed at me and at Whites en masse by Jews. I still cannot believe how hostile they actually are and I am an old hand when it comes to the JQ.

      The problem is trusting your lying eyes- Whotes cannot imagine resenting people for no reason.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Jared Taylor, a race realist, won’t even talk about the Jews. A lot of times, people won’t because they don’t want to be deplatformed, banned, etc., but Faye was beyond having to worry about that. Those who go after the Jews usually do so as Christians — E. Michael Jones and Texe Marrs. But Jones and Marrs reject racial separation. We need racial separation as well as exclusion of the Jews. We need white homelands that are free of non-whites and Jews.

  6. Robert
    Robert says:

    The secret to success in the coming war is to turn the police and army. Without the security services the violence will be terrible. If they refuse to cross over the task will be immense. As we know the masonic influence among high ranking police is all pervasive.

  7. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    “…Faye asserts that the state and associated elites are complicit in the ethnocide of the European peoples because they desire to create a “new man” (“a necessarily anti-racist and mixed-race type of man”), and describes the figures behind this effort as “cosmopolitan elites” and “collaborationist court Jews…”

    That is right, but Faye has his priorities wrong. It is “cosmopolitan Jews” in the first place and “collaborationists elites” in the second place.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Franklin Ryckaert: Excellent point! Faye puts the cart before the horse instead of behind it. By now we should be well beyond the point of making excuses for the Jews or downplaying their leading role in the destruction of our nations. In my opinion, Faye’s book is a failure. When something so essential is missed, the entire edifice necessarily collapses.

  8. Luke
    Luke says:

    Thanks for the outstanding and detailed review of this book. I was almost ready to order a copy, until I got to the part of the review that revealed Faye’s timidity on the JQ and his unfortunate lack of respect for the work of Professor Kevin MacDonald, a man who has endured tremendous personal and professional risks during his life to painstakingly detail their role in the on-going, diabolically evil, systematic destruction of the Western nations.

    Anyone who clings to the suicidal and insane notion that Whites can troll for allies within the camp of those who have as their #1 priority – the race replacement, racial minoritization, and ultimately, the genocide and physical extinction of White Europeans worldwide – is not someone who is a clear thinking individual.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Clear thinking is relative. This author FAye was young enough to get the post war Semophile brainwash on Jews. Having gotten it myself I am impressed with anyone who gets so far as to indict Court Jews. It is a beginning.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Anyone who clings to the suicidal and insane notion that Whites can troll for allies within the camp of those who have as their #1 priority – the race replacement, racial minoritization, and ultimately, the genocide and physical extinction of White Europeans worldwide – is not someone who is a clear thinking individual.”

      I think a lack of clear thinking all around is why we’re in the position we’re in today. And I know that this is part of a longer discussion. So, to shorten this up a bit, I’d like to respond to the above quote.

      In one sense, of course you’re right. But in another, I would suggest cautious judgment.

      As I said in another comment, What’s a war without allies?

      Not everyone hates us. And many of those prefer Freedom to Tyranny.

      We can exclude them and maybe we’ll have to. All I’m saying is that if we do from the get go then we’re literally inviting the whole world to be against us.

      Jewish Supremacy Inc. is working 24/7 to create a 24/7 atmosphere of panic and hysteria exactly because in that state no one is thinking clearly – and they advance their hold on power. Because, being sociopaths and psychopaths* they’re not shaken, at all. Not because they’re “strong”, they’re not. But because they have no conscience. Not when it comes to their enemy (or their proxies) they don’t.

      In a state of crisis clear thinking goes out the window. And we need to think clearly about our situation. Just as we need to think strategically about how to respond.

      For that reason, I think if we make blanket statements such as the one quoted above, we may be working against ourselves. We may undermine our own position.

      Again, we might be forced into such a position. But I know for a fact that we’re not there yet. It’s just that the moutpiece of JSI has convinced us.

      They want us convinced that we’re all alone. They want that we internalize that sense of learned helplessness until it becomes second nature.

      In short, they want to control our thinking.

      Let’s stop letting them rent space in our heads for free. The hell with them.

      Lots of people prefer Freedom over Tyranny. To the extent they do we should join forces with them. If they don’t then, ok, fair enough. We’re on our own.

      I just think it’d be better if we arrive at that position as a result of clear thinking and not as a result of impulse under panic.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        Because, being sociopaths and psychopaths*

        *It’s a useful distinction.

        The sociopath would be The ADL/$PLC, The MSM, Universities (where the members of the MSM are brainwashed; though a better word would be brainsoiled).

        And the psychopath would be Antifa, BLM, etc. The thugs, the violent. People no one expects to be rational or reasonable (not that the sociopaths are; just that they pretend to be).

        In other words, the difference between sociopath and psychopath as I’m using them is the difference between psychological and social manipulation and physical violence and destruction.

      • Andrew
        Andrew says:

        The best way to think about the Jews is to think of them as a snake. The head of the snake is the dangerous part, but the body is also important. There are Jews who do not place their first loyalty to other Jews, but they are rare, and they are usually virulently anti-Jewish. Other Jews might not entirely approve of what the head of the snake is doing, but they will still go along, providing the needed “slither”.

        Jews have hundreds, even thousands, of organizations that promote their interests nationally and internationally. Non-Jewish whites have none that I know of (and I mean an organization that says it promotes “non-Jewish white interests” and actually indicates that fact in its title, not something like a “European-American club”).

        If such an organization were to form, it would be immediately attacked by the Jews as “racist”, “bigoted”, “fascist”, “neo-Nazi”, “white-supremacist” and “anti-Semitic”. That is what we are up against.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        >> ” Let’s stop letting them rent space in our heads for free.”

        Positively brilliant observation .

        That free ” rent space ” is a byproduct of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act which allows ((( them ))) , our jewmasters , to collect interest on loaned money that is created ex nihilo . Truly , a facsimile act-of-God .

        Unfortunately , altho most Whites on-average have a very respectable IQ ( not intelligence ) , they have a very low level of [ political intelligence ] ( not IQ ) and consequently Whites are both individually and collectively totally unable to remediate their own economic dysfunctions of providing their jewmasters with free rentable-mindspaces and of authorizing their jewmasters to collect [ free ] interest money ; both of which are God-like privileges .

        Supposing that Whites had the political intelligence ( it is a given they on-average have the IQ ) to eliminate those dysfunctions , the jewmasters would not permit Whites , for their own benefit , to employ that intelligence . In other words , the jewmasters would prevent such an employment of intelligence for the benefit of their White slaves .

        Whites may not have enough remaining courage , after slaughtering each other around the world at the behest of Synagog of Satan jews from one generation to the next , to gravely defy their jewmasters in an effort to free themselves from obvious economic dysfunctions .

  9. The Dark Night
    The Dark Night says:

    All goes according to the plan.

    As Harry S. Truman said in 1941, “If we see that Germany is winning the war, we ought to help Russia; and if that Russia is winning, we ought to help Germany, and in that way let them kill as many as possible.” — and Harry S. Truman, an ardent Zionist, was a 33° Grand Master of Masons.

    Here is, in short, the plan itself:

    “The war, contrary to popular opinion, lies not in the land of Israel itself, but rather in the United States and other gentile nations. G-d is giving the Jewish people a tremendous opportunity to perform mitzvos and carry out a primary goal of Torah: To elevate and bring holiness into the gentiles, preparing them for the Messianic era when “on that day Hashem will be one and His name one”—meaning that all other religions will disappear, and the entire world will learn G-d’s wisdom from the ingathered Jewish exiles in Israel, with Moshiach as the world’s king.

    Judaism has always been a conquering religion, not for the purpose of converting gentiles to become Jews, but rather with the mission of returning the world to the universal covenant between G-d and Noah. For halachic reasons too numerous and detailed to list here, gentiles today who follow Christianity, Islam, or other religions are not, for the most part, “righteous gentiles” who inherit the World to Come. That status belongs only to those gentiles who carefully observe the Seven Laws of Noah, including following the halachic authority of the oral Torah and the rabbis.

    “As the world plunges headlong toward the imminent revelation of Moshiach while the last walls of the exile disintegrate, the number of confused gentiles ready to change is rising exponentially. If the Jewish people immediately begin preparing adequate structures for the Noachide movement, this tide will be channeled directly into a glorious revelation of Truth. But if we allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, this same overwhelming force for social change can, G-d forbid, be diverted to empower Amalek’s final assault on holiness. It is not a matter of whether gentile society will explode in the face of the growing crisis; this event is an inevitable, and fast-approaching, reality. We do not want to miss this incredible opportunity to provide light in the final moments of darkness.

    The world has reached its ultimate point of decision, and the power to succeed belongs entirely to the Jewish people. We can wait until Moshiach comes on his own, following a world war, or we can bring him through our own actions, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has stated is our mission. The choice is ours.


    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Ultimately , ” the World to Come ” here on this planet
      after The Solar Extinction Event
      is OBLIVION — no [ world ] at all .

      [ B’nei Noah ] is not the only ” religion of the future.”

      There is at least ( 1 ) other future religion in the making that is presently known as The Religion of the PRIME DIRECTIVE — ( not about the Star Trek General Order No. 1 ) ; with churches/synagogues/mosques/temples that are presently ubiquitous only in cyberspaces ; and whose deity is presently called { The God of Empirical Reality } ; which means that only locally reproducible perceptual nonspurious scientific experiences that are clearly defined//conditioned and that are aristotelian-wise logicly inducible over any time period and over any space distance are axiomaticly [ factual ] / [ true ] / [ real ] . The matter of non-axiomatic realities ( eg. nonreproducible human events such as conflicts ) is beyond the scope of this comment .

      The Religion of the PRIME DIRECTIVE positively aims at providing for the survivability of [ man ] beyond The Solar Extinction Event .

      The PRIME DIRECTIVE for the physical survival of [ man ] beyond The Solar Extinction Event is to develop life-sustaining extra-terrestial space technologies ; with especial , altho not exclusive , interest in finding another planet similar to our earth and developing the technologies to move to it .

      Any future wars that may be fought must support the fulfillment of The PRIME DIRECTIVE or it would be a lost cause from the start .

      It is doubtful but otherwise not known at present for sure that B’nei Noah would be necessary for the indefinite survivability of man .

  10. katana17
    katana17 says:

    Many thanks to Andrew Joyce for giving us this straight-shooting review of Faye’s book. Joyce combines some extraordinarily rarely found qualities in academics that has proven its worth in this review. Namely: he seeks the truth of the matter with great attention to detail, he calls a spade a spade, and he names the “jew” and its central role in scheming our destruction. Count such fellows on a few fingers.

    Faye’s prediction that the “elites” [aka, Orgjew’s] project to racially destroy the West through the invasion of masses of non-Whites, is most likely going to end in civil war is hardly surprising. It’s the conclusion that follows when you see Whites as having “inexplicably” allowed themselves to be over-run by these invaders. Yet there’s nothing “inexplicably” going on here. It’s Orjew socially engineering Whites through mass media propaganda to accept through guilt, etc., that they need to be destroyed.

    There’s a Foreword by Jared Taylor, which in the past has been a proponent of the idea that Whites are suffering from suicidal altruistic tendencies, while denying the central role of Orjew in what is going on. So I do wonder if what he has to say in the Foreword has real value, other than stating the obvious about race.

    Civil war in our countries would be a disaster, a nightmare, yet a better outcome with victory, than our slow racial destruction at the hands of our Orgjew enemy and their tools.

    A much better solution though, is the awakening of a sufficient number of thinking Whites as to what is really going on. This can stop the process before massive suffering occurs. The longer we don’t face up to what is really going on, the far worse will be the pain and suffering that we all will have to endure.

    Civil war in various forms is inevitable if we don’t do enough. So let’s continue the info war.

  11. Michael Fury
    Michael Fury says:

    “Any worthy future called them to be hard

    In ancient ways, in body and regard

    For the iron disciplines of spirit

    That over ages they did inherit.

    Not as individuals, selfish and vain

    As he wanted them, but to regain

    As men together this potential

    Simply they began by standing tall,

    By setting jaws and leveling eyes

    To recognize their own or the Enemy’s

    Hate in the gaze of his most abject,

    As brother one, the other as object

    Of adamant contempt, not fear.

    To meet the incomprehensible stare

    Of violent accusation, they needed

    The confidence of undefeated

    Men, and this they found in finding

    They were living testaments, binding

    Once and future greatness of the nation

    Whose blood drove them, as by divine action,

    To become who they were, and are:

    Sons of the sun, fathers of another star.”


  12. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thanks for this great book review, Andrew. Yes, a racial bloodbath is coming, and as has been said before by some very insightful people, your uniform will be the color of your skin.

  13. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The East Europeans who call themselves jews control America.The people who control Europe are stooges of the Americans.
    Europe is finished thanks to the collection of Cow Boys, Red Indians, Negroes, European Truckdrivers, etc. that calls itself a nation.
    In WW1 a Red Army had been formed in the British Army and the Germans were being sensible at last. That is why Pershing and his goons were sent to Europe
    Uncle Sam will not allow unrest in his colonies.
    We soon arl huv dem big lips maan!

  14. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    There is an option that Faye did not consider, this is a possible future conflict between Russia and Western Europe, which will feel threatened by massive non-white and Islamic immigration, then the most logical is that identity patriots will not fight for governments traitors, they will surely support their white racial brothers by way of freeing their countries from non-white invaders. Finally, an Eurasia of white nations could flourish. By last , one of the reasons for multiculturalism is to create a world government, controlled by a small power elite through the UN..

  15. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    An excellent review, but does the prediction of a massive civil war starting in France really make any sense given the relatively limited military resources, both material and human, available to ‘our’ side? Can we really envision a city like Paris being consumed by house to house street fighting a la Stalingrad. Such a scene is wildly unrealistic. That is not to say major European cities are invulnerable on account of their sheer size. Large modern cities are in fact extremely vulnerable to interruptions in water, power and food supplies. It is said that armchair generals constantly talk tactics but real generals are more concerned with logistics, the sinus of battle.
    Let’s look a a recent historical example namely the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1. After the French armies had been defeated in the field the Prussian army had no desire to storm Paris, it was only necessary to use a relatively small force to completely blockade Paris and hope that hunger would make reason prevail.

  16. Pierre Simon
    Pierre Simon says:

    Why don’t Whites react ? 70 years of propaganda, that’s why, it’s called metapolitics or cultural marxism. Work on the people’s mind, make them believe races don’t exist, multiculturalism is great, we are all Africans, we need to unite to save the planet, to act out your gut feelings is wrong and hateful, if we go that way, fight back, it’s the gas chambers all over again, etc. The plan worked and most of the population is thoroughly endoctrinated to believe that what is happening, immigration, race-mixing and so on is actually good for them. I don’t see any racial war on the horizon, people are just too dumb to react. A few will, but they will quickly be taken care of by the Isreali-trained military police. I’m pessimistic for good reasons. Most of the people denigrating Whites are Whites themselves. I see it every day where I live. Most of the White elderly residents are completely pro-immigration. They live in a bubble here and don’t really see what is going on outside. The TV is their only link with life.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Yes, old people are tied to TV and newspapers and therefor to the greatest deracination effort ever made. But the rest of us have the internet which is why the most racinated group among us has to dominate it, purge it of information which contradicts the Semophile post war story line. The racinated HAVE to do this. If it ever gets widely known that the WW2 story line is the real Big Lie, the racinatied will be back with the “lying, racketeering Jews” image they have suffered under since they moved West. So they are now in a full blown war with free speech. They can’t stop.

  17. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    The reviewer is right in the sentence or two he allocates to mentioning how similar problems plague the United States … except that our invaders are primarily hispanics — by the tens of millions — who refuse to assimilate and who bring nothing to the table. They’ve also proven themselves unworthy of being here by their practice of declaring a war on our own Black people — resorting to outright murder of them if that’s what it takes — in an effort to take over their neighborhoods and housing and jobs and welfare benefits.

    It will not be pretty in the United States, either … although we do have one enormous advantage that France and the rest of the European nations do not have: we’ve got more than 350 million — Three Hundred Fifty Million — weapons in private hands … and the ammunition to go with it and the inbred desire (at least among us older folks) to fight for our Nation and its Sovereignty.

  18. milan
    milan says:

    “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. and we will replace them.” Justin Trudeau when asked to comment on His Open Borders immigration strategy

    Nice eh?

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      September 9, 2019 at 5:40 pm
      “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. and we will replace them.” Justin Trudeau when asked to comment on His Open Borders immigration strategy
      Nice eh?
      He’s a traitor!

  19. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    This chimes with my own fear that within the next twenty years at least one West European nation will collapse into ethno-religious strife. It has happened before and it is happening elsewhere — where Islam has grown past a certain demographic threshold. France could be the leading candidate, but I suspect my own beloved land of Albion may be the second favourite.

    These are dark thoughts and even to voice them openly here in Britain would be to invite police ‘attention’. Now is no time for action — that feeds the agenda of treason to paint all dissenters as equal to jihadists. So let us quietly watch events and learn from history.

  20. Whit
    Whit says:

    Thanks for another great column, Dr. Joyce. Better writing than I ever see in the New York Times, and I don’t have to think the opposite to realize what’s in the best interest of white people. Dr. Faye’s book definitely sounds worth the read.

  21. Proofreader
    Proofreader says:

    Again and again, Faye hammers home the racial reality of (the) our situation <- remove (the)

    Faye statistics for injuries suffered <- Faye's

    the relegation (of) the indigenous population to a lower status <- add "of"

    by refusing to act even in the (fact) of “incessant neighbourhood riots,” <- face?

    Marcon is specifically denounced <- Macron

    politicians that are supposed to represent and (faded) our country <- defend?

    this is an unforgivable position(s) that threatens <- remove the "s"

    It is all quite simply, actually <- simple

    one must have (to) flexibility of mind <- "the"

    Oh, and thank you for the review! This book sounds right up my alley.

  22. Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris says:

    Faye makes Jared Taylor seem like a moderate in comparison.

    There is nothing wrong with using strong language and pointed terms. While immigration in the US is terrible, I think it is even worse for France and Europe. Those are places that were basically 100 percent white for thousands of years, as opposed to the American experience which accustomed Americans to “dealing with” legacy Indians and blacks. It seems that because of the welfare states and immigrant selectivity, the largely Muslim immigrants in Europes are far less productive and insular than Hispanics or Asians who come to the US. This is anecdotal, but my grandparents told me that in a 2003 trip to France they were struck by the number of Algerians and North Africans in their housing projects who “just sat around all day.”

  23. milan
    milan says:

    Do you know what is really unpleasant, by contrast? Living your life surrounded by ten million, twenty million, or even a greater number of Africans and Arabs, with whom one never wanted to associate. What is very disagreeable indeed is acknowledging the thought that, soon enough, the people of our race, namely the Whites of Europe, will be a minority in their own lands. What is more unpleasant is our inability to describe the very horror of our situation without burdening our statement of the facts with foolish periphrases and politically correct words, all of which remain less expressive of what is crucial for us to say than of what one is required to say.[10]

    Hmmmm world population is what about 7.6 billion

    Current worldwide Jewish population being generous 10 million.

    Now consider another prophecy the only one that really counts:

    “There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.” Luke 21:23
    There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. 24 They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.
    25 “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26 People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.

    some may think this was fulfilled in AD 70, but from our perspective I think a worse is forthcoming don’t you?

  24. Abel Wolfgang
    Abel Wolfgang says:

    White western countries no longer fear God and that’s our biggest problem. We’ve accepted sodomy and the lgbt agenda of filth. We’re allowing our children to be indoctrinated with perversion and we cowardly sit by and do nothing. We deserve destruction. We deserve to be overrun by Africans and Muslims. It’s no worse than yielding to sodomites.

    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      As of 2015, according to polls, 75% of Americans considered themselves to be Christian. The high percentage of American Christians has not prevented massive non-white immigration into the United States. On the contrary, that immigration has been supported and assisted by Christian churches.

      They have also supported and given sanctuary to illegal immigrants. And they have said nothing about white males being discriminated against in favor of women and non-whites in college admissions, corporate hiring, corporate promotions, and government contracting. Apparently, discrimination against white males is okay with them.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        The Evangelicals are the tip of the Christian spear. They completely support Israel. Their idea of salvation is a Jewified, materialist ascendency where they get to rule earth and prosper for a thousand years after Christ returns as a Jewified Messiah. The Evangelical Reverend Hagee has admitted the Jews to salvation as Jews. They no longer have to accept Christ. Hagge is an outlier now but in a generation or two fundies may just completely backslide into the Old Testament. Perhaps Jesus will be a minor prophet. The group Evangelicals most admire is Jews. The group Jews think least of is Evangelicals. But on it goes.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        When I was a grad student in historical sociology, we talked about Weber and Marx aud nauseum. I never heard Sombart mentioned.
        Unfortunately I did not discover him for many years. By coincidence. all my professors were Jewish.
        Gore vidal said that Norman Podhoretz – the neo con Jewish editor of the Jewish Commentary Mag – thought American history began at Ellis Island. I think that explains a lot

  25. JM
    JM says:

    Christ this site is depressing! These days I can only take reading the comments of one in three of the usually excellent posts.

    The negativism arises in 90% of cases from – highly problematic – linear extrapolation of the ‘apparent’ present, along with a more or less even decline of European based nations into a death agony.

    This post (compressed), however, was almost on the money:
    ” Vehmgericht: This chimes with my own fear that within the next twenty years at least one West European nation will collapse into ethno-religious strife. It has happened before and it is happening elsewhere — where Islam has grown past a certain demographic threshold. France could be the leading candidate, but I suspect my own beloved land of Albion may be the second favourite. These are dark thoughts and even to voice them openly here in Britain would be to invite police ‘attention’. Now is no time for action — that feeds the agenda of treason to paint all dissenters as equal to jihadists. So let us quietly watch events and learn from history.”

    What he forgot to make clear, however, is that such a collapse into anarchy on a national scale would present a totally undisguisable demonstration to all the other European/European founded nations of their future fate as nothing before it could have done. This is the stuff that awakening is made – even of the thickest layers of the population.

  26. Armor
    Armor says:

    Third-world migrants want us to keep taking care of them. Violence and rioting are one thing, but I’m sure they don’t want a race war. I don’t see Islam as a problem either. I guess Arabs in France tend to lose their religion. A minority of them later returns to Islam as a way to reaffirm their ethnic identity, but it doesn’t matter.

    For all the Jewish efforts to embed Arabs into the French administration, Blacks and Arabs are not about to try and seize political power. On the other hand, White people could try to do that. Jewish hostility to White people is increasingly apparent. So, a White rebellion may happen at some point. It could be a bloodless coup d’état, or not.

    Jewish power is a house of cards. I think it will fall at some point. Maybe a regular politician will be elected president and simply stop cooperating with the Jews. Or maybe there will be a coup d’état. I think a popular movement like the Yellow Vests could turn violent and make a coup d’état possible.

    Non-Whites have no reason to take arms against the current Jewish regime, which gives them money taken from White people. If there is a civil war in the next decades, it will pit White people who oppose race replacement against other White people in the police. The anti-White government will have to rely on the loyalty of White police forces that are beginning to realize that the government wants them dead. I think the immigrants will try to stay out of the fight and it won’t look like a racial war.

    If at some point we get a hard-line White Nationalist government, it will be easy to repatriate the non-Whites. The first step will be to take control of the media. The pro-White propaganda will have to be massive. We’ll use the media to brainwash ourselves so everyone becomes a hard-line nationalist. There will be televised show trials for members of the former governments. A massive number of traitors will have to be pushed out of public office (especially judges), out of the media, out of big business, etc.

    Once we have a WN government and a WN nation, it will become possible to implement a very aggressive pro-White program. Repatriation of the non-Whites isn’t technically difficult. The difficulty lies in summoning up the will to do so. That’s why a pro-White government is not enough. We need a White Nationalist government.

    On the one hand, I think Jewish power won’t last forever, and I think there is little technical difficulty in repatriating the non-Whites. On the other hand, I’m afraid we may not get a White Nationalist regime when the Jews are no longer in power.

    If the current Jewish system is replaced by a pro-White government, the great danger will come from all those White people who will keep pushing for compromise and will oppose racial separation. That is why the White race would be more likely to survive if we had a nasty little racial war before the regime change. It would give the radicals the will to get rid of the compromise-seekers.

    If we get a WN regime, the repatriation process will have to be peaceful. It will take some time to be carried out. In the meantime, freedom of association will have to be reinstated and safe zones established for Whites (cities, schools, etc).

    Many countries, like Algeria and Birobidzhan, may refuse to take their population back, even against money. But the unwanted population can be sent to some other African country instead. We will also have to be prepared for air strikes by fellow European countries that are still ruled by ZOG.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      While reading the review, the above posts and yours also, Armor, I was reminded but amazed that your statement –
      “We will also have to be prepared for air strikes by fellow European countries that are still ruled by ZOG.”

      had not been mentioned earlier. It’s definitively in the cards that avaricious ambitious career politicians – think of Churchill’s ilk – of other nations would be mobilised by jews to set up with allies an elaborate false flag and justification to declare and finance war against a WN regime, another world war. The first and second WW are examples of jewish intrigue for their own interests.

      This will see WN in other nations see the opportunity to form an axis alliance internationally. This may reduce the possibility of outside counter strikes or at least hinder them for a time.

      In one sense it’s obvious that any war will necessitate overthrowing the banking houses who are behind the corruption and capture of the whole of human commerce for the fulfillment of their messianic jewish eutopia that will exterminate us like mere insects.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Yes, there were actually cults in England in the 18 century that believed that the English were the 13th tribe. This Jewification thing is for the higher class English and I think it enables them to jettison their own people vs markets in a way that is atypical for ruling classes. It is as if the workers are just goyim for the chosen elite. Very unGermanic but what else is new.

        • Armor
          Armor says:

          In the US, K.MacDonald says that the “WASP” elites used to defend the common good of the people before they were displaced by Jewish “elites”. In Britain, A.Joyce says there has been some kind of union between the old English elites and the Jews. MacDonald and Joyce also write about how in the past, in many countries, the Jews would try to ally themselves to the government against the people. So, it’s not an English thing.

          But it is often said that Catholicism, back when the Popes were more serious, was less compatible with Jewish ideologies than Protestantism.

          Jewish infiltration doesn’t mean widespread betrayal by European elites. It happens gradually over a long time. The Jews use many tricks, not just bribery. Once the Jews are in charge, non-Jewish crooks are selected and co-opted into the top positions, but they are no longer real elites. Their crookedness doesn’t say anything about the morality of the general population.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Yes but my hunch is that there is is something between the Anglo Saxons and the Jews that goes beyond the normal collusion and collaboration for gain that took place between the aristocracy and the Jews allover Europe. Simple gain was the motivator there. But with the Anglo, the Jew-HIgher class relationship is mediated by this extreme Puritanical Protestantism that is, as compared to traditional Catholicism, a
            kind of hebriacized Christianity

            It seems as if the Protestant Anglo elite become in their own minds “chosen” via this radical version of the Calvinist ethic and then judge their own people adversely for their economic vulnerability In the Great Transformation Polannyi argued that the 19th century British political upper class submitted the british worker to market brutality significantly more than other Euro eltes. Now look at England where the Conservatives and Labor gave up the nation to an immigrant labor market and like wise our WASP class here walking out on borders and domestic industry created by its own people, It strikes me that the anglo elite might be a transubstantiated Jewry in their own minds which means their own people are goyim 2,0?

  27. Sam J.
    Sam J. says:

    “…Over the years I have come to understand that the anti-Semitic reduction of all our current problems to the Jewish question is the most striking form of contemporary conspiracy theories…”

    I say let’s give it a chance. Let’s get rid of the Jews, THEN, we’ll see if they were the major problem. If not then we can work from there.

  28. Mr.Egra
    Mr.Egra says:

    I think it is more likely that whites will passively allow themselves to become a minority in domains they have controlled for centuries.

    Look at USA, white babies are already a minority and yet where is the pushback? Aside from electing a fake populist who is an Israel firster (like all Presidents since WW2) there is no indication that European Americans are interested in self-preservation.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Whites ( for sure USA ones ) have been successfully psychologicly lobotomized by their [ masters/enemy/jews ] , via religious and governmental indoctrinations//brainwashings , and the result is that Whites have by far the weakest sense of racial identity of all the major races .

  29. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    For people liking cogent views of the future, I recommend
    hexzane527 (of France), who regards WW2 as entirely a Jewish construction, in his view in order to construct Israel. (I’d have thought maximising ‘goy’ deaths is a worthy supplementary hypothesis). Anyway, the summary in hexzane527’s page is the Jews want WW3 to be big, which is why Muslims and blacks are being forced into Europe by Jews, and their ridiculous hired fodder funded by Jews. When they get their war (he thinks about 30 years, looking at ages on Muslims and immigration) Jews will rig things so that whites – after what will appear to be a big struggle, as with WW2 – will win, expel blacks and Muslims, giving a white Europe, and leave Israel larger after expulsion of ‘Jews’ from the USA and France – with whites looking on Israel as allies. (He thinks Latinos in the USA are a deliberate irrelevance and distraction). Well worth reading for anyone with any surviving reasoning power.
    Hexzane is one of the best writers on WW2 in my judgment; I put him on my own site, in the ‘Jews as master race’ WW2 piece.

  30. PJ Dooner
    PJ Dooner says:

    I think a civil war in European countries has a better chance of coming out in our favor than one the the US or at least not as messy getting there because the whites there are not as divided as the whites in the US and the various minority groups are not as numerous. Our biggest obstacle to success in the US is the 40 million or so mostly white Zio-Christians. On the one hand they claim to be patriots and defenders of the Constitution but on the other hand they are jew-worshipping zealots who can’t admit that it is the jews that they worship who are the driving force behind the subversion of out country. They are also multicults who rail against “illegal immigration” but don’t care who comes here as long as they are not adverse to “Judeo-Christianity” which is why the only immigrant group they have a problem with are “Islamics”. If you are not familiar with these Sco-Tards and their beliefs, listen to the Dana Show on the radio-Dana Loesch is a leading Sco-Tard and was, and maybe still is, the spokesperson for the NRA which has been heavily infiltrated with Sco-tards including Wayne LaPierre who likes to blame gun confiscation in Germany on Hitler and not the jew-controlled Weimar government which actually did it before Hitler came to power! Other Sco-tards with huge followings are just about every talk radio host like Glenn Beck and many others on YouTube like ThePatriotNurse and Lisa Haven. These people all claim to be patriots, they are fanatical supporters of Sco-tards Pence and Pompeo and Sco-tard friendly Trump, but they are not WNs. They will join with any non-white group against us if that group is not especially anti-jew or anti-Israel or anti-Judeo-Christian!!!
    Suffice it to say, in the event of a civil war in the US there will be so many factions at each others throats it will be hard to keep them straight. You might see blacks and Hispanics uniting against whites in one area, say New Jersey, and blacks and Hispanics in open warfare in other areas, like Los Angeles. And Asians, especially Koreans, in Los Angeles, have a bad history with blacks and to a lesser degree Hispanics, Blacks are attacking jews in New York City on a regular basis, and Hispanics there, especially Puerto Ricans, resent the Chinese and Indians and even other other Hispanic groups who have flooded Brooklyn and Queens in recent years, in turn, these groups aren’t very fond or Puerto Ricans. I’m sure similar situations exist in most other areas of the country. Will the jews and their control of the media be able to focus all these warring groups against whites?
    And whites are divided in other ways, not just Sco-tard vs WN, there are still some whites in their specific ethnic group that favor their own over all else and that could be problematic-think Hitler allying with the nationalists in various countries in World War II and then having to turn against them when he suspected they were going to seize some opportunity. Remember also that when Italian officials ousted Mussolini and switched sides Hitler ordered the misguided revenge executions of thousands on Italian soldiers who were fighting side by side with their German comrades in Greece and German officers and soldiers there who refused to carry out the executions were threatened with execution themselves. It can get ugly fast!
    Then there are the white “anti-racists”, “anti-fascists, Qs and various other white leftists. They are loud and get a lot of media promotion from the media and definitely not on our side. They’ll be joining blacks in the streets in this place and Hispanics in the streets in another place but I think eventually the blacks and Hispanics will just snuff them out.
    And the white TV-watching, negro-worshipping sports fan. Some of these folks will react if there is a threat directly at them and some of them may be useful in a protracted war situation as they will be attacked just because they’re white but most of them will follow orders from the Israeli-trained police forces and beg to be “protected”.
    What will white cops do? As mentioned, our cops have been trained by Israel for at least 20 years now, many police chiefs even being taken to Israel for the indoctrination, up close and personal. And to make matters worse, the IQ standards for hiring of police have been lowered substantially in many departments with the most intelligent applicants being rejected- probably all or mostly white which of course means more cops that do as they are told and don’t ask questions even if they could form a thought that perceives something questionable. Another discouraging factor is that many of our white cops today are race-mixers, male and female-I know this from acquaintances and from following up on cops in the news on the internet-it seems that a disproportionate number of white police “heroes” have non-white spouses or fiances or children. However, I’m sure that there are some cops, maybe many in certain areas, that are WNs or at least not completely brainwashed into hating their own kind but things will have to get really bad for them to be a major factor in our favor but they still could do what they can in the meantime.
    So as you can see, if a civil war or even major disturbances ever do break out in the US it is likely going to be complete mayhem with alliances and broken alliances and alliances in one area of the country but not in other areas, some groups supporting the Isreali-trained cops and other groups attacking the Israeli-trained cops and maybe some cops fighting each other within departments and against other departments, people calling for calm, people calling for calm being shot, blacks vs Hispanics in some areas, Puerto Ricans vs Indians and Asians in New York, Sco-tards vs cops especially cops following orders to confiscate guns, blacks and Hispanics vs whites in some areas and vs cops in others, Sco-tards vs Muslims, Black Muslims vs jews, Sco-tards vs LGBTQs, New Black Panthers vs whites, Black Muslims vs black Sco-tards, ANTIFA vs Sco-Tards, criminal gangs looting and burning…
    So what should WNs do? Stay cool. The mayhem is likely to start slowly and then take off at some point as word of atrocities spread and martial law and gun confiscation is threatened or begins. WNs should not get involved. Let the Sco-tards who are the most organized and “patriotic” duke it out with the Muslims and the leftists and eventually the israeli-trained cops when they try to take their guns.Let Dana Loesch, The Patriot Nurse, Lisa Haven, Glenn Beck and Mike Adams lead their Zio-Christian warriors into battle…we will wait…

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      All that about sco-tards and no mention of (((samuel untermyer)))? He being cyrus scofield’s handler.

      How about an education campaign directed at CZs? It is strange how seldom the scofield bible is brought up.

      • pj dooner
        pj dooner says:

        Knowing what a Sco-tard is was sufficient for the article and I figured most here know what they are but below are two links to the same article that I use to get the word out. The Rense link tends to be filtered on most forums and message boards so I use the second one most of the time now. It’s extremely hard to get through to actual Sco-tards with any kind of logic or evidence, they are basically a cult. But, I have been noticing that some progress is being made and there are some Christian leaders who are really stepping it up-they’re not WNs but they are helpful in this area and one of the best is Rick Wiles’ TruNews on YT, he’s on every weeknight and here is a recent vid he made on the subject-he talks about several issues every night so scroll for the Zionism part
        And Adam Green is doing good work as well on KnowMoreNews on YT, he had Ted Pike on a few months ago and all his vids are worthwhile:


    • Andrew
      Andrew says:

      Excellent comment! I agree, let the various factions fight it out. We’ll sit back and watch the show. I think what we might generally call “the Right” will win the coming civil war. The Red states and regions of the country control the vital resources. They’ll cut them off and there will be chaos in the cities. The government will be tied down dealing with that chaos, and eventually it will have to concede that it can’t hold the country together.

      But for the reasons you give, no other conceivable government will be able to hold the country together either. This is why I think we will break up into ethnostates — a good thing. We need to base our plans on the assumption that America is finished as a nation.

      • pj dooner
        pj dooner says:

        The problem with the red states especially in the rural areas is that they are full of Sco-tards. And some states that are seen as having many white patriots have very large Sco-tard populations like Texas and South Carolina and I just saw that Kentucky has become the 26th state to pass anti-BDS laws so that’s 26 states with enough Sco-tards and jews to be able to do that. And not only are Sco-tards rabid zionists but most of them are multicults, they are not exactly anti-white but they are too stupid to add 2 + 2 and that is why I think they will not hesitate, especially with some jew agitation, to come after us in a civil war.unless we can wake enough of them up to the fact that they have been duped by the jews which is not an easy task since they are cultists who religiously believe all the jew history, especially the recent history about Hitler, the holohoax, WWII and WWI. Yes, ethnostates are a real possibility but things will have to get very, very bad for a long time for that to happen and the more Sco-Tards that we can get to our side the better chance that we can establish a White Nationalist ethnostate otherwise it will be a bitter fight between us and the Sco-tards in the red states and this is of course assuming that all the other groups have retreated to their own ethnostates and that the police and military have also defected to their own groups.


        • Andrew
          Andrew says:

          PJ Dooner: Now it seems that we’re coming to the crux of the matter. First, will there be a civil war between the blue and red regions of the nation? Will there be a civil war at all? And what should white nationalists be prepared for? What should they aim for?

          Let’s start with the proposition, which I think you have supported brilliantly, that we white nationalists will not be a very large group — maybe a few million people at most. We will have no allies, and as you have said, it is best for us not to get involved in politics because it would be a complete waste of time and would only attract attacks on us.

          That leaves us two options that I can see here in the United States.: 1) Start moving en masse to southwestern Alaska right now in order to create a de-facto “nation within a nation” that is not welcoming to non-whites and Jews.

          I pick that location because it is relatively temperate in climate and isolated from the rest of the United States.

          The second option, which could be combined with the first, is simply to wait for the proverbial shit to hit the fan. When the rest of the country chooses to split up, we’ll just be another group that wants its own nation just like everyone else. No need to fight with anyone. They’ll have done all the fighting for us. We will just take advantage of the “The Great Split-Up” when it happens.

          If what I am saying is correct, then our task is not to sway people to our side. It is rather to “find each other” and start networking.

          Maybe what most of us have taken to be an incredibly difficult task will turn out to be easy in the final analysis. Not that it’s easy to form a new society, but that the “hard part” — getting the opportunity to create such a society — will not be hard at all.

  31. Noel
    Noel says:

    I don’t understand why the book’s author is described as Far-right in the first paragraph. He is simply not a socialist. Right-wing is the imaginary enemy of socialists. They need an enemy to justify their endless fight. Far-right is another term like racist – something to call us so that we shut up or become apologetic.

  32. Censored
    Censored says:

    “Over the years I have come to understand that the anti-Semitic reduction of all our current problems to the Jewish question is the most striking form of contemporary conspiracy theories”

    What a moron!

    Imagine being such a retarded boomer that you cuck on the jewish question on your deathbed (So to speak) even as you’re bemoaning all these problems created by the jews.

    I’m glad he’s dead. And he’s not going to Valhalla either. No cucktard boomer jew-suckers allowed!

  33. Tony Walker
    Tony Walker says:

    If no one else has said it let me be the first. All our problems with blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims are effects of secular Jewish power, and there is no solution that does not address this aspect. One may as well write about the menace of disobedient children without talking about parents and parenting.

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