From Parts Unknown to Streets Paved with Gold

“We have been overwhelmed and have responded valiantly. Now we need breathing room. Our city is maxed out financially, physically, and emotionally.”-Former Lewiston Mayor Larry Raymond

Several weeks ago I drew attention to the plight of the highly-unusual African migrant destination of Portland, Maine on The Third Rail podcast. It seems I wasn’t the only one whose suspicions were raised by what has rapidly turned into a crisis, with the city totally ill-equipped to deal with an influx of hundreds of Africans bussed-in by Catholic Charities from San Antonio, Texas. Someone who I can only assume is a local going under the name Concerned Citizen recently published a brilliant piece on Medium entitled “Such a Disgrace: How Ethan Strimling Betrayed the People of Portland” describing the trainwreck in Vacationland’s largest city. I highly recommend it as a primer on the situation, but of particular importance to us here are some pertinent questions raised by the author:

As a matter of course, refugees are typically less concerned with plotting a perfect 12,000-mile journey with an indeterminate source of funds than with escaping persecution aliveIn surely one of the most peculiar quirks of modern mass migration, these Angolans and Congolese had taken the circuitous route from central Africa to Brazil to Ecuador to Mexico to San Antonio, Texas and finally Portland, Maine. This amounts to a bare minimum of 11,264 miles traveled “as the crow flies,” and as much of the route was by land, it was surely much more. As ostensible refugees, this naturally begs a couple of questions, namely: how can they afford to travel such distances with no income and just the clothes on their backs? How are they able to plan such a logistically-demanding trip? Why do they have international media and legal contacts?[1]

I took it upon myself to attempt to answer these questions, and have discovered in an almost-perfect analogue with what’s happening in Europe an existing support system and network that appears to be funneling migrants to particular pre-determined locales for reasons that will be discussed in the forthcoming pieces. The primary actors and organizations, and their connections to what at first blush appears to be an isolated incident but is anything but, will be revealed. Any treatment of the conflagration of aliens spreading across the whole of the United States must first start with a border so porous it might as well be non-existent, though. As Adam Shaw reports:

The U.S. Border Patrol chief testified Thursday that migrants from 52 countries have illegally crossed the border this year as she described an agency “overwhelmed on a daily basis” by the escalating crisis.“While smugglers primarily target the Northern Triangle, family units from 52 countries have illegally crossed the southern border so far this year,” U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost told the House Homeland Security Border Security, Facilitation and Operations Subcommittee…“In just two weeks, more than 740 individuals from African nations—primarily family units—have been apprehended in Del Rio sector alone, compared to only 108 who crossed the southern border in the first eight months of the fiscal year,” she said… Earlier in her remarks, Provost said that she has had to move 40-60 percent of manpower away from the border to process and care for nearly 435,000 families and children who have traveled across the border this year.[2]

Senior FBI counter-terrorism official Michael Steinbach testified before the House that the U.S. presently lacks the capability to properly screen out terrorists from the ranks of the U.N. refugee program—to say nothing of the hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding across the southern border. Perhaps an even graver biological threat looms as well; as Brian Lonergan writes:

What would happen if we encouraged and accepted seemingly infinite numbers of asylum seekers into our communities? The results are coming in, and they’re not pretty…The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently suffering through an Ebola epidemic so bad that the World Health Organization is considering declaring an international emergency there (my note: they did in fact end up declaring it an international emergency). Normally, asylum seekers are subject to a health check and quarantine if necessary before entering the U.S. However, Acting Homeland Security Director Kevin McAleenan recently admitted that, because of the overflow at the border, thousands of border crossers and illegal immigrants are being released into the country every week without undergoing tests for diseases. Given these factors, a potentially deadly outbreak of Ebola in the United States seems almost inevitable.[3]

None of these issues are treated with any concern by the ruling class, however. Old, white Maine needs migrants. Ostensibly driven by Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling’s siren song and with bus fare paid for by Catholic Charities, hundreds of Angolans and Congolese wound their way north to an already over-burdened Portland and its ample social services and benefits. This isn’t some aberration or accident, some one-off or outlier. For starters, Randy Billings reports that:

Some of the migrants have said that word had spread on the long and dangerous trail through Latin America of a welcoming attitude in Maine’s largest city, along with available social services and an existing African community.[4]

Indeed, immigrants accounted for three-fourths of Portland’s recent population growth, the vast majority of whom hailed from sub-Saharan Africa, though some came from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In 2013, Portland had the largest concentration of immigrants in the state— nearly 10,000 or 15% of the population representing 80 nationalities.[5] That number has risen dramatically in just six short years. Currently, 42% of Portland’s and 40% of nearby Lewiston’s public school students are non-White, as are almost half of both cities’ children under the age five. Lewiston’s neighbor, Auburn, experienced a 400% growth in their English Language Learner student population between 2000-2010. Lewiston’s immigrant and refugee population has grown by over 330% since 2004.

[Lewiston] became a secondary migration destination for Somalis after social service agencies relocated a few families there in February 2001. Between 1982 and 2000, resettlement agencies placed refugees, including 315 Somalis, in the Portland, Maine area. High rates of rental housing occupancy in Portland led to the first relocations to Lewiston. Somalis have a history of nomadism and maintain contact, often via cell phone, with a large network of extended family, clan members, and friends. More Somalis learned about Lewiston and were attracted by the quality of life there, the low housing costs, good schools, safety and greater social control of their children in the smaller town. Between February 2001 and August 2002 over 1,000 Somalis moved to Lewiston. Most of these early secondary migrants came from Clarkston, Georgia, a suburb just outside Atlanta. By 2007, Somalis were 6.5% of the population of Lewiston and had come to the city from all over the United States and at least three other countries.[6]

One-in-six Lewiston residents are now Somali and the consequences have been predictably disastrous, just as they have been in other formerly high-trust cities across the country. As Brian Lonergan writes:

How has the Minnesota experiment fared? In the Minneapolis neighborhood of Cedar-Riverside, dubbed “Little Mogadishu,” violent crimes increased by more than 50 percent in 2018. Law enforcement attributed the spike to Somali gang activity there. This is just one of many unpleasant statistics of growing criminal activity in the Minneapolis area. The Somali community in Minneapolis has also become a hotbed of terrorist recruitment in the U.S. The FBI reported that 45 Somalis left Minnesota to join al-Shabab or ISIS, both Islamic terrorist groups. In 2018 a dozen more were arrested attempting to join ISIS. The experiments in [Maine and Minnesota] not only have produced uninspiring results, they violate the “without risk to the rest of the country” component of Justice Brandeis’ theory. Bad immigration policies cannot be contained within a city or state’s boundaries. Their effects can touch all of us, as the noxious “sanctuary” trend demonstrates.[7]

Remember: there is no connection between increased crime in Lewiston and Somalis, the media reminds us. In addition to the violence, foreign-born residents account for most of Lewiston’s welfare costs.[8] FAIR expands:

City officials said the influx strained social services such as welfare, job training, and language classes. Somalis make up a third of all tenants at the city’s largest public housing complex. More than a quarter of the families on the waiting list for public housing are Somali…The city has doubled its general assistance budget (which provides food, housing, utilities, and medicine), has earmarked about one percent of its budget for services for the Somalis, and has cobbled together federal and state grants. Lewiston’s assistant city administrator said that the property tax rate has now grown so high that every dollar spent must receive careful scrutiny. Some recent press coverage has taken a more positive stance toward the influx of Somali immigrants that is not justified by economic data. Most notable is a Newsweek article that highlights the dramatic increase in English language learners and the emergence of Somali-oriented businesses as evidence that immigration had “saved” the town. A broader look at Lewiston’s economic situation demonstrates that this is clearly not the case. In April 2008, the Maine Department of Labor issued a report finding that less than 10 percent of Somali immigrants to the town had stable employment, and that most earned extremely low wages. About 30 percent find part-time employment, leaving the majority without any type of job. The massive influx of cheap, unutilized workers creates a golden opportunity for corporations that thirst for opportunities to lower wages and exploit cheap labor, something that Newsweek failed to mention in highlighting a business-oriented magazine’s designation of Lewiston as a good place to do business. The drain on public coffers by Somali immigrants in Lewiston is not a new issue in the state. Indeed, a study conducted at Bates College reports that the influx of Somalis arriving in Lewiston started because “Portland’s public housing…could not meet demand from the newcomers.” Even by 2003, before the largest influxes, Somali immigrants made up two-thirds of the Hillview public housing complex, Lewiston’s largest. Somali immigration peaked in 2005, when Somali Bantu immigrants who tend to be even less educated than their predecessors began settling in Lewiston.[9]

One misleading statistic immigration advocates deploy is stating that immigrants are more well-educated than the native population. In the context of Maine, despite the influx of non-Western immigrants in recent decades, a large share of immigrants to Maine still come from Canada—19.6% of its foreign-born population hails from Canada. Another 24.6% come from Europe.[10] In January 2017, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Communities & Banking published a paper by Dickstein, et al. echoing the same “findings” of their Coastal Enterprises, Inc. paper from the year previous (to be discussed in an upcoming installment). The paper, entitled “Immigrants: An Important Part of Maine’s Economic Development Strategy,” concluded: “An increasingly diverse population in Maine will enhance the state’s ability to attract talent and do business with the rest of the nation and the world” because immigrants to Maine are “young, well-educated, and motivated.”[11] The numbers regarding the latter two claims contradict the authors’ assertions—non-citizens and “naturalized citizens” have a lower workforce participation rate than native Mainers, and immigrants are almost twice as likely as Mainers to have less than a high school diploma.

Immigrants to Maine, then, slot cleanly into two strata: the highly-educated Canadians and Europeans, and the cheap labor and ready votes imported from Somalia, Congo, Sudan, and elsewhere. The failure to differentiate between the two is a tried-and-true tactic employed to deliberately mislead the people. According to Rachel Desgrosseilliers, Lewiston’s Somali influx has been a good thing because—like the French-Canadians and Irish before them—they are filling an urgent labor need. This, precisely, is what we do not know, considering all the mills are closing or are closed. She then contradicts her kumbaya narrative by pointing out that, “It wasn’t easy when the French Canadians arrived and the Irish had been here first. They felt that we were coming to take their jobs and there were big battles on the Main Street bridge and they threw each other in the river.” Interesting—different ethnicities pitted in economic competition coming to blows. Who could’ve foreseen that?

Nevertheless, the state’s leadership continues to double-down on the “necessity” of importing thousands of sub-Saharan Africans for both the economy and as a reflection of “our values.” Congresswoman Chellie Pingree released the following statement in response to Governor Janet Mills’ announcement that the state will allow an influx of hundreds of African asylum-seekers who’ve flooded into Portland to apply for General Assistance (GA):

Governor Mills’ decision to expand general assistance funds statewide is pragmatic and a reflection of Maine’s values. She has shown tremendous leadership in the face of this humanitarian crisis—as have City of Portland officials and Mainers themselves. When hundreds of people fleeing conflict arrived in Portland, the community responded by opening their doors and donating thousands of dollars to support their needs. With the oldest workforce in the nation and record low unemployment, Maine cannot afford to turn away people who want to make a fresh start here.[12]

Isn’t it odd that the supposed boon to the economy these migrants represent needs such substantial funding and taxpayer largesse? Congresswoman Pingree also announced the House Appropriations Committee has released an “emergency supplemental spending package,” which includes $60 million to support communities, like Portland, which have “experienced a significant influx of asylum seekers.” Portland has been hemorrhaging money for years; as Concerned Citizen explicates:

Two-thirds of the 1,000 people receiving general assistance in Portland in January 2019 were asylum seekers. In just the month of September 2018, Portland paid over $125,000 in General Assistance aid to 273 asylum seekers. For Maine, a report published by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) estimated that the state and local governments spent $41 million on services for individuals residing in the state without legal permission. As reported in the Portland Press Herald, for the first 11 months of fiscal year 2014, Portland provided roughly $3 million in General Assistance to 522 households whose asylum applications were still pending. That figure is an increase from 312 households and $1.8 million in General Assistance expenditures in fiscal year 2013—and nearly triple fiscal year 2011. Maine taxpayers spend more than $19 million a year for ESL (English as a second language) instruction, an increase of more than 100 percent in just 10 years…The city has estimated a cost of approximately $1.4 million to provide housing vouchers and other types of support to the migrants currently in the Expo—and this is assuming no more arrive, which appears highly unlikely. At the end of June, Portland city councilors already had to re-appropriate $2.6 million in funds to provide General Assistance benefits for asylum seekers throughout the city…Asylum seekers primarily from African countries constitute 90% of the people living in city-run family and overflow shelters.[13]

35% of students in Portland public schools speak a language other than English at home, according to the school district. Difficulties with integration and finding translators for often-obscure languages are just part of the problem. Driven primarily by African immigration, the public school system of not just Portland but those of other communities throughout the state must grapple with the ubiquitous behavioral issues of the immigrant children—a phenomenon that the ACLU of Maine, naturally, blames on racism. Nevertheless, despite Blacks comprising just 3.1 percent of all Maine public school students, they represent 6.2 percent of in-school expulsions, 6.3 percent out-of-school suspensions, 6.5 percent of referrals to law enforcement, 8 percent of expulsions under zero tolerance policies, and 18 percent of corporal punishments in school.[14] There are other costs as well, continues Concerned Citizen:

Local and state officials say that Maine will look very different by 2050. Southern Maine, according to the State Planning Office, will become so urbanized that it will essentially be an extension of Boston. 27% of the state’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition, and 33% of its bridges are considered structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. In spite of these serious issues and others such as the homelessness and opioid epidemics, Governor Mills has decided to further relax restrictions on General Assistance to allow more asylum-seekers to claim benefits from the over-burdened state and a populace which already has the third-highest tax burden in the country.[15]

Finally, regarding Portland’s metamorphosis into San Francisco East, Concerned Citizen references a 2016 Salon piece:

Portland, Maine had the second largest rise in rental rates in the U.S. Rents rose 17.4%, the median rent in Portland rising to $1582, more than much larger Philadelphia and Chicago. With many hundreds of new families relocating to the city every year, a housing shortage has worsened, and the rent increases have driven the working class out of town in droves. Portland’s vacancy rate is near zero. Meanwhile shelters for the homeless are overflowing with citizens unable to compete with newcomers who consider the $1600 rents cheap by their former standards. The city has been struggling to come up with workable options to increase affordable housing without impacting Portland’s “livability.” Meanwhile, as rents have increased 40% in the past five years, Mayor Ethan Strimling has acknowledged that there was a $500 gap between what people make in Portland and what they can afford to pay for housing.[16]

In lieu of addressing the real problems affecting the people of Portland, however, Strimling has apparently decided to exacerbate those problems by fully committing to the globalist agenda, a decision backed and aided by Governor Mills and Congresswoman Pingree and cloaked by the usual platitudes extoling diversity, appealing to “our values,” and claiming “economic necessity.” As we shall see in the forthcoming pieces, this goes much deeper than just a few state officials or the odd virtue-signaling do-gooder organization, however—there is a powerful global matrix of venture capitalists and financial institutions, corporations, NGOs, media conglomerates, politicians, academicians, law firms and assorted legal organizations and advocacy groups, foreign governments, and ethnic lobbies all collaborating to further the neo-liberal project.

The situation in Maine serves as a microcosm of the dismantling of the Western world more broadly; I could have just as easily picked any state in the country—or any other country outside the former Eastern Bloc for that matter—and uncovered the same principal actors or archetypes. This exercise will show in explicit terms, however, the mechanisms and avenues through which the globalist establishment works to undermine our sovereignty in the name of profit and racial animus.

Reposted from The Anatomically Correct Banana, with permission.





[5] Miriam Burt, Evaluation of the Adult English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program in Portland Public Schools, (Center for Applied Linguistics, 2015).

[6] Mott, Tamara E. (Feb 2010). “African refugee resettlement in the US: the role and significance of voluntary agencies”. Journal of Cultural Geography27 (1): 1–31. doi:10.1080/08873631003593190 – via MasterFILE Elite. AND Nadeau, Phil (Summer 2007). “The New Mainers: State and local agencies form partnerships to help Somali immigrants”. National Civic Review96 (2): 55–57 AND Huisman, Kimberly A.; Hough, Mazie; Langellier, Kristin M.; Toner, Carol Nordstrom, eds. (2011). Somalis in Maine: Crossing Cultural Currents. Berkley, CA: North Atlantic Books. pp. 23–56.












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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    This short video clip will explain what has already transpired in Europe and what is now occurring here in the U.S. in places such as Portland, Maine. The original content creators of this excellent video were censored from YouTube. Their next channel, TheLastWhiteMan, was also censored. Their new channel is called Going Postal. Please, view their content. You will not be disappointed. Don’t let the low view counts fool you. Their videos are so spot on others mirror the clips back up. YouTube is unrelenting in their censorship of anything supportive of whites or ethnic Europeans. This clip explains how the poorest people on Earth manage to travel thousands of miles to destroy western civilizations.
    Please, share.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      The first video (The International Financing of Engineered Migration – By VertigoPolitix, 7 mins) is very good (though it does not name Jews, or give any reason why they should hate whites). But, please note, it’s not accurate just to state that white working populations are in effect robbed to pay for invasion. Because Jews run the money system, entire future earnings perhaps for centuries are mortgaged to pay to be invaded. It’s not a simple annual bill. Every Jew loan robs whites, and in the short term benefits Jews and their puppets – who include Roman Catholics. And the source of money to Soros is never spelt out. Sigh.

      • Karen
        Karen says:

        The video clip does mention that many of the ships, used to transport migrants, have Israeli registration.
        YouTube is relentless in their censorship. The “J-word” flags your video immediately for censorship. The content creators have had two channels removed. They are now producing content with no narration whatsoever. These are very sad times we live in. And, our puppet governments do nothing. Our speech is censored and our ability to communicate with each other is hampered. And, in my opinion, it is all in violation of our constitutional right to speech and assembly.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          They are not ” our puppet governments “.

          The US Federal Government is owned//controlled by the ILLuminati globalist elites ( zio-jews/highrank freemasons/jesuits ) where the 911 Patriot Act was an important part of the grand finale hijacking operation .

          • Karen
            Karen says:

            I say “puppet” you say “owned/controlled”. You are splitting hairs. Until the truth of 911 is exposed, we will never go forward because you can’t build anything of consequence on a lie.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Very expository, Karen. Where does the money come from. The source is unlimited, because it comes from groups of families whose revenue stream is unlimited, a great deal of which is siphoned off tax payer monies from the World’s middle classes.

      As one can see, they hide their agenda right out in the open. Read between the lines and the connotations.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Great comment Karen. Thanks for the links.

      I’m a big fan of VP, TLWM and now Going Postal.

      Just great content.

      Though I don’t always agree with VP or TLWM (Going Postal’s is visual storytelling at its best), there’s no question that it’s some of the best content out there.

      And it never fails to get you thinking long and hard about what’s happening and what we can do, if anything, about the situation we’re in.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Ultimately , the lethal stranglehold which the jewmasters have on Whites is [ information control ]//( censorship authorities ) .

        If there are enough Whites interested in preserving their culture//race , it would require all of them acting collectively/collaboratively/cooperatively to form secret networks to eventually cut all 13 heads off the Babylonian Talmudic Judaic Information Boa Constrictor .

        Slim chance of that happening .

  2. Seek
    Seek says:

    I’m afraid that much of the blame must be placed upon our Christian churches, ever and always trying to “outdo” their neighbors in the field of conspicuous compassion. This aggressive, religiously-driven sentimentality, which appears benign on the surface, has become this nation’s number one enemy.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      For sure most christian churches are actively involved in the establishment of the ILLuminati One World Government aka NWO/JWO/ZWO .

      The competition for a gold medal in compassion is just a cover story . The joint facilitation of the immigrations by Israel and catholic charities is evidence of the ILLuminati globalist NWO conspiracy to redistribute the various racial genomes of the world ; and in particular to genocide the White cultural genome ( jews do not usually consider themselves [ white ] and catholic vatican claims that race does not matter ) before Whites are able to effectively oppose ILLuminati world conquest .

      Obviously , the african-american negro woman Oprah Winfrey did not become a multi-billionaire ruling oligarch of the USA in the absence of a global conspiracy .

  3. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    At the end of WW2 the Americans were going home but asked their stooges in Europe to ask them to stay. Stalin had suggested that both the Americans and Russians go home. He wanted America to develop the Americas and a neutral Europe to develop Africa.
    There are other ideas which I have forgotten.
    A neutral Europe could still have been protected by the USA which was much stronger than the USSR. The Warsaw Pact was always defensive, unlike NATO which was set up to cause trouble.
    Thanks to the USA we now have Africans in Europe instead of Europeans in Africa.

  4. Irish Savant
    Irish Savant says:

    While many may be deluded and infused with pathological altruism I believe that those at the higher levels (such as Mayor and above) realise the existential damage they are doing to their societies. Their motivations may vary but no rational person could fail to see the catastrophic impact of these Third World parasites.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      They are not rational persons . They are either willing or unwitting lackeys of our jewmaster owners whom , as author and local commenter Andrew Joyce has insinuated , are hybrids of jewish finance and jewish communism — our jewmasters .

  5. Floda
    Floda says:

    It is time we woke up and start to deal harshly with the hostile elites who are destroying us. The best way as I see it, is to do what the Hungarians did in 1956. They simply woke up one day and placed the offices containing most of their HOSTILE ELITES under siege with machine guns. The entire story is beautifully told by David Irving in his book, ‘Uprising’. BY 1956 Hungarians had long understood their rulers were Jewish and, understandably, more concerned with their own welfare that anything else. This meant all the best jobs, housing, education etc was theirs, while native Hungarians were lucky to get a job sweeping the streets. In addition the secret police, very much controlled by the government was used to terrorise the natives. They would make anyone who spoke up ‘disappear’. When it finally hit the fan the natives began shooting them for sport. As this unfolded the Government called on the Army to help, but the Army sided (racially) with the civilians against the Jews. I predict the same would happen in France and Germany today should a general uprising begin. Note though Merkel and her gangster regime are onto this and have begun to recruit the Muslim invaders into the police forces and Army, the same in Britain. Irving’s book is available as a free download on his website. It is the blueprint of what we must do to stop them, and do it soon, before it’s too late!

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      September 15, 2019 at 3:37 pm

      “As this unfolded the Government called on the Army to help, but the Army sided (racially) with the civilians against the Jews.
      Note though Merkel and her gangster regime are onto this and have begun to recruit the Muslim invaders into the police forces and Army, the same in Britain.”

      This is a very good point and I see the same thing occurring in Australia in respect to police forces, not so much in the army. Of course its happening/happened in the US already.

  6. Joshua Laskin
    Joshua Laskin says:

    The other part of this story, is that the lifestyle of Western, first-world communities, has been sustained at a relatively high level, by the exploitation of 3rd-world peoples, lands and resources. Those foreign societies weren’t allowed to evolve/develop naturally. So, if the Western societies that long lived high off the hog of foreign exploitation, now find foreign chickens coming to roost in 1st-world homelands, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising. The idea that we could spread colonial terror around the world, and not have to worry about any blowback, is absurd, on its face; just as the idea that we could burn fossil fuels with abandon, dumping unlimited carbon into the atmosphere, without expecting any climate blowback, is in hindsight clearly the greatest idiocy of Human history. Of all the Africans brought to America, most were brought here intentionally by White American, for industrian-agricultural labor. Did they care about the racial or cultural consequences of importing Africa into America? No, of course not. They wanted status, so needed to generate wealth; consequences be damned. So, bottom line: let’s start taking some responsibility for long-term consequences; and make the relevant sacrifices.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      @Joshua Laskin.. What else do you don besides writing fiction? The “Third World” was an airplane stuck at the gate, not even moving toward the taxi way before the Europeans came.

      The material mistake was the importation of any ethnic or race that could not become them. The moral mistake was enslavement. That karma is being paid for now. God destroys nations that vilify HIS word and commandments. However you explain it, the result is the same.

      Climate Change. Diaper Change, Spare Change. Nothing Burger.

      Son, take Timothy Leary’s advice: “Tune in, Turn on, and Drop out”-of collage.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      LASKIN is certainly on the jewish surname list:

      Soundex Name Databases
      845600 LACKIENE C
      845600 LARZHAN H
      845600 LASHKIN L
      845600 LASIKIN E
      845600 LASKIN BCDEHJKLMQabdg
      845600 LASKINA R
      845600 LASKINE R
      845600 LATZKIN J

      • Joshua Laskin
        Joshua Laskin says:

        @TJ — Yes, originally it was ‘Lonczkevitz’ back in Poland. My immigrant grandfather was a carpenter working NY construction; of his sons, my uncle ran a company importing licorice-root from Turkey, and my dad designed the tiny gears in Polaroid cameras. Of grandsons: one was the foreman of the jury who convicted Martha Stewart for insider trading; another served in Army intelligence; another designed rockets for NASA; another’s a lawyer at the NYC Fire Department—so, all in all, a fairly clever bunch—with the rest having done no harm, as far as I know; while I merely volunteer at a local community farm. I think it’s natural for Americans to want to control immigration. I also think that most people want to live in the lands of their birth; and, America should intervene in foreign countries, to help them do that.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Americans need to get their own egregiously corrupt political house orderly before attempting to organize other peoples corrupt political houses .

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Joshua Laskin
      Studies of this ‘exploitation’ were done by economists at the time of pre-decolonisation and, using time series data, it was found that goods received by the colonial power were paid for at market prices which of course fluctuated through time as such prices do. Just think of the mechanism by which trading companies acquired the goods – overwhelmingly it wasn’t through requisition by diktat. How could it be otherwise? And today, have you ever bought clothing made in China or…Bangladesh?

      Most of these former colonial nations were made into nations by the process of colonisation. Before that, they were geographical expressions, just as most of Europe was before ‘capitalist exploitation’ supplanted earlier economic forms. Associated with that, the colonised nation acquired huge infrastructure to facilitate this ‘exploitation’. Much of it is still in use today, as is the critical civil service, political and legal infrastructure, a kind of human capital of critical importance, which can be used better or worse, depending on the quality of the human capital (not by any means excluding national average Intelligence) in the former colonial nations.

      As to the (para) ‘profligate consumption of carbon based fuels’, this was central to the very mechanism by which standards of living of the West – and the former colonial nations – was raised. When you link this the Global Warming…sorry ‘Climate Change’, you are skating on thin scientific ice and perhaps showing your ideological colours.

      • JM
        JM says:

        When drawing balance sheets of Colonisation, it is also important to grasp the fact that the benefits from the process accrued very unevenly among the people of the colonial power. Financiers and associated parasites were the big winners, being rather hidden, but central to the process. The impoverished common people got very little. On the other hand, as the colonisation process evolved and matured, the net benefit to the nation as a whole was often negative because the huge cost of administrative infrastructure, physical and human, including the garrisoning of troops, exceeded the capital flows into the metropolitan centre. So why did it continue, often long after its net benefit was negative? Because powerful elements within the nation saw to it that it did. It was only when the situation became anarchic and costs mounted that arguments in favour of the process could no longer be sustained.
        These issues were studied pretty extensively by scholars, including those of the Left, in the Post War period (for Britain) and pretty much negate the convenient kindergarten Marxist accounts of today’s Globalist Left.

      • Joshua Laskin
        Joshua Laskin says:

        Certainly Jews were well represented in the slave-trading business, and were dominant in some locations; which is significant, given Jews’ overall tiny percentage of the American population. I’ve yet to see a proper statistical analysis of ethnic participation in the industry; so, I don’t know that ‘most’ traders or importers were Jews. However, it’s incontrovertable that Jews weren’t inherently ‘above’ such commercial activity. And there’s no reason to have expected them to be. The Old Testament takes slave-holding as a normal fact of Human civilization; weighing in only on the rights and treatment of slaves; nor does it contain the concept of interracial equality (au contraire). As for whether there’s a secret global Jewish conspiracy to enslave Gentiles…well, if there is, I’ve not been invited to the inner circle. Zionism’s a global conspiracy to advantage Jews, but is perpetrated out in the open, not in secret; and, many Gentiles are along for the ride, for their own (Biblical, or?) reasons. But, as a general rule, should Gentiles be wary of Jews? I wouldn’t advise against it.

    • Scarlett
      Scarlett says:

      Oh….and did I mention…?

      The following Jews were known dealers, owners, shippers or supporters of the slave trade and of the enslavement of Black African citizens in early New York history.

      Issack Asher, Jacob Barsimson, Joseph Bueno, Solomon Myers Cohen, Jacob Fonseca, Aberham Franckfort, Jacob Franks, Daniel Gomez, David Gomez, Isaac Gomez, Lewis Gomez, Mordecai Gomez, Rebekah Gomez, Ephraim Hart, Judah Hays, Harmon Hendricks, Uriah Hendricks, Uriah Hyam, Abraham Isaacs, Joshua Isaacs, Samuel Jacobs, Benjamin S. Judah, Cary Judah, Elizabeth Judah, Arthur Levy, Eleazar Levy, Hayman Levy, Isaac H. Levy, Jacob Levy, Joseph Israel Levy, Joshua Levy, Moses Levy, Uriah Phillips Levy, Isaac R. Marques, Moses Michaels, (E)Manuel Myers, Seixas Nathan, Simon Nathan, Rodrigo Pacheco, David Pardo, Isaac Pinheiro, Rachel Pinto, Morris Jacob, Raphall Abraham Sarzedas, Moses Seixas, Solomon Simpson, Nathan Simson, Simja De Torres, Benjamin Wolf, Alexander Zuntz

    • Karen
      Karen says:

      Mr. Laskin, take some time to discover how Africans really lived back in the day during the era of the white explorers. This volume was originally in the library of the University of California. It is a compilation of observations recorded by many explorers in the 1800’s.

      Just as an aside, only about 500,000 black Africans were originally brought to North America. The vast majority were sent to the Caribbean and Brazil. Many were transported and owned by Jews. Please, read this.

      • Joshua Laskin
        Joshua Laskin says:

        @Richard B
        I’m not here as part of any organization. I have my own problems with Semitism (or, as Gilad Atzmon calls it, Jewish Identity Politics); and I’ve found Kevin MacDonald’s work helpful in understanding the nature of my cultural conditioning. The world seems to be heading into crisis, and I think Jews need to get clear about the nature of Jewish misbehavior—and, to publicly confront it—if we’re to have much of a future. Also, I want Jews to use our talents to play a constructive role in Human survival. I appreciate the honesty of the ideas expressed by the presenters and commenters on this site—even those with which I may disagree. This is an important forum for perspectives which aren’t as well expressed elsewhere. I’m here for this valuable exposure to alternative ideas; and for this purpose only. I’ve no interest in the suppression of free discussion—everyone has a piece of the Truth.

        • Dave Bowman
          Dave Bowman says:

          Jews need to get clear about the nature of Jewish misbehavior—and, to publicly confront it

          Good luck with that.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The numero uno ” longterm consequences ” is exactly this : If we ignore { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } and thus fail to do our part in the development of the indispensible astro technologies needed for [ mankind ] to survive beyond ( The Solar Extinction Event ) , then * Every . Living . Thing * on this planet earth /_ Will .Go .To . OBLIVION _\ — guaranteed .

      Do you know how long it will take to develop the indespensible technologies ?

      Do you know anyone who knows how long it will take ?

      We need to be more concerned with developing the indispensible astro technologies ; and that has little or nothing to do with sacrifices .

  7. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    In 1989 — thirty years ago — I visited the U.S. Geological Survey Office in San Francisco to buy topographical maps needed for my company’s business. As I approached the building, I saw a line I would estimate to have been 700 people long extending from the building entrance down the stairs to the sidewalk and wrapping around part of an entire city block. Not one of the people was white. I went into the building lobby and realized that the people were just one day’s — or one afternoon’s — worth of legal immigrants to the U.S. headed to the building’s immigration office.

    Every time I went to the building thereafter, I saw the same thing. It was then that I became aware that white people in the U.S. were being deliberately replaced by our government. I can’t tell you how many petitions I signed, letters to Congress I sent, and letters to the editor I wrote protesting this deliberate act of treason.

    Soon after, I came across Peter Brimelow’s “Alien Nation”, the first book I know of that addressed the issue. At about the same time, Republican governor Pete Wilson of California urged passage of a voter initiative to deny benefits to illegal aliens — and it passed, but was later thrown out by the courts. The Democrat governor who succeeded Wilson refused to appeal the courts’ decision. And the rest of the country didn’t care what was happening in border states like California.

    So I have to admit to taking a certain perverse and malicious pleasure in reading about what is happening in Maine.

    Now other parts of the country will get a taste of the bitter medicine that we have been swallowing in California for the past thirty — really, fifty — years.

    And, of course, they will be in denial about what is going on until it is is too late to salvage the situation. The same goes for Minnesota and Michigan — and soon every single state in the U.S.

    The United States is finished. Whites will only survive in a new ethnostate of their own, or a confederation of ethnostates.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “The United States is finished. Whites will only survive in a new ethnostate of their own, or a confederation of ethnostates.”

      It is a materialist and mechanistic fact. It is empirical and concrete. We need our own “White”, more precisely, Indo-European, self-government republics soon. You and I see this clearly. Most people avert their gaze because it is heavy lifting and discomforting even to contemplate. A long and hard road that is made easier by my plan, posted here on TOO:

      This is a multi-step plan, logical and measured. It is somewhat painful to read because of its detail and Realpolitik. Scroll down to near the bottom.

      There is no other restoration or regenerative plan that I have read beyond general exhortations of one or two sentences.

      And by the way, the imperative of establishing our own autocephalous communities is not primarily cultural, it is GENETIC. We are similar to all endangered infra-human species. Once the genetic stock falls below a certain factor, natural and forced morbid and mortal factors will prevent restoring the “Herd”. Get it?

  8. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    There are many predictions that by the year 2050 Africa’s population will have reached around 10 Billion.
    Just how many of the 10 Billion is the U.S. willing to take?

  9. stealth
    stealth says:

    there was a strange thing in britain where they were loading up the small quiet island of bute in scotland with immigrants.not sure how that turned out

  10. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    How is it that “Americans” can go off and join and serve in the Israeli Defense Forces and come back afterwards, all with no problems, while people suspected of going to join ISIS get arrested even before they can?

    Indeed, why are Americans even allowed to join the US Army?

  11. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “an influx of hundreds of Africans bussed-in by Catholic Charities from San Antonio, Texas.”

    Please, do not forget this. Do not allow this point to be glossed over. As much as jews are busy about the work of destroying our nation with thoughtless third world mass immigration, Christian and Catholic charities are just as eager. They ship in untold thousands under the ridiculous and naive pretext of future converts, game the welfare system to provide for these immigrants, and then handsomely pat themselves on the back as they use these actions to pad their resumes in their political climbs through the various governmental ranks.

    This is every bit as much a business decision for these charities as it is an altruistic venture. Because they have been thoroughly blinded by Christianity’s suicidal, “love they neighbor” clause, they honestly believe they are doing a good thing by importing half of Africa into the last white bastions of the US. Christianity, especially its modern egalitarian evolution, is tantamount as death to everything uniquely European and white. It is the religion of the desert usurper, and shows itself to be as such in its actions, thusly demonstrated here.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Please, do not forget this. Do not allow this point to be glossed over. As much as jews are busy about the work of destroying our nation with thoughtless third world mass immigration, Christian and Catholic charities are just as eager.”

      Though that’s true it has to be qualified.

      Christian groups and Catholic charities are all subsumed by Jewish Supremacy Inc.

      No member of any Christian group or of the Catholic church would ever rise to any administrative or public prominence if they were against JSI, ever.

      Just ask E. Michael Jones. His books and his story tell you all you need to know.

      But he’s not the only one. Not by far. He’s just reference that helps illustrate the point.

  12. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw’s idea that the Western governments, UK in particular, should endeavour to encourage Africans by remain in their genetically specific environment by helping to make the quality of life better and build their cities to enable this. The only problem or snag with that is we should fund it from a percentage of our GDP.
    Well other than Ebola, how is life in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Christina Lamb wrote of her travels in Congo in the Sunday Times in March 3rd this year, “Over the past ten days travelling through North and South Kivu, I met a seven-month-old baby girl who had raped, children with their vaginas slit open”, and a second short paragraph, “In one village, Kavumu, people told me that last week they burnt alive a thief, while just down the road in Kabamba, villagers beheaded two young brothers believed to be raping children and paraded their heads on a stick, having lost faith in the government to provide security or justice”. Coming to America!

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