New book: Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future

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Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition argues that ethnic influences are important for understanding the West. The prehistoric invasion of the Indo-Europeans had a transformative influence on Western Europe, inaugurating a prolonged period of what is labeled “aristocratic individualism” resulting form variants of Indo-European genetic and cultural influence. However, beginning in the seventeenth century and gradually becoming dominant was a new culture labeled “egalitarian individualism” which was influenced by preexisting egalitarian tendencies of northwest Europeans. Egalitarian individualism ushered in the modern world but may well carry the seeds of its own destruction.

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  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    I just added this to my Kindle, no need to read the review first.

    Thanks, Kevin, and thanks to all who post here.

  2. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Please explain the barrier to selling these yourself.
    To try to maintain some integrity, I try not to buy from AMAZON and outfits like BARNES & NOBLE while trying not biting off my nose to spite my face. And I’m having difficulty not buying from THE HOME DEPOT and learned yesterday from another who is disgusted with the owner’s financial support for Israel that any broken “Homer bucket” can be exchanged for a brand new on at LOWES. Yesterday I had to replace a couple of shower valve cartridges and on two trips to two different big box stores (when a plumbing supply house was closed), I was sold units for later versions of the valves that look the same to ignorant me and both were wrong. I don’t want outfits like AMAZON to be not just the only show in town but the first one to show-up searching for most anything.
    My most recent book purchases from small operations haven’t worked very well for a couple of reasons and I believe that prompt, helpful feedback is important to help distributors make course corrections. That is why COSTCO has a liberal return policy and MacDonalds will give you a free cheeseburger if you log-on and report that their coffee was aweful. Maintaining alternate sources of supply more than any damage done by token boycotts is important.

  3. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    Purchased and already through 5 chapters of this monumentally important book.

    Text to speech aids greatly as I go about doing manual labor around the acreage and can easily rewind to listen again to passages when I get distracted by cognitively demanding tasks. It is an 18 hour listen.

    As I’ve said previously in this forum, researching artificial selection (culture) and sexual selection in particular (a particularly salient concomitant of individual selection giving rise to “who we are”) is the most urgent undertaking before us in not only preserving the white race, but understanding what gives whites their unique value not only to humanity, but to Creation as both verb and noun.

    There should be a vast body of scholarly work in the vein of this book.

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      Going through my second listening to drive concepts and sparked thoughts into my longterm memory. Good grief is this FUN!

      I suggest others have as much fun as I’ve been having just copying quotes and pasting them into the comments. For instance, I’ve been having fun with Inductivist, who has been reading it, by responding to his recent blog posts in this manner.

      What a gift Kevin’s given us!

  4. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    I should add that this book is far more important than even the trilogy on Judaism. If the understanding of the geographic human biodiversity of individualism vs collectivism were more widely understood, the resulting paradigm would render obvious the thesis of The Culture of Critique not to mention the rest of what is happening to whites both now and historically.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        There are 3 evolutionary puzzles that express across multicellular species, all of which are different aspects of the same puzzle:

        1) The evolution of sexual reproduction despite its obvious costs.
        2) The rarity of the evolution of eusociality (extreme collectivism) despite its obvious power advantages.
        3) The evolutionary frequency of individuation despite its obvious power disadvantages.

        Understanding the underlying puzzle will be crucial constructing a white group evolutionary strategy (or, what might more concisely be called “constructing a white culture”).

  5. Norwegian
    Norwegian says:

    I have been waiting a long time for this one. I ordered the paperback immmediately when I became aware it was finally published. Is there a possibility that it will be available as audio book?

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Got both the kindle version and the paperback; mind expanding heavy subject matter and complex theories. Beyond the JQ, it’s an all new exploratory realm for me; not disappointed.

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