The Way Life Should Be? Vol. VI: The Way Life Should Be Critiqued

Never Again Is Now, protestors affiliated with Jewish Activists in Maine (JAM) are adamant that you understand. The Jewish Executive Director of the Capital Area New Mainers Project (CANMP) Chris Myers Asch agrees:

Like many Jews in central Maine, I felt connected to the Jews at the Tree of Life not only through our shared faith but also through our shared commitment to welcoming refugees into our communities. I work with the Capital Area New Mainers Project (CANMP, pronounced “camp”), a local nonprofit that welcomes immigrants and works to build a thriving, integrated community here. Temple Beth El was a founding partner of CANMP, and Jews represent a disproportionate share of our volunteers…On my computer, I proudly display a HIAS sticker that proclaims, “My people were refugees too.” For much of Jewish history, we have indeed been refugees, forced to flee from our homes as one authoritarian leader after another made us scapegoats for economic misery or political scandals. For me, and for many Jews, being a refugee is not part of the distant past. My grandmother, Berta Asch, escaped from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and made her way to America, a country that promised freedom, opportunity, and, above all, safety…We know what it is like to be driven from our homes, to be a stranger in a new land. That is why we place a high priority on “hachnasat orchim,” or “welcoming the stranger.” Embracing refugees and helping them grow comfortable in their new land is part of who we are as Jews. Our history and traditions help explain why Jews are so disproportionately represented in various social movements that seek to build a more just, more equal, more welcoming America. From gay rights to civil rights, Jews are on the front lines fighting for justice and working to help America live up to its ideals…Like other religious and racial minorities, we need allies and advocates in the broader community to stand with us, speak with us, and act with us as we battle against white supremacists, anti-Semites, and the politicians who encourage them [Ed.’s emphasis—this is a succinct one-sentence explanation of Jewish activism in the U.S with the understanding that “white supremacists” are Whites who identify as White and act to pursue the legitimate interests of White people]…Support the values of an egalitarian, inclusive, welcoming America all year long with your time, your money, and your votes. The Jews of central Maine — and all racial and religious minorities — need you.[1]

Based in Augusta, CANMP “embraces immigrants as New Mainers who bring much-needed diversity, energy, and vitality to our area.” It was the 2017 Irving J. Fain Award recipient from the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism. It is another of these 501(c)(3) tax-exempt “charitable organizations.” It is backed by the United Way of Kennebec Valley, one of the most active organizations in attempting to transform idyllic Maine into a cesspool. Once again we find the usual suspects providing financial support: TD Bank, 3M, Bank of America, Garmin, AT&T, Allstate, Eli Lilly, Bowdoin College, Bernstein Shur, FedEx, ConAgra Foods, TJ Maxx, Verrill Dana, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Key Bank, Unum, UPS, the University of Maine, IDEXX, General Electric, and Target. The United Way of Mid-Maine is partnered with—wouldn’t you know it!—Catholic Charities, the Jewish Alfond family, and the University of Maine. The United Way of Androscoggin County? That would be Catholic Charities, Bates College, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA). Almost its entire board and staff is from the banking and investment sectors. The United Way of Greater Portland works with Catholic Charities, ILAP, LearningWorks, MaineHealth, the Opportunity Alliance, IDEXX, LL Bean, Unum, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Texas Instruments, Verrill Dana, Sappi, Bank of America, ON Semiconductor, Bernstein Shur, UPS, Drummond Woodsum, and the University of Southern Maine. The following organizations have representatives on their Board of Directors: Verrill Dana, Portland Public Schools (Xavier Botana), Unum, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Bernstein Shur, MaineHealth, Lincoln Financial, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, TD Bank, LL Bean, IDEXX, American Roots Wear, and the University of Southern Maine. The Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) works closely with the University of Southern Maine. The Harvey and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is another major donor to the United Way, as are a number of other Jewish groups.

Again and again and again you’ll find Jewish fingerprints all over the push to throw America’s borders wide open, and once again in our study of their efforts to transform Maine we find the same bedfellows of Jewish Money Power. The World Affairs Council of Maine, located on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus, seeks to educate students to become “global citizens” and have held symposia “problematizing” nationalism, advocating for free trade and the movement of refugees and other migrants into the West, “liberal democracy” for Eastern Europe, climate change, and “women’s issues.” They are partnered with Verrill Dana, Bernstein Shur, HeadInvest, Maine North Atlantic Development Office, Maine International Trade Center, Unum, Global Ties USA, the World Affairs Councils of America, and the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Another representative organization is Maine Initiatives, part of MaineShare, a 501(c)(3) partnered with the Maine People’s Alliance, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), Center for Community Change (CCC), and National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), which seeks to “end family separation, build resistance and a unified front, and protect and defend Maine’s immigrants and their families” from the U.S. president Nazi-in-chief Blormpf. Their cohort all have a similar mission and are all part of this vast matrix of organizations dedicated to White population replacement. Maine Initiatives has dispensed over $3.5 million-worth of grants in the last twenty-five years. Their Board President is the Jewish Suzy Sonenberg, and the Jewish “community organizer” Charlie Bernstein recently served as Executive Director. The Jewish Communal Fund, with an obscene $300 million in annual dispensable charitable assets, is another financier of organizations active in undermining the way life should be, such as the Jewish Federation of Portland, the NAACP, the National Immigration Forum, Inc., Media Matters, HIAS, CJP-Boston, the American Jewish Committee, and the ADL, as well as Bates College.

Maine’s community college system is also corrupted, and works in tandem with a host of groups and organizations to push the immigration agenda in various forms; this is little surprise given their major sources of their funding: the Jewish Alfond family, Key Bank, the John T. Gorman Foundation, the Jewish S. Donald Sussman, Bernstein Shur, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, Unum, TD Bank, Verrill Dana, Nancy Cohen, Elaine Rosen, Pratt & Whitney, LL Bean, IDEXX, Bank of America, Walmart, Shimon Cohen and Rosa Galva de Cohen, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, and Poland Spring Division of Nestlé Waters North America.

At the four-year university level, Colby College is one of the state’s premier liberal arts schools. Colby’s Maine Jewish History Project, which “promotes sustained Jewish studies programming in small to mid-sized communities” and multi-cultural advocacy derives its funding primarily from Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd., run by the Jewish Susan Wexner, sister of Les Wexner. Legacy Heritage Fund’s CPO, Ari Rudolph, has previously been on the Board of Directors of HIAS, and has worked for the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department for Combating Antisemitism. The explicitly-Jewish Legacy Heritage Fund has an endowment of $25 million and has given substantial funding to the David Project based out of Newtonville, Massachusetts for educational programming relating to the state of Israel on college campuses.” The Legacy Heritage Fund’s Board hails predominantly from the legal and financial sectors of the economy.

Colby College’s Center for Small Town Jewish Life National Advisory Board includes Ellie Miller: board member of the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, former president of Temple Beth El, and, until the fall of 2017, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine. She also served for 28 years as Assistant Director of Pine Tree Legal Assistance. The Board also includes David Pulver, President of Cornerstone Capital, Inc., a private investment company. Cornerstone is of note because, much like other groups such as Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd., it brings a profit-motive to what appear to be philanthropic endeavors, a cornerstone—if you’ll pardon the pun—approach of neo-liberal capital, colloquially called “Woke Capital,” moving forward. The self-described “Jewish lesbian” (but she repeats herself) Erika Karp is the CEO and founder of Cornerstone Capital Group. We will be returning to Karp and the idea of “philanthropic capitalism” in this series’ final piece.

With funding from Berman & Simmons and partnered with the University of Maine Law School, Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA), Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), the Maine Justice Foundation counts among its bar members Joe Bornstein, Howard H. Dana of Verrill Dana, Kenneth W. Lehman of Bernstein Shur, James I. Cohen, and Jewish State Senator Roger Katz. William Harwood of Verrill Dana, LLP is its president, and its mission is identical to those of the aforementioned individuals and institutions. Immigration law is big business and we see many of the big players getting involved in the “activism” side for this very reason.

Potential employers also understand the benefits of the current system. The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) in Portland facilitates potential employers’ access to migrant labor under, naturally, the guise of humanitarianism and “diversity.” Greater Portland has around 20,000 refugees (double the number of just six years ago) and immigrants from 82 different countries. Portland, mind you, is by far Maine’s largest city with just 67,000 people, so this is a huge percentage of migrants we are talking about. NMRC helps expedite asylum applications to get these people into the workforce. Partner organizations include: the City of Portland, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), Catholic Charities, Bernstein Shur, New Mainers Fund, Bank of America, John T. Gorman Foundation, the People of Color Fund, Key Bank, MaineHealth, Barber Foods, Welcoming Immigrant Network, Diversity Hiring Coalition, LearningWorks, H&R Block, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition (MIRC), Asylum Seekers Working Group, Francis Hotel, Bowdoin College, Residence Inn Marriott, Taco Bell, Pratt Abbott, Tyco, and ON Semiconductor. In a one-year stretch, they had over 2,000 migrants, asylum seekers, and the like enrolled in their programs, most of whom were from sub-Saharan Africa or Iraq.

All of that said, a huge percentage of these people do not actually work; in 2009, for example, the national refugee employment rate was between 31.3%-47.1%, depending on the survey. 84% of refugees from the Middle East used public assistance. The employment rate for those from the Middle East was 29.1% and from Africa 38.3%, which, along with Haiti and Jamaica, is predominantly where Maine has been sourcing its would-be scab labor from for the past fifteen years. Somali unemployment in Lewiston has consistently hovered around 50% since they started arriving.

Nevertheless, this is a good thing because supposedly Maine has too many old White people and needs those industrious migrants. No worries because the state will pick up the tab for Sam Hyde’s “Permanent Leisure Underclass,” padding the bottom lines of the major corporations by subsidizing low wages. That the economic factors that produced the conditions of an aging and/or absent workforce in the first place are to blame is willfully ignored, and the “necessity” of importing an entirely new population to fill these jobs a direct consequence of neo-liberal economics. A necessity it is not, nor is it even desirable for the people of Maine, or any other state or country for that matter. Only a small few stand to gain while the rest are pitted in economic competition against each other and, so distracted with growing resentments,[2] fail to see who has engineered the entire process in the first place.


[2] Because when you import large numbers of people and inculcate a doctrine of multi-culturalism, which always leaves the host population ceding ground, the new population won’t try to change their new environs at all, right? Isn’t it also interesting that a mass infusion of alien people—each more low-IQ and violent than the last—has led to Portland and Lewiston’s public schools being among the most segregated in the nation? Jewish College of the Atlantic adjunct professor Steve Wessler blames Lewiston’s uptick in violence on whites. You see how that works, right?

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  1. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    It’s not “smarts” or “IQ” that gives jews an advantage over gentile whites, but is their rabid insistence on cultural and social cohesiveness, insularity and nepotism (but only for themselves) that gives them an “advantage”. This same cultural and social cohesiveness that is prized so highly by jewish interests is denied to gentile whites.
    Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites that they themselves enjoy as it is a major part of the jewish purpose–the destruction of gentile white culture, which IS superior to any jewish cultural or social society.
    If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more. As I have previously stated, jewish success is based on cultural and social cohesiveness and insularity–NOT “smarts” or “IQ”.
    Once enough jews get into a position of power in the work world or education systems, they will hire and promote their own, even bypassing more qualified gentile white candidates.
    Jews have latched on to cultural cohesiveness and nepotism, as it serves their purpose exceedingly well.
    Jews are of the only group that lacks a moral component. Jews are very amoral, think nothing of screwing a “goy” out of money, possessions, or even reputation or life. You see, the jewish talmud elevates the jew above all others, “goyim” being “livestock with souls, created only to serve the jew”.
    This amorality is a critical component in jewish life and is partially responsible for jewish successes. When one does not possess a moral compass that defines and separates “right from wrong” THAT in itself gives the jew greater latitude to “get what he wants” as there are “no limits” on what a jew may do to gain the advantage in just about any situation. The lack of a moral component within jewish life is a major reason for jewish supremacy in civilized societies.
    At the same time, jews pushed the concept of racial “equality”, (but only for gentile whites), backing it up with “civil-rights” and “equal accommodation” laws which are enforced by governments–but only against whites.
    These “civil-rights” laws are used as a “battering ram” against gentile whites to diffuse and fragment any semblance of gentile white solidarity and cohesiveness that may arise.
    A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming. As gentile whites become more marginalized, the accusation of being tagged as “racist” or a “holocaust denier” is rapidly losing its “sting”.
    Increasingly, jews are more wary of being “called out” and recognized as “jews”. One can call a jew a shyster, shylock, bankster, criminal or ne-er-do-well, and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”. This is a major reason that many jews change their names to get away from the jewish “stigma” and to hide the fact that they are responsible for many of the world’s ills.

  2. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    What is the strategy of the whites in the face of their extermination by the Jews?
    How are we organizing for our racial self defense?
    Those should be the questions to answer if whites want to survive.

    • a birdwatcher
      a birdwatcher says:

      Well said. I am a clinical psychologist by trade and appreciate the value of theory / problem formulation. However, without an action plan and action, this never ending talk about the problem would be called an avoidance strategy in my work.

    • PaleoAtlantid
      PaleoAtlantid says:

      One strategy would be for Christians to recognize that what passes for modern Judaism is not a sister or kindred religion to their own faith but is in fact a form of paganism devoted to amorality and self worship. It has no relation to Christianity and is militantly opposed to it. If ordinary nominally Christian White people could see that, as our ancestors did, things would really change.

  3. Jack D.
    Jack D. says:

    I wonder if this guy Asch (and other Portland Jews) actually invite these immigrants to come live with them in their own homes. It’s always easier to tell other people how to act than to do it themselves, right?

  4. pleasuredome
    pleasuredome says:

    The greatest expert on Israeli Jewish DNA is Jewish and Israeli himself. So I believe him when he says only 2-3% of Jewish Israelis have any DNA representative of ancient peoples of the ME. These Israelis are actually descended from eastern Europe with a little Turkish. So the ancient homeland claims are destroyed by DNA, and also the word “anti-Semitic” no longer makes sense as presently used

  5. leatherwood
    leatherwood says:

    The silence of American Jews regarding the 9/11 Hoax is deafening. Hundreds of American Jews died, but all the Israeli Jews (except two) managed to avoid the buildings that day. The need to protect Israel is obviously more important to America Jews than the deaths of hundreds.

  6. Former Liberal
    Former Liberal says:

    Nation wreckers as usual. And then Jews wonder why people begin to despise them. No matter what one’s family history may consist of, what right does anyone have to impose their feelings and beliefs on anyone else.?

  7. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    I’m not surprised when I notice Jews congregating in the major urban centers. Going foward, if Jews move to rural white towns and states, you know they’ll eventually seek to subvert and destroy those communities.

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