Immigrant Crime Has Turned the Netherlands Into a Narco-state

Ridouan Taghi and Saïd Razzouki: just two of the drug dealers, gangsters, and murderers who have ‘culturally enriched’ the Netherlands.

On 18 September 2019, the well-known Dutch lawyer Derk Wiersum was shot and killed in front of his house in Amsterdam. The 44-year-old attorney was representing a crown witness in an affair that has become known as the Mocro-oorlog, which roughly translates into ‘Moroccan War.’ Wiersum was yet another victim in the gangland war that has cost many lives in the Netherlands.

The murder did not come as a surprise. One month earlier, government sources and independent researchers argued the Netherlands has become a narco-state. Every year, hundreds of millions of illicit euros — possibly billions — are being poured into the Dutch economy. The Netherlands produces an astonishing amount of marijuana, as well as synthetic drugs such as amphetamines and ecstasy.

The drug culture is not new to the Netherlands. Most people are aware of the country’s liberal drug policies. Soft drugs including marijuana and certain types of mushrooms are practically legal and the possession of small amounts of hard drugs is tolerated. These policies derive from the early 1970s, when many cultural-Marxist revolutions took place in the Western world.

Just like the mainstream of Dutch society, the criminal underworld got ‘diversified’ with the onset of mass immigration. The infrastructure, access to the sea, liberal drug culture, and rather soft sentences makes the country very attractive to criminals worldwide. Initially, criminals from China, Turkey, and Yugoslavia set up shop in the Netherlands, mostly in the larger cities.

Ever since the turn of the century, crime has become extremely violent, often leading to situations typical of the Third World. There are two reasons for this development: the very lucrative cocaine trade and the increasing role of Third-World criminals, mostly from Morocco and the Caribbean.

It is generally believed that the Moroccan War started around 2012, when a shipment of 200 kilograms of cocaine went missing. The criminals involved turned on each other, leading to a series of killings that continues to this day.

Currently, Ridouan Taghi and Saïd Razzouki — both ethnic Moroccans — are the most wanted criminals in the Netherlands and also feature on Interpol’s most wanted list. The two men earned hundreds of millions of euros by smuggling cocaine from South America to Europe. They are wanted for several murders, but possibly ordered dozens more.

Moroccan criminals like Taghi and Razzouki have crossed a line: they do not just kill criminals, but also innocents, lawyers, and even political refugees. They have ordered terror attacks and ISIS-style executions.

The overview below shows the most bizarre and gruesome events of the past few years:

  • December 2014: A well-known Moroccan criminal’s wife was murdered before the eyes of her two young children.
  • January 2015: An elderly woman was shot dead. The culprits could not find their intended target and decided to kill this random family member instead.
  • December 2015: Moroccan gunmen kill an Iranian dissident, presumably by order of Hezbollah or Iran.
  • March 2016: Cyclists in Amsterdam find a head on the windowsill of a water pipe lounge. The head, belonging to a 23-year-old Moroccan male, was put there as a warning to a rival gang.
  • December 2016: A crime blogger who mentioned the names of Taghi and Razzouki was killed.
  • November 2017: Another Iranian dissident was assassinated.
  • February 2018: The office of De Telegraaf — the largest newspaper of the country — was firebombed, after a van slammed into the building’s windows. The newspaper had dared to report on the identities of Moroccan criminals. One of the newspaper’s leading journalists now lives under constant police protection.
  • March 2018: Nabil B., a former Moroccan criminal, turned crown witness against Ridouan Taghi and Saïd Razzouki. As revenge, his innocent brother was shot and killed.
  • 18 September 2019: Crown witness Nabil B.’s attorney, Derk Wiersum, was also killed.

Currently, it is unclear how the legal case against Taghi and Razzouki will proceed. Many lawyers will think twice before representing the crown witness. The idea of an ‘anonymous lawyer’ has already been proposed. However, it is not just attorneys who are threatened. Information retrieved from wiretaps reveal that Taghi and Razzouki wanted to kill the prosecutor as well.

The police, researchers, and journalists all ask themselves how it is possible that so many men in the Netherlands are willing to become assassins. According law enforcement, criminals can rely on an “inexhaustible source of young men” ready to kill. For instance: eyewitnesses estimated that Wiersum’s murderer was only between 16 and 20 years old.

Most of the recruited youths live in the (once White) working-class neighbourhoods surrounding the city centers of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. The majority of them are Moroccan and to a lesser extent Surinamese or Antillean. They are by no means professionals. In the past few years, ten people have died in so-called vergismoorden — or ‘mistake murders’ — merely for resembling the intended target.

Social workers describe how the young criminals have no empathy, low cognitive ability, and an insatiable craving for money. Their average IQ is estimated at 80. Implicitly, the media are admitting the relation between race and IQ. Generally, this is considered a taboo subject, but apparently that taboo is broken due to the profound impact of the murder of the attorney.

It is no longer just the Average Joe who suffering from immigrant crime in the Netherlands: the elite are now directly affected as well.

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  1. Joshua Laskin
    Joshua Laskin says:

    Prohibition creates violent crime. It’s like our situation in Afghanistan; while in the USA, Big Pharma legally pushesn lab-made opioids. God forbid if the dirt-farmers of Helmand should grow wheat for their neighbors’ bread. Wikipedia says, in 2007 the Afghani opium export-value was at $4-billion; of which, $1-billion went to the farmers; and, as of 2017, opium production provides 400,000 Afghani jobs. Think of the massive waste of our last century’s fight against Cannabis/Hemp; which can now finally be sold and taxed, above ground. Would the world really end, if consumers could smoke a little opium after dinner? But then, if opium was priced as mere farm-produce, where would terrorists and other criminals get the cash for the weapons with which to kill us? I guess, then, if opium were decriminalized, that might threaten gun-manufacturers’ profits. So, we can’t have that. Let’s instead blame consumers, for our stupid prohibition policies. If only consumers weren’t so darn Human…

  2. Samer Al Samarchi
    Samer Al Samarchi says:

    As a person who has been living in the Netherlands for more than 20 yeras, I can confirm that the majority of the Dutch people are ignorant, indifferent and stupid. The keep voting for the libral and leftist parties which are responsible for the mass immigration from the Islamic countries. Such crimes have so far never prompted the majority of the Dutch people to think about the real reasons. behind it. Becsuse of this the Netherlands has become a cesspool of crimes.

    • Amadio Clute
      Amadio Clute says:

      Not only Holland Samer, its all over Europe. We are fat, think only about having holiday, sex and think we are the best and so on. Our brain doesn’t just work anymore and live of the past glory.

  3. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    The new Danish study that has flatly stated that diversity is not a strength, rather, it is a problem for Danes (and undoubtedly the Dutch) may now carry some weight.
    As for the Iranian “dissidents” killed, Iran is no soft touch when it comes to drugs. It is entirely possible that the dissidents were dissidents of convenience involved in drug trafficking.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      One of the weakness of the Western Mind. It seems that we (not me) need for an expert, a study, or philosopher to validate and stamp something as actual and concrete. Probably, the structure of Christianity primed and programmed its adherents to wait for confirmation. A religion that truly is exterior. The weak underpinnings have finally buckled, revealing its inadequacy and shortcomings to help give direction and succor to Euro Whites.

      Not meaning to offend Believers, but attempting to assess the Real and the value and effect-or lack of it. We need to take stock of assets and liabilities.

  4. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Remember the line from the Rolling Stoned Band?: “Who killed the Kennedys; after all it was you and me”

    That’s who killed Holland, its own people. They allowed it to happen when the native White Dutch admitted great swaths of Third World Third Rate People. They allowed lassez faire drug use, thought it was cute to have open prostitution and AMORAL society, of anything goes, all is permitted. The smugness and conceit of the Dutch is palpable from the Sixties on. It was a virtue to have no morality, be a “free spirit”, and deny that anything in life is more important than your immediate desires, fulfilling infantile urges.

    The Jews have had their hooks in The Netherworld Netherlands for centuries, since they were kicked out of Spain and Portugal in the late 15 century. The trader nation, the Merchant Princes, the Middleman of Europe, etc, etc.

    Euro Whites need to own up, and acknowledge that none of today’s dispossession and road to extinction of culture and genes could have happened unless they allowed it over centuries-when they were in the overwhelming majority and fully in control of their country. The present state of affairs, its descent started a long time ago.

    Healing and recovery starts with what diseases Whites are carrying around with them, pathogens, viruses, parasites, etc. just as recent articles here have pointed out. We need to get our own house in order rather than make excuses of who and how EXTERNAL factors and forces are always the blame. This like an analogy of a streetlight (Whites) being a stationary object and getting hit by a truck (((The Hostile Elite))) over and over. This is false. We just didn’t move when the truck jumped the curb and struck us again and again.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “The Jews have had their hooks in The Netherworld Netherlands for centuries, since they were kicked out of Spain and Portugal in the late 15 century. The trader nation, the Merchant Princes, the Middleman of Europe, etc, etc.”

      I look in vain for frequent commenter here Franklin Ryckaert’s words of wisdom on this article. As a Netherlander, he is often quite vocal in his belief that the “liberal” and “human rights-loving” Dutch are so superior to Germans, especially to the repressive German National-Socialists who trampled on the rights of Jews when they deported them. He believes every fable of “death trains” and “death marches.”

      But today Germany is in better shape than liberty-loving, Jew-friendly Amsterdam and other cities in Holland. Though I will say, when I was in Amsterdam and Delft, I loved it and felt very much at home. It’s a wonderful place for visitors; too bad the Dutch are allowing themselves to be robbed the way they are.

    • Theodora
      Theodora says:


      I agree with you though have to explain a little bit.

      Not all the Dutch permitted the ‘anything goes’ mentality. It were the academic and cultural elites that started this marxist crap in the sixties. And the cultural elites mostly live in Amsterdam and surroundings or at least in the province of North Holland. North and South Holland are the Protestant provinces that invited the Sephardic jews from Spain and Portugal who brought with them the slave trade and made the ‘Golden Age’ possible in which Holland started to have colonies and a central bank and a stock market. From this time on the Holland elites became globalists.

      Until today these provinces stamp their liberal and cosmopolitan worldview on the rest of the country.
      All the protest that came from the rest of the country was met with ridicule and/or condemnation or censure like we are hillbillies or dumb folks from ‘fly over countries’ so to speak.

      In the end people give up resistance and try to live their live the best they can. People get bombarded by TV with all the re-education/indoctrination and are still being silenced. But there is a growing awareness also in the Netherlands.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        Thank you, Theodora, for the clarification. I over-generalized. It is the same everywhere. My heart is sad for the Netherlands.

  5. exlib
    exlib says:

    The problem with the violence in Europe is that there is not even remotely enough of it yet. There needs to be tens of thousands of times as much violence as there is now.

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