Why I Owe Jim Bakker an Apology and Thank You                         

Recently, I wrote an article, posted here, on the 1969 Academy-Award-winning film “Midnight Cowboy.”  I’m old enough to have seen it in a theater back when it was first released—of course, no DVDs or streaming in those years.  I hadn’t seen it again until this year, a gap of a half-century no less.  What particularly struck me this time around is how the film was replete with social/cultural messages that I wasn’t consciously aware of back then.

One of the messages or themes, of “Midnight Cowboy” was a negative take on Christianity, which, I realize now, was to be expected coming from the Jewish, gay, and leftist creators of the film.  I took note of their identities this time around; I wouldn’t have known to do it back then.  Examples:

  • The protagonist Joe Buck, Texas-born and raised, now in his twenties, on a bus to New York City, has his transistor radio to his ear listening to a gospel program called “The Sunshine Hour.” “Oh yes, sweet Jesus! I tell you, faith healin’.  I got a letter here from a sister enclosing ten dollars.”

Christianity as a money hustle.

  • A flashback: Ten-year-old Joe, looking frightened, being baptized, dunked in a river by a tall, lean, rural-looking man, a preacher, in a shirt and tie standing hip deep in the water. People on the shore, their arms raised high in the air, swaying back and forth, lost in Pentecostal rapture. An unsettling image; a bit scary.

Christianity as alien.

  • Joe in a shabby apartment in New York City with a stranger named O’Daniel—fifties, short, bald, fleshy, wearing only a loosely tied bathrobe, an odd manner. Leering at Joe, O’Daniel has him turn around so he can get a good look at him, pats Joe’s body.

Out of the blue, O’Daniel says, “Why don’t you and me get right down on our knees right now?”  He opens the bathroom door to reveal, attached to the inside of the door, the toilet in view, electric lights flashing, an altar with a statue of Jesus.

Joe bolts for the door to the outside.

“No!  Don’t run from Jesus!” implores O’Daniel.

As Joe nears the door, a pole with a sign attached that says “God is love” falls in his way.  He frantically thrusts it aside and charges out of the room.

Cut to Joe running down the street as fast as he can go.

Christianity as something to get away from.

  • Joe in a hotel room, invited by one Townsend P. Lock, late middle age, in New York, he says, for a paper manufacturer’s convention. Locke had picked Joe up at a carnival shooting gallery.

“What you want?” Joe demands.  “What you got me up here for?”

“Oh, Joe, it’s so difficult. . . . Oh, God, I loathe life.  I loathe it.  Please go.  Please.”

“You want me to leave?”

“No, I mean, yes, yes.  Please go.  Come back tomorrow.  Promise?  I want to give you a present . . . for your trip.  [Joe had told him he was going to Florida.]  Please take it.”  Locke takes a chain with a Saint Christopher medal off his neck and hands it to Joe.  “I want you to have it.  You don’t have to be Catholic.  Saint Christopher’s the patron saint of all travelers.  I want you to have it for helping me be good [refrain from engaging in homosexual sex].”

Joe doesn’t want a useless Saint Christopher medal, especially from someone like this, and gives it back to him.

Christianity as a pointless religion of lesser beings.

“Midnight Cowboy” is associated with the song “Everybody’s Talking” sung by Harry Nilsson—it’s prominent background music in the first scenes and then again in the last ones.  It starts out:

Everybody’s talking at me
I don’t hear a word they’re saying
Only the echoes of my mind

Those lyrics certainly didn’t apply to me in my formative years.  I heard every word the people talking at me were saying—the Hollywood movies, the network television shows, the popular music, the mass circulation magazines, all of them.  I had no critical understanding of what they were saying and its implications for my life, but I heard it and I took it to heart and I lived by it.

Which gets me around to Jim Bakker.   This was back in the mid-1970s to the late-‘80s, which is getting to be 35 years ago, so I suppose a lot of people these days know little or nothing about him.  He was a very big deal back then.  He and his wife Tammy Faye hosted a daily Christian talk show called “The PTL Club,” which was seen widely on a satellite network Jim had created.  It was never clear what PTL stood for—Praise The Lord or People That Love, one of the two or both—later on, after Jim and Tammy got in trouble, more on that later, people said it stood for Pass The Loot.

The two of them were diminutive—Jim 5’4’’ and Tammy 4’10’’.  Jim decked himself out like his idol Johnny Carson and Tammy piled on the makeup and did some business with her eyebrows and eyelashes and teased her hair to the max.

To give a sense of the success of PTL, within four years, more people watched it than tuned in to Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.” It was America’s most viewed daily television program. I watched the Jim and Tammy show regularly; or sort of watched it, in the same way I sort of watched “Midnight Cowboy.”   It wasn’t that I was religious and watched Jim and Tammy to hear God’s Holy Word.  I had been baptized an Episcopalian, my immigrant English mother’s nominal denomination, but I’d had no contact with organized religion growing up or as an adult.   For me, watching Jim and Tammy, or going to see “Midnight Cowboy,” was like what George Mallory said back in 1923 about climbing Mount Everest, I did it because it was there.

Jim was originally from Michigan and Tammy grew up in northern Minnesota.  Both had modest upbringings.  They met in a bible college in Minneapolis and married and quit school to try to make their mark as traveling evangelists.  Their first television show was a kids’ puppet show.

“The PTL Club” began in a Charlotte, North Carolina furniture store.  It ran from 1974 to 1989.  In addition to putting together the satellite television network, Jim set up a headquarters for his and Tammy’s ministry in North Carolina he called Heritage Village, and he started up a Christian theme park just over the border in South Carolina he called Heritage USA.  A good amount of the time on PTL was given over to soliciting viewer contributions to expand Heritage USA.  It’s estimated that Jim’s donation pitches resulted in up to two million dollars a week coming in.  In time, Heritage USA became the third largest theme park by attendance in the U.S., behind only Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California.  What have you done lately?

Being in the know as I was back then because I had heard the people talking at me—how else would I have known, I hadn’t experienced anything first hand—I knew for a fact that Christians, particularly fundamentalists, were on the wrong side of the heroes/villains divide in life’s drama, and that all televangelists were phonies, hypocrites, and con artists.  It came as no surprise to me when Jim got caught in a sexual dalliance in a Florida hotel room a 21-year-old church secretary (not Jim’s) named Jessica Hahn.  Jim’s people doled out thousands of dollars in hush money to Jessica, but that didn’t do the trick, if you’ll pardon the expression—Jim’s transgression became front page news.  Tammy, who was dealing with a bad prescription pill problem at the time, was devastated by Jim’s betrayal and the humiliating notoriety.

Just as I knew would happen, the Bakkers got caught with their fingers in the till.  Jim (Tammy got off clean) was charged with the misuse of ministry funds to finance his and Tammy’s lavish personal lifestyle.  The media went after him with a vengeance.  After a highly publicized trial—again, front page—Jim was sentenced in 1989 to 45 years in federal prison.  This picture after the verdict—which became the iconic photo of him–was used to mock him and get it across that the SOB got what was coming to him.  I was fully on board: what a despicable loser.  I can’t think of an American in my lifetime who was as universally reviled as Jim Bakker.

As it turned out, he got out after five years, in December of 1994.

Jump forward to 2009.   I’m writing an article called “Message in the Inbox”—it’s on my website, www.robertsgriffin.com—which includes this:

History moves fast, so for those who don’t know about the infamous Jim Bakker—his wife, Tammy Faye, who recently died, got off clean—he was a television evangelist who got jail time for having his hand in the till.  Jim and Tammy Faye would emote that their Heritage USA religious theme park would have to be abandoned if the viewers didn’t send them heaps of cash right away.  In would come the money and Jim would throw a few bucks at the park and pocket the rest.

The truth of the matter was that I didn’t know what I was talking about in that paragraph, even though I was sure that I did (there’s no delusion like self-delusion).  I had glanced through a few newspaper articles and watched some television segments, that was it.  What I knew about the Bakkers, as my mother used to phrase it, you could put in your eye.  I got my basic angle from my sources, “Midnight Cowboy” and all the rest of the mediators of reality—that’s why they’re called the media—who had been talking at me.

Nobody has ever questioned what I wrote about the Bakkers, because the same people that had been talking at me had been talking at them and so it rang true.   If I had been so bold, however, as to defend the Bakkers in that 2009 piece—which, as you can surmise, I’m tooling up to do here—I would have been questioned big time and given a bad rating.  As writers of articles, along with stand-up comics and university professors, know well, the best way to go over with people is to confirm what they already believe.

It’s not just Jews, gays, and leftists that have it in for Christianity.   I’ve written a couple of articles this past year for this publication that run up against this idea.

“William Pierce and Cosmotheism” was posted in February of 2018.  Pierce, who died in 2002, was a prominent white racial advocate.  I wrote a book about him—The Fame of a Dead Man’s Deeds (FirstBooks Library, 2001).   In the 2018 Cosmotheism article, I outlined Pierce’s criticisms of Christianity in light of his racial commitments.  He argued that Christianity’s egalitarianism, universalism, other-worldliness (which distracts whites from attending to their compelling racial business here on earth in this life), and “superstition and craziness” were detrimental to white racial advancement.

The second article, posted in October of 2018, was on William Gayley Simpson (1892–1991), a white nationalist, and entitled “William Gayley Simpson on Christianity and the West.”  It included this quote from my book on Dr. Pierce which was taken from Simpson’s book, Which Way Western Man?

In Which Way Western Man? Simpson informs the reader that in his twenties he had read about the life of Francis of Assisi and found it an inspiration and personal challenge.  In Simpson’s eyes, St. Francis exemplified what Jesus meant for his most dedicated followers to do in the world.  At 28 years of age, during a month alone on an island in the St. Lawrence River, Simpson made the decision to incorporate this ideal into his own life.

Simpson lived a Franciscan life for nine years.  Centering his efforts in large cities, he made his way across the American continent trying to better the circumstance of people who were having a tough go of it in life.  He toiled as a common laborer, giving his work as a gift and living on whatever others chose to give him in return.  It proved to be an experience that was not only a test of what Simpson was made of as a person but also a test of the very foundations that had heretofore directed his life: liberalism, idealism, and Christianity.

Simpson ended this phase of his life when he reached the conclusion that the way he had been conducting himself for nearly a decade was neither the best way for him to serve others nor consistent with his own personal makeup.  As laudable as it seemed on the face of it, he decided, what he had been doing hadn’t gotten at the heart of what was wrong with mankind, because it isn’t so much the conditions of human beings that need improvement but rather their caliber, and the way he had gone about things hadn’t gotten at that.

Simpson had tried to become equal to the lowest and the least of individuals, and that just wasn’t him, that wasn’t his path in life, it wasn’t his way forward.  It became clear to him that he wanted to affirm the life of the mind and connect with the aristocratic instinct and taste that he felt strongly was natural to him.

Simpson gave over the rest of his life to pointing the way to a finer human existence with particular reference to those he increasingly came to see as his people, whites of northern European background.  For them especially, he described a life of health, robustness, beauty, nobility, and meaning far beyond what they were currently seeking and achieving and far more in keeping with what he considered their true nature and possibilities. 

It’s now October of 2019 as I write this.  Well into retirement as I am and sitting here on this leather couch pretty much from dawn to bedtime, with the last big event in my life coming right up, I’m finding myself drawn to giving energy (such that I still possess) to making sense of what I did with my life and why.  I’m learning that a review of my biopic movie, as it were, complete with how many stars I think it merits, is a central feature of old age.  There’s much on the line in this endeavor, because we only get to make one movie; no opportunity for re-shoots or sequels.  The “Midnight Cowboy” investigations and reflections came out of this “movie review” impulse, as was the decision I made a few weeks ago to look into what went on with Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

With the Bakkers, I started with a book by John Wigger, who is a history professor at the University of Missouri, entitled PTL; The Rise and Fall of Jim and Tammy Bakker’s Evangelical Empire (Oxford University Press, 2017).  I went from there to a memoir Jim wrote just after he got out of prison called I Was Wrong: The Untold Story of the Shocking Journey from PTL’s Power to Prison and Beyond (Thomas Nelson, 1997).  Then it was Jim’s book written with the help of Ken Abraham, The Refuge: A Look into the Future and the Power of Living in a Christian Community (Thomas Nelson, 2000).  I read James A. Albert’s book on the 1989 trial, Jim Bakker: Miscarriage of Justice? (Open Court, 1999).  Albert is a law professor at Drake University.   And I read articles.  All of them totally trashed Jim (Tammy does better); not one positive word about him, zero.

Somewhere in all of that, I watched a 2000 documentary called “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” which was sympathetic to her.  The blurb for it:

Twelve years after the scandalous collapse of the multimillion-dollar Christian empire built by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” tells the fascinating inside story of the rise, fall and resurrection of “the Queen of the Eyelashes.” One of the most adored and reviled women of her time, the film follows her amazing tale from her love at first sight encounter with Jim, through the glory days of PTL, to the scandal that brought both their empire and their family tumbling down.

In the documentary, Tammy reads from Psalm 91.

He shall cover thee with His feathers,
and under His wings shall thou trust.
Because He has set His love upon me,
Therefore I will deliver Him.
I will set Him on high,
because He hath known my name.
He shall call upon me,
and I will answer Him.
I will be with Him in trouble.
I will deliver and honor Him.
And with long life I will satisfy Him,
and show Him my salvation.

Jim and Tammy divorced in 1992 while Jim was in prison.  Tammy re-married and died of cancer in 2007.  Jim, now bearing in on eighty—white hair, such as there is left of it, close-clipped beard, looking fit—with his second wife Lori does a television show out of Missouri that gets minimal attention.   I know nothing about the new show or what Jim is up to generally these days; my focus is on what happened during the PTL and prison years.

Jim Bakker with his second wife Lori

I’ll be darned, I didn’t expect it, after reading a fair amount on Jim and Tammy, I’ve come to the conclusion that both of them were for real, that they did very good work, and that arguably Jim was innocent of the charges that sent him to prison.  I feel awful about the dumb, heartless, and cruel depiction of them I mindlessly tossed off in that article I wrote.

I’ve watched some old YouTubes of PTL as part of my little research project, and this time I picked up on the way Jim ended all of his shows.  He looked into the camera and said, “God loves you . . . He really does.”  Maybe I’m losing it in my advanced state of geriatricness, but all I can do is report that I don’t think it was a con.  I think he really believed it, really meant it.  Plus, I’ve decided that in getting across to millions of people that they are loved, as he did so effectively, Jim made an enormous positive contribution to people’s lives.  To many, many people, hearing from Jim Bakker that they were loved was the only time in their lives they heard that, and it meant the world to them.

Jim Bakker was able to communicate to millions of people who felt alone, discarded by the world, and that they were nobodies and nothing, that God values them and that they belong, to the Christian community.  I’m reminded of the advice the novelist Kurt Vonnegut gave to people who feel cut off and isolated: go to your local church next Sunday morning.  Jim getting across to people that they count and are connected to something immensely significant and worthy was a great gift to a whole lot of people.

Jim was ridiculed for calling his Heritage USA donors “partners”—so it went, that was his ploy to shake money loose from them.  Here I go again, I think he was sincere; it wasn’t a ploy.  For a $1,000 donation, people felt they had a stake in something where otherwise, for many of them, they didn’t have a stake in anything.  They and their family were entitled to free lodging for four days at a Heritage USA hotel every year for the rest of their lives.   Despite what the media implied at the time, thousands upon thousands of people took advantage of that option; and even if they didn’t, just knowing that they could have done it gave them the feeling of being involved in an endeavor they believed in.  Plus, they had the uplifting knowledge that there was a place for them and their children to go where there would be other Christian people like them.  Jim set that up and it lasted for fifteen years; quite an accomplishment for someone who started from nothing.

In Jim’s book I Was Wrong, he gets into his personal failings.  The Jessica Hahn business got a lot of space.  He makes it clear that he now realizes that the prosperity gospel he bought into in a big way got out of hand.  He describes getting financially over-extended with the theme park, but he denies siphoning off money designated for it as I had him doing in the 2009 article.  He acknowledges that he and Tammy got ostentatious in their personal lives.  A board set Jim’s and Tammy’s salaries, which rose to around $1M Jim/$300K Tammy yearly.  He describes studying the Bible intensely in prison and coming to realize that the prosperity gospel was inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus.  His book The Refuge reflects the changes in his religious orientation from the PTL days.

It came through to me in Jim’s memoir, and from the Wigger book as well, that he was a decent, honest, well-intended person, sincere in his religious beliefs and projects, and a remarkably hard and productive worker.  A literacy program for inmates he and another inmate put together when he was in prison particularly impressed me.  As I read through his memoir, to my surprise, I grew to like him and, yes, admire him.  From everything I have been able to pick up about Jim Bakker, he was no fraud, and yet that is precisely the consensus wisdom about him.

Jim ends I Was Wrong with a description of preaching for the first time after being released from prison.

“I’m scared to death and I’m going to tell you that.  This is my first time in the pulpit in many, many, many years.”

“We love you, Jim!” someone shouted.

When I looked around the room and saw so many friends who were still serving God after surviving all that had happened at PTL, I was reminded afresh of God’s promise, “I will never leave you or forsake you.” 

The faith of many in this room had been severely tried, and they had come through the refining fire as pure gold.  They had not gotten bitter; they had become more loving, more kind, more Christ-like.  PTL was not a group of buildings; it was the people of God, in whom God was working.   They truly were the People That Love, the people who, no matter what, have continued to Praise The Lord, 

Slowly and with deep emotion, I began to read the Twenty-third Psalm: “The Lord in my shepherd; I shall not want. . . . Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. . . . Thou prepares a table for me in the presence of mine enemies.”

I once thought God had abandoned me.   I thought my days of ministering for the Lord were done.  I thought that I would never preach again.

I was wrong.

And so too was I wrong—about you, Jim.  My apologies.

Looking into the lives of Jim and Tammy Bakker surfaced and underscored some rules to live by, call them that.

  • Listen carefully to what people have to say, but don’t just take it in. Question it, work with it, compare it to what others are saying, come to your own conclusions about whatever it is.  Don’t uncritically buy into somebody’s narrative and run with it, plugging everything and everybody into that particular story.   Look straight at reality: discern what each particular circumstance, event, and human action really is about rather than simply going by what your assumptions and generalizations and authoritative sources say it is.  Create your own narratives.  That’s what I tried to do with “Midnight Cowboy,” and that’s what I’m trying to it here with the Bakkers.
  • Keep in mind that intellectual autonomy and integrity takes courage. Sometimes your truth won’t play well with your audience, but put it out there anyway. You’ll take hits, but you’ll feel good about yourself, and at the end of your life, you won’t be living with the painful conclusion that you sold out in your one shot at life on this earth.  Develop your integrity and courage the same way you develop anything else, by practicing.  The next chance you get, do the honest and courageous thing.
  • Because something is true doesn’t mean it’s everything; there can be other important truths that need to be taken into account too. William Pierce contributed insightful observations about how Christianity can be problematic to whites’ wellbeing and advancement. But there’s also what he didn’t talk about: how Christianity can give peace, joy, meaning, direction, strength, and impetus to one’s life.  I offer the list in this last sentence not as insider who has experienced those things but rather as an outsider who hasn’t experienced them and wishes that he had.  In any case, we need to ask ourselves with respect to anything, what else is there that matters besides this?  What’s all of it?
  • Because something is right for one person doesn’t mean it’s right for some other person. To his credit, William Gayley Simpson was speaking only for himself when he said he wanted to affirm a life of the mind and connect with the aristocratic instinct and taste he felt natural to him. I’m sure he would have agreed that this approach might not work for, say, those who dropped out of school after trying and trying and failing and failing, and who take any job they can get and struggle to pay the minimal amount due on the credit card and then get laid off, and who are drinking or taking drugs more than they should and aren’t there for the people that need them as much as they ought to be.  Christianity may be a way for these people to feel their lives have meaning and worth, and it could give them the strength to get it together and be better for themselves and for the people in their lives.
  • Last, assume your adversaries know what they are doing. People who have it in for white people also tend to be the most bent on pulling the props from under the Christian religion. As brilliant a man as William Pierce was, and I know from personal experience he was brilliant, I’m coming to the conclusion that his opponents know better than he did the positive role Christianity plays in the wellbeing and fate of the white race.

I have a 15-year-old daughter, a sophomore in high school, who lives with her mother in another state from where I live.   This week, I sent her a gift of a CD by a Christian singer named Lauren Daigle, “Look Up Child.”  I feel good about doing it, and I wouldn’t have thought to do it if I hadn’t looked into the life of Jim Bakker and come to the conclusions I did.  Thank you, Jim.

I included a note to Dee, as I’ll call her here, with the CD.  Here’s what I said:

Dear Dee— 

This is a CD by Lauren Daigle, who sings Christian music.   The song “You Say” on this album has been a surprise hit—you can check out the video for it online.  Also, check out the video for “Rescue.”  You will pick up that Lauren is very different from rap artists or Billie Eilish [Dee recently went to a concert of hers]. 

75%—three of every four people—in the United States identify themselves as Christians, but how often in school are you encouraged to study them and their way of life, their culture?  You should learn about Christian people, and from a position of respect; often, schools and the media put them down as “uncool” and somehow bad.

Christians believe that God exists and loves them and looks out for them. 

 In these lyrics from “You Say,” the “You” being referred to is God.  

You say I am loved when I can’t feel a thing
You say I am strong when I think I am weak
And you say I am held when I am falling short
And when I don’t belong, oh You say I am Yours
And I believe
Oh I believe
What You say of me
I believe

In these “Rescue” lyrics, the “I” who will find you and rescue you is God. 

I will send out an army to find you
In the middle of the darkest night
It’s true, I will rescue you
I will never stop marching to reach you
In the middle of the hardest fight
It’s true, I will rescue you

See if you can do a report on Christians in one of your classes—what they believe and how they live.  Let me know what you learn. 

Love always,


48 replies
  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    At 72+ years myself and still counting, Dr. Griffin, I applaud your post on the Bakkers and, by extension, your post of a review of “Midnight Cowboy”. As a pharmacologist by education, training, and application, I have frequent occasion to wonder greatly about the role of drugs in the “indoctrination” of my and subsequent generations — not to mention those exposed to opiates, alcohol, and cocaine before we were born. Test cases, perhaps.

    It certainly facilitated a movie’s injection of images and words and concepts to one to have that one “intoxicated”, “addled”, and otherwise “under the influence”. That of Mind that protects gets chemically castrated, held in repose, until the injection gets completed. Tip ‘o’ an iceberg, that.

    I recently had a friend|colleague write a short, one-liner in response to what I admit was a provocative e-issuance from me: “Clearly you ARE a redneck.” No exclamation point, either! The evocative image I sent had pictured a woman, scantily clad in material AS IS from the Confederate war flag with the words “The one time I would have the flag taken down.”

    Taking a page from the book I call “Kultural Marxi$m”, I had thought to project anew a reflection projected from a source with much darker intent. One might well invoke (!) Louise Hay’s method of “Mirror Work”, wherein one gazes with open eyes into eyes of the image as fastly regarding one as one regards the image embedded in the surface of the mirror, returned as faithfully as the quality of mirror employed.

    Project and reflection. The key to consciousness. As elders, we think it good not to be fooled yet again! Especially as we pass the days remaining….

  2. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Well, look, I understand trying to make the best of less than the best religion for Whites. But, we are not a ship at sea or on an uncharted island. Past performance is a predictor of future efficacy. And Christianity got scratched from the race.

    My requiem for Christianity, which turned toxic to our tissues and organs; “And the winner loses all”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOMhvAZW9lc&frags=pl%2Cwn

    Expressively, a dirge in the form Fado, the Portuguese national song of tragedy, for Christianity, the poisoned well:


    We cannot afford the luxury of delusion be it deadwood ideas or ideals, or toxic undertows. Christianity is not amenable or amendable to become useful again, for a people on the precipice of oblivion.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Very well said, my friend. Christianity has become a fitting cult for the ignorant masses of moronic whites without racial pride or awareness. Christianity is a Jewish poison.

    • Alleyoop
      Alleyoop says:

      Christianity has survived over 2000 years. It is as relevant now as it was then. It is also as alive as it always has been. I challenge anyone to read the Bible and explore it personally. God’s Word does not return void. As stated in this article, search for answers, question your beliefs, explore the possibilities you may be wrong, and as always keep an open, objective mind.

  3. Michael Robeson
    Michael Robeson says:

    It’s not often that a well reasoned essay at this, or most any website, can be called thoughtful, thought provoking and beautifully written.Thank you, Mr. Griffin.

  4. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    A Post Pre-Mortem: The ONLY form of Christianity worthy of consideration is that of the faith of Middle East Christians who have lived in the area for millennia and practice the “straight malt scotch” of Christianity now, unchanged since its inception. They have kept Aramaic alive and the founding pillars have not shifting or sifted into fetid Western Christianity-an abomination since the founding of the Western Church and through the Reformation and Deformation and Disinformation.

    These massacred followers (past, present, and future tense) are not mentioned hardly at all by the West; certainly not by its principals and “leaders”.

    Here’s a look into this window of real Christians, those of the East and their expressiveness:


    OK. Back to your regular programming now. Brought to you by The Magical Stain Remover. The Panorama Man of the North will save us. It will start in the Dutch Mountains.


    The Western Christianity is not even real anymore. A stranger in the night, with no light, no map, only refections through dirty windows and prisms constructed by people who hate you. Only fragments remain, that cannot seem to be put back to together. No connection, only busy signals.


    Here’s what is: in this West, under these conditions, in this soil, culture and politic, White Man of the West is trying to grow in the soil fertilized by the Illuminati and its auxiliary The Idiocracy. The soil is fertilized by Gatorade-“it’s got electrolytes”, and the plant is stunted. The cards we are holding in this round are worthless; only a new deal, new cards produce any chance of winning or existing.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      “…in this West, under these conditions, in this soil, culture and politic, White Man of the West is trying to grow in the soil fertilized by the Illuminati and its auxiliary The Idiocracy.”

      Fine comments, PM. But fetid, overemotional western modern Christianity is useful for some people at certain times in their life. That is fact. Whether it’s Jesus Christ, or belief in Jesus Christ, which is responsible for persons badly needing – and obtaining – rebirth, I don’t know. It’s all too much for me. I do know I’ve seen people who were lower than an insect turn their lives around because of the mythical being, or belief in him. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Different strokes for different folks.

      The rest of us – let’s not be frightened of knowing that all religions will one day be gone. We’ll be reborn whether we want to be, or not.

      • David Parker
        David Parker says:

        Wrong. The final act of mankind before the end of history is the institution of the Kingdom of God on earth. This was commanded in Matthew 28:18-20 after the Christians (the church or congregation) was informed that Jesus has been given all power on heaven and earth and Christians are to avail themselves of this power for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission. Cornelius van Til destroyed the false philosophies of “natural law”, “social justice”, “prosperity theology”, etc., and now the Reconstruction movement is building on the only foundation – God’s law. God is man’s rightful sovereign, the only benevolent sovereign, and God’s law is the only law that can benefit mankind. Christianity is western civilization: to some extent “western” culture still embodies God’s law such as the prohibition against murder, theft, and perjury remaining to this day although under constant attack. Abortion is hidden premeditated murder, taxes are theft by majority vote (to quote Gary North), but the vast majority still considers murder a capital offense and theft to be wrong.
        This is the point in history where mankind has tried everything else and is surrounded by the ruins of what might have been but at least the failure of everything else is apparent: We have nowhere to go but up. The command to evangelize the world and institute God’s law worldwide is the assurance that the world cannot end in some nuclear Armageddon. It is the assurance that war is not forever, the assurance those collections of corrupt parasites who call themselves government and claim a right to the lives and property of the productive will someday have to feed themselves.
        It is the promise that death and taxes are not inevitable.

  5. J.Herrington
    J.Herrington says:

    Thank you. I have a strong affinity toward Pierce which is partly developed through your book, the fame of a dead mans deeds.

    Your personal take on Christianity is very interesting to me, and I hope I can absorb whatever value it holds.
    Thank you very much for all your works.
    As a side note, what non political important works would you recommend for a switched on 19 year old?

  6. milan
    milan says:

    Reading Bakkers biography I Was Wrong I was stunned by one admission of his not understanding what Christ said about; ‘depart from me you workers of iniquity I never knew you.’ Mathew 7:23

    Along with that was his admission that he never read the bible until after ending up in prison WOW ! JUST WOW really?

    It is his not understanding Matt 7 that is really troubling because it goes to the heart of salvation. When Christ says ‘I never knew you’ do you know what that means? It means this:

    Does Jesus know what sins He had to die for in your life and do you know that He knows it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For a man or leader like Bakker to not know this is simply unbelievable really. No words can express my disbelief as to how any Christian can rise to prominence and be as successful as him and not know the very Christ to whom you testify about?

    How does that saying go the road to hell is paved with good intentions but I guess for Jimmy in the end he took the bible far more seriously than in the beginning!

  7. TJ
    TJ says:

    In Select Theaters February 28

    Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (The Butler, Black Panther) and Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) star in a powerful and timely true-story of faith and love overcoming hate. Set in a small South Carolina town scarred from deep-rooted racism in the mid-nineties, an unlikely friendship forms when an African American Reverend (Whitaker) shelters Mike Burden (Hedlund) a KKK member, along with his girlfriend Judy, a single mother played by Andrea Riseborough. Through his faith and love, Reverend Kennedy helps Mike leave his violent past in the Klan ultimately helping to heal the community. From Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Robbie Brenner (Dallas Buyers Club) and writer/director Andrew Heckler, BURDEN features incredible performances by Forest Whitaker, Garrett Hedlund, Andrea Riseborough, Tom Wilkinson, Tess Harper, Crystal Fox and Usher Raymond. In Select Theaters February 28th 2020.


  8. Peter
    Peter says:

    I’m old enough to remember Jim Bakker. He was all over the news. I remember him for a widely publicized affair he had with a young woman – Jessica Hahn. I don’t say this to attack him but I used to wonder why at some point Christian ministers (televangelists) were often caught up in sexual affairs or stealing money from the church. When this happened, I think felt Christianity was demeaned by their behavior. But, at some point I sensed that that the media relished widely publicizing, demeaning and attacking Christian ministers. I was also aware of the power, slanted coverage and Jewish predominance in the American media at an early age.

    By the time the Catholic priest sex scandals with young boys became widely publicized I was suspicious that Jews were using their media power to smear Catholics (and Christians in general). But if you said this to someone and it’s never been reported in the mainstream media, people are skeptical and may even call you a “conspiracy theorist”. But, I recall reading a higher up in the Catholic church saying the same thing, that Jews were making the most they could of these scandals and E Michael Jones videos on the Catholic church and Jews hostility to it (I’ve met several Jews that have made offhand comments indicating their wariness or even hostility to it) have cleared things up. Who encouraged the church to admit homosexuals to the priesthood? E Michel Jones said these priests are homosexuals and I said that before I even heard of him.

    But, as can be seen from the metoo scandals, Jews are the biggest sexual predators, by far. They dominate the ranks of sexual predators. And they have scandals with rabbis too, that barely get reported in the news. Their behavior brings to my mind several things I recall. One, my German mother said Jews had a reputation in Germany for going after much younger women. Nothing more than that, but in a conservative culture and I think when this was less accepted, it was noticed. I also recall a Jewish childhood friend telling me something back when we were in high school. His friend (who I also knew) had a girlfriend, or they may have been married already. I never met her, but apparently she was quite busty. The Jewish guy (I think his brother was also there and joked) makes some kind of comment on her bustiness in front of her and her boyfriend/husband and he later told me that her boyfriend told him he should not have done that. But it was just funny to my “friend”, nothing serious. While not all Jews are sex obsessed fiends, they are not only less inhibited about sex, but less inhibited about forcing sex on a woman that does not want it, and this clashes with their reputations as feminists and lefty bookworms, as opposed to being athletes. The famous Jewish communist writer (and all around good guy) Arthur Koestler was accused of rape by a woman many decades ago, at a time when many women would not report rape because of shame or because they wouldn’t be believed. And the [in]famous Jewish propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg is the only 20th century figure to encourage soldiers to rape the enemies (Germany) women. Yes, they are certainly less “inhibited” than others.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Koestler was commie 1931-38, then becoming a harsh critic.

      I have read Darkness at Noon, The Act of Creation, The Ghost in the Machine, The Thirteenth Tribe, and Janus: A Summing Up.

    • Joshua Laskin
      Joshua Laskin says:

      Larry David touched on this, briefly, two years ago, in his ‘Saturday Night Live’ stand-up-monologue: “So you know, a lot of sexual harassment stuff in the news of late. And I couldn’t help but notice a very disturbing pattern emerging, which is that many of the predators—not all, but many of them are Jews.” His joke was about how this ‘pattern’ is making his own life more awkward, in America. His reaction to this trend of Jewish men harassing women, was (in Yiddish) “Oh woe is me.” The reason for this Jewish pattern, he seemed to be saying, is that Jews will just go and do everything to extremes; either extremely good, or extremely bad. I guess the implication (and the joke) is that, we must all take the bad, in order to get the good. It’s funny, as such a lame, non-excuse.

  9. Babs
    Babs says:

    Thank you for this article. The South is strongly Christian and we are routinely ridiculed for being Southern and Christian and your article is wonderful to read because unlike everybody else you truly get why people are Christian and how it helps people in life and gives purpose and meaning. It’s the only positive article about Christians that I have ever read online and it’s demoralizing to be constantly belittled by people you agree with and support politically.

    Many times I have witnessed people in distress and misfortune find peace and hope and a new beginning by coming to church and finding God and the people always accepted and welcomed them no matter what because we knew that God would forgive them if they had done wrong and we were not their judge and this sort of thing leaves only good feelings. Being Christian gives people a firm foundation and helps people accomplish things that they could never do otherwise because Christians will believe in God when they do not believe in themselves.

    Everything you said about people feeling better because of belief that God loves and cares about us is true. No matter that I no longer attend a Southern Baptist Church and no longer believe as I once did in my youth, I never stopped loving Jesus and the effect He had on me is real to me even if He was not really the Son of God. I am still comforted by thoughts of God and if I watch a Sunday morning service on tv I still feel a strong connection and a sense of familiar peace with Christian people. It is a wonderful wholesome feeling and contrasts strongly to the worldly society that has been engineered in our country by the enemy within which leaves one feeling dark and depressed.

    The New Testament may teach that salvation is for everyone but those were Christians who fought against desegregation during the time it was forced upon us by the rest of the country. In spite of the criticism of Christianity I do not believe it is the reason that White people are failing to stop what is being done to us. Southern White Christians were always and still are racially aware and we were always punished for it. Now we’re taking a lot of the blame for what is happening. I don’t know how we can do anything for fear of getting arrested. It is the elites, not Christians, who support open borders and they are the ones with all the power. It is north eastern intellectuals who support all the liberal nonsense and look down their noses at Christians whose politics are pro White and pro America. Most Christians would help others no matter the race but that’s because they see other races as inferior and in need of help. This is why it’s considered to be a Godly thing to do. But Christians are as susceptible to the continual propaganda and psychological warfare as the rest of the population and even more pressured to do whatever is necessary to prove they’re not racist.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      I assure you that marxians hate the world as much as Christians do.

      Both are idealisms. Marxism is derived from German Idealism, specifically dialectical idealism of Hegel, which became Dialectical materialism of Marx. The idealist views proclaim that your eyes are lying, and that truth is best understood with eyes shut- to shut out the evil and corrupt world [i.e. reality]. The best way to see the movie Eyes Wide Shut is. . .with your eyes shut, as there are too many huge tits which, if seen, might destroy idealisms. . .

    • Betty Luks
      Betty Luks says:

      Reply to Babs

      While not an American but an Australian who, upon reading the article about Jim and Tammy Bakker, was caused some deep reflections.

      In the 1970s there were a number of American evangelists who visited our shores, but many church-going Australians were quite unused to the American evangelists’ approach. At any rate, the evangelists did not put down strong roots and stay.

      I remember the ‘prosperity message’; God would bless their regular giving of money – based on a person’s income, wage. Not the same thing as ‘a tithe paid in kind’ around 1200 B.C.

      Tithing had a long Old Testament history and anyone who studied the subject knew what it meant, and in that context, it meant ‘one-tenth of the increment of the cultivated land’.

      The tithe’s origin, its absolute origin, was based in the Laws of Nature – the Natural Law. All mankind are governed by these laws.

      Briefly: “The tithe paid was of everything from the (cultivated) land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees… and the tithe of the herd or of the flock — every tenth animal that passes under the shepherd’s rod.”
      Old Testament, Leviticus 27: 30-32

      A tenth (a tithe) of the tenth (tithe) was to go to the Aaronic priesthood.
      OT, Numbers 18:21.

      Jesus spoke in parables. It pays to study and reflect on what He meant by the parable. What did He mean by “The Lamp of the Body” Matthew 6: 23-24
      “…23 But if your vision is poor, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! 24No one can serve two masters: Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

      As for ‘mammon’ ‘money’ – the story of ‘money’ is one long history of corruption, fraud, great riches for some, abject poverty and slavery for many others, wars and death. No wonder we were told “You cannot serve God and mammon:” (mammon = money).

      America has been the most productive nation in recorded history do you not wonder why you still have the poor and needy among you? Something terribly wrong with your present distribution system. And what does that mean? Surely money is the means by which people have access to that abundance?

      Isn’t it time to think outside the square or the box for answers to the problem?

      I do hope you don’t mind that I entered into your discussion. With every good wish to my American friends.

  10. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    “They” work not only to deconstruct Christian institutions, but they also work to influence them from within. The clergy marching out of modern seminaries is indoctrinated in a horrifying manner to promote the social justice agenda, the redistribution of wealth, etc. This cannot be coincidental.

    And I write this as someone who is no fan of Christianity. It has immobilized millions who would otherwise be friendly toward our efforts at self-preservation.

    • tw
      tw says:

      Those are only the most recent poisons from the semen-aries; spelling deliberate, but only symbolists, and phonetic Qabalists, will get that. [Vowels are sometimes inverted to hide the true meaning.]

      The poisons started at the START of today’s “Christianity” when our energetic pieces and “theosis” were stripped! Only Orthodox and Freemasons, of all people, are aware of the latter; this alone is criminal!

  11. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    These two caricatures, Bakker and Tammy, could not possibly have sprouted but in American soil. I vividly recall that pound of makeup and room-temperature IQ gushing, golly gee, about a large diamond ring some other twit had sent to her in lieu of cash. There is a huge and noticeable difference between expressing polite gratitude and losing oneself too long in apparent avarice. Oh ! Thank the Lord for motivating this donor to send this to me ! Etc., etc. Almost as disgusting as the abovementioned autobiographical fact, that he had not read the bible until after jail.

    My total agreement with giving Christian, heartfelt comfort, lies more in the direction displayed by the Russian clergy in that horrendous, post-Soviet film/video CHETNICK: a situation we may well be staring in the face for being the mere feces of animals.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Allow me to advance my old age as an explanation for giving you the name of a wrong movie/video. It is not CHETNIK, but CHEKIST, and can be called up under HolodomorInfo.com, along with a selection of other incredible original film footage.

      After some 65 years of formal studies in history I still discovered new things, but no errors.

  12. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    Interesting article, but, with all due respect, I don’t agree with Dr. Griffin’s conclusions.
    First, I am as well in my seventies, so I have passed through a long movie of different phases of life, childhood, teenage, youth, middle age nd now old age, that’s why I think I can posit my claim that the religion is entirely unnecessary to pass through life, and watch your movie without quitting my believe in my physical mortality. in exchange of ambiguous unproven afterlife.
    Of coarse I passed through all the needs and temptations that one encounters in his life, knowledge, want of wealth, lust for beauty, fame and power..etc ,which is quite normal and natural for every normal human being, and I made many mistakes and wrongs in my journey,(not as big as Jim Bakkerd’s), but the important thing to me is, once I face myself, and admit my conscious tells me that I was wrong in that particular act, I’ll try very hard not to fall again, and if I slipped again i the same pit, the pain of regret and guilt multiplies enormously, and it will be almost impossible to repeat it.
    But this is not what Jim Bakkerd story, I think that if he was not caught in a scandal, he would have continued unrepentantly wit his ” business” model, which is extortion & theft, he didn’t disclose the $1.3 millions anual income publicly, he kept it secret because he knew that it came out of unethical practice.
    The basic human nature always face the struggle between right & wrong, good & evil. and the salvation and peace of mind comes by rejecting and quitting wrong as soon as possible, repent, and embrace the good behavior for good, I see that anyone be satisfied with this, without any need or help from any religion or faith in super natural creator.

  13. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    As the article makes clear the enemies of White European civilization are also the enemies of Christianity. The enemy is a rag bag coalition who have gained dominance over both secular governments and the administrations of most of the mainline churches, the RCC included. Prime ministers, presidents, senators, bishops are all in their pockets and are working the same agenda to strip White people of any protective clothing, whether it be patriotism or religious belief. All European nations are now “propositional” and most of the esteemed Christian doctrines are now deemed to be in the category of “moral relativism”.
    What can be done to re-equip European people with spiritual armor? Probably by instruction of children in the home environment with old-style cultural values and Christianity of the hearth and home. Christianity survived in Japan for 250 years without any institutional church, European peoples may have to do likewise.

  14. RW Rankin
    RW Rankin says:

    I enjoyed the article. The topic brought back many cringeful memories. PTL, Jim and Tammy Faye and the Heritage Village was all over the local news in Charlotte in the 80’s. I was a teenager at the time and remember these events as driving some of the final nails into the coffin of my remaining Christian faith. Christianity was made to be a joke.
    The Bakkers were ridiculed and attacked in the local media, especially the morning radio shows and to a lesser extent, the Charlotte Observer. The media attacks were so full of vitriol that many folks began to have some private sympathy for Jim and Tammy Faye. It was vicious with extreme prejudice. The jokes and jibes at Tammy Faye and her makeup ventured into the absurd and cruel.
    But then the harlot Jessica Hahn seduced Jim and the rage in the media and public increased. At least Jessica finally got the notoriety she so enviously craved. She got her Playboy centerfold picture as her prize and penultimate role in the spotlight.
    This was too much. PTL, Jim and Tammy Faye had to go. Burn it down and incarcerate them. The Bakkers fell into temptation of the flesh, greed and power. Another poor, post modern Christian that wasn’t taught about concupiscence, and our eternal struggle with it restricting growth, hindering our spiritual potential in our people’s innate yearning, outward, and upward pursuit of the infinite and excellence. Lust and the Synagogue of Satan won again with Jim Bakker.

    But, before all this happened and became national news, people in Charlotte knew the PTL and the Bakkers were most likely crooks and fakes.

    Check out this skit as an example of the media ridicule. It’s funny on a certain level.
    61 Big Ways AM Radio WAYN 610 AM. Murphy In the Morning.
    “Pass the Loot” skit : https://youtu.be/7QJYjHVgLUI

    Minutes after this was first aired, Jim Bakker called the radio station to speak with the Jewish owner, Stan Kaplan. Stan Kaplan owned the radio station at the time. Some brief context, history: Morning radio was huge in the 70’s and 80’S. 61 Big Ways had the largest listenership in the Southeast at one time. Charlotte was a city with about 250-300,000 population in the late 70’s. This was pre banking boom era. Back to Stan Kaplan.
    This is from 2007 when Murphy in the Morning and his side kick, Larry Sprinkle did a local radio interview and discussed the heyday of the 70’s. The people at the radio station in the 70‘s were Avant-garde for Charlotte. They were “long hair” hippies, and huge celebrities in town. They were noticed in public with their gold chains, fly-daddy shirt collars, pork chop beards, and fancy cars. They were an extreme minority, yet pushed out sized cultural memes in the socially conservative Charlotte at that time. Charlotte is full-on globo-homo now.

    At 7min10secs into video, an inside story about Jim Bakker naming the Jew, Stan Kaplan.

    Again, thank you Dr. Griffin for the article. Very refreshing. I feel like my preconceived cortex pipes have been cleaned. I admire your ability and resolve to reassess such a topic. It was nationally agreed upon back then that Jim and Tammy Faye were scum.
    Now, I agree with your argument. Jim Bakker was sincere for the most part. He really did believe God loved each and everyone of us. And sometimes that’s all that one needs in the painful depths of despair so prevalent in the nihilistic landscape we European blooded brothers and sisters are living in today.
    How much longer will we tolerate this? Simple. As long as most people can pay their bills and be cheaply entertained…that’s how long. And (((they))) most certainly know that. They just want us to shut up before we alert too many goyim, and they get caught before they turn out the lights and leave our lands in a smoldering, bankrupt ruin…

  15. milan
    milan says:

    ‘By the way Bakker worked hard.’

    Really? Go and study the life and work of Dr. Walter Martin who was used mightily by God and then make the comparison of someone truly called by God.

    God is not into theme parks!

    And how astonishing it is that truth about the land of opportunity America is or was rather. Drop a thousand on a whim while the local churches suffer for want and needs especially for orphans and widows!

  16. Luke
    Luke says:

    “And I write this as someone who is no fan of Christianity. It has immobilized millions who would otherwise be friendly toward our efforts at self-preservation.”

    I share this realization by Pat. Modern day Christianity has been so thoroughly subverted, corrupted, and poisoned by jewish Cultural Marxism that is has become one of their deadliest and most effective weapons in their already vast arsenal of White racial genocide tools.

    I see the jews boasting and engaging in a lot of recent ‘chest beating’, ecstatically, having celebratory orgies, lately on websites like Drudge and elsewhere, crowing about having managed to orchestrate the greatest decline in Christian Church attendance in the history of the USA and when I see those congratulatory boasts – I think to myself that this is, in reality, a gigantic plus for racially awake Whites. The fewer Whites who attend church, the fewer Whites who will absorb their virulently anti-White Cultural Marxist brainwashing.

    Perhaps one day, if we are ever able to free ourselves of the jewish stranglehold over our people and our nation – Christianity can be resuscitated and purged of its anti-White subversion – but, until then, we need to recognize it as being an advocate for our racial and cultural destruction.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      @Luke. Well said. I propose the Middle East Christians as a model paradigm. Christianity of the East is an ocean compared to the Western pond. Dial it in, folks. Get to know some of these people. Get out of your walled garden.

  17. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    Christianity (The Catholic Church) helped to mold western civilization, and religious belief was our only cohesive group
    strategy. That is why the nose attacked and subverted our religion in order to destroy us.

  18. Mike Mann
    Mike Mann says:

    I’m very surprised that you now see Bakker as a “a decent, honest, well-intended person.” Before prison, he drew $1 million a year as a salary and I wonder how much of that was contributed by people who gave “out of [their] poverty, put[ting] in everything–all [they] had to live on” (Mk 12:44). I’m also wondering how Bakker could afford the outrageous fees that the anti-White Alan Dershowitz charged him to get his sentence reduced because the judge that first sentenced him “injected his religious beliefs into Bakker’s sentence.”

    Since being released from jail, Bakker started yet another televangelist show that features “prophets.” After the Stoneman High School shooting, Bakker said of a dream he had that “God came to him wearing a camouflage, a hunting vest, and a AR-15 rifle strapped to his back” in his support for arming teachers. Through his show he sells “buckets of freeze-dried food to his audience in preparation for the end of days.” Is it likely that he is not again receiving donations as well for the entertainment he provides with his new Christian ministry, a ministry that is not that much different from the Pass the Loot charade that was finally exposed for what it was?

    I understand the concerns you express for your daughter and the felt need to promote a religion that I spent 40 years of my life enslaved to. It has some appealing features, but false promises of answered prayer (“If you shall ask anything in my name, I will do it” -Jn 14:14) and the lies of inherited sin and eternal torture in a (“blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” -Matt. 13:42) for those who don’t figure out how to properly worship and serve this “savior.” William Pierce did contribute insightful observations about Christianity and so did Revilo Oliver, and a number of other writers. When Christians talk about their religion, they mostly mention only things like “peace, joy, meaning, direction, strength, and impetus to one’s life,” but they fail to mention the senseless, unending torture of an imagined hell.

    They don’t talk about the cognitive dissonance they experience trying to accept that we are all born with a sin that a couple of people in a garden some thousands of years ago committed. They try to ignore the fact that this hell that Jesus spoke of in the NT was not even mentioned in the OT, that the god of the OT was a vicious, vengeful creature whose “chosen people” were Jews. The NT teaches, “salvation is from the Jews” (Jn 4:22), the very race that has been busy for centuries destroying White culture and civilization. Look at how Christians protect and send outrageous amounts of money every year to the country they think was established as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. And look at how anything perceived as “anti-Semitic” has come to be seen as a sin: “Those who bless Israel will be blessed; those who curse her will be cursed.”

    Christianity is a perversion of the instinct for self-preservation, with its belief in egalitarianism ([all are] “made in the likeness of God,” “There is neither Jew nor Greek, . . .) One person wrote, “theological thinking promoted by the Jewish Export Religion has poisoned the soul and paralyzed the conscience of Aryan man. It has made him sentimental, credulous, and foolish.”

    Revilo Oliver wrote, “Nothing, I believe, could more clearly show that we cannot hope to have a future unless we all reject the spiritual poison of an alien and hallucinogenic religion and its hokum about ‘one world’ and ‘equality,’ . . . There could be no clearer proof that the Jewish mystery religion, a spiritual syphilis, has rotted the minds of our race and induced paralysis of our will to live.”

    “Christianity is an old metaphysical fiction, stuffed with fables, contradictions and absurdities: it was spawned in the fevered imagination of the Orientals, and then spread to our Europe, where some fanatics espoused it, where some intriguers pretended to be convinced by it and where some imbeciles actually believed it.” -Frederick the Great

    • milan
      milan says:

      @ Mike Mann

      In defence of Christ why is it that we never hear any bashing of the Freemasons? A religious cult of truly epic proportions?

      Second a vengeful God? Nothing has changed really well maybe just a tad, just study what the bible has to say about climate change and one will quickly realize that when scientists say ‘that they don’t understand certain abrupt meteorological events that pop up now and then’ the answer can be found within the pages of the bible. The bible actually teaches that weather is a great military weapon in the hands of Him who created it? WHAT? The bible teaches this? Yes, indeed a great example is found here:


      “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow
      or seen the storehouses of the hail,
      which I reserve for times of trouble,
      for days of war and battle? Job 38:22

      It’s really quite astonishing really as it covers everything we are currently seeing. The pollution I am afraid is not industrial carbon nonsense but that other pollution called sin. Go here for some truly eye-opening information about why God was an ogre in the OT and is probably set to be again shortly!

      https://youtu.be/gK_0Yo-0r08 12:50 mark especially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Actually isn’t this why crop circles are popping up in England? Are these not a warning in response to:

      There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and AND GREAT SIGNS FROM HEAVEN. Luke 21:11

      Now as for Revilo Oliver the bible the OT does indeed mention hell and my guess it is going to serve a great many extremely well!

      As for Bakker forget about him lol and if one is interested in proof verifiable proof of the existence of a God go here.

  19. Dennis P Thompson
    Dennis P Thompson says:

    Look for a copy of Hate Whitey: The Cinema of Defamation by Michael A. Hoffman II. Author’s ©2000. .The only publication tracking Hollywood’s psychological war against whites, Christians, Germans and gentiles. In this special report, Michael A. Hoffman II has compiled the most complete documentation available anywhere tracking the hundreds of movies and TV shows which comprise the worst hate propaganda assault in the annals of communications. 52 page illustrated pamphlet. Shocking material.

  20. Cosmotheist
    Cosmotheist says:

    “…Billie Eilish [Dee recently went of concert of hers].”

    My sincere condolences.

    Billie Hellish is a race mixing… well I’ll stop short of calling her a whore because she is young, probably on all sorts of drugs, and has obviously been very badly failed by her family, led astray by (((social influences))), etc.

    Her role, is obviously to promote mixing with blacks to young White girls, and it is truly sinister and sickening!! No different than the rest of these pop tarts.

    How do we counter this disgusting agenda being perpetrated against our young girls by the jews, the media and all the stupid and deluded freaks downstream of them is the real question.

    It is truly everywhere today. A black man/boy with a White woman/girl seems to be a prerequisite in advertising. And if an individual points this phenomenon out the only response he’s likely to receive is: ‘what? What’s wrong with that? Are you racist or something?’.

    I hope ’Dee’ comes to see/understand what the these despicable people (jews) are doing with their promotion of miscegenation, and all of their anti-White agendas. I hope she comes to realise what is at stake for our people/race and finds a White husband/partner to ( eventually ; ) ) create White babies with.
    Perhaps you might contribute an article or two about your relationship with Dee and your efforts at guiding/ educating her etc.
    Just a thought!

    May god bless you both.

  21. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Jim Bakker was able to communicate to millions of people who felt alone, discarded by the world, and that they were nobodies and nothing, that God values them and that they belong, to the Christian community.”

    This is, no doubt, why the hostile elite was anxious to target them.

    But it was Bakker’s greed and seediness that gave them the excuse they needed to go in for the kill.

    Of course, if he didn’t give them a reason they would have made one up.

    You know, like they’re doing now, all the time, to anyone they can.

  22. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    “One of the messages or themes, of ‘Midnight Cowboy’ was a negative take on Christianity, which, I realize now, was to be expected coming from the Jewish, gay, and leftist creators of the film.”

    I don’t see it as negative on Christianity, at least not particularly. MIDNIGHT COWBOY is pretty cynical and scathing about everything and everyone. Even its two protagonists are deeply flawed, to say the least. No one and no group comes across as noble or ideal. Consider the Jewish homo who blows Joe in the movie theater. What a lowly creature. For a homo, Schlesinger didn’t spare fellow homos in the general tone of the movie. The Jewish homo kid not only cheats Joe Buck of money and then pleads for his watch by tugging at Joe’s heart-strings. Joe is a real mess-up but something of a hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold. He isn’t naturally a mean person. Secular modern NY comes across as a crass, materialistic, and shallow place. Most people seem uncaring, vain, delusional, or stuck-up. O’Daniel is another icky homo, and if anything, his religiosity seems to be a crutch. The counterculture and ‘artistic’ types at the bohemian Warholian party seem ridiculous, and if anything, the movie mocks the NY secular crowd more than any members of a church.

    Other than Joe Buck who has a soft side, the only two other characters who are partly sympathetic is the rich woman who hires Joe and the homo Catholic businessman. The rich woman is a vapid creature, but she is nice to Joe and is honest about what it’s all about. Sex and money. For the first time, Joe meets someone who’s willing to see him for what he is. And she keeps her promise and pays promptly. As for the homo Catholic businessman, he agonizes over sin and asks Joe to leave the hotel lest he give into temptation. He also offers a religious medal for safe travel. The tragedy is Joe ends up beating up and killing one of the few decent men he’s met. But then, to save Ratso, his only friend in the world, he felt compelled to act against his gentle nature.

  23. Barbara Davidson
    Barbara Davidson says:

    Robert Griffin, I was encouraged by your article. My husband and I supported PTL and also went there. We were blessed immensely by the programs. We also are connected with Jim Bakker at Blue Eye Missouri. I challenge you to go to Morning side there. God forgives and restores. God’s calling on ones life doesn’t just leave. You’ll be amazed if you would go see for yourself. We watch him on TV daily channel 267 on dish network. Try it. Be sure your sins are under the blood of Jesus. Jesus loves you and I do, too. Let Him into your heart and I think you may have already done that. Bless your daughter.she will love that CD.

  24. silviosilver
    silviosilver says:

    I didn’t read anything in this essay to convince me Bakker was wholly innocent of misappropriating funds, which was the basis for the author apologizing to him.

    Anyway, I find it hard not to see televangelism as something of a con, even if some of its participants are convinced they’re doing good work. You don’t have to have it in for Christianity to take this view. Presumably viewers feel good watching Benny Hinn in action, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t call “faith healing” a scam.

    • Andrea Ostrov Letania
      Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

      “Anyway, I find it hard not to see televangelism as something of a con, even if some of its participants are convinced they’re doing good work.”

      Right. American televangelism spread childlike idiocy as the favored cultural mode of American Christians. Virtue in ignorance, blind faith, naivete, mushy sentimentality, kitsch, and etc.
      Granted, PBS garbage like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neigborhood and Jewish trash like STAR TREK is hardly better. Still, if the Other Side at least knew how to stimulate mind(even if in a bad way), American Evangelism taught people to turn it off. In a way, it was religious conservatism’s version of the Learyian call to ‘tune in, turn on, and drop out’. No wonder the Right has such a sorry position in arts and culture.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      I recall seeing Benny Hinn on the (((Larry King Live))) show.
      A caller referred to Mr.Hinn as Benny Hill, and (((Mr. King))) managed to keep a poker face. I didn’t. . .

  25. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    I don’t understand why the need to apologize to a conman. All these obnoxious North American evangelists are the same. Their Jewish mentality drives them to con everyone and the gullible, idiotic average Christian is the perfect victim.

    Jim Bakker got what he deserved.

    Robert Griffin’s statement about “the positive role that Christianity plays in the well being and fate of the White race” is ludicrous. All the Christian sects are pro-Jewish, pro-immigration, multiculturalism, race-mixing, etc. They are the most disgusting and hateful enemies of the White race.

    Griffin spent a long time next to Dr William Pierce and obviously learnt nothing. This article is a disgrace.

  26. Prentice
    Prentice says:

    Robert Griffin I applaud you for the courage to research Jim and Tammy’s lives and character and for making public your research results. Yes Jim went to prison for something he wasn’t responsible for. And yes he is a real Christian. I encourage you to watch his TV show today and see the Fruit of the Spirit of God evident in his life and his show. Thanks for your article.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Prentice, Bakker was obviously sufficiently literate to keep his multiplying assets’ ledgers in order. Better he had spent a moment examining the meaning of Ethics, not only in its ordinary sense, but specifically as it APPLIES to Christianity: his purported, revenue producing area of expertise.

      A German folksaying states: Wer einmal luegt, dem glaubt man nicht, wen Er flix die Wahrheit spricht. Whoever lies once is not believed, even were he to speak the truth.

      None of which implies, that Bakker & Co. are not qualified to run a Mattress King Warehouse chain.

      Forgiving him, conjures up the slightest whiff of complicity.

  27. Dan Hayes
    Dan Hayes says:

    Barry Farber, a Jewish radio personality, had dealings with Baker before his fall. Afterwards Farber recounted how much he had admired him.

  28. Mary
    Mary says:

    Jim Bakker is a low IQ redneck whose main appeal is to moron sheep who want to believe that some big daddy god in the sky is watching over them.

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