Harold Bloom (1930–2019): Unconventional Jewish Guru

“The defense of the Western canon is in no way a defense of the West or a nationalist enterprise. If multiculturalism meant Cervantes, who could quarrel with it?”
Harold Bloom, The Western Canon

It’s been remarked that in the last two decades of his life, the infamous Yale literary critic Harold Bloom was sufficiently preoccupied with his eventual demise that, when a student ran into him in a bathroom and asked “How are you, Professor?,” Bloom, at the urinal, replied, “I am born unto death.” The anecdote dates from when Bloom was 69, and does a marvelous job of conveying just how the incomparably melodramatic Bloom had come to personify bathos itself. Bloom would live for another two decades, dying in mid-October and leaving the literary and journalistic worlds scrambling to debate his politics, Jewishness, and critical legacy. Quite aside from these debates, to my mind the most fascinating aspect of Bloom’s career was his almost entirely unique position as a Jewish intellectual guru who resented WASP America but possessed an exuberant love of Western literary culture that led him, ironically, into direct conflict with many of the forces assailing the same group. Although his reasons and motivations are complex, in the case of Harold Bloom, the enemies of his enemies were not his friends. In the following essay I want to explore Bloom’s position as Jewish activist and guru, his attitudes to the old Yale WASP elite, and the nature of his defense of the Western literary canon.

Harold Bloom grew up in the Bronx as an Orthodox Jew in a Yiddish-speaking home. His parents had emigrated from Eastern Europe, with Bloom often claiming that his father had been a dockworker in Odessa. One senses that some of Bloom’s autobiographical comments over the years were heavily entwined with myth intended to inflate his own standing, and his oft-made claim that he was self-taught in English at the age of five (simply by reading the collected works of Shakespeare) seems gratuitously fanciful. What is clear is that at a relatively young age he became preoccupied with the Collected Poems of Hart Crane, a bipolar homosexual who drowned himself, which set off his lifelong fascination with poetry and literature. Bloom received his B.A. in Classics from Cornell University in 1951, and his PhD in 1955 from Yale.

As a young Jew entering the English department of an elite WASP institution, Bloom was intrinsically part of a more widespread cultural and racial confrontation. Between the 1920s and 1950s, in English departments and in many other disciplines, both WASPs and Jews perceived group interests as being at stake as they contended for positions of academic and cultural dominance. At Yale, WASP professors expressed doubts and concerns that “Jews lacked the cultural and religious background for teaching English literature,”[1] which was presumably the subtle articulation of the belief that Jews would be implicitly hostile to much of the English literary canon. Elliot Cohen, for example, a founding editor of Commentary, was denied a position in Yale’s English Literature department during the Depression years, with the explanation: “Mr. Cohen, you are a very competent young man, but it is hard for me to imagine a Hebrew teaching the Protestant tradition to young men at Yale.”[2] By the end of the 1950s, however, WASP resistance had effectively collapsed and large numbers of young Jewish intellectuals, such as Theodore Weiss, Louis Menand, Alfred Kazin, and, indeed, Harold Bloom, flooded influential English Literature positions at most, if not all, Ivy League colleges.

Many of these young academics adopted highly confrontational and aggressive stances. Peter Herman comments that, despite later claims of personal oppression, Bloom “flaunted his working-class and Jewish origins, eschewed the coat-and-tie code of ‘50s and ‘60s Yale, and, generally, to the extent that it was possible to do, seems to have forced Yale to accommodate him rather than the other way around.”[3] Accommodation in Bloom’s case eventually resulted in him being granted his own “Department of One,” owing to the fact he found it impossible to work with colleagues who had quickly grown to despise him. More generally, accommodation for Jews meant the securing of a monopoly, with Werner Cahnman crowing with delight in the 1960s that “Jews are now explaining Anglo-Saxon cultural achievements and the nature of American society to an American reading public … [These] are sensitive topics that are not usually entrusted to strangers.”[4]

Of course, they’re not usually entrusted for strangers for a reason, and Jews brought with them all of the historical grievances, psychological baggage, and biting hostility that one might expect. Between the 1950s and 1980s (and continuing to some extent to this day), T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound were the two primary targets for ascendant Jewish literary academics, with both poets serving as proxies for all that the Jews saw wrong in Western culture — anti-Semitism, Christianity, traditionalism, and a sense of ethnic pride. Bloom himself would recall 1950s’ Yale as “an Anglo-Catholic nightmare. Everyone was on their knees to Mr T. S. Eliot.”[5] Anthony Julius, probably the foremost Jewish assassin of Eliot’s literary reputation would later praise Bloom as “the first major critic in the English tradition wilfully to assert rather than sublimate his Judaism … [Bloom] has challenged the Christian direction of English literary studies.” In his 1995 T.S. Eliot, anti-Semitism and literary form, Julius could hardly contain his delight that Bloom declared “war” on “the abominable Eliot,” adding that Bloom’s criticism “makes inventive use of kabbalistic categories, and draws on Freud, Scholem, Buber, and Luria.”[6] Bloom’s thoroughly Jewish assassination of Eliot’s reputation was seen as conclusive by Julius, who smugly reflected: “Eliot’s authority is diminished. … Certainly, his career is no longer exemplary.”[7] Bloom would in turn praise Julius’s 2010 Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England, a text brimming with lies, bestowing the following in a review for the New York Times Book Review: “Julius is a truth-teller, … I am grateful for his calm balance …  and extraordinary moral strength.” Extraordinary indeed.

The ethnically nepotistic activities of Bloom and Julius in relation to Eliot suggest much about the true import of the fact “Jews are now explaining Anglo-Saxon cultural achievements and the nature of American society to an American reading public.” While we may be encouraged to believe that the entry of Jews like Harold Bloom into our arts helped us to become more ‘worldly’ and ‘objective’ in our creative life, sober reflection on contemporary Jewish activity in English literature reveals quite the opposite. Even if we accepted Bloom’s perspective, it may be said that we have merely replaced the ‘Anglo-Catholic nightmare’ with a Jewish one. And rather than being on our knees to ‘Mr T. S. Eliot,’ everyone is now on their knees to Jewish victimhood. The apparent Jewish inability to appreciate English literature beyond the narrow purview of ethnic interest is demonstrated with even the briefest of bibliographies from the field’s leading scholars:

  • Derek Cohen and Deborah Heller’s Jewish Presences in English Literature
  • Bryan Cheyette’s Constructions of ‘the Jew in English Literature and Society and his Between Race and Culture: Representations of ‘the Jew’ in English and American Literature
  • Harry Levi’s Jewish Characters in Fiction: English Literature
  • James Shapiro’s Shakespeare and the Jews
  • Edgar Rosenberg’s From Shylock to Svengali: Jewish Stereotypes in English Fiction
  • Gary Levine’s The Merchant of Modernism: The Economic Jew in Anglo-American Literature
  • Heidi Kaufman’s English Origins, Jewish Discourse, and the Nineteenth-Century British Novel
  • Esther Panitz’s The Alien in the Midst: images of Jews in English Literature
  • Edward Calisch’s The Jew in English Literature: As Author and as Subject
  • Matthew Biberman’s Masculinity, Anti-Semitism, and Early Modern English Literature
  • Eva Holmberg’s Jews in the Early Modern English Imagination
  • Phillip Aronstein’s The Jews in English Poetry and Fiction
  • Nadia Valman’s The Jewess in Nineteenth-Century British Literary Culture
  • Frank Felsenstein’s Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture
  • Jonathan Freedman’s The Temple of Culture: Assimilation and Anti-Semitism in Literary Anglo-America
  • Sheila Spector’s British Romanticism and the Jews: History Culture and Literature
  • Anna Rubin’s Images in Transition: the English Jew in English Literature, 1660-1830

These works are in addition to hundreds of articles appearing in influential journals and magazines where English literature is viewed through the eyes of ethnic resentment. Writers like Julius would have us believe that the position of the Yale academics of the 1950s in relation to Jewish entryism was based on irrational bigotry and ignorant anxieties. And yet the trajectory of literature in the English language, both in respect of its past and present, has moved in a radically different direction since the end of the WASP dominance. Harold Bloom was a key part of that change in direction, but despite his key role in advancing destructive and deconstructive Jewish thinking in English literature, it remains a remarkable fact that, in the eyes of many, Bloom came to be seen as a conservative figure who fought courageously against cultural Marxism and what he himself termed “the school of resentment” in English literature. How did this happen?

His personal resentment for Eliot aside, there can be little doubt that Bloom was obsessively impressed with Western literature. I’ve written previously, in an essay on Jewish academic activism against the cultural memory of Ezra Pound, on the duality of Jewish attitudes to the figures of their love/hate:

Although one may instinctively expect the ‘anti-Semitic’ work of poets like Pound and Eliot to deter the attentions of Jewish literary scholars, the reality is quite different. Indeed, in the mirror image of Menand’s claim, it actually appears that it is Jews who have the obsession with Pound. Pound, perhaps more than any other poet, has exerted an attractive influence over a large swathe of Jewish scholars, all of whom have been pulled magnetically towards him by a burning zeal to deconstruct his work, life, and legacy. This juxtaposition of hatred with attraction is subtly expressed in Anthony Julius’s T.S. Eliot, Anti-Semitism and Literary Form, in the course of which Julius writes that Jews reading Eliot’s poetry are both “appalled and impressed.” These academic activists are appalled because they perceive an unjustified critique upon their ethnic group, and they perceive this critique all the more keenly because of their ethnocentrism. They are impressed because they appreciate, and are threatened by, the talent of their target, often despite themselves. The ‘attraction’ arises from the desire to deconstruct and demean that talent, and thus avenge or assuage the critique.

For Bloom, Eliot sufficed as a totem upon which to purge the majority of his Jewish hate, leaving only awe and appreciation for much of the rest of the West’s literary tradition. Bloom himself proved a deeply inadequate novelist, and even as a writer of non-fiction he has been rightly described as “bloated and repetitive.” But he was almost certainly blessed with an exceptional memory for text, which he put to substantial use in some of his better known theories concerning what he termed “the anxiety of influence,” whereby authors are subconsciously, even unwillingly, influenced by their own literary idols. It is a supreme and perverse irony that many scholars now observe that Bloom may have unconsciously semi-plagiarised this, his most famous idea, from none other than “the abominable” T. S. Eliot, who articulated a remarkably similar thesis in his 1919 essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent.” Possible plagiarism aside, Bloom’s memory, together with his unarguably voracious appetite for reading, led to him becoming a kind of pop literary connoisseur — the man to go to when you want to find out if something is worth reading. He became someone everyone looked to for literary guidance — a guru.

In some ways, Bloom played the role exceptionally well. Some of his books became mass market bestsellers, and I happen to own both The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages (1994) and How to Read and Why (2000), and my children have a copy of his Stories and Poems for Extremely Intelligent Children of All Ages (2001). These books show Bloom more or less his best, and he was at his best when making selections from what was already largely agreed to be the best of English literature. In other words, Bloom’s best work merely involved pointing to the best work of others. When consulted for TV interviews, one could heartily agree with Bloom’s declaration that Harry Potter was “slop,” and a “period piece” “destined for the garbage can.” In his own collection for children, like that above, he offered instead the writings of Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Rudyard Kipling.

Bloom was also fiercely resistant to any diminishment in the status of the canon, and to the entry into the canon, under political motivation, of inferior works by Blacks, feminists, and minorities. When the literary world erupted in praise of President Clinton’s inaugural poem, “On the Pulse of Morning,” by Maya Angelou, Bloom was almost alone in mocking its inadequacy, adding that he dare not protest further for fear that, “our own universities would feel compelled to indict us as racists and sexists.” The Guardian view on the late Bloom is predicable:

One of the most influential critics of the past half-century, Bloom was also one of the most divisive. He railed against what he called “the school of resentment”, the “Feminists, Afrocentrists, Marxists, Foucault-inspired New Historicists, or Deconstructors” who were not interested in literature but only wanted to “advance their programs for social change.” Bloom insisted on “the autonomy of the aesthetic.” The quality of a poem or novel or play must be judged in its own terms; social or political concerns were irrelevant in such judgment. He insisted, too, that the “western canon” — the body of great works that represents the triumphant best of western culture — was something to celebrate and defend. It’s little wonder that Bloom became a central figure in the “culture wars” of the 1990s, embraced by conservatives and loathed by many on the left, for whom he was a champion of “dead white males.”

And yet, even in his best form, Bloom never truly shook off the draw of Jewish activism. He was prone to the self-glorification we now see as common to the Jewish condition, and is one of the most famous critics to have made the comically tendentious claim that Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was the ethnically Jewish descendant of Conversos.[8] Bloom was all-too-quick to add Jews to his canon, offering gushing and largely undeserved praise for Kafka with the “take home” message that: “Patience becomes not so much the prime Kafkan virtue as the only resource for survival, like the canonical patience of the Jews.”[9] Freud, meanwhile, was admitted to Bloom’s canon, and celebrated as the greatest essayist since Montaigne. He cites a total of 26 Yiddish and Hebrew poets, unknown to most people and certainly unread by them, as suitable for inclusion alongside such figures as Chaucer, Voltaire, and Goethe. His canon could therefore be summarized as “The Best of the West … and some random Jews that you’re just going to have to trust Bloom are worthy of inclusion.”

Perhaps the most insidious of Bloom’s proffered notions, however, was the idea that the Western literary canon was something universal and completely detached from Western culture and the Western peoples. In this respect, Bloom was much like a wine connoisseur who could point you in the direction of an excellent Merlot, but, if asked where it was grown, in what kind of soil and so on, would tell you earnestly that such matters are of the utmost irrelevance. What matters, he might say, is that the wine simply appeared in the bottle and can be enjoyed by everyone. As such, Bloom informs us that “the enigma of Shakespeare is his universalism,” and assures us that “the defense of the Western canon is in no way a defense of the West or a nationalist enterprise.” In Bloom’s reading, it’s purely a matter of historical and sociological accident that Goethe was German and not Chinese, that Shakespeare was English and not Ugandan. The lives of these men, their surroundings, their religion, their sense of identity, and the fact they existed in a culture that let them produce their art, and encouraged them in it, was simply of no import to Bloom whatsoever. The people who brought this literature into being could disappear and, just maybe, a Homer could right now be scribbling his Iliad in the Congo.

And that is surely the greatest indictment of his position as a Jewish guru to the end, no matter how unconventional he may at times have appeared.

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    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Yep! That’s the right word, “hateful.”

      But, I have to say, the more they more they hate us, the more I love us.

      Just as the more one learns about them the more unimpressive they are.

      But, with rare exception, they were never impressive intellectually and culturally. Today, even less so.

      The best word to describe them intellectually is – Pretentious.

      Schopenhauer said that nothing about Judaism could ever be confused with reason.

      So, Bloom praising a charlatan like Fraud, I mean Freud, is just more annoying and boring jewish ethnocentrism.

      Has he ever read Freud’s later theoretical work?

      It’s intellectual comedy of the highest order. Though it’s unlikely Freud intended it to be interpreted that way.

      Anyway, enough of them.

      They had their century, from the early 20th to early 21st century, and blew it.

      Now that they’ve sucked all of the blood out of the West in general and the USA in particular they’re currently engaged in a Fire Sale and the only buyer is China.

      Not only that, but their proxies are continuously straying from The Proxy Reservation.

      And then there’s the fact that more and more Whites are less and less concerned or intimidated by accusations of antisemitism, etc.

      Again, enough about them.

      Let’s talk about us – forever.

      And for a simple reason devoid of any complexity.

      We’re the more interesting people in the world.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “But, I have to say, the more they more they hate us, the more I love us.”

        Gotta take that sentence to the dry-cleaners. But it’s worth correcting.

        Should be,

        The more they hate us, the more I love us.

  1. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    On balance one must say GOOD RIDDANCE.

    DON QUIXOTE a bit of “multiculturalism”? Not surprising that an enemy of the Europeans would suggest that. But of course things hardly get more WESTERN than DON QUIXOTE and Cervantes. Not just European, but INDO-European (meaning descent from the ancient Pontic-Caspian Steppe as well as linguistic heritage), Y-DNA R-M269 and mtDNA haplogroup H, and of a civilization marked by Christianity, a history of feudalism and an ethos of knight errantry..

    “Multiculturalism” is properly applied to a throwing together of strongly divergent races, cultures, language families, such as those of Europeans, Africans and Asians.

    Again, it’s not surprising that a Jewish bigot would work to create divisions in the European FAMILY. And we ARE a family, by far the most closely related major grouping on Earth. Anyone who doesn’t think so needs a little history and anthropology.

    As one who is part of the anti-antisemitic strain of White/European Nationalism, striving for rapprochement between Jews and indigenous Europeans wherever possible, I can attest to the great difficulty of liking so many of the Ashkenazim and Sephardim…. Believe me, I’ve tried and I still try. But it’s very hard to like a vast number of them and to love one’s own heritage and people too.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I am sorry Lucius but I think you should see a psychiatrist. You said that you have tried, to “like” these hateful creatures. What’s wrong with you?

      Everything they have done and do is motivated by their deep hatred for Western civilization and the Aryan race. Their cruelty is as boundless as their greed. They have defiled everything beautiful and noble in Western civilization and yet, they are still not satisfied. In spite of all this, you are “striving for rapprochement between Jews and indigenous Europeans wherever possible”. You make me sick, you are beyond redemption.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        What’s wrong with YOU that you spew a very jewish-like hatred at a White brother for reacting to jews in a way you don’t approve and then suggest he see “a psychiatrist”?

        If you’re jew-aware and don’t see the irony in that you’re the one who’s beyond redemption.

        But you’re probably just a JIDF Troll.

        If not, you might as well be.

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          You and your White “brother” who tries to “like” our mortal enemies deserve each other. I am 60 years old and I have been Jew-aware since I was 16 so don’t try to teach me anything.

          Hate is the only thing that these bastards understand, simpletons like you and your “brother” think that you may reason with them but WW2 and post-1945 history teach a different story. They deserve our deepest hate.

          Go and join those moronic Conservatives who believe in “civilized debate” you will be in good company.

          • Richard B
            Richard B says:

            What a dumb, corny and melodramatic response.

            Better to let it go at that.

            As a wise man once said, never argue with stupid people. They’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Which, in your case, sounds extensive.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            I have to agree with Angelicus here. Anyone who thinks that there can be a rapprochement between Jews as a group and non-Jewish white people as a group has not educated themselves enough on the Jewish Question.

            The Jews have been at war with us for centuries — ever since Christianity began, followed by the Roman expulsion of the Jews from Palestine.

            This is a war that Christian Europeans never wanted. But the Jews as a group have wanted it and continued to want it.

            Angelicus spoke sharply, but there are times when it is appropriate to do that.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          RICHARD, I appreciate your coming to my defense, brother; but after years of daily and NO-punches-pulled debating in You Tube, where I exchanged words not with people with whom I basically agree, as I do here, but with bigoted “afrocentrist” blacks, Zionist Jews and self-hating European traitors, I’m exceedingly thick-skinned, a regular pachyderm.

          Even in the few instances in which adversaries threatened my life, promising to find me and shoot me dead lol, I wasn’t bothered.

          I’m ESPECIALLY not likely to be offended by someone like Angelicus, whose indignation seems to evince a deep love of our people, the people I myself passionately love. I see where he’s coming from; I understand his smoldering outrage vis-a-vis the bewilderingly multifarious crimes inflicted upon us by Jewish bigots.

          By the way, your “….with rare exception, they were never impressive intellectually and culturally” struck an harmonious chord where my way of thinking is concerned. In fact, I’m preparing to write an article asserting that ENVY is an overlooked but major factor in Jews’ hatred of indigenous Europeans and people of the lineage worldwide. They LIKE to think of themselves as supreme in intellectual and creative terms; but those among them with any intelligence perceive that but for “goyish” influence they’d have remained a semi-barbarous, rather backward desert people. And for an ethno-religious group with megalomaniacal tendencies–which even bid them believe themselves the Chosen creatures lol of the very Source of the Universe lol–the unpleasant truth has to be excruciating and productive of resentment.

          P.S. Alongside the incalculable scientific, technological, philosophical and artistic debt which Jews owe to the “goyim,” I assume you’re aware that according to the available data (reflected in “World Ranking of Countries by IQ,” from Lynn and Vanhanen, 2006), most European countries have registered a higher average IQ than has Israel?

          • Richard B
            Richard B says:

            Thanks for your response Lucius.

            Regarding Angelicus, I don’t often post reaction comments. But I felt compelled in this case. In fact, I may very well post another one here in response to another comment.

            They have their say, I respond and let it go at that. If they need to get the last word in, fine.

            I have to respectfully disagree, however, that his reaction has to do with a love for his people. But, since we can’t prove it either way, I won’t defend my point, but simply assert it, since it’s how I feel.

            And the reason I do is because he’s willing to put personalities before principles, ie, he’s making it about him and not us.

            The other, and more important thing is that he’s simply unhinged.

            We Do Not Need The Unhinged In Our Ranks!

            It’s not his rage or hatred against them that concerns me. It’s the fact that he makes it all about him.

            That and the fact that he exhibits no self-control. It’s all ad hominems and melodrama, which doesn’t suggest, but out and out announces, deep psychological problems.

            That’s exactly the kind of person JSI points to when it wants to bury a youtube channel or Internet site.

            This is why I think he’s a JIDF Troll. And I don’t mean he’s literally one. Again, can’t prove it. I mean, that even if he isn’t, he might as well be.

            So, my defense of you is just as much a defense of TOO and of myself. Since I’m a reader and commenter here. I don’t want to see this site effected by the unhinged or JIDF Trolls posing as the unhinged.

            “I’m preparing to write an article asserting that ENVY is an overlooked but major factor in Jews’ hatred of indigenous Europeans and people of the lineage worldwide.”

            I couldn’t agree more. You want to talk about a lack of self-control. And they think we don’t know.

            In fact, that envy is just one reason, among many, why I am convinced what we’re witnessing is, as I’ve said before,

            The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

            The overall reason being that their rise to power, especially in the last 100+ years, has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the institutions that power controls.

            Thanks again for your response. I look forward to reading your article on their envy.

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Do you really feel “a deep love of our people”? I am not being snarky.
            I am new to this movement or mind set. I do feel a deep resentment toward Semitism. But I can’t as of yet say I feel a lot of love of our people. We whites are so deep into individualism, I feel it is hard to believe there is an “our people” except in some historical or anthropological sense. How long have you felt your white identity? Is it simply white or is it more ethnic? Maybe it comes with time

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          I wrote to Lucius acknowledging that I blew my top in my first post. So far he has not replied yet but in a previous comment, he quite rightly interpreted my outburst as born out of the deep love I feel for my Aryan brothers, while you could only see in it the action of a troll. Wrong! Yes, I admit I do have a temper but if I am wrong I will acknowledge it.

          If I were a troll I would have attacked/harassed everyone posting here at TOO. Something that, of course, I have never done, as you did not bother checking. I had interesting and meaningful exchanges with many people here and in other forums, and I intend to carry on learning from others.

          You also said that I am unhinged. A tactic that reminds my the one used by the Soviet authorities to disqualify and criminalize the regime’s enemies. Very sad.

          You also went on to say “he’s willing to put personalities before principles, ie, he’s making it about him and not us.” I don’t remember discussing personalities, only points of view regarding our enemies (again: Wrong!) I don’t remember either saying anything about me or putting myself as an example. In fact, I do have a blog about European art 1500-1800 but I never mentioned it here so I don’t see where is this obsession about myself.

          You were 100% wrong about me. And it was YOU who resorted to “ad hominem” attacks not me. I attacked Lucius’s position regarding the Jews using a harsh language I admit it but I NEVER called him “a troll” or “unhinged”. Your words, not mine

          If you weren’t a self-righteous moron who feels the need to defend TOO from “the unhinged and the IDF trolls” this discussion would not have happened but since you see yourself as a knight in shining armour so be it. Lucius and I do not see eye-to-eye, that is obvious but we sorted out our differences. Regarding you, I will pretend that you do not exist and I hope you will do the same with regards to me. End of the discussion.

      • Karen
        Karen says:

        Lucius must be a little bit slow when it comes to facing facts.
        The fact is the Jews want us dead. That is their end game. It is O.K. to hate them.
        Psalms 97:10
        “Hate evil, you who love the Lord.”

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Thank you Karen, is refreshing to see that still there is people that think by themselves.

          There are some people (like Lucius and his “lawyer” Richard B) who refuse to face facts and live in a wonderland. History teaches us that there are two kinds of enemies, those who share your values and those who don’t. With the former, you may observe certain “rules of engagement” that were common among Aryan nations, that is what we called “chivalry”.

          Regarding the latter (generally speaking non-European peoples and especially the Jews) you should treat them accordingly with their behaviour. If History has taught us something is that Jews deserve no compassion whatsoever. They are the most obnoxious people on Earth. The Germans treated them decently and that did not get them any rewards.

          Yet, there are morons who refuse to learn from History and who preach the suicidal gospel “Love your enemies”

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            (Mod. Note: “Lucius”, your posts are not only way to long as “comments’ on TOO articles; they are also veering into the territory of personality arguments with other TOO commenters. Keep comments (relatively) short, and please stick to commenting on the article rather than “proving” your bona-fides to other commenters. This moderator considers this a form of “distraction trolling”. Not welcome here.)


            ANGELICUS (at least by your own reckoning lol): You seem to think that unless one indiscriminately hates Jews one is treasonously philosemitic, a useful idiot, and that “deep” hatred is a sine qua non of resisting Jewish assaults on our heritage and people.

            I’m not sure that your record of endeavoring to resist exceeds mine. As I said to Achilles Wannabe on this page, most of the people I’ve known who’ve attached great virtue to hating Jews and indiscriminately blaming them have done little more than grumble and emote. Worse, severely unhinged ones, whom I’ve not known, have occasionally gone gunning for any Jews whatever, or tried to, doing or attempting something so crazy, vile, thoughtless and counterproductive as shooting old, obscure Jews with no particular social or geopolitical pull….

            Well, notwithstanding my desire to like the next Jew I meet (if possible), I have writings that were selected for inclusion in the online “Big Lies” listing of sources telling the truth about the JQ. Have you?

            I made and maintain a blog presenting such writings. Have you and do you?

            For years, on You Tube, until I was banned, I debated mano a mano with Zionists and Jewish liberal apologists, in a cyberspatial forum where the whole world could look on; and I refuted–WALLOPED–the standard Zionist/liberal socio-historical narrative. (I wasn’t banned because I was a shilling, politically correct philosemite.) Did you?

            Have you directly confronted the foe at all–the actual foe–in hostile territory, or do you just safely haunt sites like these, where people mostly agree with you? Most, if not all, of the self-perceived Aryan Warriors I’ve known, people who talk like you, have done the latter.

            Another thing: you seem to assume that deep hatred necessarily leads to effective resistance. What other conclusion can there be, since what effect can mere hatred have on the foe?

            Well, do you know anything about fighting? I’ve studied it a long time, and I know that hatred is very often an impediment to effective action, which oftener than not requires a cool mind. Great emotion so often clouds the mind.

            YES: I’d prefer to like the next Jew I meet. What would that entail? That I’d be ABLE to like him or her. And since I love my heritage and people, the only way I’d be able to like him or her is if he or she isn’t a Talmudic zealot, or even a liberal apologist for Cultural-Marxist skullduggeries. My trying to like him or her would otherwise come to naught.

            What if the next Jew I meet is Mary Lefkowitz? Do you know about her? That Jewess, an academic, has led the charge against “afrocentrists” and at least one influential White traitor, a certain Bernal (NOT Jewish, I believe), who wrote BLACK ATHENA in which he attributed the glories of Greek and therefore much of European civilization to black African influence! Lefkowitz wrote in response NOT OUT OF AFRICA: HOW AFROCENTRISM BECAME AN EXCUSE TO TEACH MYTH AS HISTORY, and has personally debated a host of politically correct, Europhobic frauds. And has she credited JEWS with the greatness of Greek science, philosophy, literature and art? No, she’s credited the Indo-European people, specifically the Hellenes, who were in fact responsible for them. Now, this is a Jewess who has been so stalwart in defense of OUR heritage, NOT a non-Jew.

            So I’m supposed to lump her with the sinister Barbara Lerner Spectre, because she’s Jewish?

            And Daniel Pipes again–am I to lump him with our arch-enemy Soros, against whom Pipes has taken Orban’s side, saying Orban is no antisemite because he assails Soros, and has in any case adopted anti-migration policies that all Europe would do well to imitate? I mean, Pipes is as much a Jew as is Soros.

            LOL, you applaud Karen for being an avid hater, and like her you seem to ignore the fact that while she feels THE JEWS should be hated she nevertheless thinks David and the Jewish Scriptures are to taken at their word LOL! Divine wellsprings of wisdom….courtesy of THE JEWS, whom we should hate.

            Yeah. Karen can’t be a Jew, and is almost certainly not a Muslim or any other non-Christian who reveres the Jewish Scriptures. So as presumably a Christian hater of Jews she herself must think there must be exceptions, because she WORSHIPS lol a magic Hebrew, son of the Jewish god. Nor does it seem to matter that the overrated carpenter says we should love our enemies….

            You think I believe in loving my enemies???!!! Not ME, baby! Ain’t no “Judaism for the goyim” (Christianity) in this boy. The only way I’ll ever turn my cheek after someone slaps the other is in reaching for a stiletto wherewith to sever the turd’s carotid artery or a pistol with which to fire point-blank into his heart.

            BUT the person whom I regard as an enemy must BE an enemy, not merely a member of a group of which some or even very many members are enemies.

            But all this is too subtle for you, I fear. You’re a CREDO QUIA ABSURDUM EST type o’ fella. Hence you can actually believe that crutchtianity had nothing to do with Judaism or the Jews before recent times. If you can make a case as to how crutchtianity could’ve ever existed without Judaism, I’d be most amused to hear it.

            Judaism for the goyim is the extension to the “nations” of a Messianic tradition, according to which a magic Hebrew will eventually come and pull the chestnuts out of the fire for the seriously deluded–I mean the faithful.

            LOL, the goyim’s Messiah is characterized as a scion of David, the son of the god of Israel, supposedly foretold in the JEWISH Old Testament. And what were the apostles of the magic Jew-boy? Irishmen, Finns, or even Argentinians?! Nope. I’ll give you 12 guesses. No, 13, because there was another, the dirtiest of them all, S/Paul.

            And ain’t it something that though Judaism for the Jews is full of fierce egoism, collective egoism, the variant preached to the goyim enjoins self-abnegation, non-resistance, love of enemies, avoidance of self-love and pride, turning the cheek, and caring nothing for the things of this world? A coincidence perhaps? Nah. The deadly toxin of altruism crept into Europe via Judaism for the goyim, to infect our morality as it does today–socialism, bleeding-heart liberalism and the dogma of equality being Christian altruism detached from Christian theology and eschatology.

            I’m supposed to be the philosemitic dupe…. but the only use I have for the Babble is as toilet paper (KJV has the best pages–very thin), and I draw my principal inspiration from Pagan Hellas and Pagan Rome, not at all from Jews. And you? You revere in some measure, or respect, the vile Asiatic poison? One would think that you more than anyone would beware of Jews bearing gifts.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            As far as I am aware, Martin Bernal is/was a Jew. Any “white person” who disses white people or tries to make Western Civilization “less white” — and then writes an entire book on the subject — is almost certainly a Jew. But that little fact won’t be mentioned by him or his promoters.

            As for the ancient Hebrews being Jewish, that was never true. Judaism — an invention of Levite priests — did not exist in the time of Abraham (who was a Babylonian), Moses, or King David. It didn’t exist when 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel were expelled by the Assyrians and disappeared from history. Jesus himself was not a Jew, he was a Nazarene with Aryan blood, like the Greeks who had settled in that region and were considered heathens by the Temple authorities in Judea.

            The Temple authorities had hijacked the ancient Hebrew religion and twisted it to serve their own purposes. Jesus himself said that these Pharisees were not true descendants of Abraham and Moses, their DNA notwithstanding.

            Of the 12 disciples of Jesus, only one (Judas) was a Jew. Christian doctrine denies that the Jews are God’s chosen. God’s promise to Abraham was that his descendants would make great nations, and the Jews have not done that. They barely have one nation.

            Christianity has never been just a “turn the other cheek” religion (see the Crusades); it has only recently been falsely represented in that vein by false Christians.

            Judaism lasted from the founding of the Kingdom of Judah until the final Roman assault on and dispersal of the Jews in Palestine. The Temple was destroyed, no sacrifice could be made there, and so Judaism ended.

            Then a new version arose that was centered on the Talmud. The new version couldn’t be farther away from Christianity. It is satanic, steeped in magic (the Kabballah) and it worships multiple gods.

            This “orthodox Judaism” is not followed by most Jews, but it does influence their attitudes and thinking.

            In the end, the Jews are their own God and they worship themselves.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            Hello, Eric = Very good assessment of Christianity and Jesus who was Aryan (see Houston Stewart Chamberlain among others) As I said I do not consider myself a Christian, I am not a religious person, but after some research, it is clear to me that Christianity has nothing to do with Judaism. The deep hatred of the Jews for the Catholic Church (until its Judaization by the 2nd Vatican Council) is a clear proof of that, as well as the numerous bulls by many popes condemning the Jews.

            BTW thank you for recommending me Michael Jones’ book “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”, Achilles Wannabe had also recommended it and I shall try to get it.

            Regarding Lucius Vanini’s ridiculous theories about the Jews and how to deal with them, I fully agree with your comment. The guy seems to be a typical pretentious upper-middle-class fellow that despises “uneducated” working-class people. That is the kind of people that enjoys the company of the “so-cultured” Jews who pretend to love/like Aryan art or music. That is people that formed the so-called “German resistance” against the Führer, those hateful traitors of July 1944. They were all upper-middle-class snobs who admired (like Lucius does) the “talented” Jewish intellectuals and artists responsible for the destruction of our civilization.

            I prefer 1000 times the company and friendship of a rustic or un-educated White nationalist than the company of a well-educated Jew with whom I may have lots of things in common. Loyalty to our own kind and ideals is sacred and cannot be compromised. I have done very well without any Jewish friends and I don’t see why should I change, besides with “friends” like that who needs enemies?

            Thank you for your comments. Have a good day.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Angelicus: Thanks for your reply.

            As for “good Jew vs. bad Jew”, the exception proves the rule. Righteous Jews are rare. So the Jews as a group have to go.

            I don’t know why they would object. They have their own country now. They have no right to rule that country and rule our countries as well.

            Daniel Pipes might be a cool guy. Mary Lefkowitz might be a great gal. But as Jews, they should not have any influence on our policies. Only we should determine those.

            Apart from the question of good and bad, I do not believe that different racial groups should share the same space, and I don’t think that Jews and non-Jews should share the same space.

            It’s a prescription for conflict. And it’s a conflict we whites who are not Jews can’t afford. We are not as ethnocentric as those other groups. They work as teams, we work as individuals. While they’re competing with us, we’re competing with each other.

            That means we will lose if we keep them in our midst.

            Now that we finally see the terrible effect of the Jews on white people and Western Civilization, we have to be hard. This is no time for sentimentality. We are at war with them — a war they started with us long ago. There is only one rule in war: win or die.

            I will defend white people regardless of their education and social class. Like you, I am sympathetic to homeless and working-class whites even though I come from the upper middle class.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          KAREN says “The fact is that the Jews want us dead.” Yep. And in my article about Jewish antagonism toward European heritage I write “Only a fierce determination to be obtuse can keep one from perceiving that a great many Jews want non-Jewish Euros to go the way of the dinosaurs.”

          The extent of Jewish hatred of us does go that far, as far as desiring our extinction. I will say, though, that I’d alter your dictum a bit. I much prefer my “a great many Jews who,” etc., as more consonant with reality.

          But sister! Your quoting from Jewish Scripture and the Jews’ beloved King David to support your judgment that it’s okay to hate the Jews LOL, unsettles me no end!!! It makes me feel everything from dismay to suspicion that you’re actually a Jewish operative, a Talmudic troll, whose purpose is to mock White Nationalists and make our platform seem contemptible and absurd.

          I take it that you’re a Christian? For Pantheos’ sake, how I CRINGE when I see that many WNs interminably knock THE Jews and nevertheless worship a Jew lol–a onetime Jewish carpenter, scion of the House of David and son of the Jewish god…. Girl, if that ain’t enough to convict us of invincible simplemindedness, what is?

          That’s another thing our movement has to do–have the sense to throw over ALL Abrahamic religion, all Semitic and Asiatic superstition (especially a variety as unhealthy as crutchtianity with its lethally poisonous, suicidal altruism), have the sense to follow Klassen and Hale and adopt some form of Pantheism.

          • RoyAlbrecht
            RoyAlbrecht says:

            Over all, a fairly lucid explanation except that;

            1) You are being way too kind in the way you write about a group that has done almost nothing but murder, rape, steal, and turn-blame upon whites for (((their))) Crimes.

            2) To say that ALL Jews are bad is of course idiocy, however,
            the self-identification as a Jew,
            the tendency of even “…good Jews…” to turn on their close non-Jew friends,
            the extreme rarity of good Jews in existence,
            and other outliers,
            make the statement,
            “All Jews are okay to hate”…, completely logical.
            If you think I am about to sift through a bucket of thoroughly rotten fruit just to dig up a few pieces from which I can excise the rotten bits to leave me with something edible, then you obviously have not tried dietary fasting as a holistic maintainer of health.

            2) Your over all tone when you write about Jews seems far too kind.
            Dinosaurs were made extinct through natural disaster,
            Jews willingly follow a mass-murderously psychopathic, Jew-devised philosophy of Insanity…, not “…Scripture…”…!
            And that’s speaking generously due to TOO policy.

            3) I have read Karen’s comments off and on for several years now…, “…Talmudic Troll…” totally undeserved. I think you should take that back.

            4) Trashing Christianity when the Religion has plenty of contradictory passages so that you can take it in almost any direction
            (I.e. ploughshares into swords, or, turn the other cheek) in favour of a Faith that would alienate 100’s of millions of potential White Nationalist Followers, is not exactly a clever idea !

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            At this point, I would almost have to say that Lucius is trolling. Calling Christianity Jewish is just plain ignorance, and I would expect a white nationalist to take the trouble to investigate the facts instead of playing “gotcha” games with people based on a false but widely-held belief about the relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

            Instead of basically saying, “You’re a Jew for worshiping Jesus”, it would be better to honor Jesus as the greatest anti-Jew of all time. And calling him a Jew is false. He was descended in his human incarnation from David, but David was not a Jew, nor were any of the Hebrews in David’s time (much less in the time of Abraham and Moses).

            Furthermore, Christian doctrine holds that Jesus is God in human form — not just some Jew. Enough of this ignorance. I’m getting tired of it.

        • royalbrecht
          royalbrecht says:

          Not to worry…, he is going through a phase…, I think most of us…, in our attempt to be balanced and fair, try to like what we deep down know we will in the end confess to finding detestable.
          In over 50 years of OPEN dissent against the Jew, I too have gone through many phases…, all throughout however, I somehow knew that in the end I would find them repulsive.
          White people just like to be sure of what they do.

          • RoyAlbrecht
            RoyAlbrecht says:

            Having the advantage of relatives who worked next to Johannes Rau, who confirmed the Truth about Jews…,
            and growing up in a Jew infested neighbourhood…,
            lends a level of conviction that surpasses the amount of doubt and attempts to abandon the struggle that the Jews throw at one.
            The rest of the story is a minor detail.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        ANGELICUS, I rather think I’m as aware of the Jewish impact on our civilization as one needs to be–ditto Jewish motivations and intentions. If you looked at my own blog, The European Family (which you can access either through my Facebook page or by googling “The European Family, Blog, WordPress, Europe”) you might be convinced of that. If you do take a look, I recommend “Alleged Role of Jews in Threats to European Civilization” and “Israel: A Tale of the Danger of Migration and its Remedy.”

        A pretty well-known White Nationalist, having seen one of my comments in TOO, contacted me through Facebook to tell me he wanted to include my blog in “Big Lies.org”–the “Be Jew Aware” lol listing of Internet sites which understand the JQ. He, whose name I don’t need to mention here, did have The European Family included in the listing; and I presume to think that that might suggest to you that I’m not entirely deranged or naïve.

        Let me explain what I mean by saying I’m anti-antisemitic. I define antisemitism as hatred and condemnation as Jews for simply being Jewish. Now, you and I know that such hatred and condemnation are pretty RARE. We know that what is called “antisemitism” is almost always outrage over and opposition to injurious things which Jews are doing. We know that charges of “antisemitism” are used as a cheap SMEAR to discredit, demonize and silence people with fully reasonable complaints. BUT we go a long way toward looking like authentic antisemites if we condemn ALL Jews, say “THE Jews” are to blame,” etc.

        Jews CERTAINLY are disproportionately involved in assaults on our heritage–to an OBSCENE degree. But I can’t say THE Jews are to blame for it all. Two things stop me. First, “THE Jews” means ALL Jews. Yet I personally know of Jews who have despised Zionism. I know of Jews who have abandoned identifying as Jewish and have intensely disliked Jews. There have been Jews who have shown considerable kindness to me, though having nothing to gain by it; and I’ve known Jews who, unless they devoted their whole existence to play-acting, have loved and appreciated European heritage and wouldn’t dream of helping to replace us with blacks lol or Muslim Asians….

        Y’see, I oppose people’s ways not because the people might be Jewish, but because their ways are deleterious in relation to me and mine. So if Jewish Benjamin Freedman warns the world of the evils of Zionism and says the “holocaust” is a hoax, how can I hate or condemn him and remain a rational being?! Ditto if Israel what’s-his-name (begins with an S) slams Jewish tradition for being anti-goyim, denouncing Talmudic bigotry? Ditto if Norman Finkelstein says that the standard holocaust narrative is faulty, and that in any case Jews are cynically using the narrative as a means of extorting wealth and special privileges? Ditto if Bobby Fischer decries Jews more than almost anyone here, and joins also-Jewish Ron Unz, David Cole and Gerard Menuhin in saying the “holocaust” is a fable?

        How am I to react to Daniel Pipes’ going to Hungary to support Orban, to say that all Europe can learn from Hungary’s anti-migration policies and that eventually it WILL, as “European voters are learning of the dangers of migration and Islamization”? If he, as he’s done, defends Orban against the charge of antisemitism with regard to Soros, justifying Orban’s bitter opposition to Soros, am I to say “Damn that lousy jew Pipes”?

        SECONDLY, we have arch-enemies in the CHRISTIAN ranks as well, e.g., Merkel and the pope. But none of us says “The Christians are to blame,” and we’re well-disposed toward professing Christians who don’t join Merkel and the vicar of Christ lol in their crimes. I’d rather be consistent and treat Jews as individuals too.

        I want to oppose the politics of ANYONE who wants to harm and destroy my heritage and ethnic/genetic cluster. To do that I don’t need to harbor a special antipathy toward any particular group.

        Rapprochement–yes. Pipes is a supporter of Israel, but if he also supports European self-preservation, THAT is an instance of rapprochement, and I think it’s irrational for a White Nationalist not to value it and want to see more of it.

        Yes, I have tried to like Jews (and have succeeded in liking some individuals), and I have another reason for doing so–a reason that will surely seem more heretical here than anything else I’ve posted–namely, that the Ashkenazim and Sephardim cluster genetically and phenotypically with non-Jewish Europeans and that if there’s a “White Race” it’s a tomfoolery not to regard them as part of it…. See my “Jews’ ‘Racial’ Nature” in The European Family.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          There is some good sense here, Mr Vanini, but you cannot expect much credit for it from either “anti-Semites” or “Jews”. See e.g. Dan Cohn-Sherbok, “The Paradox of Antisemitism” (2007).

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          I have to differ emphatically. “The Jews” is a perfectly reasonable classification or category of analysis.

          “The Jews” never was meant to mean literally all Jews. Anyone who applies it that way is a simpleton or an obsessive Jew hater. Life being what it is, both are inevitable but that should not force Euro Genties to discard a key tool of analysis.

          “The Jews” means a class of people who, generally speaking, behave in certain ways. The acknowledgement of this Jewish collective behavior will enable us, the Euro Gentiles.to better understand our political and cultural predicament. However, without a concept of “the Jews”. we are likely to think of Jews as a mass of individuals who will LIKELY be behaving variously depending upon the issue. Once we are down in those weeds there will be no way to conceptually recognize a collective Jewish Power which does not and never has included all Jews as individuals but is certainly very powerful and very Jewish – “the Jews”
          Actually the inability of Euro Gentiles to recognize and acknowledge “the Jews” as a useful category of analysis
          has been encouraged by “the Jews” with great success since the Second World War. I know of what I speak. I am a late comer to this white or Euro Gentile movement or worldview because for way too long I could look at Jews swarming over entertainment, medIa, higher education, financialization – all industries of which I was very critical – without being able to see the common denominator of vast overrepresentation of people of Jewish origin. Because I was taught by parents, schools and media that “the Jews” was an irrational stereotype, I could not conceptualize “the Jews” in the way I easily
          conceptualized the Christian, the Catholic. the Muslim, the white or the African American etc.. “The Jews” was a thought I could not have. This was quite irrational on my part but my progressive Semophilic social philosophical indoctrination made it quite likely.

          Without analytic categories. we cannot think socially or politically. All trees, no forrest. This is what The Jews want.

          A Jew, Ron Unz, of the nonphilosemetic Unz Review. doesn’t want it But he is one of no doubt many Jewish exceptions who confirms the cognitive utility of the concept: The Jews

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            ACHILLES WANNABE: “Jews,” “most Jews,” “a great many Jews,” “Europhobic Jews,” “Zionist Jews,” “Talmudic Jews,” “bigoted Jews,” “a vastly disproportionate Jewish involvement” are a term and phrases that suffice to convey reality accurately–more dependably than “the Jews,” which CAN and IS taken to mean ALL Jews, perhaps not by you but certainly by many other people I’ve encountered.

            And HAVE you also stereotypically conceptualized “the Christian, the Catholic, the Muslim, the white [how dare you not capitalize that lovely word while you do the rest?], or the African-American[,] etc.”? Lol, even I, who regard blacks as absolutely natural and necessary enemies of our genome and future, don’t do that even where blacks are concerned! Trouble is, there’s Walter Sowell, Jesse Lee Peterson, Reverend Manning, Henry Louis Gates, and more. And I don’t have to use the phrase “The blacks,” which logically denotes blacks collectively and doesn’t explicitly signify a group which while not monolithic in character does inevitably include an unacceptable number who pose a serious menace (the kind of signification, I take it, which you assign to “The Jews” and which you mistakenly believe is obvious to everyone except simpletons and true antisemites).

            It’s enough for me EXPLICITLY to say that large numbers of blacks in one’s land means having too many people with low IQ, poor impulse-control, high rates of homicide and other violent crime, high illegitimacy and unemployment rates–and that in any case large influxes of blacks, who differ from West Eurasians (including of course European-descended Whites) more than does any other human group, endanger Euro societies with death through radical transformation, like pouring a lot of purple paint into a basin of yellow paint threatens the latter’s yellowness with discontinuance through dilution.

            Aside from that lol, I would prefer to be friends with blacks. With some distance, you understand! My respect for Sowell is tremendous, but I wouldn’t want him to marry my sister; and the main kind of amity I’d love to see between Sub-Saharans and Euros is that of cordial and helpful international relations between a proud, self-loving, overwhelmingly European Europe and a black Sub-Sahara.

            “The Jews” was a thought you believed you could not have? Ha! How different from my case! Such thoughts and indeed complete hatred of Jews are things which I’ve ALWAYS thought I could have. Never for a nanosecond have I allowed the factors you enumerate to interfere with my freedom of thought and valuation (then again, Mom and Dad were hardly philosemitic….). Never for a nanosecond in my long participation in politics have I bought the standard Jewish narrative, the absurd world-melodrama in which THE JEWS are longsuffering virtuous victims, the standard-bearers of true morality, while the White goyim are the villains, who desperately hate Jews simply for being Jews, no matter what the Jews do. No, I’ve seen them more as professional victims than as virtuous victims.

            The reason I’ve chosen to be more overtly precise in speech, and to avoid hating Jews as a group (which lol doesn’t have a damned thing to do with not decrying and opposing Jewish machinations), is not that I’m mind-conditioned by Jews or afraid of being labelled antisemitic–which might be the view of guys like Angelicus, who suppose that you must be the Jews’ doormat if you don’t bitterly hate them and hate every one of them–but that I’m committed enough to wish to align my political approach with the evidence, with reality or truth, and give discredit ONLY where discredit is due.

            Now let’s get down to brass tacks. You say you are new to the White-Nationalist ethos. Do you do anything besides read articles and comment?

            I never say “THE JEWS are to blame” and I don’t hate Jews as a group, have even felt love for some in my personal life; but I have writings that have been included (without my proposing it) in the “Big Lies” listing of online sources which tell truth vis-à-vis the Jewish question. Have you?

            As a citizen of Italy I’m continuously active in so-called Rightist parties (Lega Nord, Fratelli d’Italia, etc.), which purpose to stop and reverse the invasion of Europe by black Africans and Asian Muslims–an invasion expedited by Europhobic Jews like Soros and Spectre.

            For years, in You Tube (until banned there), I argued mano a mano with Jewish bigots and apologists, refuting their claims and arguments in a forum to which all the White youth of the planet had access and in which they could be shown the fragility of the Zionistic/Talmudic/liberal Jewish narrative. I didn’t do what oh so many WNs do–safely confine their posts to WN sites, where REAL adversaries are rare.

            As for blacks, not all that long ago I risked serious injury if not death by intervening physically on behalf of a downed White brother, against three inner-city blacks (in the USA: I’m also a U.S. citizen)–successfully, I’m happy and proud to add; and I’m prepared at all times for similar action, and I DO mean prepared. Have you? And are you? (I wonder how many armchair WN’s have the balls for such stuff–not to suggest that you are an armchair WN: I don’t know and that’s why I’m asking….)

            My steering clear of certain language and conceptualizing hasn’t seemed to contravene my commitment–which indeed goes farther than that of almost all the stereotyping “The Jews are to blame” Jew-haters I’ve known of. (They mostly just grumble lol.) Perhaps it isn’t necessary to talk and think like they do in order to actually resist? And is blaming Jews collectively and hating them more important, more useful, than not doing so but being active?

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Achilles Wannabe: Well said.

            In addition, we need to keep in mind the huge number — probably thousands — of Jewish advocacy organizations that exist locally, nationally and internationally. They depend on Jewish contributions and they act on behalf of “the Jews”.

            If the great majority of Jews did not support and underwrite Jewish misbehavior, almost all of these organizations would quickly disappear. The Jews would assimilate to their host nations and not assert themselves as a separate people.

            Of course, they could reply that there are many Christian organizations out there as well. But there is no racial element to Christianity. If you believe in Christ, you’re a Christian. If you don’t , you’re not a Christian. But you’re a Jew whether you practice the Jewish religion or not.

            You’re a Jew because of your DNA, not because of anything else.

            And we know how the Jews would react if white people who were not Jews formed hundreds of organizations advocating for white, non-Jewish racial interests. I can hear the cries of “racism”, “anti-Semitism” and “Nazism” as I write this.

            There is such a thing as “an excess of scruples”.

            Being an “ANTI-anti-Semite” AND an advocate for (non-Jewish white) people is a self-defeating proposition.

            White survival depends on anti-Semitism first and foremost. Once the Jews and their non-Jewish white supporters are dealt with, the rest is a cakewalk.

          • TJ
            TJ says:

            Groups can be assessed
            by looking at probabilities in their respective gene pools, in terms of rates per 100K- such as, inventions per 100,000 population, or violent crimes per 100K. Using these, you end up with two percentages. Make an index by calculating the ratio of these percentages- the C/C index- creativity to crime. Whites would have a high positive index, blacks the reverse.

            “Whites are good” refers to the general or average tendencies of the group- it does not mean all Whites are good. Same for all others.

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Hello LUCIUS:

          Thank you for your thoughts. I have to say that I am a hothead and therefore have a tendency to get carried away in an argument. I am sorry about that. I am not a bloodthirsty fanatic although I may have spoke like one. I am a realist

          I believe that anti-semitism was a natural, healthy reaction of the Aryan peoples towards a deceitful, obnoxious people that not only refused to assimilate but also harboured an implacable hatred toward their host population, a hatred based in their ferocious racism as well as their religious fanaticism.

          The fact that the immense majority of the Jews have been, and are, implacable enemies of our people legitimizes in my eyes the concept of antisemitism. You may say, and you are right, that you have known some Jews who are very decent human beings but let’s not fool ourselves, they are an exception to the rule.

          There are no people on Earth more racially and culturally conscious than the Jews, as their amazing achievements prove it, and precisely for that reason, because of their overwhelming tribal instinct and behaviour we cannot but to fight them as a whole. We cannot say “Only 92 % of the Jews are bad”. The National-Socialists knew this very well and that made possible their victory in 1933. It is a rule of iron that in politics the messages or slogans have to be simple and straightforward, the greatest political geniuses of the XX century, Hitler and Lenin, understood this perfectly.

          The National-Socialists carried out an intelligent policy towards the Jews in Germany up to the beginning of the war. They simply took away their citizenship depriving them of any power or influence in Aryan society and, at the same time, they encouraged their emigration. That was all. No need to kill anyone.

          You are right about the role of decent Jews like Benjamin Freedman, Norman Finkelstein or Ron Unz, but what about the other 98%? Let’s not fool ourselves. You must be familiar with the work of Prof Kevin MacDonald and you must know that the Jews ALWAYS act a whole

          Regarding Viktor Orban, Salvini, Marine Le Pen “et alia” they are just civic nationalists, controlled opposition who “surprisingly” are ALL pro-Jewish and Zionists. If you think that such people have a future you are deluding yourself. The case of Orban is even worse considering the horrendous atrocities committed by the Jews in Hungary in 1918 under the orders of Bela Kuhn and after 1945. The fact that Orban had the impudence of visiting Israel in 2018 and honoured the “victims” of the Hollowcost says everything about him. No wonder Daniel Pipes is going to praise him.

          How can you possibly believe that a bastard like Pipes will support European self-preservation? He and his tribesmen support a “kosher” nationalism that eventually would provide the usual useful idiotic “goyim” that will die for Israel in future wars. Here is an excellent article by Andrew Joyce that proves the overwhelming Jewish backing to the invasion, and destruction of Europa. https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2018/12/28/jewish-involvement-in-contemporary-refugee-and-migrant-organizations-part-one/

          Regarding the Christians, or more exactly the Judeo-Christians, I agree with you that the majority of them are traitors led by the archetypical bastard called “pope Francis I”

          About considering the Jews part of the Aryan race it is clear that physically many of them do so but let’s not forget the extremely important role played by the cultural traditions, religious beliefs and values as analyzed by Julius Evola among others. In that regard, the MOST important of all, the Jews are definitely NO Aryans. They have ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be our enemies.

          I am sorry, but I think we must agree to disagree. I understand some of your reasons but I do not agree with the conclusions. Thank you very much for your blog. I have bookmarked it and I will start reading it this weekend


        • RoyAlbrecht
          RoyAlbrecht says:

          Referring people to Jew Zuckerberg the Thief’s Facebook at TOO is an insult.
          Hitler drove almost all Jews to the UK and the USA and thereafter Germany went through a civilizational rejuvenation as yet unseen in the History of man since the time of Sparta.
          Jews are the millstone around the necks of humanity.
          Your examples of Freedman, Shamir (?), Finkelstein, and Fischer are not precise enough for TOO standards.
          Any Jew (I.e. Freedman) by self-definition MUST openly hate himself and throw himself prostrate before the world in penance in order to be taken seriously.
          Shamir, by phenotypical examination, is an Arab…; Racial IQ: 2 standard deviations below Northern Europeans, Physically Inferior : off-spring will tend toward typical Semitic behavioural characteristics.
          Finkelstein confirms the Holocaust Lie of the Jews and merely accuses Jews of commercializing it.
          Fischer, according to his own Icelandic Radio interviews denies having any Jewish Blood…, and considering the way he was and/is treated by the Jew Stream Media, I tend to agree.
          Pipes is a professor in Haifa as far as I know…, say no more.
          Merkel is a Polish Jew.
          The Pope stems from a circa 500 year old family of Argentinian Jew-Conversos.
          As for DNA similarity between Jews and Europeans, for starters, you might try reading Prof. Emeritus Dktr. K. Mac Donald’s latest book for a refutation of Jew-European similarity.

          I do not believe your realize where you are posting !
          This is TOO…, the preserve of the World’s Leading Non-Jew Expert on Jew In-group Behaviour…,
          Professor Emeritus Dr. Kevin MacDonald.
          You might want to go to the Unz review where your comments would easily pass for reality!

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            ROY ALBRECHT (and ERIC too, in part, because I can’t find any “reply” on which to click under his post).

            How funny, that elsewhere I’m a flaming antisemite, saying unconscionable things about Jews, but here I’m virtually a philosemite! Lol!

            1) I am being “way too kind to a group that’s done nothing but murder, rape, steal,”? SHITE! I do think you actually believe that they’ve done nothing but murder, rape, steal and blame their crimes on non-Jewish Whites! Are you capable of collecting your obviously frayed wits and pondering that? Of NO people, not even negroes, can it be accurately said that they’ve done almost nothing but murder, rape and steal..

            The ticklish thing is that you’re FORCING me to counterbalance your unbalanced judgments, and of course that makes me seem LOL an apologist for the Jews here among this assemblage, who seem to be vying with each other over who can be the #1 hater. But the hell with it: I’ll do it anyway, because the truth is the truth. Not only have Jews not done almost nothing but murder, rape and steal, but the Ashkenazim especially, educated in the arts and sciences of their host cultures, have contributed many major achievements to European civilization, from the music of Mendelsohn to the poetry of Heine, to the theoretical physics of Einstein, to that medical breakthrough of Salk. Also, Jews are arguably the foremost sustainers of Classical European culture in the USA–they’re disproportionately represented among major donors to art museums, opera companies, symphony orchestras, ballet companies, etc., helping keep alive overwhelmingly NON-JEWISH EUROPEAN ART…. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve never met an American White Nationalist who’s even heard of Verdi, let alone one who’s funded a production of IL TROVATORE. Most USA WNs I’ve encountered tend to be yokels–culturally impoverished, without a clue about most of what has made European civilization so glorious. I’ve met INCOMPARABLY more Jews who have much more than a clue.

            Well, I guess my saying these things–though it’s the TRUTH–makes me a Zionist shill in your eyes. And it won’t make any difference if I also say that Jews are obscenely disproportionately represented in what amount to genocidal assaults on Western societies, promoting everything from the insane “transgender” myth to Third-World, non-White invasion….

            I’m not being too nice, as you suppose. It’s just that you’re not used to seeing a bigger part of the whole picture than is ordinarily presented in sites like this. I even wonder how many Jews you’ve known or met. I’ve known scads. Used to be a political activist for peace and disarmament, though was never fooled on the JQ, never a liberal or a regular “conservative” re social issues. A great many Jews in REAL LIFE are little waifs who don’t their ass from third base about Jewish International Conspiracy, and are certainly not participants. If I had to guesstimate the percentage of those who are, I’d say 30% is high.

            But alas, if one haunts such nooks as this (I’m not knocking the articles, mind you), it’s easy to imagine that 92% of Jews are well-poisoning Talmudists, all Soroses, Spectres, Greenblatts, Efratis, Epsteins, Rothchilds, Samuelses, Elders of Zion lol.

            2) You say that, true, not all Jews are bad. Then, that “All Jews are okay to hate” is “completely logical.” Lol! I don’t think we need reduce the proposition to syllogistic form to see that it’s not QUITE that logical.

            3) When I said that a great many Jews would like to see us go the way of the dinosaurs, I wasn’t alluding to their modus operandi or lack thereof, but merely to their desire to see us gone.

            4) I didn’t ACCUSE Karen of being a Talmudic troll–but if I were such a troll I surely would mock Christian, Jewish-Scripture-quoting Jew-haters by parroting such statements as hers, which really do expose many WNs as deficient thinkers; and every time I encounter such embarrassing absurdities I can’t help at least suspecting the poster….

            5) The “faith” that I believe WNs would do well to replace crutchtianity with–Pantheism–is actually not a faith but wholly scientific. It’s Judaism and crutchtianity with their silly fables, with an anthropomorphic god and a “Savior” lol less credible than Rumpelstiltskin, that require faith–which is nothing more than a childish will to believe. If you want me to enlarge on Pantheism, I will gladly at another time.

            In any case, Christianity is simply contra-indicated ESPECIALLY for WNs, and especially Jew-hating WNs, because (a) the only way to be an actual WN and call oneself Christian is to be a hypocrite, a monster of falsity, because crutchtianity is ideologically contrary to politics calling for self-love, fierce pride, egoism, readiness to fight, defeating enemies instead of loving them, and cherishing the things of this world like race and ancestral lands (worldly vanities according to actual Christian morality–which is rightly regarded by Nietzsche as Slave Morality); (b) to embody such self-contradiction cannot but accustom, habituate and lead one to more falsehood; (c) retaining the creed as an institution, together with toxic literature like the New Testament–the worst thing for our children–perpetuates the danger that the creed’s suicidal altruism will infect individuals among us whose psyches are fertile ground for it; (d) it’s simply absurd for people to hate THE JEWS and then quote Jews because lol they’re divinely inspired, to worship the Jewish god and/or his Hebrew son. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism; it was PRODUCED by Jews; and for WNs to be self-contradictory in this additional way–well, as far it extends it makes White Nationalists ridiculous.

            Come to think of it though, Albrecht: if you think the religion is acceptable, even for WNs, then it’s another thing that Jews have done besides murder, rape and steal–a useful thing in your view! They’ve created Judaism, without which Christianity wouldn’t have come into being (nor Islam surely), and its god is a Jew, and its founding proponents and proselytizers were all Jews.

            What’s the name o’ that big cathedral in the Vatican? It sure ain’t named after no Scotsman or any guy with a foreskin.

            6) “Good” Jews:
            a) Pipes is an American historian and president of the Middle East Forum
            b) Fischer WAS Jewish in lineage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bobby_Fischer
            c) Shamir? You must be thinking of the P.M. It’s Israel SHAHAK; and he was accused of antisemitism for his works on general Judaism and the Talmud; he arraigned anti-goyim traditions, was classed antisemitic not only in Israel but by the ADL
            d) Finkelstein was barred from Israel for 10 years in ’08. He’s lambasted the holocaust “industry,” Shoah business; and when it was said that his ideas might aid “neo-Nazis,” he responded “Well, even if they use it in that fashion, I’m afraid that when it comes to the truth, it has to be said openly, without regard to any consequences….”

            7) Merkel is NOT a Jew. Unfortunately, she’s a sincere Christian. If only she were a hypocrite. When she says her policies are in keeping with Christian teachings, she’s only telling the truth.

            She’s not even lineally a Jew. What’s your evidence to the contrary?

            NOW, THIS IS THE PART FOR ERIC TOO. Is Jewishness in the DNA? Then many millions of indigenous Europeans are at least partly Jewish. No, Eric, wrong: genetic studies on Jews, which I doubt you’ve studied, have revealed MAJOR links to Europeans and other Caucasian populations. See
            1. Atzmon et al, 2010
            2) Ostrer et al, 2010
            3) Bray et al, 2010
            4) Nebel et al, 2001
            5) Richards et al, 2013
            6) Behar et al, 2013
            7) Zoossman-Diskin et al, 2010
            8) Carmi et al, 2014
            9) Xue et al, 2017

            Richards et al, 2013 (“A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages”) traces the great bulk of Ashkenazi mtDNA heritage back to ancient European women. “Thus the great majority of Ashkenazi maternal lineages were not brought from the Levant, as commonly supposed….but assimilated within Europe.” By extension, the Ashkenazim–80% of the world’s Jews–bear matrilineal ancestry extending back into prehistoric Europe, as far as 7500 years ago.

            It seems that both before and after the Romans’ destruction of the Temple in 70, Hebrew men migrated to Europe where they took wives who converted to Judaism. They later went to Central and Eastern Europe where they picked up more indigenous European ancestry and were eventually called “Ashkenazim.” But there’s more SOUTHERN Europe in them than Northern, according to the studies–which say that these Jews, the vast majority of Jews in the world, are more closely related to some Europeans than to Middle-Eastern peoples.

            In patrilineal terms, most Jewish Y-DNA seems to come from the Near East. But in keeping with the great genetic affinities between Europe and the Near East, most of the haplogroups are shared by millions of European men–J2, E1b1b, even R1b whose variant R-M269 is the overwhelmingly dominant Y-DNA haplogroup of Western Europe. J2 occurs in 88% of Ingush men in the Caucasus region, 60% of Chechen men there, 35% of Greeks, 27% of North-Central Italians.
            E1b1b is a common Y-DNA type in Europe, having occurred in men such as Napoleon, Hitler, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, and the Wright Bros.

            Further, Nebel et al, 2001 found that in terms of Y-DNA the Levantine Jews are more closely related to Near Eastern INDO-EUROPEAN-descended peoples like the Kurds, Armenians and Turks (citizens of Turkey, not to be confused with ethnic Turks, who cluster with East Asians) than they are to their Arab, Semitic neighbors. That Jews have Indo-European connections from West Asia as well as from their centuries in Europe, suggests an even closer clustering with Europe, almost all of whose indigenous populations are of Indo-European background.

            Well, sorry to be so brief, but it’s 2:38 a.m. here, and it’s time that this little boy goes beddy-bye.

            P.S. Go to UNZ REVIEW, you say? Well, I do post there too. There’s a higher intellectual tone there, to be sure; but it’s fun to comment here–there’s laughs aplenty; and youse guys are sorely in need of other perspectives, which I, a public-spirited fellow, am not unwilling to bestow.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Lucius Vanini: I won’t repeat myself here. Please see my post under yours (above) that debunks your claims about Christianity and Judaism.

            To claim that the Jews value and are trying to preserve a Western civilization that they themselves did not create is almost completely false. The versions that they give us of Shakespeare and grand opera are insulting and disgusting. What they put in our art museums is revolting and a crime against talent. When it comes to plays and opera, they take undue liberties with every aspect of the original creation, changing the time period, setting, having non-whites play white parts, etc.

            If they had any respect for the creators of those works, they would do none of those things. In effect, they are engaged in both disrespecting Western art while at the same time trying to say that its best aspects ought to be credited to Jews and non-westerners.

            The whole movement to “deconstruct” Western culture and dismiss it as the product of “Dead White Males” (a term that shows contempt) has been dominated by Jews.

            The fact that you don’t know this — combined with your comments about white nationalists being “culturally illiterate” (when many white nationalists became that way after being sickened by what the Jews have done to their culture) — makes everything else you say highly suspect.

            Now for some basic logic: the fact that so many Jews have non-Jewish European DNA does not mean that “most Europeans” have Jewish DNA. For that to be true, Jews would have to have been a much larger group. Think about it.

            I hope that you’re not deliberately trolling here and trying to confuse people.

        • iHanna
          iHanna says:

          your website was started July of 2019 and my web security software warns me “this site contains content that might affect your online security”.
          Facebook is not an option for people who refuse to support Zuckerface World.

          • RoyAlbrecht
            RoyAlbrecht says:


            Merkel is Polish Jew according to German sources.
            Fischer denies he is a Jew,
            Lastly…, your topics have long ago been hashed out here.
            Most will disagree with you based on balance of probabilities.
            I personally do not wish to argue with a retard who uses Wikipedia as a reliable resource.
            Makes me look more stupid that I really am.

          • Lucius Vanini
            Lucius Vanini says:

            iHANNA–I wish people would specify whom they’re addressing here, because I only just now surmised that your post was meant for me.

            In point of fact, my website The European Family appeared online in the second half of August. But in any case this is the first I’ve heard of what you say regarding a “content” and “online security” message. Not that I doubt your word that that’s the result you experienced.

            Yes, it IS regrettable how the once vaunted “Free Forum of the Global Village” has become rife with all manner of iniquity. If I could reach as many people without Zuckerthief, especially in connection with my work with Lega Nord, Fratelli d’Italia and other Italian “Rightist” elements, I would throw over Facebook, into which frankly I was reluctant to go in the first place. If you could advise of alternative options with the same reach, I’d appreciate it.

            Do you do anything through Google, which is also controlled by inimical Hebrews–Page and Brin? Twitter, which has practically banned me (they won’t grant access to my page anymore unless I provide a phone number, which I’m declining to do), is just as bad, owned by the non-Jew Dorsey, who might as well BE a Jewish subversive.

  2. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    #highnoonpatriots I recall Harold Bloom influenced me circa 1990, around the time I came up with the ideas I proffered in the 1992 soc.men post “Race, Gender and the Frontier“. A “based Jew” friend of mine, with an Ivy League PhD, offered me one of Bloom’s gazillion writings — I don’t even even recall which one — presaging his “The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages”. Something told me “Remember this guy’s name.” I filed it away in the back of my mind. This is just prior to my being “red pilled” on the JQ. It most-decisively happened as the ultimate reaction to my having participated in privatizing space launch services about which I testified before Congress in 1991 (see “Necessity and Incentives Opening the Space Frontier”). As a consequence of that successful, grass roots legislative project, I learned a lot about how the world actually functioned, including the capital market failures that had given rise to what I called “technosocialism” and monstrosities like NASA, which had bottled up The Nation of Settlers even as immigration policies unleashed the world’s hoards on that last, best hope for humanity. As a result I came up with what I saw as a necessary legislative remedy in another 1992 essay “A Net Asset Tax Based On The Net Present Value Calculation and Market Democracy“, a telling excerpt from that:

    Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s these 50’s babies were locked
    out of homes in perpetual courtship behavior. The relative
    unaffordability of housing delayed the onset of nesting far
    longer than those born before 1950. Courtship behavior is
    notoriously consumptive and exhausting. Nesting behavior is
    investive and constructive. Thus 60 million Americans born in
    the 1950’s are now suffering from low equity for their ages, and
    little hope for the future.

    In reality, it is too late to do anything for the members of this
    group since most of its females are now leaving their
    childbearing years — some desperately risking late pregnancies.
    Most families have already been irreversibly damaged, assuming
    they were formed at all. The best we can do now is attempt to
    rebuild the middle class for future generations and try to allow
    those we have decimated to build some equity for retirement with
    their productive years.

    (I emphasized “50’s babies” rather than “The Baby Boomers” because I saw a stark division between those “Boomers” born prior to 1950 and those born after.)

    The reaction to this essay was vicious and, I noticed, starkly Jewish in origin. That’s when I realized Jews were parasites living on, what I’d called in that essay, “capital welfare” and would take out anyone who threatened to reform Western Civilization’s political economy via what I called “market democracy”. They were destroying everything I held dear. Guys like Bloom were an inevitable leading reaction by Jews to their own destruction of Western Civilization. These “based-Jews” would, eventually, be forced to try to “save Western Civilization” because they had destroyed its natural authorities. They were the only “authorities” left standing.

    It was this insight that led me to start talking about “pan-Western Fascism” as a Jewish-led movement which, I would, only after 9/11/2001, come to realize was the already manifest in the “neoconservatives”. This led me, in turn, to predict a “Jewish-inspired Reichstag” around the turn of the millennium — the time of which would exploit the Scofield bible’s cultivation of evangelical Zionist eschatology, particularly in the Scotch-Irish military backbone of the US. As I was increasingly aware of my own Scotch-Irish heritage, which included an evangelical Zionist up-bringing, I was outraged by what I saw in the offing. What could I do about it other than being a voice crying out in the wilderness of Usenet — sacrificing my career?

    A sampling of my repeated warning of what materialized as the events of 9/11/2001:


    Watch out for the REAL “Reichstag Fire” coming soon to a major media event near you. The OKC bombing may or may not have been an attempt at such a fraud, but it was a failure because it attempted to frame a shallower culture (militias/patriots) rather than deeper cultures (Arabs/Africans)…. the conditional probability of the perpetrators of this particular “Reichstag Fire” being caught is MUCH higher than it was with the original version under the Nazis.


    Oh, I know… you aren’t all that hopped up just yet, but just let a Reichstag incident get blared through your boob-tube enough and you’ll fall right in line…


    WHEREAS the SS [Synagogue of Satan—JAB] has to put on a really big show for their Christian sheep in the West right around the year 2000 and,

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a Greater Western Civilization shall be constituted by unifing Judaism, Chrisitanity and Indo-European identity via academic and theocratic sophistry and that said Greater Western Civilization shall declare itself superior to all other cultures extant and that any opposition to or competition with such sophistically justified superiority shall be grounds for any and all actions of fraud and/or violence because God Is On Our Side…

    Thus sprach the Synagogue of Satan, on this day T minus a few years before the Greatest Story Ever Told by Hollywood or any other incarnation of the SS since the Diaspora.


    Israel’s creation was important in the sense that it is time to mop-up JudeoChristianity—the millenium is a good time for that…

    Check out the ethnicity of the folks at Clinton’s “town meeting” trying to trump up support for a war in the middle east on behalf of Israel—putting the US in a lonely international position and making people like you and I a target for terrorism or a Jewish-inspired Reichstag.

    (I recall writing the phrase”trump up” in that last warning and thinking, “Why did I use that phrasing? It seems awkward.” but something told me to it was right and I left it unaltered.)

    The profound irony of my involvement with “Odinists” (Asatru Folk Assembly) during this period emerges with the FBI’s predictions for the turn of the millennium terrorist events targeted “Odinism”, in its “Project Megiddo“. Quoting the FBI’s “prophecy” just prior to the year 2000:

    Militias, adherents of racist belief systems such as Christian Identity and Odinism, and other radical domestic extremists are clearly focusing on the millennium as a time of action.

    For some reason, I was not, subsequent to the events of 9/11/2001, appointed to run the FBI and fire everyone who had failed to investigate “radical domestic extremists” as evidenced by Jewish influence on the US. Instead, I became a moral pariah to friends, family and my high level professional contacts — placing me, in my 50s, looking for grunt work scraps left over after the hoards of ethnic nepotist Dravidians had had their fill, rather than luxuriating in their sycophancy.

    Perhaps I should have asked Harold Bloom to write an essay about me for “The New Yorker”.

    PS: #highnoopatriots is my warning now: Civil War II is upon us and we must Synchronize as the primary force multiplier.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The Whiteman’s hoards have been disbursed
      to the hordes of non-Whites. [sp]

      I acquired a short wave radio around 1993 and discovered William Cooper. He claimed that the
      government would soon bomb its own buildings.
      This was followed by Oklahoma in 1995. Yet when 911 happened, I believed the official story, and did so for almost a year. I began to correspond with a Los Angeles engineer named (((Hal Netkin))). . .after all that advance notice.


      btw Cooper’s handler at the shortwave station was Allan Weiner https://tinyurl.com/y5kg6ob3

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Very interesting that you were raised Evangelical. I have a
      few in my family and I am amazed at the protective attitudes they have towards Jews in this country. In situations that have nothing to do with foreign policy they just refuse to be critical of Jews as Jews. I tell them that no one has done more to undermine Evangelical morality than Jews but it is water off their backs. They will not criticise Jews in any context.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Most Protestant sects are hopelessly Jewish in spirit because of their fanatical reverence for the Old Testament. Although born and bred as a Catholic I do not consider myself as a believer but it is very revealing the fact that the Catholic Church from the very beginning put these bastards in their place as the murderers of Jesus and kept them in check for centuries, hence the deep hatred of them towards Rome.

        The Jews were behind ALL the heretical movements that questioned/attacked orthodox Catholic doctrine. The Protestants’ heavy reliance on the Old Testament and the Kabbalah, plus their rejection of the charge of deicide levelled by the Catholic Church against the Jews made them ardent Philo-Semites and gave birth to the nefarious concept of Judeo-Christianism.

        The Philo-Semitic nature of the British and North American societies and popular culture is the natural consequence of the triumph of deeply Jewish Puritanism in the XVIIth century.

        Unsurprisingly British and North American elites were pro-Jewish and fiercely anti-Catholic. The hatred against the Catholic Church began to dwindle as the Jewish infiltration of it began to intensify in the 1960s and by the 1980s it was complete. Nowadays there are almost no distinctions between Catholics and Evangelicals, Methodists, Anglicans, etc. They all worship Israel.

        Having said that there is nothing as disgusting as the rabid support and veneration of the Evangelicals/Christian Zionists for Israel. They really deserve to be exterminated.

        • James Bowery
          James Bowery says:

          Perhaps some do need to be “exterminated”, but the problem is systemic — including Catholics and, most urgently and pervasively, the Church of Boas which is now the de facto theocracy ruling Western Civilization. We’re in a target-rich environment and its easy to lose perspective.

          The question becomes “How do WE identify THEM?” This is friend-foe discrimination. Our identification technique must be simple and accurate because it is going to be used to identify kill targets. Anything less lacks seriousness. Sortocracy is designed to have a simple and accurate friend-foe discriminator:

          “Are you willing to let people exclude anyone for any reason whatsoever from their territorial allocation so long as they agree to let anyone for any reason whatsoever to leave, with their dependents, on demand?”

          If they say “yes” then they get support for their household being in a territory that is willing to accept them. If they say, “no” or act in such a way as to say “no”, they are treated as a force of nature to be neutralized by the most economical means available. If that means feeding them to the maggots, well, so be it.

          The vast majority of evangelical leaders deserve to be neutralized — along with the leadership of the Catholic church and the “sacred” Church of Boas. But all of that should be immediately followed by neutralizing their possessing parasites.

          The rank-and-file need to be exorcised and that will happen by letting them live with the consequences of their social policies rather than letting them impose the costs on others. They’ll either die a natural death or wake up — casting of the Boasian demons that now possess them.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Yes to all that
          Like you I am an ex Catholic. For the longest time I have had NO brief for the Catholic Church or any other. But as I have finally woken to the Jews and to Anglo -Protestant Semophilia. I now realize how and why the Old Church has been so particularly denigrated in our Anglo-Jewish society and education. Jesus didn’t like rich people, money changers and “the Jews” This wouldn’t do in a society where wealthy anglo’s sell out their own people for a cut in Jewish neo liberalism. Today Catholics are just Protestants who like statues but the Old Church would sometimes put a collar on the Semites. I find myself taking a certain pride in having been raised in a religion which at least had that sort of foresight for awhile

        • David Parker
          David Parker says:

          Martin Luther wrote The Jews and Their LIes exposing their favored position in the German society of the 1500s. I had no idea the Jews were exempt from the taxes that German peasants had to pay.

          • Barkingmad
            Barkingmad says:

            @David. And just who had the power to exempt them from paying taxes that everybody else (peasants) had to pay? Let’s have names.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            It wasn’t only in the little duchies and principalities of Germany that Jews were exempted from paying taxes. Ever heard of the term “Court Jew”? Throughout Europe in the Middle Ages, the Jews were not ordinary subjects of the king, but rather “the king’s possession”. A select number were members of the king’s court and had a much higher status than ordinary subjects or peasants. The king would use them as tax collectors, bailiffs, treasurers and advisers.

            They were not only exempt from paying taxes, they were exempt from military service. And the king enforced their usury even against the nobility. The Magna Carta was largely created to force King John to stop giving Jews permission to seize the land of nobles because of unpaid debts.

            The many expulsions of Jews that took place in Europe happened because the Jews were ruthless in collecting taxes from the peasants, keeping a portion for themselves, and the people eventually rose up against them. The king would then expel them for a while just to calm things down, and then let them back in.

            Why did this happen? Unscrupulous rulers needed a group of people to squeeze their subjects, and Jews were less likely to be sympathetic to the non-Jewish commoners than other subjects would have been.

            As a result, for all their complaints about being discriminated against, the Jews did very well in Europe, just as they do very well today for much the same reason. They ally themselves with the powerful, concentrate themselves in “power and influence” careers like banking, law, media, government, etc., and cooperate internationally to increase their power and influence even more.

            If you still believe in the “persecuted Jews” myth (by the way, the “Jewish ghetto” was created by the Jews themselves — those many Jews who were not Court Jews — because they looked down on non-Jews and didn’t want to have anything to do with them), and you want to learn more, just read Menasseh ben Israel’s petition to Oliver Cromwell for the readmission of the Jews to England. You can google it.

    • Tom Verso
      Tom Verso says:

      Very well written, thought out and prophetic piece. Very much appreciated.

      Just one thought on the Boomer category. I agree that the pre-1950 born should be categorized independent from the post ’50s born. Only the Boomer generation is usually defined as beginning in 1945 (i.e. post war boom). I was born in 1943 (aka war baby). I think your pre-1950s born should go back to circa 1940. I know from experience that cohort well and its uniqueness (The “Happy Days” generation of the 1950s)

      Sometime Joyce’s Occidental articles get picked up by Unz Review. Hopefully this one will and the comments here get carried forth. It would be good if your comment reaches the greater Unz readership.


  3. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Interesting reading, to be sure. There’s “great” western writing that I may dislike, but after all is said and done, we don’t need two-faced hostile people telling us what we should consider good or bad and I don’t think that Bloom deserves much of our attention. I sure don’t need him telling me that Angelou’s poetry is bad, every damn syllable of it.

    Here’s a line from Angelou’s poem in honor of Michael Jackson, read at his memorial service:

    “In the instant that Michael is gone, we know nothing. No clocks can tell time. No oceans can rush our tides with the abrupt absence of our treasure.” Puke & choke.

    • Poet!?
      Poet!? says:

      Wackson Jackson here he rests, beneath the cool brown earth

      Browner than his now White face, the brown he was at birth

      He lived a shucking, jiving man, he moonwalked to the top

      A dangerous thriller, a Brooke Shields killer, they called him the king of pop

      But the shekels dried up, the news was bad, they took his jiving shoes

      When the poor fool did the undoable thing, he named the dirty jews

      “They do it on purpose” Michael declared, and they accused him of diddling a boy

      The jews are “like leeches”, oof, stop right there! You simply can’t say that, bad goy

      And so they murdered him by a medicine man administering (((drugs))) at his bedside

      Yet still we can say of this once black Nazi Popstar,
      At east he died with his eyes open wide.

      Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Barkingmad ! Puke and choke – most certainly. Also merely judicially correct, since all we have left are the court transcripts and filings. Even the rushing tides won’t waft away the photo of the moon walker holding his baby out of the first floor window of the Hotel Kempinski in Berlin.

  4. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    thank you very much for this piece.
    In Italy many articles were written in Bloom’s memoria and praise, but I was certain that “not all that shines, is gold”. Perhaps because of some previous papers by you (that on Julius ?) .
    Now I’ m reassured in my perplexities about Bloom.
    Your sincerely,
    Dr Roccaforte, MD, MSc

  5. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Thank you, Dr Joyce! I had all but forgotten the detestable Bloom. A quick googling showed that he is being remembered exclusively as the great figure of Literary Theory in the 20th century. Yet I recall the headline of an artlcle: ‘Bloom, Bloom, Blow out of the Room’, that appeared, I think, in the mid-1970s, in (again, I think) the Encounter magazine. It was written by a group of literary figures at Harvard. So your piece is very welcome, and it has arrived none too soon.

    That Encounter article was in response largely to the ‘genius’ Bloom displayed when he decreed that there is no such thing as misreading a literary work, for its writer does not own his work’s meaning, nor is he of importance to the reader. Rather, when one reads a work and that reading is not consistent with what its writer might have meant, then one has made it one’s own, and thereby improved it.

    While Bloom was happening to English literature he was, despite the Jewish push to einstein him, more often than not a figure of derision. His contemporary valedictory fanfare is a shameless fiction of his genius that had died well before he did. But I do suspect that the Literary Theory of the 1980s and much of the 1990s that hijacked the study of English Literature (remember Jacques Derrida?) and wrecked it was Bloom inspired. Iris Murdoch, the Grand Old Lady of literary evaluation and a very successful novelist, was too busy to heed the brigandry of the new Theory until it had become ubiquitous. She declared herself seriously dismayed by its idiocy when she found time to look at it.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      David Mikics on Bloom in the Jewish review, “Tablet”, January 2, 2013, and October 16, 2019, online, will tell you more about his method of arrival and the arrival of his methods. He was no member of the neo-Marxist or post-Modern deconstructionists whatever his view of Sigmund the Fraud.

      Is this a reference here to the “Encounter” of Melvin Lasky & Stephen Spender? I long ago got rid of my near-complete run of this anti-Soviet CIA-assisted magazine, but I remember that the contents of one issue were almost entirely written by Jews and earned the nickname “Enkosher”.

      • Sophie Johnson
        Sophie Johnson says:

        Yes, that is the Encounter mag. I referred to. I was aware of its CIA affiliations. And the Jewish authors were obvious. Admittedly, I was rather young when I was reading this journal, but I was impressed.

        ‘ I long ago got rid of my near-complete run of this anti-Soviet CIA-assisted magazine …’

        Aw, I wish you had given them to me. 🙂

        ‘David Mikics on Bloom …’ Thank you. But Bloom has gone to hell and I have no wish to disturb him.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          @ Sophie Johnson
          It was a well-written mag. I cut and kept some of its excellent exposures of communist deceptions (e.g. Cuba, Black Power). The recently deceased Frank Giles even had an article recommending racial partition, i.e. grand apartheid, for southern Africa.
          I don’t believe in THAT Hell, and wouldn’t wish eternal torture on anyone. But we are facing a hell on earth from race replacement, runaway technology, genius depletion, and much else. Unfortunately like the Bourbons there are some people who have learned nothing and forgotten nothing since the single-cause explanation of modern global problems held by the author of “Der Giftpilz” over 80 years ago.

  6. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    “The lives of these men, their surroundings, their religion, their sense of identity, and the fact they existed in a culture that let them produce their art, and encouraged them in it, was simply of no import to Bloom whatsoever.”

    Recently I saw a documentary (Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski) of an extraordinary artist yet virtually unknown outside of his native Poland accused of anti-Semitism. In fact, he merely expressed the hostility that people commonly feel towards the Jews because of their tendency to crowd positions in the culture (which as readers of this website will be aware, is not always due to their personal talents or merit). It is worth remembering, at all times, that for every Jew who obtains such a position due to Jewish ethnic nepotism, there is a great non-Jew who has been robbed of his/her chance to shine in their given milieu.

    • Cosmotheist
      Cosmotheist says:

      I’m an admirer of Szukalski, a true artist. I watched that documentary on Netflix (no, not my subscription, I assure you!) with low expectations, and sure enough it peddled the standard jewish persecution, evil ‘Nazis’ bull$#!+, made all sorts of bogus, unsupported claims, etc.

      One of the most offensive things about jewish behaviour (well this is debatable, it’s a long and sordid list) is the way they attempt to define and denigrate our great men, artists, etc. with lies and libel, always within the ramshackle, tottering framework of their greater historical fabrications.

      It is almost inconceivable to me that it’s got to this point, with the jews reaching this level of cultural supremacy, etc. Psychopathy is a potent force though, and they are reasonably ‘high functioning’ psychopaths, after all.

  7. royAlbrecht
    royAlbrecht says:

    Bankster-Jew, trickle-down money is used to get Jews like Bloom into their positions.
    Like “…abstract art…”, where the Goyem are encouraged look for “…deep meaning…” in hastily-constructed, wood-framed canvasses with random splatterings of paint upon them…,
    that are used by the Jew-mafia to launder dirty drug money and other money gotten through the proceeds of crime,
    that are sold off at Christies auction houses as multi-million dollar works of art,
    are worn out jokes of a fraudulent criminal enterprise that is still being played on the White man to this very day.

    Irony, contradiction, plagiaristic pattern-regurgitation and simultaneous criticism and praise under the guise of profundity is nothing less than the Jew Media telling otherwise healthy Whites to look for elements of genius in a body of verbal vomit spewed out randomly by an insane Jew.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      As a mariner, who struggled-as all do especially in the Engine Department-to keep our vessel moving and working under any and all conditions in solitude and almost total self-reliance, there was a terse maxim and aphorism: “If you put up with it, you deserve it”. Seas and ships wear you down, but you don’t give in to them; you life and livelihood depends on remaining victorious and dominant.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        In a recent Bitchute interview with Jim Rizoli, Paul Fromm said he was encouraged by the growing crop of young people who, “…really know their stuff…” when it comes to [in my words] doing intellectual battle with “..corrupt Jewry..” .
        The old guard (I.e. K. Mac, Sunic, Duke, et al) are fading…, they can not remain alive forever…, their influence is waning as we speak, especially as the Jews gain greater control over the internet.
        The question is really whether or not the earth is destined to be taken over by a Jew in chief and ruled like a cattle farm for (((their))) pleasure, or if, under a symbiotic relationship, an Aryan leader can lead in the Spirit of Altruism yet radiate a paradigm that shows life how to live regulate its own private autonomy?
        Another question that goes through my head is…, in the face of alienation, cowardice, [self-]deception, ignorance, avarice, and pretense as a means of escape from “…hard service…”…, is it possible for one man to stand alone day after day for more or less his entire life and continue to struggle and strive for victory?
        This last question is especially poignant for those who have glimpsed Deeper States of Reality that offer solace from the slings and arrows that this world seems to inflict upon them on a daily basis.
        Is the popular concept of an Obsessively Compulsive Ascetic like Gandhi…,
        who is portrayed as the Man of the Times who changed the fate of a nation and a people…,
        realistic and something worth striving for?

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Another question that goes through my head is…, in the face of alienation, cowardice, [self-]deception, ignorance, avarice, and pretense as a means of escape from “…hard service…”…, is it possible for one man to stand alone day after day for more or less his entire life and continue to struggle and strive for victory?
          This last question is especially poignant for those who have glimpsed Deeper States of Reality that offer solace from the slings and arrows that this world seems to inflict upon them on a daily basis.
          Is the popular concept of an Obsessively Compulsive Ascetic like Gandhi…,
          who is portrayed as the Man of the Times who changed the fate of a nation and a people…,
          realistic and something worth striving for?

          Most successful mass movements are initialed and powered by a vanguard or hard core. Like concentric circles.

          A seminal question. Using a medical analogy, we Whites aka Indo-Europeans, have diagnosed the various parasites, viruses and other pathogens of the Corpus Indo-Europeanus, and have gauged and chronicled his deteriorating morbid condition-which only worsens with time.

          What we HAVE not done is undertake the surgery and clinical treatment to cure the Patient. This is called action, and is a reaction to the fatal infections and causes of impending mortality. There have been enumerable “conferences”, meetings, symposia, limpid demonstrations and a tsunami of exhortations-which is a synonym for shouting.

          Like the barking of a dog [which is incessant in some of our quarters], there has been a concomitant absence of bite and shredding. This has proceeded for decades, centuries and millennia. All pushback have been reversed in equal or exceeding amount. All ground gained against the The Chosen Tribe has been lost, and more. Our struggle has been one step forward and two to three steps back.

          If Christianity were what it is supposed to be, there would be no shortage of martyrs. Even in the form of the solitary man in Tianemen Square, or similar. Is there not a man or woman with a terminal disease that would risk life and limb to call out unceasingly the genocide of this people?

          Here’s an inventory of White responses to ZOG: Western Europe, Canuckistan, and the Jewbenighted Stakes: failure to act and intervene.

          Brazil: the middle class hit the streets in the millions, people pounds their pots and pans from their apartment buildings. All of this was against the confutation of the Obama-Chavez NWO puppets of Presidents Lula and Dilma Rouseff. You did not see one moment to this on Mainscream Media. The Supreme Court of Brazil has five NWO Communists placed there. They want to free Lula (they actually imprison former presidents of the country). The Vice-President said he will direct the military to arrest the entire Supine Court if they attempt to flaunt the Constitution. You see what is possible? Real action-predominantly by the White middle class- by people who are not going to lose their country without a fight.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          I am waiting on your man. But I find my isolation hard to bear some days. I can’t find anyone to talk to about anything important outside of the internet When is anything going to happen in real time and place I keep wondering.

          • Richard B
            Richard B says:

            My response to Roy below speaks directly to your comment, which I just read, after having posted mine last night.

            Why point out that detail?

            Because it’s evidence of what’s known as a cultural convergence.

            That’s where two or more people unknown to each other have had or are having the same experience.

            It’s another way of saying that we’re not alone. And we aren’t.

            It’s also important to keep in mind that isolation and alienation are not bad in and of themselves.

            In fact, both are a necessary condition for any kind of problem-solving, ie;

            The philosophers’ study.
            The scientist’s laboratory.
            The humanist’s library, etc.

            This is the genius of European man (which includes his geographical extensions of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

            Isolation and Alienation are essential to European man in terms of problem-solving, leadership and manhood itself, since we pride ourselves on the ability to muster the courage and strength to stand alone.

            THIS is what is meant by a healthy individuality. Because it is not in service to a base narcissism. But it is in service to a self that can better contribute to his social group or race.

            The fact that that help is not always taken or even understood is, of course, part of the problem.

            But it’s worth pointing out that it is generally misunderstood by conformists who, to the extent they do experience any individuality, experience it narcissistically.

            I mean this in response to a previous comment of yours that I liked very much and wanted to respond to (here’s as good a place as any).

            Because the kind of individuality you were referencing is the unhealthy kind that is about itself, not us.

            A healthy individuality is the kind that recognizes the fact that, when it comes to the problems of individual and group, there is no final answer. So, instead of reducing the problem to an Either/Or decision, it becomes a Both/And choice.

            Depending on absolutes when faced with complex problems is very jewish.

            European man has always had a stronger drive toward reality. THAT’s the #1 bottom line reason why Jewish Supremacy Inc. and its non-White proxies borh resent and admire us.

            Their admiration is just.
            Their resentment isn’t.

            But, since I don’t need or want their approval I’m perfectly indifferent to their resentment-based judgments.

            As Nietzsche said, resentment is the beginning of the slave revolt in morality. It’s negative, reactive, and born in denial (of reality) and operates by placing demands on others, ie, those who are stronger.

            But above all, it brings out all the more the superiority of the stronger and more noble who place demands on themselves.

            You know, us.

        • Richard B
          Richard B says:

          “The old guard (I.e. K. Mac, Sunic, Duke, et al) are fading…, they can not remain alive forever.”

          Neither can any of us.

          But the work of KM, et al. will live on.

          In fact, I would say that this accounts for “the growing crop of young people who,…really know their stuff…”

          It’s not at all uncommon for those who mention their age while posting comments to write something like “Read CoC.”

          And I wouldn’t underestimate commenters like those of us here and at other sites who share their experiences and personal responses about anything from Jewish Supremacy Inc. to European culture.

          In fact, I come here for the comments just as much for the articles and find some of the disagreements stimulating and thought-provoking and some of the agreements inspiring and affirming.

          My only concern is when I see people demanding ideological purity along fascist lines In The Name of Race, ie; Fascism = White. Or, White = Right. As Right-wing.

          The idea of reducing European man to an ideology is a betrayal of European culture.

          Let’s say a miracle happened, and it would take one, and these guys won the day. What do you think they’d do then? They’d get rid of any White person who didn’t agree with them.

          Of course that will never happen. But it’s worth pointing out to see what can be done now, or not.

          “The question is really whether or not the earth is destined to be taken over by a Jew in chief and ruled like a cattle farm for (((their))) pleasure, or if, under a symbiotic relationship, an Aryan leader can lead in the Spirit of Altruism yet radiate a paradigm that shows life how to live regulate its own private autonomy?”

          Exactly! That’s what I’m talking about. And I couldn’t agree more.

          However, it’s not a coincidence that you follow it with this,

          “This last question is especially poignant for those who have glimpsed Deeper States of Reality that offer solace from the slings and arrows that this world seems to inflict upon them on a daily basis.”

          This is what those of us who love European culture and are aware of Jewish Supremacy Inc, and reject it, have experienced and are living through now. Especially those of us who have left our native countries and now live somewhere else.

          Alienation is difficult, dangerous and exhausting. It often feels like a giant hand is squeezing one’s heart and head. But life rewards us for hanging in there and for the way we hang in there.

          Living dangerously in that way is to turn one’s life into a heroic going against the grain. And that is something we owe the young if we can communicate it to them.

          Of course, whether or not they get anything from our experience or not is none of my business.

          I simply share what I know and have experienced, let them know I’m willing to help, and let it go at that.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        I was a Merchant Mariner [71-72] out of Singapore. {Relative pulled strings}. I was the “saloon messman”- job, serve the officers their meals. Roommate, the BR [bedroom- cleans officers’ rooms, of the negro persuasion, brass knucks hanging on the walls]

        Ship was a T2 tanker built in 1945, modified in 1965 and renamed the San Antonio. I snuck into the engine section- steam turbine[s] driving
        generator/alternator, which turned a large electric motor, connected to a large single screw [prop]. 15 knots.

        Picture of the ship: https://tinyurl.com/y27dfwuz

        Head of the NMU [National Maritime Union] was Joseph Curran, widely considered to be a Communist. . .
        The union rep finally caught up with us in Suzy’s bar in Sasebo, Japan- “That’ll be $40 each- fellows. . .”

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      Mr. Albrecht, I’d like to thank you for this opening comment: “Bankster-Jew, trickle-down money is used to get Jews like Bloom into their positions.” For that was the very question I was going to pose to Dr. Joyce. I mean, how did all these Jews just suddenly manage to get top positions in universities throughout the English-speaking world? I think you’ve put your finger on the answer, though I’m sure blackmail was a method used as well. It would be a good story to research and write on . . . but of course the results would be smothered at birth. Such are the times in which we live. Thanks for the thought, though.

      • RoyAlbrecht
        RoyAlbrecht says:

        1) Jews exist under the impression, taught or inborn, that they are capable of escaping the Karmic effects of their ill gotten wealth.
        2) As a consequence of (1.), for millenniums, Jews have sought to evade the consequences of the Laws of Nature and continually attempt to pass their ill-gotten material wealth on to successive off-spring or to the greater Tribe in general.
        3) Today, we live in Times where the Clash between the Spread of Truth through the internet threatens to Expose the Flat-footed, Tin-Can Eloquence, and Complicated Array of Jew-Deceptions to the Entire World…, Simultaneously.
        A terrifying prospect for the Jew !
        4) The addiction of material gain,
        at the expense of another’s hard work,
        runs so deep in the Jews,
        that just the thought of having to toil,
        not just for one’s living, but for the Spiritual Benefits thereby derived,
        is all but lost on the collective memory of World Jewry.
        Talk about a Petulant Child wielding a Loaded Gun !
        The result is a Mongrel Race of Megalomaniacal Addicts with Suicidal Aggressive Tendencies who have lost sight of what life is really all about.
        6) What’s more, Our Own People have a tendency to limit how far they will or are able to go in the fight against what is essentially a Jew World Order.
        This leaves the True Fighters alone and abandoned.
        The Jew fights to keep the momentum of
        or accelerate the flow of
        life going in a Negative Feedback Loop
        while Nature seeks ways to correct the Flow of Life in a Positive Feedback Direction.

        The popular picture that comes to mind are the expressions of fatigue, desperation and near breakdown in resistance of the Fellowship of the Ring in the Moments before Gollum takes the Ring to ((( its ))) death in the Fiery Chasm of Mount Doom.
        Did J.R.R. Tolkien delude himself with this fairy tale ending?

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Not wising to be cynical but Nature better hurry up. Internet has broken the
          Tribe’s absolute control over communication but they intend to have it back.

          Thanks to Internet, for the first time post World War 2, WE are beginning to know about THEM. But they know we are beginning to know and they mean to have our people trapped in Judeothink. They intend to take down the first amendment and they are damn good at what they do. What will we do if we lose the Internet?

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      An excellent definition of the “art market” (totally controlled by the “Chosen People”) and the Jewish “modus operandi” in general. Congratulations

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      The desire to become a White Spiritual Leader with sufficient Vision, Wide Spread Magnetism, and the ability to lead Whites out of Jew-crafted Delusion has been the desire of many a White Advocate…, though none has, as yet, successfully accomplished the task.

      What’s more, whereas Gandhi had a National Base with similar genetic roots…,
      be they stratified on a four or five fold level of different Religions and Castes…,
      at least each Religious Cohort was able to relate to the other with some modicum of tolerance.
      Furthermore, the milieu of World War 2, with Hitler and Japan doing their utmost to eliminate the Jew from the geopolitical stage.., is something today’s Whites do not have.
      The Plethora of Religions and Sub-Racial Variances within the Greater White “…Ethno-dome…”…,
      not to mention the Jewish Success at injecting both Less-Related Genetic material and a Cesspool of Toxic Ideologies into once cohesive White Societies…,
      has made the “…coming out…” of any One Leader a fearfully ambitious task.

      Who among us has the Inner Strength, the Over-all Vision, the Intellectual Capacity, and the ability to draw to him a Core Group of Supporters/Advisors of Sufficient Material Strength to keep the Emerging Leader from being assassinated by the Putrid Jew?

      For make no mistake, should the Demented Jew ever smell the emergence of an Aryan Leader with the Potential to challenge the Jew-bastard, Bankster-in-Chief, (((he))) would unleash a Tsunami of Assassins, Tactics, and Weaponry aimed at no other task than to eliminate him before he gained a decisive foot hold.

      Lastly, allow me to be so insanely delusional as to proffer throwing myself into a Running Contest to be the next White Gandhi.
      (We need an election of our own to fill just such a Newly Created Position! An Aryan White Man to face the Rothschildian Behemoth! Who among us has the Nerve to enter his name to fill such a Post?)

      1) Gandhi had a Home Base. Whites have no such place.
      2) His Base had a minimum of supporters to give a modicum of security, where a Spiritually Regenerative Lifestyle flourished that allowed the Core to build up their Strength and undertake the daily Task of Leadership and Communication for the Battle that was to Ensue.
      Whites are scattered, underfunded, fighting amongst themselves, distraught, malnourished, distrustful, and infected with Jew Moles with Treasonous Governments just ready to pounce and disrupt the proceedings.

  8. Cosmotheist
    Cosmotheist says:

    “The lives of these men, their surroundings, their religion, their sense of identity, and the fact they existed in a culture that let them produce their art, and encouraged them in it, was simply of no import to Bloom whatsoever.“

    To say nothing of their biological configuration: genes, DNA etc.

    Did you buy Bloom’s books before or after becoming aware of the nature and behaviour of the jews?
    Personally, I do not anticipate knowingly purchasing the published work of a jew ever again in my life. Although, I could conceivably make exception for legitimate ‘self-haters’, or works along the lines of Ariel Toaff’s ‘Blood Passover’ that ostensibly (I haven’t read it) acknowledges the veracity of accusations of jewish ritual murder (‘blood libel’ – these vermin have an idiotic, formulaic dismissal for everything), etc. . Has Toaff’s book been investigated/discussed at TOO?

    Out of curiosity, and slightly off topic, do we have any advocates of Marlowe as author of the plays attributed to Shakespeare theory here?

    Thank you for the article. Slightly tepid for my tastes… but then I read a lot of ‘extremist’, ‘fascist’, ‘hateful’ literature ; )

    To close, I would just like to say that Bloom is dead and has returned to the jew oversoul. Good riddance!

    • Sophie Johnson
      Sophie Johnson says:

      There is an English translation of the Toaff work: http://www.israelshamir.net/BLOODPASSOVER.pdf.

      However, Prof Toaff was forced to recant the views he aired in his original (Italian) work. And, it seems, he thought it advisable to recant, even though he was the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome. But he has more or less recanted the recant. (The Introduction to the translation gives an outline of these goings-on.)

      It is not unusual to come upon Italians who claim that they have a copy of Prof. Toaff’s original work. So though the books were pulped, it seems that a number of people had rescued copies of it.

      Shakespeare: As undergraduates, many of us were very keen on pursuing the idea that either Christopher Marlow or Francis Bacon had in fact written the works attributed to Shakespeare. Several of the commentaries I recall were pretty persuasive. But none even claimed to be the purveyor of conclusive truth.

  9. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Forgive a rather dismal note. Jews since Cromwell knew they had to control the media as far as possible in our Anglo world. Probably Bloom regarded all Eng Lit as Jewish-edited. Just as I’d guess Jews regarded British and American engineering and architecture as Jewish-owned. The control over print was so complete that most people had no idea of it, just as many Brits have no idea of the Jewish domination of the BBC since the 1920s. (See for example http://www.big-lies.org/jewish-propaganda-uk/ if you can take my web style).

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Thank you very much for the link to http://www.big-lies.org. Very interesting to say the least. Jews are extremely cunning since they always worked/work as a team with one clear goal in mind “Power”. The great majority of Whites/Aryans who do not have a clue about the evil nature of the Jews are imbeciles that do as they are told.

      Adolf Hitler was the harbinger a new era for the Aryan race, but it was too late. They had centuries to corrupt and infiltrate European society. Considering this the achievements of Hitler between 1933-1939 were absolutely wonderful, almost miraculous.

      A thorough study and understanding of the JQ is essential for a nation to survive

  10. F. Roger Devlin
    F. Roger Devlin says:

    Dr. Joyce’s remarks on Bloom remind me of a somewhat analogous figure in the German-speaking world: the (also Jewish) Marcel Reich-Ranicki, who dominated literary criticism in Central Europe for some sixty years. He once compiled a supposed canon of great German literary nonfiction that included not merely four essays entitled by four separate authors entitled “My Jewishness,” but also the complete text of Herzl’s Der Judenstaat.

    • Roundblabber
      Roundblabber says:

      Incredible considering modern zionists will not allow German to be spoken in Israel’s parlaiment.

  11. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Ahem! Kevin, I just read about Heidi! Woo-hoo. Maybe you could have some compassion and give her a job as writer here at theocci. What say you. I read the comments c/w many photos at unz and could barely breathe I was laughing so hard.

  12. Eric
    Eric says:

    It’s a typical Jewish trick to claim that “culture creates people” instead of the other way around. It follows that whites deserve no credit for what they have achieved (this rule of thumb doesn’t apply to the Jews, who never stop bragging about how brilliant they are).

    Just add Jewish hatred of non-Jewish white people into the mix — along with disproportionately Jewish control of finance, media, education and politics in the U.S. — and you get former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden saying that the impending disappearance of white people “like me” is “a good thing.”

    Unfortunately, the Jewish position dovetails neatly with the preposterous notion that the United States is not a nation and Americans are not a people, but rather a set of propositions. Come one, come all, to the Great Melting Pot

  13. Ed Connelly
    Ed Connelly says:

    Dr. Joyce, that was another welcome consideration of Jewish activity among us goyim. For me, it was a “nostalgic” romp through my own youthful gropings with the JQ, as I was a college student then young man while “authorities” like the Blooms (Harold and Allan — with the latter distilled through the lens of either Philip Roth or another Jewish guru). Our culture was awash with these Jews dismantling what I was still able to study of those “dead white males.”

    Because I learned (back then) that literature was to be taken seriously, I paid far more attention to it than to cinema, but gradually I realized that what Jews were doing to Western literature, they were also doing to our culture through Hollywood. I never really any special love for movies (and still don’t) but felt it was an untold story, so I turned to writing about Jewish warfare through cinema.

    Alas, we’re now at a point where Western literature has been dismantled — and the reading audience dumbed down and fractured by multiculturalism. And film? Do I really need to comment?

    Next, I’d love for you to cast your gaze on the destruction wrought by Stanley Fish.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Hello “Achilles Wannabe” (what a funny nickname LOL)

      Like many people of my generation (I am 60 years old) When I was young I went through a phase of radical anti-Christianism after reading some National-Socialist authors and being exposed to the poisonous propaganda of the post-1945 Catholic Church.

      About 10 years ago I came across a monumental work (3 volumes of about 700 pages ea.) written by a countryman of myself (I am Argentinian) “La judaizacion del Cristianismo y la ruina de la civilizacion” (The Judaization of Christianity and the Ruin of Western Civilization) unfortunately there is no English translation. With an impressive scholarly apparatus, the author destroys the myth of the so-called “Jewish roots of Christianity” (to make his case more convincing and virtually unquestionable the author based his research exclusively on Jewish sources or Philo-Semitic/Protestant authors)

      Well, the lecture of this monumental work reconciled me with Christianity or to be more precise with the Catholic faith. For nearly 2.000 years the Catholic Church fought an endless war against the Jews who were behind every heretical movement that attempted to impregnate the Catholic faith with Jewish concepts. Although I am not a believer (I never was) I can now appreciate the valuable role played by the Catholic Church until 1945 in the development of Western civilization, particularly in its battle against Judaism.

      That is why we must not fall in the mistake that many White Nationalists or National Socialists do when bashing Christianity calling it “a Jewish cult” from the very beginning. Up to the tragic fracture brought about by the nefarious Reformation, Christianity had nothing to do with Judaism. From the XVI century onwards the poison within began to spread and by 1945 it was all over. Nowadays Christianity is indeed a Jewish cult.


      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Hello Angelicus. Thanks for responding

        While I wouldn’t say pre Reformation Christianity was entirely free of Judaization , it was certainly very different from the Judaized Protestantism or CAtholicism we have today
        Have you read E. Michael Jones? He is a trad CAtholic historian who has done a lot of work on the relationship between Judaism and
        Christianity. His book
        “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is an indepth look at this question. Somehow it is free on line, pdf

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          Hello Achilles:

          Thank you for your comments. Yes, I have heard of E. Michael Jones although I haven’t read any of his works. I will look for the book you have recommended to me.

          The problem with people like E. Michael Jones is that they tend to force their religious views on the subjects they discuss and that usually ruins a good argument. Regardless of the religious or theological point of view, which in the end is irrelevant, the Jewish influence on Western civilization is a lethal one and must be fought mercilessly. Nobody understood this better than Adolf Hitler and nobody expressed it better than him. To mix politics with religion is a very serious mistake that is why he never took a position regarding religion as he clearly expressed in the 24th point of the Party’s programme:

          “We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: “The good of the community before the good of the individual”

          Have a nice weekend

          • Achilles Wannabe
            Achilles Wannabe says:

            Funny how Hitler is starting to make sense, huh? Of course we. or at least I, were never exposed to the real Hitler or the real war for that matter until the internet.. Many years ago I tried reading Mein Kampf and thought “He’s nuts” and put it down. But this year I read it and found it very interesting. Now I wonder if I had read an edited version or if I just jumped to the conclusions I had been trained to come to. I’ve been with the professors – many of
            them Jews – but didn’t get an education. I got a brain washing

            I agree that Jones is too wrapped up in catholicism. But it is because of his catholicism that he delivers up important information about how Christianity changed vs the Jews Even critics of Jews if they are of of Protestant background just pretty much ignore Catholicism But the Old Church’s history sheds great light on the origins of Judaization.

            Like you, I am outside the religious

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Jones is committed Roman Catholic. He recognizes the faults of the church, but does not reject Roman Catholicism because of those faults. If you can get beyond that stumbling block, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is a treasure trove of unparalleled analysis of the “Jewish Question” and is well-written to boot. I highly recommend it.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        What is the name of that author?
        The Catholic Church had a difficult relationship with German National Socialism, despite the efforts of WW1 chaplains and theologians as distinguished as Karl Adam.
        It was consistently opposed to Soviet Communism; hence its favourable view of Franco, Stepinac and Mindszenty. The “post-Holocaust” change in attitude towards the Crucifixion and conversion of Jews was one factor in its later post-WW2 change, but Vatican II opened the door to fatal effects. The credibility went out with the authority. The house built on rock is now resting on self-imported sand and is ebbing away in a flood of modernism, hedonism and multiculturalism.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      I like films and therefore I am interested in your writings about Jewish influence in the cinema. Do you have a blog or website?

      I am enclosing a link to a long article or survey about the destructive effect of Western cinema (North American and European) in our society. It has been written by Herve Ryssen an expert in the JQ and author of several excellent books. The article is in English although most of the blog is in French: https://herveryssen.wordpress.com/2017/05/01/cinema-without-borders-how-cinema-influences-society-herve-ryssen/


  14. Joe WEbb
    Joe WEbb says:

    Like reading the deconstructionists before I was rehabilitated with regard to The Jews and I knew the stuff was junk but I did not know Why it was junk, Kafka was junk too, but I similarly did not know why it was junk,,,behold The Jews.

    Kafka’s Castle is Western Civ and The Jews’ are locked up in it.,,,and hate it. A true paranoia about The West, The Occident.

    Nice piece Andrew, Joe Webb

  15. Tom Verso
    Tom Verso says:

    You never cease to amaze professor.

    You uniquely combine nothing less than profound scholarly factual research with a journalistic readable style of writing. I learn more about my (European American) history and culture from you than both my undergraduate and graduate so called education in the humanities and social science.

    Thank you

  16. Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts says:

    I don’t want to comment on this writer’s overall indictment of Bloom, but I would like to recommend an essay Bloom wrote about “The Merchant of Venice.” As I recall — I no longer have the book — he concluded by saying that between the generous, open-handed, somewhat irresponsible ethos of Antonio and the a-contract-is-a-contract worldview of Shylock there was not much possibility of mutual understanding.

  17. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    In an earlier comment, Ed Connelly wondered “how did all these Jews just suddenly manage to get top positions in universities throughout the English-speaking world?” Given that there is no grass growing under Ed’s feet, I am quite sure that his wonderment is largely pro forma and that he knows that suddenness had virtually nothing to do with it.

    In this country it is largely clear that the loss of confidence amongst the late nineteenth- and twentieth-century descendants of the Protestant elite—the group that had done a much more than acceptable job of running things hereabouts for the two centuries prior—that their Christian belief was any longer either well founded or relevant was successfully exploited by Jewish “cultural” and psychological activity, which fretted their Protestant insecurities to the extent that in short order they widened from a crack in the brickwork to a six-lane superhighway. With the effective disappearance of anything more than the husk of a conviction that Christian faith was an indissoluble, indispensable component of every form of truth and goodness, the near-desperate need to avoid appearing nonconformist—long since observed on these shores by Tocqueville and extensively documented in the present day by KM and Ed Dutton, among others—cowed the faculties of Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the other fabled institutions into putting aside at least 800 years of Christian English speakers’ struggles with and observations of Jews and allowing fond hope to triumph over bitter experience.

    Of course, the Jews that these deluded, once-Christian scholars admitted to their institutions entertained no comparable delusions, and so in the past eighty years they have never returned the favor to their former benefactors.* In short, I suggest that by the time that Harold Bloom was invited in, the process, far from being at its outset, was already solidly established, if not yet as well advanced as it would be a decade later.

    There is certainly much more one might say about Harold Bloom, but really, what would be the point? Unsurprisingly, Andrew Joyce has already observed virtually everything worth observing, implicitly including the trite but highly irritating irony that this misshapen lump of Jewish lard—a man who might be likened to a caricature of Zero Mostel on a day when that uniquely and extraordinarily funny Jew was both falling-down drunk and utterly barren of humor—has in death practically been described as some sort of apologist for white supremacy. Leave it to the editors at the Sulzberger rag’s headquarters to find an original and unexpected way to needle even us thick-skinned goyim!
    * I am well aware that this comes as news to no one here.

  18. Sutter
    Sutter says:

    “Harold Bloom was a key part of that change in direction, but despite his key role in advancing destructive and deconstructive Jewish thinking in English literature, it remains a remarkable fact that, in the eyes of many, Bloom came to be seen as a conservative figure who fought courageously against cultural Marxism and what he himself termed “the school of resentment” in English literature. How did this happen?
    His personal resentment for Eliot aside, there can be little doubt that Bloom was obsessively impressed with Western literature….

    assures us that “the defense of the Western canon is in no way a defense of the West or a nationalist enterprise.”

    “Patience becomes not so much the prime Kafkan virtue as the only resource for survival, like the canonical patience of the Jews.”

    Let me propose a counter-theory to the idea that Bloom really liked the Western Canon and wanted to defend it.

    The theory is that his cultural assault was just tempered by an understanding of *how much* he could accomplish in his assault of the West, and how. He knew that he couldn’t overreach and be as wild and crazy as an African-American critic. He also knew that it would blow his cover, as a Jew.

    Incremental approaches to CoC by Jews are not uncommon or secret. Jonathan Haidt’s politics is one of slower liberalism. His main message is to liberals to reel it back a bit and give the goys time.

    The Ken Burns documentaries are also this way; they give us something to feel good about, but they also insert some really aggressive PC pundits. He makes it palatable enough for even conservative people to swallow.

    Bloom’s goal is to defend the Western Canon staunchly, winning trust of conservatives, while subtly undermining the Western-ness of it. Typical push-pull tactic.

  19. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    @ Mr Vanini
    No, I don’t think you write to GET credit; maybe I should have said “thanks”. It was an observation about other people, not an insult to you.
    After all, I have always agreed that it is irrational and unethical to condemn or harm a person just because of how he was born or raised. However, the terms “antisemitism” and “Jews” are so flexible that they can often hinder accurate and productive discussion. We can be led up the garden of Edom or into the maze of Khazaria. I too favour careful documentation, and welcome informed correction not abuse or aspersion.

  20. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Lucius Vanini’s above response to my defense of “The Jews” as a concept is over the top.

    It should be clear from my post that I was not arguing that all Jews are the same. Quite the opposite. Nor was I expressing hatred for Jews or trying to encourage it Obviously a great many anti semites do hate Jews but antisemitism and hatred of individual Jews are not necessarily linked I don’t hate Jews – at least not all individual Jews. I do hate The Jews which indicates the utility of “The Jews” as an abstraction. But any person of Jewish ethnic origin who can prove his or her separation from the ideological and organizational bodies which are the empirical substance of the concept of “The Jews” is fine with me.

    However many of these individualist Jews there are, “The Jews” still is good conceptual shorthand and we opponents of Jewish Power should keep it because it has long been a part of the argot of Aryans. Lack of respect for our traditions has enabled The Jews to denationalize us. “The Jews” was not that long ago a set piece in the Euro-gentile mind.
    It was just a common sense acknowledgement of Jews considered as a tribe. If I had grown up with such common sense instead of a philo semitic indoctrination, it would not have taken me so long to see The Jews.

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