On Migrant Deaths

“I observe that men run away to other countries, because they are not good in their own.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Culture, 1876.

“Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by!”
B. Yeats, Under Ben Bulben

The sight and smell must have been horrific. On October 23, the bodies of 39 East Asians were found in an airtight refrigerated truck container in Essex in eastern England. Bloody handprints smeared the walls, and the bodies, mostly naked, foamed at the mouth. A murder investigation was immediately launched, but the circumstances, despite their horrific nature, were hardly mysterious. The movements of the haulage truck, the racial uniformity of the dead, and the conditions of transport all pointed to a catastrophic attempt at organized illegal entry into Britain. The driver was arrested and charged. Arrest warrants were issued. Documentation was seized and examined. Autopsies and collaboration with foreign police forces revealed that the deceased were Vietnamese, and that their final journey to Britain occurred via Belgium and Ireland. It is, as yet, undetermined at which geographic point the process of suffocation began, though it is believed they were alive in the container for around ten hours before they succumbed, one by one.

It is a story that, in all its macabre and gory features, lends itself to exploitation — and the Left has exploited it to the full. The narrative has emerged that the corpses in Essex were the result of Third World “desperation” and a heartless immigration system that fails to provide “safe routes” for migrants. But is this really what’s happening, both in Britain and across the West? Is this really the explanation for drownings in the Mediterranean, bodies on Turkish beaches, and deaths in the Arizona desert? Much as I empathize with the particularly nasty deaths of the deceased Vietnamese, I argue that they were the victims of their own materialistic and often criminal desire to live in “First World” conditions among Whites, of a sociopathic Irish people-smuggling gang that cared not for their illegal cargo or Europe, but for filthy profit alone, and of a much broader and more profound phenomena — the deepening exploitation of Europe and Europeans under manipulative humanitarian pretexts.

“The Migrant Personality”

A common theme in mass media treatments of migrant deaths is the emphasis on a putative “desperation” among migrants. The term implies a lack of choice, and implicitly suggests that migrants don’t really want to move to the West, but have been forced to do so by circumstances. These narrative strains, undoubtedly cultivated to provoke sympathy and reduce opposition among European natives, are in stark contrast to the reality that Third World migrants to the West invariably pass through many safe and reasonably prosperous countries prior to their arrival. This reality suggests that choice is actually a very strong feature of migrant behavior, and reduces the likelihood that such behavior is motivated by genuine desperation.

Perhaps because of the obvious weakness of “desperation” narratives, much energy has been expended on the development of propaganda on the putative migrant personality, especially aspects concerning ambitions and motivations. For example, an extensive literature has developed in both popular culture and academia suggesting that migration selects for educational qualifications, motivational characteristics, and positive risk-taking behaviors. In line with this thinking, government, mass media and academia in the West have invested heavily in persuading native populations that mass migration from areas as distant as Africa and South Asia is a net gain for receiving countries, since it involves importing highly-motivated and capable people. The problem with arguments such as these is that they are based heavily in nostalgic visions of the (predominantly American) past, and aren’t remotely based in the contemporary global social reality. Ideas of energetic pioneers arriving from abroad are clearly more applicable to the pushing of a nineteenth-century frontier populated by Northwest Europeans than they are to mass migration to fully-established twenty-first century nations with advanced economies and generous welfare provisions.

In 2018, a team of scholars from The Migration Observatory, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, at the UK’s University of Oxford, published their findings on “arguments about a common migrant personality.”[1] The study was one of the first of its kind since the serious analysis of the putative migrant personality has been rare indeed. Rather controversially, the Oxford team’s findings “seem to contradict the arguments about a common migrant personality put forward by social psychologists, as well as most of the predictions of standard economic models. We do find, however, some support for the welfare magnet hypothesis.” [emphasis added] The “welfare magnet hypothesis” is, in the polite expression of the Oxford scholars, essentially the argument that “very generous welfare states can lead to negative skill selectivity.” If one wanted to be less polite, the welfare magnet hypothesis could be usefully explained as the attraction exerted by an abundance of free resources on large numbers of unskilled migrants with poor cultural and behavioral aptitudes, who are thus destined to become net drains on their target nation. In fact, the study found Turks migrating to wealthy European countries to be negatively selected for motivation and aptitude, meaning that only the less capable and talented among the Turks left for Europe.

Despite findings like these, contemporary mass migration is almost exclusively presented to Western populations as a humanitarian matter, and most media treatments of the issue are replete with appeals to emotion and concepts of fairness. It is rarely, if ever, admitted that mass migration is often deliberately pursued by “exporting” nations as a means of relieving the burden of criminal elements and surplus populations, and also a means of generating revenue from money remitted by established migrants. And it is rarely admitted that left in Western societies sees these immigrants as clients and a future voting base, the latter already having profound effects in the United States.

While there has been much talk about Syria as a zone of war and destruction, little has been made of the fact that, like the Russian Jews in 1880 (whose own migration path was eased by largely fictional humanitarian tales of woe), it has one of the highest population growth rates in the world (2.4%). In the seven least-developed of Syria’s 14 provinces, women have between 3.8 and 6.2 children, and their fertility rates are not expected to decline much in the next 15 years. In 2010, Nabil Sukkar, a Syrian economist formerly with the World Bank, said “We have a population problem, no question. Unless we cope with it, it could be a burden on our development.” Sukkar said labor supply was growing about 4.5 percent a year, due to rapid population expansion in earlier decades, outpacing the capacity of Syria’s economy to create jobs for the cohort of 250,000 young people arriving on the job market every year. “Too big a population means a high burden on government services, such as education, electricity and health care,” he said. “Perhaps in 20 years the growth rate will go down to 1.5 percent as in Egypt, but in the meantime we do have a problem.” Since Syria spent the period 2011–2019 exporting its entire surplus cohort under the cover of a perfectly-timed civil war, Sukkar’s problem, like the similar one facing Africa, is now Europe’s problem.

“The Migrant Contribution”

The same pattern is witnessed across the varying ethnic hues of mass migration, even taking into account the dead Vietnamese in Essex. In a study of Vietnamese illegal immigration to the UK and Germany, academic Trang Nguyen found that “immigration agencies and brokers that are affiliated to the Vietnamese government” have been providing logistical support to illegal Vietnamese in Europe because “illegal immigration to Europe is widely recognized by Hanoi as a welcome solution to their unemployment problem and as a source of growing remittances.” Remittances from what? The Vietnamese have rather quickly established themselves in Europe as the dominant players in the sale of illegal cigarettes (Germany) and the mass cultivation of cannabis in indoor plantations (UK).  In 2012, more than 60% of UK arrests for cannabis production involved Vietnamese migrants. The title of Nguyen’s article, and his central thesis, is that this is “government-sponsored crime” in the sense that Hanoi is providing logistical support for the activities of its illegals plying these illicit trades on European soil. Nguyen continues:

They developed methods to turn networks of large houses into clandestine cannabis plantation farms (Luke, 2012). Information from Vietnamese-language online fora in the UK indicates that these houses are rented from housing agents using fraudulent or stolen identity papers. Set-up costs for an operation vary between £15,000 and £50,000 while annual profits from a single ‘grow house’ run from £200,000 to £500,000. According to interviewees and other media reports, Vietnamese-run cannabis farms are mainly located in the suburbs of London, Manchester and Birmingham.

The background of Vietnamese migrants is almost uniform. Nguyen remarks that they overwhelmingly tend to have a rural origin and low educational attainment, and have few ambitions other than finding illegal work in cigarette and cannabis manufacture (males) or in nail bars (females). Despite quasi-Romantic narratives proffered by the Left-Liberal media, these individuals do not come to Europe with visions of cultural synthesis and embracing European “values.” Rather, Europe is seen as a lucrative cash cow, to be milked for welfare or criminal proceeds. Nguyen relates how one illegal told him that “Many of them (cannabis “gardeners”) went to the UK and made a fortune, but came back not knowing a single English word. They probably did not even see the Big Ben tower.”

A significant proportion of these illegal proceeds are funnelled back to Vietnam through a network of “legitimate” Vietnamese businesses operating in Europe, such as grocery stores, logistics companies, or translation agencies, who receive foreign currencies from undocumented migrants and launder it for them. In 2017, the Ministry of Labour of Vietnam set the target of exporting 225,000 migrant workers over a 24-month period. The policy has resulted in Vietnam now being one of the top ten global remittance recipients, receiving between $10 and $14 billion since 2012, accounting for 6–8% of its GDP. Rather than warning prospective migrants about the potentiality of their becoming engaged with criminal elements, Nguyen found the Vietnamese government complicit in assisting “criminal networks to lure and traffic individuals and encourage the undocumented migrants to enter illegal markets.” In fact, many of the same networks are actually “state-owned or stated-affiliated.” At time of this writing, Hanoi has never reported “any investigations, prosecutions, or convictions of officials complicit in human trafficking offences,” and the Vietnamese government has made it extremely difficult for European nations to deport Vietnamese illegals back to their country of origin.

The scale and calculation behind international migration networks, and the complicity of population-exporting governments, surely exposes, or at the very least problematizes, the myth of a humanitarian crisis. In the case of the Essex incident, unfortunately, a willful ignorance has prevailed across the UK media and important sections of society. A good example is an awful piece of journalism that appeared in The Scotsman. The article begins, predictably, with humanitarian and emotional appeals: “Who could ever forget the heartbreaking picture of a toddler lying dead on a Mediterranean shore, or the impact it had on public consciousness? … What happened in Essex this week is simply one small incident in a massive international problem.” What problem? The journalist, Christine Jardine, can’t seem to articulate it, but then she also can’t articulate who the dead people actually were, identifying them instead as originating in “the poor, coastal, province of Fujian, in south-east China.” She continues:

But all victims of incidents whether here, on the continent or on Mediterranean have at least one thing in common. Desperation. Nobody risks their lives clinging to an inflatable raft crossing dangerous sea routes unless they feel that is the only option they have. None of us would put our children at risk, or gamble on surviving thousands of miles in the back of a refrigerated truck if we were looking for an easy life. It is too easy to blame the victims rather than look for solutions.

All the common features of the Left-Liberal narrative are here — desperation; lack of options; not looking for an easy life but a place to pursue their ambitions. But we know that these migrants risked their lives to make a “fortune” in illegal trades, that they have absolutely no affinity with the nation or people they hope to make their criminal proceeds among, and that their government cynically assists them in their efforts. These are unintelligent and otherwise unmotivated people who chose to be criminals in foreign lands, when they could have chosen to remain in their home nations.

Jardine adds:

If we are ever to make progress, ever to prevent these deaths, we need to be looking at ways of providing safety for those whose lives have become intolerable because of war or persecution. We need to look at ways of providing safe passage and work with international agencies, both those who deal with aid and those who tackle crime. Tracking down the traffickers at source and tackling them before the damage is done is vital. We also have to consider that perhaps many of those who fall prey to the traffickers would not do so if they felt there was a realistic hope of a safe legal means of immigration. Looking at our own immigration system to ensure that what we provide is fair, compassionate and effective for those who want to come here is essential. But so is providing international aid to those countries where the desperation for a better life is most keenly felt.

I wonder what international agencies Jardine would propose we work with, in order to relax our borders and prevent this happening again. Perhaps the government in Hanoi? Yes, they’d be very receptive to our decision to open our borders, which could be very lucrative for them indeed. Sarcasm aside, consider the infantile level of a mind that suggests the only ways we can prevent illegal migrants from dying while attempting to enter our nations are to either grant them unqualified access or to throw money at their home governments. What should we give to Hanoi? $10 billion? $12 billion? Do we offer to make up 10% of their GDP, to beat the 8% they already derive from us in cannabis farms and illegal cigarette sales, in the hope they will stop operating criminal migrant networks in Europe? Do we add this to the €6 billion we have now pledged to Turkey in the hope they won’t flood us with more migrants? How many nations do we agree to bribe? How many nations are “desperate”? How many billions are at our disposal to stop bodies in trucks and on beaches?

The truth of the matter is brutally stark: Without a massive strengthening of border control, the West will succumb to mass migration with devastating consequences for native populations and their culture. Jardine’s two options are, in essence, merely the same, since both entail eventual mass invasion and the only difference being that one also offers the prospect of immediate national bankruptcy.

Contradictions of Opportunism

One of the most ferocious and darkly comic novels I’ve ever read is William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, the text that arguably won the novelist his 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature. The novel follows the Bundren family as they take a casket containing the family matriarch across state lines so that she can be buried, in accordance with her dying wishes, among the graves of her own well-heeled kin. As this odyssey plays out, each member of the family is revealed as having their own perspectives and intentions. But perhaps none of these quasi-migrants is more reprehensible than the grifting, begging, and selfish patriarch, Anse Bundren, who fantasizes about getting his hands on enough money for “new teeth” and, in doing so, tragically and catastrophically betrays his children. I won’t spoil the ending, but Faulkner’s masterpiece came powerfully to mind when news broke in 2015 concerning the death of the three-year-old Syrian Aylan Kurdi, whose body washed up on a Turkish beach after a failed attempt to cross the Mediterranean. The Kurdi family had been living in relative comfort in Turkey for three years but, according to a large number of sources, a decision was taken to illegally move the family to Europe so that Aylan’s father Abdullah could get free dental treatment and “new teeth” from one of Europe’s welfare states.

Was the Kurdi family “desperate?” What aspects of the “migrant personality” did they exhibit? Shortly after the death of young Aylan, Australian politician Cory Bernardi, a Senator of the then-governing Liberal party, told his country’s parliament that Abdullah Kurdi and his family were not real refugees and suggested many others seeking asylum in Europe were merely “opportunistic.” Bernardi stated, during the course of a debate:

I find it a bit sanctimonious for [Green] Senator [Richard] Di Natale to bring in these emotive arguments, and particularly to characterise this as some sort of humanitarian mission by using the terrible image of that young boy who was picked up from the beach after having drowned at sea … The facts remain that that terrible image was not brought about by recent events in Syria or Iraq. That boy and his family had lived in Turkey for three years. … The money for that boy’s father to pay the people smugglers was sent from Canada. The father sent them on that boat so the father could get dental treatment. … They were in no fear, they were in no persecution and they were in no danger in Turkey. … This seems to me to be becoming an opportunistic cycle.

Bernardi was, predictably, subjected to scathing attacks, being described as an “embarrassment” to parliament and as worthy of being “treated with contempt.” But was he wrong?

Bernardi was of course correct to portray mass migration as “opportunistic” — a term that can serve as the opposite of “desperate” in this case, since it implies the existences of choices and opportunities and, most importantly, it returns agency to migrants. The truth of the matter is that non-European migrants have an abundance of choices in their countries of origin. Those who die on their way to Europe or the United States will have made a sequence of bad and ultimately fatal choices based on their material desires and wants and, indeed, their level of intelligence. We must consider that these same people look upon badly damaged and flimsy boats, or upon airtight refrigerated vehicles with no internal locking mechanisms, and decide that these are appropriate and risk-worthy methods of attempting illegal entry to their destination of choice. To date, no media source has reported on a deceased migrant found to have previously been in a state of severe malnourishment or fundamentally ill health. In other words, deceased migrants invariably appear to have been well-fed individuals facing no immediate threats to their existence beyond their own poor decision-making.

The position of Left-Liberals in these matters can only be considered fundamentally irrational, and Catholics have been notably prominent in indulging this mindset. Sarah Teather, director of the Jesuit Refugee Service UK, has evoked the meme of “desperation” and said:

The desperation of those in the container is an indictment of our failure to provide sanctuary to those in flight for their lives. This horrendous tragedy highlights the urgent need for more safe and legal routes to migrate and to seek asylum. If the government wants to ensure this does not happen again, it is not enough to focus only on criminal gangs — it must ensure that those seeking sanctuary in Britain can get here safely. It must build bridges, not walls. [emphasis added]

That we live in increasingly strange times is evidenced by voices from the Marxist hard-Left, who have also pointed out the irrationality of this position. Slavoj Žižek, for example, recently pointed out:

Pia Klemp, captain of the ship Iuventa which was saving refugees in the Mediterranean, concluded her explanation why she decided to refuse the Grand Vermeil medal awarded to her by the city of Paris with the slogan: “Documents and housing for all! Freedom of movement and residence!” If this means that — to cut a long story short — every individual has the right to move to a country of his/her choice, and that this country has the duty to provide him/her with residence, then we are dealing here with an abstract vision in the strict Hegelian sense: a vision which ignores the complex context of social totality. The problem cannot be solved at this level.

In an ideal world, Žižek would elaborate on what precisely he means by “the complex context of social totality,” but elaboration and clarification are, alas, not his strong points. He is, nonetheless, absolutely correct to counterpose Klemp’s abstract vision of open borders with social totality, which one assumes to refer to Heidegger’s dictum that all essential and great things can only emerge from our having a homeland, from being rooted in tradition. Human beings need both home and homeland. In contrast to a social totality that inheres the delineation and demarcation provided by national borders, the blank openness of a borderless world offers no homeland, and dissolves all tradition. In a world without borders, all identities melt away. Man is reduced to nothing more than an economic integer and, in some important sense, ceases to exist as Man. Again, it is ironic that Žižek, a Marxist of the hard-Left, should be forced to make it clear that “refugees want to have their cake and eat it. They basically expect to get the best of the Western welfare state while retaining their specific way of life, which is in some of its key features incompatible with the ideological foundations of the Western welfare state.” In other words, non-Europeans are knowingly exploiting (choosing to exploit) the altruistic and humanitarian aspects of the European personality without any intention (or perhaps even capability) of reciprocation.

Where we diverge from Žižek is his insistence that mass migration can be solved by “change to the global economic system,” by which he obviously means Marxist revolution. While there is undoubtedly an economic component to contemporary mass migration (the welfare magnet, international crime, Globalist desire for cheap and mobile labor, wealth disparities among nations), there are other factors that cannot be overlooked. Mass migration can be usefully understood as a semi-organic phenomenon that is also heavily cultivated. The global expansion of mass media, especially in the last three or four decades, has brought Hollywood’s idealized visions of the multicultural West onto television sets in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East, with hundreds of millions of non-Europeans coming to the belief that they too can potentially be part of this wealthy multicultural paradise. Never forget, when considering Hollywood propaganda among Whites, that these products are inevitably pumped into countries outside our own, and that they serve an equally devastating purpose. Muslim visions of Western women arguably originated in Sex and the City as much as they did in the Koran. Hollywood debased our culture and carved it open, before broadcasting the aftermath to the rest of the world — a dunghill certain to attract flies.

What isn’t broadcast to the Third World is the reality of the multicultural West — that it is a bitter and divided condition that only grows more bitter and divided by the day. The migrant sees that the streets aren’t paved with gold as they seem in so many Hollywood productions, but are instead increasingly paved with trash. Still, they are better than “home.” Western women, though you can see their faces (and even their limbs!), aren’t really willing to have sex with just anyone. This comes to the newcomer as a great disappointment, and he becomes resentful and, in his resentment, dangerous. And the native Whites, well, they are a tolerant bunch, but they seem to prefer to live among themselves, and they have a culture that simply baffles and confuses the migrant in those moments where he pays it fleeting interest. What matters most is that he finally got his hands on that welfare payment, thanks to his immigration lawyer Mr. Cohen, and that, in some small way at least, he is living the life once promised on his television screen. And there are grounds for optimism — each day he sees more and more of his own kind on his street, in his town, all across his new country in fact. These Whites really are a tolerant bunch.

Technological advances in communication and transport have facilitated the growth of forms of coordinated international chain migration that would have been unimaginable even fifty years ago, allowing potential migrants in almost every Third World country to plan and execute their own journey to the West with relative (though not risk-free) ease. Since this technological genie cannot be put back in the bottle, and economic changes are simply too gargantuan for transformation even within this century, the only solution to mass migration is a “revolution of the will” in migrant-receiving nations. Tolerance in the West has been nurtured and cultivated by decades of consistent propaganda, of which the “dead migrant” tale is but a minor genre. It must be rejected. And it must be rejected along with multiculturalism which is the form of society that provides illegals with anonymity and opportunity. An illegal Vietnamese in a multicultural society simply vanishes into the mass. An illegal Vietnamese in a mono-ethnic European nation has nowhere to hide. Europe must decide that it wants to live.

Yes, what happened in Essex was nasty and tragic for those concerned. But what’s happening to the West is worse. Without a homeland, it is we who will be trapped with no exit, no internal locking mechanism. We are running out of demographic oxygen. The next time you see propaganda about migrant deaths, cast a cold eye upon it, and pass by.

[1] Polavieja, J. G., Fernández-Reino, M., & Ramos, M. (2018). Are Migrants Selected on Motivational Orientations? Selectivity Patterns amongst International Migrants in Europe. European Sociological Review.


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  1. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    The problems of Asia and Africa cannot be mitigated, let alone solved, by their importation into the West.
    It is not unkind to point this out. The white nations have a right and a duty to maintain their existence, their inheritance and their territory. The self-abnegating suicidal guilt is a social psychosis, at least in part a last remainder of Christian altruism translated from a fading theological perspective into an ersatz ethic of secular left-liberalism. Dr Joyce has elsewhere summarised evidence of Jewish promotion of immigration into western lands, though there are Jews opposed to this ongoing process. The occupation of Europe by anti-Israel communities does not seem to me to present any apparent long-term benefit either to the Jewish street or to Zionism, and clear arguments to the contrary are needed.

    • Edward fernster
      Edward fernster says:

      Way to habro there schlomo!

      ‘though there are Jews opposed to this ongoing process.’

      Tell me something-would they all fit into the dame phonebooth?

      ‘The occupation of Europe by anti-Israel communities does not seem to me to present any apparent long-term benefit either to the Jewish street or to Zionism, and clear arguments to the contrary are needed.’

      Its called divide and rule. Various ethnic groups being played off against one another by Jews are no threat to either the Jewish diaspora or Zionism and Israel.

      • Pat Etheridge
        Pat Etheridge says:

        But surely the more intelligent in the tribe should figure out that this will ultimately kill the golden goose called The West. Reparations will end, Holocaust guilt will fade, and the billions of dollars currently directed to the Jewish Motherland will diminish to more appropriately feed the needy Third World masses colonizing the West. Already, political shifts are occurring in the United States and Britain. Israel is slowly being painted as an imperialist, colonial, authoritarian presence. Once this paint job achieves fruition, the money spigots will stop spewing money.

      • Pat Etheridge
        Pat Etheridge says:

        Wrong. They are indeed a threat once Moslem populations hit critical mass in Western nations, and once emerging Third World majorities vote to suspend aid to the little police state Jewish motherland.

        They’re morons if they can’t see the likelihood of both occurrences.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          The mistake here is in believing that Jews won’t make sacrifices in order to get revenge on those they hate. If the biggest sacrifice they have to make is moving from their diaspora nations to their walled citadel in the Middle East, then they will do it. Or rather, the Big Jews will make it so the Little Jews have to do it.

          Jews might be intelligent, but they have a very strong motivation to dominate the world and, especially, to take revenge on white people and Christianity.

          If they weren’t as malevolent and stiff-necked as they are, they wouldn’t have been kicked out of countries over 100 times. It is in their nature to push and push and push until a countervailing hostile force intervenes.

          They can’t help themselves. We know about sociopathic individuals. Jews are a sociopathic collective.

          • Pat Etheridge
            Pat Etheridge says:

            I think speculating about a collective genetic or cultural predisposition toward domination, revenge, or anything similar is a bit of a stretch, but thirty years ago I would never have wagered that Western societies would engage in collective efforts to commit suicide. One would have thought that at some point sanity would have overridden this impulse, but it doesn’t appear likely to happen.

            I think what we’re witnessing in the Jews and their history is self-advancement run wild, and ultimately they’ll realize too late that by burning down the entire store, their own chances for survival in both the Diaspora and their motherland are greatly diminished. They have assumed that they can increase their own security by dismantling previously homogeneous societies, decreasing the chances that they will become targets for persecution. That may be true to a point, but after that point is reached, the resulting instability and internal societal conflict will not be advantageous to them, and it can be guessed that they will not be regarded with affection. Exhibit A: The Jews of modern France, who are leaving France’s now “diverse” and Moslem rich cities at rates never higher since World War Two.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Pat Etheridge: It’s not speculating, it’s historical fact — a pattern that has been repeated over and over again for thousands of years: Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Spain, Constantinople, England, Russia, Germany, Palestine. The Jews push, push, push until there’s a reaction. Then they play the victim, crying their crocodile tears. You can’t understand this if you aren’t willing to generalize and recognize patterns.

            By the same token, the people who eventually react against the Jews can also be generalized about. For example, without exception, they are less ethnocentric than the Jews, who are the most ethnocentric group of all. They do not have the advantage of governing and influencing other countries besides their own the way the Jews do. They are rooted in their homelands; the Jews are rootless and international — even after the creation of Israel. Every country is their home if it suits them to move to a given country. They do it effortlessly, relying on their international network.

            It is Northern European white people who are the least equipped to handle the Jews because whites of Northern European heritage are the most individualistic group of all and the least likely to recognize a group inside their society that is constantly scheming against them.

            Letting Jews into our nations has been the same as letting Trojan Horses into our nations. It has been a sure recipe for defeat. Add to that our failure to look at history — the way the Jews betrayed Spain, Constantinople, Germany, and carried out a coup in Russia — and notice that our increasing weakness is mainly caused by them — their promotion of discrimination against and hatred of whites; advocacy of feminism; advocacy of casual abortion; advocacy of cultural Marxism, multiculturalism and globalism; pushing wars for Israel; getting us to go along with their ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians); and overall involvement in degeneracy — and you have a prescription for the death of white civilization.

            We bend over backwards not to be “unfair”. We shrink away from the “bigotry” of simply noticing the facts. We can’t believe that people would be so evil — it is beyond our comprehension. We insist on treating people as individuals and never noticing what they do as groups.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      [1] “The problems of Asia and Africa cannot be mitigated, let alone solved, by their importation into the West.”
      — — Jews don’t want to ‘mitigate problems’ of blacks, or whites.
      [2] “… The white nations have a right and a duty to maintain their existence, their inheritance and their territory.”
      — — I think so; maybe you think so; buts Jews hate whites and want them harmed and replaced.
      [3] “The self-abnegating suicidal guilt is a social psychosis, at least in part a last remainder of Christian altruism translated from a fading theological perspective into an ersatz ethic of secular left-liberalism.”
      — — Laws on rents, benefits, employees prevent any action. It’s not suicidal any more than in any other community under attack.
      “Dr Joyce has elsewhere summarised evidence of Jewish promotion of immigration into western lands, though there are Jews opposed to this ongoing process. The occupation of Europe by anti-Israel communities does not seem to me to present any apparent long-term benefit either to the Jewish street or to Zionism, and clear arguments to the contrary are needed.”
      — — Of course Jews have promoted immigration into white countries, something increasingly clear since about 1890. Islam has a long history of co-operating with Jews, as a thuggish force, not unlike Christianity in fact in the west. And Islam in fact was invented by Jews. [i]You[/i] say they’re anti-Israel, but this is propaganda aimed at the gullible.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Rerevisionist

        I welcome comment, even from someone who originally refused to believe I was not Jewish and who perhaps still believes that nuclear weapons are not real but imaginary, just more propaganda by which The Evil Omnipotent Jew cleverly deceives everyone else. I believe in free debate all round, allowing others to judge who has the more rational and soundly data-based opinion.

        However, my question about whatever benefit Israel might expect from a Europe occupied by Muslims and other anti-Israel immigrants is not answered asserting that “Islam In fact was invented [sic] by Jews”, a take on history that would make an interesting essay, especially from someone who previously claimed that the Jews also invented Christianity like a Hollywood project.

        It is a well-observed phenomenon that some Jews see anti-Semites “around every corner and under every bed”. Why mirror such monomania, when its result is to make opponents laugh in private, while in public to quote the craziest ZOG jabber as a further pretext to suppress so-called “hate speech”.

        • Rerevisionist
          Rerevisionist says:

          I suppose it’s amusing to see cage-rattling from Ashton. Fascinating to speculate how (and if) he gets his money.

          Nuclear weapons are a fake, and easily explained by Jewish control of media in what seems to be every country. There are many other Jewish frauds, including the Holohoax and 9/11. I expect all three are difficult for Ashton. I’d guess the idea that WW1 and WW2 were both arranged by Jews would be even more difficult.

          Both Christianity and Islam were indeed invented by Jews, as Ashton manages to summarise. The processes were similar to those outlined by Kevin MacDonald in modern times. The results were to have subservient groups to Jews, which groups however were able to draw life incomes based on land ownership, with mutual secrecy and dissembling to the natives. Ask Welby, the Jew-descended Archbishop of Canterbury, who might explain.

          Ashston claims to welcome comment. I welcome comment, but only if it’s helpful, not otherwise.

          An interesting possible scenario was suggested by Frenchman ‘Hexzane527’ online, who sees preparation for WW3, both to leave Jews in a favourable light, and get hold of Magna Israel, or whatever they call it. He thinks inter alia that Muslims will be concentrated in France and Germany vs the UK having removed Muslims. It needs discussion at a level well above Ashton’s.

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            @ Rerevisionist

            Your imagination is excessive. The only income I have had for many years is a modest pension, after working mainly as a teacher in English state schools on what then were quite low salaries. So your “speculation” is a mere slur that says more about you and nothing about me.

            Specifics: I have written on the Jewish role in war agitation 1933-40 and am aware of the Zionist role in US entry in WW2. The 9/11 deceptions have been well presented on various websites and by writers like Brandon Martinez. The Holocaust is a more complex issue, because the evidence of Nazi propaganda is a factor which must be combined with the technical analyses by Carlo Mattogno &c. However, I have just recently drawn attention to the “gas van” critique by Alvarez Santiago in The Quarterly Review online (qv).

            Your belief in the Jewish invention of the New Testament, and the religion of Chrysostom and Luther, and of the Quran and Hadith with their attacks on Jews hardly less vitriolic than your own, is not demonstrated by Dr MacDonald’s trilogy or the ancestry of Justin “Weedy” Welby who prostrated himself before the Indians. A bit more historical research would be “helpful”.

            Here is another “speculation”: if the ADL or SPLC or other such wanted to discredit TOO by putting nonsense about nuclear weapons, or similarly bizarre accusations about Jewish malevolent ubiquity, on their blog, why would they waste their funds on pseudonymous plants, when they can get what Lenin called “useful idiots” free of charge?

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            Of course must defend our nations against invasion whatever any Jews or any others think or want. However, the vicious revanchism of Rabbi Efrati quoted by Ludwig (qv) is not universally shared, and others on YNet have opposed Muslim immigration and terrorism in Europe. Jews like the late Alfred Sherman, Melanie Phillips, Ilana Mercer & Nina Rosenwald may be few in number, but they can be quoted to good effect.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Just go watch some videos of your rabbis, they are all over the internet, they will explain it better than me.

  2. Joshua Laskin
    Joshua Laskin says:

    Didn’t the father of the drowned boy-&-family, refuse an offer of Canadian entry, following the event? This would seem to refute the heartless self-interest accusal, to some degree. In addition to new teeth, he may have actually wanted a better life for his family; for which he could’ve expected-and-wanted to work. Being a Syrian war refugee in Turkey, is a pretty darn hopeless situation. I’m not sure that shutting down our natural Human compassion, is a realistic expectation to hold of most First-Worlders. But, yes, illegal immigrant work needs to get shut down; but that requires community organizing on the ground. Real freedom is the opportunity to work together, on what needs to get done, however unpleasantly.

    • Hambleramble
      Hambleramble says:

      They went back to Turkey dude.

      Forget human compassion. These people are not persecuted refugees they are just the losers in the Syrian civil war.

      We should resettle them in the golan heights!

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Compassion must have practicable and positive results. We do not open our own homes to anyone and everyone who knocks on the door. What about compassion for those without room on the Titanic lifeboats? Life imposes limits.

      Why not support the advocates of African solutions for Africa? Why not invite China to enlarge its proportion of refugees in relation to its own population and land-surface? There is anyhow no case for co-operation with the transnational crime networks which are linked to narco-states and ethnic warfare.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      You are a couple decades late bro, whenever i go into a big city more than half the people are “refugees” from all over the world, you can have them all in your house if you want, ill choose who i want to be compassionate with as my compassion is not infinite.

  3. r1b1
    r1b1 says:

    The fanciful thought occurred whether Christine Jardine is a remote relative of William “merchant” Jardine and the early “British” pushers of opium in Hong Kong and environs:

    Circulus inextricabilis:

    Apart from the apparat wanting a drugged-up, unresisting and docile populace, one seriously begins to wonder if the legalisation of drugs does not form part of some larger, more malevolent chain of corruption, of the North Korean variety exampled above. After all it’s surely more than mere coincidence that the SNP, for one, are also proposing legalisation – and those two cases are just the ones that happened to catch my attention without my even being conscious of the idea or looking.

    This is the sort of degeneracy that follows deindustrialisation and the export of meaningful employment overseas. The symptoms are everywhere – down to oddities like ‘free’ local newspapers that are just subsidised leftist propaganda (‘containment’) sheets.


    Our borders are ‘shot’ because their enforcement is in the hands ultimately of people who are at best, alien in outlook, and at worst, in active, hostile opposition to the interests of the indigenous population.

    Yes, a “revolution of the will” is necessary and I think, predictable and achievable.

    “Q.—“Are you suggesting, Mister President, that you won’t hesitate to open fire on defenseless women and children?”
    A.—“I expected that question. No, of course we won’t hesitate. We’ll shoot without giving it a second thought. In this high-minded racial war, all the rage these days, nonviolence is the weapon of the masses. Violence is all the attacked minority has to fight back with. Yes, we’ll defend ourselves. And yes, we’ll use violence.” ”
    Jean RASPAIL: Camp of the Saints, 1975

    Reprise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVRDVrKxjfU
    @3:55 “we don’t send them back I’m afraid” – Tony Smith, ex UK Border Force.

    [The singular of “phenomena” is “phenomenon”: second main para., supra.]

  4. Frederick Peterson
    Frederick Peterson says:

    Andrew Joyce succinctly and expertly describes why they come and how they get in but what he doesn’t touch on is how they get to stay. In the UK, and also in the US, the reality is that once inside the gates an illegal migrant can easily avoid contact with the authorities and would be very unlucky indeed to be apprehended unless he commited some serious criminal offence.

    There are no armed gendarmes patrolling railway stations as in France demanding the see the ID of anyone who catches their eye. Similarly there are no random checkpoints on the roads where the police pull over anyone they don’t quite like the look of.

    This is what ‘freedom’ looks like.

  5. tadzio
    tadzio says:

    “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” – Stalin. To an anti-White thirty nine Vietnamese deaths are simply an opportunity, no more important than a report passing across the desk of that genocidal tyrant about the Holodomor ever mattered him or his cohort Kagonovich. Jewish cults such as Communism, even when silk-gloved as Globalism, do not reckon the Vietnamese or you or I as sentient creatures. We are placards or numbers.

  6. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…I observe that men run to other countries, because their own country has been taken over by lying filthy Jews and their helpers.
    Countries that ostensibly claimed to accept those fleeing Jewish persecution are liars and no less occupied by lying filthy Jews.”

  7. Tyrone
    Tyrone says:

    This is so refreshing to see someone really write something that is the Honest to gods truth for a change this person has written a piece that needs to be told all over the world this piece Touches your true soul about our world today and the ending is just marvelous how he ends it Thank you very much for a great Article and for telling the Truth about Everything

  8. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…I observe that men run to other countries, because their own country has been taken over by lying filthy Jews and their helpers.
    And countries that ostensibly claimed to accept those fleeing Jewish persecution are liars and no less occupied by lying filthy Jews.”

    Vietnamese people smugglers supply the bottom rung of the (((tourism or food services industry))) “by day” and the methamphetamine (my personal observations in Hamilton, Ontario) and cannabis industries by night.

    Whites are chastised because they are not frugal enough, do not co-operate enough, and are unwilling to make the sacrifices that the noble, lowly Vietnamese cleaning or grocery store workers are willing to make that enables a group of them to transpose 5 years of working at minimum wage into an upscale neighbourhood, detached home.

    However, since we are picking on the Vietnamese today, let us not forget occasional bouts of “…ineptitude…” or “…insurance fraud…” when one of these (((rented))) grow-ops or cook shops, usually located in busily trafficked areas in plain sight, burns to the ground.

    Immediately after such an event, a slew of Vietnamese are arrested and charged with the usual crimes ranging from power theft, weapons possession, reckless endangerment, laundering the proceeds of organized crime,
    (restaurants that sell Vietnamese, imported by the shipping container load, instant rice noodles to stupid White tourists at USD $15.00 a bowl…, that is when the containers are not packed full of rotting Vietnamese corpses.
    Question: “How does a Vietnamese people smuggler that owns a soup restaurant get rid of 40 dead Vietnamese bodies and make a profit?”),
    and prostitution.

    Since the rental property used to run the illegal ops are usually owned by (((slum lords))), the arrests provide a means of extracting a quick profit by the (((legal industry))) and the (((insurance industry))) with the help of (((Fire Marshals and Forensic experts))).

    By virtue of (((noble lawyers and Judges))) the Vietnamese can escape appreciable jail time by paying a hefty fine with “Baksheesh” and be back in business within a few weeks.

    Before the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Vietnamese were the faces of a money exchange business spanning much of the old East Block (Vietnamese were Comrades of the working class Communists and were therefore granted easy access to Eastern European countries).

    At the Fall of the Wall, just as the (((Communist Elite))) changed their spots to EU officials, so too the Vietnamese expanded Westward into Europe and North America.
    Under the expert tutelage of Jews Vietnamese expanded operations into the manufacture and dealing of drugs with the same quid pro quo (((legal protections))) they received in the old East Block.

    But let us not be so Prejudice and Racially blind as to focus only on (((Vietnamese))) organized crime. There is a diverse, tolerant and harmonious Smarties bowl to chose from when it comes to, (((second or third degree of separation))), organized crime.
    Jamaicans, Russians, Chinese, Pakistani, Columbian, Mexican, East Indian ethnic minorities, and others, but most importantly we mustn’t forget God’s Self-Chosen, Jewish Banksters and Jewish Oligarchs that control the fate of most Foreign Organized Crime in (former?) White Nations.
    For it is with the help of the Jew Global Crime Syndicate that all other Ethnic Crime Syndicates not only turn to for logistics, protection and favourable press coverage, but also to ensure that minorities are fighting amongst themselves for territory while continually reminding Whites how much they are to blame for the dismal state of affairs in (former?) White Nations.

  9. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I will repeat what I have posted previously.
    In 1974, I went to Copenhagen to visit a university friend. I was surprised at the number of “Middle-Eastern looking people, particularly men loitering. The public toilets (not urinals) were virtually unusable. There were traffic-like signs showing a figure sitting on a toilet seat (green circle), and squatting on a toilet seat (red circle with a line through). I had never seen anything like it. When I asked my friend why the signs were in place, he stated that since Denmark joined the EEC January 1, 1973, there had been a large flow of “Moroccans” (probably Algerians) coming from France, because of superior welfare benefits. Danes, I was told, were not happy about it.
    What is happening today is not new, its just become the accepted norm that a parasitic class will live in our societies.
    As for changing the world’s economic system, that can be done without a Marxist revolution. Another parasite, the international banking cartel, with it’s privately owned or controlled central banks, is at the root of the problem. John Perkins’ “Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man” gives a peek at how the system works. Anyone paying attention since 2008, understands that today’s economic model is private profit, but socialized corporate debt. Cliff Douglas developed a model that flat out identified the problem of interest – the law of diminishing returns. Diminishing returns are what keeps the suckers coming back to the casino, whether in Las Vegas, Wall Street, or Chicago. If that gets cleaned up, it would go a long way to helping us all. Personally, I believe that Soviet style communism is one half of the Marxist pincer, finance capital is the other half. Both seek to concentrate wealth, and the power that comes with it, in the hands of the few. Whether it is the politburo or the board room of the Fed, it’s still a commune.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      How many times have you confused it’s with its, in a single comment? Looks you you got at least one right.

      its is the possessive
      it’s is a contraction of it is

      sometimes it’s it’s
      sometimes it’s its

      I told you I would get even for that crude remark you made about a certain part of my anatomy, several years ago.

  10. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action constantly complaining but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action…But for too many of our citizens, a different reality exists: Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.”

    Now, where did I hear that? Why, those were Donnie Trump’s words at his inauguration.

    Great article.

  11. Phillipeo
    Phillipeo says:

    Great article.

    The migrants lack of work ethic and desire to accept risk for freee resources reminds me of anonymous conservative’s work where he explains human behaviour as being along an r/k spectrum with certain groups much more r selected than others (humans are a k selected species) and more likely to migrate and exploit free resources without engaing in competition first.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Excellent article. 100% truth. I see this playing out all day where I live. I work at a medical facility that sees a large number of the indigent public. We have a steady stream of Mexicans coming in all day long. And while they’re not “bad” people, per se, they ARE very much the end of our own culture and demographic as we know it when their numbers get too large.

    The typical Mexican patient is a woman who speaks no English, has no job, hence qualifies for state sponsored (taxpayer sponsored) medical benefits. She brings in her three or four children with her, and predictably has another one on the way inside her. She has been in the US long enough to birth several children onto our welfare system via the 14th Amendment, but she has decided to never learn a single word of English, not even simple phrases like what her name or birthday are. Predictably, most of her children don’t speak English either or only speak it in the most broken and basic way because they live in neighborhoods with zero diversity, i.e., majority Mexican, and there is no impetus for anyone to learn English, not even future generations born on our soil.

    These neighborhoods become mini ethno states unto themselves, completely self sufficient, providing everything that a recent Mexican immigrant would need to feel right at home and never need to venture outside the neighborhood for anything. English is never learned, and a steady stream of benefits for every facet of life produce a level of comfort that affords these people a charmed life. If this wasn’t the impending death of our nation and society in the making, I might congratulate these people on their cunning and ingenuity. But as it stands, no matter how tasty their food is, they are a foreign tribe muscling in on my way of life and my child’s future. There will be no assimilation of the various groups. There will only be parallel societies living next to each other, with the white one growing smaller and poorer as the years go by.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      These neighborhoods become mini ethno states unto themselves, completely self sufficient,

      Your understanding of self-sufficiency differs substantially from mine.

    • Joshua Laskin
      Joshua Laskin says:

      @Fenria, I wonder whether what you’re describing, isn’t fairly normal for foreign immigrants. My paternal grandparents arrived from Poland, speaking only Yiddish (or also a bit of Polish) with no knowledge of the English language. My grandfather worked in construction, but never really learned much English. My grandmother was a stay-at-home mom, raising four kids, and never learned any English at all, as far as I can recall. It’s entirely possible that they worked for, and worked and associated with, Yids clustered in certain neighborhoods, and so could get by without English. My father and uncle and aunts, raised in that immigrant home, went to public school and learned English; but, for the rest of their lives, when speaking with each other and with their parents, they spoke Yiddish. However, when me and my sister and our cousins came along, our parents didn’t speak any Yiddish with us, only English; because, I think, they were ashamed of their immigrant-family background. So, we didn’t learn any Yiddish at all; and, consequently, couldn’t really communicate with our grandparents. It’s to my lasting regret, that I wasn’t able to hear my grandfather’s stories of his life; and was thus robbed of that heritage. Instead, for years I had to attend afternoon Hebrew-school, learning a totally useless language, along with b.s. Zionist indoctrination. But my point is, the immigrant generation doesn’t integrate; it’s the kids and grandkids who integrate into Americanism. As for immigrants availing themselves of needed assistance, I don’t see how they can be blamed for that. If they were to win millions in the lottery, and then kept shopping with food-stamps, then that would be an abuse of the privilege. On the other hand, Americans do have the right, both to limit immigration, and to limit the help immigrants get. Anti-immigrant sentiment does seem to be on the upswing, these days. I take your, ‘enough,’ reaction, as a reasonable democratic impulse.

      • Titus
        Titus says:

        Do you get reparations from the Holocaust (TM)? I heard yids are claiming now intergenerational PSTD from a story that was “real only in their minds”, the chutzpah.

        • Joshua Laskin
          Joshua Laskin says:

          @Titus — No, man, it was before my time. I did have to watch those films, but guess I was just too stupid for trauma. My uncle, in one of Patton’s tanks that was hit, permanently lost the hearing in one ear; but that’s the closest it came to me. But still, now you mention it, yeah, I’m feeling a bit traumatized back behind my brain. I wonder if it’s too late to sign up for some coin.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Joshua Laskin
        My personal experience of Jews is confined to Britain, where circumstances have been quite different from the USA, but my knowledge of “antisemitism” is derived from very extensive study of an exceedingly complex subject.

        The contribution of Jewish immigrants and their descendants to the USA has been mixed, and it includes several negative impacts. Post-WW2 and State of Israel history have added another dimension. In theory the notion of a national home for Jews who would not/could not assimilate was quite reasonable; hence various territorial solutions from Jews and others. (Herzl himself mentioned Argentina.) The best proposal of all in my opinion was the Uganda/Kenya area, with a partition of the Jew/Arab communities then in Palestine, and international protection of the Holy Places in Jerusalem for all three faiths (albeit a problem with Orthodox views on the Temple). The Nazi idea of Madagascar was more like a giant Alcatraz. Since then much blood (and oil) flowed in the Middle East; Israel has not reduced but inflamed “Jew hatred”; Zionist lobbying has had an adverse effect on western defence policy, and the “Holocaust” is exploited by leftist Gentiles and Jews to promote immigration (including Muslims!) as part of an “anti-racist” ideology.

  13. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    The problem with the mexicans (and other invaders) is that they have numerical courage…..at low numbers they keep their heads down and try to avoid trouble…..as their numbers increase they go to the streets and march with 500,000 other invaders waving the mexican flag.
    jews did this to us.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        “. . .Beer brewing in Mexico has a very long tradition. What would surprise most people is that it is mostly influenced by German and Austrian techniques. . .”

        No surprise there. . .typical dependency on White competence.

  14. milan
    milan says:

    Thank you for this essay and the clarification it provides. I was dumbfounded to learn how anyone from Vietnam could come up with 30,000 dollars for transport to UK if really true that is and lo and behold that girl in the news has a cell phone and is on the phone with her father back in Vietnam. Are you kidding me? And she doesn’t look malnourished but is the spring of health to? I mentioned these issues and questions over at the Saker blog and he put up an entire essay from a Vietnamese guy from within Vietnam on the subject. If one wishes some interesting talk and comments from one over there go here:


  15. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    If you need a hearty laugh, got to Irving’s Action Report Online. [ He often cites work published here ].

    Make your way past Churchill’s portrait, but only after you answered your question whether you would buy a Lusitania rendition, an Operation Unthinkable, a used car or a war from a man with those eyes.

    You’ll be quickly rewarded by a street scene photo in Belgium, which the world’s most creative caricaturist could not conjure up. Three cookie-cutter apparitions. I am especially enamored of the one in the center, so preoccupied with his fingers. Is he concerned about possibly contaminating the muffler he shall install at his remunerated job as a mechanic: after he changes into coveralls, in order to pay for the packed shopping bag carried by the other Torah-scholar, forbidden to work.

    I wonder what elicited the smile from the pretty female cop, understandably having to guard these undoubtedly financially self-sufficient apparitions with her life. Perhaps it was the attention she was getting as a shiksa from the locked apparition.

    Thanks to DI for this much needed comic relief !

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      UPDATE: Said unintentional cartoon now slipped down Irving’s Action Report, headed in its left column as: we are confused already. Proceed to the second entry under that heading: EU ” Anti-Semitism ” Apparatchik calls for Jews to have police protection “anywhere” they go.

      Enjoy !

  16. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    We in the United States have been having these same problems as the Europeans … but on a much, much larger scale of numbers and of years.

    We’ve got north of 65,000,000 hispanics in the US … probably 90% of whom started out here as illegal aliens — but their anchor babies get them all of the benefit$ that our taxpayer$ can provide — and it’s been going on here since at least the mid-1960s.

  17. Big Daikon
    Big Daikon says:

    This story was all over the news here in Japan.

    Still leaves me wondering. 1. Vietnam is rapidly developing into an industrialized economy with an emerging middle class. The people there have some options. 2. Perhaps many of those unfortunate people were from the lower ends of Vietnamese society and saw fewer options at home. Yet they paid the smugglers the equivalent of 30-40K USD.

  18. Armor
    Armor says:

    The migrants don’t care what happens to White people. If one of them happens to feel guilty, he can reason to himself that just one more person like him makes little difference anyway. They are given housing and welfare money. If they don’t take it, someone else will. It’s a scam: they are not real refugees at all. They are only here for the money. But the scam is organized by ZOG. The migrants are only taking advantage of it.

    Oxford scholars: “the welfare magnet hypothesis could be usefully explained as the attraction exerted by an abundance of free resources on large numbers of unskilled migrants”

    Of course they are attracted to free money. The real question is, why is the government luring those people in, and insisting that there can no longer be any all White area in our formerly White countries. The reason is racial hostility against us. Most people realize that we are dealing with phony refugees, but they hate to think that the government is anti-White. The idea of an anti-White government sounds absurd to those who haven’t heard about the JQ. They would rather think that the government is misguided, influenced by the leftists, fooled by its own propaganda. When people learn about the JQ, everything suddenly makes sense, but it takes time to learn about it, because it is counter-intuitive that the Jews would be so influential in all fields of society.

    “The next time you see propaganda about migrant deaths, cast a cold eye upon it, and pass by.”

    I read similar advice from Jack Donovan in an essay titled “I don’t care”. His basic point was that you cannot care about everyone in the world. It is useful advice for naive White people who let themselves be gaslighted by the government and the media. But the first thing they need to realize is that the government and the media don’t care about the migrants: they are motivated by racial animus against Whites. It’s not that everyone in the government and the media is anti-White, but all of them are going along with the anti-White agenda.

    ZOG supports a number of anti-White policies. Many examples have been discussed on TOO. The race replacement program is only the worst example. I see the same anti-White animus, for example, in feminism, sex-change propaganda, the economic policy, the education policy, the promotion of modern art, and so on.

    – Until Trump’s election, the U.S. economic policy consisted in importing migrants and shipping the factories to China.

    – Heather Mac Donald once wrote that the dogma in teacher education schools “may be summed up in the phrase: Anything But Knowledge”.

    – In France, the government keeps subsidizing “modern art” that is deliberately ugly.

    Do we really need to explain why it is destructive to ship the factories to China, prevent the transmission of knowledge in the schools, and replace our artistic tradition with ugliness? Do we need to explain that the migrants are phony refugees? Actually, yes, we have to state the obvious as loudly as we can. But above all, people must realize that the government, the media, the deep state, are pushing those policies precisely because they are destructive.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The promotion of mass non-white immigration into white countries is the result of a long-standing Jewish hatred of white people.

      They hate white people because the Romans destroyed their Temple and kicked them out of Palestine. They also hate white people for being Christian or of Christian heritage; after all, Jesus did call them children of the devil.

      This hatred of white people (virtually every book in which a white defames “my fellow whites” is written by a Jew), combined with the Jews’ disproportionate financial, political and media power, is what explains the suicidal path the West has been on when it comes to mass immigration from the Third World.

      The politicians who permit this mass immigration are puppets of the Jews. They are carrying out the Jews’ program of white genocide.

      Not just hatred of whites, but controlling the entire planet, is what motivates the Jews.

      When whites are exterminated and/or bred out of existence, the Jews believe that it will be easier for them to enslave and lord it over the rest of the goyim (cattle).

      But, in keeping with the Georgia Guide Stones, they will need to get rid of six or seven billion “useless eaters.” I imagine some Jewish scientists are working right now on creating an infectious disease that will be spread around the world, with the antidote only being given to the Chosen and a select group of their lackeys like the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons and Trumps .

      I’m sure that this must sound insanely paranoid to many people.

      But consider the fact that the unthinkable (to Americans living in 1900) has already happened: Discrimination against whites in a majority white nation. Forced racial integration. Degenerate, talentless and obscene “art”. Pornography, feminism, abortion, and “drag queen story hour”. Trans men invited to use girls’ restrooms. “Christian” Zionism. Endless wars for Israel. Cultural Marxism. And of course, the Great Replacement of white people by brown people. All supported and promoted by Jews.

      The journalist Jardine is like so many other journalists — a simple-minded shill filling in the blanks of what basically amounts to a pre-written article about “the poor migrants” — an article from a template created, of course, by the Jews.

      • Pat Etheridge
        Pat Etheridge says:

        Most of the nation-destroying things described by Eric and Armor have occurred under the guise of appealing to empathy for the common humanity that all human beings share, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Yet the aforementioned appeal argues more and more for the aspects of human nature that are dysfunctional, deformed, stunted, retrograde, or base. We are now all lost on the detour route to which this effort has taken us. And it can only result in the trashing of the First World societies that we built and which were once familiar to us.

        This thought first occurred to me as a child, when, as a member of a genteel upper middle class family, my school was forcibly integrated. I made mental notes about the school environments, both before and after integration occurred, and the results of integration were definitely no improvement. Desegregation was accompanied by great media fanfare about civil rights, the rule of law, and the need for correct moral behavior. We thus complied with the desegregation orders timidly, not believing there was any other moral or legal recourse, but it did not escape my attention that on the school bus the students self-segregated by race, with white students, ironically, sitting in the back of the bus, and black students sitting in the front of it. The rub would occur when the bus became crowded and black students had to find empty seats next to white students. The discomfort for some of the riders was palpable, and I recall on one occasion, a white girl clasped her books too closely to her bosom as a large black buck plopped himself down next to her. “You don’t like having a nxxxxr sitting next to you, do you?” the buck asked. “You’re lucky I don’t shove my penis into you.”

        The girl responded by blushing red but saying absolutely nothing. Her fellow white students also said nothing. The black riders hooted and leered. And as we sat cringing, it was in that moment that for the first time, a thought ran through my mind: “Despite all of the rhetoric and fanfare, we haven’t achieved anything except our defeat as a people.”

        • Armor
          Armor says:

          “” Most of the nation-destroying things described by Eric and Armor have occurred under the guise of appealing to empathy for the common humanity “”

          It’s done in the name of leftist idealism, with passive acceptation by soft-headed White people. Anyone who objects is called “far-right” and denounced by the “far-left”. Originally, left-wing idealism had to do with an exaggerated sense of compassion and a desire to punish the pragmatic, hard-nosed realists. It was a rebellion against the injustice of the world. But now, under Jewish supervision, it has become a rebellion against the White race, against common sense, against decency, and against everything that is right or beautiful.

          For example, the idea of inviting trans men to use girls’ restrooms is a Jewish idea that has been defended or accepted by the loony left. It has no longer anything to do with leftist compassion. Phony modern art is similarly supported by the left. The left used to support the working class. Now they want to destroy the working class by race replacement. In today’s schools, the Jewish-supervised far-left thinks it’s wrong to transmit knowledge, and they support the whole word method, which prevents pupils from learning to read. How is that compassionate? What makes them think that using phonics is an oppressive, bourgeois, right-wing method?

          No one has any empathy for the migrant parasites, but we are told by the fake media that everyone else was deeply moved by the picture of a dead kid on a beach. If you are a decent leftist, you have to pretend you care about the migrants. I have come to the conclusion that what characterizes the left is really conformism, not compassion. All people are conformists, but more so on the left. From the right to the left, no one likes the third-world invasion, and no one likes phony modern art, or the idea of inviting trans men into the girls’ restrooms. But people are giving in to the political intimidation, and they try to persuade themselves that they are doing the right thing. They want to be seen and think of themselves as tolerant. It isn’t hypocritical virtue-signaling. They simply lack moral clarity, as a result of Jewish propaganda. They wish the government would defend the common good. They want to go along with it and make it work. They don’t understand that the government simply wants them dead.

  19. me
    me says:

    “In a study of Vietnamese illegal immigration to the UK and Germany, academic Trang Nguyen found that “immigration agencies and brokers that are affiliated to the Vietnamese government””

    the link in this sentence redirects to apple.com — I can’t find the original article on Google (there are a lot of Nguyen results when searching for illegal immigration stuff. For inexplicable reasons). Can the author or editor please correct this? I’d like to look at the original paper. Thanks

  20. Mike
    Mike says:

    Look at the photos of these desperate people. See that nine out of ten are men of fighting age. Organized smuggling is not that difficult for expert criminals like Mossad. It would not take many 40 foot containers full of Kalashnikov to cause serious problems. Trojan horses are being filled up by Western governments.

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