Interview with Nikolai Nehring at Erkenbrand Conference, The Netherlands, November 12, 2019


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  1. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    If all the critics of the Jewish power and their quest to enslave the whole world are like Mr. Kevin MacDonald’s way of criticism, then Jews should not worry about any bad thing will pose a challenge or threat to their plan.
    I’m sorry to say that, but it was my real feeling while I was listening to his interview, despite the efforts of the interviewer to encourage him to be more bold and decisive.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      So what are you suggesting?

      1) Even a hint of suggesting violent uprising by targeting Jews would have him [Prof. Emeritus, K. MacDonald, Ph.D.] dragged off to some gulag somewhere by the Jew-owned Law Enforcement Officials and their sniveling Jewdicial Slaves…, whereafter (((they))) would throw away the key. What good does that serve us Whites?

      2) It’s not like we Whites are Palestinians …, just yet.
      They [Palestinians] are basically screwed so badly that they have next to nothing left to lose so there is really nothing holding them back from fighting to the death.

      3) Even though there are occasional voices at TOO that criticize Roman Catholicism, especially the 2nd Vatican Council decision to rewrite the Bible, generally speaking I would say that many regular contributors here are nominally Roman Catholic.
      That makes overt direct action against Jews a definite “…no-no…”. They [TOO writers] seem to be of the opinion that Jews will somehow, with the correct persuasion, change their behaviour and become good little Nordic altruists…, if only we implore them with enough effort.

      4) There is a difference between a World Leading Expert in Jew In-group Behaviour and being an actual Leader of a White Revolution. The latter requires an A type personality, for the former a B type will suffice.

      5) I do not see many public voices emanating from the Muslim Quarter in the West, other than the odd Shiite, that is overtly hostile towards Jews. Islamics generally seem satisfied with Jews ruling over them in the West as long as their own bread can continue being buttered at White expense.

  2. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    To propose an effective challenge to any “plan”, especially if communications media are used, requires more verifiable detail about its precise purposes, its current organisers, its range of conscious support, and its methods of operation.

    The genocide of nearly a billion white people and the enslavement of seven billion non-whites – quite a task!

    What would be the best methods of counter-action and defeat?

    • Wael Ahmad
      Wael Ahmad says:

      You only have to do is to:
      1- Read their Torah & Talmud.
      2-Learn their methods and behavior .throughout history.
      3-Compare it to what’s happening in the world now.
      Then you’ll conclude that the only way to resist, fight back and defeat them is to strip them from controlling money issuing and manipulation. All kinds of corruption, degeneration, wars, destruction of social peace and harmony, and all of the negative minor and major factors of all misfortune are created by their complete control of money issuing and distribution.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        I am relieved that you did not cite the “Protocols…” and that your final solution includes bringing the international usury system to an end. I have studied the Torah in English translation. I do not read Hebrew, and the Babylonian Talmud in any case runs to 1.8 million words and the Jerusalem Talmud to about 700,000. I guess from your name that you are familiar with Arabic and you may have great familiarity with the Talmud, but I have read numerous extracts from it in English translation by both detractors (Dilling, Pranaitis, Shahak, Hoffman) and also its competent defenders.

        There are explanations for Jewish behaviour down the centuries, and in post-Hitler times I concur with the late Rabbi Hugo Gryn that many Jews “do not feel secure unless [they] are supreme” which, of course, creates more problems than it solves. There is an issue of political autism, so to speak, compounded by a lachrymose self-righteousness (not shared by writers like Albert Lindemann, Chaim Bermant, Bernard Lazare or Norman Cantor). But the so-called “JQ” is much more complicated than many suppose, and it needs to be addressed with wide-ranging study and a sense of decency.

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