Displacing the Phony Right: Review of James Kirkpatrick’s “Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right”

Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right
By James Kirkpatrick
London: Arktos Media, 2019; $19.95

It is a political truism that the best way to control the opposition is to lead it oneself, and today’s globalist, anti-white left has succeeded better than perhaps anyone else in history at implementing such a strategy. The rising generation of young white men are subject to a ceaseless campaign of psychological warfare by the dominant elite: taught that their ancestors were monsters and that they themselves are the great, supposedly all-powerful enemies of the rest of oppressed humanity. But when they look around for an alternative to such hostility, they encounter a “conservative” opposition happily chirping about “the record number of new businesses started by black women” and holding “Young Latino Leadership Summits,” while hypocritically telling Whites (and Whites alone) that “ethnonationalism has NO place in the conservative movement.” We will never defeat our declared enemies before we have displaced this sham opposition.

James Kirkpatrick, columnist for VDare.com and The Social Contract Quarterly, spent years within a conservative movement that now has no place for him, but readers of his new book Conservatism Inc. will be the beneficiaries of their folly. No one knows that gutless, cowardly gang of careerists better than he does. As he writes:

Conservatism Inc. always has to appeal to nationalism and populism to win elections. However, they didn’t actually mean it—it was simply a way to get the rubes to vote Republican. Once safely in office, the likes of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan get back to cutting taxes for the rich, outsourcing jobs, opening the borders and getting mired in pointless foreign wars.

Kirkpatrick correctly observes that the leadership of every normal movement in history has been more dedicated to achieving its  goals than the rank and file; conservatives alone are “always enthusiastic about denouncing the most stalwart and energetic activists on their own side.” The only possible explanation is that they are not genuinely interested in hardball politics:

If politics can be defined as the pursuit of power, movement conservatives aren’t even really involved in politics, since they are trying to persuade the world with their universal “principles,” not trying to acquire power to defeat enemies…. The conservative movement exists to consolidate and legitimize the leftist victories of the past.

Yet, although they make “no serious effort to defeat the Left, movement conservatives have a highly developed political sense when it comes to climbing the career ladder within Conservatism Inc.” The periodic purges of all who directly challenge key leftist assumptions are conservatism’s “preferred method for removing competitors within their own organizations or securing a spot as the token ‘conservative’ on a liberal media network.” This journalistic cartel is in reality “a parasite that …  exploits the grievances and frustrations of a dying people to fuel policies that furthers their dispossession. For the nation to live, the Beltway Right must be radically reformed or, more likely, broken.”

The rising generation of Americans is faced with “increasingly overt anti-white sentiment and the cascading catastrophes engendered by mass Third World immigration.” The nation which should have been their birthright has been reduced, in Obama’s approving words, to “a hodgepodge of folks.” These young Americans have no stake in defending a “limited government” that ceased to exist a long time ago, or a “free market” made up of gargantuan monopolies that deplatform the few spokesmen who explicitly support the interests of White America. They know they can have their lives destroyed in an instant for an overheard remark. Under such circumstances, they must focus not on universal principles, however admirable in themselves, but on winning an existential struggle against the determined enemies who have unleashed anti-White racial hatred and demographic warfare against them.

And to do this, they must mobilize their natural base—the White working class abandoned by the Left. As automation lowers the supply of jobs for which such Whites qualify and immigrants increase competition for those that remain, these people desperately need a leadership able to channel their righteous anger into an effective political program that genuinely advances their interests both as a class and as a race. As Kirkpatrick says, “the existential issue of the next century is identity, the key challenge is resisting the Death of the West, and the template to follow is the Donald Trump campaign of 2016, which proved that National Conservatism can win.”

Note that it is Trump’s campaign, not the man himself, to which Kirkpatrick directs our attention. In office, Trump has flinched from implementing the policies that seemed implied by his campaign rhetoric. Some of his failures are due to his enemies, but he has only himself to blame for failing to tax remittances and calling for increased legal immigration. Kirkpatrick is probably correct that Trump will prove a transitional figure, while his electoral strategy will provide the inspiration for more consistent nationalists in the years ahead.

Most of Conservatism Inc. consists of carefully chosen columns written between 2013 and 2018. The pieces are short and punchy, ideal especially for younger readers getting up to speed on America’s current situation and the nationalist response. This material can be difficult to summarize, but highlights include his account of

  • the gay Filipino illegal alien who “personally contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement to ask what ICE planned to do with him. ICE said they had no record of his existence, even as an ICE agent spoke on the phone with him about his criminal status”;
  • the long impunity of Rotherham’s Pakistani rape gangs as a demonstration that “a strong tribe will defeat a weak nation”;
  • Obama warning police to “show restraint in managing peaceful protests that may occur” even as America watched rioters looting and burning their way through Ferguson, Missouri;
  • a new industry whereby “a woman who is a U.S. citizen can be hired by a reproductive medical clinic to become pregnant overseas and to give birth in China, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else, and then effectively hand a U.S. passport to the baby”;
  • the European Union’s stake in undermining nations to concentrate power in its own hands;
  • the efforts of our elites to swamp the founding stock population of the US as “indistinguishable from the tactics of a foreign regime waging a war of conquest;
  • the lying press “staging the news by covering up obscenities to present an attractive image of young children holding a Mexican flag.”

As Kirkpatrick wrote four years ago:

Conservatism may prefer running out the clock on Anglo-America in order to squeeze out consultants’ fees and board directorships for a few more election cycles. In that case, the dreaded specter of ‘white nationalism’ will move from the margins to the mainstream as the only Alternative to a permanent Leftist (and anti-white) regime. And the Beltway Right will have only itself to blame.

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  1. SS
    SS says:

    Displacing the “Israel First” Judeo-Right. Still, there is something extremely fishy about Michele Malkin and Nick Fuentes. She is not white and Ncik Fuentes’ father is said to be not white. So, they are both ads for the other side – non-white immigration is fine, it will all work out. But even more troubling, she is married to a Jew and Fuentes father is suspected of being partly Jewish. (His mother, who knows?) This has all the hallmarks of …wait for… controlled opposition.

    • SS
      SS says:

      Judge based on their fruits, not on empty speculating about Fuentes possibly having some Jewish ancestry. (He’s open about the fact he has 7% Mestizo ancestry. That’s not a problem for me at all). Michelle Malkin is married to a senile Jew, but she’s stuck her neck out to help us and been punished by her former allies as a result. We wouldn’t want her as a leader per se, but she’s never sought that position.

      • KW
        KW says:

        Sorry, the above comment starting with “Judge based on their fruits” was suppsoed to be a reply to SS, not from SS.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        I’ve wondered if Malkin is being elevated and receiving a higher degree of media attention due to the fact that she isn’t White, and whoever is giving her this boost is trying to use her to nudge a very white Ann Coulter out of the limelight? Our #1 enemy has, for years, continually tried to snooker racially healthy Whites into believing we can trust non-Whites to be our allies, which is part of their strategy to get Whites to lower their guards and allow non-Whites to serve as our leaders and spokesmen. Is this what is happening with Malkin?

        As for Ann Coulter, rumors have circulated for years that she is a big fan of interracial miscegenation involving black guys, and I was one who didn’t want to believe those rumors were true. However, after seeing a particularly incriminating video of her leaving a party in the company of a black dude who looked a little like Tiger Woods (it wasn’t him), climbing into a sports car with this black guy and then driving away from the scene – I have been forced to conclude that these rumors are indeed true. That video looked like a woman on a date; the black dude opens the passenger side door for her, she climbs in, he walks around to the driver’s side, gets in and drives away.

        Coulter has also had a long history of relationships with a number of jewish men. Then there is the peculiar fling she evidently had with Dinesh D’ Souza.

        I find these contradictions in her personal life as compared to her often stated opinions in her public discourse that sound very pro-White to be more than a little bit confusing. I truly do not know what to make of Ann Coulter. Is she a fraud? Controlled opposition?

        If she was legitimately pro-White, would the jewish owned book publishing companies still allow her to publish her books? I suspect not.

        • SS
          SS says:

          Agree. Earning a living in media and having mainstream publishers = you serve the mainstream agenda. It doesn’t work any other way. How sincere the successful media darling is in her beliefs is hard to say and doesn’t really matter, in the end. They ususally seem to fit in perfectly with the “in crowd”. When they get fired, or go to jail, or have their families subjected to ANTIFA abuse, it gums up the conspiracy theory, though. Why would anyone do this? The Jewish spouses are a hint – they do it for their country.

      • The Real SS
        The Real SS says:

        I did not write this mestizo comment, this is someone else impersonating me, the SS who has posted here for some time.

  2. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Great review by Roger Devlin. James Kirkpatrick at VDare is a good writer with sound judgement. I will now order two copies of this book.

    The Conservative Movement is a controlled opposition, set up by our enemies to sabotage our efforts. Just look at the politicians they endorse – Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Bush, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, etc. Losers all, and they are quite happy to lose. It doesn’t bother them one bit. They’ve been losing on purpose for many years. They all love Israel, war and immigration. They all hate Russia and its people. They hate the American people, too, especially the Whites. That’s why they seek confrontation with Russia – to destroy us both.

    I certainly hope that the “dreaded specter of White Nationalism” will soon move to the main stream of national politics, to combat the evil of Jewish supremacy, degeneracy and gangsterism.

  3. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    Malkin is solid on immigration. In fact, she is so outspoken that she is being marginalized.
    Same with Nick. I’m not so picky about who is allowed to speak out. Anybody that speaks out
    for white interests is ok in my book. And that includes jews that speak out for white well being.
    Given there are not many jews that care abut whites, but there are a few smart jews that realize that whites
    were the best friends jews ever had until jews decided to screw whites.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Bravo Robert!

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Though the “purists” have a point, they’re so thoroughly wrongheaded about it that they end up coming off as just plain silly.

      Besides, where’s it gotten them?

      On the other hand, that does not mean that one should follow the lead of The Proud Boys.

      Look how that’s turned out for them.

      We live in interesting and stressful times, exactly because one has to stay healthy and enjoy life, but also be on the look out.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Can our current political system work for white Americans? I would say the answer is no. We’ve gone too far down the path of discrimination (against white males) and mass immigration to be able to remedy the situation. The only pertinent political divide right now is between white nationalists on the one hand and everyone else on the other.

    We worry about keeping people out of this country when we should be thinking about getting out of it ourselves and forming a new country that serves our interests. There is no place for us in the United States anymore. We will need to carve out our own ethnostate.

    The only role we have to play in the current system is to persuade other white people to join us. I believe very large numbers will do so in the next five years.

    • Barbara
      Barbara says:

      The obvious choice is Russia which was immunized from the Poz by Communism. But for some reason, no one who cares about white interests seems to be talking about the Russia option. I know, I know … Putin isnt perfect .. so it’s in to the American reeducation camps we go, I guess.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        The trouble with Russia under Putin is that he signed off on a law where you can get five years in prison for questioning the Jewish Holocaust narrative. I believe the same is true in the Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Jews have too much power in those countries. A meeting of white nationalists was shut down in Hungary and one of its American sponsors was expelled from the country. As things stand now, there is no existing country that could be a home for us. We have to create our own country. Or wait for some kind of civil war to happen here or in Europe.

  5. Frederick
    Frederick says:

    The GOP is a vessel that is being emptied out of all substance. Time to fill it with what *we* want. There has never been a more Golden Time than now to attack corporate power. From their mistreatment of American workers by not paying them a living wage and forcing them to work in Amazon’s Metropolis-style warehouses … to their promotion of wage-supressing mass immigration and outsourcing …. to instituting Clownworld through their HR departments, corporate non-profit donations, and pozzed advertising. Who cares if it helps minorities too? Pretty sure Jews would not like this one bit. The whole rotten edifice is either anti-white at its core or profoundly accidentally anti-white … and needs to go. We need an anti-big business GOP that would make Karl Marx blush.

  6. Mari
    Mari says:

    I’m a White Nationalist. Conservatism is useless for our cause. I didn’t read the article. So I don’t know if the author favors conservatism or despises it as I do

  7. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    There is a lot of talk that whites in America will become more radicalized in terms of their group identity and group identity politics, once they achieve minority status in the U.S. Dream on; I think resignation and despair and inaction are much more likely following that “achievement.” More importantly, once we become a minority our chances of getting back on our feet in any meaningful manner are diminished greatly. Numbers, in the end, generally trump every other consideration. In that light, the question for the present becomes: How can we radicalize the sheep now, while we have time to save what’s left of our society?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      They probably cannot be radicalized .

      Most USSA Whites are descendants of rural peoples most of whom normally had very little political needs ; and thus most contemporary Whites have very weak political cultural traditions compared to their jewmasters which includes crypto-jew jesuits and many other jewish dominated secretive societies as well as many jewish dominated and very influential overt political organizations .

      Consequently , most Whites are not even aware of the incipient genocide , by the globalist oligarch jewmasters , of their culture//people ; and the few that are aware of the genocide either do not care about it or do not have the political wherewithal ( that is attained from strong cultural political traditions other than popularity contest voting ; that is , strong political traditions which most Whites do not have compared to their jewmasters ) to do anything about the ongoing and so far mostly soft(?) genocide .

      Also , most adult Whites are proclaimed christians — either the protestant version or catholic version — and have been for 2000 years instructed by God ( with the JC NT Holy Bible KJV quote of the Book of St. Luke , chapter 18 , verse 17 ) to be political imbeciles where neither the judaic god Jehovah nor the islamic god Allah has put any such constraint on adult political activity .

      Whites are doomed unless they can somehow muster up the courage to ditch their christian fantasies — not necessarily ditch their deity JC — and get onboard with the new religion of { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } for the survival of mankind beyond The Solar Extinction Event .

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    The problem with so many intellectuals on the mainstream Right is that they seem to be completely naive about the racist motives of their Leftist opponents. It’s hilarious in a way because Right and Left talk at complete odds with one another. The Right talks about the desirability of maintaining a colorblind constitutional republic in America and they assume that the Left is actually listening, and listening in an approving manner, when the spokesmen thereof insist that they really really believe that non-Aryans can faithfully adopt a Jeffersonian mindset when it comes to the implementation of government policies and procedures. Meanwhile, the farther-along America society actually attempts to institute that colorblind republic in practice, ironically by forceful legal government discrimination against whites, the more the Left’s rhetoric has become racist and hateful toward anything smacking of whiteness in any civil or governmental sphere. Thankfully, some conservatives are actually “getting it” and fighting back against the preposterous leftist con game of “equality” – another word basically for non-white racial supremacy.

  9. Ponce Faggy
    Ponce Faggy says:

    Neocons are not right wing at all. All their views align with SJWism – pro Great Replacement, PC, multiculti, feminist. They basically abandon everything valuable in conservatism.

    You can put a mousey long haired wig on Shrek, but it’s still a hideous fat beast with a protruding jaw & Scots. Accent.

  10. JRM
    JRM says:

    One thing I don’t see mentioned in the article or the comments is the main prop (in my always humble opinion) of Conservative America: safeguarding private property.

    If the real goal of Conservatism in this country had been preserving or enhancing White rule, we’d be living in an entirely different reality. Think of all the speeches, campaign contributions, polling, voter turnout canvassing, etc., in other words, all the energy that has been expended on Republican goals since, say, 1920.

    The fear at the heart of the Conservative crowd isn’t really of “the other”, as most Leftists like to believe. The real fear is of poverty, whether earned or imposed from above. Going all the way back to the American Revolution, the elites in this country have been focused on private property (and how to get more of it).

    Class warfare was a resounding dud in America, because our poor never wanted to eat the rich, they wanted to join the rich. Cultural Marxism switched the rules of the game; “anti-racism” and “Civil Rights” proved to be the battering ram that worked where appeals to class consciousness never did, save a few outliers.

    It’s the fear of private property loss that made the radicals such a frightening threat from the early-20th c. anarchists through the CPUSA. Even small groups of Reds could strike fear into the hearts of Republicans.

    The modern Republican Party is a party dedicated to business interests, predicated on profit, and relentlessly driven to increase market share. How in the world could anyone think for more than a few moments that they were ever particularly interested in the welfare of Whites as a population? No more so than corporate decision-makers who offshored our industry.

    Due to certain twists and turns in US history, most race-conscious Whites have now coalesced in the Republican Party. That is a shift that the Republican power-brokers have accepted, but hardly one that inspires any feelings of reciprocity.

    TL;DR: The Left hates us, the Right just disdains us.

    • Alphonsus
      Alphonsus says:

      Except that many corporations today are embracing positions that are self-destructive, such as supporting sodomite “marriage” and every other SJW cause.

      See Vox Day’s new book entitled Corporate Cancer. Use the Look Inside function on Amazon to read about what he calls the five stages of convergence.

      Most big corporations today are either converged or heading to full convergence, and are thus headed for suicide.

      • JRM
        JRM says:


        Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I took a look at the book preview, and it looks like a worthwhile premise.

        The issue gets complicated, and to truly sort it all out, one would need to isolate, for example, the level of hypocrisy v. true ideological convergence. I have zero doubt that there are true SJW believers in corporate ranks, just as I have zero doubt that a lot of the SJW-style braying we hear is thoroughly cynical lip service.

        There are good examples of declining profits brought about by this “convergence”; movie re-boots that push SJW role changes spring immediately to mind; these have not been successful. It is a legitimate question that you raise about corporations suiciding themselves for SJW ideals. But we have an entire nation suiciding itself for same, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. What we see is a complex mix of idealism, hypocrisy, greed, fear, hate and residual, post-Christian nation feelings of “holiness” all wrapped up into one unhealthy picture.

        On the other hand, there are also compensatory measures at work that can prolong the life of an institution. Corporations that talk about diversity in the workplace are rushing towards automation and robotization as fast as they can. They will get to brag about their sacred commitment to a diverse workplace while busily laying actual employees off.

        The military is another example of insuring a body against the consequences of its own debilitating practices. While arguable a much less effective fighting machine now, with its “minority” and female soldiers, the technological side of things is so far advanced that the planned and pursued undermining of actual manpower are almost fully ameliorated. For now.

  11. JRM
    JRM says:

    To just enlarge briefly on my previous post, the disparity in social impact made by the Republican Right v. the Liberal, “Progressive” Left, is more a feature than a bug in our system. Both parties cater to multi-national corporations; but the Left/Democrat operation actually does preserve a certain ideological, social mindset.

    That is, while serving the interests of banks and corporations, the Dems also push forward social-engineering projects. Meanwhile, the Republicans work very hard for the same owners, but don’t have any real dog in the race ideologically. They pay a small amount of lip-service to freedom of religion (as long as it doesn’t become too burdensome, or distract from the pursuit of global capital).

    They talk a lot about “freedom”, which is a good thing for politicians to talk about, because it’s such a nebulous concept, but everyone thinks it sounds pretty good.

    Why does the Right in this country serve as a consolidator of Leftist goals after the fact? We know the Republicans we vote for don’t really care about “gay” marriage and a lot of the other social baggage Dems revel in. We know because yesterday’s “radical stance” always becomes today’s “accepted truth/good”. Gay marriage is a perfect example.

    Do you realize that interracial marriages (miscegenation) were still forbidden in about half the States (guess which half) until 1967? 1967!

    The Republicans have no energy to fight social values fights because they don’t really care much about them. Did gay marriage impact business or curtail profits or ensnare financial institutions in restrictive legislation? No. That’s why the Right exists in this country to solidify and normalize Leftist subversion, and to keep Global business running smoothly. It’s why corporations celebrate gay rights with rainbow-decorated designs. These things don’t interfere with the business of doing business. They are a part of the Global Plan.

    So, we have the Left: they push anti-White (and fundamentally, anti-Tradition) ideas, and serve their Global masters. The Republicans put up token resistance to subversion, then spin it into a nice profitable new consensus, and by doing so serve their Global masters (((same guys))).

    Just as the Republicans don’t really want “White Power” (way too disruptive, and who wants a really self-aware population anyway?), the elite Dems don’t really want radical economic reform, even though a large part of their constituency does. This is why Bernie is always screwed over by the Dem powers; I would be a bit surprised if Eliz. Warren gets the nom, but occasional insurrections (or, mini-insurrections) do happen, as Trump proved. Trump’s presidency also demonstrates the problems of an outsider victor. Trump’s wall would affect economic conditions, and possibly even raise racial self-awareness amongst Whites, leading to more problems, so it simply hasn’t been built.

    The citizens who belong to both parties are therefore somewhat underserved, but the Left definitely has more victories to crow about. But the Republicans haven’t failed. They have served their real owners incredibly well. I guess the biggest difference between the elite Party bosses and their voters is the Dem leaders aren’t ashamed of their own constituents the way Republican leaders are of their voting base.

  12. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    The phony Left is even worse than the phony Right. It is in power but thinks of itself as rebellious. They are rebelling all right, but against the existence of White people, not against the political system. By inverting reality, they are able to spread confusion in naive people.

    “Once safely in office, the likes of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan get back to cutting taxes for the rich, outsourcing jobs, opening the borders and getting mired in pointless foreign wars.”

    Paul Ryan could be seen as a Leftist who posed as a Rightist so as to infiltrate the Republican leadership. But it makes more sense to see him as an agent of the Jews. The truth is that the Jews have been infiltrating and manipulating both the Left and the Right. But the Jewish subversion of the Left happened a little earlier and more deeply than the subversion of the Right. That’s why it may look as if the Right is being infiltrated by the Left. But the agenda of race replacement and wars for Israel is really a Jewish thing. It has nothing to do with the former Left-wing ideal of equality among the people.

    So, the main problem is the JQ. There is also a problem of the Right not being serious about fighting the Left, but it is closely linked to the JQ. Why is the Right so feeble? Where does the intimidation come from? Mainly from Jewish power.

    “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it oneself”

    That idea mainly makes sense if you understand the JQ. Everything has been subverted, not just the Left and the Right, but also the Church, the school, the arts, the intellectual public life, the book production, the newspapers, capitalism, etc.

    “Kirkpatrick correctly observes that the leadership of every normal movement in history has been more dedicated to achieving its goals than the rank and file”

    Likewise, when an institution or a movement is taken over by the Left, the new leadership no longer believes in its former core values. I bet there are still retired White WORKERS who keep voting for the Left because they believe in the noble ideal of equality. But the new leadership of the Left doesn’t care about equality, they want race replacement. Due to Jewish subversion, the ENVIRONMENTALISTS are no longer allowed to speak up against unlimited population growth. Likewise, the CHURCH has become materialistic and no longer cares about religious transcendence. I think the LIBERTARIANS too have been infiltrated and destroyed by the J-Left. Etc.

    Meanwhile, the true Rightists, Leftists, environmentalists, Christians, libertarians, etc, have a hard time maintaining a public presence because they are denied access to the media and to any public support.

    Kirkpatrick: “the existential issue of the next century is identity”

    If so, he should name the Jew, root for White people, and forget about the phony opposition between Left and Right.

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