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Joyeux Noёl: The Beginnings of WWI and the Christmas Truce of 1914

Editor’s note: Christmas is a special time of year, and over the years TOO has posted some classic articles that bear on the season. This article by F. Roger Devlin was originally posted in December, 2013. It is an important reminder of the disastrous intra-racial wars of the twentieth century—wars that may yet deal a death blow […]

Ed Dutton Goes Back to School (With Evolutionary Psychology in his Satchel)

The Naked Classroom: The Evolutionary Psychology of Your Time at School Edward Dutton Jolly Heretic Publications, 2023 As a schoolboy, Ed Dutton decided he was a “humanities person.” He felt an immediate interest in the lives of his ancestors and the people around him, and so enjoyed learning about history and literature, which spoke to […]

Political Communication for Dissidents

Stregoneria Politica: Comunicazione politica non convenzionale [Political Witchcraft: Unconventional Political Communication] Guido Taietti Rome: Altaforte Edizione, 2021 Guido Taietti, MA in political science, is an Italian patriot active in CasaPound. In addition to the book under review, he is the author of a Trattato sul sovranismo [Treatise on Sovereignism] (2019) and many articles in Italian […]

The Post George Floyd Revolution; Roger Devlin reviews Heather MacDonald’s When Race Trumps Merit

F. Roger Devlin’s review of Heather MacDonald’s When Race Trumps Merit: How the Pursuit of Equity Sacrifices Excellence, Destroys Beauty, and Threatens Lives appeared at AmRen. This review is far more informative than Ann Coulter’s review which was posted here recently. You probably won’t be surprised by a whole lot, but some of the examples are […]

Recent Research on Race Realism

Race and Evolution: The Causes and Consequences of Race Differences Stephen K. Sanderson Self-published, 2022 Stephen Sanderson is the author, coauthor, or editor of sixteen books in twenty-two editions and some seventy-five articles in journals, edited collections, and handbooks. He is a retired professor of sociology and is quite unusual within his discipline for applying […]