Ethnos Needs Logos (and Genos)

Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific and pugnacious Catholic author. He is a great crusader for Truth and I admire his work tremendously. A man who can spin off a thousand pages on the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is clearly a man with important things to say. He makes unexpected and illuminating connections like few others and has a way of reducing complex cultural or social phenomena down into a single blast furnace of a sentence. Oftentimes the result is breathtaking, as in, “modernity is rationalized sexual misbehavior.” Jones began his career by getting fired from St. Mary’s College in South Bend for being against abortion. (Listen to him tell the story.) A bit nonplussed at being considered too Catholic for a Catholic college, he launched his own magazine, now entitled Culture Wars, and almost forty years and a dozen incisive volumes later, shows no sign of slowing down. Anyone who wishes to understand the hidden forces that shape the modern world will find a trove of insights in his large body of work.

In this short essay, however, I venture to take issue with the great Dr. Jones. The “issue” arises from the fact that he insists that race is not an important focus of identity. Being a militant Catholic (in the best sense), Jones maintains that if everyone just converted to Catholicism most modern ills would take care of themselves. In this, I happen to agree with him. Imagine if the Catholic hierarchy actually converted to Catholicism! Not to mention the Jews and Muslims and the LGBT crowd! A lot of problems would vanish instantly. But alas, that’s not happening anytime soon, and meanwhile, we—the men of the West—have a fight on our hands. In short, I believe that race is much more important than Jones is willing to concede, both as a component of individual humans and as a factor in history and culture.

Aware of his stance on race, I recently bought his two booklets Ethnos Needs Logos and Benedict’s Rule. Idly flipping through the first one, I came across the sentence, “Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia.” Now, I like to think I’m a good son of Holy Mother Church, but that statement made me slightly sick to my stomach (see also Kevin MacDonald’s recent comment on the role of the Church in European history). I decided to read the books carefully and work out exactly where I stand in relation to Jones’ ideas.

The genesis of Ethnos Needs Logos was a conference on national identity conducted in Guadalajara, Mexico, during which Jones privately debated David Duke and Mark Weber (of the Institute for Historical Review) over whether race or religion is more responsible for the creation of nations. Jones vigorously expounds the idea that “Logos,” the rational and divine order of the universe as personified in Christ and now embodied in the Catholic Church, is the only force that can raise ethnic groups to the highest level of human culture. Drawing on Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of World History, Jones describes how this process culminates in nationhood and the Christian state. The end of human progress, which involves the progressive understanding and social implementation of the true idea of “freedom,” is thus the Catholic West. In making his point, Jones ridicules the idea that race, mere matter as he calls it, plays a role in the moral development of mankind.

In Benedict’s Rule, published in 2017, a year before Ethnos Needs Logos, Jones discusses how imperial overreach emptied Roman identity of its meaning. (It also emptied Rome of its founding people: Appendix to Chapter 2 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition—a good example of how changing the people also changes the culture.)

Jones goes on to claim that the void after the fall of the Empire was filled by religion and the growth of ethnic groups (“ethnogenesis”). He describes how the ensuing reign of chaotic tribalism was eventually tamed and civilized by the monastic Order of St. Benedict and the Catholic Church. He then switches to modern times to describe how the Church in America “controlled” ethnogenesis by creating cohesive ethnic parishes in northern cities. Jones holds that the Church constituted a powerful “ethnic group” defined by religion. Jones is an adherent of the “triple melting pot” theory, which claims that, in America, religion replaced national origin as the main bond of unity, in consequence of which there were three “ethnic groups” in America: Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. Unfortunately, the Church fell into the trap of joining the “civil rights” movement (and defining justice in racial terms) instead of defending the integrity of its ethnic parishes, and, coincidentally, its own power. Interestingly, Jones says the Catholic parishes in the northern cities should have resisted being broken up by the influx of Blacks into their neighborhoods, although elsewhere he states that “any race-based defense was either illicit or ineffectual.” (Ethnos, 40) The collapse of Catholic power in the 1960s and 1970s permitted the conservative movement to organize disaffected White Catholics, who resented the liberal turn of their Church, into a new “ethnic group.” Jones ends by predicting that globalism will soon usher in a new era of rampant tribalism, and that Islam will be the big winner if the Catholic Church does not return to its traditions.

Jones does not define “ethnic group,” but he uses the term to denote any effective social group, including tribes, religious groups, nations, and even political parties.

All in all, two very interesting booklets that support each other’s arguments with a wealth of trenchant analysis. I found myself agreeing with practically all of it, and was pleasantly intrigued half a dozen times. There is much I would like to discuss—perhaps at a later time—but at present I will confine myself to just two of Dr. Jones’ ideas.

The first statement that caught my attention is that Whites in America embrace White identity only because they are deracinated; they have lost the more important communal bonds of ethnicity and religion and have seized upon an ersatz identity:

The term “white” or “European,” . . . is the infallible sign that we are dealing with advanced deracination. White people are people who lack an identity, and so the only identity they can come up with is a negative one, namely, the opposite of black. (Ethnos, 40)

In fact, White identity in America is as old as the nation itself, especially in the South, given that the racial division between Blacks and Whites has existed since before the founding. Moreover, during the period of ethnic defense culminating in the 1924 immigration law, it was common for White Americans to have a sense racial identity and to feel threatened by immigration, especially immigration of Eastern European Jews. Such ideas, often influenced by Darwinism, were published in prominent media and by publishing houses with excellent establishment reputations. (See Chapter 6 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.)

I agree that many White Americans are deracinated in the current situation, but this is after the rise of a new (fundamentally Jewish) elite and decades of propaganda from the mainstream media, activist organizations, and academia fostering White guilt and the idea that White racial identity (and only White racial identity) is a psychopathology and has no scientific basis—the latter an idea that Jones evidently approves.

The same is true of other identities. Christianity has gone by the wayside; so has identity based on national origins, and even old-style patriotism has been ridiculed and outlawed. Whites are desperately looking for community. (I firmly believe that this loss of identity is the real cause of the high White suicide rate.) Some are looking back to the White heritage of “the West” and trying to develop a focus of attachment and action based on that. If these people can mobilize others to defend White people and Western Culture, then I support their efforts. Along with Dr. Jones, I hope that the West returns to the old Faith, but the question of bare survival is now looming, and I prefer the survival of pagan White culture to the death of all White culture.

Jones denigrates racial identity as materialist and artificial—not simply a lesser choice among various possibilities, but one completely in error. However, the enemies of Western Man and Christianity have grouped heritage Americans into the category of “White,” and are waging war on them—us—on that basis. If we are not interested in seeing ourselves as White, our enemies are. Even more urgently, the demographic situation in America is grinding inexorably onward, precisely against Whites as Whites. Therefore, it seems we will have little choice but to fight under that flag. The longer the enemy wages war against “Whites,” the more defenders will take up the banner thrust into their hands.

I certainly do not regard White identity as negative or artificial. However, if one takes it as a catch-all term, then, yes, it is a very thin concept, because it encompasses so many groups across the world that differ on all points except race. What unites all those Whites in the various nations? Precious little. On what basis could they be united for common action? It is White identity within the various nations that could provide some traction, for there it could draw upon common history and traditions. That is the key: race by itself probably cannot provide a basis for unity and action, but fused with religion, national feeling, and anything else that helps bond society together, it could give rise to a powerful ethnos. Therefore, Whites should seek to reactivate their traditional identities based on religion, nation, or region, as well as on race.

The next fifty years is going to be a riveting lesson in the dynamics of imperial disintegration and ethnogenesis. Seeking solidarity in Whiteness, if it does nothing more than facilitate strong bonds between groups of Whites caught in a civil war fought along racial lines, will have served a vital purpose.

The second point that demands explication is Jones’ denial that race is anything more than mere matter, without importance in relation to the faculties of the soul, human behavior, or society at large. He cuts the ground away completely from any attempt to invest race with meaning for individuals or society:

Race . . . is a creation of the biological materialism which found its most prominent spokesman in Charles Darwin. Materialism is based on the primacy of matter, and matter, as everyone trained in Thomistic philosophy knows, is the principle of differentiation. Matter, therefore, cannot lead to unity.” (Ethnos, 12)

He insists that men are inclined to race pride “because we are all by fallen nature carnal and are always ready to choose material goods over spiritual goods.” (Ethnos, 22)

But why should unity be an overriding goal? This pre-judges the question of whether race exists and whether race a primary dividing line in the contemporary world, resulting in a situation where anti-White hatred is increasingly prominent in the mainstream media and on social media. This utopian ideal of a harmonious humanity united by spiritual ideals ignores the reality of what is happening all around us.

Moreover, the good doctor, it seems to me, is denying heredity and race any role in the mental and moral make-up of men. First, heredity influences human behavior. Genes or other biological factors don’t determine human behavior, because every normal human possesses free will in his actions. However, there is a cascade of modern research that shows how genetic factors predispose people to this behavior or that. Ignoring these data results in a philosophical idealism dedicated to the spiritual unity of mankind in which the mind is completely separate from the body. Jones is quite aware of Jewish influence on the culture of West, but does anyone seriously believe that a philosophical idealism based on the unity of mankind will ever appeal to Jews? Will it ever appeal to the (now virtually hegemonic) cultural left and its addiction to the racial and gender identity politics of division?

Genes can make some people more inclined to alcoholism and violence, among other behaviors. I should stress that no gene or complex of genes can make a person an alcoholic. That would represent the destruction of free will and reduce men to genetic robots. A person repeatedly chooses to drink—that makes an alcoholic. The genes nudge a person in that direction, or incline a person to that behavior, but only the will, seated in the soul, directly pulls the trigger on the action. Thus, genetic factors may sway the will, but do not impel it.

In addition to genetic influence on behavior, there appears in Catholic teaching the idea that heredity contributes to the moral make-up of man.

First, some background. In Catholic teaching, the human is a perfect union of two distinct elements, the body and the soul. The human soul is both the animating principle of the body, and an immortal spirit. (The souls of animals are not spirits and go out of existence with the death of the animal.) The souls of men have spiritual faculties or powers called the intellect and the will. The intellect has its seat in the soul, but it is dependent upon the senses to provide it with material for its operations. How and to what extent the intellect is dependent upon the physical brain is a problem that has long fascinated not only me but also centuries of Catholic theologians and psychologists. As to why intelligence is so variable in humans, there are two possibilities. The first is the idea that the physical quality of the brain, if excellent, permits greater reach and power to the operations of the intellect; however, if it is inferior, it can limit mental performance. The second possibility is that God fashions the soul and its intellect according to the constitution of the body and the brain. Both of these cases permit the conclusion that the material body has an impact on the soul and its capabilities.

The idea of heredity is surprisingly prominent in Catholic teaching. It was with intense interest that I recently read the following passages from the pen of the great German-born Thomist, Abbot Vonier, in his classic 1913 work The Human Soul:

There seems to be no contradiction in supposing that spiritual souls may differ widely in qualities, God forming them according to the differences of hereditary dispositions. . . . Saint Thomas Aquinas distinctly inclines towards the view that Almighty God fashions the soul He creates according to the body into which He infuses it. As long as the soul’s spirituality is safeguarded, there is no reason why the body, with its qualities, should not be to God the occasion for creating a soul with corresponding qualities. (Vonier, 45-46)

[Man’s physical make-up] has its qualities and its defects, which the soul cannot change

. . . the soul’s office is . . . to tune all the strings of nature to the highest pitch; but all the tuning in the world will never change the make of the instrument. (Vonier, 47)

These are explosive ideas. They support the proposition that humans have varying capacities (including moral capacities) that follow the dispositions of heredity. Similar statements appear in the work of other theologians. The Jesuit Ernest R. Hull, in The Formation of Character, says

The bodily gifts of nature are . . . unequally distributed; and hence a huge difference of quality in the composition of the brain, nerves, sensitive organs and the rest. And since all our functionings in life have to be carried on through this conjoint instrument called the body, it follows that men come into existence with an immense initial difference of mental and even moral capacity, according to the qualities of these different organs. … Hence there is no difficulty in acknowledging the fact that some people are born stupid, others clever, some weak and others strong, some sluggish . . . others vivacious and active. . . . Even in the moral order there are some who are almost literally born angels in the flesh, while others are painfully prone to anger, sloth, gluttony. (Hull, 113; emphasis added)

Further support comes from the 1908 Catholic Encyclopedia:

Character is the expression of the personality of a human being. . . . A man’s character is the resultant of two distinct classes of factors: the original or inherited elements of his being, and those which he has acquired. On the one hand, every human being starts with a certain nature or disposition—a native endowment of capacities for knowledge, and feelings, and tendencies towards volitions and action—which varies with each individual. This disposition is dependent in part on the structure of the bodily organism and especially of the nervous system which he has inherited; in part, perhaps, also on his soul which has been created. . . . The transmission from parent to offspring of hereditary dispositions, therefore, involves no conflict with the doctrine of the creation of each human soul. (Catholic Encyclopedia, “Character”)

There is nothing more central to man than his character. Character is the truest manifestation of who a man is, a direct expression of his moral temper. And, character is partly derived from heredity. It is based on temperament and formed by the habitual action of the will, which decides between courses of action. (Temperament can be thought of as the natural inclinations of a person, manifested especially in his personality, with a strong hereditary component.) Character is the “group of internal dispositions, issuing from heredity, environment, education, or deliberately formed habits, which preside over one’s habitual conduct.” (Attwater, A Catholic Dictionary, 96; emphasis added)

Within mainstream Catholic theology, the body becomes more than dumb “matter” when it is united to a soul. The soul does not spiritualize or divinize the body, but it does raise it to full partnership with an immortal spirit, all of whose functions are performed through and with the body and its natural endowment. The passages above show us that the physical, hereditary qualities of the body impart to the human being a not-inconsiderable part of his moral constitution.

To make the obvious connection, if heredity is important and if the races differ significantly in their genetic endowment, then race is real.

Thus, the body—heredity—race—contributes to the formation of the psychological and moral human being. Man is a union of the physical and the spiritual worlds, each with a sphere of influence over the other. Yes, the soul is much more important, but the body is more than a cipher, much more than “mere matter.”

Lastly, I would like to address the preposterous claim that “Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia.” Without in any way downplaying the tremendous civilizing work of the Catholic Church, I present for your meditation two numbers:

Average IQ of Europe: 100.
Average IQ of Somalia: 68.

From Human Rights Watch:

If a person scores below 70 on a properly administered and scored I.Q. test, he or she is in the bottom 2 percent of the American population and meets the first condition necessary to be defined as having mental retardation. . . . An I.Q. in the 60 to 70 range is approximately the scholastic equivalent to the third grade.

I know that Dr. Jones often resorts to hyperbole, but no White society would ever resemble Somalia.

As important as it is, the spiritual cannot provide a complete explanation for society and history, because man has a physical body and lives in a physical world. True Catholic teaching does not despise matter, but rather exalts it because it was made by God. Indeed, the highest form of matter in the universe is the human body, animated by a soul. Catholics should not despise the concept of race either, because it too was created by God. Catholic teaching is (or was) very comfortable with the idea of individual human inequality in talent and character, as well as with the idea of talent-based hierarchies in society and state. There is likewise no reason to deny the obvious differences between races, other than a misguided concern to give false charity greater importance than truth. There is no profit in that.

Whether race will ever become a powerful and effective focus of identity in the beleaguered West is an open question, but it is painfully clear that the war against “Whites” is intensifying dramatically. I say we should mobilize all the forces we can lay hold of, whether spiritual or racial, and bring them to the fight.


Attwater, Donald. A Catholic Dictionary. New York: MacMillan Company, 1943.

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Jones, E. Michael. Benedict’s Rule: The Rise of Ethnicity and the Fall of Rome. South Bend, Indiana: Fidelity Press, 2017.

Jones, E. Michael. Ethnos Needs Logos: Why I Spent Three Days in Guadalajara Trying to Persuade David Duke to Become a Catholic. South Bend, Indiana: Fidelity Press, 2018.

Maher, Michael. “Character.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 3. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1908. 26 Nov. 2019 <>.

Vonier, Abbot. The Human Soul. Bethesda, Maryland: Zacheus Press, 2010.



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  1. Kenneth Anderson
    Kenneth Anderson says:

    Why did God and truth become thought of as non-material or non-corporeal? Why is nothing better than something? How anti-life such an idea was. Apparently ascetics who managed to overcome or block all material desires experienced a bliss from doing so that they interpreted as non-material Godhood.

    The great religions say spiritual substance is greater than corporeal substance, but since there is no real spiritual substance and is only corporeal substance and super-corporeal substance the great religions were wrong about Godhood.

    Intellectual truth alone is not spiritual or non-corporeal and is not the end of the universe. The highest intellectual truth exists in the highest evolved corporeal or material bodies.

    We can have Godhood and religion but they need to be directly connected to corporeal and supermaterial bodies. Ascending levels of Godhood are evolved to in the material and supermaterial world and real religion can aid in that evolution.

    With a bow to the wisdom of conservatism we can in the Twofold Path retain the old ascetic Inward Path as the first unfinished glimpse of the real Godhood evolved to in the material and supermaterial Outward Path.

    • Tathagata
      Tathagata says:

      This concept of “God” separate from all existing things is just bollocks invented by semitic mind, in particular the Jews. No such “God” exists. The idea of creator god is just a projection of human ego. While most high philosophies emphasize on cutting the ego to clear illusion, the semitic idea takes this ego into a supernatural projection as a God. This god is obsessed about humans, feels and acts like humans but is like this ghost that is everywhere and at all times but is beyond all material things. In fact, the Greek mistake of dividing things into form and function evolves into this matter/soul divide within Christianity. Thus the idea that just as humans make toys, this “God” has made us. What is this but childish thinking and abysmal lack of logic and reasoning? Because humans like to tinker with things, would this mean that that should be the sole process by which world is made. What great stupidity!

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    There’s no problem at all being a big fan EMJ’s and simply laughing at his idea that there’s no such thing as being White.

    The first paragraph of this excellent article makes it clear why reading EMJ is worth it. So, no need to add to that.

    What I’ll say now is what I’ve said before almost immediately after having become familiar with his work. And that is that, good as his work is, is bears a striking and disturbing resemblance to the work of both Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson.

    The pattern is this,
    the individual comes on the scene like a breath of fresh air,
    they say things no one else is saying and then, sooner or later (or, sooner than later) the listener is led to the same cul-de-sac, ie;

    Don’t identify as White. Don’t criticize Jews.

    The difference with EMJ is obvious.

    His is simply, Don’t identify as White.

    It’s almost as if Jewish Supremacy Inc. is saying,
    “Well, we already know they’re talking about us more and more and aren’t backing down from the accusation of antisemitism like they used to. So, we’ll throw them a bone – just as long as they don’t get any ideas of identifying and ORGANIZING as Whites.

    Toward that end, it’s odd that they’ve purged everyone around EMJ, but not EMJ himself. Same could be said about Adam Green.

    I’m not suggesting EMJ is working with JSI. On the contrary, I think he’s 100% sincere.

    I’m saying that JSI has no problem managing the direction this takes. Why should they? They control the Internet.

    In any event, it’s something worth at least considering since the pattern is pretty obvious.

    What does any of this matter, what does it matter what any of us say, from KM, to EMJ, to the great Andrew Joyce, etc. if we can’t organize and defend ourselves the way we’re being attacked – as Whites?

    The fact is, Whites are officially an Occupied Territory, worldwide.

    And the ONLY way to liberate an occupied territory is with aggression.

    From this perspective the value of reading and commenting is that it at least keeps us in reality and serves as a tension release of sorts.

    But, more importantly, all of their talk to the contrary, JSI doesn’t want to get rid of all of us. Why?

    Because one of the most important ways a power center exhibits mastery over those it controls is by turning on and off the heat.

    To be effective their use of force must be unpredictcable, arbitrary and unjust.

    That way you never know when they’re going to strike.

    And that keeps you on the edge.

    Which, of course, is no way to live. But it does make you easier to control. Which, of course, is the whole point.

    It’s one way for them to know their power of you is effective.

    It’s a very disturbing and degrading state of affairs exactly because it’s so sado-masochistic.

    I doubt anyone would question the idea that the hostile elite, or JSI, is sadistic.

    But so far I have yet to hear Whites admit that their tolerance for abuse from the elite is looking more and more masochistic by the day.

    And now we’re back to why the eilte let’s us have our little websites and comment sections.

    So they can keep up this whole sado-masochistic cat and mouse game.

    Whoever thought that the West would end this way wasn’t paying attention.

    And that includes E. Michael Jones.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “Whoever thought that the West would end this way wasn’t paying attention.”

      Should be

      Whoever’s suprised that the West is ending this way (in the role of the masochist) wasn’t paying attention.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:

      Richard B says:
      December 10, 2019 at 11:00 am

      “There’s no problem at all being a big fan EMJ’s and simply laughing at his idea that there’s no such thing as being White.”

      I agree with EMJ’s analysis on many things but his statement/s that an African who moves to Poland, learns fluent Polish and is able to participate in Polish culture is Polish, is obviously lacking the complete dimension of being. There’s no doubt the African may experience many Polish perspectives and adopt some Polish attitudes but he is not an actual Pole.

      EMJ also made the statement that, the difference between Germany and Africa is 1000 years of the Catholic Church or the Benedictine monks teaching them to work. This also neglects genes, heredity and how genes are expressed in the psychology and behavior of German people toward the stimulus of Benedictine teaching.

      Richard B says:
      December 10, 2019 at 11:00 am

      “The pattern is this,
      the individual comes on the scene like a breath of fresh air,
      they say things no one else is saying and then, sooner or later (or, sooner than later) the listener is led to the same cul-de-sac,….

      “Toward that end, it’s odd that they’ve purged everyone around EMJ, but not EMJ himself. Same could be said about Adam Green.

      I’ve often had the impression that sections of the media and other jewish agencies are working to provoke the reaction they anticipate and would like to bring on the inevitable confrontation that eventually will occur. They are even preparing jews for the backlash that’s coming.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Some obscure frenchman a long time ago figured out why God created different races — variety is the spice of life . Humans tend to get bored with ” the same old thing ” all the time .

      A problem with so many Whites is they think , mostly subconsciously , that they have to become a different kind of spice to satisfy the requirement for variety of life ; and thus many Whites too easily abandon the reproduction of their kind and instead reproduce a new kind via miscegenation despite the Word of God __

      “” And God said , Let us make man in our image , after our [ kind ] …””

      as given in the Old Testament Holy Bible , KJV , Book of Genesis , chapter 1 , verse 26 .

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        . . .and kin is part of kind. . .

        Let us make man in our image , after our kin

        It sounds like God is saying- no race mixing

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Agreed — no race mixing . However , the concept of race did not exist back then when he said that . Presently God would probably say , whenever he gets around to it , no forced or manipulated or deceptive mixed race reproduction . In other words , God would oppose the breeder associations global campaigns of genocidal race elimination .

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            “… genocidal race elimination .”

            should be __

            [ genocidal elimination of established races .]

            since any mixed race reproduction is potentially the origin of a new race .

  3. Tim Allen
    Tim Allen says:

    Shaming people as fallen without cause is disgusting. Original sin is disgusting. Turning the other cheek and allowing murders to strike again is disgusting. There isn’t a single argument to defend these disgusting religious principles.

    • milan
      milan says:

      @ Tim Allen

      You say shaming people without cause is disgusting and yet the proof of it is everywhere? A proper reading of the book of Job is in order, a book that teaches the human character and can be summed up in the words:

      Beware of turning to evil, which you seem to prefer to affliction. Job 35:21

      you say turning the other cheek is disgusting and yet love true love suffers all these things:

      18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear; for fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not reached perfection in love. 1 John 4:18 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

      Unfortunately, you sir are wrong on all points.

  4. Robert Dolan
    Robert Dolan says:

    I like EMJ’s take on jewish supremacism and their use of sex as a form of political control. But his view of race is childish. Race and IQ track productivity. Race tracks crime and violence as well.
    The left (the jews) invented identity politics to wreck the western world and they are winning.
    I’m all for a revival of Christianity….but the the jews have cucked our religion to the point where it’s become just another globalist tool
    The irony of Jones pushing for Catholicism while the current Pope is insanely anti-white proves that he really just doesn’t get it. The brown hordes invading the west could all become Catholics and they would still hate white people because of the top down control of the jews.

    Racism originates with the jews…..and inevitably flows outward. The jews are the actual cause of racial strife due to their hyper-ethnocentrism. Jews observe high levels of ingroup preference while demanding that whites have no preference or unity at all.
    Once you figure it out….it seems amazingly stupid that whites have been willing to go along with this kind of craziness for such a long time.

    EMJ is sincere and surely not a shabbos goy sellout…..but he’s totally wrong on race.

    Oh….if race wasn’t significant, then the jews would not have put such massive effort into convincing us that “race is a social construct.”

    The marxist jews early on recognized that to atomize an entire planet filled with billions of people, they would have to unmoor individuals from every known form of identity, thus the jewish marxist attacks on race, religion, gender, etc..

    Race is the major part of human identity, and it’s certainly the major part of jewish identity. The idea that whites are supposed to ignore the color of their skin while the jews have engineered planetary hatred toward white skin is ABSURD.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Thank you for your commentary. My grandfather was a simple farmer. I dearly loved his soul. He was always reading. We’d ambulate in the woods and he’s share his thoughts. He could function in German, Polish, Russian and English. He subscribed to ethno papers composed in the noted languages and forgot more than most could ever hope to know. He was a sharp cookie. Often scholars from around the area would dine at his home. They’d debate late into the night. They’d have different opinions and argue. However, they’d either slap each other on the back when parting, or hug. Way back then, his comrades thought that EuroMan had a chance becuz the WASP might be able to hold off the nemesis of mankind. He and the others would often say that whoever had the most Zyds (Zhids, Js) influencing government and/or kultura would lose.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      “… it seems amazingly stupid that whites have been willing to go along with this kind of craziness for such a long time.”

      The vast majprity of Whites in this world are at least nominal christians where christianity has been a religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters for about 2000 years __

      “” [ Slaves ] , be obedient to them that are your masters according to the flesh , with fear and trembling , in singleness of your heart , as [ if ] unto Christ ; …””

      as instructed by the Word of God in The Christian Holy Bible , KJV , Book of Ephesians , chapter 6 , verse 5 .

      White cultures ( ie. people ) worlwide , whom are mostly christians , are scheduled for soft and/or hard methods of genocidal ELIMINATION by order of their globalist Synagog of Satan jewmasters . They should consider getting on board with the new religion of { The PRIME DIRECTIVE } for the survival of mankind beyond The Solar Extinction Event and whose deity is { The God of Empirical Reality } — before it is too late .

  5. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    I just discovered EMJ’s work and just started his book, The Revolutionary Jew. As a white American and brought up as Roman Catholic, I have some opinions about what he says. I think he makes a good point about identifying as white as being obsolete. Firstly because it’s not always accurate to identify as white because there are some People of Color that identify as white too, such as Turks and Arabs. Also, I always considered Jews white, but now Jews are claiming that they are not, which is confusing. So basically, now you can not look white or look white and be white or not be white. Take your pick.

    Another good point that he made about being white was in a video I saw and he was asked about the universal values of being white. He responded by showing a picture of Stalin and Mother Theresa side by side. Good point.

    I do think that he’s mistaken however by emphasizing religion as the defining factor. For some groups, yes. But I do believe there’s a whole generation of lost souls. Souls that went to Catholic school in the 80’s and 90’s that just don’t resonate with it and didn’t embrace it as in generations past.

    Definitely the Church failed us in the West. And to be fair, maybe we failed the Church. Seems the sexual revolution directly impacted the Church by tempting us like a kid in the candy store away from our green vegetables. Nobody wants to think of willpower and moral character when they can have dopamine hits from sex and candy.

    As for his and other’s denial about race and identity, (& some are in denial about the Jews), whatever the denial, the programming is so strong, that it has to be deconstructed slowly because sadly, people believe in their conditioned mistruths, some so vehemently that they would even kill for those lies and do.

  6. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    E. Michael Jones’ blindness to the meaning of race reaches the height of absurdity in his saying “Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia”. What about Protestant North-West Europe, or Pagan ancient Greece and Rome? And how successful are Catholic Haiti, the whole of Catholic Latin America or the Catholic Philippines?

    “Ethnos needs Logos”, alright, but in order to function in this world, Logos also needs Ethnos, and it is the quality of Ethnos that determines the quality of its functioning. Has E. Michael Jones ever looked at a world map of IQ and drawn his conclusions? It is unbelievable how a man can be for 50% so right and at the same time for 50% so wrong, but Jones succeeds in that.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Excellent point. There are all kinds of reasons why Europe would have become the greatest civilization ever known to man even if Benedictine monks hadn’t taught the Germans “who were chasing pigs through the forest” how to work: geographical location, the heritage of ancient Greece and Rome, fertile land, white genes.

      The only consistent factor in the decline of great civilizations has been whites mixing their genes with non-whites.

      This truth, however, is very hard for people to accept. It condemns non-whites to being — in a sense — “less than human.”

      So instead of focusing on superiority/inferiority, I think it is wise simply to point out that multiculturalism — mixing different races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and language groups — doesn’t work and has never worked. As the saying goes, “Diversity + Proximity = War.” This is true in the United States right now (in the form of racial grievance-mongering), in Europe (European women increasingly feeling unsafe), and it has always been true historically speaking.

      A prime example would be the former Yugoslavia, which did not even have significant racial differences, but rather religious differences: Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Muslims sharing the same space and unable to get along with each other.

      As for race, even if the mixing becomes more or less complete, as in Mexico, what you end up with is a failed state whose people leave the country in large numbers and bring their problems to other countries like ours.

      • Calufrax
        Calufrax says:

        This fool loves to go on about “pagan Germans chasing pigs through the forest”, it’s one of his favorite lines. Does he not realize that Christian Europeans still hunted wild boars? As if hunting makes you inferior. This loathsome wretch clearly has utter contempt for the European people, especially of the Teutonic variety. Like many Catholic “Trads” he thinks the European race only acquired worth once it became Christian. Some Trads talk as though our people didn’t even exist until they became Christian. Forget the fact that the pagan Balts didn’t even convert until the 14th century, and the Icelanders until the 11th.
        This fool also thinks that American Blacks wouldn’t hate Euro-Americans unless them evil Protestants tricked them into doing so. You see, according to Jones Black criminality was engineered by the Protestants “to stop Catholics from taking over”. Without them Protestants Blacks would be a peaceable bunch of White- lovers.He actually said this in a livestream with Richard Spencer and Jim Goad. I also heard he’s a geocentrist. This utter loon should not be taken seriously by anyone. He is an enemy of the European race.

  7. Ole C G Olesen
    Ole C G Olesen says:

    As Catholicism today has its main Flock among Non White Races ( by far ) … the stance of M E Jones is given beforehand .. and his arguments nothing but a post-hume SOFISTIC rationalisation for keeping HIS Flock satisfied …. His arguments are in totality nothing but SPECULATION ! I have with Interest read his Book : ” The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit ” .. and gained from the vast historical knowledge and research by this Author but could say the same about ” Das Kreuz mit der Kirche: Eine Sexualgeschichte des Christentums ” in massive 18 Volumes by Karlheinz Deschner. A study of the celebrated and decisive Work by another important historical Writer, Edward Gibbons ; ” The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” doesnt leave the Catholic Church many clothes to cover its rotten Corpse with either — and a perfunctionary aquaintance with the current primas of Catholicism ( and the theological ” elites ” within Protestantism … both complete Waste of Time ) should cure any THINKING white European from inclinations toward the currently Jew -infested Religion : CHRISTIANITY … in spite of all the sofistery attempting to attribute European Achievements to that said … in MY opinion .. Suicidal , Unnatural and today Anti- European Religion. – NOBODY can know what had been the Outcome if organic European belief systems had been allowed to survive and develop ! When Christianity had to infect the natural european World with its messages it had to emfazise the Warrior like nature of its flexible Methaphysics .. or facing Failure in its conversion attempts . Today .. Demografics have changed .. and the Christian Churches have changed their Doctrines accordingly … End of Story !

  8. Eric
    Eric says:

    In order for white extinction (or something very close to that) to be avoided in the long run, two things will have to happen: 1) Jews will have to lose power and influence in majority-white (soon to be only plurality-white) societies; 2) white people will have to unite in order to defend themselves.

    Those two things will have to happen quickly.

    EMJ is a great critic of Jewish influence, but that isn’t enough. From the opposite side, Jared Taylor is a great defender of white people, but that also isn’t enough. Jones fails because he doesn’t support white people. Taylor fails because he doesn’t go after the Jews.

    I am not sure to what extent Jones is taking his position for tactical reasons. Does he really believe what he says? I find that doubtful. I suspect he believes he would lose his influence if he added white nationalism to his critique of the Jews. He would be called a Nazi. Catholics would reject him entirely. It is Catholics and potential converts to Catholicism to whom he seeks to appeal.

    People who unequivocally take the correct position — pro-white, anti-Jewish — are rarely regarded as reputable (Kevin MacDonald might be the one exception). Even those “on our side” are often made nervous by the likes of David Duke and (before he died) George Lincoln Rockwell — never mind the Christian Identity movement.

    Such is the power of the pro-Jewish/anti-white consensus in the United States after decades of Jewish subversion and brainwashing.

    • Robert Dolan
      Robert Dolan says:

      KMAC is not regarded as “reputable.”
      He was run out of his teaching job after all.
      Reputable would refer to….Paul Ryan or Dan Crenshaw.
      Reputable is another word for cuck.
      KMAC is not a cuck.
      KMAC is the big brain of the right.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Kevin MacDonald was a tenured professor until his retirement. They might have put some restrictions on him, but they weren’t able to fire him. Whether they like it or not, he is now Professor Emeritus of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. If I’m wrong about that, I welcome corrections. I agree with you about MacDonald not being a cuck.

        • RobertDolan
          RobertDolan says:

          They ran him out a year early and made things very unpleasant for him. He doesn’t complain, but he has been through hell.
          KMAC has balls the size of grapefruits.

  9. Stogumber
    Stogumber says:

    I would propose a more fallibilistic approach to the question of community. It is finally not a matterof one’s “identity” being the “right” or “wrong” “identity”! The question is rather: Which kind of community is best able to create an atmosphere of loyalty and solidarity between its members? Racial communities or religious communities?

    Religious (Christian!) communities have failed the test because their elites don’t think in terms of communitarian (bottom-up) mutual support, but in terms of utilitarian/paternalistic (top-down) bureaucracy which promotes equity as a means of “just” government. (Here I rely on Paul Collier.)
    Racial communities have still to stand the test. David Duke’s NAAWP was a good idea, but obviously not much of a success, till now.
    It’s not a matter of looking for the “correct approach”, but a matter of peaceful competition.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The ideal is everyone in the community being of the same ethnicity, race and religion, and sharing the same history, culture and language….plus tourism for those who want to experience other cultures, races, etc.

      The world would be a much better and more interesting place — a patchwork quilt of different cultures — if this ideal were aimed for and accomplished.

  10. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Jones knows that many, if not most, Jews are not religiously observant. Surely this is a tacit acknowledgement that they constitute a people, something more than just a belief system.

  11. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    I loved your article and I have seen Dr. Jones lecture in person as well as watch several youtube videos in which he appeared. I have a great deal of respect for him. However, you are right and he is clearly wrong about race. I don’t think you mentioned this point but think of Ancient Greece with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes, Herodotus, and God knows how many other intellectual giants.
    This Greek Civilization was preChristian Pagan so there was no Catholic Church. Does it resemble Somalia? Of Course not.

  12. Mark
    Mark says:

    I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Jones but his take on race and white identity is nothing short of insanity.
    Dr Jones purports be anti mass immigration into the west yet he believes that a black man, from Nigeria, can be Polish if he speaks Polish and is a Catholic. Therefore how could Dr Jones argue if 60 million Philippinos, piled into England, considering 90% of their population speak English and are Catholic?

    Nationalism has existed in the west for thousands of years. It is not a modern phenomenon. The love of one’s culture and nation dates back to time immemorial. The only reason the word national ever came into politics was to unite people to drive out invaders who posed a deadly threat to the people. So considering Europeans are white in complexion, well looked upon that way by none whites, then the only kind of nationalism that’s ever existed in the west has been white!

    Dr Jones choice word is ethnicity, that is it doesn’t matter what your race, or nationality is, you can choose to be of whatever nation you choose as long as you speak the language and are Catholic. Dr Jones is the oxymoronical civic nationalist. To him the actual people of the nation don’t get a say on who can or can’t be of their nation. In essence the state does, meaning he unknowingly subscribes to state authoritarianism.

    I’m beginning to have my doubts about Dr Jones. It seems apparent that the more (((they))) see the people wake up, the more (((they))) offer talking heads, for us to follow, offering us a slightly better deal, than the one before, but still one detrimental to our existence, culture and nation.

    Dr Jones is telling the world about the Jews, but essentially promoting mass immigration, with ‘conditions’ as already explained. In other words, he has all the credentials of a gate keeper, unfortunately.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      White Americans have been duped, or tricked, into supporting civic nationalism- the nation is a geographic area having a “living” constitution- the greatest good for the greatest ‘hood, with no lasting principles such as natural rights or private property.

      The real nation is an extended family- our family- our White family- our Glorious White Race- hopefully re-attached to a certain geographic area.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Yes, we’ve been lulled into believing in absurdities such as “magic soil” (you become a true-blue American simply by walking across our border) and “the proposition nation” (America’s sole identity is contained in its Declaration of Independence and its Constitution — both of which are routinely trampled upon by our three branches of government).

        These absurdities weren’t so apparent when the nation was 88% white, Jews had less influence, and we had slavery followed by racial segregation. But they can’t be ignored anymore.

        The Republican Party is on the verge of never again winning a presidential election simply because of demographic change.

  13. Lloyd
    Lloyd says:

    I would stop relying on the IQ results of the most common surveys. I have worked extensively in West Africa. Much of my work has been in Sierra Leone and the Republic of Guinea. I noticed that recent studies list the intelligence of the average Sierra Leonean at around 60 or below. Having taught in that country at the high school level, I can assure you that that number is completely ridiculous.
    Recently I commented to a friend about this. He refuse to believe that the results were so low, so I looked it up again for him. Lo and behold, they had changed the number to around 90 for Sierra Leone! At the same time, they had left the IQ of the Republic of Guinea at around 60 or 70. Totally ridiculous considering that these countries neighbor each other, and the boundary is merely a political one with major tribes living on both sides of it.
    In conclusion I would not rely on those IQ results. I’m sure you can argue it intellectually, but having lived there for several years I can tell you those results are completely bunk. An average IQ of 60 leave a lot of severely retarded people due to the bell curve distribution pattern. It would also make me look really bad. I supposedly have an IQ of around 135 or 140. I have been duped so many times by incredibly intricate schemes in West Africa that it would be embarrassing to relate them all. I have taught too many students who I believe were smarter than myself. And I have taught too many students in the USA who compared unfavorably with the typical West African.
    You might be possibly interested in another observation. The way West Africans traditionally perceive the world is extremely foreign to westerners. I have pondered this for a long time. At one time I was able in my psyche to fully understand, if only for a moment, where they were coming from. I can assure you it was a very frightening experience. It’s not intelligence. It’s something different, a different way of perceiving reality.

    Lloyd Ziegler

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

      The test for intelligence should not be IQ per se — although that is an indicator that should be considered — but rather achievement. Sub-Saharan Africa simply has not created anything remotely equivalent to European civilization.

      Jews and Asians have higher average IQs than whites, but have not created great civilizations of their own — at least, not ones comparable to European civilization.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Whites are in desperate need of understanding the distinction between [ IQ ] and [ intelligence ] .

        Nearly EVERYONE , Whites and all others , conflates the two very different metrics . Huge errors and misunderstandings result from that conflation hazard .

        Basicly , [ IQ ] refers to information processing power and [ intelligence ] refers to information per se and knowledge per se . The [ IQ ] metric is not an [ intelligence ] metric and vice versa . Big difference . [ Intelligence ] is much more easy to perceive and measure than [ IQ ] which normally requires very sophisticated test technologies to measure ; and continually updated IQ science to retain its validity against 100 years of relentless new and old criticisms that spring up like weeds .

        You would be amazed at the multitudes of professional people that conflate — use interchangeably and often within the same paragraph — [ IQ ] and [ intelligence ] . It is a huge problem because both metrics are very significant in the real world .

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Lloyd your last paragraph was compelling and has left me hanging on a thread.

      I agree with the crux (pun intended) of Mr.Nemmersdorf’s article re.EMJ’s fundamental reasoning on Logos. One podcast quote from EMJ with Grand Torino springs to mind, “Jews are orchestrating Muslim migration into the West”. A statement that illustrates the contradictory belief that Logos is the ‘be all and end all’ of Mankind.

  14. H. L. Mencken
    H. L. Mencken says:

    The Catholic Church with its stance on banning contraception is one of the major reasons Third World population growth is out of control. The Vatican literally prevents the dissemination of condoms in Africa. This is the institution that Dr. Jones defends as the backbone of our civilization.

    Then again, religious institutions depend on a constant influx of dump consumers who willingly believe their fairy tales of sticks turning into snakes or men walking on water. Since white people have mostly transcended from that stupidity the church is now attracting customers from Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      Lack of contraception in Third World countries is a constant and the stance of the Vatican irrelevant. Decreased mortality – especially infant – in the Third World is a function of Western medicine, nutrition and health practices effected by First World agencies and the key factor behind the population boom.

      • H. L. Mencken
        H. L. Mencken says:

        You are correct in saying that Western medicine, nutrition and health practices lead to lower mortality rates. But these factors, under normal circumstances, also lead to lower birth rates. In Africa it doesn’t b/c the Catholic Church prevents contraception.

        This is, of course, far from the only reason for Africa’s out of control population growth. Then again, we are not only talking about Africa. The social influence of the Vatican is even higher in Latin America.

  15. Buckle
    Buckle says:

    EMJ’s issue is the failure of racial categories. Belgium was created as a Catholic buffer state. Yet after the Church’s collapse there following the allied invasion in 1944 it has atomised into Flemish and French speaking enclaves (there is also a tiny German speaking community). Where is the “white” identity in this country? Despite mass 3rd World immigration, the “white guys” remain divided. I watched a soccer World Cup game on TV in a Spanish bar about twenty years ago between multicoloured Brazil and the Belgian national team. The “white guys” in the bar were all sporting their striking Belgian colours of red, yellow and black. Despite being ripped off by the referee the “white guys” were giving the Brazilians a tough time of it. Yet the bar remained completely divided. At the game’s conclusion, one Flemish native did turn towards our French speaking group to acknowledge that, “they played well”. There is no way the average Wallonian could have responded in kind by speaking Flemish.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I don’t think anyone here would say that all conflict between whites would end if we had exclusively white societies.

      Mixing races doesn’t work. But neither does mixing ethnicities, language groups, religions, etc.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        The White individuals, having right of free association, can form groups of any makeup they want that still remain White.

  16. milan
    milan says:

    The first statement that caught my attention is that Whites in America embrace White identity only because they are deracinated; they have lost the more important communal bonds of ethnicity and religion and have seized upon an ersatz identity:

    I am one of those deracinated whites and I can assure you it has got little to nothing to do with the rise of a Jewish elite. In my case it has far more to do with WW2 and the utter shock of my parents displacement overseas. They literally became orphans in a land with a new language which they never mastered and suffered terribly most of their life. As for us kids we grew up never learning their mother tongue and our parents never mastered the English well enough to the point our father especially could never carry on a conversation
    for very long with us. As for community, what community really and wow how they suffered for it especially our mother. She could never forgive herself for leaving her parents back in Slovenia for Canada. For her we children were her life until that is when we left home and she was left with terrible loneliness. Her Catholicism, however, did hold some sway in her life and sought out others who like herself lost so much where community was concerned. It provided some community.

  17. Ed Connelly
    Ed Connelly says:

    What a breath of fresh air! This is a question that has been on my mind for years. In fact, I’ve often written notes to myself to the extent that “reconciling Kevin MacDonald to E. Michael Jones would achieve a stunning synthesis.”

    I’m sorely pressed for time, as I have leave for work to earn a living in an oppressively hostile environment to Real White males, so I’ll keep this short. I agree with the author that like it or not, we Whites are being defined by our enemies and certainly savagely attacked as such. More on that later.

    For now, while the topic is still hot, I’ll do the unforgivable and simply list the works I have written on Dr. Jones for this site and prior to that The Occidental Quarterly, in the hope that newer readers might benefit from an introduction to Jones’ work:

    The Revolutionary Jew
    The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History
    E. Michael Jones
    South Bend, Ind.: Fidelity Press, 2008
    Reviewed by Edmund Connelly

    David Duke on the Alex Jones Show
    Edmund Connelly

    E. Michael Jones on Jews and Usury
    Edmund Connelly 
    January 25, 2018

    “Too Reflexively Ornery”: E. Michael Jones and Culture Wars
    Edmund Connelly 
    February 22, 2018

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Thank you for your comment. I have read your pieces on Dr. Jones, and they were all excellent. Certainly it is not “unforgivable” to bring them to the attention of readers. Looking forward to more from you!

  18. milan
    milan says:

    further to this her children have married other deracinated children and so the makeup of our extended family has become a mishmash of what used to be Slovenian, Ukrainian, Native American, Greek? And add to this mix four different denominational religions!!!!!! This alas is what it means to be a Canadian. Throw in some divorce and remarriage and surely you get the picture. I could actually go on and on about music as in my father desired his oldest son to be the new Slavko of Avsenic a world famous accordion player like his own father was lol but alas he turned out to be a great disappointment. Culturally everything is lost everything!

    What this essay fails to address to is the media culture we live in as in McLuhan’s the global village. And yeah if it wasn’t for the modern age of travel doesn’t that play into the above.

    Take for example ones loan officer at a local bank is an immigrant from Egypt? How does that happen? She was a travel agent working as a travel escort and the tips she made was telling really.

  19. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Jones ends by predicting that globalism will soon usher in a new era of rampant tribalism, and that Islam will be the big winner if the Catholic Church does not return to its traditions.

    Surely this is an area where Jones would profit by practicing what he preaches. Unlike Karl Nemmersdorf and a great many others, Jones spurns true Catholic Tradition, which was subverted and sabotaged at the Second Vatican Council.

    Jones has been an outspoken opponent of Traditionalism over the last six decades, and though the arrival of Francis on the papal throne has served to lower the volume of his criticism of real Catholicism, it has not, alas, spurred him to see the necessity of the link between Francis and what has rightly been called the Council of Abominations.

    This, I believe, is the fundamental cause of the incoherence in Jones’s thinking that Karl Nemmersdorf has ably drawn attention to.

    Until the day dawns when Jones stops hedging his bets, stops embracing a falsification of the religion to whose true form he assigns paramount importance (rightly, I think), he will never see that implicit in the Pentecost narrative in Acts is, among much else, an acknowledgment of the inevitability—indeed, ineradicability—of racial, ethnic, and linguistic differences, not a suggestion that the Spirit has eliminated them or, worse, papered them over.

  20. Buckle
    Buckle says:

    Hilarious news from England. The chairman of the Labour Party Ian “Lavery” and the head of the biggest trade union Len “McCluskey” have both complained that their party’s collapse was due to them losing the white working class vote.

    Both these men are Irish immigrants. The former’s ancestors were brought into dig canals in the North East of England – “navvies”. The latter’s ancestors worked on the docks for the Jewish slave traders in the North West as in Liverpool. Following a bad night at the polls, these two lapsed Catholics have now appointed themselves spokespersons for “white guys”.

    When did they become white? At exactly what point during last night’s proceedings did they get in touch with their white DNA? Did someone do a paint job on them at around 3am and spray them appropriately?

    Jones has called this right.

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