The Way Life Should Be? Vol. XVI: Serf’s Up!

It is not hyperbolic to state that the neo-liberal establishment is looking to create a globalized, mobile, de-racinated, and compliant serf class. They are already well on their way. The rhetoric is at this point well-understood, and as we enter what the ruling class believes is the end-stage in their consolidation of permanent power, they have become more brazen, in many instances not even bothering to hide their true intentions. One example is in Lewiston, Maine, where city officials explicitly state that their importation of Somalis is in no small part to become cogs in the service sector economy. They provide English classes to these imports “in order to improve their chances for employment. The goal is to compress the usual multi-generational English-acquisition process to one generation so that the Somalis can get jobs in the service economy.” With an average IQ of 68, two points below the threshold for mild mental retardation, we are not talking about the engineers of tomorrow, but that’s the beauty of a globalized workforce from the perspective of the multi-nationals. Somalis serve the dual purpose of working at McDonald’s and destroying social cohesion with violence and sheer alienness, whereas Asia, especially India, has been a vast resource for cheap tech sector workers. 70.9% of all H-1B applicants in 2015 were from India, with China in second at 9.7%.[1]

The burgeoning tech sector in the 21st century has been instrumental in destroying American labor rights and the middle class, and severely undermining national sovereignty. In many ways, it is the catalyst for the accelerating dissolution we are presently witnessing. First, the major players of Silicon Valley worked to violate the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts, and then they lobbied for extensive replacement labor via H-1B visas. As Mark Ames reports:

In early 2005, as demand for Silicon Valley engineers began booming, Apple’s Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google’s Eric Schmidt to artificially push their workers’ wages lower by agreeing not to recruit each other’s employees, sharing wage scale information, and punishing violators. … eBay and its former CEO Meg Whitman, now CEO of HP, are being sued by both the federal government and the state of California for arranging a similar, secret wage-theft agreement with Intuit (and possibly Google as well) during the same period…A class action lawsuit [was] filed [by the Department of Justice] on behalf of over 100,000 tech employees whose wages were artificially lowered—an estimated $9 billion effectively stolen…to pad company earnings. Confidential internal Google and Apple memos…clearly show that what began as a secret cartel agreement between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt to illegally fix the labor market for hi-tech workers, expanded within a few years to include companies ranging from Dell, IBM, eBay and Microsoft, to Comcast, Clear Channel, Dreamworks, and London-based public relations behemoth WPP. All told, the combined workforces of the companies involved totals well over a million employees.[2],[3]

As mentioned above, in addition to this domestic collusion, Silicon Valley—just like the rest of big tech’s co-conspirators in the Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE)—is uniform in its support for unlimited foreign workers visas. The “conservative” Cato Institute, founded by Charles Koch,[4] makes the claim that there are “many upsides and no downsides,” which, if you’re Jeff Bezos or Salil Parekh, is true. Foreign scab labor is essential to your swollen profits and to maintaining lordship over your would-be serf class. As Ron Hira and Bharath Gopalaswamy state:

Employers decide whether to apply for an H-1B visa and select the candidates. Employers also have the power to decide whether the H-1B worker can remain in the country. As a result, employer motivations and behaviors are the primary drivers of the outcomes of the program. Nearly four in five H-1B applications approved by the US Department of Labor were for the lowest two wage levels, far below the average US worker’s wage. But, the costs savings run much deeper than just lower wages. Employers have enormous leverage over their H-1B workers, who are, in effect, indentured. A number of economists have recently described how rising monopsony[i.e., where there is only one buyer] power in the labor market is an important factor in explaining US wage stagnation. One of those economists, Princeton University’s Alan Krueger, who served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors in the Barack Obama White House, has described how the executives of Silicon Valley technology firms were especially eager to use their monopsony power to keep their engineers’ wages low by limiting their opportunities to leave. The executives—including Google’s Eric Schmidt, a vocal advocate of H-1B expansion—went so far as to collude with one another by agreeing not to poach each other’s engineers. So, especially in the technology industry, employers see limiting worker mobility as an important human-resource strategy to keep wages low. The H-1B rules provide even greater ability for employers to exercise monopsony power over workers. H-1B workers have limited labor-market options, since only a subset of employers is willing to sponsor a work visa. Further, like many others, H-1B workers are subject to noncompete agreements and, in some cases, are even subject to employment bonds. They are afraid to complain of violations, and can be sued for liquidated damages if they leave, even by employers found to violate H-1B rules.[5]

As discussed in Volume XII regarding Nestlé, an individual or organization’s prior conduct and violations have no negative bearing on their present status unless the ruling class needs a sacrificial lamb. Speaking of Nestlé, under the pretense of spreading “social justice” globally and “empowering women,” corporations such as Nestlé endeavor to work with NGOs and governments to produce the kind of semi-literate, cheap workforce they thrive on across the Third World. The stated aim is to, “Strengthen women’s economic capacity as entrepreneurs, employees, and producers, and invest in women’s leadership development.” Nestlé is also a founding member of the UNHCR Council of Business Leaders, which “aims to encourage private sector commitment, in programmes on health education…enhancing water delivery systems, promoting sports and education, especially for girls, as well as training skills and access to computers.” SwissContact [a joint project between the Swiss government and Nestlé] operates a program of Skill Development, including secretarial or beautician skills, as well as in construction, agriculture, energy, tourism, or media. SwissContact focuses on Asian, African, Latin American, and Central European countries, with the overall objective to “strengthen the private sector, facilitate the generation of sustainable employment for both men and women, and, ultimately, reduce poverty.” This faux-philanthropy is aimed at training a cheap, compliant workforce who will be loyal consumers and not ask questions. Nestlé also has a number of “global partnerships” and Development Programs:

·         Jamaica: “On-the-job” training for school leavers and apprenticeship programs in Nestlé operations, e.g. mechanics, industrial and electrical maintenance, welding, etc.

·         Brazil: An initiative of the government and with GR FoodServices, “First Job” creates 2000 working posts (over 2 years) in the catering field.

·         Philippines: Cut and Sew Livelihood Project provides jobs to community workers for factory orders for uniforms, hairnets, shoe covers, etc.

·         Kenya: Ndenderai youth generate income by producing banana-fibre boxes for Nestlé product displays.

·         Thailand: The “T-Bird” or Thailand Business Group for Rural Development, aims to harness and utilise private sector resources for underprivileged villages in remote areas, via loans to new businesses or contributions for education or infrastructure.

·         South Africa: More than 1 million SA Rand invested in the Apprenticeship Programme, situated Eastern Cape East London Factory which, in 2004, enrolled 12 people from a nearby disadvantaged community.

·         Dominican Republic: FORJA Project Training of young farmers, in collaboration with Swiss Association for International Cooperation, to develop business acumen and give technical and practical training in agriproduction techniques, while financing feasible micro-business potential. Includes scholarships to children of farmers and offers on-the-job practical training.[6]

They will be expected to be grateful for being lifted from abject poverty to relative poverty.  Meanwhile, in Western countries, the “externalities” of neo-liberalism force young people to flock to urban environs to pursue work, where they will be swiftly molded into hedonistic or sexless economic cogs, failing to reproduce and staying on the white-ish collar/barista treadmill to oblivion. The economic and taxation realities artificially depress White birthrates and “necessitate” the importation of huge numbers of non-Whites to fill the labor “needs” of the host country, as one line of propagandistic “reasoning” goes. As Paul Craig Roberts writes:

The rule of law is dead throughout the West. Democracy is a scam. There is oligarchic rule.  Everything is done for organized interest groups.  Nothing is done for the people…The number of white children, that is, the group of the next generation of parents, is not only declining relative to the populations of non-whites but also absolutely.  During 2010-2018 the number of white children shrank by 2.2 million. The American middle class, which is largely white, bears the brunt of income taxation which means that white Americans bear the brunt of the cost of the welfare support systems. The white middle class also bears the brunt through property taxes of the public school systems. Many middle class members pay again in private school tuition for the education of their children in safer and more ordered environments.  The cost of university education is exorbitant. All of these costs are rising faster than middle-class incomes, and this limits white procreation. The decline of people of European descent as a percentage of the US population can only accelerate as the child-bearing ability of the white population evaporates.[7]

All of this is by design. Maximizing profitability means the willful neglect of other considerations such as ethics, which includes commodifying the very misery created by neo-liberalism and marketing and selling it back to the alienated, disaffected population produced by the current system in the first place. What is vital to understand is that when we have the Democratic Socialists of America and the Libertarian Party essentially running on the same platform, the public-private binary is a false dilemma. The spectrum of options for American voters is either cultural degeneration and racial erasure with a “social justice” paint job, or one that masquerades as “individual liberty.” Though they may couch their ulterior motives in so much rhetoric, just as with the elephant and the jackass, the leadership’s eyes might as well be represented by those cartoon dollar signs. The nexus of venture capital and big tech has proven profoundly damaging to any notions of nation, but for executives, major shareholders, the various “compliance” cottage industries, advocacy groups, and the like it has been a financial bonanza.

The American Bar Association is keenly aware of the need to provide services—and reap the financial windfall—navigating the complex international framework of labor laws and corporate restructuring, especially as private equity firms have increasingly become involved in mergers and acquisitions—described by Market Realist as “a frenzy.” Tali Orner writes:

For companies that employ foreign nationals, that task is even more complicated as there are significant immigration-related consequences that must be addressed prior to sealing the deal on a merger or acquisition. Because most work visas are employer-specific, changes in a company’s structure could affect the validity of a foreign national employee’s nonimmigrant visa status or pending green card application…It is critical for in-house counsel to be aware of immigration-related issues that may arise as a result of a restructuring between companies that employ foreign nationals. Companies should work with competent and experienced immigration counsel early on in any transaction to ensure that they are in compliance with immigration regulations and to ensure that foreign national employees remain authorized to work in the United States.[8]

While parasitic in nature, these parasitic entities have their own kind of symbiosis that allows them to flourish and generally escape scrutiny while they scrap our nations for parts. They are all deeply dependent on each other, and their enmeshing—often collusion—provides for mutual benefit. It is vital to understand that this is how the neo-liberal model continues to perpetuate itself and accelerate the accrual of capital and resources to its beneficiaries at the expense of the many through its predication on exponential growth and its maintenance of a mutually-reinforcing network of inextricably intertwined universities, NGOs, think tanks, various media outlets, governing bodies, corporate boards, law firms, financiers, and the like.

One example of this type of relationship is exhibited by Ropes & Gray LLP, advisors to Kohlberg & Co. in connection with obtaining financing for the acquisition of CIBT Global, Inc., a provider of travel visa and immigration services to corporations, travel management companies, and individuals. They also make big money advising charitable foundations, and they work closely with Silver Lake Partners. Ropes & Gray also work closely with Bain Capital, which is very much invested in this particular model. On October 20th, 2016, Greg A. Shell, managing director of Bain Capital Double Impact Fund, gave the keynote speech at the Leading by Example conference hosted by The Boston Foundation, Boston College, and Ropes & Gray. This conference is one of the premier conferences of its kind where leading figures in this burgeoning industry—and yes, it should be abundantly clear by now it is an industry—compare notes and network. The 2018 edition featured a lot of kvetching about diversity, which will surely be reflected where you live and work and not where these people do. One major point of discussion was the nexus of “civic engagement” in “inner city communities” with economic output—so here you get the perfect twofer of Democrat votes and Chamber of Commerce GDP! Another point of discussion was why it is much more advantageous to lobby under the pretense of philanthropy as opposed to direct lobbying, and that is for several reasons, not least of which are avoiding “registration and disclosure requirements” and “restrictions imposed by sources of funding.”

Of the CEOs polled in “The Future of Foundation Philanthropy” (December 2016) sponsored by the Center for Effective Philanthropy, many stated that their philanthropic endeavors were necessary to circumvent the “political climate and structure that is hostile to advancement in our mission areas,” and “political gridlock, especially at the federal level, which makes it almost impossible to address critical long-term issues in an informed manner.” That’s all well and good if the causes being advanced were not terribly destructive and totally self-serving, but they are. And the government—at least in theory accountable to the people—is constrained in ways the private sector is not. Other salient points included (and as always, you need to read between the lines):

The majority of foundation CEOs interviewed—almost 60 percent—identify climate change or the environment as a pressing issue. Several comments stress the importance of climate change in particular… Several CEOs suggest that “federal government interference with philanthropy” or “governmental efforts to more tightly regulate foundations and endowments” may pose challenges and heighten restrictions for foundation philanthropy in the future. Some CEOs specifically mention a “backlash against tax deductions” or “potential changes to IRS tax laws related to foundation giving.”… On the topic of race, a number of CEOs contemplate what the future holds. Several believe that a “majority-minority shift in U.S. demographics” and “the browning of America” will have implications for foundation staffing and leadership—namely, in a needed “transition to multiethnic leadership” and a greater focus on “diversity in leadership.” Some note the importance of diverse staffing, governance, and leadership for foundations overall for “achieving better results.”… Others note that foundations can take risks and test ideas without the constraints or ramifications that business or government might have.

As a second example of the kind of neo-liberal incestuousness that would make Gellius blush, the entire political enterprise of “liberal democracy” is only so much corporatized oligarchic rule. Let’s consider major private equity firm Silver Lake Partners. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s former chief of staff—replaced by Dan Meyer of the Duberstein Group[9]—Barrett Karr is now a managing director and Head of Government Affairs in Washington, DC at Silver Lake Partners, assuming many of the duties of departed CFR member and international security adviser to the United Nations secretary-general Gordon M. Goldstein. Karr’s position entails coordinating with lobbyists, trade associations, media contacts, government agencies, and local, state, and federal government officials, working to see to the implementation of policy proposals and ensuring a generally favorable environment for Silver Lake to continue to grow its $43 billion in assets.

One of Silver Lake’s founders is Maine native and Lewiston High School graduate David Roux. Bristol Seafood, Inc. in Portland is now positioned for “exponential growth” in the international market, according to former CEO Darrell Pardy, after Roux’s decision to invest in the company and provide it with an infusion of capital. With the much-discussed addition of another facility and a consequent spike in its demand for cheap labor, Bristol will likely be using the same Hancock, DeCoster, Wyman, and company playbook.[10] For his part, Roux will likely see to it that Silver Lake’s private equity model be applied to Bristol’s seafood harvesting, which will have predictably disastrous consequences affecting wages, demographics, social cohesion and trust, and the Atlantic ecosystem.

Silver Lake Partners is emblematic of the private equity model so pervasive in driving America’s transformation from nation to economic zone. Silver Lake co-founder and CFR and NAE member Glenn H. Hutchins is on the New York Federal Reserve Board of Directors, co-chairs the Brookings Institution and Harvard University’s capital campaign, and is a director of AT&T and Virtu Financial—there is of course no conflict of interest. As a case-in-point, speaking of the Brookings Institution, their Hamilton Project is yet another outlet publishing policy papers and memoranda advocating for “a twenty-first century immigration policy.” There is a near-uniformity in the policy positions of these pro-immigration, GDP-centric organizations like the Hamilton Project or the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), which has featured Hutchins as a speaker at its conferences in the past. Organizations partnering with NABE include Facebook, Google, Netflix, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Zillow, Brandeis University, Wells Fargo, Haver Analytics, Ford, Thomson Reuters, the US Census Bureau, Fidelity Investments, Fannie Mae, the McKinsey Institute, FedEx, and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, once again clearly signaling the beneficiaries and supporters of unfettered non-White immigration. Many of those names are very familiar to us by now. What does their “twenty-first century immigration policy” entail? From the Hamilton Project’s May 2012 framing memorandum “The US Immigration System: Potential Benefits of Reform”:

The United States is a nation of immigrants…Even as immigration to the United States continues to rise after a midcentury dip, most agree that America’s immigration policy has failed to keep up with changing circumstances. The current system does not meet U.S. economic needs, no longer reflects the historic humanitarian goal of reuniting families set out in the landmark 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, undermines the confidence of Americans in the rule of law, and has produced divisive and fragmented policy responses at the state level…While there are many ways in which both immigrants and U.S.-born citizens benefit from immigration, few are as stark as the fact that when a non-European college-educated immigrant moves from her native country to the United States, her annual productivity and compensation leaps by $57,000.[11]

Right. In the realm of per-capita GDP, immigration does have benefits—98% of which accrue to the immigrants themselves in the form of wages and benefits.[12] The presumption that natives will experience a net gain is wholly theoretical and is also predicated on wealth re-distribution, that is to say an increased concentration of wealth in the hands of business owners at the expense of workers. This particular idea has been thoroughly discredited and yet remains the staid talking point of Koch Brothers types—out of the GDP growth through immigration of $1.7 to $2 trillion a year, the size of the redistribution will be much larger (about $531 billion) than the net gain (about $54 billion).[13] Furthermore, as Steven A. Camarota, Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies reports:

The National Academy of Sciences’ comprehensive look at the economic and fiscal impact of immigrants (taxes paid minus services used) found that the net fiscal burden immigrants create (taxes paid minus services used) is actually larger than the immigrant surplus…Whenever the impact of immigration on the labor market is discussed the argument is often made that immigration can fix the problems associated with our aging society, in particular the decline in the share of the population who are workers. However, this is not the case. For example, if we remove the 17.3 million immigrants (legal and illegal) who arrived in 2000-2014 and their 3.9 million U.S.-born children from 2014 Census Bureau data, 66 percent of the U.S. population would be of working age (16 to 65); if they are included, 66.2 percent are of working-age—a miniscule difference…Even before the Great Recession, a disproportionate share of employment gains went to immigrants…In the fourth quarter of 2015 only about two-thirds of working-age native-born Americans actually had a job; as recently as 2000 about three-fourths were working. American does not have a shortage of workers, it has a shortage of jobs.[14]

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that globally over 200 million people are unemployed and 1.44 billion people are in vulnerable employment. Both numbers are projected to continue to get worse. Trends in labor force participation also indicate a decline, and wage growth has been suppressed, contributing to a long-term decline in the labor share of income.

Then there is the erroneous historical claim of America’s wealth being mostly generated by generous immigration (let alone slavery, but that is a topic for another time). Immigration, which is taken as sure as death and taxes these days, is by no means necessary, and as we’ve seen post-1965, far from being beneficial, even slightly as was the case in the 19th and early 20th centuries, has proven to be a major detriment to the country at large. I’ve dedicated ample space elsewhere to further debunking these dubious claims of economic benefit, to say nothing of the litany of other fallacies—the “nation of immigrants” trope, the acceptance of the 1965 Immigration Act as “humanitarian” in aim, the conception of America as a contract, etc.—so let’s look behind the curtain to see who might lend their support to such deeply erroneous claims. Cui bono? Below is the Hamilton Project’s Advisory Council with accompanying position(s) at the memo’s time of publication:

George A. Akerlof, Koshland Professor of Economics, University of California at Berkeley; Roger C. Altman, Founder & Chairman of Evercore Partners; Alan S. Blinder, Gordon S. Rentschler Memorial Professor of Economics & Public Affairs at Princeton University; Timothy C. Collins, Senior Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Ripplewood Holding, LLC; Jonathan Coslet, Senior Partner & Chief Investment Officer, TPG Capital, L.P.; Robert Cumby, Professor of Economics at Georgetown University; John Deutch, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Karen Dynan, Vice President & Co-Director of Economic Studies, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution; Christopher Edley, Jr., Dean and Professor, Boalt School of Law University of California, Berkeley; Blair W. Effron, Founding Partner, Centerview Partners LLC; Judy Feder, Professor & Former Dean, Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University; Roland Fryer, Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics, Harvard University and CEO, EdLabs; Mark T. Gallogly, Cofounder & Managing Principal, Centerbridge Partners Advisory Council; Ted Gayer, Senior Fellow & Co-Director of Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution; Richard Gephardt, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gephardt Group Government Affairs; Robert Greenstein, Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Chuck Hagel, Distinguished Professor, Georgetown University; Glenn H. Hutchins, Co-Founder, Silver Lake; Jim Johnson, Vice Chairman, Perseus LLC; Lawrence F. Katz, Elisabeth Allison Professor of Economics at Harvard University; Mark McKinnon, Global Vice Chair, Hill + Knowlton Strategies; Eric Mindich, Chief Executive Officer, Eton Park Capital Management; Suzanne Nora Johnson, Former Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.; Peter Orszag, Vice Chairman of Global Banking, Citigroup, Inc.; Richard Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Perry Capital; Penny Pritzker, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of PSP Capital; Meeghan Prunty, Senior Advisor, The Hamilton Project; Robert D. Reischauer, President Emeritus of The Urban Institute; Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution and Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown University; David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Managing Director of The Carlyle Group; Robert E. Rubin, Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations and Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; Leslie B. Samuels, Senior Partner, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP; Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook; Ralph L. Schlosstein, President & Chief Executive Officer, Evercore Partners; Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google Inc.; Eric Schwartz, 76 West Holdings; Thomas F. Steyer, Senior Managing Member, Farallon Capital Management; Lawrence Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University; Laura D’Andrea Tyson, S.K. and Angela Chan Professor of Global Management, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley; Michael Greenstone, Director.

Yes, mass immigration really is great if you’re on this list. A lot of Jews on there, too. Must just be a coincidence.

Reposted with permission from The Anatomically Correct Banana.

[1] Kenneth Rapoza reports: “The H1-B visa…is the hallmark of every Indian IT company operating in the U.S.  Infosys, Wipro. Tata Consultancy, Tech Mahindra and HCL Technologies are the top Indian-owned companies importing foreign workers. In fact, of the top 10 companies that petition for the 85,000 H1-B visas issued annually, five are Indian. Cognizant, Accenture, Amazon, IBM and Deloitte are the biggest U.S. users…Indian IT firms fear Trump will either stop Indian companies from importing workers temporarily, or make it harder to provide evidence that Infosys is hiring from Bangalore because it cannot hire from Boston.”


[3] Ames writes: “The realities of inequality and capitalism invariably lead to mysticism of this sort, a natural human response to the dreary realities of concentrating so much wealth and power in the hands of a dozen interlocking board members at the expense of 100,000 employees, and so many other negative knock-off effects on the politics and culture of the world they dominate…One of the more telling elements to this lawsuit is the role played by ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas, who emerges as the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the wage-theft scheme. It’s almost too perfectly symbolic that Lucas — the symbiosis of Baby Boomer New Age mysticism, Left Coast power, political infantilism, and dreary 19th century labor exploitation — should be responsible for dreaming up the wage theft scheme back in the mid-1980s, when Lucas sold the computer animation division of Lucasfilm, Pixar, to Steve Jobs. Jobs held to this agreement, and used it as the basis two decades later to suppress employee costs just as fierce competition was driving up tech engineers’ wages.”

[4] Corporate partners and donors include McGraw-Hill Financial, Facebook, Google, the Walton Family Foundation, Koch Industries family foundation, eBay, Microsoft, Walmart, General Motors, ExxonMobil, Time Warner, Verizon, Visa, and Comcast. The Cato Institute in turn finances organizations such as the Maine Heritage Policy Center.





[9] Founded by Kenneth Duberstein, White House Chief of Staff to President Reagan and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Duberstein Group is a lobbying firm whose services have been retained by the likes of United Airlines, Pfizer, Northrup Grumman, Estee Lauder, Comcast, Hasbro, Bank of New York Mellon, British Petroleum, General Motors, Pepsi, McGraw-Hill Financial, Goldman Sachs, Time Warner, Kellogg’s, DeBeers, Lenovo, Sara Lee, Fannie Mae, and Lockheed Martin. During the bailout, the Duberstein Group made in excess of $600,000 lobbying for Fannie Mae and $2.3 million lobbying for Goldman Sachs. The Duberstein Group regularly rubs elbows with previously-discussed firms such as Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hoauer, and Feld LLP and Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson, and Hand, as well as the Wexler Group.

[10] Hancock Foods, along with Coastal Blueberry Service Inc., recently settled a suit over the mistreatment of eighteen Haitian migrant workers who had been recruited by contactor Carol Paul in Florida to come to Maine to pick blueberries in 2008. The suit alleged hundreds of violations of the federal Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act involving Paul’s promises to the workers. As evidenced elsewhere, these practices are the rule, not the exception, when it comes to these companies.



[13] Ibid.

[14] Ibid.

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    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      And what is an “antisemite”?

      The best way to answer this is to answer the question, What is a semite?

      An accurate and just answer can not be limited to something definable. It must be something observable as well.

      So the question then becomes,

      What does the word “semite” direct us to locate?

      Well, in terms of something observable, it directs us locate patterns of behavior. Those patterns might be verbal, or non-verbal, or both.

      For now we’ll focus on the verbal (this works out well too, since most of our non-verbal behavior is under the control of our verbal behavior anyway).

      And one obvious pattern that leaps to mind is how Jews respond to criticism. They categorize all criticism as “antisemitic.”

      In other words, they constantly present themselves as “innocent.” So, the critic is not just criticizing, they’re not just insulting, they are ATTACKING!

      But, since no group that’s been around as long as they have could possibly be innocent, the belief that they are is best described as – a myth. In other words,

      Jews operate out of a Myth Of Innocence (MOI).

      This myth says, in effect, “We never do anything wrong. Things are done to us.”

      Obviously, their MOI is the MOA, Mask Of Aggression.

      The one is used to justify the other.

      Since this is bound to produce disaggreeable consequences, anyone who notices is instantly branded as “an antisemite.” And now we’re back to our original question, “What’s an antisemite?”

      An antisemite is anyone who refuses to believe in Jewish Supremacy Inc.’s (JSI) Myth Of Innocence.

      But, since their MOI is impossible to believe in, the whole world is antisemitic.

      The only people who do believe in JSI’s MOI are ignoramouses, the gullible (same thing), masochistists and opportunists.

      In other words, people of diminished capacity. People who’s elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. People not in their right mind.

      Regarding the semites in question:

      The definition of a psychotic is a person whose responsive behavior is observed as being the same, no matter what the situation.

      And psychotics are tenaciously resistant to exposure.

      Since a social-institution, whether individual, economic, governmental or educational, is an adaptational mechanism, and to be adaptive means to have as deep and as wide a responsive range, verbally and non-verbally, as is humanly possible,

      can a social-institution run by psychotics survive?

      Of course not.

      The best model for understanding Jewish Supremacy Inc. is psychosis.

      That’s why what we’re really witnessing is

      The Pyrrhic Victory of Jewish Supreamcy Inc.

      Because their rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very social-institutions that power controls.

      From the article:

      “Maximizing profitability means the willful neglect of other considerations such as ethics, which includes commodifying the very misery created by neo-liberalism and marketing and selling it back to the alienated, disaffected population produced by the current system in the first place.”

      Would anyone in their right mind consider the above a successful business model?

      I rest my case.

      At least we all now know exactly WHO is the real “cancer of the human race.”

      Treason Against JSI Is Loyalty To Humanity.

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        Well said. Using a pose of innocence to mask one’s aggression is what we call “passive-aggressive behavior.” Other psychopathologies that can be discerned in Jews include narcissism and sociopathy. Jews are their own god. Hence, their narcissism and belief in Jewish exceptionalism and their right to be immoral and indecent. No one is smarter. No atrocity is more significant than the supposed Holocaust.

        Love of self is proportional to contempt for others — hence sociopathy. A sociopath has no empathy or conscience. The Jew will lie, cheat, and destroy without the slightest pang of conscience. Then he will cover over that aggression with his pose of innocence and victimhood.

        Although proud of his intelligence and rationality, the Jew will brazenly put forth preposterous claims, such as persecution for no reason other than the malevolence of the goyim — the goyim who, over and over again, “malevolently” allow the Jews to live among them.

        It should be noted that sociopaths are dangerous criminals and can only be safely dealt with by completely removing them from society. The Jew, therefore, is a criminal in relation to the rest of society — a dangerous and lethal predator.

        What is especially interesting is that passive-aggressive behavior, narcissism, and sociopathy are psychological diagnoses normally applied to individuals, not groups. Because of their heightened in-group preference, the collectivity of Jews becomes “the Jew” — a personality constructed out of many like-minded personalities.

        As for Jewish behavior being self-defeating, it is so only in the limited sense that once the parasite has consumed the host, it can no longer live without finding another host.

        In legend and in fact, the Jewish parasite has destroyed numerous empires — Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Byzantine Empire, Russia, Germany, the British Empire, South Africa — and now, the U.S., Western Europe as a whole, and Great Britain.

        The Jew is expelled for a time or loses power, but always comes back.

        Consider Russia. The Jews destroyed Christian Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution, they were turned upon by Stalin, many of them left for Israel and the United States, and then they regained their power in Russia.

        After the fall of communism, they were able to loot the nation under Yeltsin. Now Vladimir Putin surrounds himself with Chabad Lubavitch rabbis. And the cycle begins again.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Other symptoms [of Paranoia] include:

          believing that others have hidden motives or are out to harm them [!!]

          doubting the loyalty of others

          being hypersensitive to criticism [!]

          having trouble working with others

          being quick to become angry and hostile

          becoming detached or socially isolated

          being argumentative and defensive [!]

          having trouble seeing their own problems [!!]

          having trouble relaxing

          Some symptoms of PPD can be similar to symptoms of other disorders. Schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder are two disorders with symptoms similar to PPD. It can be difficult to clearly diagnose these disorders

  1. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    I insist, the information and evidence of white displacement and its authors is already a fact, therefore the stage of proving this is already past, it is necessary to look to the future, planning, studying how to move on to counterattack to safeguard interests and survival of whites. As an example if someone is poisoning the well that nourishes water of a population and that the evidence is a fact, then it will be necessary to cover and look for another well, while isolating or punishing the culprits (plutocrats, academics, politicians, media, traitors, etc.) .. The war has already begun and we are being defeated since we have not effectively counterattacked yet. Remember time is against us. The words racism, xenophobia, Nazi, facist are only part of the psychological warfare of our enemies.

  2. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    I think the author concentrated too much on economic aspects of migration. Frictional and real economic benefits or liabilities.

    I think economical considerations serve more like ideological cover to reasonably explain their insane ( for majority ) policy

    In reality shekel people do not need money. They are already own Federal Reserve Bank. They could print as much as they want and distribute it quietly under the table to the fellow tribe members. The real goal is to have control, to dilute and diminish as much as possible White majority.

    There was also very informative article in TOO by Andrew Joyce about vulture funds. I wonder about destruction of American productive companies in small and middle sized towns. Perhaps destruction of these companies was the real goal not some perceived profit gained from it. So these towns with White population lost their economic independence and means to live.

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thanks so much, John Q. Publius, for chasing down all these facts. You’re performing a great service to the public in explaining why everything is the way it is. You’re a good man, unlike the business, foundation, legal, academic and political scumbags named above.

  4. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “Somalis serve the dual purpose of working at McDonald’s and destroying social cohesion with violence and sheer alienness”

    Yep. Two pronged strategy straight out of the Bolshevik playbook. Flood a nation or region with what are essentially strike breakers and scabs, and who also function as physical and cultural dividers between native people, making it more difficult for them to group together in opposition. If this somehow ISN’T an agenda, then it is one incredibly lucky coincidence that seems to be applied by a group of people who appear to have a whole lot of incredibly lucky coincidences fall, “randomly”, into their path.

  5. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Very interesting read . Names names . Please note that George Lucas may be the ” creator ” ( as in producer ) of the Star Wars venture but he did not [ originate ] it ; and he is not the [ prime creator ] of that venture . There remains an unknown , to the public , theoretical issue of intellectual property theft by the Fox Corp . ( original owner of the Star Wars venture ) since the ” originator ” — the [ prime creator ] — has never been paid his theoreticly valid legal claim to a specific portion of the enormous profits ( estimated $65 Billion according to a Wiki article ) made by that record-smashing hit movie . The original Star Wars legally valid contractual ” agreement ” has never been and cannot be legally enforced ( unless Fox Corp. or whomever now owns the intellectual property rights to the venture’s profits concedes that none of ((( them ))) are the original AND legally authentic owners of the [ prime ] copyrights ) because the other original and only party to the contract , a retired U.S. Air Force intelligence agent nonetheless , apparantly was murdered about 40 years ago down in Florida before he could appear in a court-of-law to bear witness about the truth of the origin of the venture on behalf the the [ prime creator ] — whom is NOT George Lucas .

    The globalist oligarch rulers , particularly those whom invested in the very lucrative STAR WARS venture , apparently believe they have a divine right to seize anyone’s intellectual property for their own exclusive profitable benefit as long as they can get away with the thievery . The intent and spirit of the law means nothing to ((( them ))) if you are not a member nor an acolyte of the ((( tribe ))) .

    Any White peoples that survive the impending prophesied Endtimes debacle would do well to understand that [ intellectual property rights — especially patents and copyrights ] are destined to eventually secure exponentially more wealth than all the jewmasters that ever lived have received from their interest debt collections . However , White christian cultures will need to abrogate their ages old and religiously advocated political bimboism or remain enslaved and continue to accept much less than their fair share of the wealth pie .

    • Mari
      Mari says:

      So who wrote the original script or had the original idea for the first Star Wars? I saw the first one. Birthday party for son and friends. I didn’t see much difference from other science fiction genre stories plus a mish mash of the messiah, young prince coming of age, Warrior Princess wise old Merlin advisor a few comic reliefs.

      That’s why it was so popular. All the standard stories for thousands of years.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        The original idea was not written ; it was rendered in what is lawfully known as a verbal contract between the original author and a retired USAF intelligence agent whom was supposed to legally secure the business documents pursuant to any investor interests . A verbal contract requires witness testimony in a court-of-law . The agent witness was apparently murdered .

        The 65 billion dollar Star Wars venture and murder associated with it , in addition to virtually certain ILLuminati involvement besides the virtually certain MIC involvement , compels the originator ( as in point-of-origin ) to remain somewhat anonymous . The ” system ” has been resolute in not revealing the authentic [ lawful ] owner , in contradistinction to the ” legal ” owner , of the original verbal ipso facto [ prime ] copyrights . It is reasonable to presume that no credible system accessory of the venture has nor will testify on behalf of the originator for fear of being murdered for the money that would be involved .

        George Lucas may be the ” creator ” ( as in producer ) but he is not nor ever was the originator ( as in point-of-origin ) of the Star Wars venture .

        The homicide of the original contractual agent is suspected of being a facilitation of the thievery of prime intellectual property associated with the venture . Furthermore , communists do not believe anyone has any property rights other than the state ; or more precisely the head-of-state .

  6. bruno
    bruno says:

    We who are in the environment of KMac’s creations are truly lucky. If I had the power KMac statutes would be constructed. Also, some of the highly talented writers in our loop would be highly paid and their labour would be widely distributed.

    As for this article, it’s part of the whole. Personally, I had to skip around. It was too depressing.

    In youth I’d visit places where Prof. Griffin was fortunate enough to be employed. I ran on the roads of Bar Harbour and just about all over city roads of beautiful Maine. As an adult the highways and byways of Maine were enjoyed on various iron horses. When night would fall, for decades I would pull to the side of the road and camp out, eating steaks or whatever. Sometimes comrades would be with me with me. At other times a trusted dog would accompany me. Never once did I have to pull out a gun under the Maine sky, due to the darkness found in other regions that had changed demographically.

    When my children were born they were taken along New Hampshire’s Kangamangus Highway. They not only saw trained bears performing, but most important, they were amongst their own. In other words they talked, played and ambulated amongst people who are similar to those reading within these creations of KMac’s W free and open communique world.

    Back then the major reasons for escaping to Northern New England was not merely nature and her fresh air, eye candy greens and pristine clean swimming potentials, along with the White Mts. hell, no.

    As for language, as a little boy, my first school room, for half a year, was in a French setting of a French-Am church community. I could only pick up half of what was spoken. A feature retained throughout life. I mentioned this cuz it was pleasant riding in the French language sectors of Northern Maine. Ah, things were different in the old America. We never thought of the media induced hate propaganda.

    No hate was involved. We just had a special feeling being amongst our own. Whether we were in NE, English or French Canada, or later in Mother Europe’s neighborhoods, it was different than later residence that saw MoTown change and hundreds of thousands flee.

    As America darkens with her progeny of unofficial City States and W-ness turns into ashes, it’s nice to have refuge in the sanctuary of KMac’s intellectual created dwelling. We are truly fortunate.

  7. brabantian
    brabantian says:

    One of the many fine points of this article, was underscoring how the leading ‘white shoe’ law firms are deeply involved in so many scams ravaging the peoples of this world

    One of the firms named above in the article, Ropes & Gray, was extensively blasted in the US Dept of Justice Inspector General file on the apparent bribery of Robert Mueller, who received a nice post-FBI payout, after Mueller, when he was FBI director, indulged a massive set of crimes involving lawyers of Ropes & Gray and WilmerHale, accused of sponsoring major criminal activities run right out of their law firm offices

    The file was tweeted about by President Trump a few times, and apparently was part of the reason Mueller was allowed to pose as semi-senile in his famous event of Congressional testimony, essentially shutting down Mueller’s part of the anti-Trump impeachment forays

    ‘Report on evidence of felonies violating Civil Rights, and bribery by foreign agents, implicating United States Special Counsel Robert S Mueller III as a criminally-tainted agent of foreign & racketeering interests’

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