Ideas on maintaining relationships with the less committed in a dark age

Many of us are forced to deal with personal issues because of our political-cultural beliefs. A typical situation might be a wife or girlfriend—the great majority of activists on the dissident right are male—who is terrified of it becoming known that she is associated with someone who is shunned and socially ostracized. But of course, it may also be other family members or friends—a particularly painful experience.

Let’s assume that doxing would only result in social opprobrium, not loss of livelihood—admittedly a much easier case. And let’s also assume that your significant other is not a committed social justice warrior. Such people are completely intolerant of opinions that conflict with their dogmas and they are fueled by hatred toward people like you. Such people are impossible to reason with. They prefer spewing hatred, typically accompanied with ungrounded assertions of moral and intellectual superiority. They do this within their echo chambers of like-minded people, ignoring data they don’t like and never encountering a dissenting voice. Trust me, you can’t talk to them. Get them out of your life, whatever it takes. You’ll be happier.

Since we still have a functioning First Amendment, the establishment uses informal means of punishing dissenters, and pressure on employers is the first option. While Marxists rail at the evils of capitalism, the fact is that all the major corporations are completely on board with the official ideology on race and gender, and are all too willing to fire those who dissent. It is completely understandable for people threatened by loss of livelihood to maintain a low profile, especially if they have a family to support.

But there are many who risk only social opprobrium—retired people, the self-employed, or the financially secure. Of course, being ostracized from polite society doesn’t bother the activists personally. They may suffer psychologically, but they firmly believe they are right, and they often have like-minded friends, if only in cyberspace. The problem comes from trying to find simpatico mates and friends beyond activist conferences and online communities.

An obvious strategy is to use a pseudonym and this is necessary and desirable for many. Lots of people do, including a clear majority of the writers at TOO. However, pseudonyms don’t completely solve the problem because the people who are terrified of doxing can’t know for sure that it won’t happen some at point in the future. This hangs over them like the sword of Damocles. It’s just a matter of time before it drops, or so the thinking goes. And when it does, she would have to deal with the cold stares, the terminated friendships, and perhaps antifa protesting (or worse) in front of her home.

Perhaps the main point in my recent book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition is that Western peoples are far more prone to valuing their moral reputation, especially in their face-to-face world. Westerners create societies made up of close family, friends and associates, as well as strangers where moral reputation is critical for fitting in. This contrasts with societies in the rest of the world, where moral status is filtered through kinship connections. The Western culture of moral reputation worked well over long stretches of historical time, but in the contemporary West, a hostile elite has achieved control of the media and educational system, and they have managed to corrupt mainstream Christian religious sects. This hostile elite has used its power to create a moral community in which White identity and interests have been demonized. Standing up to that places one outside this moral community and has major psychological effects.

A famous example is Anne Morrow Lindbergh when her husband, Charles Lindbergh, stated that Jews were one of the forces attempting to get the United States to enter World War II. Shortly after his speech, she wrote:

The storm is beginning to blow up hard. …I sense that this is the beginning of a fight and consequent loneliness and isolation that we have not known before. … For I am really much more attached to the worldly things than he is, mind more giving up friends, popularity, etc., mind much more criticism and coldness and loneliness. … Will I be able to shop in New York at all now? I am always stared at—but now to be stared at with hate, to walk through aisles of hate![1]

What is striking and perhaps counterintuitive, is that the guilt and shame remain even when she is completely satisfied at an intellectual (explicit) level that her beliefs are based on good evidence and reasonable inferences and that they are morally justifiable.

I cannot explain my revulsion of feeling by logic. Is it my lack of courage to face the problem? Is it my lack of vision and seeing the thing through? Or is my intuition founded on something profound and valid? I do not know and am only very disturbed, which is upsetting for him. I have the greatest faith in him as a person—in his integrity, his courage, and his essential goodness, fairness, and kindness—his nobility really…How then explain my profound feeling of grief about what he is doing? If what he said is the truth (and I am inclined to think it is), why was it wrong to state it? (From Chapter 8 of Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition.)

Her reaction is involuntary and irrational—beyond the reach of logical analysis. Charles Lindbergh was exactly right in what he said, but a rational understanding of the correctness of his analysis cannot lessen the psychological trauma to his wife, who must face the hostile stares of others because her husband’s beliefs place him outside the moral community she values.

Women are more connected to the social world. They care more about having friends and being respected in the community. Men want to feel connected too, but they are also more willing to take risks. And men’s reproductive prospects are far more linked to being part of a dominant group, so men are far more concerned about politics and the distribution of power. Men tend to suffer more when there is an alien takeover: history is replete with men being slaughtered and women taken as wives and concubines by the winners (as happened with the Indo-European invaders of Europe and elsewhere, Genghis Khan and the Mongols, etc.).

And in the contemporary world, any non-brain-dead White male has to be aware that the current hegemony of our new elite has meant that White heterosexual males are the most demonized class in all Western societies. White males are regarded as historical oppressors and the basic reason for the failures of certain (low IQ) non-White groups. Their statues are being removed, their culture ridiculed and hated. Most importantly, their political representation is steadily declining.

So how should one talk to a significant other about the very real dangers of being on the dissident right? I think a good tactic is to point out that many people are being attacked these days, not just people linked to full-blown race realism, opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, and assertions of Jewish power and influence. Individuals associated with the Trump administration have been harassed on the street and barred from or insulted in restaurants. MAGA hat-wearing people have been physically attacked in broad daylight in public places. With impunity. Mainstream conservatives have been greeted with mass protests, riots, and moral panics at college campuses.

Your significant other may relate to the fact that the censorious left is shutting down many ideas that were entirely mainstream and respectable just a few years ago. If we are not to become something like the society imagined in Orwell’s 1984 (we’re already quite close given the wall-to-wall propaganda and ubiquitous surveillance by government and left-leaning big tech), we have to stand up to this. Again assuming one’s significant other is not a dyed-in-the-wool social justice warrior, she should relate to that as threatening all that she valued in the society she grew up in, including especially her own children. (It’s well known that women get more conservative when married and as they get older.) This should make her able to buck up and withstand the hostility, so that she’ll join you in firmly believing “We’re the good guys, and they’re evil.”

Having a demonstration outside one’s house is terrifying to many of our weaker brethren. It’s probably number one on their list of fears since it’s very public and it strikes very close to home. But that’s what happened to Tucker Carlson who was harassed by a mob of antifa outside his house. One can imagine the fear his wife, alone in the house, felt as one of the masked cowards pounded on the front door. Despite repeated attempts to get Carlson fired and quite successful campaigns to get advertisers to boycott his show, Carlson continues with his edgy views and still draws a huge audience. And as far as I know, his marriage is fine—even though he likely can’t show his face in public in the deep blue urban areas of America.

What are some things that would affect how his wife felt about all this? One thing would be whether she believes that her husband is honest and sincere in his beliefs. Because they are sharing their lives, she has a long experience with him in a wide range of areas besides political opinions. She knows if he is trustworthy or duplicitous, whether he has strong moral convictions or is prone to manipulating others for personal gain. If she thinks of him as basically a good guy who is doing his best to have well-grounded opinions, it would make her stronger, more willing to deal with the haters who are doing their best to make their lives miserable.

Assuming that he has honestly held, morally defensible ideas, this increased willingness to simply reject the haters is likely even if she doesn’t fully agree with his opinions or even understand them completely (e.g., understanding Jewish issues is difficult without doing a lot of reading and all too easily results in oversimplified assertions by those without some background in the area). And, again assuming that there is trust in the relationship, a greater willingness to put up with the haters is likely even if, like many Americans, politics is not at the center of her world—even if she doesn’t dwell on the future of Whites as a minority in a hostile world but is far more involved with family, church, or hobbies like music, cooking or gardening. Again, in general, women are not as politically focused as men.

As with Anne Morrow Lindbergh, simply believing that her husband is honest and correct in his opinions may not remove the psychological distress. But it likely makes it easier to put up with the “aisles of hate.”

If your significant other is not an enthusiastic believer in the ideas of the dissident right, I would also suggest not being obsessed with politics in day-to-day conversation with her. Again, she may be more interested in family, friends, and hobbies than the latest example of how the Israel Lobby has manipulated U.S. foreign policy. That’s fine. Showing an interest in what she is interested in is always good advice.

So that’s all I can think of for now. This is a really tough area for those on the dissident right. Control by our hostile elite has made it psychologically difficult to have dissident opinions, and we all live under the specter of formal legal punishments—as has already happened in much of Europe—if the left manages to abrogate the First Amendment (as they so ardently desire).

But for many of us, we don’t feel that we have any other choice than to soldier on. And while we are soldiering on, we should do everything we can to make life livable by having good, rewarding relationships. Like Anne Morrow Lindbergh was forced to do, we have to be willing to put up with “aisles of hate” should we be outed, and we should do all we can to keep our relationships intact if that were to occur.

Living well is the best revenge.

[1] Anne Morrow Lindbergh, War Within and Without: Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh (New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980), 220–239.

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    What a wonderful and highly relevant essay with which to start the new year! Thank you, Kevin.

    The subject matter is not only relevant to our people but touches me personally. Following the attack on me, I have learned to live and lead by example. I have learned that it is not enough to try to convey the value of racial preservation, but that we must show that our racial ideals are commensurate with other values we cherish, such as care for the environment, kindness to animals, honesty in financial dealings, and upholding the natural family unit of a (male) Dad, a (female) Mom, and kids, with the role of husband and wife clearly defined.

    It is true that the greatest impediment to our advancement is fear of economic loss. It is therefore incumbent on those of us who are financially secure and/or self employed to be amongst those most outspoken. As has been said before, courage is contagious.

    • ia
      ia says:

      LOL. My wife had a custom painting made for her in Kinshasa as “*** in the Congo” based on the cartoons. Congolese have no problem with Tintin. It’s the fanatical whites in their lily white neighborhoods who do.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      You can still buy postcards of “Tintin in the Congo” cover to amuse friends and offend foes alike.

      I note Kevin MacDonald’s bracketed but important observation re “Jewish issues”. Hate-free, rational, evidence-based argument that links persuasively with the deeper values and existing knowledge of the other person, relative or acquaintance, will work. Wives will fear for the safety of their husbands and families, even when sympathetic. We have to stress the evil of some opponents who threaten our freedom and culture, which prompts feminine concern, but with clear data.

      There is much more control of free speech in the UK than in the US. And the TV environment with its totally disproportionate coverage of “blacks” in advertisements and entertainment, its endless “strong language”, “sex” and violence, its woke propaganda, is an almost inescapable psycho-prison. I can only repeat the advice to anyone interested that I have posted for two decades past: (1) Raise healthy white babies; (2) safeguard and defend the western heritage in every way possible; (3) keep the law, however unfair and oppressive some of its provisions; and (4) master the technology as well as content of cyber-communication.

      See my essay “A Behemoth in the Bedroom?” on The Quarterly Review website, online now. If some others can do it, so can those in greater numbers, notwithstanding e.g. Nina Burleigh, Jewish Telegraph Agency, January 15, 2019, still online.

  2. Aodh Mor MacRaynall
    Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    This illustrates why we absolutely must create or find our own communities. To expect our wives and children to suffer ostracism and loneliness is not realistic. To do so is to ignore human nature. Take a lesson from the Amish; the way to keep your women and children is to be in a community that upholds our values. The question we face is how to create or find those communities.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Agreed, and wholeheartedly and without reservation. You, my friend, said it all. In answer to your ‘question we face’, I would suggest the Pacific Northwest. It is not perfect,and we have some big problems here (though lesser than else where), but also some very (extremely) powerful advantages that ALL the other areas have not.

      So the ‘QUESTION’ is this:

      Are you willing to move from Alabama, Texas, Maryland, Vermont, Missouri, Michigan, New York, etc… to where your meals are no longer lochs and bagels, but, for example, elk steaks and blueberry pudding?

      Come Home. We need you here.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Tim, sounds yummy, but every soldier throughout the world and time will tell you that ceding territory is no way to win a war.

        If in doubt, check out that famous, increasingly shrinking, sequential map of Palestine, the West-Bank and the Golan: already on the drafting board of the Zionist cartographers in Basel in 1897; so to speak. From majority acreage to disparate fly specks.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Exactly. I have for decades, and esp since Obama’s reelection, supported white geographical ingathering as the (obviously? it should be) necessary prelude to eventual North American white ethnostatist secession and ultimate political and racial sovereignty. I emphasize “North American” because the only morally as well as historically acceptable position for European ethnies is their total racial restoration via repatriation of ALL non-racial-Europeans, out to, say, the 1/32 level of genetic descent, from ALL European nations. The “New World” or Europoidal diasporic nations like America are, however, in a morally different and weaker position wrt expatriation of non-illegal aliens, though whites who reject the utopian ideology and/or pagan cult of “diversity” continue to have a moral right to live in the ways of their ancestors, and thus a right to an ethnostate carved out of the territory that was once racially all ours.

  3. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    A community of faith is important to women as well. Since the churches have abandoned their own faith and turned, instead, to settling “refugees” in communities that did not ask for nor want them, there to have the children subjected to higher degrees of risk of all kinds, I’ve incorporated The Fair Church in Iowa.

    Cuius regio, eius religio

    • Kekaru Reker
      Kekaru Reker says:

      As an anti-feminist, this made me a bit skeptical:

      “In the absence of a formal public acceptance, the individual woman involved Is the sole judge of whether an act of procreation was rape. If a woman who has not made advance formal acceptance of a man prior to the act of procreation, formally accuses him of rape within three months after the alleged act, and if a majority of sovereigns assembled as set forth in 3 below vote that the man engaged in the act, then It shall invariably be construed as rape – even though it may clearly be shown that the woman Invited, or even persuaded, the man to engage In the act. A woman may revoke formal acceptance of a man at will by giving formal public notice of such revocation.”

  4. D.M.
    D.M. says:

    Good advice! I look forward to reading Dr MacDonald’s new book.

    My biggest problem of late: “conservative” women. There are still plenty about in the Deep South, but they typically associate conservatism with religion and economics. That is, they think the struggle is between capitalists and Christians versus socialists. That is as hard to deal with as race denialism or egalitarianism.

    Happy New Year–and good luck–to all!

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      WRT our own people, you need to employ the “wedge” strategy. Emphasize all the ways that diversity is dramatically weakening the (non-racial) conservative position in America (and everywhere else, too) – and especially how diversity is utterly and obviously wrecking the electoral prospects of the GOP. This is why the “national populist” positions (Right on race, culture, society + Left on economics and perhaps ecology) advocated by white nationalists like Greg Johnson and Gregory Hood (and perhaps Andrew Joyce – I’m not sure) are so profoundly misconceived. First, whatever the truth behind the global warmist scam (I’m no more or less of a scientist than Al Gore or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), the best thing we can do for our American natural environment is to stop immigration-generated overpopulation. Second, and of greater salience, free markets are simply, demonstrably (both analytically and empirically) superior to socialism as well as lesser degrees of regulatory statism. White Americans, especially conservatives, are disproportionately concentrated in the private sector, and thus totally subject to market forces. Therefore, we want economic growth (per capita – not just population increase-driven GDP growth, which is individually meaningless). Moreover, this correct economic understanding is very important to vast numbers of not yet racially conscious white Americans – and this importance is both principled or theoretical (many of us deeply believe that free markets are the economic corollary to that liberty which we prize highly), and also, as suggested, personal.

      So the proper approach is to state your conservatism on the economy and social issues, and THEN point out all the ways diversity is harming the preferred conservative outcomes in these areas. I have found this approach in my own life to be quite fruitful. The WORST way to be is some kind of angry white nationalist (which I myself am in many ways) declaiming against our racial decline (the very very WORST approach to nearly anyone not radically based is to refer them to this site and start discussing the JQ, or still worse, the Holocaust).

      Again and again, I have found immigration to be the best gauge and litmus. ANYONE who can’t discuss the negative effects of immigration coolly and rationally is someone who is either deeply mentally weak and therefore easily indoctrinable, or someone with a strong genetic inclination towards liberalism. Stay away from such, personally as well as politically. White preservationists need to capture the “moderate middle” of our race.

  5. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    We are social animals. We live connected to various groups. And what those groups believe of us matters, despite our convictions.

    I can very clearly remember stating to acquaintances things I believed with zero doubts, and I was still blushing red in the process, knowing I was violating taboos. And then, someone would say, “You’re blushing, because you’re ashamed of what you’ve just uttered, aren’t you?”

    The result was even more blushing.

    We need the group(s). We need their approval. This no doubt dates back to when we were pack animals. Much better to work deliberately, quietly, carefully, to reeducate those around us. I sometimes place a book anonymously in the mail. Or leave it in an acquaintance’s home. Or gradually introduce ideas in a way that doesn’t make heads spin.

    Build up networks of like-minded people around you. Try to be diplomatic enough in your interactions not to incur automatic shunning.

    Most important of all, don’t give up speaking the truth.

  6. milan
    milan says:

    “Living well is the best revenge.”

    Thank you for such an essay. Made me think about some things that I haven’t for quite some time and brings to my remembrance the Book of Job, a book that I thoroughly love and enjoy. The conversations that exist in that book speak volumes really about human relationships and human character especially! just take these sentences as an example which I especially enjoy…

    “I have heard many things like these;
    you are miserable comforters, all of you!
    Will your long-winded speeches never end?
    What ails you that you keep on arguing?
    I also could speak like you,
    if you were in my place;
    I could make fine speeches against you
    and shake my head at you.
    But my mouth would encourage you;
    comfort from my lips would bring you relief. 16:1-6

    “But now they mock me,
    men younger than I,
    whose fathers I would have disdained
    to put with my sheep dogs. 30:1

    Ones motives and what and who gets honoured in the end will determine everything and revenge will be sweet:

    if your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat;
    if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head,
    and the Lord will reward you. Proverbs 25:22

    Job lived well and in the end gave us the truth, absolute truth about climate change. Wow, THOUGH the ignorance of the human race about it all is scandalous, criminal surely:

    God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways;
    he does great things beyond our understanding.
    He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’
    and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’
    So that everyone he has made may know his work,
    he stops all people from their labor.[a]
    The animals take cover;
    they remain in their dens.
    The tempest comes out from its chamber,
    the cold from the driving winds.
    The breath of God produces ice,
    and the broad waters become frozen.
    He loads the clouds with moisture;
    he scatters his lightning through them.
    At his direction they swirl around
    over the face of the whole earth
    to do whatever he commands them.

    Job was written for a purpose perhaps we should start listening!

  7. Jack D.
    Jack D. says:

    Dr. M – excellent article on the practical aspects of continuing to live our lives and yet continuing to fight the “good fight”. One of our main questions in being TOO members is always…. how do we fight this battle??? Our situation reminds me a lot of how the various Resistance members in Europe fought against the Germans in WWll….find and communicate with like minded people, organize, and work under the cover of darkness (today as Internet anonymity).

    Email/tell your thoughts to our elected leaders – since I’m sure they’re aware of the Jewish issue as much as we are (only afraid to speak). Another way is to email various companies telling them our displeasure at seeing us White males (and Christian families) portrayed negatively on TV shows and commercials and also saying we won’t buy their products if they continue.

    Maybe I’m just an overly idealistic old man but continue to believe that truth, goodness and beauty will somehow triumph in the end – one just has to stay focused on that goal mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Don’t give up on it. Whatever one focuses on will in the end become physical reality. And, as Pearl Buck said… “All that is necessary for the forces of evil to succeed is for enough good people to do nothing”.

    Best quote here is definitely……”living well is the best revenge”.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      It was Burke, not Buck, who first stated that (and he was quite possibly quoting someone from antiquity).

  8. Thorgrun
    Thorgrun says:

    Thank you Dr. MacDonald for this essay. My wife and I are long married and I see her distress is much more amplified when dealing with our children and grandchildren and how family relationship is her prime concern.

    Community as in times of the Pioneer is what helped to ward off loneliness and isolation.

    Good advice, sir, for the New Year!

    Truth is a lonely warrior.

  9. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    There must be something wrong with me; I ENJOY being hated. Very invigorating. And then, too, I carry a Glock which my beloved Alabama allows.
    For a long time now, I have been hoping that I might be attacked – no luck thus far. ,

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      “… Many people will not want to be educated. They will be afraid to listen to anything which is not Politically Correct. They will hate us when we try to educate them… But for every fool filled with hate and fear who will not listen, we will find a person who already has an understanding of the things I have said today and who only needs to hear us say them in order to gain enough confidence to know that his understanding is correct. And we will find other people who have not yet achieved understanding but whose hearts and minds are open, and who can accept the truth when it is presented to them.
      And so that is our immediate task: yours as well as mine. We must reach out to our people. We must alert them. We must educate them. We must encourage them. We must inspire them.
      And here’s a beautiful, wonderful thing: when you reach out to other people to encourage them and inspire them, you yourself will be encouraged and inspired. When you find out how many other people there are who share our concerns, our feelings, our values, our sense of responsibility, you cannot help but be encouraged.
      Even the hatred that you encounter from some people — especially from people in the controlled media — will be encouraging. For you will understand that they would not hate us so much if they did not fear us. And the reason that they fear us is that deep inside them they know that what we say is true… “

  10. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    This morning on Instagram I was reading the interior designers I follow and Miles Redd posted a photo of two nude men dancing. At first I ignored it and continued on to other posts. But it irritated me and I went back and replied to him that with all due respect I follow him because I’m interested in his designs and that he should show more respect to others. A few other men quickly came to his defense and attacked me and one man said he thought the photo was sweet.

    I had to leave the house and was gone for a few hours and when I returned home and checked instagram the post had been removed by Redd. I didn’t know what would happen if they doxed me and I know how the women hating men can be. It’s upsetting but I hope others are becoming as angry as I am about having everything forced upon us and shoved down our throats,. If we got to vote on these things everything would be very different. We never consented to any of it and our children are always on the front lines whether it was desegregation of public schools or today when children are given sex change operations.

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      Yes, I complain to companies about matters like this constantly, especially about depictions of interracial couplings. It is more important to politely but firmly let businesses (and charities and parasitical university fundraisers) know how you feel about these issues than simply to comment here among the like-minded (though the latter is probably more enjoyable and informative). How many times have people here sent a 200-300 word letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal complaining about some aspect of their immigration coverage? I do several times per year. White Americans, or at least the racially conscious among us, must start flexing our consumer muscle power – boycotting traitors and letting them know we are doing it. Business is responsive to one thing above all – profits. If capitalism is getting “woke” it is because the multicultural left is noisy, and the white right too silent.

    • Steve
      Steve says:

      Hollywood, the SPLC, NAMBLA, and organizations with young boys are filled with aggressive male homos. Kids are their most targeted group. Two organizations fighting desperately to shield children from these sex offenders are and
      The LGBTP alliance is filled with the most vile infectious and mental diseases imaginable. I worked in public health for many years and the lifestyle is nothing about gay but all about filth, coprophilia and disease.

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    The reality is that contemporary Leftism is a racial project in spite of the denials by the anti-western mob that its motivations emanate strictly from principles of “equality”, “fairness”, and “multi-nationalism”. This is so simply on the basis of the statements made by leftists. Whenever activists on the Left say that the West needs to be inhabited by “more…….. (insert favorite Third World racial grouping here)”, they are uttering a race-based preference. All proclamations, in any context political or personal, that specify the selection of one racial group versus another are in fact racial. There is no getting around it. It is literally impossible for any human being to operate on the basis of race-neutrality so long as differing races exist. Besides being hypocritical in nature, the leftist project is entirely “supremacist” in the same manner that it claims is exclusive to pro-European movements.

  12. Anne
    Anne says:

    Thank you, Kevin.

    My husband and I regularly read TOO and I know I speak for both of us when I say how much we appreciated this article, and all your work as editor of TOO.

    It saddens me, though it does not surprise me, to read how difficult it is for men in our crowd to find a mate – and that once said mate is found, to be able to talk openly to her about some of the most important issues of our times. Under these circumstances, we all do well to remember that patience and hope are eternal virtues.

    During the early years of our relationship, my own husband practised a great deal of patience with me, and held his tongue so many times it is a wonder it didn’t freeze in a permanent spasm. Neither of us will ever forget one particularly hoarse argument we had in the first months of knowing each other – after reaching an exhausted stalemate, we each confessed to feeling like we were “sleeping with the enemy.”

    We laugh about that now.

    My husband likes to think he has helped me to come around, and there is certainly a lot of truth to his conviction. Although I’m somewhat ashamed to admit it, without him I never would have had the courage to look at the world as honestly as I do now. However, I also know in my heart of hearts that his succor wasn’t the only thing that saved me: I was always drawn to his essential honesty and integrity, no matter how much it might have appeared otherwise on the surface of things.

    There is a Banner of Knights writing for TOO – you, Kevin, Andrew Joyce, Tobias Langdon, F. Roger Devlin – to name but a few. And believe me when I say the women in your lives know it. They might not know they know it – but trust me, they know it.

  13. Richard Smith
    Richard Smith says:

    Thank you, Dr. MacDonald, for this message: “Living well is the best revenge.”

    My wife and I speak frequently about living well in retirement. Her reasons are mostly health related, as are mine, but with a lot more of the “revenge” included.

    I look forward to 2020 with a lot of enthusiasm!

    Happy New Year to you, your contributors, and all the readership!

  14. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    and we all live under the specter of formal legal punishments—as has already happened in much of Europe—if the left manages to abrogate the First Amendment (as they so ardently desire).

    Yes, I just heard on Luke Ford that Andrew Morantz a NewYorker journalist and author of Anti Social which is a popular book among the Woke about us deplorables – and Arri Weiss – another left journalist – are having a discussion on the pages of the NYT about the merits of limiting free speech.

    That is two Jews at a Jewish newspaper talking about limiting goy rights. Thanks to Dr MacDonald and others, we Euro goyim are, after about 50 years in the post war Sempohile matrix, once again coming to know about the Jews. But they know we are coming to know about them.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      “Yes, I just heard on Luke Ford that Andrew Morantz a NewYorker journalist and author of Anti Social which is a popular book among the Woke about us deplorables – and Arri Weiss – another left journalist – are having a discussion on the pages of the NYT about the merits of limiting free speech.”

      Luke Ford. Is this the Luke Ford you are referring to, by any chance?

      “Why Luke Ford Really Converted To Judaism”

      Rabbi harangues Ford mightily. And Ford, with the typical shit-eating grin of a loser, sits there behind the noisy, knowledgeable rabbi, making a weak and useless response. LOL

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Yeah, that is Luke. I shall check out these videos.

        Luke is the Anglo son of a 7th Day adventist minister who converted to orthodox Judaism so you might say he is one deracinated dude. But on the other hand he does embrace some good positions vs the Dissident Right and runs an interesting discussion of important books. I think he interviewed Keven MacDonald. He is down – or pretending to be – with the Holohoax but that is required of anyone who wants to be Judaic. Luke is an acquired taste

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      Waiting in the car, Sunday, I listened briefly to AM talk radio and a Jew lawyer, who apparently fields questions on anything including navigating the legal “system”, spoke of a Democratic-party presidential platform plank being appointing Barack Obama to the United States Supreme Court. The network wants government to address the so-called homeless transient problem including that created by AB109 letting many of them you see having arguments with imaginary playmates, throwing buckets of feces on more “normal” people going about their business, and standing at freeway on-ramps with puppies and cardboard signs ostensibly begging for “Dog Food.”
      The 9th District Court of appeals has now made it legal to sleep anywhere on public property, without fear of arrest or even a citation– a notice to appear for trespassing– provided there are not beds in shelters in the vicinity. It is no wonder that from Edward the First to Adolf Hitler, there has been the feared solution to usury/planned-inflation that so frightens it perpetrators and their pet-facilitators that more “money” must be borrowed into existence not only to make more homeless but to import them both negligently and intentionally while spending that money on themselves and on terrorizing we watchdogs.

  15. Oracle
    Oracle says:

    My problem is the opposite. I am a female who understands a good deal about the political problems we are facing and why we are facing them. My husband believes he is politically astute but he is a liberal and he has not the foggiest idea about what is going on. I spend most of my time being irritated with the stupidity of my so-called social order and although I have made cogent arguments to my husband, he has only reacted in an overly emotional, useless way. I have known about and researched this problem for about 7 years now.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Get rid of that useless husband of yours. Don’t waste your time; you are obviously a very clever woman.
      Good luck!

    • James Clayton
      James Clayton says:

      When I married my wife, in 1984, at the suggestion of her supervisor, she was a bank manager. When we were getting to know each other, I asked her if I could pay-off her credit car and trust her promise to never use it again. She understands the debt-money system and the power it has over the ignorant, immature, superstitious. And she understands that we are carrying quite a load of parasites that simply must be starved as gut bacteria change demographically when one quits working overtime to supply them with expensive sweets. Consider what it means to husband and what has contributed to this pass at which we have arrived. Good primers are and Mark Weber including his Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race? And eschew those afraid to call a Jew a Jew for life is short.

  16. Jack McArthur
    Jack McArthur says:

    John 15:18 “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own”

  17. bruno
    bruno says:

    This was an excellent article. It was a wonderful way to commence the new year.

    I have always admired Kevin. If I had my way, statues of him would be in parks. When he was abused in his university, I would think about it during the day and sometimes at night. It really bothered me. I saw that kind of abuse and even much worst in the wonderful Workers’ Paradise.

    For years I saw people revolting in the streets and personally new close friends who had lost families. Back then was the era of snail mail. Those of us here know that in this era we are monitored in cyberspace.

    The center of all of this is the factor of progeny. Employment can somehow be obtained, even if it is less than one has been accustomed to. I would assume that most of the people here within our feeling of nationhood comprehend all of this. Of course, there is still much emotional infighting, as seen in UNZ. People are still fighting because of ancient battles in our historical past.

    We have gone from the age of Kings, to parliamentary rule, to the goals of a few very rich, who are so opulent that they can buy of governing “reps” and systems. We have evolved the rule of a few. Today it’s due to corporatist factors. as for the “best of all people,” Kevin has written about how they suck up to the ruling class.

    People with children and relatives attending universities cannot allow, what they know to be true, to destroy the potential of loved ones. The vital point here, as it was in the red empire, is diplomacy.

    How this turns out, at this point no one knows. However, it is an absolute fact that relocation of people can be accomplished. At this very writing this is being done in China and other places.

    The only thing that may save Western man and his civilization is dictatorship. As it is now MSM, La CessPool Grande and the “best of all people,” are having youth (with undeveloped brains) and little cognitive experience, fight their battles. The elite watch with amusement. They know the psychological effects.

    When I resided under the Communist system people would say the the deck was stacked against them and I would reply that all hope was lost because we still had numbers. Individually life is situational. That is not the case for a majority if they have decent leadership (as been shown via hx.).

    Happy New Year to all and may our people prosper.

  18. Aitch.
    Aitch. says:

    Well worth reading is the Daily Stormer’s take on where we are on New Year’s Day, 2020: ‘2020: Welcome to the Future, Faggot.”

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:
      I notice that if you search Daily Stormer on Google, what comes up are hate articles from the ADL, etc. I don’t go there much at all, but I did like this one:
      “Basically, it was believed that at this point in history, we would be living in a world of robots, flying cars, mile-high skyscrapers, space colonies and so on and so forth.
      Instead, what do we have?

      We have mass immigration of the most primitive people on earth and we have transsexuals being promoted as the peak of moral authority. All of our brain power is being poured into figuring out how to make people with 80 IQs capable of running a technological civilization, how to create fake vaginas from mutilated penises or how to stop black people from killing Jews. The rest of it is dumped into a bizarre conspiracy theory about the weather. And no, that isn’t really hyperbolic

  19. colin
    colin says:

    Mr. Macdonald, you are just scratching the surface as you lack enough exposure to real life situations. There are conservative women out there, who are virgin at 30 and cannot find a boyfriend, even though that is their #1 desire. white boys have capitulated and only do drugs and accept they cannot succeed in life. the so-called dissident right is composed mainly of old folk like us and we will be gone in 15 years, ‘no man, no problem’.

    • Michael Fury
      Michael Fury says:

      “white boys have capitulated and only do drugs and accept they cannot succeed in life.”


      “When first they stood the Beast was startled

      By a courage he assumed was throttled

      In their kind. To resist their erasure

      From history and the monstrous nature

      Of his cult, they had assembled lawfully

      In public space. His masked thralls massed to bully

      And assault them in the trap his enforcers

      Set for them illegally on his orders,

      But they passed his gauntlet like sovereign men

      (some only school-age boys), and dared like men

      Defend themselves in orderly retreat

      From his attack, as is the natural right

      Of every creature living on God’s earth.

      His sayanim received their money’s worth:

      Their media sold the images of violence

      To contrive a panic of compliance

      With his mendacious version of events–

      The deadly Nazi cancer’s reemergence.

      In fact it was the death by his commandment

      Of these American Aryans’ First Amendment.

      Their love for their imperiled heritage

      The enemy announced was “hate”, and in his rage

      Demanded all must hate their hate and all

      Must hate without exception any soul

      Unwise enough to show them sympathy

      Or face the trials of his antipathy,

      From social exile to the heavy threat

      Of laws he promised soon to legislate

      Against the merest overheard expression

      In defiance of his anti-white suppression.

      Thus he sought to isolate these heroes

      And make of their potential allies foes.”

  20. milan
    milan says:

    “Standing up to that places one outside this moral community and has major psychological effects.”

    I can think of no one greater than St. Paul who suffered the loss of everything worldly including his entire immediate family. He had a conviction however, based not on moral reputation of any kind but upon Christ period. For him Christ was everything and Paul wanted to know him more and more. It is why he could say that everything I counted for gain in this life and world is loss to knowing Christ Jesus.

    But whatever were gains to me I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my LORD, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which is through faith in Christ-the righteousness that comes from God on the basis of faith. I want to know Christ-yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, {Philippians 3:7-10}

    If we were to have a conversation with Paul about anything politically, economically or otherwise Paul’s response do you know what it would be? Do you know what happened in Jerusalem? Do you know what the Savior had to suffer and do you feel what He felt?

    Perhaps if Lindbergh had said this to his hearers peoples hearts would have been pricked realizing that going to war against what was essentially another Christian nation was wrong period!

    and who ultimately were rubbing their hands in glee at it all?

    Until Christianity regains this sense of relationship with their Lord I’m afraid all of our efforts will be in vain. Ones relationship to Him and Him alone is in the end the only thing that will ever count. That’s a conviction worth suffering and dying for. The first century apostles new the secret Jesus was alive and because He lives we shall live with Him no matter what happens!!!

  21. Eric
    Eric says:

    I think our responses so far have either been too passive or too aggressive, without hitting the “sweet spot” in the middle.

    “Too aggressive”: Don’t lay out your entire political philosophy and analysis in a casual conversation. Just stick to the topic under discussion, make it clear that you disagree, and then move on. Be curt with your interlocutor. Make it clear that you think he is being foolish and that you don’t suffer fools gladly. Change the subject or leave if he is persistent. If he has a temper tantrum, just ignore him. As for what you specifically say, make sure it is factual and logical and have the evidence to back up your claim.

    Example: I was asked by somebody how I had made my money. I said in the oil business. He said, “Oh, you shouldn’t tell people that.” I asked why not. He launched into a tirade against the oil business. I then said that it is only thanks to fossil fuels that we have all the comforts that we enjoy today: central air conditioning and heating, refrigeration, electricity, fertilizer, gasoline, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, public transportation, etc. Was he willing to give all of that up? He had no answer.

    I don’t think he liked me after that, but I made my point.

    I have had no problem criticizing wars for Israel, affirmative action (discrimination against white males), mass immigration, globalism, political correctness, and multiculturalism even when liberals are present. I’ve also had no problem pointing out that we are ruled by an international oligarchy and saying that I’m a nationalist.

    I just haven’t talked about Jews. But in one instance, a Jew was talking about how great Jews are. We discussed their contributions, which I indicated I considered to be minor. Then I praised Jews for their unsurpassed ability as violinists, pianists and conductors — as well as comedians when they stay away from politics. I didn’t back down, but I also didn’t come off as “anti-Jew”. I just said what I thought based on facts and evidence. If somebody doesn’t like that, too bad. All of the conversations I’ve mentioned had audiences, and I encountered no hostility from them, even though they were liberal.

    My point: There is no reason to censor yourself. We’re better than that.

    “Too passive”:

    If somebody physically attacks you or doxes you, you need to do something about it. I am tired of seeing the left get away with these tactics. There are many ways to get revenge without getting in trouble. Whole books have been written on the subject. What we have been seeing is bullies getting away with their bullying. And that can only get worse until the bully is delivered a good punch in the nose. So let’s not fall into the victim role. Nobody likes victims, and certainly nobody is giving us points for being the nice guy or “taking the high road.” Make sure that who ever wrongs you pays for it — many times over.

  22. Jeff Kelvin
    Jeff Kelvin says:

    I have probably different reasons for staying anonymous at the moment. By the example of my parents I communicate easily with diverse peoples—bums, blacks, foreigners, Moslems, Jews even. In fact, all-black and all-Mexican classes have given me some of my highest ratings as a teacher. By all appearances I speak cosmo with a southern accent. And I do empathize with the individual humanity of every person. But unfortunately–tragically is more like it–Jewish Influence and its control of the narrative have put people like me in a position of respecting the humanity of persons at the cost of white racial genocide. Through their immigration advocacy these Jews thoroughly intend to displace us beyond our capacity for human sympathy until we have no choice but to be White advocates—whether strident, crude, or academic—if we are to save our race. A corollary intention of this Jewish push is to have us understood as the arch enemy of every other race on earth—“White Supremacist,” “Nazi,” “Klansman,” “Islamophobic” (pick your media epithet)—inevitable but tragic when you consider that these are races and religions against which we really hold no ill will and, were whites 90% percent of the population again, would typically respect and admire. In other words, these hostile elites, these Jews, will not stop until their natural racial enemies—Arabs and Blacks in particular—are also ours and preferably only ours and they can get about their business of vulture capitalism and neo-con wars while everyone else is too distracted by their synthetic incitements to even notice.

  23. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    This is going to be an interesting case to watch as it works its way through the courts. It is a timeless principle that fraud vitiates everything. Yet fraud and particularly mail fraud is business as usual, these days, and courts need to prosecute particularly the usual suspects as they do their business like tomcats in the night, if they are to regain credibility with anyone I count as a friend.

  24. Jack
    Jack says:

    I was a victim of what had to be one of the earliest examples of cancel culture ever. By my best friend, whom I’d known from kindergarten and who was in my wedding. He did it silently and quite unilaterally. No contact of any kind.

    It took me a long time to figure out that it must have been politics. Ironic because my politics back then were very far from my politics now. Back then I was sort of grug-brained libertarian plus running with the Christian Right vehicle … (with some race-realism “touches” to be sure). Every year around Christmas time I’d be waiting for the doorbell or phone to ring with him back in town to visit his folks, with a big “sorry about that” and maybe a bottle of wine. But of course he’s never really been a Christian since his early years of rebellion and is probably logically-consistent enough to see no spiritual/reconciliatory value in Christmas.

    I finally made peace with it and realize two things: 1) Although cancelling me for what I believed back then seemed petty, he was actually very smart and saw my trajectory. 2) Even if he had stuck with me (which is what friends *should* do) he ended up saving me loads of time and frustration. Because I surely would have wanted to share with him all my new intellectual discoveries. And ime is, after all, the only limited commodity.

  25. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    Mr. MacDonald:

    This is a very much-appreciated article. I wonder if you (or someone suitable at TOO) would do a sequel on ideas of maintaining the *parent-child* relationship. The problems my wife and I have are more of the conventional sort and fortunately are not compounded by major disagreements over politics (although she is obviously less intense than I am) or religion.

    But my multiple children .. teenagers and young adults…. are all over the parking lot from instinctual conservative but not red-pilled … to apathetic/apolitical … to environmentalist presumed liberals .. to outright Bernie Bros. I’d like to talk politics with them, but sense that the best course is to try to be a good father and hope that somehow my example has rubbed off edgewise and that when they complete their youthful cycle at least a good majority of them will end up with politics like their mother and father’s.

    I dont want to drive them away… but I also rue a missed opportunity of their being at a critical stage of their busy-little cerebral cortices. And I note the irony of my leaving the house to hang with the goys, some of whom are not very much older than my own boys …. who have somehow found their way already to the red-pill.

  26. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…Her reaction is involuntary and irrational—beyond the reach of logical analysis.
    … Women are more connected to the social world. They care more about having friends and being respected in the community. … So how should one talk to a significant other about the very real dangers of being on the dissident right? … If your significant other is not an enthusiastic believer in the ideas of the dissident right, I would also suggest not being obsessed with politics in day-to-day conversation with her. … So that’s all I can think of for now. …”

    1) Let’s face reality here…, what White Nationalist males are (((up against))) comes down to gorilla warfare. The Jews disregard our humanity…, let alone our Human Rights…, and mass murder by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE is a part of (((their))) arsenal.
    2) The above requires nothing short of Superhuman Capacities in Whites that surpass, in every way imaginable, any talents that the Usurious, “Quadra-plicitous” Jew and “its” proxy-army of Asian-ants, African-apes and Latino-lobos, can come up with.
    The White man of the Dissident Right must be nothing less than an Über-Mensch on every level.
    A Spiritual Shao-lin, Samurai, Rishi….,
    a Carl Friedrich Gauss with a flair for investment mathematics,
    a trained national level athlete in several disciplines at once (Track, water sports, martial and acrobatic arts, etc…), and lastly, but most relative to this article,
    a fantastic lover…., all rolled into one.

    Point 2) is something that many woman, yearn for.
    Take Trump; not only was he a scholastically brilliant,
    he was reputedly a fantastic athlete and could translate both these qualities into leadership skills that made him rich.
    These qualities…, as he himself admitted in one of his so called, “…disrespectful…” (Read: Any quality that Jews are incapable of attaining themselves) remarks…,
    attracted…, (as in lots of practice!) women to him.
    Women are not that rational, but they certainly know when they like something! Giving women everything they ever wanted from a material perspective
    (is connected to raising successful off-spring)
    goes a long way to keeping women…, no matter how much one becomes hated as a consequence of one’s political orientation.
    If a White man fails in ANY aspect of the above yet steadfastly remains on the Dissident Right, he can expect trouble.
    White men of tomorrow must be like “…Kahn…” in the Star Trek movie:
    Stronger, Faster, more Ruthless, Shrewder, Harder, yet able to Love like no other Lover she will ever meet.
    There are no good “…tricks…” to holding a good woman, just “…good qualities…”.
    It is also the reason that many White women who are initially taken in by Jewish Money Men, later realize that a Real Man is defined by a lot more than the amount of money he has control of.

  27. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    Not to pound this subject matter into the ground — it is a very important one — but I think we must temper awareness and advocacy and activism with self-preserving caution. Yes, keep on marching, but be aware that you must march strategically and prudently. I had an acquaintance working on a doctorate degree at a prestigious university until he began publishing articles like this one under his own name. The gentleman is now working as a bank teller, and I don’t think that development was a coincidence. In my own career, I grew comfortable enough in my activism that I began to become occasionally identifiable. My career advancement immediately halted. I had pretty much reached my career goals anyway, but I again had doubts that the halting of my advancement was coincidental.

    They want us to pay a terrible price for fighting for what is rightfully ours. Let us work relentlessly, but also deny them that pleasure, if possible.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Pat, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think what you say also applies to close familial relationships.

      A couple of my earliest attempts to talk to immediate family members about the kind of issues regularly discussed on TOO provoked fairly nasty counterattacks against me. I had to back off and decide whether or not it was worth sacrificing some of my closest relationships in this way – after all, if we destroy our relationships with our immediate family members, that’s just another way of handing over victory to this beast we are up against.

      My own experiences, both professionally and personally, have forced me to become more strategic in how I put my views across. I like to think that can only be a good thing in the long run.

      • Pat Etheridge
        Pat Etheridge says:

        Well said. If they can wreck our careers and families, they’ve scored a huge victory. We must walk a thin line between keeping those things intact and continuing to fight for our future. Good judgement is very important.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      What Pat said is true. The enemy occupies the high ground and has tremendous air superiority. The worst thing we can do is to charge head-on, stupidly. Privacy or anonymity is essential for our survival, unless, of course, one has already attained a commanding position, and even that cannot be taken for granted.

  28. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    ** What is striking and perhaps counter-intuitive, is that the guilt and shame remain even when [Lindbergh’s wife] is completely satisfied at an intellectual (explicit) level that her beliefs are based on good evidence and reasonable inferences and that they are morally justifiable. **

    We feel guilty for going along with the dominant immoral ideology, and we feel shame for being seen disobeying the dominant ideology. The leftists don’t have those moral qualms because their conformism is much stronger than their moral conscience. They just go along with the dominant ideology. And they don’t mind cheating. They will praise “multiculturalism” and try to live away from non-whites. They are not bothered by the cognitive dissonance.

    Our emotions can be activated by things that don’t make sense. For example, we can be moved by a movie that doesn’t have a credible story-line, or by the absurd propaganda in the media. I think this is similar to the way our conformism can be manipulated by the immoral frauds who have hijacked the media.

    Conformism is powerful. For example, funny videos have been made about conformism in an elevator. Sometimes we belong to several different organizations, and we have to adapt our personality to each of them : in school, at work, on an internet forum, in a sports club… Each different setting makes us conform in a different way.

    It would be interesting to do theater experiments about conformism. For example, if you are playing a character in a theater play and everyone else in the cast is scowling at you, and maybe even pointing their finger at you as part of the play, isn’t the fake hostility a little unnerving? (Even though, at an intellectual and explicit level, you know the hostility is phony.) I suggest we should write theater skits to train people to become more resistant to the psychological pressure exerted by the anti-White system. Drama therapy for the Alt Right! On the other hand, it may not work. I wonder if it has been tried.

  29. Ava
    Ava says:

    I am a female, very tuned in, and I would avoid these generalizations about women. In fact it is worse for women who are tuned in when their family or friends abandon them in the face of the ugly truths. I would not assume all of your audience is male. Rightwing women for the most part are basically doormats, but you should be aware that women from the left who are not ideological can see the evidence for themselves and many of us are very committed to truth and not at all anti-white. It is white women from the left who know firsthand about the debilitating effects of ideological anti-white racism in practice. We’re the ones who were called racists by women of color.

    On the whole, however, women are not yet vocal enough, but be aware that much of the best reporting on zionist activity and best activism is indeed being done by women, such as Whitney Webb and Alison Weir. Ursula Haverbeck is in jail in Germany as was Monica Shaeffer. Don’t generalize because women are not as vocal yet. They have millennia of mental and physical slavery you don’t acknowledge. Do you know girls at age 6 start to avoid activities they are told are for “really smart people”, even when they are very bright? Girls and women are still at an psychological and economic disadvantage and social disadvantage to men in a patriarchal system that devalues and demeans them, murders, rapes and kills them daily and which is not suited to their intellectual approaches. The feminist cause is legit. You simply don’t accept it because you are threatened. Moreover, feminism was hijacked by the same zionist forces. At its heart, were it not coopted by race activists, it would definitely agree with you in defense of all peoples, civilization and the planet. Western women have had the most freedom. Obviously we don’t want to lose that. And finally, speaking for myself, many of us stronger women are not hampered by social connections. I really am not and I have challenged others wherever I go at cost to myself, and sometimes I was pleasantly surprised to be listened to. So, I really would avoid lumping women in with your enemies or generalize about all of them when most are simply just ignorant of political truths. You’re not looking at their differential realities from yours.

    • Armoric
      Armoric says:

      ** women from the left who are not ideological can see the evidence for themselves and many of us are very committed to truth and not at all anti-white. It is white women from the left who know firsthand about the debilitating effects of ideological anti-white racism in practice. **

      “Left-wing” used to mean egalitarian and in favor of more income redistribution. Many leftists thought it was synonymous with kind-heartedness. But now, it simply means anti-White. It means that you support the policy of income redistribution to the non-Whites who are replacing us. It has no longer anything to do with the former left-wing ideal as it existed in an all-White society.

      You say you are not anti-white, but do you oppose the non-white invasion? Do you support, at the very least, the expulsion of the 20 or 30 million illegals? What makes you say you are from the left, and what are the main issues you care about? Is it something to do with economics, cultural tastes, feminism?

      For example, if you are openly against immigration but in favor of more equality among White people, you can no longer call yourself left-wing. The leaders of the official left would call you far-right. They won’t care if you believe in feminism.

      You mention Whitney Webb, who has done a lot of good work to denounce the Zionists. In her case, I think she has a right to call herself “left-wing” because she doesn’t seem to have any loyalty to the White race.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      This is from a reader whose comment somehow didn’t get through:
      response to Ava:

      I really take issue with the comment that “The feminist cause is legit.”

      If we want to succeed in defending white identity, interests and culture, we need to recognize the different ways our enemy takes down white men and women, and how it tries to divide us against each other.

      Taking down the best white men can be pretty straightforward: Simply promote and/or prolong armed conflicts, such that millions of young men can be processed through the physical and spiritual meat grinder of the modern industrial war machine. Fratricidal wars are the most efficient in this respect. If you want to slaughter a greater proportion of the older, wiser men, round them up, march them off into a forest like Katyn, and put bullets in their heads.

      Taking down the best white women requires a little more finesse. After all, for the most part, western countries don’t conscript young women into their armies. But who needs a bullet to the head when you can use a slow-acting brain poison like feminism?

      Deploying feminism works on several fronts: some of the brightest women, the ones with real leadership capacity, can be seduced by empty slogans about self-emancipation; even women who don’t “join the cause” will feel vindicated in every complaint they have against a father, brother, husband or son; and you can slowly bleed out the committed feminist’s life energy by creating an illusory bogey-man called “The Patriarchy” for her to rail against. She can never defeat this bogey man, because it doesn’t exist.

      Not quite as efficient as a bullet to the head, but effective nonetheless.

      I don’t presume to know what women like Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer or Alison Weir think about feminism. But conflating them with the psychotic Betty Friedan, the hate-filled Andrea Dworkin, or the slippery Gloria Steinem is just wrong. Courageous women like Mrs. Haverbeck and the few others like her are standing up to real power, and they deserve much, much better.

    • Pat Etheridge
      Pat Etheridge says:

      Being hated by the herd imposes costs. Make sure you’re in a position to pay the costs before rushing with abandon into the fray. Also, assess the costs that may be paid by the people close to you.

      Yes, we MUST fight. Yes, we must exhibit courage. But simply plunging into battle without precautions and armor and a strategy can be foolhardy. War is an art form. We must dedicate ourselves to that proposition.

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